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The World's Most Useful Airport [Documentary]

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Wendover Productions (1 month ago)
If you want to learn more about the fascinating, isolated island of St Helena, listen to our podcast Extremities. We spent a whole season covering how St Helena works--its economy, its people, its government, and much more: http://extremitiespodcast.com
Sean Oleary Vlogs (15 days ago)
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عبدالرحمن محمد Abdurahman Mohammed (1 month ago)
Please add the Arabic captions
Freedomsaver (1 month ago)
Wendover Productions Is this video just the visual version of the podcast? Or does it contain anything new/additional (besides the visuals)? Will future podcasts always be released as a long-form video on Youtube after the the full podscast has been aired? (I'm asking, because I have already listened to the podcast and wonder if in the future I should wait for the video. PS: Love your work!)
Michael Wade (1 month ago)
@Bob Cunningham Then just subscribe directly through Nebula.
Bob Cunningham (1 month ago)
@Michael Wade The "free" Nebula access is provided "through" the paid CurousityStream membership. That is how valid access is determined. I'm not talking about the paths taken by the packets, but the environment, the context, of the relationship. Sending folks to CuriosityStream is a security risk, plain and simple. Nebula and it's creators should take note of this and distance themselves from the security mess of CuriosityStream. Or they simply don't care that affiliation with CuriosityStream, via the highlighted Wendover link, places everyone at risk.
Thomas Martin (10 hours ago)
Excellent as always from Wendover productions up there with the best content creators o YouTube
James Edwards (2 days ago)
A round trip from London to St Helena is around 40 hours, 3 connections, and £2,000+ ($2,500+) per person, rising to over £7,000 ($9,000) if you fly business.
Averroes Mundus (2 days ago)
Make a Video about the Worlds useless Airport: Berlin ;-)
Dead Face (2 days ago)
The airport kind of ruins the isolation of the island
Michael Schlimmer (2 days ago)
too many adds man....
Ermin Klimenta (3 days ago)
This airport saved a baby and his mom. It's payed off in my book. Humans need to take care of each other and we can always make money. If we can bail out bankers we can afford this.
Wolf Taofinuu (3 days ago)
The C.E.Os right hand mans a bit of a jobs worth😂
gazloading (4 days ago)
I think the commentator of these Wendover videos is one of the best in world, I could listen to him for ages. Thank you so much for being so good at your job! Can anyone tell me his name? I really want to put a face to the soothing voice.
dimml0r (4 days ago)
could you not fly a helicopter that far out in case of an emergency?
Marco (5 days ago)
hello bill!
Joe Rathbone (5 days ago)
The British media telling lies? Imagine my shock
Jonathan Inglis (5 days ago)
Why did this make me emotional 🙄🙄🙄😂😂
Alex Zetsu (6 days ago)
From a humanitarian standpoint, I understand the value of the airport. The lambasting of it as useless was unfair. But the inability to use 737s is a pretty large blow to the hope of transforming the tourism of the island since that, and comparable planes, are the workhorse of a lot of airlines.
TheMKG26 (6 days ago)
New airports are rare? Have you been to China? What a ding dong
toxic mela (6 days ago)
Very nice documentary. No ideologisms, no speculations, no complaining. Just good information.
sandip gurung (7 days ago)
Thank to uk taxpayers
DrumRoody (7 days ago)
Typical fake news strikes again
Gary Forbes (8 days ago)
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Swoon Drones (8 days ago)
They are overreacting with the windshear from 20.
Swoon Drones (8 days ago)
Windshear is not permanent. It's not a big deal. There are so many worse airports. Media ...
Nepal Tv (8 days ago)
Thank you Wendover productions for the amazing documentary,and st.Helena you’re getting one more tourist this year now 😉
CripRaw 420 (8 days ago)
Where? I need to win in Plague Inc.
Alex J (8 days ago)
Why did watching this make me emotional? Really wonderfully told story of a fascinating airport and island. I wish the best for the people of St Helena
Bryan Hildebrandt (8 days ago)
This was such a great documentary! I’ve always loved our videos! Hope to see more long form documentaries in the future!
SummerWizz1 (8 days ago)
For your first documentary this id ok, but you should work on audio levels, namely with guests like 36:00 (and various other parts). Otherwise it's a good first start!
xUdieToox (9 days ago)
I’m watching this right now in the airport I’m about to fly out of. It is probably not the most useful airport ever.
Most Comments Are Fake (9 days ago)
People need reasons to go there. There is Napoleons house, walking up hills, the fresh air, peace and quiet and...
Richard Shiggins (10 days ago)
Fascinating documentary both factually and in human terms . If one life is saved due to this airport then it was money well spent . I would say that flights from both CPT and JNB should become a regular schedule . Windhoek should be considered on a seasonal basis . One destination that air miles Andy will miss !
Nicholas Lowick (10 days ago)
These St Helena people have a South African accent
Nicholas L (10 days ago)
Really goofy waste of lots of tax money it seems. Any general aviation?
Guillermo Ortiz (10 days ago)
A town where everyone's always happy and welcoming? Disgusting
Dan SW (10 days ago)
Now I want to visit the island
Theone Lucas (10 days ago)
"We collected a lot of wind daughter"
Ian Hobbs (11 days ago)
Out of focus and unwatchable.
paconbork ` (11 days ago)
Every time there's a scene change or change in tone, I think that an ad is about to start...
MJ Lewis (11 days ago)
Yes I spend my time wisely, I learned about an airport for 46 minutes.
Everything Everywhere (11 days ago)
I visited St Helena while the airport was being built. I'd love to return by plane!
Riptide Monzarc (11 days ago)
So you're telling me they broke ground on an airport in 2015 and landed their first plane in 2017? ... can someone get these people to Berlin ASAP?
Davorin Robison (12 days ago)
This was a great production
Zuhair Ahmed (12 days ago)
xxx xxx (12 days ago)
Great piece of work, really appreciated how you brought up the human aspect of such a specific engineering project in the essence.
Andrew Evans (12 days ago)
it'll take some time but perhaps this one can be profitable. sits between the hierarchy of South America with its super rich and Africa with god knows what. just needs to capitalize with some sort of hotel or something to bring in tourists. there has to be a plane that can reach this place from South America. That would open up the US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. Nigeria keeps getting richer too. There is potential. Rio is only barely out of the typical operating range of an Avro/ recife too. This guy could Gulfstream G650ER. There are some 10-20 seaters. Google not coughing up anything bigger though.
Molloo3 (13 days ago)
Two fire trucks for one flight a week with less than 100 passengers?! What a ridiculous level of overkill, not to mention a hideous waste of money. I worked for Airservices Australia (the provider of fire rescue services to all Australian airports). The threshold for establishing a fire / rescue capability at an airport in Australia is 30,000 + passenger movements per year. Less than that and no fire station is required. There must be hundreds of airports in Australia that are far busier than St Helenas, and have no fire station! I shudder to think how much money the airport is losing. Either that, or tickets are more expensive than Concord!
Molloo3 (1 day ago)
@wyterabitt It's not pathetic, it's common sense. You could still have some sort of response capability without resorting to a full-on two-truck fire station with all the trimmings. It's all about proportionate response, having considered the risk. Aircraft also crash in places where there is no airport, but we don't build firestations everywhere, do we. If we apply your 'leave-nothing-to-chance' thinking to every situation, nothing would ever get done. It's that sort of hysteria that has led to the hypersensitive nanny states many of us now live in.
wyterabitt (2 days ago)
The firefighting presence is based requirements of safety for the type of aircraft they can take as designated be the international civil aviation organization a UN department. Also you are on an Island with no fast access to any specialist care, needing to travel internationally if something went really wrong. And you want to leave things to chance due to money. Pathetic.
Stokesbury (13 days ago)
Its like the Hawaii of the UK
Taco Jordan (14 days ago)
They gotta make merch and really sell the concept "Most Useful Airport". Flip it and own it.
Gavin Thompson (15 days ago)
Can I get more of this for free, please?
Charles Jannuzi (15 days ago)
The title should be more like: The most needed airport (relatively speaking).
Jason Rufo (15 days ago)
Great video!!!!
Steffen Frost (15 days ago)
Good plan to cover travel expenses.. :)
Phr33Dumb (16 days ago)
Wonderfully produced doccie. Very glad (and proud) you included the segment on Eli.
Gus Mendiolaza (16 days ago)
Thank you for this video! You're the real Saint. 😉
Conley Valora (16 days ago)
October 17 is my birthday
Black Punisher (16 days ago)
Me an intellectual, wonders if there's any fine females on the island.
Sihlali Musa (16 days ago)
I'm from South Africa, had not heard of the Ireland before! ...would love to visit before end of 2020
EVILBUNNY28 (17 days ago)
The accents of these people on the island of St. Helena is fascinating. It sounds like a mix of British, South African, and Australian all at the same time.
Ian Brown (17 days ago)
Go go St Helena! The new airport will bring you back closer to the British Family of people. Wishing you all the best from Coventry, West Midlands. I want to come and visit your wonderful island!
Joy Chowdhury (17 days ago)
I liked the Doc but I feel like the title cheated on me.. Potential to be useful huh..
Cameron G (17 days ago)
Next time try to put a link in the description cuz nebula.com looks like some oracle bull$
syed hasani (18 days ago)
Heavy investment in FAITH, prevents asking uncomfortable questions.
Xinnie The Pooh (18 days ago)
The blue vest air port guy lools like bashar al assad
Shermanbay (19 days ago)
So I fly to St. Helena on the weekly flight. What can I do there for a week? Is there any indigenous culture, industry, or ambiance? Is the fishing good nearby; can I watch whales or other marine life; are there any arts & crafts of interest; is there any local culture that is found nowhere else; are there nature or ecology tours or exhibits nearby? Is there an observation tower and/or restaurant where I can watch the ocean or ships? Would it be restful for a vacation or fun and romatic for a honeymoon? This is what drives tourism and commerce! Exploit that, if available, and you have a world-class destination and desirable economy driver. Ignore it and you are doomed to be a backwater nobody that must be subsidized to survive. Think about i!
Kmani Lewis (19 days ago)
Me: when people start talking WW3: I sleep Me: When someone calls an airport useless: Real sh*t
Max Meckel (19 days ago)
the weather forecast part was pretty interesting. maybe you could make a separate video about how other major airports deal with heavy wind or snowfall and how it affects the landing/starting procedures
Deez nuts goteem M’ Nameajeff (21 days ago)
Ooooooooooooooof, all you really need to land a goddamned airplane is a road of cement and a ticket station, but because of bureaucracy it costs hundreds of millions of dollars Jesus CHRIST
My Name is (21 days ago)
Loved this episode! I'd LOVE to visit St Helena! Looks like a beautiful place
Torrey Jones (22 days ago)
RMS St Helena, no THE. The RMS St Helena is not correct. I am left wondering if they've considered running smaller jets, like business jets. A Lineage 1000E has the range to make it non-stop from London to St Helena and can carry up to 19 passengers. A Falcon 8x could make the London-St Helena trip with its 16 passengers, and still divert to Windhoek if necessary. A Global 7500 could almost make it from London to St Helena and back to London with it's 19 passengers. Sure, it's more expensive to not split the expenses between 100 passengers, but you might be able to make more trips per week. There are quite a few mid-size and super-mid-size bizjets that could make the trip with a stop half way for refueling, and you'd still be talking about 20 passengers per trip. With smaller planes, you'd be able to add more flights more often, and that would also allow you to upgrade flights sooner to larger aircraft. Upgrading to larger aircraft wouldn't make the smaller jets any less useful, since you could still use them for medevac flights and opening up new flights. it would likely be easier to open a new route with a 20 passenger plane to South America as well. Again, still not inexpensive, but might be do-able.
a b (22 days ago)
Just hire Trump to build a wall at the North end.
LastKing (21 days ago)
That's actually not a bad idea
Koen van Amerongen (22 days ago)
Wait Soo people actually read the daily mail unironically??
cody (22 days ago)
I know Wendover has already recommended the podcast. But I just wanted to say how much I always look forward to new Extremities. The Pitcairn Island series was amazing
steve tabley (23 days ago)
Its nauseating the breauocracy and political correctness they have imported for their airport-so long easygoing friendly outpost !
Lando 530 (23 days ago)
Salute to, not the “world’s most useless airport”, but the “world’s most useful airport”.
Andrew Tufts (23 days ago)
I never knew how much I cared about airport. I love your content keep up the good work!
Dan Robson (23 days ago)
Great video, and not a corny joke to be had!
K. Chris Caldwell (23 days ago)
The UK Tyranny and US Tyranny now have a new base for bombing schools and wedding parties in other countries.
LastKing (21 days ago)
Thank God.
Dhital Sandesh (23 days ago)
Watching the knowledge rich content is really awesome . The education channel is free too .thank you very much
David van Niekerk (24 days ago)
Dankie/ Merci and Thank you Nebula and Wendover Productions. The video was much informative. ZA also has a historical link to the Island. The old SADF's navy also attend Saint Helena. I was watching the progress of the Helena Island for some time. The question of an Airport is not if it will be economical one. You need an Airport! If you want to drive your car...there must be some fuel in the tank. England wants to make use of their island? Then the island must have an airport. You need infrastructure. The other question was. How much many ($) was England loosing just to maintain the "property"? (From the other video's it said England was losing moers baie geld!) The airport was build on Prosperius plain? The SADF in the 1940's also look at the situation. That place was very windy (& their same big man-eating birds there too..). But rather a windy airport than NO airport. The wind is a problem. Can it not be fix? The landing strip is 1950 m. In the photo's it can be seen that the landing strip can be made so some 50 m longer on the landing side of route 02. (Landing head in the wind) The rules of aviation stipulates that only 1/2 of an landing strip can be used. So even a 2 000 m landing strip only 1 000 m can be used. To make it economical you need at least 2 500 m landing strip. The Island is only 8x15 km? So there is land! Can the present airstrip not have a T-junction? It will means that the mountain will be push back. It is wonderful the Saint Helena Island have now an airport. Wind or no wind! The CEO of the Airport sound very much as if she has an Afrikaans accent? NICE.Oh, the commercial plains that can land there is (1) Boeing 737, Avro 2100 and the Embraer 190. And you need of want the Airbus A 320!
jianxuan cao (24 days ago)
also shows how basically all media works, click-bait, twisting facts and exaggeration.
Afrykass (24 days ago)
Is the runway enough for bigger planes? Because airport needs to grow. They need to bring more tourists and have direct connection with airports in Europe.
Wise Guy4U (25 days ago)
The Airport can be used as a drag strip in between flights.
Middy_37 (25 days ago)
talks about how the media gets their information wrong, or slightly off... proceeds to call an Avro Rj-85, an Avro Rj-1000.. i mean, if it was an Rj-100 i would understand, but wth, not even close
Obey Chiguta (25 days ago)
Looks like I gotta visit this “niche” destination
NighteeeY (25 days ago)
good shit
Mc Earl (25 days ago)
I don’t get how it’s the most useful at all or even close to it. It seems like there’s no way it could ever be a viable airport. The airline might have turned a profit but there’s no way in hell that airport isn’t just a huge drain on resources. It seems to me that a basic airstrip with chartered flights in and out would have been more practical. Maybe similarly to how remote places in Alaska get people and supplies in and out. They probably could have bought their own jet and the basic airstrip for less money and then expanded as needed. I’d certainly love to hear other opinions on this from people who actually know what they are talking about and know more than I on alternatives that would be equally as effective and cheaper to operate.
陆宇轩 (25 days ago)
Wonderful documentry!
Chaitanya (26 days ago)
This was a really good example as to what an airport consists of/what it takes to build a functional airport from scratch (the fundamentals) instead of the overtly busy big airports
FREEDOM FOR HONG KONG! (26 days ago)
why did you put music when she's so hard to hear
seneca983 (26 days ago)
If the runway 02 or 20 is oriented in the north-south direction why does the graphic show it as being oriented in the east-west direction?
Nick Webster (26 days ago)
Looking forward to an update on this airport and island in the next few years! It's well recognized in the United States that flights to smaller communities greatly help boost the economy and the ability to do business. Hopefully this airport will blossom into a healthy economic stimulant for the Island of Saint Helena.
Dorien Sutherland (26 days ago)
A wonderful documentary. Thank you. Uplifting. Good for the Saints. Get a flight to Recife and you will be inundated with Brazilian tourists which you will regret. BTW. I am Brazilian.
ztoical (26 days ago)
Visited on the RMS back in 2013 when the airport was under construction. Hope to go back soon and see the impact its had on the island (though will miss the RMS, that was a magical trip)
Mr Sporty (26 days ago)
Connor Baker (26 days ago)
I wanna learn about how st helena got such a racially diverse community
Carlos Muller (26 days ago)
Wonderful documentary, well done. It was pleasure to hear the good news from Santa Helena.
DudeHowDareU? (27 days ago)
im quite sure ive never heard that many english accents on one place\island ever welsh irish-ish sort of american aussi\kiwi standard british english damn what a place :)
Brian Lee (27 days ago)
This is an incredible production. Thank you.
seneca983 (27 days ago)
I knew where St. Helena was but not because of Napoléon but rather because of an old (and really bad) board game.
Dylan Faltisco (27 days ago)
That's the worst runway ever
Jason Jones (27 days ago)
i love the interview at 11:56 with the unplugged XLR cable on the mic
SpieleWERT (27 days ago)
As a German, I truly love all the Berlin Airport references in this comment section.