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Formula 1 Ferrari Quiz F1 - Kimi Raikonnen v Seb Vettel

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Join the Ferrari F1 drivers for a quiz in the build up to the Monaco GP.
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Text Comments (175)
CaptainAMAZINGGG (1 month ago)
-> 4:30 - 5:55 kimi shows us that people will literally just sit there and let him say whatever he wants even if it's not very much at all, while seemingly saying a lot of things as he uses so much words to say who even knows what, and it may not even be relevant but they WILL let him continue until he decides he is done. No one will stop him. It's like he basically stops when he himself gets bored with his own words :') :3 -> The man at 5:52 who I'm pretty sure is Ludo Bagman from the Harry potter books, is noting something along these lines and is deeply amused by this, and/or kimi's monumental level of awkward, which tbh is one of my favourite things ever :3 <3
Beechaii2 (2 months ago)
13:58 That's Raidillon actually
Wait Balthy (8 months ago)
How can a man be so far up his own ass, without having achieved much of anything. What a piece of absolute human garbage David Croft is. Gets his panties up in a bunch whenever he doesn't have Hamiltons shlong in his mouth
Stewart Savage (8 months ago)
True or False.....Wrong....True or False...No..... True or False Shell sponsor this shit quiz...True
schroeder1112 (8 months ago)
And Kimi at 2:41 like: How do you know my secret?
Im1CrazyCow (8 months ago)
Wow I wish they would do this with every team y'all could make this a weekly show and at the of the season have 3 or 4 team championship battle for the season winner!
Russian Lunatic (8 months ago)
13:55 "That's raidillion actually..."
Mr.Tobacco (8 months ago)
I knew someone going to do it..
VxO4fame (9 months ago)
Shell sponsored quiz with shell cheating :D
Srg K (9 months ago)
Greatest race of the season, right ))
kaisa (9 months ago)
18:29 "Häh!'"
Kakashi Hatake (9 months ago)
I love when Kimi speaks. It's slow and clam and accented...
Robert Henderson (9 months ago)
11:32 kimi sees right through the marketing bullshit
Slow Cheetah (9 months ago)
Foo Fighters for the win!!!!
Xtreme Gambit (9 months ago)
9.42 : Foo Fighters ? Ah, I see your a man of culture as well
Finlay Noone From The North (9 months ago)
That's my brother 😂😂
sikaerkki666 (9 months ago)
this is crofty,hamiltons fanboy... how he is not doing lewis licking his asshole etc..
Mitchell Holladay (9 months ago)
kimi is on high alert.
CaptainAMAZINGGG (1 month ago)
As always.
Ev Munky Gallagher (9 months ago)
Kimi couldn't givea shit about this hahaha.
JustPointless JC (9 months ago)
Kimi looked like he didn’t know his middle name
TheBlackestImp (9 months ago)
I think Federica is the most interesting part of this video :D
Kenneth Tang (9 months ago)
"We Shell"
Kenneth Tang (9 months ago)
Kimi wasn't good at guessing, he was good at cutting through fluff.
DutchTheVirtuous (9 months ago)
That's why Vettel is a 4th time world champion and you think that Silverstone is somewhere on the continent. If I was Kimi I would shit on his car x'D
Colonnello Stomaco (9 months ago)
was talkin to ted
Seigfried Gustafson (10 months ago)
"Formula 1 Shell Advertisement F1 - Kimi Raikonnen v Seb Vettel"
P. Mid (10 months ago)
11:40 - i love the way that Kimi acts like he doesnt take any notice of anything and for the most part he doesnt because he doesnt care about it. Yet when you ask him something about racing or cars he is completely on it. This is a good little example. Ppl dont realise just how committed to racing he is because they see how chilled he is and assume he is like that with everything and because of that he sometimes gets a bad rap. He is still the driver i want to win more than anyone else - we dont know how much longer he will be here and when he does go, he will be sadly missed. **fxxk me, ive written an essay.
daniele bonesi (10 months ago)
La masolin... ❤️
Cocchiños (9 months ago)
daniele bonesi mamma mia troppo topa ma in sto video è atomica
Arran Dailly (10 months ago)
2:24 - The Luigi Death Stare IRL
jey da (10 months ago)
Remix the audio - too difficult to hear replies of contestants.
Ivan Pozdeev (10 months ago)
7:00 I guess that is because a driver's door is on the left (in most of the world, anyway). So it's both a habit and a precaution 'cuz that's where everybody expects the driver to emerge from, so they instinctively watch out to not run them over.
Gokhan (10 months ago)
What a cute girl
Lukas Magnusson (10 months ago)
8:36 "nononononoo"
Chanon Thiensri (11 months ago)
Lord knows I'd smash.
T J (11 months ago)
at 27:06 the guy helps Sebs team cheat!
Neville Chapman (11 months ago)
This is easily the worst F1 item I've seen in my life Hope the check was good lads because this is terrible..
Arvin Buensalida (11 months ago)
vettel: can I get the lady and he get the bloke :)
Koning willie (1 year ago)
The shell questions...
marco oliva (1 year ago)
19.12 .............
Lukas Magnusson (10 months ago)
She went for it
dragonage200 (1 year ago)
That first question. 3:29 "I don't trust you.." wtf man, its HIS name....
Marvilyn Gobres (1 year ago)
David Croft the best commentator ever in F1!
Mickelsski Mickelsski (1 year ago)
gaffer91 (1 year ago)
the presenter and the other random people are so cringe and lame........
CaptainAMAZINGGG (1 month ago)
Nah the lady is alright, otherwise yea
Cocchiños (9 months ago)
gaffer91 random? I wouldn't say that. Davide is a gp2 champion and was lotus third driver in 2013
nadine nona (1 year ago)
Kimi is so bored
Clive Rayman (1 year ago)
Very cool and funny!
David (1 year ago)
23:32 G.Lovett is literally written on his top.
AndrewNiccol (1 year ago)
I can't understand what Kimi says... He has very heavy accent.
John Juanda (1 year ago)
that thot to the left of kimi is so thirsty for his rod.
Andrea Grossi (1 year ago)
Fede masolin
jeroen roland (1 year ago)
yeah well I think as a child you always want to be something and I was running around our house grabbing between my legs and screaming like Michael Jackson, when I realized , i want to be race driver. 8:45
CaptainAMAZINGGG (1 month ago)
I can 100% see him doing that tho like, of course that was a thing. Just makes all the sense ever. :')
Nicolas Lacroix (1 year ago)
18:46 Kimi looks like Zorro.
Ridhuan Abu Bakar (1 year ago)
whois that fucking chick?
Nabi (1 year ago)
Telling Kimi to let it go 😂
Dritki _ (1 year ago)
the girl next to kimi is hot
rcmanization (1 year ago)
the only thing kimi did good here was bringing that hot chick next to him
anon (1 year ago)
I don't know of anyone has said this but I just did a quick Google search and Kimi is right, his full name is Kimi-Matias Raikkonen. I know it's just for laughs and jokes but yeah he's right.
Joe Bird (10 months ago)
anon did you expect Kimi to be wrong?
1389 Gaming (1 year ago)
1:25 He laughs :D
Joe Bird (10 months ago)
1389 Gaming but he coughs a second later so maybe it was just the start of coughing?? Kimi never laughs willingly
Matias Cufaro (1 year ago)
Kimi is so fucking based.
kaleab amare (1 year ago)
The most kimi has ever talked in public
Kimi Räikkönen (1 year ago)
Bwoah the girl gave me a good blowjob
Anders Ekmark (1 year ago)
Kimi Räikkönen way of dealing with the situation where a man is injured in the depot is so bad. Lame manners!
CaptainAMAZINGGG (1 month ago)
+Anders Ekmark nothing, if you have Asperger's. Which I strongly suspect Kimi might tbh. He is lovely. <3
Anders Ekmark (1 year ago)
KerimCan_ZBZ 98 Yepp, and what do you do when someone in your tema gets seriously injured... even if it wasn’t your fault...
KerimCan_ZBZ 98 (1 year ago)
He literally did nothing wrong, the light was green.
Rajat aukiinni (1 year ago)
The fucking shell-sponsored questions XD
Kimi Räikkönen (1 year ago)
This is stupid.
Takumi Fujiwara (1 year ago)
23:34 i like how they did not recognise their engineer even with his name on his shirt guy lovett
TheAnimystro (1 year ago)
If you really listen carefully and read between the lines, you might notice the subtle sponsored questions from Shell....
D R (8 months ago)
wow, we have a poirot here, this dude was sarcastic
Karl Bassett (9 months ago)
Those questions are also obvious, you just pick the answer that puts Shell in the best light. When they asked if the Shell F1 fuel is similar to Shell road car fuel there're not going to say no!
Inclemens (1 year ago)
This can't be right, Ted isn't wearing shorts!
samer shimi (1 year ago)
RCRafał (1 year ago)
162 000 view comes to me!
Eric Von (1 year ago)
Kimi is either the guy who doesnt know shit, or he simply doesnt care.
davidson2004fatboy (1 year ago)
Classic Kimi: I JUST DIDN'T THINK ;(((
Grant Pantling (1 year ago)
such bad lighting
Nicole W (1 year ago)
Seb is so cute!
KimiFan01 (1 year ago)
That moment when you realise your best mate doesn't know your middle name.
sebastian vettel (1 year ago)
Omg seb is adorable
[[Insert Name]] (1 year ago)
1:10 the girl near Kimi is suggesting her name😂
[[Insert Name]] (1 year ago)
1:10 the girl near Kimi is suggesting her name😂
Jonas H. (1 year ago)
[[Insert Name]] I think it was a joke...
Juan (1 year ago)
[[Insert Name]] 😂😂 i was lookin for this comment
Morgan Oconnell (1 year ago)
ted pisses me off
Csab (1 year ago)
Morgan Oconnell he got a huge head!
PUNTLAND (1 year ago)
24:40 happy kimi just makes you smile
LikeWildFire (1 year ago)
22:25 xD
AUTOCARZ INDIA (1 year ago)
Nice compilation. Have subscribed your channel. Do subscribe my channel also
timomastosalo (1 year ago)
Räikkönen. Räik-kö-nen. Compare Häkkinen. Raikkonen if you can't put the diaresis on the a & o letters. But it corresponds to turning 'fan' to 'fun', (ä & s) & turn to torn (ö&o) - that's what the dots cause there.
Droze (1 year ago)
wich city is in the chroma key behind?
_afk93owC (8 months ago)
Monaco, and it's not chroma keyed.
FullOilBarrel (1 year ago)
oh god why
György Kozmér (1 year ago)
Listen to that wtf sound at 21:25 I'm dying lol
KerimCan_ZBZ 98 (1 year ago)
Sea dog sound or something lol
onetripwonders (1 year ago)
I'm sure these guys would race for free. Doing silly promo vids like this is why they get the big bucks.
Karl S. (1 year ago)
The Shell Questions are a Joke. Both Drivers say strait: "Yes, its true" xD
Karl S. (1 year ago)
10:18 xD Kimi who lives basicly with Vettel know nothing xD Kimi is THE MAN ! xD
Sathya Balakrishnan (1 year ago)
We shall. :)
pepep44 (1 year ago)
I am surprised how I know the corners more than F1 drivers, even without thinking it too much...funny 'cause I just play on the PlayStation and they drive around those circuits for years and by doing much more laps than me
useroniku (1 year ago)
Which city is on second plan?
Pablo Rovi Jover (1 year ago)
useroniku Montecarlo
Adrian Ezequiel Martinez (1 year ago)
Pampas Bull Yeah!!!!!
aricola84 (1 year ago)
This was one of my favorite segments of all time
Rayden Excelsior (1 year ago)
13:00 the first second i was the picture i instantly knew it was Austin Turn 1. Fans knowing better circuit than drivers
Krumpli (10 months ago)
That might be because that's the perspective the fans see the track when watching the race.
Callum Penman (1 year ago)
Rayden Le Guedin shut it ya poof
Rayden Excelsior (1 year ago)
When kimi's talking that's so boring can understand only 20% of what he's saying.
CaptainAMAZINGGG (1 month ago)
I commented on this as well Lol tbh it's my favourite thing :') he says so much but also nothing, kind of :') <3 so funny.
Xtreme Gambit (9 months ago)
Learn The Languages of the BWOAH
Lukas Magnusson (10 months ago)
You don't just listen to kimi, you feel his emotions
VonPeto (1 year ago)
✡ CSGO ALFA (1 year ago)
Learn english better
LemonLime (1 year ago)
Kimi would rather be doing anything but this :D
Young Padawan (1 year ago)
The girl on the left can definitely come into my pit-stop. Also I like how she's sticking her tongue out the hole video.
T3MP0 (1 year ago)
That girl next to Kimi is fucking hot
Massimaresa (1 year ago)
She's italian journalist of Sky TV
Firemarioflower (1 year ago)
+DeployTheDRS So if you want to snuggle or have sexy time wiht her you just say "Let's crash!"
Wes Netmo (1 year ago)
unfortunately we both have valsecchi
Robsenson (1 year ago)
no, her name is Ted Kravitz
Right Music (1 year ago)
Yeah, I think she already knows that.. 3:48, 3:44 XD
insomniac (1 year ago)
21:01 Kimi literally couldn't care less :D
Will Black (1 year ago)
SuperPerodjetlic (1 year ago)
Kimmi is distracted by the peach on the left.
el060248 (1 year ago)
kimmi raikonnen
Callum Penman (1 year ago)
SuperPerodjetlic so was I tbf
F355 (1 year ago)
19:40 Kimi cheating lol :)
Don Corleone (1 year ago)
Eh Can't Remember who ? the girl ?
Eh Can't Remember (1 year ago)
Don Corleone One of his teammates whispered it to him
Don Corleone (1 year ago)
F355 how ??
Nick Pang (1 year ago)
"Grabbing between the legs" 😂😂😂
. (1 year ago)
Grab 'er by the pussy