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Freight drivers are quickly approaching a strike and will be looking to the rest of us for solidarity. Pay Pal Donations Here - https://paypal.me/TylerBinder344 Email- Tbinder38219182@gmail.com
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Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
E B (8 months ago)
Please go to the SH Hub. Most of them are saying they won't vote, and others said they cannot afford to vote no.
And C (8 months ago)
Look up http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2018/11/07/frei-n07.html
Fuck Google (8 months ago)
Parker Kidwell If they shut freight down I see them re-organizing under coyote and letting coyote do the ltl work with subs. I believe volpe did something similar years back when they wanted to bust out their union.
jrodfootball21 (5 months ago)
We could make UPS tons of money if we weren’t a numbers company. We have 3 drivers on a “soft lay-off” where it says nothing about a soft lay-off in our contract. We are missing pickups everyday with 3 drivers sitting at home and the casuals are working everyday. Our business agent is absolutely worthless.
Mike Madden (8 months ago)
Tyler, one last thing. Don't give up! Here in Massachusetts Marriott's hotel workers have been on strike and picketing for the last 2 months. They rejected their initial contract also. Today Marriot agreed to the strikers demands and gave the workers what they wanted. A victory for labor! Too bad the teamsters have no nads. Hotel workers can do it why can't the teamsters? How much do you pay in tribute(dues) to your useless leaders?
Mike Madden (8 months ago)
So Tyler, how are you coping with the fact that ups scared the crap out of the rank and file freight drivers? Bottom line, teamster leadership sandbagged their members. No one is taking the long view. Basically, ups counted on the everyman for himself mentality of today's workforce. Unfortunately, from an outsiders perspective, the union leadership is in bed with management and the rank and file are too ignorant to realize that fact. History is a great teacher. The labor movement was created too reign in the excesses of management. Im sorry for you guys who worked hard on this. What the teamsters did with your most recent contract was spit on the graves of those who gave you $38/hr as a pcd with no education. It was one of the few remaining good blue collar jobs. In 10 years, won't be that many of you left. Again, im sorry
haha haha (8 months ago)
All these pussy ass bitches are going to vote it in. You are a bunch of sell outs!!!!
Carbon 15 (8 months ago)
Why only talk about frieght? The whole UPS needs to strike!
Claude Benford (8 months ago)
Save all your money and when you die someone else will spend it .You cant take it with you, the Egyptians showed us that.
John G (8 months ago)
Dummies Amazon is coming full speed ahead, watch out !!!
Mark Bryant (8 months ago)
Vote vote vote vote enough is enough
Randall Gordon (8 months ago)
As a UPS Freight driver, I am happy with the mony. I'm voting YES.
Chewy1358 (8 months ago)
Thank for the video. I work at UPS freight in Cadillac MI. Our BA came to a local hotel and hosted the vote closer to our service center. I think its going to pass, but I think UPS has decided to close our division permanently and just haven't told us yet. They cleared the entire system of everything.
And C (8 months ago)
steve weich (8 months ago)
Now I'm on call as a fulltimer
Mo Fo (8 months ago)
If there is a strike UPS Freight will be out of business in 3 days. The company will hang that around the unions neck...
Randy Ames (8 months ago)
I am a 20 year freight driver and have been in this business for 32 years We voted down the contract the first time to reduce the use of subcontracting Our wages were never an issue The contractors are a outside work force that we see as moving in and taking our jobs one load at a time I was a solid NO vote until ups outsourced its largest accounts to non union carriers That scares me I have worked with these ppl for years and this is a terrible way to treat so many dedicated employees at anytime let alone right before the holidays As far as a strike goes The international issued a letter stating we cannot picket ups package or any place ups does business This is terrible We should not stand alone in our contract negotiations We are ups and we should be under the same contract with the same power as package Chris Taylor over stated our position at the negotiation table and the company overreacted to it This is the result Good luck to all my co workers Through this mess
John G (8 months ago)
Randy Ames have U seen what Amazon Freight is doing ?
JoJoDanZer DANCER (8 months ago)
Jeremy Pierce (8 months ago)
Local 519 here. Has anyone heard a rumor that's been circulating down here about unions in the north east invoking a right to automatically cast a no vote? I've never really heard of anything like this myself, so I'm thinking it must be another rumor. Have anyone else heard if unions in Chicago or Indy, New York or Harrisburg heard of any truth to this?
Aaron Springborn (8 months ago)
When is Chicago planning to vote? Also when did exactly Chicago decide to go under their own contract? Is more updated regarding us small packages?
Mark Markem (8 months ago)
Good to know I fucked myself hiring on 4 weeks ago. Not union yet. Go me, honestly think they need to vote no but for my sake (selfish I know) I hope it’s a yes so I don’t gotta start over and build time toward benefits again somewhere else.
Sculpin (8 months ago)
Are you like anti UPS or something? What's your goal?
Eric Stromlund (8 months ago)
Great 👍 info Please keep us updated Thank you for the Video 👍
Auckland357 (8 months ago)
Looks like FedEx freight will be busy soon.
T. Jackson (8 months ago)
F UPS and the Union. Get a education and get the hell away from that place. It is riddled with problems that can't be fixed.
Nick Vickers (8 months ago)
I'm a FedEx Freight driver. They are telling us to prepare for taking freight that was for you.
michael barhight (8 months ago)
It's nice to see that UPS hires people in the LGBT community! This guy is a tool....
Raha24 (8 months ago)
I’m so glad Fedex freight isn’t union.
purple potato chip (8 months ago)
Unions are a fucking joke.
Daniel Gutierrez (8 months ago)
Raha24 amen to that. Unions suck
Jacob Bartaczewicz (8 months ago)
Tyler ...thanks for looking out for your Freight teamster brothers...The week ahead of Nov. 5th is gonna get very real...so any support is GREATLY appreciated by us all here in Milwaukee. Keep up the GREAT work you do...God Bless us all..
Wilfredo Manggay II (8 months ago)
Sir why dont you create a secure voting system online.so some of you wont need to drive 200 miles to vote?goodluck
Matt (8 months ago)
In a letter put out by the teamsters, it stated that if we go on strike we are only allowed to picket ups freight locations.
Courtney Cowley (8 months ago)
Probably skipped leg day jk
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
Courtney Cowley Not probably. Definitely skipped.
Linda German Shepherd (8 months ago)
Thanks for your support to ups freight we don't know what's right or wrong in the contract because nobody says nothing and the union is really weak here in the west coast , thanks for you video
Michael (8 months ago)
With all that corruption going on, how on earth are we suppose to Trust a fucking paper ballot?!?
Angel McDowell (8 months ago)
we're do u work at were is ur station at
Mark Willcox (8 months ago)
When you start your video in such a Gay way you're inviting the Homosexual fellows hop on your bandwagon and anything else you have buddy ? I might be thinking out of the box but I believe that if take the Gay out of your videos you might see a decline in the flags and such reaching out to you on social media, just a thought?
Gabriel Q (8 months ago)
There showing signs of closing the gates at ups freight,,1.. lots of guys ordered uniforms months ago and haven't received them,,2.. we are returning all of our leased trailers,,3 .. there is a empty terminal across the street that is AAA cooper and all of a sudden AAA has about 30 trailers there at each dock door
script child (8 months ago)
Where is this terminal you're speaking of??
Oolie Bouy (8 months ago)
Tyler, Freight earnings are reported in with UPS Supply Chain and UPS CSI. UPS Freight did not make a billion dollars. You are spreading misinformation. With that said, I'm genuinely curious what happens with Freight going forward, and if there is potential for loss of contracts. I stand with Freight no matter what, but I hope people are prepared.
Oolie Bouy (8 months ago)
@Jeff Waite I'm with you bro. That shit sucks.
Jeff Waite (8 months ago)
That's the problem they got us by the balls we have been basically downsizing since they aquired us ironically we all thought we had been given life long job security then.Now there basically threatening to close us down if we strike God bless America ups doesn't give a damn about the frt side or the working man they pay good wages so you'll choke down there bull shit
Thatguy smiley (8 months ago)
Keep going with the Sceamster. You dumb fucks will be unemployed like the Hostess dummies.
MikeTheG Lopez (8 months ago)
As a UPS employee I really enjoy the content your putting out brother. Most people have no clue about what the hell is going on at work regarding the contract and watching these videos has made a difference.
sky jackson (8 months ago)
You cracking me up
Brian Chernesky (8 months ago)
my teamster brother Tyler it is November 2 and ups is still slow i have18 years with ups it is scary plus ups stock is going down i naver seen this in my time
TheRabbitTrixx (8 months ago)
Strike! So I can have a Job :D
Jeff Waite (8 months ago)
Reminds me of the guy holding sign will work for food just looking for a hand out
Jon Blatz (8 months ago)
U look like a fucking tool in your intro,stop embarrassing yourself.,.
Gilbert Brewer (8 months ago)
One year contract is the answer. 3,4,5 year contracts stinks. Your union president won’t like it but your pay check will
Kenneth Clark (8 months ago)
As a UPS customer. I believe if UPS freight strikes, not only will I make arrangement for my freight elsewhere, i will do it permanently for my freight and smalls. Cost of shipping is absolutely outrageous and it's time for business owners to stand and stop it.
Jeff Waite (8 months ago)
Why don't you just keep all the money for your self I know your sick of seeing us truck drivers getting rich you know driving Mercedes to are lake house
Brendon Herrera (8 months ago)
Vote Just Campos against Hoffa 2020
Fuck Google (8 months ago)
If we really want to let the company know how we feel, we just need to do a massive walk-off. Let em not be able to move packages for a day. Then they'll understand whats up.
Josh Johnston (8 months ago)
I hope UPS wins. Unions are dropping like flies in the LTL world. As a highly paid non union driver I would like to thank you in advance for your freight!
Josh Johnston (8 months ago)
Lmfao No! DFL
ups kc (8 months ago)
Joshua Johnston Estes?
Josh Johnston (8 months ago)
I see a lot of older Teamsters like YRC employees not having a pension when they retire. Paid into a union their whole life and were burned. So I'm not a fan, but I'm also fortunate enough to work for a family owned LTL carrier.
Josh Johnston (8 months ago)
If your in the midwest then I would be happy to help you.
ups kc (8 months ago)
Joshua Johnston Can I get a referral? ;)
Parker Kidwell (8 months ago)
Your union is greedy. People that work for this company already get paid more than anyone in the industry but you’re still not happy? What happens when the doors close? You go to work for some mom and pop truck line that will run you maybe 3 days a week. Your selfishness and greed will cost you.
Parker Kidwell (8 months ago)
You are not taking the current political climate into consideration either. How many contractors have you seen at your facility that can’t speak a word of English? There are 40,000 people headed this way that would do your job for a fraction of what you earn right now. Think about it.
Jeff Waite (8 months ago)
Greedy work class all of us are getting so rich you've bought into to the B's company man loves making is boss Pat that head
Dennis Pluto (8 months ago)
I was making over 16hr at ups in 1990 as a Pter When min wage was 3.35 hr. that's almost 5 times min.wage now 29 yrs later ups is paying less.Ibt and ups is really screwing u guys over big time.sure glad I'm retired.hope u guys the best.go get em tyler.
C M (8 months ago)
U must be white..i have heard a lot of white people say that they were making 16..20..or even 30 in the eighties and nineties...the thing is they are hiring more blacks and now they can feed us crumbs and put more money in their. Pockets while they tell us to be satisfied...soon they are going to ease the laws on Mexicans to let them work to displace black workers to put them back in their place
jacobkun (8 months ago)
Tyler clearly loves the cock. What a fucking idiot.
Disgruntled Californian (8 months ago)
Narcissism on display
Amanda voteno (8 months ago)
That's how u handle hater. LMFAO. laugh it off
Beahm John (8 months ago)
Thanks for the video...local 822 Norfolk VA
Fuck Google (8 months ago)
My local is being told that UPS freight only cleared around 170 million profit for all of 2017. Yet, they can provide no reference for that number. I call total bullshit on that. Freight had revenue of $3bn for 2017, yet were supposed to believe this line of shit that they only cleared $170M out of that?? No f-in way!!! Corporate and our union 'leadership' is trying to scare the hell out of us to vote yes!!! To hell with them!!! Were voting NO!!!!
UPS just needs to stop being greedy. They need to treat their employees with respect. Additionally, it is time that they air condition the back of the vehicles. My son's transplant medications only ship in a plastic bag. If they know that they are picking up medications from a pharmacy, they should handle that package like it is somebody's life. The mail order pharmacy that many of us are forced to use won't do it. When packages get runned they point the fingers at each other, UPS in the mail order pharmacy, while people like my son are caught in the middle. I support the UPS truck drivers in the strike. Will you please take a moment to sign the petition for my sonhttps://www.change.org/p/attn-all-legistlatures-state-board-of-pharmacies-ban-mail-order-drug-mandates-from-all-health-insurance-plans-monitor?recruiter=604958045&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_petition
C Farnsworth (8 months ago)
Big papa pump! ha ha ha
Hector Franco (8 months ago)
I say if they expect them to go vote in person then ever fright driver should call in on November 9 and go vote
cali Aquatics (8 months ago)
They're trying to send the smaller freight stuff through the hubs, thats what the 22.4 will do. Ive been moving pallets worth of industrial stuff car sub frames whole motorcycle frames warehouses worth of Casper mattresses it's been crazy the last week
Wait, What?! (8 months ago)
Even though I'm no longer working at UPGF anymore, I still try keeping in contact with a lot of the CIN drivers, especially one in particular. From what I'm hearing, & it's probably the same in stables across the U.S., there's a large number of city P&D drivers that are always going to vote against what UPS is trying to push but, the major problem(s) are the majority of road drivers & some of the PT dock staff. For some reason, the word "strike" puts fear into the hearts of road drivers, PT dock not so much because a lot of them are only using the job as a career "stepping stone". Historically, the percentage of road drivers voting 'YES' is what helps UPS gets the crap contract pushed through THEN, it's the very same road drivers that bitch over the next 5 years saying "subcontractors are stealing my job, I can't survive financially". Like Tyler said, a strike would only last 1 or 2 weeks but, those drivers would rather suffer lost wages for 5 years vs. 1 or 2 weeks. And emptying out the system by not picking up freight that takes more than 1 or 2 days to deliver is actually a smart management tactic that reinforces the company's tactic to get the contract pushed through. The big picture for me? I am so glad that I no longer have to worry about what kind of BS UPS is gonna try next but, I still have good friends working there & I don't want this crap pushed onto them. Keep voting NO!
Nighthawk Predator (8 months ago)
Some here are psd off at UPS when they are just doing what they have ALWAYS done at a time like this. Everyone should be psd off at our current Teamster leadership who sold us down the river plain and simple. I have been disappointed in the Teamsters before in my 35 yr career but this is the biggest betrayal i can remember ever. Hoffa and company are disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeff Waite (8 months ago)
Sold out
Benji Austin (8 months ago)
Hoffa and Denis Taylor are getting ready to crap on Ups Freight the same way they did us! 5 year terms are too long for Teamster officials. Thanks again Tyler for all you are doing. I look forward to your videos. I send them to all my co-workers and as many as I can in surrounding buildings.
sogno78 (8 months ago)
So what happened to the fight for a better pay for the packages handlers? you guys gave up??
happy lego nigga (8 months ago)
Tyler's swole af oh shit
sr166 (8 months ago)
Why would hardworking employees be so bitter at U-nderP-ayedS-Lavery for the past 10years everyday. It’s just my personal experience at my disfunctional Hub!
itzviru (8 months ago)
What happens if everyone calls in sick to car pool to vote 200 miles away? 🤓🤓🤓
Tom Stahl (8 months ago)
Even when we were Overnite I never crossed a picket line! 9th is a Friday....etc....VOTE!
Jeff Waite (8 months ago)
Keep helping them bust the unions up we all might be making the same pay 30 yrs from now
pa heavyhauler (8 months ago)
Loooool here we go. Tough guy , I hope to see you at a picket line. Talk all you want. You boys always move when a truck doesn't stop
Jeff Waite (8 months ago)
You might not cross back big shot
Josh Johnston (8 months ago)
I would cross a picket line 😁
itzviru (8 months ago)
Up the Tren
110% America Loving PATRIOT (8 months ago)
Hoffa and his minions are the biggest anti union scab pieces of shit criminals ever to be head of a union. I'm pretty sure UPS helped that douchebag get elected and I'm pretty sure they didn't mail a ballot to all the members cause I know I didn't get one and several other people that didn't! We all need to withdrawal from this fake union!!
Joseph Dinbokowitz (8 months ago)
LMFAO that intro tho!
110% America Loving PATRIOT (8 months ago)
They must be a couple Soyboys!
Teresa w.h. (8 months ago)
But who stood up for small package when we got screwed
LaPaul Hunt (8 months ago)
Workers have to vote
Jeff Waite (8 months ago)
Y'all forgot to vote
dave socal (8 months ago)
Okay I am out yes I am a nobody like many of you I was following Tyler's videos but most of this information is not new irrelevant and unfortunately showing me your physical fitness not what I'm into enjoy your life at UPS I'll do grunts keep paying into my pension please don't need no more of this YouTubeer ...... out
sky jackson (8 months ago)
What’s going on with the Contract
Matt Scenna (8 months ago)
Funny how my supervisor (one of the few I like) mentioned today that without us there is no ups. Maybe this will be the harsh reminder the company needs
Mike G. (8 months ago)
Must be shot day.. lol
Sawyer Rice (8 months ago)
Nice Nike to UA transition
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
swerve i didnt even notice hahah
Jim Rode (8 months ago)
The steroids are going to your head, pretty full of yourself
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
Should i double up er what
Leo Guardado (8 months ago)
i work at the dallas terminal and basically most of higher seniority guys ive talked to are going to vote yes because unfortunately they dont care about everyone getting paid the same. but wanna bitch about drivers making 30 something coming on the dock. ill vote to support my brothers but honestly this union sucks
Tony C (8 months ago)
Is the union still on our side? 🤔
Jeff Waite (8 months ago)
God bless the working man today's Union is employer paid human resources owned by UPS and management seems to have a very poor opinion of the American working man I don't think they realize good character and hard work isn't a forcable math formula
Jeff Waite (8 months ago)
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
L R (8 months ago)
Wha wha what? Unions corrupt? No no way?
sky jackson (8 months ago)
Tyler you crazy
james styler (8 months ago)
Your a savage fr sowing the arms lol fuck those haters lol
Sharks Fan (8 months ago)
So from everyone I talked to every local is different some will be laid off and striking and some are working as usual I guess it’s just up to what local you belong to but if you strike yes you will be laid off till contract is corrected
Garrett Lavigne (8 months ago)
Garrett Lavigne (8 months ago)
Rainy Days (8 months ago)
My arms looked like that...
Unishippers San Fernando West (8 months ago)
XxGyromancerXx (8 months ago)
I thought UPS has a no firearms policy. Put those guns away, Tyler!
Gabriel Q (8 months ago)
Are union guy said if we go on strike we get some pay between 300 to 400 a week but we have to be on the strike site to get those benefits
Gloria Valles (8 months ago)
Gabriel Q at our terminal they are saying no strike because they bleed out the freight so they strike won’t mean anything. They protect themselves well.
Kevin Lemmerman (8 months ago)
Captain Tuko (8 months ago)
30$ a week.
Gabriel Q (8 months ago)
I work in aurora,Illinois terminal ups freight they told us yesterday that Monday Tuesday Wednesday we are not suppose to pick up freight that are 4 day 2 day and Thursday and Friday we are not picking up freight,, are manager told us that
robertintexas (8 months ago)
UPS pulled the same crap in '97. Just dig in your heels, vote no, and they will come around with a better offer.
Peter Sas (8 months ago)
robertintexas I went through it and we all survived . It’s the same old story UPS will always try to intimidate you you must stand up to the tactics that by now everyone should realize are just that tactics. Be strong and you will persevere. Don’t cave in to the money factory remember you are the people that earned all the profits not the goofs that keep the pressure on. In Solidarity,Peter Sas retired Local 407 Cleveland Ohio.
El Diablo El Bandito (8 months ago)
I totally agree! I worked for UPS back then as a part-time preload supervisor. The reason why UPS let them go on strike was they wanted to let go of the residential to residential or business to residential. They lose money delivering to residential places. They said let the post office have that business because they deliver to every house. They make more money delivering business to business.
Ger Vi7 (8 months ago)
Thanks ... buddy again thanks for this video we are giving the fight, unfortunately too many guys are getting nervous and scared by Upsf... today we are not picking nothing that must to be delivered bet. 3 days... this is retaliation against us.. today I will talk to a Lawyer to probabilities of a huge lawsuit, plus thousands plus in NJ we have the right to collect Unemployment... thanks for the support
Mo Fo (8 months ago)
@Gloria Valles yes look for a new job. the company will die from a thousand paper cuts. One customer at a time will leave... Your union does not care about you....
Gloria Valles (8 months ago)
Ger Vi7 I’m a ups freight clerk I just got laid off , but they said “ soft lay-off “ can’t collect unemployment.? Any advise
Jeffrey Lewis (8 months ago)
They told us before our shift started that basically we're gonna shutdown after next week. They're trying to scare us into voting yes.
Diego Garcia (8 months ago)
This is a disgrace how UPS has turned to treat us and threaten our jobs with slowing the whole operation on purpose just to scare everybody.... I got news for you... WE WILL STAND STRONG AND FIGHT... this is our union not the brass who also turned their backs on us.
Justin Vasquez (8 months ago)
Everyone just start buying all of your guns an amo !!! Fight fire with 🔥
Janoy Cresva (8 months ago)
FUARK! The Biceps bro. Definitely mirin.
Mark Morales (8 months ago)
I'm in 705 and idk about a strike or when it's happening alot of us don't know?! Help us!
jubrieel Jones (8 months ago)
Junior M (8 months ago)
Im a part time employee... just past my year... can't afford to strike Even if it's union approved we all know retroactive pay takes ages 🤦
Junior M (8 months ago)
@flafla fluehie my rent is due every month 😂 if I take that chance I may be homeless 🤦
flafla fluehie (8 months ago)
I understand your concerns as a part timer. But if we don't do this part timers are going to get really screwed. I'm a full-time package car driver your retro pay does not take ages it's literally instantaneous as soon as an agreement is reached and a contract is ratified you will have it within a week at the latest
degorat04 (8 months ago)
What happened to back pay? Can someone explain it to me.
cali Aquatics (8 months ago)
Its coming. they'll push it till after peak if they can.. Or give it out at Christmas like its a gift smh
Knowledge S.O.G. (8 months ago)
Kankakee Illinois UPS local 710 Teamster brotherhood. WILL support our that's right OUR brothers and sisters in there fight NO MATTER WHAT rode it may take us down. IT will be faced head-on together as a United front for working-class families. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUS.