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Edmonton UPS Delivery Thief

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This guy steals a box that UPS delivered to my front door on December 28, 2011, in Edmonton, Alberta. He followed the van in, drove around the block while UPS delivered it, then 11 minutes later he backs in the driveway and steals it. Hopefully someone will see this video, recognize him, and call the Edmonton Police or crimestoppers if you wish to remain anonymous. The police file number is 11-166807.
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Artisan Rebel (2 years ago)
Ups delivery people do this all the time.. After they deliver a package and there's nobody there to pick it up they just alert the car that's following the truck the whole time, and tell them the package is on the stoop. Go get it... Rampant during the holiday season
Daniel W (5 years ago)
Los Illuminados (5 years ago)
I want to get out of Deadmonton...
tomahawkz1 (5 years ago)
its inside job, look at the woman, she turns her head to the left ....... what do you think?
spaceman51974 (5 years ago)
isn't it possible to magnify the license plate?????
riotguards (5 years ago)
i hate scum like this, they pray on people's hard earned goods because they are too lazy for themselves it just makes me sick if i ever caught someone stealing my package i'm going to make sure they don't forget it for a looong time
seaheroe (6 years ago)
What a lowlife.
ĐẠI LÝ (6 years ago)
what inside the box ?
ericcooll (6 years ago)
i dont deal with ups for this reason they live stuff in the front door canada post is for pick up if you not there!
epickett63 (6 years ago)
@Avidmangoamv Obviously, he called the cops. If you had read the info, he even gave you the police file number...!
TheMuconium (6 years ago)
UPS driver calls dude on cell phone 10 minutes before delivery. Dude arrives minutes later. Inside job - mission accomplished.
Avidmangoamv (6 years ago)
Why didnt you call the cops