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2015 Speed Queen 8 Series FULL LOAD Bath Towels

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craigsclocks (8 days ago)
Hey guy... My speed queen washer just stated making that clicking sound from the agitator as well. What is that? I did make a small adjustment on my water level for large loads so now it fills all the way up to the edge of the plastic tub cap. Loving the speed queen. I would love to obtain a speed queen front loader as well as a 70/80's maytag washer. I AM SO PROUD OF YOUR NEWS ON STARTING YOUR OWN SERVICES NOW. I know you will be very successful and proud of yourself when this all gets up and running. When someone kicks you down take that negative energy and turn it into a BIG FAT SUCCESS. Great video mate.
Sharkie626 (4 days ago)
+craigsclocks Ya never know!
craigsclocks (5 days ago)
Sharkie626 Do you think I will ever find my two dream machines?
Sharkie626 (6 days ago)
+craigsclocks Don't worry. You'll be fine for a long time.
craigsclocks (6 days ago)
Sharkie626 Ok...Thank you because I know that they don't make these anymore and parts could become a issue.
Sharkie626 (7 days ago)
That clicking sound comes from the tub after the brake has fully set in. My bro's 2014 machine does the same thing. Nothing to worry about.
jaykay18 (8 days ago)
I've never seen one of these under load like that! It'll do it, much in the same fashion that an overloaded double-trailer Mack truck in super low gear going uphill from a dead stop.
Thatlinuxnerd (8 days ago)
the video goes out of sync with audio and the audio starts with the intro audio from the start of the video at 27:33. All in all, great washer.
Harley Badger (7 days ago)
It was complicated.
Noah Brody (8 days ago)
Why is it that your washing machines stop so abruptly and why was a still hearing the water swish when it stopped spinning at the end?
Bluethunderboom (8 days ago)
Both Kenmore washer & SQ Washer has the Woo-Woos all the way. =)
matthewbestdfghy (8 days ago)
Glad to see a new video.
petermazbabie (8 days ago)
Now that was a LARGE load. Somehow it managed it. Definite commercial laundry grade. 👍
Sharkie626 (8 days ago)
It managed because it's the real washer models! Not the 2018 jokes!
Sharkie626 (8 days ago)
Ahh yes, the knocking sound of a fully set in brake. My bro's 2014 machine makes that sound. Ours is starting to get there now too. Let's see the 2018s wash a load of that size! Haha