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Designing the Perfect Airport Runway

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Text Comments (1996)
Real Engineering (1 year ago)
You may have noticed little numbers popping onto screen throughout the video. These are referring to references in the description of the video. This was inspired by my friend, Simon Clark. Specifically this video: Props go to him for the clever technique.
Shounak Ray Chaudhuri (1 month ago)
This was released on my birthday!
iamthinking2202 _ (6 months ago)
@Will Harris runway 26?
iamthinking2202 _ (6 months ago)
Had a check of runway direction, and they do seem to generally be aligned with prevailing wind direction... Beijing Capital Airport, Dubai, and Tokyo Haneda are three exceptions where the runways aren't aligned east west while still being in the northern hemisphere
IFLYALLDAY Yeet (6 months ago)
You forgot schiphol airport it has 4 or 5 rw
James Nzomo (7 months ago)
Excellent vid! If you ever get the chance (and if you do take subscriber requests into consideration for future vids), it would be fantastic to watch an episode on "Designing the perfect raceway/racetrack" in your unique presentation approach
Zane Everett (10 hours ago)
Nice coverage of ATL Hartsfield-Jackson, the busiest airport in the world.
zxzv1 (12 hours ago)
Why can't countries emulate Japan for its island airports which are simply a class apart!? Island airports with dual runways make it ideal for cites having space constraint.
Daniel Heywood (1 day ago)
12:20 just another day in Phoenix
VALLEY (1 day ago)
so a super wide, super long, super hard, grabby runway would be pretty good
Namsep (2 days ago)
Schiphol, Amsterdam. 5 runways above 3KM. From 3,3KM til 3,8KM
varun prakash (4 days ago)
Fast and furious Runway airport landoff when airplanes pilot fight off air landings are designed two or more flights runs to fly high
Hrvoje Mikulcic (5 days ago)
Pa sto nedostaje slovu "H" gdje bi 1 pista služila za poljetanje,a 2 ga za slijetanje!?Drugo je duzina i širina piste od 10 km!?
germimonte (8 days ago)
no one who's ever been near a plane would think that a circular runway is a good idea
Anthony Myers (9 days ago)
I was at Phoenix Sky Harbor during the runway closures in 2017 due to the excessive heat. In addition to the runway closures, aircraft were having trouble cooling the cabins of their planes in the heat. Surface temperatures (including heat reflectivity off of the tarmac) were reaching 60*C. I was able to book a flight out of Tucson to DFW and had time to make the 2 hour drive there and get through security, board and take off before the runways reopened at Sky Harbor that evening.
VAMobMember (13 days ago)
Got an Airport Noise Polution problem? Buy the land of those who complain. This has the added benefit of getting more land to expand the Airport in he future. Problems solved.
Noah Roth (14 days ago)
I propose a 300 passenger super helicopter that requires no runway for takeoff. It will instantly put the A380 and all circular runways to shame, and give the flying saucer a run for its money!
Cristian Sili (14 days ago)
Ya you got the wrong math there bud.
Mr. Guntur (15 days ago)
Good info..
Nice Day (18 days ago)
Are there any apps that could help us calculate v1, vr and v2?
AirportBuilder1 (22 days ago)
What's the distance between planes when taxiing side by side at the concourses like at ATL and DEN Airport?
GT Sunny D (23 days ago)
But when do you actually design the runway? Some other video?
pepefy (25 days ago)
Is this qxir
Nick Vanni (28 days ago)
9:40 "Let's begin calculations with the world's largest plane: The Airbus A380" *_Antonov 225 enters chat_*
Around The World Again (28 days ago)
The optimal runway is simple -- A giant circle
magellanmax (29 days ago)
The new Beijing Daxing airport has raised the bar on runway engineering.
w4k1- 70wn (30 days ago)
I'm not an engineer nor do i like physics but I can tell you that round runway idea is a joke
Devon Grant (30 days ago)
Its not that hard to say the length in feet shortly after the length in meters.
Noodles (1 month ago)
Reminder that you simulator pilots aren't pilots
Alexandre Cazenave (1 month ago)
Good vid, but a little disapointed. In the end we did not design the perfect runway. But we did get the product placement.
European Goal Show (1 month ago)
If a long haul flight plane lands at Dublin but carnt take off from there what do they do with the plane?
Ryan Sharp (1 month ago)
9:47 Antonov 225 entered the chat*
TikTokHay (1 month ago)
You did not say Heathrow right once in this whole video
Dope_RBX - Roblox Gaming (1 month ago)
Real Engineering: Lets take a look and the worlds largest plane. Antonov: Am I a joke to you?
Hiren Patel (1 month ago)
excellent video thanks! very interesting.
ZimmMr (1 month ago)
Could you explain Sonicbooms,
Roger Blackwood (1 month ago)
@1.37 he says the headwind reduces the power required for takeoff! Really? I think you will find it reduces the distance, the power required will remain the same! (Obviously it will change with different temps and altitudes, but we are talking about the same runway, just with more wind)
Robin van der Ark (1 month ago)
In the beginning: The 3 busiest airports in the world: Heathrow, Atlanta and Dublin. Me as a Dutch person: Where the F*ck is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport!
BalderTugg (1 month ago)
You know that the world biggest plane is the Antonov An-225 Mriya Right?
Luke Clarke (1 month ago)
@realengineering I’m having a little trouble with your explanation of Dublin’s 3rd runway. You give a figure of 3110m and say ‘even this could still be too short for long haul aircraft’ whereas my local airport (Manchester) has two 3050m runways and is typically viewed as a universal airport capable of handling any aircraft. It has many long haul flights each day with no trouble. It’s even got a reputation for being an easy airport to fly from/to. Could you explain why you think that even in Dublin’s conditions, 3110m will still be too short?
Just Jack (1 month ago)
thats easy get a spirit level
Anthony Bane (1 month ago)
Heathrow is NOT in the centre of london....
change my name (2 months ago)
I just want to say that the Airbus a380 isnt the largest plane, it is the largest passenger plane but the Antonov An 225 is the largest plane.
Karan Vir (2 months ago)
Are you guys nuts.....yes
The Fountain Pen Desk (2 months ago)
Who's idea was it to build houses around a runway or build an airport around houses like that
謙太郎田中 (2 months ago)
2:45 did i just see a plane crash on the left side of the runway?
Freezing Falcon (2 months ago)
When I design my model airport Vs means takeoff speed
Tou Yang (2 months ago)
13:36 No hi-vis for the third guy?
William Frederick (2 months ago)
Hey that one clip of the wingwalker stearman taking off was the Flying Circus from Bealeton, VA!! I work there!!
MofongoGringo (2 months ago)
This was a great educational video and extremely well done. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work! 👍🏽
Aaron Vannistelrooy (2 months ago)
Don’t fucking live near an airport. Lol 😂
Marcus MIDI (3 months ago)
These videos are quite simply amazing :)
Luke G (3 months ago)
0:17 ouch... Edit: 2:32 scared the living poop out of me
Alex Thomas (3 months ago)
Uh 60km/hr direct crosswind for a 737? Where are you getting your numbers? 🤣 Also it’s not usually the airports who implement minimums for crosswinds and visibility etc beyond the manufactures, but rather the operators / companies themselves.
zakiducky (3 months ago)
Who the hell thought a circular runway would be a good idea?
naim islam (3 months ago)
If u nd wendover do a collab ill cum jet fuel
Moms Spaghetti (3 months ago)
just put the runway on top of one another
Temple of Ridicule (3 months ago)
Jesus fucking Christ. Airport design? A fifth of the way in and we're none the wiser. This is the curse of the YouTubers, incoherence. Choose a topic, write a script, marry some visuals and then stick to the bloody script - please note DJ's fucking Aviation. Otherwise it very quickly degenerates into a repetitious mess. This being a case in point.
Ceres Lauron (3 months ago)
m = Meter
Dan Barrett (3 months ago)
Bill Seidel (3 months ago)
Nearly fell out of my chair : "now, Heathrow Airport is a special little butterfly 🦋".. 😂 😂 😂
Captain Saom (3 months ago)
are you irish american?
Antivirus (4 months ago)
do a video on the new Beijing Airport!
Cajun76 (4 months ago)
The reason planes takeoff and land into the wind is to reduce the amount of runway they need. If you had unlimited runway, it wouldn't matter, because airspeed is independent of ground speed.
Atif Mirza (4 months ago)
Well...... He only said how long the runway will be
Tyler Quinton (4 months ago)
Why am I watching this just to make a Minecraft airfield
Temple of Ridicule (3 months ago)
Making you the perfect audience for this tripe.
Tim Sullivan (4 months ago)
Having at best only a basic understanding of the subjects you cover (which is WHY I am a regular viewer) and because your content is so well presented, your channel gives me scant opportunity to post comments that offer esoteric insights, point out errors/omissions over-looked by all others, or whatever else my pathetic ego perceives as a means of self-affirmation. But... I HAVE noticed instead of "height" you say "heighth." So there!
CDSAfghan (4 months ago)
10:03 that's Lincoln Park my home airport! I fly helicopters out of there every day. N07 in the CONUS NE near TEB Teterboro and EWR Newark
1905parth (4 months ago)
Paris Charles de Gaulle is way closer to the center of Paris than London Heathrow is to the center of London.
Creativecoverz (4 months ago)
Heathrow is not smack in the middle of london? Its actually no where near london. Probably a 90 minute drive away
Khmerminn Sota (4 months ago)
What about vertical take-off and landing for all commercial airplanes!
Samuel Hulme (4 months ago)
R4D104C71V3 (4 months ago)
Real Engineering: 9:46 AN-225: Am I A Joke To You? A380: Largest Commercial Plane*
Papa Tango (4 months ago)
6:33 They finalized that plan
Papa Tango (4 months ago)
5:48 That is Las Vegas Airport KLAS
OnnHeem19o4 (4 months ago)
0:35 suddenly v6 engine
D. Peters (4 months ago)
The longest runway in the world is in China: Qamdo Bamda Airport in China has the longest paved runway in the world at 18,045 feet.
Bored turtle Of Middletown (4 months ago)
The a380 is not the worlds biggest plane
Methani K. (4 months ago)
*The perfect runway doesn't exi-* Real engineering:How to design the perfect runway Me:hey thats a good question
Roger Cueto (4 months ago)
Dublin as a reference for busiest airports? LOL...I think you accent gave away your bias there buddy!
Gaming W/ Nicko (4 months ago)
Changi Airport: *Am I a joke to you?* (5 months ago)
I don't know why y'all muthafuckas don't take off going slightly down hill
Lachlan Bagshaw (5 months ago)
9:50, the a380 is not the largest plane in the world
geonerd (5 months ago)
No, no, NO! "Balanced Field" You keep using that word.... (phrase) PLEASE do better research next time.
VigPlane01 (5 months ago)
And SFO?
h4st3d idk (5 months ago)
Maybe stupid but since take off and landing are the most dangerous and fuel consumption moments, what about an arm or a launcher to litteraly take the plane ?
well see (5 months ago)
The busiest airports in the world DUBLIN
Marty McFly (5 months ago)
Why most of runways I saw, were not flat? They were very wavy and I can't understand why; is there anyone who can help me? Here the wavy runways I saw: Thank you 😊
KuKajin (5 months ago)
That circular run ray really scares me, the fact someone would come up with that idea means they have no knowledge of aircraft. And as a pilot myself that’d be a nightmare even in my bonanza
Yakup işler (5 months ago)
Istanbul New Airport also will have 5 parallel runways once all the phasses completed. Right now, there are 2 parallel runways, which are 4100 m and 3600 m along.
dave kahn (1 month ago)
Pretty useless now that Turkey is turning into a radical Islamic dictatorship, it wouldn't take long before no one will go there anymore, just like 2019 Iran
Matthew McCartney (5 months ago)
Aircraft treadmill? lol
Issac Wessing (5 months ago)
This missed alot of basic information on runway design take off speed and distance. Like why it's common to see runways going in different directions or how wind speed affects take off speed and distance.
Lord _ Scrubington (5 months ago)
um, the antanov 225 is the worlds largest plane.
Strothy2 (5 months ago)
ahhhh 21bn dollar privately founded... come visit Berlins Ghost airport... we tried and failed... still not open and it wont be until 2021...
AliveButNotDead Mix (5 months ago)
The Mumbai Airport (VOBB) in India is also in the middle of the City.
SephirothRyu (5 months ago)
Eh, as soon as we get fusion reactors small enough to shove on an airliner, we'll just make them all VTOLs while we're at it.
Daniel Hebard (5 months ago)
I'm not even an engineer and I can think of several reasons why a circular runway would probably be a bad idea.....
Auxence Fromont (4 months ago)
better idea : a circular and INCLINED TOWARD THE CENTER runway: now the pilot doesn't have to turn, just to land with a 45° angle i am a genius, WHERE IS MAY NOBEL PRIZE ? XD
birdspeed (5 months ago)
The 737-300 isn’t the most common aircraft. The 737-800 is
Scotty (5 months ago)
This video is incorrectly named. It does not really address the perfect runway. It is focused on Heathrow Airport having outgrown its useful life in its current location. The airport closer to the "perfect runway" would be something like Dallas-Fort Worth, but there's no way to fit that airport anywhere near London. No disrespect intended to London - it's just got no space to put a new airport.
ItsaBrick (5 months ago)
First person I've seen on YT to mention Ireland
Wimar Schippers (5 months ago)
I don’t think the FAA has much to say about runway spacing on Heathrow ;)
Wimar Schippers (5 months ago)
Paul Furey I believe the registration of the aircraft has no impact on the regulations that the airport has to comply with. FAA is the American aviation authority. In Europe we have EASA regulations to comply with.
Paul Furey (5 months ago)
Maybe for N registered aircraft?
Bear Lemley (5 months ago)
Circular runways. 13:25 “These are the kinds of issues that come about only after engineers carefully analyze the design” I don’t think it takes much thought to shoot that one down.
CocoDaPuf (12 days ago)
Well... The circular runway is not as crazy as it initially looks. For instance, there'd be no such thing as a crosswind, you'd always land and takeoff with a headwind. A variable wind direction would of course still be challenging. The biggest downside of course is the footprint, to make the idea realistic, you'd need a truly enormous runway, like 8-10 km diameter. So that means up to 4 times the footprint for just 2 runways. Perhaps you could make up for that by having a second inner - ring runway for domestic/shorter flights, but it would be still a crazy large airport, very wasteful of space.
Tom Kaye (1 month ago)
@TheBraveGallade it will create the same problem
Samuel Owens (3 months ago)
When you have seen some of the crap engineers come up with.. Or have to explain to one how a siphon works... Then you'll understand why an engineer would actually design a circular runway and think it would work.
TheBraveGallade (4 months ago)
If anything, it should be a octagonal runway or a hexogonal one
Mike Casler (5 months ago)
Ceryus Business (5 months ago)
Jm56Z (5 months ago)
The best runway in the world is KSP's. You cannot land anything on it. Not because it's too short or surrounded with mountains... No, just because the physics make planes almost impossible to control !