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Designing the Perfect Airport Runway

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Text Comments (1937)
Real Engineering (1 year ago)
You may have noticed little numbers popping onto screen throughout the video. These are referring to references in the description of the video. This was inspired by my friend, Simon Clark. Specifically this video: Props go to him for the clever technique.
iamthinking2202 _ (1 month ago)
@Will Harris runway 26?
iamthinking2202 _ (1 month ago)
Had a check of runway direction, and they do seem to generally be aligned with prevailing wind direction... Beijing Capital Airport, Dubai, and Tokyo Haneda are three exceptions where the runways aren't aligned east west while still being in the northern hemisphere
IFLYALLDAY Yeet (1 month ago)
You forgot schiphol airport it has 4 or 5 rw
James Nzomo (3 months ago)
Excellent vid! If you ever get the chance (and if you do take subscriber requests into consideration for future vids), it would be fantastic to watch an episode on "Designing the perfect raceway/racetrack" in your unique presentation approach
Roodj1 (3 months ago)
AsHalt just to say the 225 does come into the US from Russia carrying passengers and cargo.
Gaming W/ Nicko (1 day ago)
Changi Airport: *Am I a joke to you?* (5 days ago)
I don't know why y'all muthafuckas don't take off going slightly down hill
Lachlan Bagshaw (10 days ago)
9:50, the a380 is not the largest plane in the world
geonerd (10 days ago)
No, no, NO! "Balanced Field" You keep using that word.... (phrase) PLEASE do better research next time.
VigPlane01 (14 days ago)
And SFO?
h4st3d idk (16 days ago)
Maybe stupid but since take off and landing are the most dangerous and fuel consumption moments, what about an arm or a launcher to litteraly take the plane ?
well see (16 days ago)
The busiest airports in the world DUBLIN
Marty McFly (17 days ago)
Why most of runways I saw, were not flat? They were very wavy and I can't understand why; is there anyone who can help me? Here the wavy runways I saw: Thank you 😊
KuKajin (17 days ago)
That circular run ray really scares me, the fact someone would come up with that idea means they have no knowledge of aircraft. And as a pilot myself that’d be a nightmare even in my bonanza
Yakup işler (19 days ago)
Istanbul New Airport also will have 5 parallel runways once all the phasses completed. Right now, there are 2 parallel runways, which are 4100 m and 3600 m along.
Matthew McCartney (20 days ago)
Aircraft treadmill? lol
Issac Wessing (21 days ago)
This missed alot of basic information on runway design take off speed and distance. Like why it's common to see runways going in different directions or how wind speed affects take off speed and distance.
Lord _ Scrubington (21 days ago)
um, the antanov 225 is the worlds largest plane.
Strothy2 (21 days ago)
ahhhh 21bn dollar privately founded... come visit Berlins Ghost airport... we tried and failed... still not open and it wont be until 2021...
AliveButNotDead Mix (23 days ago)
The Mumbai Airport (VOBB) in India is also in the middle of the City.
SephirothRyu (23 days ago)
Eh, as soon as we get fusion reactors small enough to shove on an airliner, we'll just make them all VTOLs while we're at it.
Daniel Hebard (23 days ago)
I'm not even an engineer and I can think of several reasons why a circular runway would probably be a bad idea.....
poisoxned (24 days ago)
The 737-300 isn’t the most common aircraft. The 737-800 is
scottn7cy (25 days ago)
This video is incorrectly named. It does not really address the perfect runway. It is focused on Heathrow Airport having outgrown its useful life in its current location. The airport closer to the "perfect runway" would be something like Dallas-Fort Worth, but there's no way to fit that airport anywhere near London. No disrespect intended to London - it's just got no space to put a new airport.
ItsaBrick (26 days ago)
First person I've seen on YT to mention Ireland
Wimar Schippers (27 days ago)
I don’t think the FAA has much to say about runway spacing on Heathrow ;)
Wimar Schippers (9 days ago)
Paul Furey I believe the registration of the aircraft has no impact on the regulations that the airport has to comply with. FAA is the American aviation authority. In Europe we have EASA regulations to comply with.
Paul Furey (9 days ago)
Maybe for N registered aircraft?
Bear Lemley (1 month ago)
Circular runways. 13:25 “These are the kinds of issues that come about only after engineers carefully analyze the design” I don’t think it takes much thought to shoot that one down.
Mike Casler (1 month ago)
Ceryus Business (1 month ago)
Jm56Z (1 month ago)
The best runway in the world is KSP's. You cannot land anything on it. Not because it's too short or surrounded with mountains... No, just because the physics make planes almost impossible to control !
Percy CPC (1 month ago)
The pilot can choose whether to abroad or continue the take off before V1
Zhengguo Sun (27 days ago)
Abort or take off
MR. Gamer (1 month ago)
At 5:20 2 planes can NOT be on the runway unless they are small and are in a formason.
MR. Gamer (1 month ago)
11:00 you do not count the blast pad
Harry Baller (1 month ago)
9:40 what airport is that.
Matthew Nord (1 month ago)
I remember how popular the circular runway was for a long time. People were going “it’s the future” (cnn, Fox, etc) and no one even considered how much of a pain it would be. Thanks for not siding with designers. Engineer gang for life
Florian Rochler (1 month ago)
what's the music...?
Nazar Dmytrovskiy (1 month ago)
I agree with you, but you forgot one thing. Performance factors. If you have wet runway you have to multiply distances by 1.15 for landing (LDA) And what is more important is the safety margins. If you fly with a plane where it is needed 1000 meters to stop and the runway available is 1300 meters you are NOT allowed to land, in this case minimum RWY distance for you to legally land must be 1420 meters. Same with T/O but you have to multiply by 1.25.
_Luisito (1 month ago)
Man you missed out on the Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas Airport, it runs quad runwas of wich to main ones, 4500m each and for these one secondary runway 3500m, size-wise it is bigger than the 2nd largest you named... And its Ms of runway per passenger isn't that different 0.00012093379m/pas. against 0.00012059117m/pas. it isn't that different and I beleive "size does matter." I'd be pleased to know you at least considered the fact and didn't just go on google and type "biggest airports annual traffic" and that you used the 2017 results as the 2018 are preliminary and the 2019 aren't even out. Signed, a preocupied Subscriber. Thenk You P.D. PLs respond I am a bit worried... P.P.D. I have said Madrid barajas airport because I live in spain and noticed the Beijing airport isn't thet big, but I am sure there are others...
mick symes (1 month ago)
Heathrow was originally built with 6 runways of equal length, laid out in the star of David design. This was due to all aircraft using it being prop driven. whilst 27R &27L have been extended to cope with jets, the original runways can be determined as some remain as taxiway. Before it was a civilian airport it was a large grassed field commandeered for WW2 use. The original design of the star of david layout ensured all wind conditions could be coped with.
epsilonxyzt epsilon (1 month ago)
Very bad performance, calm and relax first, then explain in relax mode.
ganesh jadhav (1 month ago)
Sir plz make video on why it is difficult to most of country to make jet engine rather than rocket engine..
pi Eppy (1 month ago)
London city frequently diverts flights to southend due to the small Runway
Michael Laviolette (1 month ago)
Correction: It may BE the perfect design for a runway is water.
Daniel Hebard (23 days ago)
Tell me this then: Why do aircraft carriers exist?
Michael Laviolette (1 month ago)
It may the perfect design for a runway is water.
EmperorToBeFeared Blackmilitiaman (1 month ago)
Best channel most informative
Mike Love (1 month ago)
You kept showing recent footage from DCA, but never referenced it in the examples used.... it is also a very unique airport with slot controls, limited radius served, proximity to highly sensitive ARSA, and lots of political aspects... if I can ask, why did it not show up in your discussion ? Oh, and I've worked there for 25 years !
Dandmore (1 month ago)
9:46. AN-225: Am i a joke to you?
funnybus3rd (1 month ago)
Had to listen to it back to check if he said "passenger plane" or not
Jay Kristensen (1 month ago)
keep that big body movin
Jokers Wild Cowboy Action (1 month ago)
Really enjoying your videos. Keep up the good work mate!
Cakeman 435 (1 month ago)
Actualy your wrong about the airbus a380 being the largest aircraft isnt antonov an 225 the biggest ang heaviest pane ever built.
Cakeman 435 (1 month ago)
@HVDub24 well yea but what if a cargo plane has to land
HVDub24 (1 month ago)
Actually you’re wrong since he was talking about commercial aircraft
ismail ja (1 month ago)
Hey real engineering team...I have a small to get this video subtitle?
David Montville (1 month ago)
Denver International's @ 16,000 ft, not Tibet @ 14,219 11:50 is the longest airport runway in the world
HollywoodF1 (27 days ago)
He's right-- DEN's 16R/34L is 16,000 feet. Cape Canaveral's 15/33 is also 16,000 feet, and Edward's AFB's 11/29 is 21,300 feet (4 miles!)... of dirt.
king Slayer Savage (1 month ago)
Circular runways are as logical as flat earth
Blankly Sighted (1 month ago)
2:32 the passenger inside that plane I feel bad for them that's a ryanair landing
AduptUniform26 (1 month ago)
Dude that happens a lot. It’s not very scary either
JAVI (1 month ago)
Nicely done. Good video
Teagan Scott (1 month ago)
can Dublin just build that second runway now
Dirê DesireŠ (1 month ago)
2:35 Ryanair landing
AB CD (1 month ago)
13:30 Some four year old child designing a runway: 'This circle runway will be great! I can't see any problems at all! ' Real Engineering: 'These are the kinds of issues only found when engineers carefully analyse problems...' Real Engineering viewer: 🤔🤔🤔 seems legit.
Matt NYC (1 month ago)
Those shiny slacks that guy’s wearing at 13:38 😆
Mike‘s World (1 month ago)
Balanced field length is when the accelerate stop and accelerate go distances are the same distance ... not exactly what is said in the video (or maybe I misunderstood the explanation in the video). Otherwise I love this channel and the video is great.
AKHILESWARI VS (1 month ago)
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T Pain (1 month ago)
Include feet in parentheses or something pls.
Deesh (1 month ago)
Where’s SFO in this video it has super close parallel runways that intersect and it’s busy
akeetorres (1 month ago)
Yeager airport in Charleston WV is a nightmare to land on. It’s on top of a mountain and you feel like you’re gonna go flying off every time you land. Luckily they mainly fly out Boeing 717s and MD-80s
gjidghihlnsl f vjskvdyjk (1 month ago)
Heathrow is at the very edge of Greater London, not in the centre of London. Originally part of Middlesex, and even then at the edge furthest away from London.
N668 DH (1 month ago)
Actually if a plane has an engine failure even after v1 the still have to abort takeoff
Luca94 (1 month ago)
no they dont.....
ctawab (1 month ago)
Sir are you the same person running the channel as watchfinder & co
kyle mansell (1 month ago)
Pointless video..... the whole video is a build up to a advert soooooooo it’s a giant advert
Izaya Orihara (1 month ago)
How about a runway that looks like a swatsika? Please don't understand that wrong, but wouldn't that be pretty optimal and space efficient? Or is there an flaw that i didn't see when i just thought about it?
ZK-APA (1 month ago)
Izaya Orihara I think Denver intl airport is actually shaped in a similar way
Dan Groves (1 month ago)
Some of the busiest airport in the world: Heathrow... yeah, Atlanta....yeah, Dublin....No Dublin is nowhere near one of the worlds busiest
A. Ahmadi (1 month ago)
I wonder why he pronounces "any" so weird
Origen17 (1 month ago)
News for ya - DFW runs FOUR parallel runways
Sean Regehr (1 month ago)
The engineers working on airport design are horrible. Make a hexagram landing strip aligned to the prevailing winds of the location. This gives you the best possible take off and landing pads in all conditions, temperatures and wind conditions. It's not rocket science. Idiots.
Šimon Hrabec (1 month ago)
Thanks for using the metric system!
Bear Lemley (1 month ago)
Yea, cause aviation does not.
Kuutti (1 month ago)
Strange that you didnt mention anything about radars, in video which is about perfect airport. Radars are one of the most important things in the subject. One of the most important ones to have, especially on busy airport is ground and waether radars. So you can see where the planes are even in heavy fog or other extreme weather. While weather radar are to detect those crosswinds you mentioned, which are very important to detect. In order to takeoff or land safely. Other important radars are ESR (En Route Surveillane Radar), TAR (Terminal Area Radar) and PAR (Precision Approach Radar). Also, if i recall correctly you didnt mention anything about calculating take off weight. Which also affect on V1 speed. Calculating that wrong can also lead to crash as have happened few times. And too far away locationed weather radar was the reason to one close call crash where crosswind was way more powerful which the plane were controllable. Missing an ground radar was one reason what led to deadliest aviation crash in history. Which also was affected by misscommunication and missunderstandings aswell.
SW4414 (1 month ago)
The Airbus may be big, but it's most likely not the biggest One of the biggest planes, if not the biggest, is the Antonov AN-225
Jai Mehta (1 month ago)
I love how he did not mention SFO even once in the entire video
eugene edwards (1 month ago)
my fart is more entertaining
Luís Caroço (1 month ago)
Idk if I missed something, but how the hell do you even land a plane in a circular runway?
Comrade Stalin (1 month ago)
By being drunk, stoned and overdosed at the same time
im HP (1 month ago)
Take a look at Kingsford Smith International in Sydney, Australia for an example. 3 things about it, 1. The airport must close Entirely from 11pm - 6am due to the position of the airport being so close to suburbs of Sydney. The only exception is emergency aircraft, otherwise, the airport is closed to All aviation all night long. 2. There is only 1 runway (out of 3) that is long enough for the largest of aircrafts to land on it. 3. There is no possible way to expand the airport due to its position being so close to residential areas. There was a proposed idea to build a second airport opposite the current one but it got scrapped a while ago.
pax und peace (1 month ago)
21,800,000,000 is equal found Healthcare for 5,000,000 residents in the UK for a whole year.
Aaron Kirkaldy (1 month ago)
pax und peace and it said it’s privately funded. the money you spent on your food last week could have paid for a procedure that could have saved someone’s life. shut up
Aakash (1 month ago)
13:37 look at that middle guys asS moving
Ronak Nikam (1 month ago)
You talk like professionals YouTube's Engineering Hub
ComeToGetMe _ (1 month ago)
Pleassseee use knots.....
Aviation Center (1 month ago)
Real Engineering: “Seeing a flight land beside you is a common sight at LAX” SFO: Am I a joke to you?
Oliver Pritikin (1 month ago)
Aviation Center true
Bŕøđý Cýř (1 month ago)
If parallel is better then why does Denver (KDEN) have runways going North/South and East/West? They have plenty of room to add parallels too.
Neil Naidu (2 months ago)
123456 (2 months ago)
Dubai has the biggest airport
Plainjupiter724 (2 months ago)
Or just build a carrier style system with cables and catapults
Aviation Center (1 month ago)
​@Plainjupiter724 Ok, I just researched about the launching mechanism and you're right! However, if you want to say each airport in the world wants a catapulting system similar to carriers, that's nearly millions or even billions of dollars for a single airport!
Plainjupiter724 (1 month ago)
@Aviation Center I think that is just to supply power to them you know
Aviation Center (1 month ago)
Plainjupiter724 well if you research how a carrier the design of a carrier, it shows that all US carriers have a nuclear reactor launching the planes off the carrier.
Plainjupiter724 (1 month ago)
@Aviation Center why?
Aviation Center (1 month ago)
Plainjupiter724 no for a carrier catapult to work, you literally need a nuclear reactor inside the runway design
Jimmy (2 months ago)
5:15 thats just not true. see san fransisco airport.
valley of iron (2 months ago)
I think you dismissed circular runways too quickly. On the contrary, air traffic control could choose any segment of the circle and essentially eliminate crosswinds. Also, runway length and all associated calculations could be dismissed.
clearskyxx (1 month ago)
A circular runway is a very stupid idea. Landing and taking off would be very difficult, due to constant yawing of the plane, you would be landing in a turn. There are numerous other factors, that make such a design just useless and impractical, other pilots have already commented on that.
Himanshu Deshpande (2 months ago)
It’s always the same airports in all videos.
Jared Crub (2 months ago)
The reason we can barely accomidate an A380 at PHX is because we reach 115 almost daily in the summer
Connyr Cheung (2 months ago)
Jared Crub it is also because we don’t have a large enough passenger gate at Phoenix International Concourse at T4
Aaron Rigah (2 months ago)
Great vid. Puzzles don't improve brain function, they rather make you better at solving them!
Dan Beißwenger (2 months ago)
The Circular runway looks cool but it does not work practically. Next.
Shrikant Jagdale (2 months ago)
Isn't Mumbai airport is busiest one ?
Abdul Mueez (2 months ago)
Can u just imagine bein a pilot. Then a nascar driver when ur landin or takin off
Aaron Z (2 months ago)
Hello, I'm really interested in how you got your wind distribution maps. I've love to use them for my projects. Would you be able to tell me the source? Thanks!
KissTheGreat (2 months ago)
What’s up with the guy’s trousers at 13:35??
General Spots (2 months ago)
Why don’t pilots use WASD controls? I think implementing WASD controls on planes will make it so gamers can become pilots
Daniel Hebard (23 days ago)
An XBox controller would be better, but even that isn't as precise as an actual joystick. Speaking of XBox controllers, the Army uses them to control bomb defusing robots. Cool, right?
911gp (1 month ago)
@HazmatHarry haaaaaaa thanks ;) I'm using an AZERTY keyboard (I live in Baguette) that's why I didn't get it.
TheEmperor Eagle (1 month ago)
W ~ Forward S ~ Backwards A ~ Left D ~ Right These are the four main movement controls in video games, which the majority of the video games. There’s also obviously the mouse which controls your direction, but practically every game uses the mouse, besides 2D games. You get the idea
HazmatHarry (1 month ago)
@911gp wasd is the four main key-bindings for movement in a video game.
Saucy Boi (1 month ago)
Because joystick controls are better. -Airbus
blue booby (2 months ago)
Yaw... yeet!
Music n Thingz (2 months ago)
Were the Wright brothers really geniuses or just plain nuts to actually get in one of those things
henryscp (2 months ago)
Greg Hawkins (2 months ago)
In America, we don't have physics classes in high school, we have regular mathematics, addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division.
Jeffey (3 months ago)
What if runways were circular, allowing landing in any direction? It wouldn't be as land-efficient though I guess.