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Australia's China Problem

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Text Comments (13037)
ravens beast (1 hour ago)
Let's just focus on the Bush fires instead of shit politics
cizhao shen (8 hours ago)
Game Predator (9 hours ago)
Adam Smith: Nations should trade with eachother and specialise. What could possibly go wrong?
Cynical Pluto (10 hours ago)
Australia is on fire rn
Keith (14 hours ago)
Foreigner lives in China happily
PP PP (18 hours ago)
China is taking over! Congratulations
Joshua Wolf (21 hours ago)
Australia's got some daddy issues
Ken Adams (1 day ago)
great information for me thanks
ɹǝpun uʍop uɐɯ (1 day ago)
China might be able to control the shitty government but the incredibly racist, drunk and aggressive people are uncontrollable.
Jeremiah Young (1 day ago)
Great video!
mm sm (1 day ago)
New Zealand made the right move to block any purchasing on its land
Aaron Taylor (2 days ago)
Love my brothers and sisters in the US! Happy to fight with you.
Chan chan (2 days ago)
It seems the whole world has a U. S. problem, rather than China problem.
Typical Zombie (2 days ago)
Australia: 🔥🔥🔥 Australia: *everything burned* China: it’s free real estate
fabiansw8 (2 days ago)
I think the your grabbing at strings for the similarities between US and AUS
Srikanth Boddapati (2 days ago)
China: we require more minerals
Beastplaysallday Lol (2 days ago)
U suck cause you always make aus look trash
Rewa Hard (2 days ago)
China dosent want to take over any country
Tz1p10 Fh9n (2 days ago)
Nothing like listening or watching a video where the white European is concerned about someone "taking over". China has Nukes. China has 1.3 billion people. Bye bye European dominance.
paul jones (2 days ago)
china like the jews but in auzzy
D (3 days ago)
All Chinese citizens who are students or just working temporarily in Australia, the US, or wherever, should be considered to be spies. They are all directed by their communist dictatorial regime to collect information whenever they can. This is well known among those of us in the service. So, be friendly, but be careful.
Barry Mak (3 days ago)
China will buy more from USA and less from Australia . Is USA still a good partner of Australia ?
Rhsheeda Russell (3 days ago)
Australia was wonderful without China. I know I was there. Australia has a great capacity to move on without China. It would be hard for the tall poppies, but people adjust. Australia HAS everything it needs to survive without China. Trouble is everything good is exported to China cheap - and they want it because it is excellent quality - and Australians pay exorbitant prices for our own quality products. Worst thing Australia did was get involved so much with China. We were scooting along fine as we were. Oz is a wonderful place That’s why everyone wants to come here.
Silent Traveller (3 days ago)
The problem here isn't the Chinese, it's the Australian ppl are idiotically bad seeds.
Patrick Loftus (3 days ago)
11:05 - "Irregardless"
Gamer Gril (3 days ago)
Got a lil excited seeing footage of Brisbane, my hometown
Z (3 days ago)
china isn't trying to take over the world with their military might or political views. its trying to take over the world with its economy. and its working very well.
Alex Guan (3 days ago)
Please present accurate facts. There cannot one 262,500 Chinese students in Australia for the following reasons: 1) an average Chinese high school has around 3000 students, and even in the top performing ones, no more than few people go overseas for university, let alone Australia. This isn't even considering the rest of the population, the vast majority of which are not university age students. 2) You said that 10% of Australian university students are from China. So you are saying that there are over 2.6 million people or 8% of the population studying in University. The last statistic from 2013 show that there are only half that number of university students in Australia. On another note, don't ever again mention that Australia wouldn't exist without the US😠
MrThugLife YT (4 days ago)
Who though this was about the fire In Australia n the camps in China
Kyle Gosson (4 days ago)
whoa wait, yes Jamestown is one of first town in USA however they did not survive. Plymouth is another first towns and did survive so it came from Plymouth.
Glovo Zagreb (4 days ago)
Fariz Hadi (4 days ago)
Communist are trash especially 🇨🇳 🇦🇺 has a big problem with 🇨🇳 and im with 🇦🇺
Julio Defreitas (4 days ago)
Solve the problem by building a China town in front of the parliament house .
Micah Stainbrook (4 days ago)
irregardless isn't a word
pablo cuevas (4 days ago)
30 seconds in and america makes it about themselves
Carl Bowles (4 days ago)
He who has the gold rules💰
Constance Yen (4 days ago)
No spy of any other country can compare with American CIA. CIA got Color Revolutions all over the world and broke these countries into pieces and civil wars
Killa J tha Kidd (3 days ago)
No, no Spy can amount to the Jesuit sect of the Catholic Church, look up Jesuit Oath if you don't believe good and terrifying read.
rick james (4 days ago)
China was probably the reason for all the fires their
TB Seow (4 days ago)
Content is basically taken out of Uncle Sam's playbook.
Change (5 days ago)
11:05 there is no such word as irregardless. it's regardless, not irregardless.
e b (5 days ago)
I work closely with Chinese. Give it 20 years, I suspect Australia will be more Chinese than Australian. China build reliance, then influence, then take over. Stand now or it will be too late.
Radhika Singh (3 days ago)
China is doing same thing in African countries like Somalia and Kenya . You can watch video on Al Jazeera . Basically called debt-trap. China has already taken over Pakistan. Idk but honestly I'm not really a huge supporter of Chinese Superpower. I'm skeptical about her.
EZ Aquatics (5 days ago)
Universities are primarily non-profit? What are you smoking and where do I get it...?
Chaotic Mango (5 days ago)
Thank you for the educative video, I have also seen some very childish behaviour in the comment section. Remember, racism doesn’t solve anything and this sentence won’t fix anything “Fuck those black Asians!”. Don’t put your hate onto mainland Chinese civilians who have nothing to do with the communist government, the same hate was released onto travellers in Hong Kong. CIVILIANS ARE INNOCENT, DONT MISTAKE INNOCENT PEOPLE AS THE COMMUNIST PATRY!
Chronoris (5 days ago)
Now India is investing in australia and they're protesting against it too ,seems like have to teach them a gun's lesson
jim22512251 (5 days ago)
Sam, you have a great grasp on Australia's history and economy. When are you coming to visit?
Clint Weathers (5 days ago)
Better move out of Australia now, it's going to go full red soon. The country is fucked!
inkblot131 (5 days ago)
My non-vote is due to that droning, groaning, moaning background noise. I wanted to hear the entire report, but... I can't take any more of that anxiety-inducing sound.
柴国柱 (5 days ago)
I feel so sad, Chinese people work hard instead of colony to make China better. we come here with peace and money. Then you assume we are problems, how about Irap or Iran, are they about us too?
sumanth H M (6 days ago)
These Chinese communist mindset will be the reason for the end of Humanity....
Tay aka MC AF (6 days ago)
This report may clarify why Scott Morrison is such a prick to the Australian people; he's truly dead set on getting a surplus so we can crawl out from under China's shadow. Maybe he wants to pay off Australia's monumental monetary debt to China to free us up to actually take a stance against their policies. Could be wishful thinking, of course.
the bravians (6 days ago)
China: makes fun of scomo Australians during 2020 bushfire: rock on
Leon Colyer (6 days ago)
The Real Deal (6 days ago)
China is causing problems all over the world, from their arrogant and backward tourists to their computer hacking to their international meddling.
AGNES LEE (6 days ago)
"Australia's China Problem" me : it should be "Australia's Fire Problem"
Christopher Wright (6 days ago)
Rio tinto-The USA BUSH family business, another conflict of interest is our sellout politicians manage their own incomes & pay no tax.How many politicians does it take to bleed a country dry & run off with all the federal notes,mecalya(cash).....laugh out loud...
NarrowStone (6 days ago)
Australia is just a small-town first world country
Gyorgy Bernard (6 days ago)
Without the US, Australia might not exist? Get your head out of your arse America.
TheIllestRayRay (6 days ago)
Wagga or Albury or Dubbo theres fucking heaps of inland citys that are way bigger then Alice Springs
Thomas Tuohy (6 days ago)
Very neat vid. Just one thing though...at the very end you use the non word irregardless. WTF?
Moun Bakko (6 days ago)
... how much riskier is it than Europe relying on the US?... they are both bedeviled by the need for legal tender. .. so, they have to kiss as and be stool pigeons for their masters favorurs.
Irene Pearse (6 days ago)
New Zealand government is selling us out to non resident foreigners also, China has a large land business holding here. I wish we had similar business and land rules as Thailand
Allan Stone (6 days ago)
Yanks think they know everything; the reality is that they know pretty much "sweet fuck all" about anything other than the blah, blah, blah, wah, wah, wah, yah, yah, yah of their own backyard. Australia isn't a superpower, and neither is Yankee land. Yanks are all talk, but they can't even beat IS - IS et al will eventually bring the stupid, dumb-arsed fuckwits to their knees. Yanks are paranoid about everything except their own paranoia.
Comrade Cat (7 days ago)
We just sold our water, in the bush fire area, to China. We sold it to China so they can bottle it and sell it back to us. What. The. Fuck. This country is fucked. Capitalism is fucked. We need to kill these rich cunts in power and start again.
J Loftus (7 days ago)
Why should China let you bite the hand that feeds you?
Tracey Mars (7 days ago)
Real estate is another sector where there is a huge reliance on China.
BRAXTON (7 days ago)
Wow this was uploaded when the Australian fire 2019-2020 fire started!
May May (7 days ago)
It's nothing wrong to have economic growth by trading with China. This is not Australia problem. The problem with Australia is to blindly follow US politics to contain China.
finn barks (7 days ago)
The funny thing is that a lot of people that come from China come to settle in the area (suburb/state) that I live in and if you search up Box Hill VIC AUS you will find plenty of apartments and a couple of sky scrapers in the middle of suburban melbourne half of which aren't even inhabited because the people are either there or in China making it a real problem for the surrounding infrastructure.
From Africa to South America Vlog (7 days ago)
I don’t see anything alike though , Australia is Australia and the rest of the world is the rest of the world 🌎 lol
Walter De wit (7 days ago)
Keep Chinese fascist CCP out.
Nicey H. (7 days ago)
You left out the genocide, slavery, broken treaties, laws against innocent people based on race and so on. Don't forget that.
chris georgallis (7 days ago)
Get ready for war.
Volarknight (7 days ago)
Irregardless is not a word
Wen-Fei Yuan (7 days ago)
Such BS! Australia wouldn't have existed if it wasn't for America. Really...! Please do your research Wendover and as an American company what do you know about China and Australia's relationship. Such a bad marketing/political strategy to create war between China and Australia. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BEFORE YOU CREATE THIS CONTENT.
MrHealth07 (7 days ago)
Oh thanks again to the USA, what a ridiculous ideology
shkelzen xhelili (7 days ago)
China will go down its only a matter of time
ResponseAspire 4 Galaxy-2YOU (7 days ago)
杨 Yang可 明 Liam (8 days ago)
This guy narrating the video sounds like a criminal .
杨 Yang可 明 Liam (6 days ago)
@Katrina Young yes, I have read about these cyber terrorists. He most definitely sounds like one.
Katrina Young (6 days ago)
No he doesn’t.
bks bks (8 days ago)
America is the ones that have lifted the Chinese people out of poverty. Not the dirty dictator Chinese government
Mitchy Babe (8 days ago)
So how do we as citizens stop our government fro. Selling of our land and resources to foreign investors?
John Lyons (8 days ago)
The Chinese are infiltrating all aspects Australia. Local government, State Government, Federal Government and more. This is a slow but deliberate takeover of Australia by China.
Skynet (8 days ago)
Fuck China - from an Australian
rodney morley (8 days ago)
Australia would be a better place if the USA would take all there shit in your country and fuck off . With Trump try to cause the third world war and American are the only nation that has used nukes on earth against another nation they should be held for war crimes against the people of earth
Jun Yan (8 days ago)
China buy stuff from Australia, you are not happy. China don’t buy stuff from Australia, you are not happy. So wtf you want? China give Australia free money?
Jeffro 2000 (8 days ago)
Shopify is Chinese.....
Lichtviech (8 days ago)
This vid must be made by an American... So much "USA is best" in the beginning just cant come from an Aussie...
Steven Downie (8 days ago)
Australia's economy is entirely propped up by outliers, the 1% as you'd call it. Sure, there's growth. Growth in the disparity between the haves and the have nots. Similar to Australia having a low unemployment rate. Sure, lots of people have jobs, if you consider working 10 hours a week a job. Australia's capital cities are weeds in a garden, sucking up all the water and nutrition in the soil around it, as the rest of the plants wither and die.
Mauro Gomez (8 days ago)
That's Silent Invasion.
Peaceful Warrior (8 days ago)
The politicians will eventually sell corporate Australia no matter who you vote for, give it 30yrs and Australia will be borderline a third world country
brendan wilson (8 days ago)
The Chinese are taking over our land
H hwang (19 hours ago)
Legion Z get a new government then, you guys can vote right?
YANG DONG (3 days ago)
Yeah I’ve bough some land here lol
Legion Z (4 days ago)
nah its our goverment selling them out
Caramelcandy96 (8 days ago)
thats why Austraila is burning because they support a fucked up country who killing inoccent people soon china will also be destroyed
Donald Grant (8 days ago)
Well this can all be laid at the feet of corporate CEO's and their boards. If they hadn't sent manufacturing to China they wouldn't have the money and power they have. In the event of war, before we fight that war we need to make sure that these traitors are fed feet first into wood chippers and their families sold into slavery in the middle east.
lili xia (8 days ago)
2.05 America and Australia “dealt the same cards”? Put down the crack pipe will you!
Adam Silesia (9 days ago)
I want a China to America travel ban. We no want you.
FreeThinking TruthSeeker (9 days ago)
China is everyone's problem.
leejonseok laprak (9 days ago)
Beware australia china is most dangerous enemy in the world they are comunists
alkesh patel (6 days ago)
@ItsMeKrazyB don't ever think about spell check. If u understand then it's okay.
ItsMeKrazyB (7 days ago)
You spelt communist wrong
Dizzy Derwish (9 days ago)
Narrator has a Vancouver accent.
Josip Franciskovic (9 days ago)
Also when I shop on the Internet freight from China is minimal where as freight from the US is like $25 for a small parcel when China sometimes provides free freight for very small items. So we're basically forced to shop from China. My favourite internet shopping is madeinchina.com not eBay.
Nain Martinez (9 days ago)
China and India are a problem to the world not just Australia.
Sky Art (9 days ago)
selling soul to chinesse - really death end