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Go backstage with U2 on their colossal Joshua Tree tour in Brazil (U2 At The BBC)

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Cat Deeley gets to go backstage with Adam, Larry, Bono and the Edge ahead of their massive gig in São Paulo, Brazil for a special programme on BBC One - U2 At The BBC Subscribe now: http://bit.ly/2fKbxWg Watch more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09jxnlg
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Text Comments (647)
Simply Connected (1 day ago)
They did some good songs back in the day - but the politics is EXCREMENT.
Saul Goodmann (4 days ago)
Cat Deeley, the original fuck toy of the celeb's bless
Babi 1994 (8 days ago)
Who is that lady with them???
Jasper Gillgannon (10 days ago)
Man, Adam is just so hilarious
Bob Morgan (10 days ago)
My one (of many) regrets in life? ...not going the the Joshua Tree concert. At least Bono asked me how I was doing, while in the slopes in Aspen.
Tess Tikles (19 days ago)
I don't know who this chick is but I do know she was wet the whole time. Those guys could have fucked her 8 ways to Sunday and she'd love it.
krokvacance krokvacance (19 days ago)
Bono megaloman....panamapapers???? What about it???
ARTAVAR (22 days ago)
Have you come here to play Jesus! comes to mind
Deny Comine (25 days ago)
Aos 4:39 você vai se arrepiar todo
stonytina01 will-not-be-banned (26 days ago)
I can see how Bono has become such a bag of shite with the biggest inflated ego around.
ianA (27 days ago)
McConaughey, Noel and Daniel Lanois at the end there haha - honestly though, how cool is that the same exact 4 guys have never disbanded and have never stopped packing stadiums all these years after? Their music is still timeless, you will never come away from a U2 show unsatisfied, they are true artists, showmen and professionals in every sense of the word.
LoLzZ85 (28 days ago)
the band needs a radical new look...no more beanies and bouffant hair pieces
ajl9791 (1 month ago)
Rock and roll gods that transcend generations... just epic music that hits you in your soul.. and sets it ablaze.
Julie Martin (1 month ago)
I’ve seen U 2 9 times over the years since they started I would give anything to meet Bono 💓
Selfless Will (1 month ago)
"We don't normally show people the sort of back area." - Adam
Yelsin Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Bono 😍👌😭😭😭😭
Neil Lewis (1 month ago)
Love kat......❤....n u2..x
Dave Newbold (1 month ago)
Best band EVER
Nacho Besalduch (1 month ago)
Bestial !!!
Joseph Wolensky (1 month ago)
Daniel Lanois at the end!
Kristine Law (1 month ago)
omg that was Matthew McConaughey <3
comedychannels (1 month ago)
Bono looks like a little old lady
이 한일 (1 month ago)
2:32 bitch please. 🙄
Junioru2 ADJ (1 month ago)
U2 é muito phoda
Lori Gibbs (1 month ago)
Rage Theatre2020 (1 month ago)
I clicked because I saw, "BBC". I guess I misunderstood what Paul Hewson would be doing here.
Gossip Girl (1 month ago)
Forget the show... they should have taken turns creaming the cunt. She ripe for the dick. 😂😂😂
Ronald Schuurman (1 month ago)
Cool to see Daniël lanois
MUSIQUE PRESTIGE Pianos Prestige (1 month ago)
16 times and counting ....
https://www.youtube.com/user/LiamMacSuibhne (2 months ago)
Greatest Irish band ever 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪💪💪💪
Beach Boys - Topic (2 months ago)
The Biggest Band In The World?
KarlCraft playsKC (2 months ago)
7:00 my man Noel Gallagher!
Cuthbert Bracegirdle (2 months ago)
Pretentious tossers!
Rici Mercury (2 months ago)
I'm going to see them in December
Rc K (2 months ago)
Looks like Edge was a bit smitten
tratijer (2 months ago)
Bono,all Serbs still fucking your mom and sister..
Amelia Mitchell (2 months ago)
Rici Mercury (2 months ago)
I'm going in December. Standing, I can't wait
pat wheler (2 months ago)
at 4:35 OMFG
divedaz (2 months ago)
I was at Cardiff Arms Park 25 July 1987 for the Original Tour. Awsome memories.
fergal daly (2 months ago)
Gallagher doing roadie again fair play.
Luciana Costa (2 months ago)
Where's the subtitles???? :(
Richard McKrell (2 months ago)
It must drive Edge nuts playing the same garbage for 30 years.
Richard McKrell (2 months ago)
it must drive them all crazy
imedi (2 months ago)
no more than any other worldwide artist from the stones to the beatles ...its just some idiots cant see that music is about opinion and i guess to some its garbage
Karolparis (2 months ago)
I come from São Paulo, and we are always so proud to receive U2. We love them, so much.
tommy cane115 (2 months ago)
i would have been like "get the fuck out of my room, you stupid bitch"
Eduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti (2 months ago)
Onde está a legenda em português do vídeo!?
MDRRMO TALACOGON (2 months ago)
The Philippines would be far better if they all come here soon.. From 1976 to 2019, i believed it's best that they come to the islands now. This is long overdue... From a Loyal Fan called Banakon Sabacajan.
Cacildo Neto (2 months ago)
U2 is the best 🇧🇷
Max Twarogowski (2 months ago)
Best show of my life Pepsi center Denver
That's nice view, ty. Also, can't the hostess keep her hands off the family U2 men!!
Janaina Oliveira (2 months ago)
Te amooooooo, Bono
BJ Scorpio (2 months ago)
I hate U2 but felt sorry for them not being able to walk down a street without everyone pointing their phones at them. Fuck being famous in this day and age.
George Lynch (2 months ago)
daft bitch.
J C (2 months ago)
Piece of shite communist bastards
Worth A Buy (2 months ago)
Audiences nowadays are boring, I saw them at wembley on their first Joshua tree tour the place was electric, you watch them nowadays and it looks boring, glad I saw them when concerts were great.
Luccino CR (2 months ago)
this is what real music is....
Mike Harty (2 months ago)
Shoes by Otis Elevator :47
Mike Harty (2 months ago)
The only thing bigger than U2 is the height of Bono's elevator shoes.
Takis Christofilis (3 months ago)
These guys, I mean there's no comparison...they didn't need an excuse, a foundation, a politically correct or contrarian against, to make the quintessence of rock...even if the divine lyrics drop, there's always the concurrent fitting flow of their instrumental breakthrough galore...with the same intensity internal vibe outreach to a subsaharan village kid of hope, and to a clueless saturated swap deranged banker in say, upstate N.Y, honestly who can do that...
Ayawoke (3 months ago)
This was very very cool, they seem so down to earth
Damian (3 months ago)
The biggest band in the world walking around Sao Paulo with very little security..........says it all really. No airs or graces.
B O shea (3 months ago)
Cat deely: the biggest moron on earth and u2 facilitating her.
Scahoni (3 months ago)
Bono is a lefty liberal knob.
DadeStar Mysteries (3 months ago)
There is no better sound in the world than when that bass kicks in at the beginning of Where The Streets Have No Name.
Miketrt (3 months ago)
Bono ripped off chariries... he's a greedy fraud.
The Sailing Kiwi (3 months ago)
how cool
X Gen (3 months ago)
I've been a lover of U2's music since the beginning. I've still got my original Joshua Tree LP. It would be an awesome experience just to hang out with these guys for a while.
Mottahead (3 months ago)
And then big hypocrite Bono gets caught red handed depositing his millions in a tax haven. What a way to save the world !
Simsala Bim (3 months ago)
Keep on hiding your millions of dollars in global tax havens
DM MD (3 months ago)
That city is huge, it must be a thrill to perform there
Eric Broke It (3 months ago)
Tickets in my home town for this show were going to 1000$ because of scalping. This tour is not a tour for the common man.
DM MD (3 months ago)
These kind of events is once or twice in a lifetime and usually they are planned months before, that gives enough time to prepare. We only live once. Do what you like now while you’re alive
Barto Bruintjes (3 months ago)
I saw them in 1982 in Hattem the Netherlands..
Joe Anderson (3 months ago)
Was that Noel Gallagher be and Matthew Maconahey?
Mehdi Bouraoui (3 months ago)
the comidiens
herok12 (3 months ago)
Adam is pure class
soumya yadav (3 months ago)
In case u only wanna see NOEL Gallagher 7:00
troy moon (3 months ago)
Noel Gallagher having a taste of what it’s like being in a real bad.
peter otoole (3 months ago)
not just a great band, great people...
Julio Salazar (3 months ago)
definitely one of the best backstage clips ever seen
XAN (3 months ago)
I wonder how many dicks that whore took that night
андрей дрыганец (3 months ago)
U2 forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dawn Parks (4 months ago)
I Love U2......I saw this link and was excited to see backstage with the boys...…...Downfall......was the interviewer....A dizzy headed twit! What a missed opportunity to show what is going on backstage.
Hermen Garcia (4 months ago)
I was lucky to see THE REAL AND ORIGINAL JOSHUA TREE TOUR on a cold November 1987 @ The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum opening for U2 The Pretenders....!
massimo iandolo (4 months ago)
madonna che belle persone
Luiz Gomes (4 months ago)
São Paulo Futebol Clube - Morumbi - São Paulo
Alan Currie (4 months ago)
I really need to get to more parties like that!
FtMilena Freitas (4 months ago)
Bono ❤️😍🤩
Noble Fishing (4 months ago)
What a well deserved life.
john connolly (4 months ago)
Good band but tired of the weird fan worship,bono is illuminati.
Randy Eckardt (4 months ago)
Cat Deeley's a bit obnoxious.
John Webb (4 months ago)
Used to be a good band,now 100%FAKE....
Diss Info (23 days ago)
Name a globalist piece of trash that isn't phony.
John Webb (4 months ago)
Lixna how about you go fuck yourself sideways with a black dildo with no lube...
Lixna (4 months ago)
@John Webb - You used to be ..mostly fake. Now you're 100% fake. With 0-content YouTube multi-accounts.
Carlos Zambrano (4 months ago)
Joshua tree the best álbum of misic
onemanbandinavan (4 months ago)
Love him. Finally met him but got star struck and clammed up
FROSTFLOW (2 months ago)
onemanbandinavan aw man, I felt the same way about mark hamill. Sometimes all it takes, is a sincere thank you and to ask someone how they are doing
John-boy (4 months ago)
That was like a religious experience, I got tingles as they were entering the stage. How awesome it must be to be a rock star, did you see all those guitars?
Hector Domino (4 months ago)
Every time... Every Time I see these people together, I say in subconscious mind - "Friends Forever".
The ABC Jug Band (4 months ago)
Good to see Adam happy.
Steinstra 1961 (4 months ago)
I so hope that that this band fears GOD and Lord Jesus...and turn around...because where they are now is the wrong side...!
Stars and Guitars (4 months ago)
Walking out on stage would be terrifying and amazing!
supermelodia (4 months ago)
I love British accent.
Theo Cedar Jones (4 months ago)
I can't watch these nauseating sell outs anymore.
Lixna (4 months ago)
The bitterness resentment and jealousy is real. Best to sit in a 1-bedroom flat, plink away on a ukelele and delude yourself you're .."real". Then diss hard-working dedicated pros on social media. F#k off, you utter lazy bitter wanker.
Leonardo P. Lemos (4 months ago)
Só faltou legenda.