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TWL #6: Big Mac Economics

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Big Macs: delicious (kinda), cheap (kinda), and educational (absolutely). In this episode, we look at how the economist magazine used burger prices to teach about purchasing power parity. If you enjoyed this video, please consider sharing on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc. For a small channel like this, all exposure is extremely helpful. Twitter: @WendoverPro Email: WendoverProductions@gmail.com Attributions Big Mac footage provided by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx447ehsS2g McDonald’s kitchen footage provided by epSos.de Select footage provided by VideoBlocks LLC Music provided Epidemic Sound Select maps provided by OpenStreetMap Select maps provided by Google Maps Select visuals provided by Wikipedia Commons Licenses available upon request Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 or fair use guidelines
Category: Education
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Text Comments (1129)
Defaulti Boij (2 days ago)
What do you mean! I’m from Sweden and I have to pay 73 Kronor for a Big Mac which is almost perfect equal to 10 usd.
Zirii (7 days ago)
Finna move to Venezuela to buy some Big Macs
Hunter K (8 days ago)
I wish you would make more TWL vids
Ian Pereira (22 days ago)
2:28 boy did that escalate quickly..
Mary P (5 days ago)
U fucking normie
Kevor (1 month ago)
The thing with the distance of McDonald's in America is, when you live in America or another large country 115 miles seems like a small distance but when you live in a country like Estonia (my home country) the furthest you can get from a McDonald's is about 90miles, but we only have about 6 McDonalds restaurants in total so 115 miles isnt close.
Syeed Mohammed Uzzal Hossain (1 month ago)
Big Maconomics
Senator (1 month ago)
acualy denmark should not be in list of top 5 most expensive. in finland bigmac is 4,20€ and thats 4,75$
Jose Solorzano (1 month ago)
Given the publication date of the video, this is now absurdly outdated, a big mac in Venezuela now costs about 4 to 5 US dollars
Eurekify! (1 month ago)
Ah yes... *Paul the octopus*
Marc The man (1 month ago)
Peter Åsberg (1 month ago)
its really funny how he pronuncs krona
Matt Bailey (1 month ago)
Fuck you mean in Canada that bitch is 7$
mohamed elghuwael (1 month ago)
0:47 North korea has mcdonalds :T
MnM Videos (1 month ago)
wendover bring these back!
IamMe (1 month ago)
Tasty indeed except that big macs litteraly taste like nothing.
alom 1 (1 month ago)
oh yeah yeah
Oscar Holmqvist (1 month ago)
Rip im from sweden
Jaim Rajin (2 months ago)
Raspoint (2 months ago)
Woah this guy sounds like Half As Interesting.
Jhf HGj (2 months ago)
Your logo looks very similar to the program called “Turing”.
ID S (2 months ago)
In indonesia, one big mac is equal to around 4 working hours. People here working their ass for shitty payment. You guys from developed nation are damn lucky.
General Gold (2 months ago)
No big macs in India :(
Thomas Joosten (2 months ago)
I actually had this in geography class as a normal thing that we got taught.
TRNabu (2 months ago)
Switzerland 🔥
The Shwarma (2 months ago)
Big macs aren't in part of Israeli McDonalds
Rhinopocalypes (2 months ago)
*Pretty Patties*
Šimon Macháček (2 months ago)
I don't believe the cost of meat is "pretty much the same across all countries" as you say. I believe the local price of meat is much lower in Kenya than in the US.
Commander Snow (2 months ago)
McDonald’s modo bigmacs for everyone
John MDM (2 months ago)
Anyone else hoping to see a report about the economics of unit production costs? Like the meat is probably pennies, no matter where it's sold. Be interesting to see component costs for food, labor, real estate etc.
best gameplay (3 months ago)
big mac in india ?
Yoshiaki Okaguchi (3 months ago)
3:29 They used the wrong flag
BearMugs (3 months ago)
There are huge factors in the Big Mac industry (or rather fast food) in different places different ingredients cost different prices, or are just changed for cultural reasons. So one Big Mac in the US *WILL* be more expensive than one in Sweden, par say. Not only because of wages and inflation and currency value. But also costs of production and labour. So basically the Big Mac is only a good index for an article on Big Macs. P
Thom (3 months ago)
The beef in the burgers is not the same. In the UK and most of Europe, the beef is all essentially going to be 'free range' out there on the grass, whereas I am not so sure that is the case in say, China and Japan.
Iain Graham (4 months ago)
I've eaten McDonalds in at leasts 20 countries
Rick Bourne (4 months ago)
Kiwi Burgers??? They aren't made out of Kiwis are they? Also, a Big Mac is a rip off of the Big Boy. Otherwise, yes, interesting.
nathanfranke (4 months ago)
I want a Big Mac
IntelPentiumMMX (4 months ago)
When you realized he passed the Gay Bomb 3 timea
Lone Wanderer (4 months ago)
I got a burger king ad
Favio (4 months ago)
I got a burger king ad before this video lol
[Vitz!] (4 months ago)
I'm impressed that Brazil isn't in the most expensive list. Maybe that's because this is from 2016...
Ape X (4 months ago)
...it's not even food
Jaden Oliveras (4 months ago)
I got a Burger King ad before this video
LobsterRoast (4 months ago)
actually big macs arent the same in every country, their actually very varied throughtout asia do to varying religous beliefs
FBI (5 months ago)
The big Mac bun in the thumb nail isn't toasted and it irritates me.....this is coming from a proud McDonald's employee.
Red Realistic (5 months ago)
1:27 - SERIOUSLY??
Red Realistic (5 months ago)
1:23 - Who lied to you???
Red Realistic (5 months ago)
1:19 - Kenya doesn't even have a McDonalds
CinemaDemocratica (5 months ago)
"The core menu items such as Big Macs ... are always available." NOPE! All across south- and southeast Asia, there are McDonalds that don't sell any beef whatsoever.
xxTheGamerProxx (5 months ago)
Lol I just bought a Big Mac in Canada a few days ago for 7$
Sizmic Storm (5 months ago)
Why would you eat McDonalds in Switzerland?
Fabian Miranda (5 months ago)
The big Mac is capitalism in food form. I love it!
Gordon Mcsweeny (5 months ago)
I went into a suburban Seattle McDonalds yesterday and they wanted just shy of $7 for a Big Mac. I left without a Big Mac. There's your economics.
You deserve The mean comment (5 months ago)
Important imformation we needed to know
Ben Chermside (5 months ago)
i have never had a big mac.
Jarallah Aloraini (6 months ago)
Fuck Jemes BOND
Aqim Julayhi (6 months ago)
The Malaysian Big Mac is cheap if you compare it with the American Dollar. But if you compare it to the average income of Malaysians, it's more to a low end luxury meal that you'd be buying only once a week.
johnpaul gitau (6 months ago)
first of all; there is no , there is no mcdonals in kenya but there is a burger king where a whooper burger costs up to 7 dollars and kenyans[like me] dont have to work for 200 mins to buy one and thats why fast foods are thriving here. please next time get your facts right and realize that people in kenya dont live in tree houses or have lions as pets....SMH
No Name (6 months ago)
The United States economic system
Jason E (6 months ago)
0:42 it says that n. korea has mcdonalds… but it doesn't... so why does it say that???
Daiki Cipolloni (6 months ago)
ILuvKew2 XD (6 months ago)
You remind me of bill wurtz... good
Raysman (6 months ago)
The price of a single Big Mac in US could buy a full set Big Mac in Malaysia.
v (6 months ago)
turn off the background music!!!
Zreddx (6 months ago)
iceland don't have mcdonalds :(
Ishan Bansal (6 months ago)
Big mac is not available in india they dont want there head on a spike
Inan Xu (7 months ago)
Why won’t Wendover use the nice piano music anymore...
Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson (7 months ago)
I doubt there are even 7 Big Macs in Venezuela lol
Mats Larsson (7 months ago)
mousek801 Mousek801 (7 months ago)
Mmmm. So I'm bed watching this and now I want a Big Mac. Good job, Wendover...
Knaif32 (7 months ago)
*gay bomb*
Dutch van der Linde (7 months ago)
The cheapest big mak in Ukraine. Only 1.67 dollars
ABANDONED SCOTT (7 months ago)
Imagine philipines 1 big mac cost 150+ pesos or 3$
The Shady Boi (7 months ago)
Doesn’t Germany put sower kraut on Big Macs in Germany idk heard about it from a friend
WillSudNZ (7 months ago)
He predicted McDonalds new slogan
Tom K (7 months ago)
People from Hong Kong need to calm down: we all know HK is a city of China so even the Chinese flag in the video wasn't accurate but there was nothing WRONG about it. Chill
mihai iulian Alecu (7 months ago)
0:25 McDonalds in North Korea :)
Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald (7 months ago)
I'm Swiss and I've been to Monaco lately, everything is even more expensive there than in Switzerland so Monaco offers the most expensive Big Mac.
Данил Радченко (7 months ago)
At least Big Mac in russia is cheap, unlike everything else.
Artem Cobalt (7 months ago)
Honestly, European McDonalds tastes much better than American I think "the same ingredients" are practically impossible to find since a completely different farming resources and technology
asdasd1012 (7 months ago)
Please use the correct flag for hk. It is so offensive
Karl Marx (8 months ago)
Venezuela getting the cheapest big macs trump: "this is the worst trade deal in history"
Accord (8 months ago)
Ne. VAAAAAAAAAA. DA not nevahda
FiberBriver (8 months ago)
i got a kfc ad for this
Vegemite Australia (8 months ago)
U don’t see the Australian $7.30 Big Mac
Harrison Ressler (8 months ago)
So, u do get all ur info from wikipedia. I knew it!
Small Moustache Man (8 months ago)
Consistency? Food in Finnish mcdonalds is so much better than American mcdonalds
Kimmo Kuusamo (8 months ago)
In finland, a Bic Mac costs 4.95€ about $5.77.
FreshlySnipes (8 months ago)
Wish they’d bring the Grand Mac back
Drbomday Dayboms (8 months ago)
You do know that Wiki is not a 100% sure tool when you wanna know facts?
Annika S (8 months ago)
Did... he just call Big Macs tasty??
Joshua D'Oliveiro (8 months ago)
Malaysia has the top 5th cheapest Big Mac?? But it’s not even that cheap, compared to other burgers here!
Marko Veselinovic (8 months ago)
who eats that shit xD ? Im vegetarian but if i wasnt i would never try that
Noah (8 months ago)
ew mcdonalds
goathead (8 months ago)
did i just see a chinese flag when you mentioned hong kong? oh boy.
色つきゲッソー (8 months ago)
Yo that means I can be like a king in one of those countries lol
Infinite Flight Solo (8 months ago)
Gay bomb 😂
Annika S (8 months ago)
Infinite Flight Solo My weapon of choice.
garlicguy 2000 (8 months ago)
their arnt any mcdonolds in kenya actully
ani manga (8 months ago)
Cody was here. (8 months ago)
I love McDonald’s but they don’t have any in Iceland
Maxwell Zhao (9 months ago)
Did anyone else see gay bomb in the intro