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FS2004 - Atlantic Plunge (Pan Am Flight 115)

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Please support this channel by following me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/allecibay Pan Am Flight 115, operated by Pan American World Airways Boeing 707-121 N712PA (Clipper Washington), was a commercial flight from Paris via London to New York City. At 22.05 GMT (16.05EDT) on 3 February 1959 it was involved in one of the most notable jet upset incidents of the jet airliner age, over the North Atlantic near Newfoundland. Music: Comedy Is Over Artist: Dalo Vian Listen to the entire music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xno-_WagH34 Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/allec.ibay
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RivaRidge'72 (23 hours ago)
Sadly, this wouldn't be the end of a serious problem regarding a Boeing 707 and the automatic pilot system.  In brief, on March 1, 1962 an American Airlines 707 took off from Idlewild (now JFK) airport in New York bound for Los Angeles (it was their then famous flight # 1). The American Airlines 707 lifted off and a "faulty command" (to the rudder) from the auto-pilot system caused the plane to sharply bank and crash into a swamp just two minutes after take-off - killing all 95 souls aboard. This 1962 accident was the fifth deadly accident involving a 707 and at the time the most deadly. There were several notable people on that flight - including the mother of Linda Eastman, who some years later would marry (Beatle) Paul McCartney.  Linda (who passed on in 1998) would later say that she never enjoyed flying given what had happened to her mother (and who could blame her?)  Anyway, thanks for the fascinating post and it's great to see some of these stories turn out so well.  The pilot of PA #115 luckily had several thousands of feet under his craft and thus had "the space" in which to regain control.
Cooker Cook (1 day ago)
Did you hear the news about the crashed plane recently?
Jon Cechvala (2 days ago)
Never flying again...EVER !
Yacobus Fitri (2 days ago)
I wish Pan Am still exists today
Sarah Khan (6 days ago)
I am happy at least all are saved
Takashi TerraCraftGamer (7 days ago)
I follow you on instagram
pec104 (8 days ago)
I'd like to see one about a VC-10 but they never had an incident.
Jose Rivera (8 days ago)
I no see plane!!!...totaly dark.
Azeem Nagir (9 days ago)
Allec Joshua Ibay (9 days ago)
Azeem Nagir how is this click bait?
john harris (10 days ago)
Happy everyone survived...excellent pilots!
Terry Maloney (10 days ago)
Beautiful aircraft
Good job, but you need to change color of the font, cant read it
Some One (11 days ago)
Thank you God
Patty Timmons (12 days ago)
Plz make Arrow Air Flight 1285
prac2 (12 days ago)
where's waldo?
Justin Cantrell (12 days ago)
Blame the captain? With the prior issues this was on the airline.
TheFormosanFederation (13 days ago)
You never Did The Smolensk Crash.
P. Walsh (13 days ago)
Gettin real tired of your shit, Otto.
TheAeroAvatar (13 days ago)
Very happy this near-disaster had a much better ending.
cprice2011 (13 days ago)
Please do flight 227 !
TBshooterz 10 (13 days ago)
Fantastic post!
Gejor Dominguez (13 days ago)
Uni BlackSister (14 days ago)
I'm surprised you haven't done United flight 553 yet
Random Gamer Guy (15 days ago)
The 707 had a autopilot? O_O
gomphrena (15 days ago)
The sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach told me this wasn't going to end well ... but IT DID! The pilots may have been partially to blame here, but who signed off on this jet's airworthiness, not once but twice? I'd have given all the cockpit crew a meritorious air safety award!
T J N (16 days ago)
Finally people lived...
davidLw15 (16 days ago)
Amazing these 707 pilots were able to get out of this back in 1959 and the AF 447 pilots could not get out of their stall despite all the technology some 50 years later. Could it be the 707 was a better aircraft or were the pilots better trained in manual control? Would like to hear a comment from a current or retired pilotor other expert. I had the pleasure of boarding dozens of 707s as a passenger from 1960 through about 1981.
Sharon Weinapple (16 days ago)
Hope someone trained replies to this good question.
TheOceanLiner Recreator (16 days ago)
You can redue the 9/11 planes video?
STIMP VIDEOS (17 days ago)
the sound in the plane is so creepy
DeltaFoxtrotWhiskey3 (17 days ago)
"Captain set the throttles to idle" followed shortly by "the plane entered a steep climb" had me absolutely sure this was going to end in a stall & crash. Glad they made it. Sucks the pilot got blamed for "not monitoring the progress of the flight" despite that literally being what he was doing when this happened. WTF? This was clearly a maintenance error all the way around in terms of the auto-pilot malfunctioning twice and not being replaced. Then the autopilot light dimming sounds like a design flaw. I get that it's important for lights to dim in the cockpit in certain conditions, but having any light (let alone on a critical system) capable of being dimmed to the point it no longer visibly illuminates is insane.
David Ejindu (17 days ago)
another awesome video allec joshua ibay Keep up the good work and make some more videos! i want to channel to grow more and more so other people can see what you are posting!
Ns Girish (17 days ago)
Another excellent video. relieved to see that the plane made it to the destination safe
Niels Pemberton (17 days ago)
A skillful recovery worthy of Mr. Taduz Wrona
Drpepper687 (17 days ago)
"Ah, I see Allec Joshua Ibay just uploaded a new video!" - Translation: The most depressing channel on YouTube just got a little more depressing...
Sashazur (17 days ago)
These videos are totally addictive!
Sinikki and Raksu the budgies (18 days ago)
Make Pan am flight 103
JazzTruckin (18 days ago)
Yup, it's so easy to blame the Pilots, and SHAME on those who did. I have absolute total respect for the Pilots here.
Slide First (18 days ago)
Not first
Miss Rosie Weddings + Events (18 days ago)
I love this - either the plane crashes and everyone dies, or the pilots save the day, but are then "blamed" for something. Nice.
Unistal Protogent 360 (18 days ago)
Do Avianca 52 next!
James Dillion (18 days ago)
The push button candy ass pilots of today probly wouldv'r killed everyone on board.
James Dillion (18 days ago)
Captains fault my ass. It was probably an experienced WWII pilot that saved the plane.
Seymore Kuntz (18 days ago)
My name is Seymore, and I am an Allecoholic.
Llanetaboy (18 days ago)
AeroSucre Flight 4544 please 🙂
THE ELITE 747-400 (18 days ago)
Please make Pan Am flight 103
Wilmer Loja (18 days ago)
Yes, now THIS is action without any death. So cool, yet frightening. Can’t wait for PSA Flight 1771! Best YouTuber ever!!!!
Werewolf (18 days ago)
Good piloting
David 747-400 (18 days ago)
Can you do a video about that Ryanair flight that crash landed in Rome back in 2008?? Thanks. Great video as always.
BassGirlSusan (18 days ago)
Feb 3 1959 is near the time of Buddy Holly crash, I think
adib mouhanna (18 days ago)
Good work
Abe Dekok (18 days ago)
*We old school now, bois* Sadden by the fact before the debut of the 707 there weren't many major air catastrophes that influenced modern airtravel as it was still new.
michael williams (18 days ago)
Loved the video I was hoping to see a actual video detailing what happened with flight 115. The 707 is my favorite airplane.. Nice job
Gaming Express (18 days ago)
I also have the highest video quality on my vids.
FSEVENMAN (18 days ago)
thanks to a badass flight crew they save that thing nice job guys
baraxor (18 days ago)
Quite interesting to look at a re-creation of an old-school transoceanic flight, with minimal black boxes, and simple RDF and Loran for navigation. I'm lucky to be old enough to remember these beautiful Boeing 707s and Douglas DC-8s in service, and the screaming of those Pratt & Whitney turbojets on takeoff, that would shake the terminal area.
Ding Bong Bing Piano (18 days ago)
Maybe do Pan Am 214?
woofwgn (18 days ago)
Another great one, Allec. Thanks!
Aarow Thomas (18 days ago)
I would like to see more close calls or near disasters. These are more uplifting.
Rob Hill (18 days ago)
Phew.....I didn't like where this one was going at first.
Warblerab 295 (18 days ago)
At the beginning of the video, you list Captain Waldo Lynch, co-pilot Captain Samuel Peters, Flight Engineer Second Officer George Sinski, Flight Navigator John Laird, and a company dispatcher sitting on the jumpseat. That is five people. I only see four seats in that cockpit.
FUBAR Model Yard (18 days ago)
Great save. Here's a couple links that may interest you. https://www.gendisasters.com/louisiana/11580/new-orleans-la-plane-crashes-motel-mar-1967 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastern_Air_Lines_Flight_304
NewTube Guy (18 days ago)
Ho-lee shit, man.
Air Travel12 (18 days ago)
Were black people In the back?, and white In the front?
Neil Newhall (19 days ago)
Another wonderfully done video, Allec.
RR KNL (19 days ago)
What the captain did here is commonly called a 'critical attitude recovery'.  Back in the 70s and 80s when I got my instrument rating and ATP, I practiced a LOT of these.  The most common way it to wear a 'hood'. This is a sort of hat that has a very long bill so you can see only the instrument panel even in good weather. The instructor will have you look down so you can't see anything then he will make a bunch of odd turns and changes in attitude resulting in the wings being turned sharply and the nose way up or down.  Then he'll tell you to recover.  It takes a while to get good at it and you'll get 'rusty' quickly but this captain did exactly as he should have. Obviously, he practiced regularly.  Further, he did it without using the artificial horizon (now called the attitude indicator) because the gyro had tumbled. This is much more difficult.  The time and effort he put into maintaining his skills paid off.........
RR KNL (17 days ago)
In a coordinated turn, at the force is downward, not to the side.  In a plane, during a very steep turn, a glass of water on the floor will not spill at all, it'll stay just as it was during level flight. In a car, it's completely different. Cars cannot do coordinated turns.  Critical attitude recovery without the use of the artificial horizon (attitude indicator) is accomplished by using the needle-and-ball (now called a turn coordinator) and airspeed.  This instrument has a needle that points straight up and will deflect right of left based on the rate of turn regardless of the position of the wings. it also has a ball in a glass tube (very much like a carpenters level) that is in the center during a coordinated turn and will deflect right or left during a non-coordinated turn.  The more modern version of this, called a turn coordinator, has the same ball but the needle part is horizontal and looks like miniature plane wings. The two instruments do the same thing, they just look a bit different.
HKA (17 days ago)
DeltaFoxtrotWhiskey3: I think in most cases the crew do realize there is a problem; the issue is knowing exactly where "down" and hence the horizon is.  If the plane is in a spin of some fashion, the net force on any object in the plane will be the vector sum of the gravitational and centrifugal forces. Dropping a coin tells you the direction of the overall force. But without knowing the direction and magnitude of the spin, you would not be able to deduce from that the direction of earth's gravity.
DeltaFoxtrotWhiskey3 (17 days ago)
If your horizon isn't working, couldn't you drop a small object to the floor? If, instead of what you think is straight down, it goes to the Left or Right walls (or God forbid the ceiling) you've got a very bad problem.
HKA (18 days ago)
Instances like this are when you need good pilots. I always compare these to what happened in AF447. They flew a much more modern plane into the ocean.
Sagads Alih (19 days ago)
pan am flight 2052 tuaň
Mercian Mapper (19 days ago)
Can you do British Midlands flight 92 please, thanks
missy white (19 days ago)
Wow! The graphics/visuals on this video are excellent. Like touring a vintage plane at OshKosh. Good job, Allec!
Jonathan Klippstein (19 days ago)
AGain perfect opportunity for benny hill theme....
Ericjc49 (19 days ago)
This happened on the same day Buddy Holly and the La Bamba singer died in a plane accident.
Joseph Ragsdale (19 days ago)
Wait, isn't February 3, 1959 the day when buddy holly, Ritchie valens and big bopper die in a plane crash in Clear Lake?
Jaive 75 (19 days ago)
Do Air India Flight 182
When life gives you Lemons (19 days ago)
Can you do the one where a wife and husband were in a plane and the husband (pilot) died and his wife (80 y/o) had to land the plane with no experience
Jequel Monasterial (19 days ago)
Too dark
Jomievolution8 (19 days ago)
Glad everyone survived . Unfortunately Pan am as a company did not.
Kobi Da man (19 days ago)
Where is american 625
PixelStacker Retro Animations (19 days ago)
Yay. i get to be one of the first in his comments!!!!!!!!!!!!
Donizete Belinato (19 days ago)
The pilots save the day! Heroes!
cannedheat300 (19 days ago)
This video kept me on the edge of my seat.
TheWatanna (19 days ago)
They always blame the pilots. If the plane was reported faulty and still flying its Pan ams fault for not taking it out of service for repair. The pilots on this flight did an amazing job by balancing the plane and landing safely. Thank you for posting.
Arthur Steward (17 hours ago)
The old saying holds true, any landing you walk away from is a good landing, and any landing you can still use the airplane after is a great one!
richard joubert (15 days ago)
great job by the pilots!
Scott1433 (15 days ago)
John Didsbury Yes that is correct but surely it is a rule of maintenance to not send out planes that have something wrong with them
John Didsbury (15 days ago)
While they did a great job of recovering the plane. one pilot should always be monitoring the flight, whether on autopilot or not. The first rule of piloting is to fly the plane, regardless of other duties.
Scott1433 (18 days ago)
More often that not pilot error is to blame, however in this instance I agree with you. I think the pilots did well to recover, after all there was something wrong with the autopilot and that isn't the pilots fault. At the end of the day they landed the plane safely
Martyn H (19 days ago)
Nice video as always Alex. Well documented and very clear animations. I like the way the pilots used the stars (the old-fashioned way) to determine which way the plane was rolling.
Gianluca Badejo (19 days ago)
Well, now we know what video to expect from the X-Pilot channel next. :-)
Armando Silvier (19 days ago)
Nicely done... they were probably only a few seconds from death.
Dev Babbar (19 days ago)
Thanks for the happy music in end. I never got the point of playing a sad music after a successful landing
Ant Laud (19 days ago)
...a fair few spilled martinis then
John Didsbury (16 days ago)
and a lot of soiled seats
DrummerDm10 (19 days ago)
Your videos are awesome, thank you.
baseball_ inferno (19 days ago)
Please do Pegasus 8622
baseball_ inferno (19 days ago)
There are two Londons, in England, and in Texas
Matthew Neathery (18 days ago)
from what i can tell he meant London England but i agree with that point
Grey Jay (18 days ago)
And one in Ontario, as well.
Rob Heywood (19 days ago)
Well done Allec! Trust your instruments!!!
Air Switzerland 1998 (19 days ago)
Roy Burns (18 days ago)
Allec can you do flight 609 British airways pls,also flight 9 British airways pls.
Lu Silk (19 days ago)
Well done crew and the 707
Jeffrey Deunk (19 days ago)
itts sad taht taht company has colapse in 1991
Fumble Bunny (19 days ago)
I had never heard of this incident. My heart was pounding! Good piloting and crew management and good recovery. That Pan Am 707 was a beauty. I never flew on one but I did board one with my Dad, who was flying to San Francisco, to see him off (You could do those things in 1967). Awesome video, Allec.
Hooperman (19 days ago)
You should do QF72!
TechEngineer raj verma (19 days ago)
Air India 182 please Allec
Sonic MX (19 days ago)
Dark (19 days ago)
rest in peace
JohnTanner214 (19 days ago)
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Fernando Kaiser (19 days ago)
1959? Wow...too old and sccraped in August 1984, one year later will happen JAL 123