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Diverging Diamond Interchange comes to Washington State

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WSDOT will build the state’s first Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) at Interstate 5 and State Route 510 in Lacey. DDI’s are a proven way to move more people and reduce the potential for collisions by reducing conflict points. This project is scheduled to begin in the 2018 construction season. Sign up for information about this project:
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Text Comments (1616)
thekerbal (2 days ago)
*Comfort for bicycles* Yeah, right. Where are the bicycle lanes exactly? I saw some crappy one in the before picture, now there's none.
Lee Gao (12 days ago)
check this out:
pso777atlantika (15 days ago)
I went through one of these last fall while traveling from Tampa to West Virginia. I had to swing out to Charlotte NC to pick up a friend, so we were on Interstate 85 from there on. Somewhere in the northern end of NC we stopped for gas and ended up in one of these, in order to get back on the highway. First and only time I've come across one and I drive all over the place. It was crazy as hell and confusing. Couldnt stop laughing about it though, we figured those country boys had been smoking a little too much of their own product when they got together and designed that freak cross over upchucked spaghetti road design. Made even funnier when you have a semi-truck heading towards you and you have to wonder which one of you fucked up before you discover your road is crossing over again. LMAO! The only thing missing from the adventure track were monster trucks flying overhead while yelling Yeehaw!
Lee Gao (30 days ago)
Take a look at this intersection
Jim Bartz (1 month ago)
the added turn lanes to hogam bay rd. and cabelas are the major mod. for this
John Miller (1 month ago)
So why use this and not the British traffic circle (or roundabout)?
Tim Walker (2 months ago)
if Americans drove on the left side of the road in the first place this would not need to be done
Shaggy has Cancer (3 months ago)
I thought this was a cities:skylines video...
Yuki the Wolf (3 months ago)
Anyone else here actually from Lacey? Lmao
Nancy Moore (3 months ago)
Question: What happens if traffic and signal lights is not working due to what ever the reason maybe like a storm passing through?
wsdot (3 months ago)
There is a battery backup to keep the signals running in case of a power outage.
rocko6alex (4 months ago)
I thought it looked like Roblox for some reason.
Gerald Patterson (5 months ago)
This from the idiots at WDOT who allowed 2 on ramps and an off ramp in less than a mile all on the northbound I-5 North of Everett.
Boneshaker (5 months ago)
There gonna love that interchange. I-55 & WEBER RD in IL near bolingbrook/romeoville needs one.
Sky 201 (5 months ago)
It feels like im going to work on cities skylines with this thing lol
Akin Khoo (1 month ago)
AI is too dumb to use DDI. but if you multigrade them they suddenly become god tier since they have no intersection.
Chris Topher (5 months ago)
Thurston county couldn’t even handle roundabouts
AndrewAdam21 (5 months ago)
THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN IN LAKEWOOD! Right off the i5 on Bridgeport. That place is a complete mess during rush hours.
Jim Bartz (1 month ago)
marvin rd is backed up all thru the day. only relief is is the middle of the nite
JR M (6 months ago)
I'm just here to jot notes for cities skylines
Brian Wilson (6 months ago)
KCMO has a few of these and they are building more. St Louis has them and the suburbs of Chicago has a few of them.
Josh R823 (6 months ago)
An excellent solution. Probably copied from Europe, the U.S. usually copies their ideas 10+ years later instead of embracing common sense sooner. 😏
Patrick94GSR (6 months ago)
As of September 2018, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED at the area shown in this video. No signs of construction anywhere, and traffic still moving as usual across the overpass.
wsdot (6 months ago)
Work has been going on since last fall. Most of the work so far has been near the overpass and not in areas easily seen by the public.
Pheara Lim (6 months ago)
What if you build 2 mini bridges instead of intersections with traffic lights so the drivers can flow more easy?
Timothy Swan (6 months ago)
That video was not professional enough. You need better CGI and more PhD‘s on your team to convince me that 1+1 is actually 2.
R. E. Bruce Martin (7 months ago)
From Montreal QC Canada: I wonder if WSDOT could recoup some of their costs by running tourist tours by scenic bus through the DDI? Snce these DDIs are relatively new, they could prove interesting to some types of tourists. I, for one at age 74 no longer drive but have had some 1 million Km. on the road in my time. While I am too old and far to do this one personally, there might be many other road addicts that would be interwsted in a tourist bus service, possibly stopping at the local Amtrak station at train times to pick up and deliver visitors! from both the U.SD. and vic Vancouver BC, Canada.
Doug Grinbergs (7 months ago)
1:55 standard interchange has 26 conflict points, DDI just 14
Gus Vargas (8 months ago)
Why am I watching this if I live all the way to Pasco
Montana Roots (8 months ago)
‘Tonians can’t drive on REGULAR ROADS. Just because it works where people can drive doesn’t mean it will work here. Fucking over a decade later people still can’t figure out the roundabout by Kentwood HS on a rural road in Covington. What makes you think they can figure out this on a MAJOR thoroughfare?
Yonas Beraki (8 months ago)
Very Good you Great
i. rob (9 months ago)
Britain has been using " roundabouts" , circular traffic islands, for at least 60 years, and proven smooth merging of traffic at small cross roads through to huge multi lane and multi exit traffic islands over major motorways. We have mini roundabouts, figure of eights, and vast spiral roundabouts. With the growth of traffic, some roundabouts are supplemented with partime traffic lights at rush hours. Many European cities and others through out the world are adopting roundabouts and standardising road signage. Trust the USA to do things different from the rest of the civilised world ! Typical "if it aint invented here, it aint no good " attitude.
David Almeida (5 months ago)
i. rob Roundabouts would cause severe traffic backup on the highway. I'm not sure if you have ever driven here but having a roundabout would simply not be feasible.
Phillip Taylor (9 months ago)
why not just put a circle on ramp from westbound to southbound or eastbound to northbound. ZERO points of conflict and no traffic signal necessary
Mr Sealio (9 months ago)
0:38 Daily Dose of Internet.
John barfneck (9 months ago)
wasted multi millions to do this........................smh
BossSpringsteen69 (9 months ago)
I hate these.
Anne Cytanovich (10 months ago)
Steve Lampley (10 months ago)
Joe Smith (10 months ago)
There a lot of fun in the middle of the night when you're just driving along minding you're own business, and then bam there's headlights coming right at you in you're lane😧
secure syria (10 months ago) the best With Thanks for all
Henri Hänninen (10 months ago)
At 1:09 Is it just me, or is there a car driving off the bridge. A small white thing, moving at the center of the picture.
Joe S (10 months ago)
Pretty cool!
Carter Marcelo (10 months ago)
There's one of these in Calgary Alberta
Glen Baird (10 months ago)
Looks like a good idea ,,,now when will they fix the billions of left turn lanes where you risk your life every time you need to make a left turn because the on coming cars block your view .....even where there are left turn signals ,,if there is only one car in the left turn lane you do not get the arrow you waited for ,,, you just roll the dice and take your chances ....prayerfully we are now on the right track and all will be well in time .....God bless america ,,, lets make her great agian ......
tapas basak (11 months ago)
Big problem
Zilla-man (11 months ago)
Geezers will freak out
Tim Timmy (1 year ago)
Almost reaching the efficiency of the roundabout
Jonny Watts (1 year ago)
I saw a DDI where they put a giant wall in the median of the road so drivers couldn't see the other side and thus couldn't panic over driving on the "wrong" side of the road
The Algorithm (1 year ago)
I didn’t see where you made a dedicated gorilla lane
J Mulvey (1 year ago)
This works perfectly as long as there's no one in Lacey who ever walks.
MrGuntersville (1 year ago)
The one in Tennessee works well (Gatlinburg)
John sweda (1 year ago)
But it would be better to stick to roundabouts on either end that means the traffic flow will be constant no need for traffic lights much safer as we know people jump traffic lights. And Always put rumble strips before any Junction automatically slows a driver Down. They are some free advice cost you nothing. I can see a major floor danger!!! in it representation virtual reality video, at 3:38 with the crosswalk do not have concrete walls? have metal railings instead this is blocking drivers access view to the people crossing the crosswalk especially of the young! children! And causing a blind spot for drivers because the way the road bends in a clockwise Direction this is automatically pulling the driver's eye line away from the crossing… Railings can prevent a car from accessing a pedestrian area. And should be put on the other side where the island is as well, and have pedestrian traffic lights at the crosswalk or at least orange blinkers! To warn drivers? and the crosswalk should always be lit up by spotlights. That's gonna be a nightmare Crossing there in the dark very dangerous. Doubly dangerous because the pedestrian cannot see cars very well either!! especially if they're short or children
Zaur Gaming (1 year ago)
This is Cities Skylines
Jaska Jokunen (1 year ago)
Gud trafik safty working skill tanks ty engeneering roudbilding .. Finland
Dan Burch (1 year ago)
That's a better design that the stupid traffic circles. We have two interchanges with traffic circles at each end.
Swinde (1 year ago)
The SPUI is better with only one intersection and three non conflicting cycles
TallicaMan1986 (1 year ago)
interesting, I'm doing a ton of research for a cyberpunk graphic novel.
R Daniels (1 year ago)
I ran into one of these in Missouri, they are basically designed to kill you by head on collision as you turn in the left two lanes (vs. the standard of right lanes). Sense of 'comfort'? total confusion does not make one comfortable...
Geray Maria (1 year ago)
Who needs a simulation if you have C:S !
Zoltán Kánai (1 year ago)
Very reasonable and practical.
Queen Of All Queens (1 year ago)
Not like they has any mayor traffic
Al Leeb (1 year ago)
Seem well designed and with cycling accommodations too.
Marcel Rossi (1 year ago)
why they are driving on the left side of the road??????
maryhunter Austin (1 year ago)
washington state... more evergreens pleez
Erik Thompson (1 year ago)
WSDOT any plans to build those further up north at the ports in Tacoma? OMG what a nightmare.
wsdot (1 year ago)
We do have plans to build these on some other areas, but not that specific area yet. That said, I'll pass your request along so traffic engineers can consider it.
G Gauck (1 year ago)
Just a plain old clover leaf accomplishes all of this with not traffic lights.
Wasup Doc (1 year ago)
Roundabout, Roundabout Roundabout Roundabout Roundabout. That's all i am reading. If roundabouts worked in every intersection why then have lights, seriously, they have there place but don't work as well in major intersections or when approaching overpasses where drivers need to turn into highways or freeway. This is coming from someone who has driven and known of roundabouts all my life.
Darrel Z (1 year ago)
It all looks good and well, but where will the "homeless" beggars stand?? While you are at it, can we figure out a way to stop the brazen red light runners at the intersection of Marvin and Martin and also the one at Marvin and the road that goes to either Safeway or Home Depot? This has gotten to the ridiculous stage!!
Jonathan Harston (1 year ago)
Wouldn't a dumbbell work just as well? Or are roundabouts too unAmerican? ;)
Bernd Arndt (1 year ago)
Just use traffic circles...
Edward Robb (1 year ago)
these muricans still havent figured out what a roundabout is, have they?
xEmeraldCityx (1 year ago)
Ha! I just watched a video about the ones in Springfield and was wondering if WA would get any- and lo and behold, we already have some. To the people wondering if Washingtonians experience- and can drive in- snow. Yes. We get a helluva lot of snow. Some winters and regions get more than others, but yes, it snows across Washington. Good news, if you know how to follow traffic signals at regular intersections and how to stay on any snow-covered road, you should have enough brain cells to navigate diverging diamonds, roundabouts, etc in wintertime too. ;)
Will Johnson (1 year ago)
In England we use ROUNDABOUTS
JoeGator23 (1 year ago)
Multi-lane roundabouts smoke this waste of money, plus no signal devices or dead stop timed waiting required. Safer and cheaper in the long run. too. This is wasteful joke; plenty of money for the commissioners and their construction/engineering buddies. Stick with a proven winner, big roundabouts work great.
slandshark (1 year ago)
Or they could just add right-turn on-ramps that loop around.
Daniel Bailey (1 year ago)
I'm wondering how many accidents will happen in the first week?
augsburg (1 year ago)
Classic car-centric viewpoint. God help the pedestrians and bicyclists that have to cross those right turns that do not have a light stopping cars.
augsburg (1 year ago)
You show stop bars, but no lights are shown in your renderings to stop traffic turning right on to the freeway. Perhaps your rendering is inaccurate, and you will have lights at these locations? As someone that crosses through a freeway interchange on a bike on a regular basis, I know how dangerous crossing those right turns on to on-ramps can be. The only person that would think it is safe is someone that has never done it regularly. People turning to merge onto the freeway are not paying any attention to cyclists traveling through.
wsdot (1 year ago)
Pedestrians and cyclists will have a push-button activated crosswalk on both sides of the overpass, fully marked crosswalks at other intersections. The Diverging Diamond Interchange will provide adequate sight distance for drivers to stop - as required by law - for pedestrians/cyclists to cross the road within marked crosswalks.
wizbang68 (1 year ago)
That is a really innovative solution to a common problem in so many areas.
Jim Mcfarland (1 year ago)
Worst idea ever. The traffic on this particular overpass which I use every day is not too bad. The traffic never backs up too far. There are two lanes to get on to I 5 southbound. This solves nothing. It does, however cost about 16 million dollars, and close the interchange for two years. ALL traffic will be re-routed to exit 114 interchange until this is done. Two years of chaos....unless of course there is an unforeseeable overrun on time and costs which ALWAYS happens in this state.... More money for Ceccanti Construction....
438295 (1 year ago)
You're screwed if you get off the wrong exit and want to get right back on again. Have to drive quite a bit and find a way to make a u-turn. Nothing pisses me off more than exiting a freeway and not being able to get right back on again if you need to. Imagine late at night and you're forced to drive further and further into an unfamiliar area to find a good u-turn area. In some areas or in traffic that could be a very long time. Some people could even get lost.
Valen Sinclair (1 year ago)
In these comments all the Europeans are cute with their roundabout comments, even though there's no room in that Lacey location for a massive elevated roundabout, AND in the Hawks Prairie area (especially North of the interstate) nearly every major intersection is a roundabout. Just open google maps and look.
fr8fr6dr (1 year ago)
I've driven through one of these. The secret is in the timing of the traffic lights. They used one set of timing, no jams for everyone. They messed with the timing for some reason and now the multi-million-dollar boondoggle jams just as much as the old light system. It "can" work as long as the politicians don't start changing the timing of the lights to suit their needs.
Jason Faulkner (1 year ago)
I'm definitely going to try this for my city great idea thanks for the tip
2484marshall (1 year ago)
Why don't just put a roundabout in?! 1 simple rule, all traffic turns right. We've had them in UK and Europe for years.
Valen Sinclair (1 year ago)
There are lots of roundabouts in Lacey. How would a roundabout work on a very busy interstate overpass?
Zachary Henderson (1 year ago)
2484marshall they wouldn't work here
Morgan Vaughn (1 year ago)
This looks like a nightmare to cross on foot or on bike.
Valen Sinclair (1 year ago)
How so? It looks safer than what's there now, and when traffic is flowing one direction you can cross two crosswalks to get to the center pedestrian area.
Dzor (1 year ago)
Jet Streamer (1 year ago)
Less cars is never part of the equation, right?
Zachary Henderson (1 year ago)
Jet Streamer no, it isn't
Gribbo9999 (1 year ago)
The rest of the developed World finds roundabouts quite effective with no lights at all.
Zachary Henderson (1 year ago)
Gribbo9999 well that's quite nice, but a roundabout wouldn't work as well here
Fred Stiening (1 year ago)
Another large benefit not mentioned in the video is merging down on the Interstate. With traditional access to the existing on ramp (especially left turners) controlled by a traffic signal and long cycle times, vehicles end up being "clumped" together making the merging process more tricky, and sometimes the more aggressive merging people passing each other. With the merging cars being a more constant steady flow, it should reduce slowdowns on the Interstate when through traffic vehicles use brakes and the red lights cascade backwards.
HappyandAtheist (1 year ago)
The USA needs to build some real roundabouts.
HappyandAtheist (1 year ago)
clearely , such as manners.
HappyandAtheist (1 year ago)
the whole thing should be just one roundabout , an elevated one sitting over the highway , they are very common in the EU and UK because they are simple but work well. Like this
Zachary Henderson (1 year ago)
HappyandAtheist in case you weren't paying attention, this project includes three of them
Steve/Beth (1 year ago)
So WSDOT will maintain the the stripping and painted arrows to guide people thru the DDI. I see this as a big problem since many interchanges in this state need stripping maintained already. I like the concept and I know it works as long as WSDOT maintains them.
Manchac (1 year ago)
There is a CFI in Baton Rouge that works on a similar concept. it made a nightmare traffic light much better! I for one agree that there should be more traffic circles, but all you salty Europeans haven’t got a clue what innovation looks like if a roundabout is your only answer these problems.
Dustan Jones (1 year ago)
We need these in the UK
Thomas Horsman (1 year ago)
Or just get a roundabout
Bernard Steckler (1 year ago)
I presume that a DD I is presumed to be more efficient than a roundabout. In what way(s) is it better?
Dawson Irvine (1 year ago)
We got one of these in Saskatchewan and everyone is confused including myself, although it's a long ways away from where I live. This video does better than any other I've seen to explain it.
Arvindh Mani (1 year ago)
Went on a DDI in Atlanta. For a fleeting second I felt that America was *finally* driving on the "right" side of the road.
Ozzy R (1 year ago)
Given the space they have to work with and eliminating the cost of bridge work which is very expensive, this might be their best choice. Many comments here about roundabouts, or traffic circles as called in many places, they don't work on an interstate as the speed is normally 70 MPH. That is unless they do one of these:
Finn K (1 year ago)
Just to be clear, "safety" is a relative term when we're talking about cars, since no matter what we try cars are still death machines and terribly inefficient. If they decided to build a subway line in the area it would immediately solve the congestion problems as it would carry people far more efficiently.
durkadur27 (1 year ago)
Anyone asking about roundabouts needs to realize in Lacey there are TONS of roundabouts. They utilize the roundabout.
Titan Entertainment (1 year ago)
Don't let the video fool you. They put one of these in in Marion IL and it has to be one of the DUMBEST things I've ever seen. People hate it and there are so many wrecks there with a few head on crashes. Very impractical and dangerous. People here try to avoid it whenever they can. That's how it eases the traffic load, people just avoid it. Then, they took one of the best ways to get on and off the interstate, a clover leaf and put in a cut across head on traffic, stop light nightmare where there has already been people killed. Here is a little video from my dash cam showing a really near miss there one day.
Eduardo Ganança (1 year ago)
It's cute how ppl swear they will make cars flow more efficiently. Nonsense. This is the VERY LEAST efficient mode of transportation, no matter the gymnastics you make trying to fit more cars in. The only way to improve mobility anywhere is to provide it with a proper mode of transportation, one that doesn't rely on individual toy machines.
Srihc Adi (1 year ago)
I dont know about you all but crossing oncoming traffic twice to take a left seems inherently dangerous. Also driving on "the left side" of the road for a while then crossing back over will require a huge learning curve. People cant negotiate roundabouts as it is.