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This is how much money Apple makes on iPhones

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A graphic in this video shows the wrong ticker symbol for Apple. The correct ticker is: AAPL. An updated version is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkNZRam9R7c Since the iPhone's launch in 2007, Apple has sold more than a billion phones. Here's just how much the iPhone makes for the trillion-dollar company.
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Text Comments (23)
C. Lincoln (8 months ago)
They should buy tesla. Its the perfect brand co-partnership.
Jame's (8 months ago)
*phase 1:* hypnotize people to becoming apple slave & social media *soon ...* *phase 2:* *APPLE* kof kof ( illuminati ) will monopoly & rule the world ... ಠ︵ಠ凸 BTW: JK *∩( ・ω・)∩*
Clownish-Gambino (8 months ago)
Unreal...so it's not even their iMac's that drive revenue
Chunky uygur (8 months ago)
Ya trump can tax the shit out of them for building in China I don’t care
Jasper Willows (8 months ago)
miniimOr maybe they just make less profits. Think about that.
miniimufin (8 months ago)
Pepe Hung Apple is like Americas national treasure...it's not in anyone's best interest to have the taxed (at least not too much)...how much more expensive would the phones be if they manufactured in the US....think about that
ARSHAD BAIG (8 months ago)
People will eat less, compromise with their health, cut costs on groceries, all for the sake of an iPhone. People are obsessed with iPhone, its like a very powerful contagious disease '' once you use iPhone you never go back ''
UTKARSH PATEL (8 months ago)
*Number 1 cheater company* who has been fooling sheeps to buy their shits for unreasonable price tag and marketed themselves as only viable product and these sheeps believe in this scams too,...
Damian Paniagua (8 months ago)
miniimufin of course there was a time before smartphones but what we must remember is that the world evolves and we can’t stay in the past before there was a stove we cooked on a fire does that mean we shouldn’t use stoves all I’m saying is the world changes as for the zombie I don’t see the problem with people using there phone so much it’s a tool that does so many things I think it makes sense to use it so much and as for your old phone doing the things I listed, I listed the basic functions I can’t sit here and list the thousands of things that the iPhone Xs has that your phone doesn’t, if that phone is good enough for you than great but some people just want what they see as the best and nicest tool they can get and when it comes to models not everyone upgrades they know this that’s why they put out the s models not for people who have the non s one but for people who haven’t switched yet I respect your opinion but I’m just saying
miniimufin (8 months ago)
Damian Pani you do realize there was a time before smart phones, computers and even the Internet right? I think during those times people still found value in their lives. And I'm not speaking from a "back in my days perspective" cause I'm only 25 yrs old. But seriously think about what you wrote...the tech is cool..BUT as you said, they compressed a lot of things in this one device, it's the one thing that is on your person literally 24/7, you watch tv on it, you listen to music, you do your banking on it, etc etc...people worry about the zombie apocalypse but it's probably already here...everyone is glued to their phones for no apparent reason....I digress...I have for example a very ancient smart phone (Samsung Galaxy JSE or something) and I can do almost all the things that you've mentioned on your comment on it....so no, I don't really see how this product is MORE valuable when they only change a few features from one model to another yet charge you almost double the money. 💀I don't buy Apple phones, iPads, or watches, I don't see value in them! However as an apple investor, I see ALOT of value in the actual company, and as long as people like you keep buying at whatever the cost, then I guess I should not be complaining 🤐💅🏾 happy shopping!
Damian Paniagua (8 months ago)
miniimufin if you can’t see how a phone especially a smartphone brings value to peoples lives you should really take another look at the world
Damian Paniagua (8 months ago)
miniimufin miniimufin let’s see just a few things are the phone helps me make money, helps me with my daily life, helps me stay productive, helps me work, helps me stay connected, helps me entertain myself, helps me catch up with what’s going on with the world, helps me listen to music, Gives me a computer in my pocket, camera, helps me constantly learn, and helps me use my time wisely and stay efficient, etc lmao the phone for many many people is the most used object in there lives on a daily basis and the fact this breaks down to costing me less than $3. A day for a iPhone Xs is spectacular even if the phone was $2000 I would still buy it because of how much value and how big of an importance it is to my life
miniimufin (8 months ago)
Damian Pani lol what do you equate with value exactly? I mean if the phone can pay your bills, help you retire, and make you money while you sleep the. I rest my case.
Серж Шуляченко (8 months ago)
Стало відомо, що США за рахунок збільшених імпортних мит на сталь та алюміній з Канади, Мексики та ЄС, які були запроваджені на початку літа, отримали вже більше $2,3 млрд доларів. Якщо додати сюди ще "прибуток" від вищих мит на китайський імпорт, то сума, вочевидь, сягне 4-5 млрд доларів.
Vinicio Rojero (8 months ago)
Don't forget also "The Cult Thing", Addictive Device, Over-exploitation of China Labor, Super-Expensive Product, "You're not allow to repair your own product that you Bought", "Let the Developers Work for Us, by giving them a very tiny percentage of the revenue" and a Very Short Life-span of the Device, it will break very easily on Hardware and in Software make Updates so the Devices get Slower and Annoying so the Consumers buy another the next year....Rinse & Repeat....
Damian Paniagua (8 months ago)
Mark R 1. Stop using quotations like they said it because they didn’t 2. Developer makes 70% of revenue and considering Apple handles everything besides the app development that’s pretty good 3. Short span??? iPhones receive updates for 5 years and with iOS 12 are getting a massive speed increase 4. If any of your hardware or software fails it is covered by warranty this is a very rare problem 5. Stop saying things that aren’t true do your research :)
Graham (8 months ago)
First. No one cares...
miniimufin (8 months ago)
Investors care!
Rikiishi (8 months ago)
+Graham shut up. No one cares that you are first. Hate when someone say that
Graham (8 months ago)
+Rikiishi, no u
Rikiishi (8 months ago)
Shut up