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UPS at it again

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Recorded on December 2nd, 2013 Looks like my Amazon order has arrived
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Nichole A (17 days ago)
Wow not cool 😡
Dr Leo (23 days ago)
Let's be real. Those boxes are just full of useless bulshit that they can live perfectly fine without any how
Cathy T (20 days ago)
scarletfluerr that was rather nasty dont u think?totally unnecessary.
scarletfluerr (21 days ago)
You're full of useless bulshit the world could live without.
Ricardo Hernandez (24 days ago)
How hard could that job be for you to hate it,leave that to construction workers,landscape workers, roofers, etc.
Alisha Francis (26 days ago)
That’s why my items in the packages gets delivered to me squished
Stephen Kennard (29 days ago)
This is embarrassing. 100% lazy and zero FTG.
H K (1 month ago)
This is such a stupid video. It's obvious the person that made this video and most of the people commenting have never worked for a place that delivers packages.
bwakel310 (1 year ago)
The only thing I see wrong in this video is he did not pull in his mirror.
Nuc Rider (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/sjuVmAP9-Hk keep watching #UPS
TheSpiikki (1 year ago)
I ordered a carbon diffuser for my car, fucker only weight 8lbs and the package was still extremely beaten
CST-TV Common Sense Tony (1 year ago)
Aw dam I just got a package from these clowns today. 🤔
healup 1220 (1 year ago)
must have not gotten his 8 hr request lol
Theirly (1 year ago)
Frag il e what the fuck that mean
Ben Wade (1 year ago)
Good driver. Promote the guy.
k1llamain (2 years ago)
Im a driver for UPS and i would never do that. Its not necessary. This vid is of someone who not only doesn't value their job nor benefits but obviosly hates their job. Time to find something else
Bain Bang (2 years ago)
FYI not all drivers are like this JACKASS.
R K L S (2 years ago)
get yall fatasses up and go to the store and get it yourself instead of complaing about this shit
Voyago Peer to Peer Shipping (2 years ago)
I would def. use Voyago. The app works like Uber.. but with packages. Voyago uses the people you know to ship your stuff in vacant suitcase space. http://voyago.apricotcomputers.online Plus, it's free to sign-up.
Robert Bailey (2 years ago)
Sad thing is that this SOB wont even get in trouble. Thank your local Teamsters for that. They should be fired on the spot.
Rodrigo Morais (2 years ago)
Cowboys Fan91 (2 years ago)
Are those ups trucks automatic? Do you need a CDL license to drive those trucks?
Junior Negrete (2 years ago)
what a dick.
Richard Closure (2 years ago)
Stelios Tesera Dekatria (3 years ago)
Deutschepost DHL is worse than UPS any day.
ross wester (3 years ago)
Really people i work retail and if this is what everyone thinks that is the worst that happens to your package i have some news for you...... its not.....not even close. i watched a guy drop and xbox one from a 12 foot ladder and merely put in on the shelf after.
Ginsuma (3 years ago)
you should see how packages get thrown around all day in the mail warehouse. so much time would be lost if they were told to carefully place packages on the conveyor belts.
gaskan666 (3 years ago)
UPS is the worst shipping company. Your lucky if you even get the package, or they just put it on a door step adderssed to you and leave it next door. UPS is so big they just dont give a shit. Please boycott UPS
Ben Wade (1 year ago)
gaskan666 ....oh go change your Huggies ya crybaby
Gaming Doe (1 year ago)
gaskan666 UPS is a lot better then FedEx, FedEX sucks
Sabastian Hernandez (2 years ago)
gaskan666 man just be quiet you take any job that ups gives you and see how long you last we especially now in the holidays see who delivers your Christmas gifts we have to worry about moving the snow or water out of the way so it doesn't bleed threw the cardboard
Green Pretzel (4 years ago)
ups get a rap but Yodel, Hermes???
Evelyn Zaire (4 years ago)
More and more packages are delivered every year as people get more lazy.
R Saldivar (3 years ago)
they should quit bitching about the condition of the product/box and get the shipper to pack it better. im not justifying this dudes behavior by the way just blowing off steam lol
Armalight (3 years ago)
+Evelyn Zaire Yeah, if I want something from India, I guess the best thing to do is hop into my 17th century sailing ship and take the eight month journey across the Atlantic. It's technology, not laziness, welcome to the modern era.
DJPelio (4 years ago)
Not lazy. It's just that you can't find products that Amazon & eBay sells in stores. Online is the only option.
bankyedwards591 (4 years ago)
Do you honestly believe this is bad treatment? You should see the way they pack these packages are packed into tractor trailers.
bold lee (14 days ago)
I see nothing wrong in this video. The person recording is a whiny little b
SeverdSeouL (4 years ago)
I don't think you people understand the time deadlines UPS works to. If time wasn't an issue the boxes would be handled different. This is also why they have a stipulation on the shipping contract that says it must withstand at least 7 foot drop.
Rachael Dean (17 days ago)
7 foot drop wtf! Why have drivers at all if this is the case why not attach a rocket and launch your mail across the country. Might arrive okay, who knows 🤷‍♀️
Poppy Duff (4 years ago)
i live in canada and i get so scared when i order from a website that sometimes uses UPS. Canada post is way way better
Lar Mar (3 years ago)
Fedex is far worse. FedEx almost always fails to deliver to my house. FedEx then sends me a postcard saying they can't find my address and I have to drive to the FedEx terminal to pickup my package. I hate FedEx!
chris mouchet (4 years ago)
This is why I don't use ups this same thing occurred in my town FED-EX ALL THE WAY
kt (4 years ago)
+chris mouchet................... Not so fast. It isn't the delivery company, in as much as it is lazy delivery people. I had Fed Ex ground deliver a scooter, and they left it in my driveway by the street. All while someone was at home waiting for the delivery. Needless to say, that because they never rang or knocked on the door or cared to even go up to the door, where there was note stating that someone was waiting inside for the delivery. Or the fact that I paid extra for inside delivery to my porch, the item was gone when I got home. Thankfully it was insured because it was included with my christmas order as a bonus or incentive.... Lazy people are everywhere.... I prefer UPS, because the delivery guy is straight business and treats my stuff with respect.
StewartLucrative (5 years ago)
You guys complain about how he handles the packages, but I guarantee you would complain more if he individually softly set each one down and it took them twice as long to be delivered.
Nuno Luis (5 years ago)
That's why I keep getting defective hard drives lol
Zachary Foley (5 years ago)
Little do Some people know.... But the Driver does know what packages are fragile. What he is tossing might come off as lazy or mishandling won't hurt the 5 pairs of jeans,or computer paper ect.
newsandmedia (4 years ago)
@Zachary Foley I've had boxes that say "FRAGILE -THIS SIDE UP" and the driver carried the box on it's side and threw it at my door!
Zachary Foley (4 years ago)
Just saw that now. Can't people for him but he did over look that one haha.
sophie (4 years ago)
If you look closely one of them is a vacuum... I don't think it's a really smart idea to be tossing a vacuum around like it's nothing.
Shane Taylor (5 years ago)
Carson! Don't look.
Wiizardii (5 years ago)
Man WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? UPS sucks fucking ass! And now they are the one delivering my package! If this is the way they act, what in the world am I supposed to do???? I will never get my package!
I. Ponce (3 years ago)
The post office also does parcels and boxes might want to try with them
Wiizardii (4 years ago)
@***** Good going replying to a 4 month old comment lol
Wiizardii (4 years ago)
@***** It was an old comment, I did get my package.. UPS has gotten a little better, though not the best. 
sheltomlee (5 years ago)
This is pretty much every service oriented business in the US anymore. 
Matt Phelan (5 years ago)
you dont know jack, come work with me on xmas. bet you last 3 hours in my truck.
Matt Phelan (3 years ago)
Right 815am to 22:00 cake walk....
Ginsuma (3 years ago)
3 hours? that isn't enough to really get a grip on things. How about 9 hours and 120 stops within just 2 hours...then he'll understand. it's a cake walk for an athletic guy.
Scott Kimball (5 years ago)
Package drop more and farther than that just driving over railroad tracks.  If you think this is some how a slight on the driver then you don't know jack about the business. This driver didn't throw or kick and box.  Dropping it like he did and letting it fall is par for the course. Boxes need to be packed so humans can be humans with them and can handle rough driving over poor roads. 
PopAxSquat (5 years ago)
Lol this is bad? U should see it inside the warehouses
Lady Butterfly (5 years ago)
it doesn't make it right but thanks for the tip ..i will make sure i never order anything delicate or electronics that can break  since you people in the industry treat your job & your product so casually
Najja Mallace (5 years ago)
I work at UPS loading trucks like those, the conveyor that leads to my work area is about 30 feet above the ground it then connects to a slide which leads to another conveyor. Its exponentially more likely that your package will be damaged either in the trailer during shipping or coming down that slide. Drops like this never break contents unless the shipper didn't pack it properly.
Zachary Foley (4 years ago)
Completely agree with you I work during the busy season on the East Coast so I know what you are talking about.
Lady Butterfly (5 years ago)
oh there is absolutely NO excuse for this negligence & blatant disrespect for his job and for the deliveries that need to be gently delivered not thrown around & dropped  !!! he should be fired & so should you for your insensitivity & lack of real concern ..no wonder so much stuff is damaged when you have rude irresponsible people delivering them & others just like them who back them
Supalyfe (5 years ago)
LOL! This guy straight up doesn't give a fuck. That's life at UPS in a nutshell. 
GmJunky87 (5 years ago)
Think this is bad, you should see inside one of the hubs during Christmas time!! CRUNCH!!
Jae Keys (5 years ago)
I understand how this driver feels...however UPS drivers are paid far better then FedEx drivers so suck it up/s
Jay Em (5 years ago)
If your package isn't protected to a point where it can't take a small drop like this then you shouldn't be shipping that package
JOHN (5 years ago)
Zoom in on his Truck number! Damn!
Yerr (5 years ago)
wat  the heck
Steve O (5 years ago)
What a slob. I guess someone above him isn't doing his job either.
batiittos (5 years ago)
good point there
Mortal (5 years ago)
UPS in Swedish means woops! like woops i fucked up!
brian lafferty (5 years ago)
I load these trucks. Half of them are packed to the point where you cant even climb over the packages. UPS used to have limits on how big and heavy a package can be, but now we accept anything really. This is a high stress, physical job, that 99% of you would not be able to do.
Alomari Ayman (22 days ago)
حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل فيكو. هي امانه. بس أنتو. شوه معرفكو. بحمل الامانه.
Cindy S (24 days ago)
True but are any of those packages breakable? If not carry on😉
ChrisLawley (1 year ago)
LMFAO say that now and go work there you will change your ways i promise lol
Snafubar (1 year ago)
+SeverdSeouL What a cop out smh, using excuses as policy
SeverdSeouL (4 years ago)
+newsandmedia Throwing them at someone's house is a world different than a light toss down some stairs. You have no idea what you are talking about. Packages are supposed to be packed to withstand being tossed around. Time deadlines are strict.
Christiansdad2011 (5 years ago)
Rediculous how lazy these delivery guys are getting. They need to held acocuntable. I'm sure they wouldn't want their stuff thrown around like this.
Ben Wade (1 year ago)
Christiansdad2011 .... Oh go change your diaper crybaby.
Lady Butterfly (5 years ago)
exactly Christians Dad  ...gfifer ...nothing about this video shows the driver to be anything but lazy and nasty & it is evident quite clearly that he regards his job so lightly & other people's hard earned money & things so irresponsibly
Garrett (5 years ago)
Dude, these people run around like crazy all day delivering packages. They're definitely not lazy.
jeanious2009 (5 years ago)
It looks like he enjoys his job. Can you imagine someone walking by and seeing all those packages scatter everywhere? I would ask "Sir are you okay, you must have tripped over and dropped all those packages everywhere"
Ping Pong (5 years ago)
theyre probably clothes
vidman008 (5 years ago)
UPS Driver = Loser, Big time Loser
vidman008 (5 years ago)
@Rain  YES indeed, that's me.. And don't forget that I too have some crazy UPS stories so, I know how they operate first hand.  Thanks for watching  :o)
Rain (5 years ago)
Says the overweight hillbilly with a tractor collection.  
el duderino (5 years ago)
Whenever I see or hear about things like this I always remember what I was taught U.P.S stands for when I worked there: Use Purolator Stupid.
Batas Batasi (5 years ago)
And that is why those who feel what this guy is doing is all but fucked up, should start picking their own packages up themselves or if you want to send something somewhere you deliver it yourselves! hahahahah! 
Dark Knight (5 years ago)
Idk why didn't stack up in the back the take out from there what I do when have a heavy shipment like that...just said someone that lazy to do the job right!
PRANK NATION (5 years ago)
Sill beats FedEx
PRANK NATION (5 years ago)
I'm not going to lie, this is fucked up! But I order packages all the time on Amazon and UPS is always on time... and nothing is ever broken. I've never had a problem with them.
OMGWTFBunnies (5 years ago)
How in the world is this considered acceptable?  I am confused at the comments trying to justify this or imply that this is okay.  It isn't okay and does break the policy of the UPS company.  Even if it didn't, those of us receiving a package don't care that you don't like your job or if you are lazy.  We have paid for shipping and handling and expect what the UPS terms and agreements state.  Honestly, how hard is it to deliver packages??  Think about it.  These drivers get paid a decent amount of money and some provide this shit service.  The comment someone made, "they are bubble-wrapped so its okay", made me laugh.  Why did I pay for shipping AND HANDLING?  Personally, I feel we should be paying less for the shipping and I don't give a crap about your package service a lot of UPS drivers give.  There are many jobless people that would LOVE to take your job and actually do it right... with a freaking smile on their face too.  I'm not implying that every UPS driver is this way, because there are some great ones out there.  But seriously, just because a lot of them give this crap service, doesn't make it acceptable. 
Batas Batasi (5 years ago)
And that is why you need to declare the value of your shit for UPS liability in any case that your package gets damaged otherwise!!! pick up or Deliver your shit yourself!
Kevin Lehman (5 years ago)
Wtf i has a ps4 coming if they do that shit I will kick their ass
Iman Axbert (5 years ago)
Damn, how much crap do you order
Iman Axbert (5 years ago)
Forgot to put a ? at the end of that question.
milany08 (5 years ago)
he's crezy or bad or mad i don't know your know
Dexter (6 years ago)
Me Gusta
Sunny 420 (6 years ago)
Lazy fucker making good money , should be fired !
Mr Bertone262c (6 years ago)
I agree, this driver should not be behaving this way but for those of you with something negative to say - lets have someone video tape you all day at your job and see how perfect you are. You have no idea how hard those men and women work, the long hours and the constant stress they're under. And for the person who commented that this driver needs a kick in the nuts... I would say you deserve the same for such an idiotic comment and then realized you probably don't have any.
Lem Aiko (6 years ago)
This must be why my packages always look like an accordion. I have never really cared for UPS.
Ginsuma (3 years ago)
who cares what the box looks like, you're just going to cut it open and throw it away. Since you're probably too lazy to break a box down so it's flat before putting it in the trash at least the box will be softened up from being tossed around.
MONKEYS CAN FLY TO (6 years ago)
Big deal
Coolride17 (6 years ago)
I used to ship 30-40 12x12 boxes a day, and I maxed them right at 70lbs.. You should see the dudes face when he got to our shop to pick up.Let them earn that big money.lol
NPC (6 years ago)
Someone had no fucks to give that day.
Sanya Bennett (6 years ago)
I hate Fed Ex and UPS im FED UP with em.. Get it? Fed  and Up like Fed ex  and UPS? HAHAHHA fuck you
Itachi21x (6 years ago)
Why hello there, Mr. UPS man...
Ryan McPoyle (6 years ago)
If it's not marked fragile what's the big deal?
SundayRoast (6 years ago)
They don't give a flying fuck about the "fragile" label.
Tiburon01 (6 years ago)
wow thats fucked up , pls tell me you reported this to UPS
you said (6 years ago)
It's not that big of a deal...I used bubble wrap to protect my egg in a high school egg drop.  It survived 10 ft, 20 ft, cracked on 30 ft, and then it broke on 40 ft.  Considering that most companies bubble wrap AND use packing peanuts IN A BOX, makes that item almost totally protected.  I believe every UPS worker is shown their first day just how hard and far they can drop a package without it being a big deal.  The problem is when they drop the heavy packages, like laptops, computers, vacuums, tvs, shit like that.  Don't worry about your shit being dropped.  If it gets broken, the company will replace it.  
gracenote108 (6 years ago)
This is no big deal. There's a reason why things are bubble wrapped.
Max Power (11 months ago)
the dyson package isnt bubble wrapped inside.
abbey156789 (1 year ago)
This is nothing 😂 u should see the process thoese boxes go through
Lady Butterfly (5 years ago)
bubble wrap won't prevent the damage from the way he threw those boxes down the stairs...it is unacceptable
mafiahalo93 (6 years ago)
wrong this is a very big deal UPS and Fedex have very strict policy about this and if i received something in from them and i caught it on tape and it was broken because of the person that threw it i can win the lawsuite 
SupaNami (6 years ago)
Tip ... don't live in the city, where everyone in your building ordered something ....  I can almost hear what the UPS guy is saying!!!  LMFAO
AnthonyTheAwesome500 (6 years ago)
wow at 1:01 look like he just tossed out a vacuum cleaner. Thats one thing i wont online...
Iciee (6 years ago)
Hope no one like him does that to my cards I ordered today...
lollz y. (6 years ago)
thats why i use dhl
L Ip (6 years ago)
Lmao Jimmy
Stmtrolleyguy (6 years ago)
Hes just making more work for himself when he has to pick up that giant pile of packages. . . But if you don't expect things to get tossed around in transit, you're asking for it if you under-pack it.
SomeGuyThat WishedHeWasCanadian (6 years ago)
Where was this video captured?
Tyler Byrd (6 years ago)
No sympathy for the Dyson. They're crap anyway
Richard Ahlquist (6 years ago)
This is why my wifes business never uses UPS. When I was a teen I had a friend who worked for UPS "Throwing Freight" and yes the name was accurate.
H K (1 month ago)
Who does she use that doesn't throw packages?
canonshooterla (6 years ago)
well the sad reality is that this happens in distribution as well so it is always happening, 
MrRoscopcol (6 years ago)
You are fucking retarded if you think this is the worst thing that happens to your packages before they are delivered.  All of the conveyor belts and trailers are made of pillows, fools. 
Discordia Merovean (6 years ago)
Looks like normal unloading, ugly but typical just not usually visible.  Pretty sure folks would freak the fuck out if they ever saw the behind the scenes treatment.  This is nothing, nothing to see here, just something for the soft headed to get excited about.
disasterpiece1313 (6 years ago)
wow this jackass should and will if not already get fired
hughtub (6 years ago)
At least keep rolling to show the person!!
Ryan Lopez (6 years ago)
imagine being strung out during tough times or what ever might be effecting that person and having to deliver tons of gifts around the holiday season
Ricardo Hernandez (24 days ago)
That's no excuse.
Len R (6 years ago)
Depersonalizing boxes
MrJeffshaver (6 years ago)
If you pack your shit right that shouldn't hurt it.  You should have anything small surrounded by 1/3rd of it's volume in packaging material at minimum.   Source:  Shipper.  
Allen Gwinn (6 years ago)
"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, UPS Is Here! We'll give your package, Lots of whackage; So have a cup of cheer!"
John Meaders (6 years ago)
Hope the CEO got a look at that
Tom D (6 years ago)
some body is getting fired
triveeah1 (6 years ago)
He has another quick video of the guy coming out of the truck too.
SLX (6 years ago)
This is nothing. I would do the same shit tbh.
Tdjewlienne ghrradt (6 years ago)
lazy fuck
Atchoo! (6 years ago)
Too bad, now he has to pick up each piece he threw out and now put it on his hand truck!  nice planning.  At least the number of his truck is visible...
rdelar01 (6 years ago)
In one minute this guy undid millions of dollars in advertising