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Guam: Why America's Most Isolated Territory Exists

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Text Comments (3611)
Wendover Productions (5 months ago)
So many of you will know that I already made a video on Guam ages ago! This is a bit of a "take 2" on that as it's a fascinating place and this time I went on location and learned about what has happened on the island after the North Korean missile threat. Most importantly, I filmed a behind the scenes video with Brian from Real Engineering and Joseph from Real Life Lore which you can watch here: https://youtu.be/cNYJH4MQDuo
Ken Chu (2 days ago)
kwame gold (10 days ago)
Sinigang Sarap (12 days ago)
Actually it's not a "low-lying island"... it has highlands and peaks
LIZARD GUY 4 (29 days ago)
Dave Sisson that’s exactly what Washingtonians are saying
LIZARD GUY 4 (29 days ago)
Wendover Productions Washington DC is also a is territory which makes things way less complicated
JapanForSale (30 minutes ago)
What would Guam have become if it never had the association with the US? Would it be on the same level as let say, Kiribati as mentioned in the video? I feel like that, without the commercialism and military spending propping it up, it'd be just another tiny island near SE Asia, of little importance. A lot of this reminds me of EU4, and how you could use Trade itself as a huge weapon. The livelihood go Guam can be said to depend almost entirely on the US, while Venice in EU4, for example, gets it's power solely due to it being one of two end nodes in the Southern European trade network, thus receiving the most trade benefits.
Paul Jacobs (2 hours ago)
Actually Guam is not the most isolated territory of the USA, its American Samoa
Author O.M. Wills (16 hours ago)
I loved living there!
Simi-Random American things (21 hours ago)
I could see Guam becoming a state but Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth and not economically self sufficient. It doesn’t have the requirements to become a state.
Kyfer Sayre (1 day ago)
Then why is the U.S.A have 55 states
Glitter (1 day ago)
Democrat Hank Johnson believes Guam will tip over if too many people stand on one side.
desmondjr brownjohnson (1 day ago)
Skeeter Saurus (1 day ago)
For those that don't know history well enough (and for channels that only give you ONE SIDE of this 'territory' issue of 'no-vote-allowed') understand ONE THING: It only requires 50,000 people in any U.S. Territory, for it to apply for STATEHOOD to the United States (uh, that's where they get to VOTE and be COUNTED!). You know what Guam, like Puerto Rico, thinks of 'statehood'....generally, 'Uh, we'll pass...thanks, but no-thanks'. So, you can't complain you 'don't get to vote', when you won't 'join the club' so you CAN vote! You know why they don't want to be a STATE? Because they would have to pay federal income tax, be subject to tax audits, and feel that to be 'an American State' would negatively impact their TOURIST PERCEPTION! So...you can't have it both ways, kids...either you 'join the U.S. as a state' and you get to vote, or you sit outside the U.S. as a 'protected territory' and get 'minimal perks' (like military defense and federal funds for road projects).
Engage (2 days ago)
Low key they are blaming trump lol
Poppa Bear (2 days ago)
Bet they don't drive Jap Cars.
Michael Taylors (2 days ago)
I was there from 1989 to 1992 . The best time of my life . The most underrated scuba diving in the world. Think Great Barrier Reef. Much of the same corals and marine life .
Alex Thomas (2 days ago)
Go back to Europe white invading trash
Alex Thomas (2 days ago)
White trash
Videonerboa (2 days ago)
Guam is sealand
Ebola Hunter (3 days ago)
Hafa Adai now Pakyo Mangkhut slammed Guam.
Ruben Pascual (3 days ago)
How about Midway? It's location is the most strategic...WW2 for example.
paraunasahb (3 days ago)
7:55 i had never seen a two blade windmill until today..
David R. (3 days ago)
Make it part of hawaii. There you go.
mike frawley (3 days ago)
War booty now made illegal by the USA so no one can take what they acquired through war...freedom for Guam from American oppression and imperialism
David LeMonstre (3 days ago)
1:21 wauw that's a beautiful picture
Voranart Sirisubsoontorn (4 days ago)
I laughed a lot when I heard about the threat from N Korean leader. He is kind of nonsense.
Robert Dowler (4 days ago)
Its operated as Government of Guam under our flag.& has very,nice white sand beaches with bright blue water for swimming,etc.
JangaMaster (4 days ago)
Boo woo cry me a river... you get rich off being part of the US but complain about following our laws? Total wanker
jolen jolen (4 days ago)
I think the speaker is in drugs
Charles Gates (4 days ago)
No passport needed for us citizens
RedNova (4 days ago)
you stole stock footage to use in this video, that's why there's visible timecode on the archival shots. They will sue you
Timothy 2:2:3 (4 days ago)
So,what you are basically saying is that if I visit the man made island in the south china sea,I would have visited China.
Ken Grantham (5 days ago)
After watching this video, I have come to the conclusion that Guam would NOT flip over if more troops were stationed there. Take that and smoke it in your pipe, Rep. Hank Johnson!!!!
SuperBigblue19 (5 days ago)
Some of the best diving around. Was stationed at Polaris Point back in the 80's. I remember the speed limit being 35mph. I also remember how expensive it was because of the tourism . It's way more built up then when I was there, but I see they still like the Japanese tourists .They like to part their former oppressors with as much of their money as possible.
Aurelious Maximus (5 days ago)
Well fuck going to the caribbean then nigga , I can enjoy a tropical vacation without leaving the countru
vinod kumar (5 days ago)
Gaum is leased territory to US from UK
SPORTS TV (6 days ago)
Free Guam!!!
Anthony Fig (6 days ago)
Guam it’s very far...
4X4 5X5 (6 days ago)
Free Guam
Jonny Dee (6 days ago)
IT IS NOT THE US. It's just modelled on the US. They are basically the Philippines ethnically and culturally...but more emphasis on US
SAIIINTROSE (6 days ago)
I’m mixed black & guamanian, I never visited though, my mom flew to California and I was born in the U.S. in 2000
SAIIINTROSE (6 days ago)
It’s a unique feeling to be guamanian since there’s such a small percentage of guamanian/chamorro ppl
Peter SUN (7 days ago)
stolen from Spain through violence. What a shame
Don Ismyname (5 days ago)
Everything Spain has is stolen from someone else.They were the worst of the colonialists, murdering, pillaging and spreading disgusting diseases everywhere they went..
Sander Goldberg (7 days ago)
One thing missing from the video is the fact the island was invaded by brown tree snakes that became so populous they caused frequent blackouts by shorting the power lines. They also destroyed all the birds and small animal life on the entire island. Maybe I'm not up to date and the snakes have been eradicated?
Evan Roderick (8 days ago)
Usa should give this back. You fucking colonist. Wtf are you doing this far from ....wait. Fuck you are europeans. Get the fuck our of america
KIM JONG UN (8 days ago)
Guam I tricked you all hahahahahaha you aucully thought I would nuke you
SJ336 (8 days ago)
what can work against you can work for you: use that publicity to advertise to all of those new tourists!
SJ336 (8 days ago)
FAVE: 00:03:35
簡宥名 (8 days ago)
Ship to Taiwan don't usually stop at Taipei. The port there was too small
Nelsito Lim (8 days ago)
The Philippines 🇵🇭 is no longer a territory but it is still American in many ways.
punker4Real (9 days ago)
both have a shrimp sized penis
chauncey hulbert (9 days ago)
Did you hear the guy from Benjamin cruz? He so wanted to say "when they were playing who's got the bigger dick....errr missile." hahaha.
harold bottom (9 days ago)
The Jones Act raises its ugly head again. Guam like Puerto Rico should be able to get supplies from other countries.
romell johnson (9 days ago)
😂😂, benjaamin looks kinda drunk to me
Michael Lewis (9 days ago)
As an American, I can say the vast majority of us know about Guam but since it's so far out, in the grand scheme of things, they aren't at the front of our consciousness. Unless forced there by a tiny madman from NK with the threat of a nuclear strike in a mad scheme of proving that he's a big powerful man. Most Americans see our territories as ours, and that we are, rightfully, obligated to care for them in times of need and to develop them into strong, productive territories. When that doesn't happen, it's a failure on our part, as it makes us look weak and nothing more than a child who has tossed away a toy they grew tired of. But as far as making shipping, flying, or business regulations more lax....that'll never happen. Those regulations are in place for a reason. Guam will just have to deal with the squirrelly mainland. And Guam doesn't pay most federal taxes, so they don't get actual representation. They do pay some, and that's where the support, development, and protection comes in. It is embarrassing though that Guam is more patriotic than most of mainland US. That's on the mainland though and it's heartwarming to see such belief in a territory.
Brandon Hanson. (9 days ago)
If we're talking Isolated where is American Samoa? Not only do you get to fly out certain parts of the year but also certain days of the week on Hawaiian Airlines.
Noo Wayy (9 days ago)
Don't worry, Guam. I live in the lower 48 and my vote doesn't matter either.
Sean Fyodorovich (9 days ago)
Um, the Northern Marina Islands is smaller than Guam, so you might want to check your facts.
D I (9 days ago)
Aloha from Hawaii! 🤙🏽
colleen t (9 days ago)
And it's eat slap up with snakes. The main reason I chose not to go there in 1994 for duty
Raffaele Piccini (9 days ago)
in Kiribati usualy the ti is pronounced as an s.. so you would basically say kiribas or kiribats
Cristos Palabras (10 days ago)
I almost moved to Guam in 2010. Then I found out that it will be wiped out by tsunami in the event of a 9.2 Earthquake (imminent!) from anywhere on the ocean within 1,000 miles. I still think it's a very beautiful place...
bob Last (10 days ago)
I think this Benjamin Cruz guy is kind of high. Wonder what he’s been smoking?
Mark Sanchez (10 days ago)
Another great place I will never see. Drinking and dreaming
Oscar Rivier (7 days ago)
We should go, can't fund anyone that wants to go, also drinking and dreaming.
Mark Brimble (10 days ago)
It's just taken from the Natives because of it's Strategist position. Wankers . IT IS NOT THE US YOU WANKER
Kevin Tinsley (11 days ago)
EXCUSE ME??!?! I knew about Guam back in Grade school in 1974, we learned about it in History when we covered WW2.
Yves Vincent (11 days ago)
Hayden Wilkerson (11 days ago)
3:16 the costs are still very high
Kyanite Quartzite (11 days ago)
wannawatchu66 (11 days ago)
The narrator should learn how to pronounce "legislature." 4:08
Chris cck (11 days ago)
But is it the usa thats the question. Or was it answered and i just missed it?
Kaylee&Daisia Chanel (11 days ago)
Y’all don’t talk about my island bc it might be better than yours omay it’s a beautiful place this is all true
tim allen (11 days ago)
Been there. Thank God for Tangeray Gin.......made my one night stay bearable
RaginPlayer (12 days ago)
Lol we almost got bombed from some of trumps words
The Ram (12 days ago)
Damn fly flew into my cereal.
Sinigang Sarap (12 days ago)
Why did you delete the first Guam video?
spiritbuu (12 days ago)
This video would have been a lot shorter if you just said there is a piece of land occupied by Military and....ohh there are some natives living under the illusion of “living in US”.
Alejandro Tejeda (12 days ago)
"The military business is good" i never expected to hear that
Aloha Getaways (12 days ago)
Reason Guam, Puerto Rico, DC do not have a vote for either President, Laws, etc... is due to DC having Jurisdiction over the island territories except Hawaii which is a State. Washington DC is run by a corporation - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. and the 50 states run under the Constitution of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. These are 2 totally different corporations - yes - USA and USA INC are incorporated. Therefore, USA INC owns Guam and there is NO WAY Guam will ever be heard, unless, it becomes a State Hood which will definitely not happen. The people in Guam are essentially in servitude to USA INC and under military control. A shame American, DC, and Politicians lie and will never tell the truth on this issue. This USA INC which dictates to Guam allows for money laundering, drug laundering, and projection of military power with Guam having NO SAY in any of it.
ZZstaff (12 days ago)
If the vast majority of American citizens do not know abut Guam it is the fault of our education system, specifically public schools, which use books produced by liberals by the way.
mabatommy (12 days ago)
WOW it is more built up than I expected.
Md.Rony Rasal (12 days ago)
How Geographically is possible Guam,The Northern Mariana Islands is USA Island...Philippines or Indonesia or Papua New Guinea can claim this Island...USA captured lots of Island in the world for their Navy air force base camp because USA love to fight,kill and destroy other countries people
GameMaster7105 (13 days ago)
Had the pleasure of living on Guam for two years. I miss it, and wouldn’t mind retiring there🙏🏻 Great people, delicious food, and plenty of hiking, snorkeling, and diving to go around.
Guile Gamèche (13 days ago)
2:58 LOL I'm sorry, but a US territory doesn't make it any more American. Just as Hawaii, although a full fledged US state isn't American either. It just doesn't belong to America -- as opposed to the mainland country, which even has the name of the continent it belongs to embedded in its official denomination: United States "of" America.
Oneofthesedays (13 days ago)
If Guam is us than fuck'em both
Ming Yu Ong (13 days ago)
Guam is Hawaii's Hawaii
Bushido Brown (14 days ago)
Wow America's island? Which America is he talking about? The one with the country of Argentina?
Raffaello DiLethe (14 days ago)
Gonna visit it one day
Johnston Steiner (14 days ago)
Territory? What territory? It's the u.s.s Guam: largest aircraft carrier ever. Just doesn't move that's all
Alan Caldoza (14 days ago)
Search papers in France, you'll see who owns Guam and State of Hawaii. The US occupy those territories the way China did to the Spratlys
Sarah McConnell (14 days ago)
Most people didn’t know about Guam until 2017? What?!
nick Ngunjiri (14 days ago)
So Guam is USA colony, I thought is part of one state of US like California.
Delta Gaming (14 days ago)
does guam get taxed, because if they do, then im sensing some irony with the whole "no taxation without representation" thing
Ingen som helst (14 days ago)
Puerto Rico, though.
Travis rooba (14 days ago)
Are these people happy there colonized?
Travis rooba (14 days ago)
Haven't you heard ? Guam is the us!!!!
Jacob Socarras (15 days ago)
One thing I don’t get is why we don’t give them statehood have they applied???
Supermegawaffle (16 days ago)
My 5th grade teacher was from Guam so I've gotten a bunch of stories about Guam. Lol
Archer Jiang (16 days ago)
A lot of people argue that Guam is less strategic compared to bases in Japan or South Korea, but because you cannot place nuclear weapons in those countries, Guam is the closest "carrier" to China and North Korea in the Pacific you can place nuclear weapons.
Eric D (17 days ago)
Guam is just a colony. A US colony.
Y2JEnthusiast (17 days ago)
People think Guam is irrelevant but has anyone ever fucking heard of Saipan?
Sandra Jennings (17 days ago)
Who else asked, is he super fucked up, or just sleepy???
Mr Peco (17 days ago)
That was a a seemless transition to squarespace lol
Mr Peco (17 days ago)
@4:40 So funking funny bout South Koreans
Chris Anderson (17 days ago)
This dude is a dumbass
PARISIAN (18 days ago)
I’m Korean and I’ve visited Guam when I used to live in Japan. I’d love to live in Guam, like the other person said it’s too far to fly over to mainland, but still you can feel you’re in U.S though.