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Guam: Why America's Most Isolated Territory Exists

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Wendover Productions (7 months ago)
So many of you will know that I already made a video on Guam ages ago! This is a bit of a "take 2" on that as it's a fascinating place and this time I went on location and learned about what has happened on the island after the North Korean missile threat. Most importantly, I filmed a behind the scenes video with Brian from Real Engineering and Joseph from Real Life Lore which you can watch here: https://youtu.be/cNYJH4MQDuo
Celina dJ (1 month ago)
I have been to every place on Guam featured in this video and more
Celina dJ (1 month ago)
I live on Guam
Ranger of the North (1 month ago)
(((Wendover Productions)))
Pierce (1 month ago)
zeth cao (1 month ago)
I was about to comment that pronunciation of Kiribati - Ti is S - I think Guam are called Guamenian or rather they prefer that rather than Chamoro - Chamoro is more on Saipan. Guam also is full of Micronesian People because they can go there without a Visa.
E.A.G 65 (3 hours ago)
Guys make a wish
tajima uchiha (11 hours ago)
They had to stop the nuclear bomb because there are neighbors around it because there are people there and they can't just extinct a hidden culture
Checka Minute (21 hours ago)
Guam was once a territory of Philippines
TheKaffeeKlatsch (22 hours ago)
“Lapse in Democracy “? You should see that in a Republic. The United States is a Republic.
Hi, I think I joined this group (1 day ago)
It's pronounced 'Kiribass'
William Hamilton (1 day ago)
Just like Puerto Rico they can request to become a state, but the benefits of being a territory is why they don't. They don't pay federal taxes, and don't want to.
I farted ,also (1 day ago)
Who here is from Guam?!?! I LIVE IN MONGMONG TOTO MIGHTY!!
ROMA FAJARITO (1 day ago)
donald bump (1 day ago)
3:36 voice of mr beast?
Ginnie M (2 days ago)
This video is another one of disgusting U.S. propaganda. So written from U.S. perspective --> the video says that U.S. saved Guam from U.S. atrocities. You mean, the United States clung onto Guam so that it would not lose the territory, which they took from Spain, to Japan. I hate how the United States government's actions are always for self-serving reasons (which is fine, because any action of any government is done for self-serving reasons. It is not just America). But what is unsettling is that they always make it sound like they are doing charity for countries around the world, saying farce like, "We are spreading democracies and freedom and helping countries." I wonder how many Americans are aware that the U.S. government was busy backing pro-American governments that were actually dictatorships. The U.S. calls it a "democracy" although in reality, it is a "pro-American government." Also, United States is taking advantage of Guam's land (using up 27% of its land) and saying that U.S. military is a big employer for Guam. Uh... hello? Do you know the inconvenience it causes to the locals to have a military base nearby? You guys are taking advantage of the land and people in Guam for military, while not granting them representation, and you make it sound like you are helping their economy?!
Helpful Apple (3 days ago)
Yakko be like: **GUAMMMM**
Guam Aerial Photography (3 days ago)
Love it! Come check out Guam. Si Yu'os Ma'åse'!
Aly Thompson (4 days ago)
I was born there so yeet
Aminul Hussain khan (4 days ago)
Guam shouldn't be in US, They should get freedom.
Aminul Hussain khan (2 days ago)
Nodto Modley look like you voted for president this time.
Nodto Modley (2 days ago)
Why? Things ain't perfect but we're doing a lot better than the Philippines.
Ryan Linden (5 days ago)
The only reason Guam is a province and will remain so. MILITARY BASE. It's a huge staging ground for airstrikes, and refueling for the navy and airforce.
TaeJun Lee (6 days ago)
I'm from Korea and also didn't know Guam was existing until Kim Jung um threatened the island. Looks like a new paradise for me))
Henry Washington (6 days ago)
43 year old half Guamanian and never been there. The half negro part of me hasn't been able to get us there. I've been to Catalina Island though.😁 It's good that I'm here safe in SoCal though. Who knows, the Koreans or Salami (😁 Lavell Crawford) might wipe the the Chammoro people of the face of the Earth. They might need me to repopulate 😎
brian morgan (6 days ago)
If you haven’t heard of Guam before before 2017 that’s just sad. I’m talking about mostly millennials too. Most don’t know shit. Especially when it comes to maps. Now you can get all upset and try to hurt my feelings because you’re triggered 😂😆
Pajen (7 days ago)
Kiribati is pronounced Kiribas Don't know why, but that's how you pronounce it
Axel Wengrud (8 days ago)
We don't buy the terrible commercial segways
Nikhil Sinha (8 days ago)
Well you can have all those special privelges but then your right to travel freely within the US will be terminated, effectively making you your own country. You can't have both. Otherwise people can just go to Guam then gain access to all of the US.
ElizaEmma Evangelista (8 days ago)
I’m from Guam and I feel really odd...
Ricky Spanish (8 days ago)
As an American can I get a job there or do I need a visa?
Nodto Modley (2 days ago)
Can you just drive from Nevada to Texas and get a job there? It's the same deal, you're going from one part of the country to another.
Tan Man (8 days ago)
My Grandpa was stationed in Guam
ChefGiovanni (9 days ago)
I love GUAM. Time to cook.
Gaby Santos (10 days ago)
I'm from Guam🤙🏾🤙🏾
Brent Granger (11 days ago)
Guam, the modern Midway Island. I've been to Apra Harbor many times with the American navy, so I know where it is and why it's important to US strategy in the western Pacific.
akarna69 (11 days ago)
Squarespace/Bendover. 😄
akarna69 (11 days ago)
3:45 this guys looks like he smoked the whole island's weed supply in one sitting. 😆🤣
Just a Venezuelan Maracucho (11 days ago)
America: “England, this is unfair your passing laws that we cant vote on, why can you legislate laws for us while your on the other side of the world” England : “fuck you thats why” Guam: “America, this is unfair your passing laws that we cant vote on, why can you legislate laws for us while your on the other side of the world” U.S : “uhhh, screw you thats why”
Nel Boy Bosque (11 days ago)
im waiting for the "toyota corolla" guy in the comment section
Kurtis Hiroshi John (11 days ago)
What surprised me is that the korean girl group called twice visited guam and perform
up down left right asdw (12 days ago)
thank you guam, very cool
GallopingMajor (12 days ago)
Guam is Serbia
t e a h (12 days ago)
lmao I’m there rn
鼓嘶鸣 (12 days ago)
N Koreans have always been under the threats of US missiles. Guam is not the only victim.
鼓嘶鸣 (12 days ago)
the territory = colonized area by US.
OJC Chan (13 days ago)
Philippines please
Marzipan Wars (13 days ago)
Is this the same guy as half as interesting
king Slayer Savage (13 days ago)
Selfish american bastard to call other poor 😂😂😂
Emiliano Arias (13 days ago)
Oh you mean USA's Most Isolated Territory. I thougth I was going to learn that Guam is part of America, when is actually in Oceania. It gets confusing to the world when talking about geography you name your country with the name of the continent
GadgetMeta (14 days ago)
Are GUAM use the same timezone as US did?
GadgetMeta (14 days ago)
Guam is The US but they can't vote for US ... WTF
Conall Hartig (14 days ago)
what about the cnmi is that not more isolated than guam?
Harold DeJesus (15 days ago)
I might move there.
Kronos92 (15 days ago)
I didn’t realize how Americanized it is. Looks like a cool place
James Hanson (15 days ago)
That’s bot how you pronounce Kiribati 2:18
Pi is the best (16 days ago)
Guam, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the US Virgin Islands all can't vote, nor can their representatives vote, and American Samoa doesn't even get a representative nor can they vote for president, so Guam isn't very unique there.
Robert Folkner (16 days ago)
I was on Guam for 18 months. There was something American you didn’t mention– the out of control drug problem.
Kaboom Coba (17 days ago)
Repeal the Jones Act and vote for independence, like the Philippines.
Michael Timpson (18 days ago)
Actually most Americans know about Guam and even American Samoa. However, we rarely hear or even know anything about the Northern Mariana Islands (except for its famous trench.) Why is that, and what about it?
Michael Timpson (18 days ago)
So if foreign ships CAN land in the Northern Marianas on there way to the mainland US, why don't they just get all their goods sent from there? (Saipan is pretty close.)
Adam Banks (18 days ago)
Why would they wat statehood? Then they would have to pay taxes
acorn sucks (19 days ago)
They can always claim independence, and not get all the goodies.
acorn sucks (19 days ago)
That guy looks drunk who says "whose missile is bigger"
Scott W (19 days ago)
Just Gum with a vowel added
HoxtonPlays (19 days ago)
y’all dont know about guam i live here and shit y’all dont know anything about my island. Hafa Adai to all you fake people saying guam isnt apart of the us
howard w (19 days ago)
east and south china sea are possible for US conflict? what?
sleepingwithghosts (19 days ago)
Thumbs up if you’re from Guam !!!!!
Nick Jones (19 days ago)
The pretty pictures of Guam don't convey some facts. When you land, and the door on your jet opens and you have a big green cloud of moisture seeps into the cabin. The humidity in Guam is about the worst I experienced anywhere in the Western Pacific. Guam is in a Typhoon condition 1 to 4 all the time. A Typhoon can develop nearby and hit Guam in less than 2 days—In January. And these storms, during the peak Summer period are routinely Cat 5. Have good air conditioning and don’t leave your car windows down when you stop for gas. An afternoon rain can fill up a anything exposed in a few minutes. Storage is a real problem. Unless in air temperature & condition-controlled spaces things just mold & mildew in a few days. It's nice at the beach but the climate is unbelievable!
MarlonBitoy (20 days ago)
On all levels except political, I am a state. *faint Star Spangled Banner plays in the distance*
Angie Olazabal (20 days ago)
PLEASE consider making a video on Puerto Rico!
Warbird Phoenix (20 days ago)
3:37 "Playing who's missles bigger..." Haha,i like this guy.
Lohan Cindy (20 days ago)
Don’t tip it over though
Tyler Aschen (20 days ago)
Kiribati is pronounced Kiri-bass, actually.
HiddenPalm (21 days ago)
"Fully fledged territory" .... LMFAO!!!! Only a white guy can say those words without laughing.
EggCelent (21 days ago)
I was here in red dead redemption 2
Kri Bu (21 days ago)
I became well aware of Guam because it's easier to take the board exam in there from Asia than to go to the main US area.
Cambodeus Clandodeus (21 days ago)
The US is Guam
curse Love (21 days ago)
Ok my mom and dad r in Guam right no we have a house in santarita close to southern high school 😊 hell I even graduate from southern high reading most of this comment people should not talk if u don't know what u are talking about Guam is very beautiful n its one of the top spot to retire in the world low crime rate development island 30 mints to the mall 40 mints to go any where simple life they have a saying in Guam if u have not gone to a party in one month then there is something wrong with u 😊 if ur not from Guam u wont understand that saying.
Raymond Will (22 days ago)
One fun fact is at the time you could have a citizenship in either Guam or the panama canal zone. You were born with an American citizenship and also that country’s citizenship.
Darknamja (17 days ago)
Do the Guamanians pay federal taxes? If so then isn't that taxation without representation? They can't vote for the president of the USA.
Darknamja (17 days ago)
Thank you for your response. :D
Nodto Modley (18 days ago)
No we don't pay federal taxes.
ThePhilosorpheus (22 days ago)
It is baffling that people believe North Korea to have all this power. And even more baffling that people believe North Korea would use this power. They know they'd be finished if they tried. North Korean leaders have always used rough rhetoric against the US. But this time it didnt work. They tested Trump's limits and ended up with their tails between their legs
xxfire07 (23 days ago)
I don’t think the video mentioned the fact the people of Guam are not US citizens although Guam is a US territory. This is diferente from the people of Puerto Rico who are US citizens. I visited Guam in 2007. It’s very nice there.
Nodto Modley (18 days ago)
We are citizens.
Caffé Mocca (25 days ago)
1:10 sexy chamorro guy
faysal kadir (25 days ago)
My family is from Guam. I’m a good chunk Chamorro. My uncle Carl Gutierrez was governor and is running again in 2018. My uncle mark Dell’Isola’s painting is in this video at 3:53 in the background and throughout the video another time at 7:41. He’s a world renowned artist. My family is practically guam royalty lol. Love the island the culture. I’m really quite proud of my heritage and to be part Chamorro. My grandma was interned in a camp during the Japanese occupation. if you get a chance you should really visit. There is no other place like it. 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊
Moo Moo Puppy (26 days ago)
That guy looks stoned AF.
kitkat12 (26 days ago)
Do a video on: What if the US capital is in Guam
tris mer (26 days ago)
I have no doubt it is the USA. Just as much as french polynesia is part of France. The only thing which people should be honest about is the idea about their own country and other countries. I think you would tend to find many American citizens would vocally support independence of territories controlled by UK or France as the perception would be "typical colonisation which should have ended last century". However if it was Guam or another US territory they would be less supportive as it would not be viewed in the same light. A prime example was US reaction to the Falklands war and the British prime minister response that it was their Pearl Harbour (of course some political considerations as well). The best way to look at it is the local populations of these far flung territories (colonies to a certain extent) get the opportunity to vote if they want to remain or stay once every couple of decades. Eventually (could be over a hundred years from now) these places may gradually drift away from the parent country and become independent.
arsenprodigy (26 days ago)
Fuck that guy, follow US laws! They should get a vote, but they can't bitch about having to follow SEC rules which protect the citizens. What a dumb ass,...
Kevin Zhu (27 days ago)
Seeing tamuning makes me glad
Horace Ball (27 days ago)
My Rabbi said Gum was invented there.....is that true?
telly diana dayondon (27 days ago)
You dont need other people there... U have a great island who can support your food so inviting a lot of tourist will make ur island dirty.....
The Peaceful Sunset (28 days ago)
ICE GIRL (29 days ago)
I thought guam was in korea lol
Jasmine Sun (1 month ago)
자이언트 자이언트 (1 month ago)
There are no direct flight between Guam and mainland of US. Does anyone know why?
Europa Man (1 month ago)
I'm learning. Guam survives the reevaluation. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands should be dumped as US territories, and its residents should no longer be US citizens.
Hello sir (1 month ago)
2:20 It’s. Pronounced. (Kiri-BAS). NOT. (Kiri-bati).
Cindy Rolle (1 month ago)
America continue to invade and disrespect cultures of color. We don’t learn about this in our American schools. My granddaughter was born at Andersen AFB. I plan to teach her the bitter history of what has been done there.
Christopher Colson (1 month ago)
Having lived in Guam for 13 years now I absolutely love it while at the same time hating it... it’s a beautiful place, there aren’t any private beaches (if you don’t count the ones on the military bases), people are less easily aggravated unlike y’all crazy mainlanders. but it’s also 80+ degrees daily and we only have 2 seasons: rainy and sunny
Rik Z (1 month ago)
screw this island, glad i don't live in this dump !!!!
Rik Z (1 month ago)
I've been here and is so deppresing this damn island !!!!! we should sell it back to spain !!!!!!!
ANTIQUEFOTOS (1 month ago)
Your title didnt fit the content. You didnt say one thing about WHY Guam became American or when/how/why it came into existence.
David Crandall (12 days ago)
America captured it for use as a strategic military base just like other islands and countries throughout the world. Israel comes to mind too.
Muhammad Zeeshan (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video. I didn't know all this. Very interesting. A must visit place.
Charles McCarron (1 month ago)
We took the Marianas from Japan and never left... this is a mystery? Who cares?
Mikey Bien (1 month ago)
i like ti migrate there, with nuclear threat
Yaro Travel VLOG (1 month ago)
nice island
Shailesh Jung Bhandari (1 month ago)
That guy higher than the sky.