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Guam: Why America's Most Isolated Territory Exists

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Text Comments (3120)
Wendover Productions (3 months ago)
So many of you will know that I already made a video on Guam ages ago! This is a bit of a "take 2" on that as it's a fascinating place and this time I went on location and learned about what has happened on the island after the North Korean missile threat. Most importantly, I filmed a behind the scenes video with Brian from Real Engineering and Joseph from Real Life Lore which you can watch here: https://youtu.be/cNYJH4MQDuo
Jay Tea (25 days ago)
If you see multiple comments from me I apologize. I see the comment number growing but I can’t see my comments.
Jay Tea (25 days ago)
As a Chamorro/Guamanian I have to ask you guys where you shot 9:11 thru 9:19? Awesome shot!
Jay Tea (26 days ago)
As a local of Guam (Chamorro), I just have to ask. Where did you shoot 9:11 to 9:19? Awesome shot guys. It makes me wanna buy a quad cop drone.
Jay Tea (26 days ago)
Wendover Productions I’m about to watch the link to behind the scenes but I have to know (as a local, Chamorro) where was 9:11 to 9:19 shot at?
Silvan Adair (30 days ago)
Wendover Productions please make an Alaska video, I'm from there, thank you.
Nik Burton (12 hours ago)
I was stationed on Guam for 8 years. It was fun.
juanancriadillas (16 hours ago)
Stolen land.
oiseaudubonheur (22 hours ago)
This video is disappointingly biased in support of what is, effectively, modern-day colonisation. The drilling of "Guam is the US" completely contradicts its status as a "US territory", a piece of nomenclature acrobatics that was initially merely aimed to please the UN de-colonisation agreement (signed by all colonial powers) but that is used to designate US possessions with a deplorable index of democracy and where populations are, in all effects, second-class citizens. It is shocking to hear you say that Guam is one of the most "patriotic" places in the US (patriotism = joining the army????) when youth unemployment is so incredibly high on the island that the army is often the only option for many young people, young people who have also seen their grandparents' lands (often sacred sites for the Chamorro people) being confiscated by the US military with no or risible compensation and, again, never following a democratic consultation exercise. Of course island dignitaries will be pushing for statehood, as that would bring equality by law and would end this 21st-century submission of a whole population. I was expecting much better from you, much much better.
neckarsulme (1 day ago)
My best friend is from Guam
Allen Wang (2 days ago)
Guam is the USA. The USA you think is the USA is actually Canada.
Joesph Best (3 days ago)
I lived there in 1960 and I see it has changed a lot.
NikkiGee 2015 (3 days ago)
I miss home
Nitsuj Tossing (4 days ago)
Is Guam a part of the United States? Your video was vague on this point
gmem04 (4 days ago)
Nice clickbaity title, but the prize for most isolated "inhabited" U.S. territory goes to American Samoa. Isolation does not mean distance from the mainland. Guam to Japan is a little over 3 hrs. American Samoa to New Zealand is almost 5 hrs.
Pumpkin Pie Films (4 days ago)
I live there
Kevin Lau (4 days ago)
Guam should fight for their independence.
Paulo Cavalcanti (5 days ago)
"why America's most isolated territory exists?" Oh well, let me see... Could it be because Americans are imperialists and have to stretch their influence every-fucking-where?
Sibo Zhou (5 days ago)
N75911 (5 days ago)
I knew about Guam thanks to Andersen Air Force Base, they call Guam, The Rock.
JJ Campbell (5 days ago)
Keep Guam just the way it is.
jondeare (5 days ago)
SNAKES. TONS OF SNAKES! They actually guard the Airport to stop the Snakes. Of course, those Snakes are from somewhere else. Killing the birds there. Look it up on Youtube.
Francisco Guzman (5 days ago)
Return that island to MOTHER SPAIN. It belongs to Mother Spain.
David Jones (5 days ago)
Did I hear airplanes?
Heater12 3 (5 days ago)
*when you say Kiribati wrong but nobody notices*
Pierre Davila (5 days ago)
The same happens to puertorrico..
Young Jo Kim (6 days ago)
"South Korean who were less worried about missile threats". Yeah because we know from the experience that North Korean threats are all bark and no bite.
exeterra (6 days ago)
In case you didn't notice, guam is the US
The guy who's complaining that Majestic Horse is under every Video (6 days ago)
The guy who's complaining that Majestic Horse is under every Video (6 days ago)
well, I was close
McPhate (6 days ago)
are you sure its the us now?
Martika Edwards (7 days ago)
Greedy U.S...Guam and Saipan have they're own language, culture, way of life... The US doesn't care about them! Smh.
hammerbrotha (7 days ago)
welp, learned something new again today. Thanks!
Do Dodakowski (8 days ago)
Yakko Warner from "The Anemaniacs" ment that Guam was an own country.
Jurgen Pagel (8 days ago)
THE ONLY REASON WHY GUAM MATTERS is that just slightly less then 40% of the Island belongs to the US MILITARY . Why do you think the US GOV had a talk with KIM in NK ?? EVERYTHING is shipped in and supported by the US GOV who is close to be $22 TRILLION IN THE HOLE and the People STILL have no representation in DC , the same with Puerto Rico . IF GUAM was not important , the US GOV would give less of a Turd about Guam . Some of the Hospital Patients are still flown to the best Hospital 4 hrs away in the Region : St. Lukes in Manila , PH . WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE US MILITARY , GUAM IS GOING NOWHERE , THATS WHY """ ONLY US VESSELS CAN DOCK """ IN GUAM , SAME IN PUERTO RICO . Look at the US MILITARY ISLANDS in the Indian Ocean , YOU cant even make a landing there without getting arrested . How do you you want to bring up the Economy in KIRIBATI ?? If you are lucky you can find a spot to put your House on thats 1 Meter ( + 3 Feet ) above the Pacific Ocean . The Marianas ARE NOT 100% SUPPORTED by the US GOV building the Economy up , shure Welfare Money is coming in but thats not an Economy , thats waiting for Welfare and ask yourself , where is it spend ?? ALL of those Islands were gobbeled up by the US GOV for one Reason or an other but the People have NO SAY in DC . Happy Democracy 💚💚💚
Evan Monthie (8 days ago)
Kiribati is pronounced Kiribas
REZ (8 days ago)
So how come no-one else knew about this island yet it is so devolope
Michael Thomas (8 days ago)
I've been to Guam countless times. The island is great and the people are great. Very Friendly and helpful
Wonkru Creations (8 days ago)
They all need to vote for full statehood the are Americans and they need to be States
eden anshar (9 days ago)
I hear Guam before for the miss universe pageants lol
Brian Pearson (9 days ago)
Chamorro Power! My stepfather is a Guamanian who survived Japanese occupation as a schoolboy, fought in the Korean War, and moved to Hawaii and then the mainland US and he still speaks the native language ☝️
Shane Finkelstein (9 days ago)
Then apply for statehood
Chris Ward (9 days ago)
"The people can't vote on laws that apply to them". Sounds like the EU.
Bort Flong (9 days ago)
There's only so many times you can hear the word "Guam" before it loses all meaning
Daniel Malecaut (10 days ago)
Guy at 3:45 looks stoned
13Mikestar (10 days ago)
Guam is more developed than wyoming
Onyourknees Beforeme (10 days ago)
There are so many things said in this quip that's its a joke. Like most people have never heard of Guam being just 1 of them...
OldOne (11 days ago)
Wasn't there a tradeoff with politics? Some Federal institutions don't apply?
Dreeco Finesse3tymes (11 days ago)
I’m going to move there 🤔
lass1234 (15 hours ago)
3:37 Who's missile is bigger. LOL
Dr Scrubbington (12 days ago)
Anyone else first find out about Guam because of Donovan Patton? (Joe on Blues Clues)
Johannes Nielsen (12 days ago)
Before watching: let me guess... for military purposes?
Tora (13 days ago)
Now I want Guam to be a State
Sketchy (13 days ago)
My dad loves it here
Renovator (13 days ago)
California ain't tropical fam. It's Mediterranean.
Cletus Abbot III (13 days ago)
Remember the Maine, to war with Spain!
Zenny Nequin (13 days ago)
Has it flipped over and sunk yet
haywoodyoudome (9 days ago)
Hank Johnson is a functioning retard.
Robin Lee (13 days ago)
Guam was originally part of the Philippines, owned by the family of Lapu-lapu.
Gordo (14 days ago)
anyone else just want to masturbate to his voice
Sebastian Arena (14 days ago)
I am not trying to joke with nuclear war but... like, if I am a japanese, I would still totally go to guam. If North Korea goes nuclear on Guam, it aint gonna matter where you are: we are all gonna die. So going to Guam aint gonna change anything.
Justin Lang (14 days ago)
Make it a state already
PeachFuzz (14 days ago)
No taxation without representation
BornToRunBarefoot (15 days ago)
Why it exists? I'm guessing it has something to do with plate tectonics.
Holyflygon (15 days ago)
you have to be a state to get a vote.... Puerto rico doesnt have a vote either
BR Whitehead (15 days ago)
Thanks to the solders that fought in Guam
Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams (15 days ago)
Note to self: Learn Japanese if you ever decide to visit Guam, you never know when they’ll ask you for directions...
cbe (15 days ago)
If you've never heard of Guam then I suppose you never went to HS history class.
Silver gwarf (17 days ago)
Cruz is definitly drunk!
M Hamma (17 days ago)
"A relic of colonialism" ... My ass. That's a rock full of proud Americans who enjoy all of the benefits the rest of Americans do, no matter where they reside. The US liberated Guam from the spanish, along with other islands, and set them free. Guam has a measure of freedom and security not enjoyed by any of its neighbors. So much so that they would like to join the other 50 states of the union. The US has twice liberated the people of Guam and they've got a very nice measure of prosperity and future stability as a result of being a territory of the US. They weren't invaded by the US and subverted to the US's will. The arguments that Guam is somehow the result of the US's desire to colonize foreign lands and take resources from them is complete garbage. The arguments made by Speaker Cruz are ones echoed by many states and citizens of the US. LESS control from DC = even more prosperity of the people. Smaller gov, not larger. This is no relic of colonialism, just proud Americans. "It may not get treated like the US, even by its own government, but in all other ways Guam is the United States." Literally the dumbest self contradicting statement of the video. It's literally subject to a significantly more relaxed governance than Washington DC is, except that it does have its own gov whereas DC's government is congress (the only area of the US directly overseen by congress in-fact). Additionally, as full US citizens, they're able to move to a recognized state of the US and vote in federal elections if they so choose. Furthermore, if any of the service members from Guam and use their permanent address of a state, they are then able to vote in that state's election. Your insinuation that they're a slave-like-nation to that of the US is nonsense. They're 100% full-blooded Americans, and proud to be so.
Ian Moon (17 days ago)
Guam is where Spam iz king!!!!!!!
Laurence Crisp (18 days ago)
NO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO DETERMINATION IF TRUMP OR HILLARY GOT IN!!!!!!!! YEAH DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH! NO WONDER PEOPLE HATE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL IT IS UAS MIND SET AFTER ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL USA! =damn Yany's! I'm off to wat American pickers I wanna see 2 guys befriend some old timers,yip em off and shakes hands a lkot back pat em and say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be back again 2 do some pick'n again soon!!!!!!!!!!!+Some down east DICKERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in Main with hairy faced guys! we see a comen dinioniator here????????????????????????? yep USA = money! and dickering!!+a big rip off!!!!!!!!!!!! this guy didn't mention about the Bikini atoll nuke tests and how those who surved it where treated before they died early from horrible cancers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still some got jobs serving+cleaning for USA mill personal and tourist on Guam+any other places US mill is!
Advant Garde (18 days ago)
Its US because everyone driving in the wrong side of the road.
David W (18 days ago)
the man (11 days ago)
Guantanamo Bay in Cuba
Reivelt (19 days ago)
so this is the sand island from the ace combat 5 osea nation
ryan el super (20 days ago)
My island is not desolate. There's 3.5 millions in it.full Americans. Learn research more.
X Watson (20 days ago)
Free Guam
GershwinDecoBeck (21 days ago)
Screw. the. Jones. Act.
don brassco (21 days ago)
Time to become a state😈
H. Anthony Ribadeneira (22 days ago)
Lol who else has developed a sixth sense to skip just before he says “squarespace in his vids? #ads=evil
Svends84 (22 days ago)
Hopefully, now that missiles threats are over with, the tourism will have opposite effect and grow a lot, because now more people aware of this pearl :)
DBoy 671 (22 days ago)
Let's go statehood but give the chamorru people the same benefits as native Americans so we can open up casinos...
MRGRUMPY53 (22 days ago)
Every territory should get at least one representative (depending on population), in the House. The Senate is different.
Caleb (23 days ago)
People don’t want new states, simply because they don’t want the flag to change. That’s the biggest reason Puerto Rico isn’t a state.
BlastFromYesterday (23 days ago)
Why are the northern Mariana islands and American Samoa exempt from the rule about carrying goods between American ports, but Guam isn't?
Daddydabs Az (23 days ago)
It’s unfortunate that they have to follow us law and pay is taxes there with zero representation in Congress. It’s literally the reason America rebelled from England the phrase ‘no taxation without representation’ ring any bells? Especially with the rate of people from those territories that join the military
Siegmar Benz (23 days ago)
Guam 52 state
Xander Baggins (24 days ago)
Guam exists because of underwater volcanoes along the Marianas trench.
Jeff DIxon (24 days ago)
Got to be careful to many people on one side might make it tip over. Per congress.
AlibifortheAfterlife (24 days ago)
2:57 Correction: US Airline* Delta jumped ship so unless you count cargo we only have United now.
HERAMANIGO (25 days ago)
I'm wondering why are the foreigners are the ones commenting here boldly without the participation of the locals who are dwelling in the island. Although I am not locally born here , Guam in America's perspective is a distant territory but geographically with much importance because of its proximal distance to Asia . That's why Guam is sometimes called "where the America begins". Why not asked the Chamorros who were the inhabitants here about the relationship with the US and who they prefer. Is it Spain ,Japan or the US? Well, the answer many locals have migrated to the US long long time ago and they enjoyed life just like the Americans do. That's why they preferred to become US citizens rather than a Spanish or Japanese who once had conquered and colonized them.
Basketball4life (26 days ago)
The Jones Act is one of the most inefficient laws on the books. Politicians have no economic sense in the US.
Kahtel 187 (26 days ago)
Nope. Disagree
Eric Chen (26 days ago)
Why is Sam trying so hard to convince everyone that Guam is US? We heard it the first time you said it
Eric Chen (26 days ago)
Talking about insecurities...
Ryan Noy (26 days ago)
Guam shld be part of the Philippines...
hitler's tittymilk (27 days ago)
stop acting like development is good
J. Hurt (28 days ago)
Guam should seek independence
Martincito (29 days ago)
Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, Virgen Islands, California, Arizona, New México, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming THE BIGGEST THIEVES OF LAND THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN.
lil goofy ass nigga (4 days ago)
Okay fucking little piece of stupid shit, idgaf and nobody gives a fuck
Martincito (7 days ago)
Again, an American can never feel the same pride the United States as a Mexican feel for Mexico. American patriotism goes away the minute you began to analyze, judge, and evaluate U.S. history OBJECTIVELY, UNBIASED, AND IMPARTIALLY. Mexican haters like you hate us because and envy us because our country's past is much more decent than yours. LAND THIEVES, RACISTS, ENSLAVERS, WAR MAKERS, INTERVENTIONISTS, IMPERIALISTS etc
Martincito (7 days ago)
"Afro- Mexican, Asian- Mexican, White Mexican, indigenous Mexican...??" Those terms do not exist in Mexico. In the Mexican census, for the nationality question, there's only two options 1-Mexican 2-Foreigner. In the United States census there's a multitude of options such as American, African American, Asian American, Latino etc. You say Mexico had more black slaves than the United States??? Where did you get that!?!! During colonial Mexico, Spain didn't need to bring many African slaves to Mexico because the Natives were already enslaved. Spain and Mexico abolished slavery long long before England and the United States did. Do you know the real reason anglos settlers in Mexican Texas declared it's independence (with the support of the U.S of course)??? Because the Mexican government had outlawed slavery in the entirety of its territory and Anglo settlers would not comply. They never tell that in U.S. history books ha?? Grab a U.S. history book and you'll notice so little context, details, and information on the Mexican-American War compared to other chapters of U.S. history. I WONDER WHY?? United States has a ton of things to be embarrassed about. For you to disrespect Mexico because of its poverty and because United States is much richer..... FUCK YOU. An American will never feel the same pride a Mexican feels for its country NEVER. American patriotism goes to the garbage the minute analyze American history OBJECTIVELY AND IMPARTIALLY.
lil goofy ass nigga (7 days ago)
Martincito Afro- American, Asian- American..?? Lol So like Afro- Mexican, Asian- Mexican, White Mexican, indigenous Mexican...?? etc. They have those words for you Mexicans. You should know that Afro- Mexicans exist. In Mexico you also have white Mexicans such as Italo- Mexicans, French- Mexicans, German- Mexicans. I hate racist white fucks, man. I don't hate. But for starters, let's begin with the racism and inequality in Mexico with that whole thing of a white minority elite ruling over a mestizo majority.
lil goofy ass nigga (7 days ago)
By the way, Mexico had many more slaves than USA ever did. Blacks were slaves only really in the Southern part of USA and it was by those racist southerners that I personally don't like. But most of the country had abolished slavery and was against it because industrialization had industrialized the majority of the country. The North was already industrialized and blacks roamed free. USA even fought a civil war against that small part of the country to end slavery because of stupid politics, state rights, and what not. In the end, the country beat the South and abolished slavery for complete.
Dank Boi (29 days ago)
I thought the US was all about "No taxation without representation!!!" Guess it doesn't apply anymore
Rudyson Estanislao (29 days ago)
3:55 Don't say that sir.. I already know you (Guam) when I was a kid. Someday I want to visit your beautiful place:)
stripervince1 (29 days ago)
Aww. Your economy suffered? Gee, maybe you'd prefer the nuke missile from Kim Jung un? Trump did a great job protecting you, don't you think?
Marlowe Madrigal (29 days ago)
Are there Filipinos here who work in Guam? Can you gimme a tip on how to get on this beautiful island?
propoach (30 days ago)
should have mentioned that chinese tourists don't need a visa to visit guam.
BlackAnvil47 (30 days ago)
You can thank trump dumb ass!
planes spotter and railfanner (1 month ago)
i first heared about this island because of a show about a plane crash that happened when a plane was trying to land at guam airport
Pierre Camps (1 month ago)
We get it, it's part of the US. You don't have to emphasize over and over, got you the 1st time.
Don Barzini (1 month ago)
Puerto rico gotta go... free loaders