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Guam: Why America's Most Isolated Territory Exists

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Text Comments (4271)
Wendover Productions (9 months ago)
So many of you will know that I already made a video on Guam ages ago! This is a bit of a "take 2" on that as it's a fascinating place and this time I went on location and learned about what has happened on the island after the North Korean missile threat. Most importantly, I filmed a behind the scenes video with Brian from Real Engineering and Joseph from Real Life Lore which you can watch here: https://youtu.be/cNYJH4MQDuo
zodiacfml (9 days ago)
Simple. because they did not took over the Philippines, maybe because, it is too large and divided as a colony.
Generic YouTuber (14 days ago)
2:20 Technically Kiribati is pronounced like Kiribahs.
The EiDoLoN (1 month ago)
Celina dJ (3 months ago)
I have been to every place on Guam featured in this video and more
Celina dJ (3 months ago)
I live on Guam
King Denominator (4 hours ago)
Guam: EXIST Murica: It's free real estate
Faisal Salih (8 hours ago)
It is the us
Daniel Sanchez (2 days ago)
Idea: Make a state with all US territories in the Pacific (Guam, North Mariana, etc.) Make a state with all US territories in the Atlantic (Puerto Rico, US virgin islands) D.C can vote for Representation in either Maryland or Virginia. Everyone's happy 52 States https://i.redd.it/i2ftalb1q37z.png
bjdon99 (3 days ago)
The typhoons that roll in all the time are nuts
Jason Manners (3 days ago)
I just watched another video that a business owner said they actually had an increase of asian visitors during the missle crisis.
Keith Edwards (4 days ago)
What if Guam and the Northern Mariana islands united as one state? They aren't too far from each other are they?
pveal79 (4 days ago)
Very beautiful place and nice ppl.
SharpLaur49 (4 days ago)
The problem with making Guam a star is that it is small population, a little territory, and it would shake up the political balance of the country to add new Congress members. The house is set at 435~ members. If a new territory is added then which states get how many house reps will change and some states will lose electoral votes/ influence in congress. It’s messed up but a lot of Congress members, especially from the more populous states of CA, NY, and TX, would balk at the chance of losing political power.
JacobTheSuperGamer (4 days ago)
its kiribaas not kiribati xD
William Fitzgerald (4 days ago)
A few other minor mistakes throughout, but the Jones Act part is the worst offense. The mis-characterization of the Jones Act as it applies to Guam is wrong and a fundamental misunderstanding of the shipping industry is apparent. Understandable, as it is a complicated topic, but please do better if you are going to address these topics in the future.
JB Dragon (5 days ago)
I think Guam should become the 51st state. I think that final step needs to be taken. They are in name already.
Mark Z U C C (5 days ago)
Is Guam in the us ?
John MacDonald (6 days ago)
Guam is a beautiful place and I hope I have a chance to visit again.
noah (6 days ago)
Please dont try and make it look like the people of Guam dont want to be a part of the US. They are the most patriotic and they love being US citizens. They get billions in money from the United states. Almost all Guam likes it how it is and so do we. They are would be a great new state.
Sagittarius (3 days ago)
@noah I was born and raised in Guam,and your right most people in Guam want to remain with The U.S,and to also remain U.S Citizens..Growing up in Guam I was always proud of being a Chamorro and a American,and seeing The Guam and American Flag together made me appreciate and grateful for what I have.
noah (6 days ago)
Dont the Japanese live with the same threats as South Korea. They are way closer to NK than Guam and Guam is a lot more protected. Hmm
Sumpter Carter (7 days ago)
Um. . . I'm pretty sure most Americans know about Guam.
The Helghan Empire (7 days ago)
I guess america doesn't wanna spare the admin points to make these territories state cores.
Cloгох Блять (7 days ago)
If you showed me the native people I would say Indonesia, if you showed me the city itself I would think it's mainland America.
Sagittarius (4 days ago)
+Cloгох Блять Guam is in The Micronesian Region,but the Native Chamorro's or the Locals in Guam usually refer to Micronesians as those from The Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands and Nauru,because of Guam's History,Culture,Language,Etc,differences. But you will see Polynesian influences in Guam,as well as Asian,Hispanic and of course American influences as well.
Cloгох Блять (4 days ago)
+Sagittarius honestly I don't know if guam's people are polynesian or micronesian
Sagittarius (4 days ago)
Cloгох Блять...Guam looks different from Mainland America,but you will see American Influence on the island wherever you go.
Sagittarius (4 days ago)
@ Cloгох Блять...The Ancient Chamorro's actually migrated out of Eastern Indonesia,but there is a lot of inaccurate information about The Chamorro Origins online...You basically have to do you own research to get the true answers.
Cloгох Блять (7 days ago)
bring back the Tonga empire
Doubtful Guest (7 days ago)
Guam must follow the rules but doesn't get a vote on them? Sounds an awful lot like taxation without representation.. Just imagine the progress the US could've made if they had just listened to the British to begin with, instead of wasting a few hundred years realising that the British were right.
Lemi Watts (7 days ago)
Your GDP numbers are a crock of shit. $35,000 GDP for Guam? Lies.
De U (8 days ago)
Such a beautiful remote side of the US.
David Kellin (8 days ago)
No taxation without representation!
Christopher Ashford (9 days ago)
Japan is a lot closer to North Korea and way more likely as a landing spot for a NK missile ... silly buggers
darkwowplayer (9 days ago)
Not gonna lie, kinda wanna vacation to guam now....
Lolm3ist3r (9 days ago)
Serving the US Military is not Patriotic. It's a glorified welfare institution that people exploit so they can ask for handouts from tax payers.
HeavyTuber (9 days ago)
Best country in the world
zodiacfml (9 days ago)
Simple. because they did not took over the Philippines, maybe because, it is too large and divided as a colony.
Tuna On A Stick (9 days ago)
I might be living here soon. Yay
Dane Santos (9 days ago)
I live on Guam, and we still don’t get any vote
AM 2026Del Carmen (9 days ago)
Yah Guam is HOOOOOOOOT and we have a lot of tourists but not a lot of american things like chick flelay
Andrew Price (10 days ago)
I’m pretty sure I’ve learned more from these videos, than I did my entire 4 years in high school. Does that speak more towards the schools systems of America or how well produced these videos are? Keep in mind though, the internet wasn’t around yet when I was in school...
10.000 subs with no videos (10 days ago)
Anzak Aleem (11 days ago)
Irony of the statement: Relic of colonialism but now its free... This is said right after telling that US laws apply here but they don't have a say in those laws, and quarter of the area is US military base. Repeat after me: Guam is not colonized by the US.
Brian Jordan (11 days ago)
It is sad so few Americans know about Guam. My grandfather was a marine who helped free Guam from the Japanese. That all Americans don't know about that battle and that American island is a glaring indictment of the public education system. They should get together with the Marianas and lobby for and vote for statehood.
jana perez (11 days ago)
I’m from Guam
elchaconaso (11 days ago)
the jones act is never going away,better read on why.
Nathan Frey (12 days ago)
I thought Guam capsized years ago. There was a congressional hearing about it and all...
TBNYC (13 days ago)
Remember that time Guam almost capsized? That was a close one. (As documented by Hank Johnson)
Nate Lore (13 days ago)
This would be a great unturned map.
Rodney San Agustin (13 days ago)
Hafa Adai ♧
Kiteh Kawasaki (13 days ago)
Brutal. Thanks. From your military allies since 1950: Japan.
Garry (13 days ago)
0:21 look how fucking wide that road is, hell yea thats USA there
jappie jappo (14 days ago)
Hello honorary white yankee people with 2/3 civil rights! Your civil rights are limited to 2/3 yet you still have the right to slap us Japanese!
Business Idea's (14 days ago)
Guam is part of philippines
Jesus Rojas (14 days ago)
Holy fuck the dick riding for US colonialism is real in this video... also I want to point something out that’s important to note and every video gets it wrong. GUAM and every other US COLONY. Are NOT a part of the US because they are UNincorperated(I.E. not part of the US) however they are under US sovereignty... and fun fact they have their own international sports teams that represents Guam, and not the US. But again they are US citizens by congressional law and not the constitution...
Alex Junior77 (14 days ago)
Whose bigger ? I thought he is talking about whose penis is bigger 😂
David Mason (14 days ago)
This seems like a strong piece of American propaganda...don't bother looking at the movement for independence there or how many Micronesians serve in the US military because it's the only option they have to escape poverty.
LostMoon (15 days ago)
Jesus, OK, we get it... it's the U.S.
Anki (15 days ago)
while (1=1) { If (Recommendations.contains("Wendover Productions")) Click = true; else Refresh; }
Carniez (15 days ago)
it used to be in exchange for not being able to vote federally, every dime taxed went straight back to the territory. is that no longer true? I miss Guam. been almost 30 years
ProbablyPublic (16 days ago)
Kiribati is pronounced Kiribas
Fear Me as I The Great Khan (16 days ago)
If philippine was still American colony's they would be rich
george waite (16 days ago)
A lot of what is stated here re the "Americaness" of Guam would equally well apply to the Falklands and Britain.
aarav sharma (17 days ago)
Why don't nuke that fat leader
wyy link34 (18 days ago)
I’m Native American and I would call this the Guam reservation.
richard alan (14 days ago)
There is no such thing as Native American.
stc387 (18 days ago)
so we're just not gonna talk about the smoking hot native dude on the right at 1:11?
Joshua Stephen (20 days ago)
Wtf what about Saipan
vondahe (21 days ago)
Until I saw who the gentleman who starts speaking at 3:37 was, I thought he was stoked.
Rep. of Antarctica (22 days ago)
My main criticism of this channel is the misuse of terms. Most isolated means furthest from any other inhabited area (or I guess in this case from any other inhabited US land holding), which Guam is not. It's practically part of the the archipelago that makes up the Northern Marianas. Just goes to show the lack of research in these otherwise well made videos. The want to inform is honest, but the quest to be accurate is not.
MeradiusTemp/Inv (22 days ago)
Ugly people!
MeradiusTemp/Inv (22 days ago)
burgerboy does some shit (23 days ago)
I’d like to see actual proof that Guam exists
Anacaona4 (23 days ago)
Um, the Jones act is racist and moronic. You left out that Puerto Rico is shackled by it. Because of the Jones act, PR cannot do its own trading, and must buy from only American shippers who jack up prices up to TEN TIMES anyone on the mainland pays. Its like a legal monopoly. Then top it off with all the taxes and such, it's a no-brainer why so many PR people are living in poverty. All U.S. island territories and their people are treated like shit. Less rights, use and abuse of the people and the land all to fatten the American coffers and supply warm bodies for it's war machine. Then there's American Samoa, who's people isn't even allowed to be citizens.....but hell yeah we'll use them as soldiers, only to drop them like a hot turd once they've out lived their usefulness and require after military service (physical and psychological injury) care.
Anacaona4 (23 days ago)
Um, the Jones act is moronic. You left out that Puerto Rico is shackled by it. Because of the Jones act, PR cannot do its own trading, and must buy from only American shippers who jack up prices up to TEN TIMES anyone on the mainland pays. Its like a legal monopoly. Then top it off with all the taxes and such, it's a no-brainer why so many PR people are living in poverty. All U.S. island territories and their people are treated like shit. Less rights, use and abuse of the people and the land all to fatten the American coffers and supply warm bodies for it's war machine. Then there's American Samoa, who's people isn't even allowed to be citizens.....but hell yeah we'll use them as soldiers, only to drop them like a hot tied once they've out lived their usefulness and require after military service (physical and psychological injury) care.
Sam Sebastian Khor (23 days ago)
No, thst INCORRECT. Guan is a N independent state.
TreePine (25 days ago)
Kiribati is pronounced Ki-ri-bas
Roman Baranovichi (7 days ago)
TreePine thought I was the only one who noticed lol
Simon Cheng (27 days ago)
As a dummy , we thought 💭 thé Guam 🇬🇺 ishave the world famous Jail /Persian Ganlatamo ?break , the largest safety place for the federal reserve bank 🏦 in tons of gold valut, also have the most deadly biological weapons and new clear solo In Far East thé much famous persion /Jail is call (Chung city (秦城)class A jail ) and (Yen king(燕京) pensionner) which you cannot find the keyword in google maps /google earth 🌍etc , that see how mountain view google campus full of Xxx We thought 🇬🇺 can develop of the rocket 🚀 sciences (likes province /canton of huston or satellite 📡 dish (DISH network )
Avatar Vader (28 days ago)
I love Guam’s Flag. It looks really well done
Chris (28 days ago)
That’s where Matilda’s parents relocated to.
lester andes (29 days ago)
I am not Chamorro but this video repetitively insisting that Guam is very American is hurting. US pushed the culture and language of its indigenous people to the edge. Guam is still a colony of the US. Free Guam.
Sagittarius (4 days ago)
+lester andes I don't think so...You have to live in Guam to know how corrupt and inefficient The Local Government is...I trust the U.S Government way more in handling Guam's affairs than the Local Government being in complete control of everything. Like I said previously,most people in Guam are happy remaining with the U.S and remaining U.S Citizens....It's nuts to want Independence when Guam has it good with the U.S.
lester andes (4 days ago)
Sagittarius Good to hear that but Guam can be great on its own. Look at Samoa.
Sagittarius (4 days ago)
@lester andes...I was born and raised in Guam and we do have freedom...The People of Guam also benefited immensely from remaining a U.S Territory and remaining U.S Citizens.
World Piece 3.14 (29 days ago)
Wendover Rocks!
Rafael Lopez (30 days ago)
you pronounced kiribati wrong
Fernando Aguirre (30 days ago)
guam independence!!!
Isaiah I (27 days ago)
Nathaniel Fernandez (30 days ago)
Håfa A'dai, anyone else from Guam 🇬🇺?
roy rodriguez (1 month ago)
Many Americans never heard of Guam until 2017?!?!!?!! Where did you get this fact??? Seems hard to believe
Tyno Aquatics (1 month ago)
2.21 it’s pronounced kiribas
troll killer (1 month ago)
Gas $3.89 a gallon Deisel $5.20 a gallon Food shopping is expensive Rent is high Minimum wage $8.25 an hour It's a joke !!!
Chastity Rehebong (1 month ago)
i live in guam in barrigada
Gregorio Palofuego (1 month ago)
51 stars on the US flag doesn't seem too likely to happen. It if were, it would probably be Puerto Rico first, then Guam to make it an even number at 52. The new US flag could then have four rows of 13 stars, and 13 stripes. I'm no Betsy Ross, but it just might work.
BT Lofi (1 month ago)
Haven't been there & already loves everything about it, and whoever made that flag is clever af. I'll be there Guam 🇬🇺 🤗
David Hagelgans (1 month ago)
So , does Guam belong to the U.S. ? - u never said which country Guam belongs too🙄
Isaiah I (27 days ago)
Yes it does. It's a territory of the US
ikingbeasti (1 month ago)
Wouldnt this be no taxation without representation?
ikingbeasti (18 days ago)
+Nodto Modley so no taxed go to u.s govt?? Idk thats crazy to me
Nodto Modley (18 days ago)
We don't pay federal taxes, so no.
Tristan Reyes (1 month ago)
My whole family and I are born and raised on Guam. Still living here and honestly, I couldn't imagine any other place I can call home. Sen guaiya hao Guahån.🇬🇺❤
CPWHUNTERGUY (1 month ago)
Is gay marriage allowed! 🤔
Isaiah I (27 days ago)
Han Real Tech (1 month ago)
Modern colonialism
James Surber (1 month ago)
5:24 lapse in (what?) democracy? It seems there is a lapse in 5th-grade civics. Fortunately we are not (yet) a democracy, but a republic.
J High (1 month ago)
We had a Guam native in my Army basic training class back in the 80's. I can still picture him catching snowflakes in his mouth the first time he ever saw snow.
Tim Smith (1 month ago)
During my 2 years there, had: 1 major earthquake, Tsunami warning from a quake elsewhere in the region, and 2 typhoons - 1st was a Super Typhoon that really tore the place up badly. Guam, nicknamed the "Island of Thieves", was the first and still the ONLY place I've ever had my house broken into and burglarized. Drugs (Yabba/Ice), nepotism, corruption, especially with the local government, benefits/welfare and FEMA fraud, were common place. The US Attorney's office on Guam was ALWAYS busy. It's expensive due to the logistics/supply chain issues to the island, mentioned in the video. Asian tourism adds to that, but I guess the Korean/Jap/Chinese tourists still think it's a bargain compared to Hawaii. Guam's other, unofficial nickname I heard a few times was, "The Poor Man's Hawaii". The infrastructure is US style but we had consistently "dirty" power, up and down the multi-meter, really bad for electrical appliances. Generators, battery back ups and freshwater storage, is good to have there. Electric and water service gets knocked out, often for weeks, after a bad storm rolls over the island; which is potentially every year. Earthquakes are a reality due to Guam's proximity to the Pacific Ring of Fire. Dry season wild fires are also a concern. So yeah, it was an amusing, sometimes gnarly 2 years there. Still had a lot of good times though. Partying with the local Americans (Chamorros) we lived around and worked with, was always fun - they love to BBQ and drink beer! Some of the locals didn't like white howlies much, about the same attitude as over on the Hawaiian islands, for similar reason. Live on the West side of SE Asia now, have thought a few times about going to Guam for a much closer "USA" vacation. Ironically, tickets I looked at, it took just as long to get there (total travel time) and cost about the same as flying all the way to the US West Coast (LAX). Bummer Asian LCCs like AirAsia or similar, can't fly in there, for reasons mentioned in the video. I think a lot of Americans living nearby in Asia/SE Asia, US Military retirees in particular, would love it. My wife has a 10-year US Visit Visa, so I know we would pop over to Guam often if it made more sense.
John Lovelace (1 month ago)
I’d give up the vote to stop paying taxes
Eli. Hofs. (1 month ago)
why the most isolated territory still exist? because a lot of CNMI relatives are there
spkrcity (1 month ago)
Fuck yeah those Power Pro guys at 9:01!!
Mateo García (1 month ago)
Can you do an analysis on the farkland islands?
Jersey Tom (1 month ago)
9m32s of video, 1m38s of Squarespace ads. This video is over 14.6% Squarespace ads.
Max Sputinik (1 month ago)
O nome América é de todo continente. Esses estadunidenses são usurpadores da identidade continental. No Hino do Brasil tem a frase: Brasil: Florão da América O maior campeonato de Futebol do continente se chama: Copa Libertadores da América
Ian Cook (1 month ago)
"bwehnus air-ehs" 1:01 triggered
A Beltran (1 month ago)
Yeah and The states doesn't fucking care about the people only the land.
Isaiah I (27 days ago)
Thats the sad part.
gage4g (1 month ago)
My father was a civil servant for the air force. He nearly moved all of us to Guam. My Mother cut all of hair, which was down past my waist. Because it was going to be hot there. A week later he got the order to stand down.
chrismc410 (1 month ago)
With the exception of being born in Virginia and my sister's birth there we spent most of our childhood on Guam.