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How Tesla made electric cars sexy

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Tesla's Model 3 was the bestselling luxury car of 2018. But the auto company hasn't had a smooth road to success. This is Tesla's origin story.
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Text Comments (61)
Byronkulet05 Roblox (2 months ago)
i love my s3xy girls
Josh Sinykin (6 months ago)
shame on CNN for producing this.
Dino Pappous (6 months ago)
Would love to hear what Tesla supporters / fanboys have to say about this article....very interesting read..... https://seekingalpha.com/article/4251036-tesla-time-customer-investor-reality-check
DJ Kewi (6 months ago)
Did he just say " not the attention grabbing CEO" that was a bit annoying. The video feels informative yet still attacking Elon Musk. They need to stop this shyt
SonofCalifornia (6 months ago)
Long live Tesla!!!
Dino Pappous (6 months ago)
Dino Pappous (6 months ago)
@char Sanctimonious, Self Righteous ASSHOLES !!!!
Mike Siggers (6 months ago)
Its insanity in here..definitely the biggest cult of brainwashed zombies I've ever seen. The bright side is autopilot is the new koolaid and they're all using it. 😂
char (6 months ago)
Fucking idiot get out of here. Tesla Superior Master Race bitch.
Dino Pappous (6 months ago)
Rocket Scientist Elon Musk.... Model "S" Model "3" Model "X" Model "Y" Elon Musk = This Generation's P T BARNUM S3XY !!!! RIDICULOUS !!!!
Thomas Ahn (6 months ago)
No... mention... of Model Y...?...
Starship Driver (6 months ago)
Teslas are art sculptures on wheels that accelerate like a bat out of hell.
bikingcat (6 months ago)
@Dino Pappous yes, i replied to Starship Driver
Dino Pappous (6 months ago)
@bikingcat He's not my idol....I'm with you bikingcat !!!
bikingcat (6 months ago)
your idol is "inventing" subways to undermine the very roads his products avoid paying for. sculptures of oppression. tesla owners are thieves that don't pay their fair share. typical koch brother wanna bees.
Dino Pappous (6 months ago)
bikingcat (6 months ago)
@Starship Driver u socialist are all alike my money
Mark Plott (6 months ago)
CNN Business - Tesla created the Worlds most Safest car and the Worlds BEST car to Drive in 2012, the Model S can be considered a Luxuary car, BUT not the Model 3, that one is a Mass Market Sports Sedan , its Lighter and Nimbler than the Model S. I would NOT categorize Model 3 as Lux. Model 3 is a REAL Drives car and it Handles like a DREAM.
Mark Plott (6 months ago)
@Dino Pappous - my Model 3 P75D can Smoke your Alfa
Dino Pappous (6 months ago)
@Mark Plott The sanctimonious, self righteous, apologist TESLA fanboys are praying but it will never happen !!! ICE IS THE BEST !!! FORZA ALFA BABY !!!! THE TESLA FANBOYS ARE CRYING !!!!
Mark Plott (6 months ago)
@Dino Pappous - Prepare for ICE car BANS starting in 2025 !!!!!!!!!
Dino Pappous (6 months ago)
@Mark Plott ....Wow...can't compete with that type of logic.....let's see...there are 500,000,000 ice cars and like 100,000 Glorified Golf Carts.....Definitely the product of a Community College....EMBARRASSING !!! FORZA ALFA BABY !!!
Mark Plott (6 months ago)
@Dino Pappous - OK, but FIRST lets count ALL of the ICE car fires that happen EVERYDAY !!!!!
Black bear Chyrack (6 months ago)
AnEclecticSoul (6 months ago)
Electric cars won’t be sexy until the truth about free energy is released to the public
Dino Pappous (6 months ago)
You mean that electricity comes from combustion ?
Austin Tebbe (6 months ago)
Kloko Loko (6 months ago)
What truth?
Daniel Kostov (6 months ago)
0:40 " Before Tesla electric cars looked like this..." *shows picture of a gas powered hybrid car* no wonder people call cnn fake news lmao
Justin Johnson (5 months ago)
@Mr. D BOI You know nothing about eletric vehicles.
Mark Plott (6 months ago)
@Mr. D BOI - NOPE, we had Electric cars in America since 1890's , but GM and Ford conspired to END Electric cars , by Inventing the Electric Starter motor, after that the ICE car became king. then In the 1990's GM created the EV1 All Electric car, was ONLY a Lease option , you could NOT buy them. Eventually the program was Ended, and ALL the EV1 Recalled and Crushed. the EV1 was a Great Commuter car.
Dino Pappous (6 months ago)
@Mr. D BOI tell that to the Chinese.....
Mr. D BOI (6 months ago)
Agreed CNN is on b******* but realistically there is no real electric car before a Tesla.
Dino Pappous (6 months ago)
@Mark Plott if you like COCKAROACHES.....
Thomas Smith (6 months ago)
I could care less if Musk puffed a joint. However, the SpaceX rockets do tend to blow up. THAT might be a problem...
Daniel Kim (6 months ago)
Thomas Smith Lol I believe all great minds puff a joint, including Isaac newton and Albert einstein
Austin Tebbe (6 months ago)
Try googling some stuff you might learn something
Adultish Gambino (6 months ago)
Thomas Smith They blow up very rarely nowadays
انا الكريمي (6 months ago)
Terry Smith (6 months ago)
Eventually, the use of fossil fuels is going to be phased out.
vivek Khandelwal (6 months ago)
Elon Musk rocks.....
Dino Pappous (6 months ago)
He's got you fooled too.....Drink the Kool Aid vivek......FORZA ALFA BABY !!!!!
Briandre (6 months ago)
arti (5 months ago)
fbi coming right up
A person (6 months ago)
The reason they look so good is because they don’t try to make it look like an electric car, with stupid details. They actually focused on making a good looking car
A person (6 months ago)
What the fuck is going on here lmao
char (6 months ago)
​@Dino Pappous Fucking idiot get out of here. Tesla Superior Master Race bitch.
Dino Pappous (6 months ago)
@Mark Plott but....unlike my Giulia Quadrifoglio, you didn't set a track record at NURBURGRING !!! The main enemy to driving dynamics is weight, and your Model 3 has a HUGE HANDICAP !!! FORZA ALFA BABY !!!! THE LEGENDARY MARQUE OF RACING AND MOTORSPORT !!!
Mark Plott (6 months ago)
@Dino Pappous - My TESLA beat the TEXAS Mile , and Performed beyond Expatations at Laguna Secca Raceway , I had the BEST Laptime there in my TESLA.
Dino Pappous (6 months ago)
@Mark Plott .....hhmmm, not quite there Mark....Your Tesla Model 3 P75 D is a FAT BLOATED PIG weighing in at 4,072 lbs vs my Alfa Romeo GIulia Quadrifoglio which weighs in at 3360 lbs , which is why my Giulia Quadrifoglio set the fastest lap time at the Nurburgring and your Tesla Model 3 was flying off the track because of its HEFT !!!! Going fast in a straight line is not driving...but you're a computer geek, not an auto enthusiast.....FORZA ALFA BABY !!!
TECHIE AKASH (6 months ago)