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Don Draper Sales Pitch

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The Brilliance and Magic of Don "The Man" Draper.
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Tim McGowan (7 days ago)
both sides of this argument are right. Girls want choice, but more importantly the illusion of choice while still having final veto say. It’s why they ask their boyfriend what restaurant they want to go to and even if the first one is perfect she says no so he lists 8 other choices and she can pick from those. It’s why most makeup palettes sold nowadays contain 6-8 colors and are sold by somebody they idolize.
Bunson Baker (18 days ago)
I agree too many options can be a bad thing. Forgive a shift in topic but when a game gives me 12,000 customization options (often at the expense of good gameplay) I lose interest. I’m not interested in new skins or looking like a unique special snowflake that I am. I care about quality of the game itself.
ciquta (24 days ago)
what "you're number 4" actually means??
James Watson (12 days ago)
It means they are in fourth place in terms of sales in the lipstick market.
The Odinson (1 month ago)
Would be funny if he just takes it too far and refuses the guys’ business 😂 You won Don! Accept your prize!
Fan Made Videos (2 months ago)
I love the look on Teddy and Kenny's face when Don lays down the law. LOL
Abdurahman FAttah (2 months ago)
Many people would disagree with this approach, but come to think of it, a client's trust in his counsel must be 100% even through rough times, and if he doesn't trust and conteneusly second guesses his counsels services there is nothing much a regular counselor can do except kissing the client's behind so he would stay with his firm and that will result in further decrease of his respect to the firm or being clear with him that the counsel won't respond with clients bullying the firm and hopefully he would understand the position he's in or he would walk out knowing that he's counsel don't look for clients appreciation if they're doing what they're professionally thought was best for his intrest therefore earning his respect even if he walked out.
Osama Shah (2 months ago)
William Crownin (2 months ago)
Confusion technique
Alexander Arnold (2 months ago)
Don Draper wasn't the best salesman, and cared more about money than Art.
mycollegeshirt (2 months ago)
confidentially, noone said he was because he's a fictional character.
Troycus (3 months ago)
I watched this series 3 times. I worked for an advertising agency and this drama series is as close as you'll get as far as accuracy about the going on's in an agency.
doksan (3 months ago)
Imagine he sits down immediately 2:02 saying "ok"
74jailbreaker (3 months ago)
You've enlisted my expertise and rejected it. I'm not interested in that, you can understand. I wish i could say that to a customer but I'd be fired in an instant.
Mike McTighe (3 months ago)
+Steve C That's the point. You can't act like Don because even if you were Don we expect people to be nice. Don embodies what we wish we could say.
Steve C (3 months ago)
I have had to tell customers that were high maintenance and low volume that we were probably not the best company to fill their needs---a nice way too say what Don said
Mike McTighe (3 months ago)
Everyone who likes this stuff doesn't live in the real world. Probably hasn't bartended, let alone been in sales. You can't insult a client. What works about this scene is it plays into the desire everyone has to tell off some dumb person or customer. In the real world a customer is paying for your time. Unless you're selling scams to old people, this kind of psychobabble nonsense doesn't work on professionals.
nonplayerzealot4 (4 months ago)
I’m exactly like Don in real life.
nonplayerzealot4 (3 months ago)
+S- Cloudy You're a non-believer...why should I waste time on kabuki?
S- Cloudy (3 months ago)
You'll need to have your CV ready if you try this in real life.
Alec (5 months ago)
"Sit down." *"Fuck you."*
Willie Barton (5 months ago)
Gotta love how Ken is so mesmerized by Don's pitch that he's frozen mid-light.
Evgeni Ptolemy (5 months ago)
Cole Phelps?
Strygger (2 months ago)
Badge 1247
Anway Pramanik (6 months ago)
This show is the reason I'm in the AD industry
Chris Walter (6 months ago)
What's this movie called?
Figur Turk (2 months ago)
Mark Your Jesus
Alpha King Kilyu (6 months ago)
Don needs a few red pills
mejo0102 (6 months ago)
I watch this and I see Cosgrove and I think "Johnny Chan, the master". He knows Draper is about to sell some Grade A BS and just sits in awe
John Doe (6 months ago)
The cigarette hanging out of Kenny’s mouth is the absolute best part about this lol
Brock Hummel (3 months ago)
John Doe I’m glad someone else thinks like me haha
Meris (7 months ago)
not until I know I'm not wasting my time" "sit down" *Proceeds to hash out very successful deal* Great scene and good clip but some key stuff is missing which is misleading
Meris (6 months ago)
+Auto Focus Yeah true
Auto Focus (6 months ago)
headbite alien It’s already implied.
Caroline Lynch (7 months ago)
You can't tell Don Draper to sit down.
Jeff Bingaman (7 months ago)
He sure is mad that the client didn't fully accept his idea which he always thinks about when he's dressing up in women's clothes and donning lipstick. It's like he's getting up from a dining table in a soup kitchen in a $500 dress because he's on a date with a cheapskate that he believes wants him but won't agree with dating a guy in a dress. And falling passionately in love with his every fantasy. The client is like....what is this guy a bitch. Is this your only idea. The client is right though he's got many colors to choose from and they are making like only one color works. If the sales guy is saying woman buy advertising then the client is right for saying, hey dude we want to sell them more than one lipstick. Don't they wear lipstick with different stuff. I mean if a woman only wears one color. She might as well not wear makeup. Because the definition of makeup is change. "One" isn't change.
Jeff Bingaman (7 months ago)
A client would probably walk out with his attitude. Unless they nabbed this scenario from some 60's deal they caught wind of. I don't know what women think of lipstick. But this is the second scenario I have seen of this show selling lipstick. They should of brought in a woman to actually have some ground to stand on as far as what women want or think. As far as I know if they meaning a woman/female/employer doesn't want you, everything is wrong. If they do, everything is right. If they are in a compromise, they want control.
Joseph Lauren (7 months ago)
Alpha as F!
solidstate0 (8 months ago)
"Sit down" "No!" Just nicely delivered
Mister Green (8 months ago)
You call yourself a salesman, you son of a bitch?
Big Nigga (8 months ago)
Oy vey Don could sell a bagel with lox to a semite
T White (2 months ago)
The man could sell sand to an arab
Courtney Sorrento (6 months ago)
He could sell ketchup popsicles to a woman wearing white gloves
unowen7591 (10 months ago)
Lol at the ending. “Sit down.” “No.” Boss.
Donald Joy (11 months ago)
It cuts off before the actual scene ending. After "No," Don says, "...not until I know I'm not wasting my time." The client replies, smiling this time, "Sit down." You know at that point the client has had a change of heart. Scene ends.
Robert Tucker (11 months ago)
Oren Klaff sent me here.
Gianni Rivera (1 year ago)
Said exactly what the first guy said but with more confidence & conviction.
Kolos (1 year ago)
Don understood that the client is driven by ego. It doesn't matter if the campaign speaks to him or not, he just want to argue and own others. Don understood it, that is why he emphasized on the idea of "total ownership". That is one of dozen angles you can approach this ad campaign, but he chose this one, because that would speak to a client, that is a language he understands.
Pr Ra (1 year ago)
The look on Ken's face @1:28 :D
Sjors Sommer (1 year ago)
Xander L. (1 year ago)
His bit about Jesus doesn't make sense to me. Can someone explain the relevance?
Carlos Medrano (9 months ago)
Don called him a non-believer and simply stated an example : You either believe in Jesus or you don't. but the ad campaign can simply be posed as "you either believe in this ad campaign or you do not."
Alex Thompson (1 year ago)
"It's as simple as E Pluribus Unum..." Really, Freddie? Really?
Kev Puk (1 year ago)
best line in mad men. I was like holy fuck he knows exactly what he is talking about
Cris Hofer (1 year ago)
1:28 doubt (x)
andrew7taylor (1 year ago)
Seems like everyone thinks it's a good pitch. But to me, there wasn't a second I would believe it. The client knew Freddie was making a pitch, so they had the mindset for it. But the way Don speaks afterwards, it's obviously a pitch masquerading as a conversation. Hence it sounds totally fake, therefore unbelievable. When you obviously try to push something on people, they instictively recoil, try to get away from it.
hcirs (6 months ago)
Except these people are paying good money to hear a pitch, so your point doesn't even make sense. You realize half of the crap people buy in developed countries aren't necessities? There is no real way to distinguish a superior lipstick from hundreds of brands of lipstick. Selling is about confidence, you clearly don't know confidence when you hear it, or see it. People will always know a pitch when they hear it, but a skilled salesman will be selling during a regular conversation. That is confidence. You can't do anything about it, because they are likable, and make you WANT TO listen to what they are saying. Just the line of thinking from a person who probably gets sold something and doesn't even realize it.
Olayemi Eric Ogunbase (1 year ago)
He offended the client at 0:55 , ready to throw him out. "It means that you've already tried your plan and you're number 4." The answer was already no, and he was ready to fire the client. It's like driving a woman back to her house, 15 minutes into a date. It sends a strong signal of indifference, and confidence. ONLY Draper could have pulled that off. Roger Sterling would have been a close second. No one else in the room had the presence and strength of will for it. Watch the clip on mute, observing ONLY the body language.
Anupam Sharma (1 year ago)
Creatively this was as good as carousel
TheSocialDistorter (1 year ago)
What's the old saying? "Men persue, women choose." Don Draper got this and closed it.
Mike Tython (2 years ago)
Jan Hendrick (2 years ago)
Witch episode ?
Bill Will (2 years ago)
Season 1 - The Hobo Code
Ras Al Paul (2 years ago)
Great scene
Aidan Klassen (2 years ago)
the shot of kenny @ 1:27 makes this scene
GeddyMX (9 months ago)
Aidan Klassen “oh god. Don’s doing that thing again.”
Cris Hofer (1 year ago)
doubt (x)
Scott Evans (1 year ago)
Jesus... there's just something about that Name.
Jack is not in the box (2 years ago)
What does he say at the beginning? Eplural Besulum??
Robert Tanner (2 years ago)
E pluribus unum: Out of many, one. It's actually a motto of the United States.
Mike Wilkinson (2 years ago)
errrrrrr i don't get it...... why was this vid loaded???
Unownshipper (2 years ago)
+Jack is not in the box In either case, it makes little sense to pose the question to the general public.
Jack is not in the box (2 years ago)
He asked why was this video "loaded" in his browser, not why was this video "uploaded" by the uploader. What an off-topic response.
Unownshipper (2 years ago)
What a ridiculous question. Because the uploader decided he wanted to! If that's not a good enough response, then consider these: to show off Mad Men, show off Don Draper, show off John Hamm's acting ability, etc. What a really ridiculous question.
Vivek S (2 years ago)
I'm not here to talk about Jesus.
AndroidPolitician (3 years ago)
What an awkward ending.
doksan (3 months ago)
Imagine he sits down immediately 2:02 saying "ok"
Kai Kai (4 months ago)
+GimmeeSomeMo Thanks for that explanation, now I actually like that the video was edited this way its funnier.
Ackbal Ilisam (5 months ago)
+Vandal Savage "no u"
xandercorp (6 months ago)
Yeah, there's a reason why scenes end where they do. To cheapen to content for the sake of a flippant effect on your internet video indicates a lack of judgement.
Vandal Savage (7 months ago)
"Sit down." "Fuck you." *Scene*
holla vince (3 years ago)
it takes sleeping with many hundreds of women to come up with this pitch
JCATV (4 days ago)
No... The more women you know, the less you understand them. The less you pretend to understand, the more you know.
ronoccc (2 months ago)
Peggy came up with it. Don takes and steals what he can and uses it, does it all the time
DoxyLady (5 months ago)
Yea. The man slut would know.
Elmo Blatch (5 months ago)
On the contrary...it takes only one.
Hue Lu (6 months ago)
right... lipsticks and shades... ownership.... I’m woman I don’t “own” anyone...
blazeindevil (3 years ago)
The only thing appealing about this sales pitch is the catch line, and his ability to talk. He doesn't present valid reasons why this product will work, only his opinions. You can actually use his argument on any lipstick.
Alex Pin (5 months ago)
+blazeindevil lmao idiot
Zimzim Zima (5 months ago)
The only thing appealing about any sales pitch is the salesman's ability to talk
Johnny Chen (7 months ago)
That wouldn't be marketing.
bdcowboy22 (8 months ago)
Arsolon618 That’s about 75% right. The reason why “toasted” works is because is almost meaningless, which makes it benign. Everyone else is saying tobacco kills but you say it’s toasted. That gives the buyer the illusion that it’s ok to smoke. Ok to smoke Lucky Strikes. I thought this was a difficult pitch. It’s more subliminal. But it works. Lipstick pitch is more direct. Like the Marlboro Man.
bdcowboy22 (8 months ago)
Bilal C That’s it. That’s why Draper loves commodities. Like tobacco or lipstick. You can say whatever you want. People are attracted to your message, not the actual brand. But here’s the trick. In time the message becomes the brand. You want to be the Marlboro Man so you buy the product.
WubstepUK (3 years ago)
ninuxy (3 years ago)
"Sit down" "No" Total pimp.
iwpoe (3 years ago)
I'm not here to tell you about Jesus.
Jason Martin (7 months ago)
iwpoe I am
rp Damdul (3 years ago)
Joseph Ranner (3 years ago)
Kodak Carousel, Hershey Bar, and Belle Jolie. 3 best pitches ever on the show.
Zach Weaver (4 months ago)
Joseph Ranner Hershey was a terrible pitch
Nicholas Kampouris (7 months ago)
trha2222 (8 months ago)
All these memories will be lost one day when the Sun engulfs the planet Earth.
II (1 year ago)
Joseph Ranner The only sweet thing in my life.
Eric Johnson (1 year ago)
Life Cereal
Eamonn Shannon (3 years ago)
can someone explain to me the part where he says "i'm not here to tell you about jesus. you already know about jesus. either he lives in your heart or he doesn't"
The Monarch (1 year ago)
The clients are religious, he's basically telling them that their outlook is irrelevant and he doesn't give enough of a fuck to debate it. They are his possession, it coincides with rebeliousness:P
composergabe (1 year ago)
It is a metaphor. It means you are either a believer or not. Also a great tool to get attention when pitching. This video is a master class of a push pull pitch. Enough novelty and tension to keep the people's attention.
Sun RA (2 years ago)
+Eamonn S It was mentioned earlier how the clients were very religious.
Mr. Eighty (3 years ago)
+Joseph Ranner religious flame wars in a nut shell
Joseph Ranner (3 years ago)
+Eamonn S It's a metaphor. He's basically saying that if you are already closed off to hearing something, there's no sense in wasting time trying to convince you otherwise.
manictiger (4 years ago)
There is a logic to this.  Too many choices can overwhelm the average person.  It's why brand loyalty exists and it's why corridor shooters outsell RTS (real-time strategy) games. The average person is terrible at making decisions so they let "leaders" make them. (Of course it's an entirely new discussion whether most of those leaders are any good at making decisions.)
xxxaragon (1 year ago)
it's also why, despite people loving the theoretical option of being able to choose out of millions of songs (for example on spotify), most people will end up listening to their usual favorites anyway. (or people being overwhelmed with the choices on video streaming service that instead of watching something new they much rather rewatch a show they already know)
Sam Pickens (1 year ago)
@manictiger thanks for stopping by with some enlightenment
33yoseph (1 year ago)
this is real deep. never thought about that. kudos to you
Joseph Dent (4 years ago)
so good...
Low Down (4 years ago)
My clients have all seen me do a Draper at one point in our relationship... If you don't have self belief you won't last long in this game. Whilst it looks heroic and glamourous on the big screen in reality it usually rubs many the wrong way and perceived as cocky. It might be easier to agree with the wrong and it might even be profitable to do as you are told in spite of your views. This has challenged me at times but I am not a "yes" man and never will be.  Its not easy being me!!! Ha. 
Ian Gentles Marketing (4 years ago)
Only Sell To Believers. Pass this on ..... fast.
mixur12 (4 years ago)
Marty Kaan > Don Draper
Chase Van Huisen (4 years ago)
Emese Gazda (4 years ago)
Don Draper could sell a book to Kim Kardashian. 
Jutas Jutas (8 months ago)
And Kim Kardashian could sell it way more people before reading the title
Oliver Coulter (10 months ago)
Draper could make people forget about The Kardashian.
Alex Thompson (1 year ago)
Emese Gazda The Bible
roshansingh08 (1 year ago)
I will pay money to see that happen
lisquidsnake (1 year ago)
Official Filmilen (4 years ago)
Don Draper sells this product like a gentleman
nightjammer (4 years ago)
American badass. 
Ron Lehman (5 years ago)
"It's OK, Kenny. I don't think there's much else to do here, but call it a day. Gentlemen, thank you for your time." "You're a non-believer, why should we waste time on Kabuki?" "It means that you've already tried your plan and you're number 4." "You've enlisted my expertise and you've rejected it to go on the way you've been going. I'm not interested in that. You can understand." "Listen, I'm not here to tell you about Jesus. You already know about Jesus. Either he lives in your heart, or he doesn't. Every woman wants choices. But in the end, none wants to be 1 of a hundred in a box. She's unique. She makes the choices and she's chosen him. She wants to tell the world, 'he's mine. He belongs to me, not you.' She marks her man, with her lips. He is her possession. You've given every girl that wears your lipstick, the gift of total ownership." "No. Not until I know I'm not wasting my time."  
domydishes (5 months ago)
What a coincidence you stopped at "wasting my time"
SpikeFlea (7 months ago)
You need a hobby
GaebrielOs (11 months ago)
Good job bro!
MrJabez89 (1 year ago)
Dplik (5 years ago)
@ johnweber - that kid's reaction gets me every time I watch this 
insaneapples (5 years ago)
You know what it takes to sell real estate? It takes brass balls to sell real estate.
74jailbreaker (3 months ago)
Houses, they sell themselves though and they go up in value. Isn't it us humans who make it complicated.
Colin (6 months ago)
Your name Levine you sunavabitch?
HoyaSaxaSD (1 year ago)
Coffee is for closers
morningblue (2 years ago)
+crassyfrake third prize, you're fired. oops im third comment. i'll fire myself then lol.
crassyfrake (3 years ago)
+insaneapples Second prize is a set a steak knives
ShorsBones (5 years ago)
No? What!
KayKay Sharma (5 years ago)
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John Manglaviti (5 years ago)
Idiot spammer
MuieBute (5 years ago)
"I've been in this business FIFTEEEN YEARS. FUCK YOU, that's my name."
van thong (5 years ago)
You already know that depressing occasion when your best friend (who’s been a loser always) gets an incredible girl to fall in love with him in like 3 weeks? Shit, that materialized. I know I should think well done, even so I would prefer if it was me. He stated he applied the the Cupid Love System (Google it). I want to hide inside a cave right now.
RequiemFrost (5 years ago)
shit what happens next! lol well im off to download this show
John Weber (5 years ago)
The reaction shots after the Jesus line at 1:27 are perfect.
NPC 125995 (5 years ago)
"Fucking leads are weak? You're weak."
nfnkalyan (5 years ago)
the jesus line is killer.
BerticusBersht (5 years ago)
Cole Phelps!
jesuisarmenienne (5 years ago)
Great tv series -brilliant
Trinder3467 (5 years ago)
- Alec Baldwin.
Cuong Nguyen (5 years ago)
you're cool!
Franko Samodol (5 years ago)
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BaldManLogan (2 years ago)
Andrija Samodol who gives a shit. Men who revolve their life around trying to get with hot women are weak pathetic men
kasu kismis (5 years ago)
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kasu kismis (5 years ago)
Life sucks. My good friend has started going out with a ten as 8 weeks back he registered to a site named Master Attraction (Google it if you wish to learn more.) I'm so jealous because I wish to fall madly in love too. How come it's so hard? I'm gonna take a peek at this Jake Ayres man's information to check out if it may help someone like me. Odd point is, my friend previously had Zero results with girls. How does one improve so swiftly? His lady's like a model...
yunikage (5 years ago)
Oh lord. Yes, you wear cosmetics for you. It has nothing to do with making yourself attractive. Of course.
yunikage (5 years ago)
Not enough explosions?
ayumi (5 years ago)
Oh that's sexy. "He's Mine, he belongs to Me, and she marks her man with her lips"
Zuzana Zuščinová (5 years ago)
well whatever. i still think the entire advertising industry is a farce. i buy products based on my personal preference and the quality. not some stupid commercials. what a waste of money.
Zuzana Zuščinová (5 years ago)
Alonso de Hojeda (5 years ago)
What about transgenders ? :D What do they color? My cock?
Elle Cox (5 years ago)
yes...but remember this is in the 1960's for the most part a woman's sole purpose was to find a man and ultimately get married a have babies.
Kevin P (5 years ago)
kpjonez.com. 9 Career mistakes to avoid. Kill Time. Go Daily.
Adrian Jutronich (5 years ago)
"No. I've got a bad case of Hemorrhoids."
Tyler K (5 years ago)
You don't live in 1960, dummy
oldmanwithers1 (5 years ago)
Word. They've lost sight of this in recent seasons. For the final season I want Don to return to advertising stud, and for Roger's people-skills to be shown as vital to SC&P.
Zuzana Zuščinová (5 years ago)
that is a rather lame slogan. what about women who are single? i buy lipstick for my pleasure. not for marking men.... pathetic
Cyrano Don (5 years ago)
He just can sell his idea..dont thing he could do that with any product