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NBA Youngboy - Gangsta Fever (AUDIO)

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again
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Omar Miller (20 hours ago)
Not 6ix9ine
DoperThan A Key (3 days ago)
I think I’m getting gangsta feva‼️🤒🤒🤒
Smoove So Harlem (4 days ago)
Favorite song felt every word 38 baby bitch I been that
Bigchris 142835 (4 days ago)
Can y’all sub to me and like my most recent video
Wilens Galette (5 days ago)
“I been misused, I been mistreated, WTF THEY DONT UNDERSTAND” ❤️
Daisy Marie (7 days ago)
Tura Yaya (8 days ago)
2020 Anyone?
Nba Youngestboy (11 days ago)
jamarcus jordan (14 days ago)
Painted That Image Like Ian Shit But Ima Burn It Up Ni...🐐
D Ford (15 days ago)
In 2020 Listening officially 🔥🔥🔥
zavageking (15 days ago)
2020 anyone? This shit a classic
Dope Winda (15 days ago)
2k20 who still dumping this
karasha culver (21 days ago)
Favorite Song💯
Annastasia Lea (21 days ago)
How don't this have more views 🤦🤦
John Popi (1 month ago)
Never gets old 🗣🗣🗣
John Popi (15 days ago)
Trash but it’s on your search Gtfoh hating ass nigga
DROsE (22 days ago)
x why u here den hating ass nigga
Brayden Medrano (28 days ago)
on me
x (1 month ago)
Yes it does this shit is trash
Luv Lyricz (1 month ago)
I got gangsta fever
jay thatboy (1 month ago)
Off pills I just need to relax bab
Devon Paul (1 month ago)
a song on my birthday
Anthony Wilkerson (1 month ago)
This song is 🔥🔥
Joseph Howard (1 month ago)
he only 19 and be shitting on these other rappers
Big TShot (1 month ago)
He 20
Polo Child (1 month ago)
Bah bah bah bitch wahdawp now
Chase Baggs (1 month ago)
I do the dash while im smokin blunt when i play dis
nakaiwaytogood lol (1 month ago)
Best rapper in the world on hood🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Blessed Beyond measures (1 month ago)
🤝 real mf shit hoe❤️
Kayla Symonee (2 months ago)
Real gangstas in disguise🤧!
NBAx (2 months ago)
I come here from time to time to just clear my mind and think
john cheatham (2 months ago)
I I like it. NBA youngboy
Slimeee • (2 months ago)
🦧💚🧑🏾‍🎤 4kT
J M (2 months ago)
I need this instrumental asap!! Younboy shoulda let it breathe for a min
Joe Turner (2 months ago)
Yb the goat 🐐💯💯💯
Sxhil2kxxl 21 (2 months ago)
She could’ve left but she ain’t leave my side 🧟‍♂️
Tonya McFarland (2 months ago)
Fever 4ktray
DeMarris (2 months ago)
Still banging dis ?
Fox Gaming (2 months ago)
Don’t come outside 💚🖖🏽
Sha’Nyla Periodtt (2 months ago)
I love u every time sum one p**s me off I listen to ur song or when I just want to listen music my brother is is ur biggest fan I’m 2nd biggest
Mckenzi Green (2 months ago)
This song hit😭
Xavier Winston (2 months ago)
Arwaye Gakmar (2 months ago)
how does this have 6k dislikes?! whoever dislike this just mad no one loves them
Chino Glambino (2 months ago)
Nba youngboy the best fuck who disagree 4kT
Jayda Gavin (2 months ago)
Gangster fever 🥵
Shakethia Eastland (3 months ago)
I better see a song wit u and Mo-3 soon
Eddie Long (3 months ago)
I ooh ooh ooh think I'm better off by myself
Darrick Washington (3 months ago)
Honestly Is It Just Me Or Is This Song Looongg Overdue For A Video. Slime We Definitely Need A Video 💯🔥 I Play This Too Many Times A Day Along With Lonely Child For Only The Audio To Be Out 😩
thereal Bonnie05 (3 months ago)
Killa Forever (3 months ago)
They show sympathy fa somebody who ain got no dick inside they pants
Killa Forever (3 months ago)
true story
Demarco Baker (3 months ago)
Think I'm better all by myself 🔥🔥
P. Dyson (3 months ago)
Stormy Tracks (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/iHPWcTa2tdM listen Gangsta Fever here HQ AUDIO
Dee (3 months ago)
Bro did he diss Kevin Hart in that last verse 😂🤣
Quisha Barnes (3 months ago)
Love your songs
King James (3 months ago)
This song fly nocap
RHECTennessee VFL (3 months ago)
But now I don’t want no one around and they wonder why !!!! Preach to em one time bro !!!!! This is a real ass song !
Thurquan Fogle (3 months ago)
This song is hard
BackUp Acc1 (3 months ago)
one of the most saddest songs I ever heard tbh. Damn. The chorus cold
my videos brown (3 months ago)
if u had to pick between ynw melly murder on my mind and this song which one will u pick
Ladyy Acee (3 months ago)
Cassidy Ancora (3 months ago)
the first 40 seconds are so fucking fire holy fuck
Juz Chill (3 months ago)
Snap .fuego 🔥
BOS DAMO (3 months ago)
I speak the truth I don’t wanna be with no one else
Lyric God (3 months ago)
thisis trrash
Ciere Marks (3 months ago)
Ciere Marks (3 months ago)
Aleica Magee (3 months ago)
hi friends
Erika Segura (3 months ago)
A banger
Project Jayv (3 months ago)
Drop a music video !!!! To this omgggg
liviinyc (3 months ago)
my husband 💗!
Charlize Cisneros (3 months ago)
💚💚💚💚 slaaaat
Sniper (3 months ago)
feel like im smoking about a j chilling thinking
Faye Hurst (3 months ago)
I like your video
Elaine Ruvalcaba (4 months ago)
Real Youngboy make it blue
Audrey Carrillo (4 months ago)
Shadow Baby (4 months ago)
1:15 - 1:32 the realest shit i ever heard.
Trixie Crownover (4 months ago)
They wonder why 🙋 I'm better off by myself
Just. Kendraa (4 months ago)
I swear to god I’m subscribed to prime 8ight On head do that ‼️
Shakethia Eastland (4 months ago)
What's the odds and she use and e do 2 of u runnin cross er
Best Of The Best Videos (4 months ago)
Darius Carter (4 months ago)
That Nigga YB Ah Bad Mf 🗣
Coco C-TOWN (4 months ago)
To real 💯😇💪👑💫💌💭
Kimberly Johnson (4 months ago)
HEY SIS SEXY ASS MAN THAT DON'T WANT THEIR MARRIAGE WOULDN'T be able and STRESS Management or workshops to ufr
T GillyDilly (4 months ago)
This happens when your heart wont let you miss anybody. Literally. And they dont know what if feels like. Shit a blessing, bc ppl dont deserve what you bring. I learned that the hard way. And if you need friends it gets really hard.
lana jamison (4 months ago)
Good song 👍
lana jamison (4 months ago)
Nda better song it's on
RellsWorld (4 months ago)
Raptor Clips (4 months ago)
“Them niggas play he got my money up now bitch it’s bout time,bow bow bow bitch wat up now🔥🔥that shit was cold
Megan Hicks (4 months ago)
Just woke him up from my bed
Yung Cazhout (4 months ago)
This song don’t get old 🔥🔥
therighteouslife4 (4 months ago)
“Insecure about myself oh”
eric robinson (4 months ago)
Phaedra Jones (4 months ago)
Madison Hairston (4 months ago)
i think im better by myself"
Lenoo Lenoo (4 months ago)
Ran This Bih fr💪🏽
Tez Songs (4 months ago)
He be in pain frfr
troll (4 months ago)
This song actually reflects me like if it you feel the same.
Kameron Jones (4 months ago)
Aye YB make a MF video for this shit man this one of the hardest songs ever
ma new slapss (4 months ago)
I know this whole song by heart 😭💁🏾‍♀️
Casandra Nash (4 months ago)
Casandra Nash (4 months ago)
Camron Carrothers (5 months ago)
Korrupted Hacks_YT (5 months ago)
This is how many people what’s your boy out of jail 🔥 👇🏾
Jake Ryans (5 months ago)
Smh preach
Jacquel Miller (5 months ago)
Kill it