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Funny NAPA Commercial From 2003

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A funny NAPA commercial from 2003 with Dale Jr. and Steve Park making fun of Michael Waltrip and his other commercials.
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Text Comments (69)
Cloud Strife (3 months ago)
And did anyone notice that the wicked witch of North Carolina walking with Michael?
CoDKid300 / Zachery Lord (7 months ago)
" I'm at the Wrong Track" lol
Brody Cooper (6 months ago)
When he goes to Pocono for the Daytona 500.
Skeletor (10 months ago)
Napa know how intensifies
William Hamilton (10 months ago)
There's no more Nascar commercials. The couple they have are terrible
AJ Live (1 year ago)
I M A T T H E W R O N G T R A C K ! ! !
Tommy Luchavez (1 year ago)
YEP! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jason Juno/Jasonlandmapping (1 year ago)
Jason Juno/Jasonlandmapping (7 months ago)
@Whatruacop Do you think they are making fun of me?
Whatruacop (1 year ago)
Harrison Webb and I’m not splitting the money with you
NasHawk (3 years ago)
Steve, why did you leave so early?
AB94 (4 years ago)
So that's why Steve got traded later on in the season.
BrokenSandman64 (5 years ago)
thomas cypert (5 years ago)
Dennis Bowen (5 years ago)
huh Steve got "traded" later that season...that is ironic
Minnesotan 114 (5 years ago)
I'm at the wrong track!
Pamela Maloy (5 years ago)
Omg lmffaoritf
dhario martinez (5 years ago)
Steve park is in the Whelen modifed tour
Brody Cooper (6 months ago)
Mabey he could drive for Jr. Motersports in the Xfinity.
Ralph Russell Pansiul (6 years ago)
'I didn't know that I was good looking!'
newmanfan39 (6 years ago)
no, Mikey definately liked this! it was probably Gordon and Johnson and Rick Hendrick who disliked it
Nathaniel Robinson (6 years ago)
"And I'm not splitting the money with you!" lol
Nathaniel Robinson (6 years ago)
"I didn't know I was that good looking!"
tryithere (6 years ago)
I've always felt bad for Steve Park. He was robbed.
machiiniiima (6 years ago)
i miss DEI and steve park :(
Brody Cooper (6 months ago)
Blame Teresa, the LAWSUIT FARIY!
Kevin Sauce (6 years ago)
''I didnt know i was that good looking!!''
NebulousFury (7 years ago)
he was severely injured at Darlington during a Busch Series race. Under caution the field at gotten the 1 lap to go and a lap car was speeding up to the front to take his rightful spot on the inside of the lead cars. Just as the lap car was about to go by Steve, Steve's car broke and skidded out of control into the path of the lap car and Steve got t-boned on the driver's side. Injuries sustained in that wreck brought Steve Park's career to a screeching halt. Hopefully he comes back some day.
Garett Burns (7 years ago)
Teresa was hot back then lol
Brody Cooper (6 months ago)
And a little less money hungry
redracer1985 (7 years ago)
Had that look like: Tony Stewart; Weekend Warrior. and that Napa Commercial is the funniest ever
DLeck6211 (7 years ago)
he still races in a few K&N Pro series races every now and then...
PepsiBoy428 Productions (7 years ago)
Michael Waltrip made 3 accounts and disliked this
Brody Cooper (6 months ago)
Now its 9 bros
smoke 14 (1 year ago)
Blazing Maverck XD? Can't even use an emoji? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sykotics Hyper (1 year ago)
PepsiBoy428 Productions XD
jason (2 years ago)
PepsiBoy428 Productions 8 now
jeff chapman (7 years ago)
@BigWheelHawaii thats right now that you say the I forgot Steve got hurt bad in a wreck and it ended his nascar career
BigWheelHawaii (7 years ago)
@MegaSwiming Aloha Buddie,,, Steve got hurt very bad, has just never recovered completely... He also took Dale's death very hard, as most of us did... Steve was a great driver, and a great friend of Dale's... Watch the DVD,,, "Dale"... Steve's on that DVD video series.. You can see a big difference, before Steve got hurt... Watch the before and after clips of Steve, very sad... Steve did race after he got hurt, but was never quite the same... He just love'd and care for Dale, it's very sad.
jeff chapman (7 years ago)
what happened to Steve Park he just fall off the face of the earth
jeff chapman (7 years ago)
the old days when DEI was good and the team to bet
Ryan Hanson (7 years ago)
Thumbs up for badass Tony Stewart at the very end.
Dakota Brandon (7 years ago)
Back when DEI was the shit lol
redracer1985 (7 years ago)
Funniest Napa Commercial Ever
ftghb (7 years ago)
@CrazyxRandomxGirl it was from another napa commercial where michael was at the wrong track
cmiddick (7 years ago)
I didnt know I was that good looking haha lol
Todd Schoolcraft (7 years ago)
One of my favorites
Alivvie (7 years ago)
I still laughed, but what's funny about him being 'at the wrong track'? *confused*
Wedge Antilles (2 years ago)
It was from another NAPA ad.
kingwilliam14 (8 years ago)
At the very end is tony stewart
Sarah Smith-Hooper (8 years ago)
i <3 Steve Park!!!!
DialgaRules24 (8 years ago)
lol, Teresa lost it at the end x)
TheCatchFence (8 years ago)
Eww that was Theresa, wasn't it? yuck....
DxLEGENDxDYLAN (8 years ago)
BEST RACING TEAM OF ALL TIME..... i miss the original dei they all were such great teammates especially michael and jr they dominated talledega and daytona ... i would love to see what they could have done together in the 2 car draft
Dalton Whitson (8 years ago)
more guys laughed at dale.because dale is awesome!
DaleE988 (8 years ago)
@coltcub64 well the only known demands were him getting 51% ownership of dei which is what he should've gotten, thats what dale sr built dei for in the first place
UNpilot15 (8 years ago)
@coltcub64 you're right. its a damn shame the Earnhardts barely get credit
BDXRdemon (8 years ago)
i wish this team could have survived, they would have given Jimmy johnson a run for his money by now.
samk418 (8 years ago)
UNpilot15 (8 years ago)
@jc71ss DEI merged with Chip Ganassi Racing, so technically they are fielding cars.
redracer1985 (8 years ago)
That is one of my favorite commercials, been looking for that one forever, THANKS!!!
Arin Smithback (8 years ago)
Haha Press 4 and 5 repeatedly
Arin Smithback (8 years ago)
LMAO but this Commercial would be better with The Man in Black.....
Wedge Antilles (8 years ago)
Not very often you see Theresa Earnhardt in an ad.
thebrandonp88 (8 years ago)
im at the wrong track
xN0Fear88x (8 years ago)
Lol I love how every napa commercial makes fun of michael waltrip.
mgaz728 (9 years ago)
"I'm at the wrong track!" lol that was funny
Sheri Malik (9 years ago)
that commercial was sooooo funny.
AutoRockinRacing94 (9 years ago)
The curse of the suit...