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HERE ARE THE WORST WOMAN DRIVERS OF 2017 Part.1 Uploaded as educational video. Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions. Copyright issue? Send me a message and we'll get it resolved .
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Text Comments (2116)
Mixed Man (9 minutes ago)
Omg the baby in front of the steering wheel! Even a slight fender bender and the air bag will go off and could easily kill the baby. What was this dumb woman thinking!?!
ReubenSammich (50 minutes ago)
You should definitely get your drivers license redone if you can't park a fucking smart car xD
Island_Kermode (1 hour ago)
woman who can't drive have two choices either 100% fault on their end and their insurance gets jacked up, or they give you a blowjob and you go your separate ways.
TomsFruitStand (2 hours ago)
I’m sure there’s another way to work this out. ;)
Alante Powell (2 hours ago)
2:34 -- Ma'am.............. The airbag *WILL* kill your child. If he/she is lucky enough to not go through the windshield.
Smoove (2 hours ago)
Nah I had to stop watching after the woman driving down the sidewalk. I mean even a toddler knows that cars are meant for roads
kvm75 (2 hours ago)
I’m a woman myself but I can honestly say I am in deep shame to say I’m a female driver when I see all these nut cases. I wonder if they’re driving with their eyes closed.
Smoove (2 hours ago)
0:53 what car is that?
Ravioli Ravioli don't fuck the Dragon Loli (2 hours ago)
women can't be good drivers, every woman on the world sucks at driving...this is just a fact...
clayraven (4 hours ago)
The merc reverses up the hood of the Ferrari. Lol outside the optometrist office. That's irony right there.
Nathan Elsbury (5 hours ago)
1:20 my mom's old car it was a Hyundai matrix it was terrible
UncleanerVirus (5 hours ago)
You don't deserve to drive a small ass smart car if you can't parralel park it
Per-Jöns Tomta (5 hours ago)
99 % of all this videos are from russia. fuckings stupid fucks
UncleanerVirus (6 hours ago)
It makes me wonder how few accidents would happen if women didn't drive? Not a sexist remark, just curious because all accident clips I've seen were 75% female and 25% male
Rocket Steve929 (6 hours ago)
Son Goku (6 hours ago)
I trust a drunk guy to drive me home than a women
Jean-Luc Durand (7 hours ago)
Wow bravo bonne conduite plus tes es con plus tu peux conduire correctement et plus tu es russe. Russie capitalisation des con-ducteurs.
The1Americanpride1 (7 hours ago)
540 ....wow
The1Americanpride1 (7 hours ago)
Lol rhe team Canada one
ipadize (8 hours ago)
4:29 "Team Canada" Wtf
ss ss (9 hours ago)
Women are aloof - always in their head thinking of some nonsense like make up and clothes. Half of them only get a license because the examiner was a bloke and thought if he passed her she would ravish him. I think it's high time that the test became so stringent, only about 2% of women will pass.
umm no (9 hours ago)
this entire thread just makes me proud to be a woman bc it shows you how men will go to lengths to create a video bitching exclusively about women and then circle jerk and cry about how women ruined their lives. are u mad? a vagina steering a car make you feel those emotions? lmfao
umm no (9 hours ago)
found the triggered man babies in the comments
Travis Chandler (11 hours ago)
This is why women dont need to be driving
Deapoolxx17 (11 hours ago)
Smart car and still cant parallel park. Just stop and go home. Throw away your license. Never drive again
akedemiks a virgin (12 hours ago)
Do you just get your liscense at a certain age with no requirements in Ukraine countries ? Because how the fuck could you be this clueless/careless while driving
Joe Man22 (12 hours ago)
A lot of this was filmed in Colorado
Joe Man22 (12 hours ago)
And these women get cheaper insurance for they're stupidity.
Sezar Dd (13 hours ago)
It has always been my question to me that women who are good drivers and lawyers are why they make such mistakes in driving?
Илья Якименко (13 hours ago)
17:15 so tell me again about police violence! Those shitheads don't follow the simplest orders, just because "fuck the police". Even my dog is able to get out of car when I tell him so, regardless I don't even have a dog. Stupid niggers...
Rose SnowDragon (13 hours ago)
I’m a woman I drive better then that but the one with her driving with a baby in her lap?! WHAT IS SHE THINKING?!
TheMoBro776 Gaming (13 hours ago)
A not so well represented team 4:24
AalMC (14 hours ago)
Thankgod my mom can parallel park and im the one who teach her and im only 12
AalMC (14 hours ago)
The parking one is try not to get unsatisfied for car enthusiasts
Bahrain Retard Guy (14 hours ago)
GOSH WOMEN ARE SOO DUMB. they dont even belong in the kitchen. their soo dumb they might cut themselves r burn the house.
Fixxey 16. (15 hours ago)
My mom is actually a really good driver she knows how to drive beter then most men.
JAoshima (15 hours ago)
The last crash for the best classic .
AAron Thom (16 hours ago)
For me, I think Chinese, Korean people etc should have additional requirements to get driving licences, especially those women. The amount of times I have nearly been run over by one of them because they can't see me. The amount of times they have nearly collided with me because they can't see. And also, even walking on the streets those in busy areas they just walk into you as if they can't see you. They should not be allowed to drive
Chris A (17 hours ago)
We always end up in Russia Wtf?
morgielivie (17 hours ago)
baby on drivers lap all i was thinking was AIRBAG . talking of airbags BIG OLGA SHOTPUTER would knock fuck out you she got out growlng nice.
Cam (18 hours ago)
The one with the baby in the front WTF !!!! Dumbass shouldn’t even be a parent or Guardian why are they recording like if that’s cool smh I’m so mad😤 Aight I’m coo just watching all these morons just agitated me
R4p3 maico (18 hours ago)
I youst want to smack them 🤬
archer muchetti (18 hours ago)
3:13 understandable mistake
archer muchetti (18 hours ago)
0:39 concrete proof that women should not be driving because of dumb shit like that. Looks like someone is going to fuck it up for everyone else.
Valrin7236 (18 hours ago)
24:05 I wouldn't mind having her in my car
Falcon Powerful (19 hours ago)
18:45 Arrest her like you'd arrest a guy! This is discrimination ;-)
Injustice (19 hours ago)
Russian women are utter shit cunts.
Gunny's Gaming (19 hours ago)
24:35 Less of a stupid driver more of a "I know this light takes FUCKING FOREVER and it just turned red"
pidarman 1945 (19 hours ago)
Muslims are right about some things
PokemonShinyLover (19 hours ago)
An add appeared before this saying let's make drivers better. 😂
Josh Hoffman (19 hours ago)
I hate stupid people.
Josh Hoffman (20 hours ago)
I know there are many men that are bad drivers too, but this truly reinforces the stereotype.
Flip Keys (20 hours ago)
They don't know about distance in traffic
Mr SoulVault (21 hours ago)
6:12 lady hits cyclist and throws him into another car. *D R I V E S A W A Y*
kfd784 (21 hours ago)
24:07 that's a keeper for sure
Michel Simmions (21 hours ago)
I wanted to see the airbag pop out at the baby in 2:35...
grancito2 (22 hours ago)
16.30 Nazi cop breaks a number of laws, and will never be prosecuted. Time for a citizens force and court and prison, where the cops' families, or pension funds, pay for the criminals' internment.
Edward Erofeyev (23 hours ago)
4:34 "stupid crappus!" 😂
Isleofskye (23 hours ago)
Women ALWAYS want to blame others as they do NOT like to face the consequences of any mistake they mkje in life let alone causing a serious accident. Even in minor everyday life you see this all the time.They HATE taking the blame and do NOT want responsibity because then they can NOT be blamed for anything going wrong ! If they do make an error they want to be instantly forgiven but if their Man makes a mistake they do NOT let him forget in a hurry !:)
Janki Jan (23 hours ago)
There are no "bad woman drivers" or "bad male drivers" .. There are only sensible drivers or complete morons.
TheLegendofRyo (1 day ago)
the gene pool is polluted
Yohanne DaGoat (1 day ago)
Im 13 and I can drive better than these grown women
Chronic2112 (1 day ago)
it's funny because it is true
Thee Jason Bourne (1 day ago)
Does anyone just want to punch some of these people?
pirate1469 (1 day ago)
2min33,la femme (conne),qui roule en auto avec son petit sur ses genou,c'est pas fort dans la tête
U GOT NO JAMS (1 day ago)
4:29 #teamCanada lmao
Menyhert Kakucs (1 day ago)
more expensive a car and worster the driver?
Menyhert Kakucs (1 day ago)
24:10 Bilyalova Svetlana aka Luxury prostitute in action.
Menyhert Kakucs (1 day ago)
bad to watch this...
MBeatle 47 (1 day ago)
*video shows all the cars license plate* Me:K i got them all now lets sue them till they are fucking poor...
Isleofskye (1 day ago)
Political Correctness is alive and well in The UK and these people think we are idiots when they tell us there is a lower amount of Female accidents on our roads ! lol THERE IS BY 10%...What they do NOT tell you is that the average guy drives FIVE TIMES more miles per year than the average female AND there are FIVE TIMES MORE MALE DRIVERS and females mostly drive on local,familiar routes and in the day-light. Men tebd to drive in all weathers and areas and at all times .
Ale G (1 day ago)
Men too!! Specially because of their ego their not able to admit it or expose it
Sasa Nikoric (1 day ago)
Koliko retardiranih vozaca ima, strasno!!!
Chernobyl (1 day ago)
Wooden nigger (1 day ago)
Rip that ferrari
Jonas Luzadder (1 day ago)
at 8:18 what was she even thinking
m. holzmüller, LIVE TO RIDE,RIDE TO LIVE (1 day ago)
sofort den lappen weg, aber alle vollpfosten , dreirad anfangen mit üben, votz...
Adam Kapraun (1 day ago)
Women are fucking stupid on the road
Cleat Kicker (1 day ago)
All the dislikes are from woman😂
Dave France (1 day ago)
8:00. So much irony
Patryk Zareba (1 day ago)
how they get driving licence ....fir little sucking sucking ?
Jim Panze (1 day ago)
22:16 wtf??? an a380 could park there
Erica Schuette (1 day ago)
Two things. One: y'all commenters not realize that it's been PROVEN that females are better drivers? Hence why there's less videos of them getting into accidents? Two: very clearly one of these videos shows a bearded MAN who can't park... When there's not enough videos of bad women drivers that you gotta throw in a guy XD
Sarah2157 Roblox (1 day ago)
29:02 the husband is obviously having a mental breakdown.
paulspydar (1 day ago)
Parked on top of a Ferrari & right outside "Great Falls Eye-care" lol
Sarah2157 Roblox (1 day ago)
Andrew Scott (1 day ago)
While I think most everything in this video was stupid, in the sense that these people could have avoided the accidents with a little more brain power, I hate cycleists 1 million times more than female drivers. To quote Jeremy Clarkson;" Work harder, get a car."
i. rob (1 day ago)
50% of arabs in saudi are men who drive like idiots. Now equal rights will allow the other 50% women to add to the lunacy of middle eastern driving.
Obstupifacti (1 day ago)
In Texas if the officer can hear you then the window is rolled down enough, that cop that busted the window was just a dick that couldn't cite the law he pretends to up hold...
Currently Piotr (1 day ago)
3:18 this girl is on something I’m not kidding, or she is retarded
Chulabebe Glamarie (1 day ago)
22:54 smart car is too big to park 😂
Big Henry (2 days ago)
See, this video would be infinitely times longer than it is now, but listing all women who have ever driven would be quite difficult.
Erica Schuette (1 day ago)
Big Henry But have you noticed that most crash videos feature men because they're worse drivers?
Danno1932 (2 days ago)
That bitch with the baby on her lap!!!
lua (2 days ago)
becca wilson (2 days ago)
sad you feel you have to attack women, you would have a million more videos if you included men.
Erica Schuette (1 day ago)
becca wilson They do. Just type car crash or dash cam and pretty much every video is 90% men because they're worse drivers
Levi Sanchez (2 days ago)
becca wilson Lmao attack women.
Jacob Martin (2 days ago)
3:26 name of that song
cigges (2 days ago)
19:23 The definition of a privileged teen with a brand new BMW bought by mommy and daddy, also doesn't know how to drive. Gross.
913marisol (2 days ago)
16:30 when cops where still racist
Kevin Kelley (2 days ago)
Dumb ass bitches!
Jeremiah Simpkins (2 days ago)
@26:40 is that a dude because that look like a dude
Jordan Nix (2 days ago)
I’m surprised one of these liberals watching this hasn’t commented