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HERE ARE THE WORST WOMAN DRIVERS OF 2017 Part.1 Uploaded as educational video. Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions. Copyright issue? Send me a message and we'll get it resolved .
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Text Comments (6119)
Hallstrom (1 hour ago)
2.2k women watched this video
jon williams (1 hour ago)
theres a special place in hell for those that dont pull out into the intersection enough when turning onto another street to let traffic flow around you.
Bazillyyy (1 hour ago)
MediaKilla (1 hour ago)
About to watch this video and I just know I’m gonna get pissed off.
reelkena (3 hours ago)
This is just mostly Russian drivers. They're all this bad, any gender.
Hyro Proto (3 hours ago)
Team Canada
Dbdoubi (4 hours ago)
In Russ you take the Drive Lizenz for präsent mit 35 IQ!!!
j And (5 hours ago)
Women with baby on her lap is sickening
MrWombatty (8 hours ago)
When they bleach their hair, it must remove brain-cells as well as colour!
fadi azzam (10 hours ago)
5:34 is that for real
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (12 hours ago)
In terms of driving men tend to be better, but riding a bike on the streets? Really? These people are commuting with their bikes not doing bmx lmao
Amanda Goldthwaite (16 hours ago)
The baby on the lap about killed me...
Andrew Cool (17 hours ago)
God knows I hate dumb female drivers
Cherubin Rex (17 hours ago)
The most amazing thing they don't accept it not a single one of them if you don't have a dashcam you are the one who caused it.
chocolakbar (18 hours ago)
I fall asleep then have nightmares while watching these videos...
EvilSpock (19 hours ago)
My sister and I were at a gas station, and we were driving through the parking lot looking for a open pump when a semi-truck drove out in front of us. He was not that close to us and not going fast, but my sister freaked out. She accelerated full throttle and turned sharply smashing us into a gas pump. It was the most terrifying thing I have ever seen in my life because I couldn't believe that's how she reacted. Another time she took out 20 feet of our neighbor's fence, just missing his horses. She has smashed our other neighbor's mailbox and basketball goal. Needless to say, I don't let her drive when I'm with her.
Luciferian Society (21 hours ago)
Luciferian Society (21 hours ago)
Sammi Conley (1 day ago)
She was being obnoxious but Legally She doesn’t have to roll the window all the way down. Also didn’t it hurt his hand breaking the window with his bare hand lol
James Keegan (1 day ago)
24:09 Yes women are shit at driving, but you’re gay if you don’t appreciate this clip
James Amos (1 day ago)
" That is about the dumbest fucking thing I've ever seen" It truley was. Lol
pukedragon (1 day ago)
Hows come when a man speaks in Russian it just sounds like any normal respectable language, but as soon as a woman starts speaking in it, it sounds like the souls of the damned trying to break out of hell?
OreoLag5 (1 day ago)
Ayeee, thumbnail is from my uni
DoJo Starfox (1 day ago)
16:35 she was in right, you dont have to roll your window all the way down.
god particle (1 day ago)
Dumb fucking cunts......truly stupid 😁😂🤣😃😄😅😆😉😊😋
suparosc02 (1 day ago)
Why those people have a license?
Bill Kerman (1 day ago)
FYI you dont have to wind your window all the way down always ask them if its an order or a request
HeK (1 day ago)
Team Canada
dorito (1 day ago)
The cop one at 18 minutes was a stretch
Shivam Vaid (1 day ago)
I just find the life insurance ad on the radio the best the moment before a chick crashes into them. 😂😂
Lennard Vink (1 day ago)
Efe Sahin (1 day ago)
Team Canada!
JF R (1 day ago)
24:14 best woman ever, throw her some ones.
Christian Pélissier (1 day ago)
I think we gotta start changing our driving cours methods because it’s not working!
A.B. (1 day ago)
1:46-may be a lousy driver but nice cheekbones.
ken shaw (1 day ago)
typical liberal, they think they are above the law,jackass got what she deserved
Vicious Circle (1 day ago)
That girl in the red car trying to run people over... I'd have dragged her ass out of the car and put her down for the count the FIRST time she tried to run me over. Once you try to kill me like that it's no holds barred and I'm gonna hamburger that stupid face before you get out of there.
K9 Shockz (1 day ago)
Hilarious video ✅ comment section filled with radical feminists ✅ btw I know this an old video but lmao
aidan noble (1 day ago)
the lady at about 2:50 with the kid in her lap while driving, needs to have her kids taken of her and be sent to jail before that kid is killed.
Valerie Brown (1 day ago)
But insurance companies say woman are the best drivers, "how come".
TKGoat (1 day ago)
I work in south american construction and tge women are usually the ones in charge of prevention of accidents and all their cars are dented. This video explains why.
Mirka Taehyung (2 days ago)
Loosing faith in humanity now in humanity driving cars...*sigh* kill me now before it’s too late
InsaneDynamics (2 days ago)
If you can't parallel park a smartcar in a slot for a normal car you have no business being on the road.
InsaneDynamics (2 days ago)
Just because you get in a wreck doesn't mean you stop in the middle of a road or highway. Pullover all the way to one side preferably the closest available side. Not only do you create traffic problems but you create a high chance of causing another collision.
Di Vepets (2 days ago)
"We don't need men, email rep strong independent women!" This goes especially for 3:16.
Hjalte Thostrup (2 days ago)
The best would be to take those women out of the gene pool
Андрей Зед (2 days ago)
In the classic episode, Russian girls in the blue Bentley ))
sabrina upchurch (2 days ago)
20:50 is raleigh nc cptl blv by carmax lol
MustangWriter (2 days ago)
I'm impressed by my abiltiy to endure 'stupidness'. LOL
Starlet Jones (2 days ago)
6:25, always the violent blacks!
Daii Sukii (2 days ago)
My heart fucking sank when I saw that woman with her child between her and the steering wheel of her driving. omg. Horrible
super taco (2 days ago)
damn 31 mins of stupid women and its only a part 1? fuck me silly.
Unknown Person (2 days ago)
Why cant a black person just follow the direction of a police officer? Its mind Boggling to me. Most of the issues they face from police are because they are Belligerent.
Belshe Rivera (2 days ago)
All the dislikes are probably woman
Elevating Vibration (2 days ago)
Nearly everyday...I live in a large city...and nearly every freaking day...I'll be driving and I'll often look to my left or right and see a woman on her cellphone or doing something equally distracting while driving along the road and sometimes even the freeway...because she FEELS LIKE SHE NEEDS TO USE HER PHONE...it's illogical, it's dangerous...it can ruin your entire life AND THE LIVES OF OTHERS...but because she FEELS LIKE IT'S WHAT SHE SHOULD BE DOING AT THE WRONG D**M TIME...SHE DECIDES TO DO IT!! Never let a woman drive your car...it may go well but if it does you got lucky. The only near death accident I avoided in recent memory was because some dumb woman just literally sees my car coming full speed down the road and she decided to jut out in front of me and then the c**t had the audacity to look at me like I was wrong when I laid into the horn on her crazy ass. Literally I'm coming down the road at 45 mph, she sees my car coming...unless she's blind...or looking at her cellphone...then with no warning she just races out in front of my vehicle....only with swift reflexes I swerved the right and avoided a deadly collision. It was the craziest sh*t I've ever experienced...and again the c**t looks at me like "What, I was in the right...you were wrong....I COULDN'T WAIT THE 5 SECONDS IT WOULD HAVE ALLOWED FOR YOU TO PASS, MY SPIRIT ANIMAL TOLD ME I NEEDED TO GO NOW!!!" Crazy c**ts!
Elevating Vibration (2 days ago)
So many women with mental issues in this world...then when these crazy b***hes emotions get hyped...they throw all logic and reason out the window and behave like children with ridiculous destructive tantrums...then they don't take responsibility for the damage they cause. They can be a real problem for many people....but like Jay said....99 problems...THAT STUPID C**T IN THE RED CAR WAS TRYING TO END PEOPLE'S LIVES...RUINED HER CAR AND THEN WHEN THE MAN HAD ENOUGH SHE JUMPED OUT THE CAR LIKE HE WAS THE WRONG ONE...AND THEN RUNS TO HER C**T FRIEND WHO PROBABLY COSIGNS HER IRRATIONAL BEHAVIOR!! 6:28
CYMATICS (2 days ago)
You cannot be held accountable for your actions whilst in possession of a vagina
KAS Whitlow (2 days ago)
This is completely shameful!! These women should send their license back to the DMV office, ASAP!!
Ethan Heitz (2 days ago)
god these drivers are just awful... I hope I never meet one *crosses fingers.*
Ethan Heitz (2 days ago)
@ 3:22 Typical Mercedes SUV owner, tsk tsk
J B (2 days ago)
Should have put the window down, but didn't have to.
J B (2 days ago)
Cops abusing power on a black woman. Again.
beach side (2 days ago)
Glad to see the lady at 2:52 was wearing a baseball hat. I guess she's not into protection
beach side (2 days ago)
Women drivers no survivors.....J/k
Danny Orange (2 days ago)
Jeez. Over 2,000 women disliked this video.
Alberto Pompilio (2 days ago)
Lol OMG Brampton Ont @ 4:27 Peel Centre @ Team Canada Dr. Welcome to Bramledesh Canada FFS India's and Paskitan's best of the best!
demoskunk (2 days ago)
I've come to the realization that most women only care about clothes, makeup, and TMZ, which is fine as long they don't get behind the wheel. Maybe Saudi Arabia is right on this one....
TomTB (3 days ago)
Song at 3:27???
Dr. Morteza Delroba (3 days ago)
The Ferrari was in my local neighborhood , VA, they still have that picture in their shops...rich ppl get $hity days too....!!!
Shahrose Khan (3 days ago)
Hold my bear, I am going to drive my car
Preston Garvey (3 days ago)
8:17 well at least she dosnt hav to go far to get her eyes tested
Andrei Skovorodin (3 days ago)
Woman behind the wheel= Car smashed in the roof, Men in kitchen = Kitchen burning
Dinomite (3 days ago)
I've come close to dying quite often due to shitty woman drivers. The worst part is when they come out of their cars and act like we are the ones that are wrong. Fucking people these days.
arendea (3 days ago)
So I guess we can assume any video NOT labelled bad “women” drivers are ALL men.... and that’s ok cos there’s a sh1t ton more of those videos than this sexist bs 😊👍
Godzilla Atheist (3 days ago)
If you can’t tell the gas pedal from the brake pedal get the fuck off the road.
Dre H (3 days ago)
honestly at 21:15 that was like a mild to heavy fender bender, and i don't think it was really worth it to chase them a call the police, but that's just me, and if they were running from them, then why were they using there turning signals? lol
Veleron23 k (3 days ago)
7:51 How fast or how clueless do you need to be to hit and end up that high on that ferrari
Kazuking (3 days ago)
Women are the worst drivers because they second guess every fucking move they make.
Alexander Astora (3 days ago)
Case in point: carry a small folded fan to "shoo" them way like a fucking, illiterate, street dog.
JaeWade Wade (3 days ago)
Go team Canada!!
Frazle (3 days ago)
She thinks she’s entitled because he’s black and a woman, but in reality she isn’t because she’s black, and a woman
Wilson Chin Chee Vui (3 days ago)
i hate those Q jumper. worse for those Lady Driver who thinks they are above the law.
Jack Ripper (3 days ago)
Women should not be allowed to drive. They are egotistical, do not yield, and have bad coordination.
Mehmet Ali Demir (4 days ago)
For what reason is the woman on 8:55 in this vid? May someone explain?
❼❼ (4 days ago)
Let's break the ice: Women can't drive.
John Doe (4 days ago)
Some of these are just god like events that can't be stopped just rude how you claim them as worst woman drivers
Junior V (4 days ago)
None of these surprise me...
Oghren (4 days ago)
female drivers*
Adam Woodhouse (4 days ago)
The hair on the woman at approx 7:30 was amazing!
Yzarc Zorah (4 days ago)
So many sexist pieces of shits in the comment section it's unbelieveable.
shutemdwn (4 days ago)
Why are women so fucking stupid?
xIDrumlineIx (4 days ago)
J.S.S (4 days ago)
thanks goodness that women aren't allowed to derive in my country, now I know why
Chrille9320 (4 days ago)
This is why I have nightmares!!!!!
Abdul Wahab (4 days ago)
worst thing is these bitches check their cars instead of others.
theothertroll (4 days ago)
women, can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em - well maybe in Russian you can shoot 'em ...
Abdo M (4 days ago)
Vaginas are at it again.
moorek1967 (5 days ago)
@4:29 Go Team Canada. Could you afford that ticket for that day?
supportthetroops 656 (5 days ago)
This is why muslims dont let woman drive. Heheheheheh!!!!
Sabrina Kenny (5 days ago)
The worse dancer on the planet...sheesh!