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Samsung vs Apple! (Samsung Mocking Apple Commercials)

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A collection of adverts by Samsung mocking Apple and the iPhone X! Like and subscribe for more! I do not own the rights to any of the videos
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (6573)
Marcos m (7 hours ago)
An Apple user's defense: but IOS doesn't get viruses. 😆funny
Abdirahman Abdi (1 day ago)
1:02 worst hairline
Tattude Joe (1 day ago)
i shared this to my co-workers. they are all die hard apple iphone users. haha! i love galaxy phones far better
Noah Hamm (1 day ago)
Apple gets all there parts from samsung anyway
Madison Morgan (1 day ago)
What the song called?
Shin Wassup (1 day ago)
Isn’t it funny watching this while I’m a hardcore Apple user never had Samsung phones in my life.. I use Apple cause my community is mostly using so chatting, emoji all can be used also Animoji to one another.. my sis changed to Apple too cause she say Samsung is laggy as time goes by, and prone to virus, don’t know true or not! Personal preference I Guess
HoLee Fok (2 days ago)
So did they like buy a whole store replicas of apple iPhone or ask apple if they can borrow their store to do a commercial?
ActionX News (2 days ago)
greenlight96 (2 days ago)
Lol i love seeing stupid pointless arguments in the comments on which one is better lol. Newsflash people like different things and not everyone needs to like the same thing you do. Both sides can have good arguments on why the phone they like is better but nobody will win. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong on which phone is better it's just personal preference. Love the videos tho they were hilarious.
Justin Dough (2 days ago)
Lol the don’t know how to spell... They meant: *downgrade to galaxy...*
Вадим Мелеховец (1 day ago)
No, upgrade. Learn to read.
Natalia Spina (2 days ago)
1:59 kills me lol
willard evans (2 days ago)
And guess what Samsung just released a tablet without a headphone jack
willard evans (1 day ago)
Well we can argue all day about this but Samsung shouldn't make fun of other companies then copy them I'm not a Samsung hater nether am I a apple hater I have a s8 and a macbook and I'm very happy with both I'm just sick of this hate apple Internet culture
+willard evans well the phone shouldn't even be worth that much. And you logic shows how apple has created a true sheep like following.
willard evans (1 day ago)
+I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE well if you have £1000 for a phone then you can afford wireless headphones
+willard evans because samsung doesn't do it on majority of high end models that cost a 1000 bucks.
willard evans (1 day ago)
Well then why are they making fun of apple for doing it when they are 2
Shahar Moradoff (2 days ago)
Upgreat to iphone
Liam Dale (3 days ago)
Was that dark guy trying to attempt an Australian accent?
Tech's Awesome (3 days ago)
3:08 Amethyst from Steven Universe comes to buy an iPhone , brilliant!!!
Dk Ny (3 days ago)
Samsung is toxic to apple
Marek Kupec (3 days ago)
YEAH apple is expensive slow piece of junk 😠
Riza Tursunov (3 days ago)
The theme is stuck in my head now
itzblue eyes (3 days ago)
both my parents have apple and i gotta say apple is pretty good but i like samsung galaxy better (more because of the pretty desighn) but not because of this video i liked samsung galaxy way back lol my bff is literally that store manager "you can jjust downlload that it has better sound and it has more stuff than the stupid samsung galaxy". me"thats not true (idiot)"
JSP_Aviation (3 days ago)
Now they don't even have a dongle in the box! What an innovation Apple!
Ralph Pernites (3 days ago)
Note 9 user here. Wish I stuck with Apple, iPhone XS Max. For a thousand dollars phone, we deserve a fingerprint scanner that doesn't scratch easily.
Nicole (3 days ago)
can the android users here please stop being so triggered and writing a whole paragraph when someone says they prefer apple.
K D (4 days ago)
Upgrade to Apple!
Gary Dunn (4 days ago)
Mic drop!
FTFgamer (4 days ago)
iPhone is just for show off and just for getting people to know that you have dope shit and you are "SUPREME".
Tiosi 4/K (5 days ago)
Every iPhone is better than Any androit phone
I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE (2 days ago)
that's factually incorrect
Tiosi 4/K (5 days ago)
Androit Is Shit
Short_ Cake98 (5 days ago)
Well I kinda like samsung and i had xmax and pretty good j6 samsung and i use both and the same time but the most better phone is android which is called Samsung because I've been using without charging for 33hr and I've been at the bar while playing my samsung j6 which is iphone xmax on my backpack still charging for twice a days🤣🤣🤣 well I guess I choose samsung for living
saurabh raj (5 days ago)
*"I'm a Ge Ge Ge Ge Ge Ge Genis"*
Yea Boiii (5 days ago)
Lol watch phone buffs speed test for the Xs max vs note 9
ilay levi (5 days ago)
Song name?
Mona M (5 days ago)
So you learn more about the samsung by going to an apple store.
The spooky meme ghost (5 days ago)
More people buy android becuase it is *CHEAP* and *LOW QUALITY*
Nicole (3 days ago)
+Jubal Kuai i agree there are apple users who do get the products and "flex" but so do Samsung/android users. Thank you for the nice reply!
Jubal Kuai (3 days ago)
+Nicole well that's your Opinion and I respect that, I apologise I'm talking to these^ kind of people whom think they know all and are degrading other great products.
Nicole (3 days ago)
+Jubal Kuai i worked for ages to get my iPhone, we don't "show it off" ive had an android phone and they're fine but i feel like for *me* apple will be a better choice as i do not care for customisation (that's what all android fans say we miss out on).
Minh Đức GamingVn//Intro Và Gaming (4 days ago)
Jubal Kuai (4 days ago)
Nope cos its AFFORDABLE and GREAT QUALITY. You people are just doing to flex and show how privileged you are. You are paying more for a Brand which has lesser Functions than Samsung.
SimpleSoda (6 days ago)
so when "apple" says they can FaceTime up to 32 Samsung 1: admits they can't do that and 2: says it's irrelevant anyways. Not really helping your argument when you're saying you're missing a feature and think it's irrelevant as an excuse.
I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE (6 days ago)
Its mocking how apple advertised it as one of its greatest features, yet is completely and utterly useless.
Danish yatim (6 days ago)
"Hey YOU, can I borrow ye'DONGLE"- Jacksfilms
Abhishek kumar (6 days ago)
what is name of song which is playing
rykooi (6 days ago)
isnt this the guy that gets his dick cut off in the netflix movie the package?
Min Yoongis husbando (5 days ago)
Alex yark (6 days ago)
Am I tripping ir does the apple worker look like 69 without tats
Francois S (6 days ago)
Same shit apple and samsung, oneplus rules (have currently an iphone but still oneplus 3 was faster than my galaxy s8+ and iphone8plus)
SHAWN APOLLO (6 days ago)
Lmao. Apple cares only cares about money than quality
Boeing Aviation (6 days ago)
1:29 Steve ever say who need stylus? Ok you mock wrong phone
50,000 subscriber with No videos? (6 days ago)
Apple just ignores them when they bully Apple.
Project Scorpio (3 days ago)
They can't retaliate because it won't be smart they can't compare because Samsung has better specs and if they compare apples will show how bad there phone is and I want to see that commercial
Hiranya Samudaya (7 days ago)
That guy with long hair is in the movie package
KARSBIL (7 days ago)
0:01 the white dude is from the movie The Package and he is so funny.
Nancy Schroons (7 days ago)
Apple Squad where yall at
Oscar Hermansson (7 days ago)
Upgrade to samballs
Kreigstank WoTB (7 days ago)
Beretts The Player (7 days ago)
Well, I have all 10 of my fingers :)
Lucas Wilkin (8 days ago)
Where the android squad at?
Young Gunz (8 days ago)
This was the best series
•GreenTae (8 days ago)
I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE (7 days ago)
Facts disagree
Roblox Channel (8 days ago)
Like if if Samsung is crap
I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE (7 days ago)
But why are they crap?
Nathan Pratt (8 days ago)
I think that the only thing that apple has going for it is that they make pretty products, but so does Samsung lol
SavagePotato987 (8 days ago)
Marie Gacha (8 days ago)
0:59 [me:well that's just...that's just freaking creeping me out] just looking at them staring a straight face at you
Marie Gacha (8 days ago)
1:30 girl:ohhh!cause you don't have one.. Boy:ye- no!!i have all kinds of my fingers!
Ahmad Sayuti (8 days ago)
Fact Android is much better than apple.. but SAMSUNG is the worst android device ever..
I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE (7 days ago)
Hanson Ng (9 days ago)
Fuck Samsung
Uu Yy (9 days ago)
1:02 *A I R P O D S*
Celia DeLorme (9 days ago)
I have a huge crush on this guy 😍🥰
The Dev Gaming (9 days ago)
I had a Android for 2 or 3 years now and never used Apple before...
blui (9 days ago)
Ching ching ching ching chingchingching
FireFox ;-; (9 days ago)
Respect Iphone they have never told any company that so pliz respect if you wanna be respected
Intro Dispenser (7 days ago)
Yes they have... Many times... Are you doing your research kid?
Louie Salvador (9 days ago)
Amashing shing shing shing shi shi shing 🎶
Eri Animation series (9 days ago)
Thak galaxy
The Perve (9 days ago)
Pringles FN (9 days ago)
Like gggggg genius
Doni Erik (9 days ago)
Wow, that's hurt bruh
chrizi KL (10 days ago)
U mean downgrade to galaxy
chrizi KL (2 days ago)
I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE U mean except speed... . The iPhone xs destroys the s9 in Benchmark tests especially in singlecore.
I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE (7 days ago)
The s9 is superior to apples phones in just about every technical aspect there is
Guaca Mole (10 days ago)
Samsung is toxic af
Şílěnť Wřæth (10 days ago)
Hi (10 days ago)
Unlike apple Samsung knows how to count
Isabella Williams (10 days ago)
There was face unlock on Galaxy s3
KING SAVAGE_OOF (10 days ago)
*Im going to apple store with a samsung and ask them to upgrade my phone XD*
Vance Bros (10 days ago)
I have a iPhone 6
Vance Bros (10 days ago)
Odysseas Philippou (10 days ago)
Fucking idiots wow u made a phone thats better than apples but instead of only referring to that u could do it on another phone that is better than apples ( which there arent anymore )
วคx (10 days ago)
Was that even English?
Lost Keeper (11 days ago)
I love Eduardo Franco 😂❤
rat kn (11 days ago)
this is kind of funny
[ ] (11 days ago)
Looking at the problems that Samsung galaxies have had in recent years I don't see how they're in any position to mock another product, I mean I get it I'm no fan of apple either but there are so many other phones I'd pick over a Samsung.
[ ] (9 days ago)
Granted I'd still prefer a phone with leaky batteries over an iPhone
[ ] (9 days ago)
+I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE my friend had an S7 and my brother had S8 for all 4, They could have been model specific issues so I can't speak for any newer models, other than those issues they were decent phones.
I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE (9 days ago)
+[ ] and what galaxies were these?
[ ] (9 days ago)
After 4 galaxies he switched to HTC and hasn't looked back. As for my friend he went with a google pixel.
[ ] (9 days ago)
+I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE I've heard of quite a few but I'll stick to the ones I've actually seen as it wouldn't be fair, I've seen overheating in my friends galaxy, my brother was constantly losing reception with his even though we were with the same provider and sitting next to each other and he has had 2 different galaxies that had batteries leaking acid which Samsung blamed on faulty batteries and both phones had reception issues.
Rouge Viper.3 (11 days ago)
Its funny if your seeing this in 2019 because just two months ago Apple and Samsung release that they're working together
J Kumulaau (11 days ago)
Samsung commercials are all about iPhones. Apple commercials are all about iPhones. 🎤 drop
Rails Life (11 days ago)
I’ve heard of apple fanboys. Now I guess it’s the time for Android fanboys to rule the Galaxy.
ILikETuRTleS (11 days ago)
Minh Đức GamingVn//Intro Và Gaming (5 days ago)
Rip Iphone User
Galaxyor Gamer (11 days ago)
The best os that tren Samsung do the same
I Like Turtles (11 days ago)
Just the fact that they need to mock apple makes samsung seem desperate
Please don’t roast Me (11 days ago)
I Like Turtles but everyone loves the adds. Even apple fans
GameMaster07 (11 days ago)
1:02 oh no, not the waves
Wasabee -mix (11 days ago)
0:36 yeah well i think the new hole camera on the s10 and s10+ will be way more annoying -_-
JESSE Alex (11 days ago)
Obviously apple fans are gonna dislike this video
Please don’t roast Me (11 days ago)
JESSE Alex ikr
Connor Anderson (12 days ago)
Good old apple sheep in the comments
Siby George (12 days ago)
but the sad reality is that samsung did add a notch to the galaxy m
wei guo (12 days ago)
Brandon Human (12 days ago)
Apple users are still like. Samsung sucks
xD Mix (12 days ago)
3:36 come here max bots
jnxta (12 days ago)
my dad will never leave samsung
Jan Tiefenbacher (12 days ago)
1:22 How needs the pencil?😂
Dean Mohammed Tsabit (12 days ago)
why are all these people in the apple store in the first place?
Rashaad Hamid (13 days ago)
Sue Samsung
you see my comment everywhere (13 days ago)
Yes snapchat photos on s9+ looks like photos on iPhone 5s
I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE (9 days ago)
the s9 has the essential same camera specs as the iPhone x
Thatgamey boi (13 days ago)
Im biased tawords apple; but i loved this!! Haha