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Knowing your rights is the fastest way to beat the system. Education is key to outsmarting the ones trying to outsmart you. READ the contract.
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Hector Ruiz (8 months ago)
hopefully and God will do justice and above all for the welfare of UPS FREIGHT
Hector Ruiz (8 months ago)
Without having the slightest idea that with that attitude they are harming and damaging the company that has worked so hard to maintain
Hector Ruiz (8 months ago)
In the UPS FREIGHT terminals all of them who are under the union believe that they can do everything and work badly all the time and with a very bad character, they have no desire to work, they get to work as if they were forced and they treat badly UPS FREIGHT owners operators.!!!!
Hector Ruiz (8 months ago)
In UPS FREIGHT terminals there are many vague people who do not want to work, because they work by the hour and are backed by the stupid communist union that what they have done is to make vague and bad-tempered workers
Hector Ruiz (8 months ago)
Many UPS FREIGHT workers will be unemployed this end of the year, for the ego
Hector Ruiz (8 months ago)
Did you heard about the AMAZON OFFERT to UPS FREIGHT, this is going to be the end of the communist “UNION”!!!!!
Don Livesay (8 months ago)
It is Brothers and Sisters. Try not to be so condescending ...Any Union member can read. You act like you broke ground with new info....
And C (8 months ago)
Gary McKinzie, Jr (8 months ago)
What happens if Chicago strikes? Does package honor them nationwide? I’m hearing lockout for freight. Ballots counted one day before they can strike.
Ross Headley (8 months ago)
Teamsters for trump
Kendrick Jamone (8 months ago)
but arent they gone be getting people arrested they did to people that came with vote no signs 631 did this
Patrick Woods (8 months ago)
And second when will the retro pay be paid out?
Patrick Woods (8 months ago)
So is the national contract done or is it still being worked on?
Matt Scenna (8 months ago)
First off, despite being relatively new to working in a union and still learning how we operate, I will not cross any picket line! That being said I need someone to help me out with this. If freight or Chicago sets up a picket line at our facilities, are we at risk of losing our health insurance?
Eric Stromlund (8 months ago)
Keep the updates coming bro Thank you for your Video
Nighthawk Predator (8 months ago)
Just saying...
Nighthawk Predator (8 months ago)
And the best way to fight bs is to read your contract as Tyler has pointed out. Pick up the book once in awhile and read an Article or 2 at a time. If u have questions about the language then ask a trusted Steward to help you. the contract is a lot like the bible in that it is open to interpretation based on the Local and Region you are in. However, some things are clear no matter where you are and the language on picket lines is clear to all everywhere!
Nighthawk Predator (8 months ago)
I have seen that too!
Nighthawk Predator (8 months ago)
Trust Tyler here and listen up, i and other coworkers have encountered secondary picket lines and the fact is...... U do not cross any union picket line. U take the packages back to the building!!!!!! The language is very clear. I know no one in my center for the last 35 yrs to ever be fired for not crossing a picket line!!! Oh I have had managers bitch and say bs but they ended up taking the packages themselves. That is there business to do that but as union members, we must NEVER cross a picket line to deliver any packages. Again i will just say that to acquire the label of SCAB is the last thing a career oriented UPSer wan'ts on their head unless they have plans for entering management soon! lol
Forrest Towle (8 months ago)
Tyler you da man,. Watct 0679
Janoy Cresva (8 months ago)
So i went after our supes on the weekend and let them know that the language states that they were not authorized to take our skill dollar away. So we've been working this whole time being shorted 1 dollar. They even had the audacity to say i'd have to pay them back once the new contract gets implemented. I dug into the book and contract and it specifically states that NOBODY will LOSE a dollar because of the skill pay position being eliminated. They are grandfathered in. So we have a big meeting on saturday with our stewards,local heads, and management. I want to thank you Tyler. If it wasnt for you and your videos about being proactive, i never wouldve even looked into it and just taken there word for it. I've now essentially gotten my entire sort their money they were owed.
110% America Loving PATRIOT (8 months ago)
Hey Bro on a serious note you need to put a disclaimer at the beginning of all your videos that protects you from getting sued cause it happens. I could see some lazy ass that said well Tyler Binder said that I'm protected by this or that. I would even consult a real attorney that's honest if you can find one most I have used just ripped me off specially In my divorce but i wont go there. I like your videos and I'm not trying to discourage you from making them at all just dont wanna see you get sued or fired by uncle buster cause they claim your putting false information out there and as we all know they have some deep ass pockets you could probably reach in there and pull out some Yen!!
110% America Loving PATRIOT (8 months ago)
Broseph Binder we aren't supposed to cross any picket line of any union that is on strike and if a union company is on strike and try to bring new recruits in to do the work even those people aren't supposed to cross the picket line either! I used my contract book for toilet paper cause that's about all it means!! Shit
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
Mark Overfelt You and I know that. New hires don't.
110% America Loving PATRIOT (8 months ago)
I'm waiting for the one that comes out with pictures only and written in crayon!!
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
Mark Overfelt hahahaha so true
dan alwardt (8 months ago)
Watch "UPS FREIGHT NOT SHUTTING DOWN" on YouTube https://youtu.be/euaOjzdyuKE
dan alwardt (8 months ago)
Watching this makes me wanna vote no!! Even more
soulkeeper (8 months ago)
Freight isnt getting any volume so no need to cross. Ups already said they will give ups pkg division freights equipment for peak. Good luck brothas..
Diego Garcia (8 months ago)
And who is going to drive it???? Non cdl 22.4's??.... not a chance brother. And like you said good luck with that. That shit won't fly at all.
soulkeeper (8 months ago)
If the contract is ratified legally I'm not sure it isn't wild cat strike.
DMOZ8371 Mountain (8 months ago)
Once upon a time not so long ago Tommy used to work on the docks, union's been on strike He's down on his luck, it's tough, so tough Gina works the diner all day working for her man She brings home her pay, for love, for love She says, we've got to hold on to what we've got It doesn't make a difference if we make it or not We've got each other and that's a lot for love We'll give it a shot
pilot 74 (8 months ago)
What about seasonal employees, are they protected? Or will they be required to cross a picket line or face being let go?
pilot 74 (8 months ago)
Jason Jones I have been seasonal since May. We don’t have a lay-off period. I can’t speak for everyone, but I am treated good. Pay is $30, nothing ever forced and if I want to pick up overtime or weekend work it’s always welcomed. I guess I got lucky and work for a good Hub...good luck to you.
Jason Jones (8 months ago)
Seasonal employees are entitled to absolutely nothing you either cross the line and work or you have no job. You have no benefits what so ever it's why you don't pay union dues yet etc. Like the full time supervisor of operations at my hub told us. "Hey thanks for the help. Right now you guys are just extra help and nothing more." Yet we're treated the worst like fucking trash and worked to the core it's why turnover is so high. They don't pay us shit and milk you for every damn trailer they can get out of you until you quit or maybe just maybe get lucky enough to get hired back on after peak if you don't they just let you go. It's fucking shit tbh.
brad b (8 months ago)
If the union doesn't tell you that you are on strike you better show up. Or its a no call no show. Get in your truck and park in the driveway if the picket line is blocking you from leaving. Duh the company would love to fire you for no call no show to make an example.
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
brad b Absolutely
Jovany Hurtado (8 months ago)
Page 28. Article 9. Section 1. IBT+
Ernesto Flores (8 months ago)
I will not cross it. Oakland Gate Way . 19 1/2 yr. part time. Thank you Tyler 4 all the great infor. Well done
Jeffrey Pells (8 months ago)
Sad to say, but there will be people that are easily intimidated that will cross a picket line.
Tim Huber (8 months ago)
There won't be a reason to cross the freight picket line. There won't be any freight to deliver or work on the dock. Dock crew this week went even work a full week. Here in Portland we had less than 20 pickups.
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
Jeffrey Pells There's always a few.
John Nunez (8 months ago)
Your wrong, that contract that finally decided to read is ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO BE READ on the UPS RISING app
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
Brian did you know I read the language word for word from the book and I'm wrong. Weeeee
brian griffith (8 months ago)
John Nunez nobody uses that shit app
Diego Garcia (8 months ago)
This whole bluffing game freight is playing is going to blow in their face because we all are going to vote... YES or NO just vote and make your voice be heard don't let the union brass decide what is good for us, our future and our families.
Jeffrey Lewis (8 months ago)
We're expecting not to go to work this Thursday or Friday because we're not delivering/picking up any freight to prepare for a strike.
Cheri Schluter (8 months ago)
The employees are the union. Why are we letting the top tell the people who work every day in the UPS shithole. Who are they to tell us to screw over are brothers and sisters? Are we sheep or are we a union? Tell me how anybody can just cross the picket line and be true to the concept of being in a union?
Cheri Schluter (8 months ago)
How can UPS freight be a different company when all the financial news outlets say that they’re just a different division. We’re all under the umbrella of the corporate office of UPS. I believe that we are being sold out by our union and also freight is being sold out.
Rick1979 (8 months ago)
I woulnd't take my legal advice from the news for starters but yes they are a different company. For years UPS freight wasn't even union so you can't really argue that but I can promise you that the Teamsters aren't going to let the freight contract bleed over to the small parcel business. I'm pretty sure that the primary contract will mean only the freight operation, especially with a republican government that so many low paid hourly guys voted in.
Diego Garcia (8 months ago)
It's all about how they claim each division in their taxes. Eventhough freight looks like it makes way less money it is a much smaller operation run with scraps... do more with way less... the UPS modo
brian griffith (8 months ago)
Cheri Schluter that's exactly what's happening.
Diego Garcia (8 months ago)
What if we ser a picket line at an amazon building.... ???...
Balanced Chaos (8 months ago)
Then you'll see a bunch of people who have been fired, because they have no Union protection whatsoever.
Ger Vi7 (8 months ago)
Yesss... that is supporting each other in ground and freight
ironeagle2526 (8 months ago)
The union won't call it primary because they are in bed with ups and ups will lose money so I believe this will not happen so everyone just chill peak is coming and the union will not shut us down trust me they sold us out so I wouldn't worry about crossing a picket line
Greg Kovacs (8 months ago)
Primary picket lines typically are at the location of the contract dispute.
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
Greg Kovacs I met the 705 leader last night. He's badass. We will see.
Knowledge S.O.G. (8 months ago)
Teamsters 710 Kankakee Illinois UPS hub thank you for putting this information out there I know there is really nobody in my building that is doing this type of work for the brothers and sisters what you're doing is priceless your information is pretty much value to above all others at this point you have proven time and time again to be one of the most truthful and reliable sources of information out there thank you from The Burnaine family.
dev oconnell (8 months ago)
you couldn't PAY me enough to cross a picket line; any picket line, anywhere. my dad was a union man. i know better.
Shane Swanson (8 months ago)
Can you please do a video on how they can use mandatory Sunday sorts peak. Is it in the contract? Thanks
ronald516 (8 months ago)
Shane Swanson in our local, our union is only giving up Sunday sort if they pay double time, but ups left the table saying that is crazy lol.
edgargarcia323 (8 months ago)
I work in ups Ontario California air hub in the air cargo building and we share our tiny building with ups freight because ups didn’t want to renew the lease on their building. Coincidentally it has created many safety obstacles and productivity obstacles that hinder us from performing our job in the way we use too with 100% of our building yet our manager says they can’t do anything about it
edgargarcia323 (8 months ago)
smashnkev idk I just know local 63 has an office in Covina and Rialto
smashnkev (8 months ago)
Do you know If your facility and the Inglewood facility are the same local.?
U haul (8 months ago)
brian griffith /s?
brian griffith (8 months ago)
edgargarcia323 UPS is just a tiny company you can't expect them to be able to afford something like leasing a building
Derrick F (8 months ago)
People can easily type in to Google and get the handbook in pdf format on line just by searching. If teamsters are to lazy to read and search they deserve the punishment.
Earl Nut (8 months ago)
In our center there was a company on strike 6-8 years ago now, and the clerk just put the address in the system and all of the stuff going to that address was sent back to the shippers. We didn't even have to see it in the trucks. We had a different management team in those days, but even they understood that we were not to cross picket lines.
dmontoy52 (8 months ago)
Can someone give me a quick review on whats going on? New ups package handler part time employee (2 months)
U haul (8 months ago)
brian griffith facts ?
brian griffith (8 months ago)
Your Union is taking your money and screwing you over. Go supervisor or gtfo now
Dennis Pluto (8 months ago)
Keep working while looking for another job.ups will destroy ur body. knee replcements back surgery rotator cuff surgery if u stay there any length of time.ups is the biggest pricks in the shipping buisness.
frank manion (8 months ago)
UPS freight is emptying its system of freight. Our terminals will most likely be closed. So I think we won't be able to picket anywhere other than our closed terminals. UPS Freight is still full of OverNite scabs, that decertified the Union in 2002. It's not looking good.
frank manion (8 months ago)
@Johnny Valentine did you stay out on strike with overnite? Or did you cross the line. Because we only had a few hundred walk the picket lines..... so eat a dick.
Johnny Valentine (8 months ago)
@Tyler Binder we r not giving up at but we got strike a empty dock . I am very involved in Dallas TX local 745 we have made alot change here with teamter United.
Diego Garcia (8 months ago)
Overnight brothers are family too.... they actually worked for a better company one that cared about the employees. We cant let up now. Stay together this shit is a bluff and we can get them by the balls to get a fair contract for new and senior employees too. BE THE REAL TEAMSTERS THAT WE ARE!!!!!!!!
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
I received emails from your Freight customers. UPS Is telling them operations will resume the Monday after the vote. Nov 12. If you don't want a weak union stop being weak and strike there ass. They are bluffing.
Johnny Valentine (8 months ago)
I am a overnight person we didn't ask for this weak fucking union asshole. But we are not Scabs!!!! We are fighting as hard we can . It's hard to fight when you're hands r Tied behind your back by your weak ass Union!!! Eat a dick straight up!!!!! Don't forget last I checked small pack got a contract ram up your ass because no one voted .
ronald516 (8 months ago)
What a nightmare. This whole mess still feels like a dream