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Old Commercials That Would Be "Politically Incorrect" Today

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I don't take ads. To donate: https://www.paypal.me/fredflix There was nothing wrong with these TV ads at the time. But they wouldn't air in these "Oh, wait, I'm offended" days.
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Sailor Moon (6 hours ago)
“When there’s no men around, a good year should be” Well, that’s offensive for males 😂
Jacob Monroe (8 hours ago)
There is nothing wrong with these commercials it’s just the libertarts making a big deal out of it
vigo pepper popper (22 hours ago)
I remember Frito Bandito pencil erasers.
ANDREWS Mart (1 day ago)
Most of these commercials were from the 60s. A few were from the 70s
Jason Newstead (1 day ago)
05:16 Mandela Effect residue right here. The FinTstones are now (and supposedly always have been) the Flinstones. Which doesn't even make since, as Flint is the stone you use to make fire (a reference to cavemen) and right here on this video, on the cigarette ad, it shows the Iconic Flintstones mailbox with the old spelling.
LiveWire Media (1 day ago)
720 man (1 day ago)
None of these are offensive
William Yale (1 day ago)
Things were different then,things will be different again in 50years.Get over it.
Jackaboi (1 day ago)
Well billy what you need to stop those bullys, you need the Fat Man tactical nuclear catapult.
Erika The Furry slayer (2 days ago)
i find no offensevnise
Jared Piper (2 days ago)
Some of these are just flat out in bad taste.
Comic skeleton (3 days ago)
I'm sick of people saying it's not like this anymore we still have sexism and racism so times have not changed one bit accept things have gotten a little more lenient
Jayden Logik (3 days ago)
Some of these are just terrible XD but still accurate representations of the main stream social commentary of the time. Deodorant stick that promises not to promise to you that you will "get ahead" by making you irresistibly ask-out-able by your boss? tf XD Me: a wot? Also Me: So, ... they're Axe BodySpray? Fresh Stick: We won't say you'll get "ahead" Women: That's silly, I'll check it out. AxeBody: Drown in GORGEOUS WOAHmen and be teh lyfe of ev3ry room!!! AWL DAY!!! Men: idk... AxeBody: ...We'll say you'll get some "head". Men: o fck yeh omw.
Lisa Aldera (3 days ago)
Some of these aren't even offensive
Mandalay Social Club (3 days ago)
Kool Aid commercial has me deaddddd lmao
Leonard Szubinski (3 days ago)
Aw hell! That's what we need a lot more of today! Political incorrectness to piss off the leftist snowflakes!
Ray S (4 days ago)
The Xerox commercial portrays most of the women I have worked with very accurately
Ray S (4 days ago)
Oh man I forgot about the Frito Bandito!
Ray S (4 days ago)
That 7 in one toy gun was awesome!
sarasthoughts (5 days ago)
People saying that these are not offensive: they're based on stereotypes and hate that were deeply set into people's minds. You can't just scratch the surface. And no, you're not edgy and cool for saying that.
EYy Boi (5 days ago)
im about to wreck this defults with my Johnny seven
dragonboy 2077 (6 days ago)
I missed the part where I was supposed to be offended
The Masked Ninja (6 days ago)
I hope my generation isn’t like some people in the last generation, being upset over napkins
William Harper (7 days ago)
So most women cant change a tire and Japanese folks like kool aid. White men like tobacco and coffee. Mexicans are idiots. Very confusing???
YellsAtLawn 54 (7 days ago)
I don’t get the second one..... There in Japan, how is that racist?
Vince Is Cool (7 days ago)
The one man army is still a cool looking toy
Bob Bigboy (8 days ago)
I was born in the 60s and remembered some of those commercials. Did not find anything offensive, but sadly in today’s world, people are so weak minded and get upset over nothing.
Megan Perreault (8 days ago)
I see it I mean I can see it even way back when. Oh then right!
RootedHat (8 days ago)
Good job America, you played yourself.
Tino (8 days ago)
kooraid 鉈は、奈は勇者では、
Lostin Thegarden (8 days ago)
those old tobacco commercials were the shit.
Branden Allen (8 days ago)
Yet, somehow commercials that diss white people are not racist and are considered brave...
BenChannel (8 days ago)
The Three C's: Cooking Cleaning Can't Drive
locksmithmuggle (9 days ago)
Gee. That Johnny 7 OMA sure is swell.
Zoinks Sccoobs (9 days ago)
How was the Johnny seven gun politically incorrect
yos doggo (9 days ago)
Even my mom says that some of the female drivers she sees give them a bad name
CyAaron Nava (10 days ago)
FredFlix confirmed to have half a brain cell
Sheri Heffner (10 days ago)
Just on YouTube.
Sheri Heffner (10 days ago)
Chewing tobacco and cigarettes is what gave my father cancer after suffering two heart attacks. I don't remember chewing tobacco commercials or cigarette commercials either.
Bryce McCleary (11 days ago)
Before woman say the first is offensive they must change a flat tire
Wee Scot (11 days ago)
Shit... Hide the Feminists are coming!
Bounder With Chris (11 days ago)
There is nothing wrong with these
Obamaistoast2012 (12 days ago)
No one has a sense of humor anymore, young folks are too sensitive.
Stacy Goldstein-Collinsworth (12 days ago)
*sigh* I wish we could turn back time
nulfater (12 days ago)
PI because their tobacco brands?
David Don (12 days ago)
Pretty sure Johnny seven was the shit!
Mike Baniac (12 days ago)
Every liberal is steaming rn
clay carpenter (13 days ago)
Why dont they have those tires anymore. As lazy as this generation have gotten they would sell like hotcakes lol
King Dedede is god tier (13 days ago)
adia (13 days ago)
the most offensive thing about most of these is how long they are. good god.
charlie (13 days ago)
the acme carwash one is obviously fake
the a350 channel (13 days ago)
I was a egg 50 years ago
christopher dunn (13 days ago)
BY THE WAY MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[SoS Lurza Sub 2 pewds] (13 days ago)
These were the good times When anime didnt exist
jandypimpson (13 days ago)
Tobbaco commercials aren't "politically incorrect" but they are illegal on TV now.
Google GMail (13 days ago)
Tim (13 days ago)
I hate to see them work so hard.. let's go around back so we can't see them
Mc Cuck (13 days ago)
None of these are politically incorrect, they’re funny! Get rid of the SJW’s and dems and we wouldn’t be offended by everything now..
Qboro66 (14 days ago)
So...what's wrong with these commercials?🤔
Anna Georgia Garner (14 days ago)
I love the copy machine commercial.
Petrol Gaming (14 days ago)
2 weeks detention for you buddy, see you at 4
recorder man (14 days ago)
Fuck that, im angry bc i need to watch on full brightness
Akshun Jani (14 days ago)
Isn't that Chandler Bing's mom?
SuperSml Life (14 days ago)
Most of these people are probably dead.
Loretta Hutzli (15 days ago)
Wow thats the most sexist and racist shit ive ever seen on television
Leviticus (15 days ago)
8:12 not gonna lie if I was a kid this would be the God gun in the war game with me and my friends. Sucks when I was a kid in the early 2000s all the guns had a orange cap and neighbors always called the cops. Fucking betas
gemlover 25 (16 days ago)
Sjw's need to stop getting offended over everything
Mr. Sir (16 days ago)
A children's show sponsored by cigarettes? I miss the 50s
Mr. Sir (16 days ago)
What happened to those double tires?
Amber Sisco (16 days ago)
Some of these aren't even offensive, and I'm a liberal😂
Matthew Hollis (16 days ago)
And 2 guys on tv kissing isn't supposed to be offensive.....
working class (16 days ago)
I couldn't find reason for offense in a lot of these 🤗 too many whiny little pussies in the world today
K2_SLAYER_ (16 days ago)
Ms Jones. Kindly make me a cup of coffee. You sexy fragile angel
James Braun (16 days ago)
Grape Guy sounds like Patrick Star
Meetbeeppeeb (16 days ago)
Turn on the Captions at 9:57
Akizmi (14 days ago)
Meetbeeppeeb just turn them on at the beginning of the video and it’s hilarious
Slushdog 101 (16 days ago)
11:16 I was not expecting that at all
Mr. Green Banana (17 days ago)
*T R I G G E R E D*
Mr. O Negative 6210 (17 days ago)
*Johnny 7 is far better than Nerf...*
Newer Account (17 days ago)
But it Looks like I’m first
Memeo arts (17 days ago)
This is horrible and depressing..
SaltySoySauce (16 days ago)
Lmao no its not
Waterlec (17 days ago)
I just love how they depicted Marlboro cigarettes *within* a outdoors scene with a fresh river in it.... You know, just think if that pack of cigarettes falls into that river ... It's as though they're saying that these vile tobacco products *are good for nature* itself. So idiotic and stupid. These companies murdered people through addiction for selfish profit.
Akame -_- (17 days ago)
7:33 hmm well i never knew Nikki J. Maxwell and her sis Brianna and her stupid dad and mom from dork diaries were also selling Maxwell coffeeeeeee
Emmanuel Zuniga (17 days ago)
These were actually pretty nice
Meant to Fall (17 days ago)
Offensive to some yes, but I actually get to see what they're selling.
ist0m (17 days ago)
A lot sexist and racist stuff, though I don’t think I would consider all of the tobacco ads politically incorrect. Tobacco ads on tv are just illegal
Blake Alfaro (17 days ago)
not really
Drew Austin (18 days ago)
I love how the title has “politically incorrect” as if that’s a made up phrase
SaltySoySauce (16 days ago)
It is retarded that everything is being labeled that
partytill10 (18 days ago)
Funny thing is, it's nealy all white SJW's being offended by racial stereotypes of non-whites. Most of the other races like chinese prob wouldnt GAS. In fact laughing all way to the bank
Brandon Soya (18 days ago)
12:33–13:41 whooooo boy
Mj L (18 days ago)
"Honey this coffee is terrible." *woman is upset* "Ohhhh im sorry honey..." *takes her hand* "It's just really terrible!"
Big Papa Chub (18 days ago)
What is wrong with jhonney seven
Big Papa Chub (18 days ago)
The first one really isn’t bad at all
Dave Leighton (18 days ago)
The Goodyear ad. You're right it's politically incorrect.....50 years later, most men can't change a wheel, never mind all the other genders.
SaltySoySauce (16 days ago)
untrue but okay
Jose Pina (18 days ago)
Anyone else think the gun the kid used looked like something fun for kids? And probably better made then Nerf guns today.
Jose Pina (18 days ago)
Being a teen In the 70's must have been interesting.
SaltySoySauce (16 days ago)
Back in the days where your parents didn't know what pot smelled like ;-)
BrooklynBaller101 (18 days ago)
If these commercials were to somehow air nowadays. The faux progressive party poopers would start a cynically narcissistic bandwagon of offended outcries. They then attempt to force you to think likeminded as they do. But when you so much as dare to think outside their dull boxes. You’re labeled with all types of irrelevant insults. There should be a new thought process included within society, if it wasn’t offensive more than five decades ago. Then there’s absolutely no need to dig it back up from the grave only to purposely get offended at it. Just shows how attention whorish that is.
Neu paradigm (18 days ago)
Celtic Jay (18 days ago)
Things could always be worse you could always be a Jew
SaltySoySauce (16 days ago)
I don't mind being one. Both aren't a problem as 99% of people don't give a shit
Marshall Mccreight (18 days ago)
The beech nut tobacco kid looks like the jock from perks of being a wallflower
Goldena Medina (19 days ago)
Funny face is fun to drink...sung by future "Jody" of Family Affair John Whitaker.