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Old Commercials That Would Be "Politically Incorrect" Today

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I don't take ads. To donate: https://www.paypal.me/fredflix There was nothing wrong with these TV ads at the time. But they wouldn't air in these "Oh, wait, I'm offended" days.
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Text Comments (20474)
Roaring Thunder (56 minutes ago)
Holy ballsack all the people in the comments are offended
The1ineleven The1ineleven (6 hours ago)
Maybe we are just getting such a crying baby about everything! We were way freer back then!
Banana Bread (6 hours ago)
How’s the cow offense
WawaPlayer (7 hours ago)
The Winstones
Toddrick Metzger (13 hours ago)
Regardless of offensiveness most of the wouldn't make it past the (Canadian) advertising standards.
Colin Childress (18 hours ago)
New Blizzard at Dairy Queen: Chinese Cherry. Now with real Chinese!
Marli HD (1 day ago)
People in the comments are offended they don’t show commercials like these anymore? Talk about being a *snowflake*
αρσlσ (1 day ago)
I am Mexican and I sure do love me some corn chips.
Jayleigh Groves (1 day ago)
What is offensive is telling me in 2018 I’m having a happy period. Need that... Not!!! That should be made PC we don’t need reminding and it ain’t happy 😆
John Schilling (2 days ago)
"sure was fun when we could be bigots with impunity"
Kappa ainee (2 days ago)
The Great Gambino (3 days ago)
I kind of want that Johnny 7🔫🔫🔫
Boathousedave (3 days ago)
You can get your kid smoking by age 4 with those cool commercials
SaverOfTheHolyLand (4 days ago)
Eh they're all fine
Danielle G (4 days ago)
Dont need a man to change a tire!
S3dG3i3 (4 days ago)
I want that Johnny seven gun
patrick randolph (4 days ago)
9:30 Did anyone notice the films taped April 1st 1969.... IT'S BEGGING TO BE MEMED
mimicry88 (6 days ago)
Johnny Seven looked like a fun toy! When these things were just toys and you didn't get shot by police for carrying them.
Darth Jar Jar (7 days ago)
8:16 where can I find one
David M (7 days ago)
lol, I had one those growing up.
tj of the universe (7 days ago)
i dont see anything wrong with these
Cr D (7 days ago)
Politically incorrect my ass
Julio Nogueras Medina (7 days ago)
7:11 That kiss offended me
Pootboot (7 days ago)
This is too fucking funny, these commericals made white heterosexual men the heroes with poc and women being made fun of, now the commercials maje white heterosexual men the joke and white heterosexual men cant stop crying! I love it! Those fucking hyporcrites are getting the same treatment they wish upon others. Its the better wine! Best life😅😊
Original Freak (8 days ago)
10:24 Hows that "Politically Incorrect"? Is it because there a Mexican stereotype? because if so I don't think that the guy payed to do that would've been mad tbh...
shanesaw 1 (8 days ago)
Andrew Pitts (8 days ago)
oUt of CoFFIe?!
liveduckling 992 (8 days ago)
Person: why do you shake a pack of cigs before you take one Me: to wake up the cancer
RedMooMoo (8 days ago)
If you can't eat without having a glass of Kool-Aid you shouldn't be travelling.
Flying Bob (8 days ago)
I had guns when I was a kid, never once thought about shooting up a school.
Luker Head (8 days ago)
Let’s go around back we’re we can’t see them
Devilry Games (9 days ago)
I dont get how cigarettes used to be accepted and now its unacceptable.
Douglas Thompson (10 days ago)
Wonderful....how life should be.
Jesus Christ (10 days ago)
1. Sexist, not politically incorrect just morally wrong 2. Racist, again not politically incorrect just morally wrong 3. Have you seen the bachelorette? 4. This glorified tobacco so just wrong again 5. Refer to #4 6. Refer to #5 7. Refer to #1 8. Refer to #7 9. Refer to #8 10. We still have these there are these toys called Nerf 11. Refer to #9 12. Refer to #2 13. Refer to #12 14. Refer to #13 14. Refer to #11 15. Refer to #6 The fact that you think these are fine and would be okay to play on tv if we weren’t so PC says a lot about your character. These aren’t politically incorrect they’re sexist, racist, and promote addictive cancer causing products
Paul the Penguin (11 days ago)
JackOfen (11 days ago)
It's funny, I came here expeting triggered SJWs. But most people I see here are triggered redneck righttards that complain about the left
Josie L (11 days ago)
A quick realty check for anyone who needs it: Being politically incorrect doesn’t equal being cool. Usually it just means being a insensitive dick and newsflash nobody likes a dick! (aside from penises and people named Richard which plenty of people like) . Anyone who complains about “sjws” “snowflakes” or “pc culture” are most likely just assholes who cant handle being called out on their asshole behavior. That’s a really negative attitude to surround yourself with and I highly advise against it. Also, just as a tip in general, putting yourself in others shoes is ALWAYS a great idea. If you wouldn’t like someone doing or saying something to you, then doing or saying it to them is probably a shitty move. So yeah just be aware of your actions and don’t be a douche! I believe in you guys!
CAAPlayers (10 days ago)
"Put yourself in someone else's shoes" I like offensive jokes about anyone, if I put myself in their shoes I would still find them funny. I'm white and I like jokes about white people, I'm a man and I like jokes that make fun of men. Of course being genuinely racist is bad but alot of the stuff sjws complain about are just jokes, and the reason people complain about it is because sjws are genuinely racist to white people and are genuinely sexist towards men, then they say it's not sexist or racist because white people/men aren't oppressed despite sjws being the ones who hate them for their race/gender. They are hypocrites.
Trover19 (11 days ago)
“When there’s no man around...” walk home it’s healthy
tea time commenter (11 days ago)
political incorrectness only exists from a lack of wars nothing is politically incorrect on a battlefield
Bramble Bop (11 days ago)
5:34 what a girl.
Anthony Passaro (12 days ago)
I don’t get 2:50. Is it that he’s gay?
Jossel Iturbide Dìaz (12 days ago)
Im mexican, Im not ofended by the mexican stereotipe
Jossel Iturbide Dìaz (12 days ago)
I hate society
Toxick112 (12 days ago)
Old cartoons that should air again
keeper of the flame (12 days ago)
I dont get it. Nothing wrong here
Cavin Lee (12 days ago)
What’s so offensive about the first one women aren’t able to do stuff by themselves
Alex (13 days ago)
Be sure to add dishwashing commercials 💀💀💀💀💀💀
lemon boi (13 days ago)
Joman101 (13 days ago)
Nerf or nuthin
Joman101 (13 days ago)
I think I might be a sociopath
ZOEY NAYOU (13 days ago)
I wanna be Winston 😁
TruthSweeper (14 days ago)
fresh perked
Cupcakemandy1 (14 days ago)
I’m a girl and I’m not offended lol.
John Doe (15 days ago)
Ironically there are alot of Anti white TV adverts today that aren't considered politically correct. Why? Because it's aimed at white people today when the globalist agenda is to flood Europe and America with third world garbage.
John Doe (13 days ago)
+Joman101 you an anti white troll?
Joman101 (13 days ago)
What commercial is anti white
Constantine Bowden (15 days ago)
50 years ago I was a thought in my moms head when she was 5
Darrel Smith (15 days ago)
How many times can you say Rice Krinkles.
Darrel Smith (15 days ago)
No, I said, "NEW Instant Folger's!"
Darrel Smith (15 days ago)
I hate seeing our wives work...let's smoke.
Darrel Smith (15 days ago)
That flat tire needs a man.
Giraffe Man (15 days ago)
I wish I could have lived my life in the good old days.
Darling Pets (15 days ago)
Most of them are ok except for the ones against woman. That is just shitty.
Georgia Searle (15 days ago)
these are all sexist and racist :(
Epic Savage Gamer (15 days ago)
most of these arent offensive. they are funny. there and some like (like Johnny seven) had nothing wrong in the entire ad, is it cause some kids are playing like soldiers? every male ever has done that. its fun. kts called playing. dumb ass people just wanna cry now days
No One (15 days ago)
I got very offended at 20:00
[ ] Open up (15 days ago)
Ching Chong your religion is wrong
G for Jeep (16 days ago)
10:15 "The Frito Bandito, you must not offend!" Pretty much sums up the video
TheLegend 27 (16 days ago)
Politically incorrect or just flat out racist and misogynistic? Also, no politics were in the video so how could it possibly be “politically incorrect”? 2/10
ryan (16 days ago)
Dear god, y'all really seem to get your panties in a twist over people being offended. SJWs are trash but y'all are just the same about getting angry over snowflakes.
Nathan Snyder (16 days ago)
First commercial Xzibit would be proud. Dead memes FTW!
Eli Hernandez (16 days ago)
I wanna slap any snowflake offended by any of these!! America needs to wake the hell up. USA has turned its back on Jesus and that's why they have no core values and everyone is gay. Fags.
Storm (17 days ago)
I speak on behalf of women, we don’t really care, I mean it wouldn’t be offensive if it were played nowadays cause it wouldn’t be accurate. Cause nowadays we don’t need men for those things etc
Twinkle Toes McFuckass (17 days ago)
that title shot me in the neck
Tina Einstein (17 days ago)
Cups, cups, cups, cups full of my warm bean flavor. Take a sip.
Marlize Duncan (17 days ago)
mmm warm bean flavor
Modventures (17 days ago)
11:14 meeeee
RAGEE rook (17 days ago)
I miss when little boys wanted to play army But now they want to get there dick cut off and be a woman
donovan decano (17 days ago)
12:05 that house looks so familiar...
natureboy tom (17 days ago)
The good ol days when nobody gives a fuck.
Baby Unicorn (17 days ago)
2:39 is she a chicken with a broken leg or a woman
Baby Unicorn (17 days ago)
2:36 shakes head weirdly
Baby Unicorn (17 days ago)
2:28 HI
H0 ZO (17 days ago)
Leone 124 (17 days ago)
8:00 that actually seems really cool if ti was made into a nerf gun i would buy that
Casey M (18 days ago)
The chewing tobacco ads are fine except that they are for chewing tobacco.
* Deleted Channel * (18 days ago)
13:42 how is this racist?
Basement Child (18 days ago)
It's not racist, it's just the fact that they're advertising cigarettes
CyberMemes (18 days ago)
*B E E C H N U T*
hailey rae (18 days ago)
We made progress but then there’s people who get offended over everything you can’t win every generation or should I say the general human race and especially society is quite peculiar
pandulce vlogs (18 days ago)
Rhinopocalypes (18 days ago)
Tsk tsk tsk, the first one is so stupid. Woman shouldn't be driving in the first place.
Jeremy Lewis (18 days ago)
ur local crackhead (19 days ago)
why is there so many people trying to defend these racist ads ... oh god
Mr. E (6 days ago)
ur local crackhead because they aren’t racist and you need to wake the fuck up man.
ur local crackhead (17 days ago)
Lil Pump mmm ok
Lil Pump (18 days ago)
You was born in the wrong generation :(
Lemke’s Artistry (19 days ago)
Damn, I really hate “Politically correct” people
David Heller (19 days ago)
I don’t get the koolaid commercial.
can we get 1 sub with no videos (19 days ago)
White people "politically incorrect" doesn't mean offensive
dakota B (19 days ago)
Donald trump aprovves
dakota B (18 days ago)
+Dysentery Animations thanks
Dysentery Animations (18 days ago)
f u n e e j o k e xD
Oli Olive (19 days ago)
As someone who was born in Mexico, i dont see anything wrong with the Frito Bandito. Its actually cute. Yes its a stereotype of us but i dont care heheh
plox fam the bacteriophage (19 days ago)
Hello, 911, id like to report a total “bruh moment”
Dysentery Animations (18 days ago)
weird flex but ok
Julie Penska (20 days ago)
this is bob. Bob is sad. all of these commercials offend him. one like equals 1% less sensitivity for bob bob> :(
Julie Penska (20 days ago)
the one with fred flinstone smoking is funny
Jennifer (20 days ago)
Women Who Rate a '10' is only offensive because everyone knows Lynda Carter is easily a 12.
Jennifer (20 days ago)
I want them to replay the toy gun commercial on TV...they can even add a "trigger" warning for the SJW loons.