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Old Commercials That Would Be "Politically Incorrect" Today

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I don't take ads. To donate: https://www.paypal.me/fredflix There was nothing wrong with these TV ads at the time. But they wouldn't air in these "Oh, wait, I'm offended" days.
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Text Comments (24447)
Cindy Frazier (1 day ago)
We need to build a wall so the fritos bandito cant get our fritos. 😂
Suelynn B (1 day ago)
The cereal box was so small, I'd eat that in one sitting...
Brandon ThaMusicHead (2 days ago)
how many women can change a tire compared to guys though? lol
Johnathon Gouker (3 days ago)
Kool aid man has slanted eyes how is that racist?
Aurea (4 days ago)
Really ??? (4 days ago)
Well, im offended.
Your Worst Nightmare (6 days ago)
The Fritos one always kills me!😂
Jeff M (7 days ago)
OMG!!....I want the Johnny Seven!!!!!!!!!
AwesomeDoge [Official] (3 days ago)
Me too, how much are they?
D. K.S. (8 days ago)
"Oh no! I'm so LOST without a mayin around to help me!" / Beware of men in white robes. They like to flash. / Even today, media focuses on actresses based on what they look like and what they're wearing, not their talent. / the man cow says "Oh yeah, deeper, DEEPER! FULLER!" because that's what man cows think it's all about. / I honestly don't get what's sexist about the tobacco chew commercial. But whatever. / In today's world, women still do the majority of house work even when they work just as long if not longer than men at a paying job. I think that's starting to change though. / "I did everything you said but my boss still hasn't sexually harassed me at lunch. What am I doing wrong??!!" / Hubby: "Yo bitch, yo coffee so bad I might have to shack up with the guys at work who make it better." Wife: "Okay then. Here's your suitcase. Have fun with your new ... "coffee mate"" / Don't you hate it when you get coffee withdraw and everyone goes crazy n stuff? / Nothing sexist about the Johnny 7 Gun except that I want one now. Where can I get one like that? / "I'm (woman's name), Try me! I'll do whatever you want. Pay me to be at your service like a prostituted dog." / Um ... singing Mexican. / "Funny face" anything is usually what makes me cringe from the level of how stupid it looks. / God damn ma! I got a goddamn friggen cheap plastic toy from the diabetes box. Isn't that the total shit, ma? Boy of friggen boy!" / (Blank Stepford Wife smile) "Yes sir, anything you say sir." / Men and their cancer sticks. Cancer before their wives. / The end ...
Tomalo21 (9 days ago)
7:14 I’m fuckin weak.
Barking Ant (12 days ago)
Omg! 7 copies a minute!!! Lol.
Barking Ant (12 days ago)
I would throw the damn coffee cup at my husband's head if he told me I made bad coffee. Make your own coffee then you entitled jackass. I would not have survived as a wife in the 1950s. I would be in prison for murder.
AwesomeDoge [Official] (2 days ago)
ok... +Barking Ant
Barking Ant (3 days ago)
+AwesomeDoge [Official] I escalate quickly...😇
AwesomeDoge [Official] (3 days ago)
For murder? By throwing a cup of coffee at your husband's head?
Lindsay Krippner (13 days ago)
Injun orange has me dead oml
Paul Mccoy (14 days ago)
Cancer, sexism, racism....the good old days.
gary musser jr (16 days ago)
Lol 5.7k butthurt snowflakes. Pretty sad.
AwesomeDoge [Official] (3 days ago)
Russell Vedia (19 days ago)
I find none of them offensive and just funny and true
AwesomeDoge [Official] (3 days ago)
Chad E (27 days ago)
I actually enjoyed watching these ads. Ah yes, a time when men weren't pussies and women knew their place.
AwesomeDoge [Official] (3 days ago)
And nobody complained a about a flag to ban a show.
Mindy Vaughn (27 days ago)
These are funny and bring back my childhood. I don’t remember Barney and Fred in a commercial but I remember the koolaid and singing bulls commercials. I remember my Dad fussing at my Mom for letting us watch what he called “Regular TV”. He only wanted us to watch cartoons. It was a very strict household. Thanks Fred
Bemi Atto (28 days ago)
What catches my eye is how damn smooth the animation is for the Bull of the Woods commerical
AwesomeDoge [Official] (3 days ago)
It is.
Avril Harries (28 days ago)
7:10: I HATE YOU! People at Maxwell, don't steal my MONOPOLY!
Me Only (29 days ago)
He nearly said World War 2 and PS4.
Me Only (29 days ago)
Would you rather Watch 1:24 at midnight with your computer connected to a stereo or watch Seels for 10 hours?
TheBuggyGamer (29 days ago)
I love when my dad gives me chewing tobacco when I’m three years old
Jeanicia Sparkles (29 days ago)
What was wrong with the commercial with the bull?
Kitty Bubbles (1 month ago)
"Sorry honey, your coffee is terrible!"
Lucy Mae (1 month ago)
My youngest brother had Johnny Seven it was so cool. Question...what’s up with the cigarette and coffee commercials? Did I miss something? Actually what’s wrong with any of them. As for the first one about the tire...walk b%&ch.
ldchappell1 (1 month ago)
Ahhh the good old days...
Drew Isaacs (1 month ago)
I kinda want a Winston
big richc82 (1 month ago)
The good year tire was just stating facts even in 2019 most women dont change their own tires
Ethan McIsaac (1 month ago)
When she is not cooking, get to slapping.
Ethan McIsaac (1 month ago)
That Xerox girl and the Acme car wash girl were thots before thots.
delavalmilker (1 month ago)
kodymus prime (1 month ago)
Johnny 7 looks cool looking I wish I had one but I was born in the 1990s
James Davis (1 month ago)
Wow it was an amazing world back then
Doondah (1 month ago)
I hate 30-second long intros, so does 5,000 other people
uranusimploding (1 month ago)
Morgan Fairchild ... Not a 10 ....Mo'like a 17 to 18 in my book .... Yowza !
SouthBay RickyBobby (1 month ago)
Dammit now I want to go smoke a Marlboro black
Rachel Platoon (1 month ago)
The bulls are creepy.
Robert Williams (1 month ago)
What idiot dreamed up politically correct? They are all just fine.Grow up.
minutes ago edited (1 month ago)
Telephone booth. man, what a reminder of how old I am.
minutes ago edited (1 month ago)
And the lie of tasting good as fresh perked
Sam Williams (1 month ago)
Wow when i see this it hits home hard what the jews have done to us, its tragic, but they had the foresight to see the power they could gain in breaking down our society, now we have fallen hook line and sinker for it. Male and female roles gone, we have been burdened with a sense of guilt to be who we are, men are feminized... its all over here on in for white people, these ads are a historic record of when we had a sense of pride and identity in ourselves. In all other societies except white these ads portray exactly what world asians, africans and muslims are living in- particularly jews, who have nothing but pride, community and a nation state which is exclusively their own. Without the degradation of whites thats gone on from these ads until now, mass immigration, passivity and domination of whites wouldnt of been possible. Now we pander to everyone, its amazing to see an era when men were real men.
anthony meredith (1 month ago)
cant see any probs with these adverts
Keith (1 month ago)
I kind of want to drink a glass of Kool-Aid and smoke a Marlboro now
Ben Holcombe (1 month ago)
I didn't see anything wrong with the commercials. Just America being Americans. We need to go back to those ideals. Our children, and wives were a lot safer. The blacks knew their place, and the queers were in the closet, and our schools weren't brainwashing our children, our kids could pray, and say the pledge of allegiance with GOD in the verse. GOD America was great then. How I miss America.
AwesomeDoge [Official] (3 days ago)
I miss it. No... I NEED IT.
Junayd A.A (1 month ago)
I don't see anything wrong with these ads, am I missing something or are westerners just snow flakes
EllPro (1 month ago)
Snowflakes! That's an incredibly original nickname! Hahahaha! I love your nickname too, by the way. Cunt.
Rick Miller (1 month ago)
Man that gun was super cool/let me fuel up on Kool aid and Winstons first
RANDOM æð (1 month ago)
Everything is PC today. .
Danni The Magic Junk Drawer (1 month ago)
The secretary with the deodorant that wants her boss to ask her to lunch LOL LOL “we can’t guarantee you’ll get ahead in your career”
mcpartridgeboy (1 month ago)
to be fair the first ad, most women i know could not change a tyre ! and most women would call up a man to sort it !,
Red Baron (1 month ago)
12:39 HEY! Isn't she the "tea time movie" lady from the Johnny Carson show???
Gamestono (1 month ago)
ah these are awesome
featherbrain (1 month ago)
Well, perhaps we HAVE evolved a little in 50 years. Embarassing.
Front light (1 month ago)
Ah simpler times.........,. When women and minorities knew there place Just kidding 🤣
Moronvideos1940 (1 month ago)
Kool aid was a rotten drink .... Chew that tobacco and get yer jaw cut off .... Winstons weren't available in the stone age ... Put some arsenic in the Folgers .... Lady should sit on Xerox and press the button ... Ha ha ha ha ha !!!
Oavious Inc. (1 month ago)
"Give her a second chance" 😂
Zack Z (1 month ago)
Although I don't know if I would approve the morning cartoons smoking cigs, progressivism certainly has ruined television and mainstream media.
Roboticized (1 month ago)
Marlboro man you will be missed! 🙏
Island life (1 month ago)
What a hoot! Loved that all purpose weapon- wish I'd had that as a kid. The "chawin 'baccy ads were priceless! Alas- so many easily offended dicks around now.
Michael Moorrees (1 month ago)
Nothing politically incorrect with the tobacco ads (chew & smokes), just unhealthy products. They were banned from TV ads (~1970), due to health reasons. 8:05 - When we played "war" (in the 60s), we fashioned our own pretend guns, from left over lumber. A toy like that would be broken before the end of the first day. As for changing a tire, we have hit equality. I find that neither young male nor female, can work a jack nor tire iron. The average age for someone in the "trades" (plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc), is now in their 50's. Lots of well paying jobs available if you learn to use tools properly !
Mei Clover (1 month ago)
The comments are much less hectic than I thought they'd be. Cheers.
Backmarker Vali (1 month ago)
i watched the first 3 ads and i don't get it. why,you ask? because never in my 38 years of life have i met a woman that changed her own tire. TV and Facebook worlds are not Real world. "Politically Incorrect" does not exist in real world.
Blaque Pauldron (1 month ago)
7:05 that one is just plane false advertising.
Jakobathin (1 month ago)
There was nothing racist about the kool-aid kids in Japan
AwesomeDoge [Official] (3 days ago)
The ad goes: Two boys took a trip to Japan. When they got there, they had no Kool-Aid. A kind man noticed they looked sad. When the man appeared they didn't say "Suddenly a Japanese man heard them and came over" they said he was a simple man, no specification. That's not racism. Sure they say "Japanese boy, Japanese girl" later, but they're not disclosing them from drinking Kool-Aid, are they? No. Your point is right.
Dmeads 56 (1 month ago)
*angry whites* “I wonder how upset the minorities are” *minorities represented in these commercials* “that shit was funny”
AwesomeDoge [Official] (2 days ago)
+Dmeads 56 I know, I'm ashamed to be white tho
Dmeads 56 (3 days ago)
AwesomeDoge [Official] never said “whites”, I said “angry whites”
AwesomeDoge [Official] (3 days ago)
I'm white and I'm fine with these adverts.
ForgottenSouls666 (1 month ago)
Only if white people are capable of laughing at themselves. Rather then embracing raep
mr head (1 month ago)
dammit woman your coffee sucks that's why I'm screwing my secretary with that new deodorant
mr head (1 month ago)
when there's no man around? call butt-head
Dicki Monster (1 month ago)
Im the guy "out of coffee:(“
Dicki Monster (1 month ago)
Where do they sale those kind of tires ?
Bunn!3 (1 month ago)
*Bullshit these are politically correct*
hmm mmm (1 month ago)
What’s wrong with the chewing tobacco one? With the bull?
AwesomeDoge [Official] (3 days ago)
Because it sells cigarettes. But who cares? We can watch it when we're bored. Treat it like a fun short.
Raina Moon Astrology (1 month ago)
In terms of the Xerox machine, there were still "ditto machines" in the '70s. I clearly remember going to pick up the sheets for the teacher. They were still damp from the fluid used and I can remember that smell. I believe it must have ended in the late '70s or so.
Grey Eyes (1 month ago)
I still don’t see the skip button ever after 14 mins smh
Jesus Christ (1 month ago)
The first one has a point tho. Statistically speaking, women are far more likely to be bothered when there isn't a man with them. So even if a woman can fight, she's less likely to have to if she's with man. It's unfortunate but it's fact.
Lunar Drift (1 month ago)
There's a Mustang car in the rice krinkles.
agfagaevart (1 month ago)
5:50 He scared of a lawsuit! Chinese Cherry? Indian Orange?
Silver Spoon (1 month ago)
"where you were 50 years ago" we were walking on the moon for the first time.
Collin Reyman (1 month ago)
Is that Johnny Cash's voice in the tobacco ad in the wood shop?
Edelplastic (1 month ago)
These Times nobody care about... but now all are crying when someone make Commercials like this. Society getting more and more worse. Welcome to Planet "Girl".
Edelplastic (1 month ago)
+Da Purpleguy - No Feminism is Sexism!
Da Purpleguy (1 month ago)
Is that Sexism? REEEEEEEEEEE
Mitch Contreras (1 month ago)
"Outta coffee?!" 😱☕👎
M G (1 month ago)
Where is that got damn tire now 😂😂😂😂
matteovrizzi (1 month ago)
What’s politically incorrect about the Johnny Seven rifle?? Its awesome i want one too!!!
Butts Carlton (1 month ago)
I'm sure leftists, or Gillette, would deem it as "toxic masculinity" or some nonsense
ThreeBodiesFound (1 month ago)
Politically correct*
Clown Baby (1 month ago)
These were the times, black people weren't scary and white people were good at sports.
Sergio Avalos (1 month ago)
Johnny seven wtf
Arthur Clement (1 month ago)
The Johnny seven’s fuckin dope
Wolf Art Master (1 month ago)
Beetch-Nuts the tobacco you chew.
clarkorwell (1 month ago)
Misogyny, racism, militarism, and tobacco.
Everblue 22 (1 month ago)
Hoo boy this is going to be be fun
Mr Instigator (1 month ago)
Mr Instigator (1 month ago)
Little Bobby (1 month ago)
Nerf now better create some shit like the Johnny 7 because that was some actual shit
Jolly Gman (1 month ago)
It’s called propaganda now
ClearMotion Mapping (1 month ago)
4:47: No one: The Flintstones: *LETS SMOKE CIGARETTES !!!1!!11*
Michael Antonyan (1 month ago)
Felix Acosta (1 month ago)
Yeah..true.."correctness" is fu×÷*ng America!
Elder Futhark (1 month ago)
There is literally nothing wrong with 99% of this video.
Elder Futhark (1 month ago)
+Da Purpleguy society has never been sicker.
Da Purpleguy (1 month ago)
Yeah but society doesn't seem to think so
Overwatch (1 month ago)
duke_of_lilywhite (1 month ago)
I remember seeing the Frito Bandito commercial when I was in grade school. And my sisters and brothers used to sing that jingle all the time. (◕‿◕✿)
laughinggravy2 (1 month ago)
No multiculturalism here we were better for it
ForgottenSouls666 (1 month ago)
laughinggravy2 jimmy doesn’t care for your bigotry. White peoples done numbers to get where they are.
JoPa GeRi (1 month ago)
Wanna know how to trigger a lefty? Show them this video! 😆
Dennis Prager Gaming (1 month ago)
White people are all racist