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Obama Farewell Address: Where was Sasha Obama?

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ABC News' Jon Karl analyzes what to expect from Trump's first press conference since July and what to watch for in today's Cabinet confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill.
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Syed Hoque (2 months ago)
Sasha Obama has a strong friendship with Maisie Biden.
Syed Hoque (7 months ago)
I like the Obama Daughters.
ringo stark (7 months ago)
Look at these losers, sucking up right until the last day. That ex-football guy is the funniest, just a big old Cuck. It is better to live for one day as a Lion than one thousand as a Sheep. The fake media is so pathetic.
JohnnyC Major (7 months ago)
She out on holidays with her real parents.
Curtis Rupp (7 months ago)
In only 8 days we will be welcoming a new president of these United States I never mean to say disparaging things about people in public service but I feel like now is as good a time as any I don't feel like I am alone here but when I had trouble finding a single American flag at the Democratic National Convention as opposed to the Republican National Convention being flooded with the stars and stripes it is a real reflection of what has happened to this country which I think is very regrettable.We have allowed a charismatic speaker make us feel like being a patriot is something to feel ashamed of all the while he has made us look so weak in the public eye of the world Mr Obama will go down in history as many things but being a true patriot of this country he will not he will be remembered as the least patriotic president of this country which is going to have to be a prerequisite for future presidents luckily the incoming president doesn't have many qualifications because thankfully he isnt a seasoned politician he possesses legitimate useful skills like knowledge in negotiations economy and business. President Trump and President Obama side by side share many differences as a veteran I have an undying faith in what our country stands for but for the most part of it all I have an undying love for this country it will not end with me being six feet under it is constant and everlasting. I see many patriots I am proud of them but I also know the ones that do it for show or do it without feeling Obama has no feeling for this country it is point blank and never appreciated the tremendous power we the people gave to him and never will understand how disappointed we are in him because I truly believe he thinks he was as successful as Lincoln himself truth is President Trump has his hands full so does the American people because naturally we don't know who to trust we have turned to Donald Trump the same as when the American people have turned to Abraham Lincoln when the nation was so very divided on so many key issues that impacted this great nation and still does to this very day. Truth is I am very excited for the next four years whether it is filed with despair and heartbreak the fact is the American people still have faith that change for the better is always possible even in the places that seem like the least likely. So I end this with a heartwarming good luck to the Trump family I tell this dismiss all the hatred from people that have closed minds that have already written you off we the people have lost trust in the media because they have become as corrupt as the career politician like I have said before Trump has already served a purpose and that is a message to politicians this is OUR country not your you serve US not yourselves we are YOUR boss not the other way around we decided not YOU. GO TRUMP AND GO USA.
i Sfx HD (7 months ago)
Bye bye Barry. I do hope they go after your arse but you would probably love that
Christine Cuneo (7 months ago)
She was playing ping pong down the road with Alefantis.
Pinky Green (7 months ago)
Well, if Obama was so "worried about racial divisions" --- he had EIGHT years to do something about it and he did NOTHING. So F* him and his bullshit. However, STOCKS are at record highs, so if you're richer than you were before, you can thank him for that. If you're still looking for a job -- too bad, so sad. Thank G*d, Trump has already brought back some of the jobs Obama said were QUOTE: "never coming back". And, BTW, AMZN just announced 100K more jobs in int the US, in 2017. Thanks President Trump. F* U Obama. Adios!
C Tek (7 months ago)
Cupcakes and snowflakes
Brandy Lynn Robin (7 months ago)
We love you Mr. & Mrs. Obama.
Floyd Cason (7 months ago)
Barack Hussain Obama will go down in history as the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.
britney flower (7 months ago)
Out with the worst President ever, now trump can clean up your mess Mr. Obama and reverse everything you did to destroy this country, now you can go live in Syria with the terrorist you wanted to bring here. And to give your speach where the four kids are from that attacked and did what I see as a hate crime to the white man, really? Thank God you’re out and Hillary did not win, we needed some that could get we the people our country back and we did Trump, I hope you watch everything you did fall apart.
JL (7 months ago)
Trump is a knuckle dragger.
Lone Ranger (7 months ago)
good, done and over... now let's get to work and make America great again...
teamlight 526 (7 months ago)
Karen Freeman (7 months ago)
stromada1 (7 months ago)
Barak Hussein Obama - WORST President in U.S. history. Good riddance!
Michael1313 michael (7 months ago)
so glad osama or i mean obama is FUcKIN GONE for GOOD.queer.
Janes Dough (7 months ago)
She probably spent the day with her Real Mother.
liloboy911808 (7 months ago)
Racist and trump supporters. Please get out of america so we can make this really great
California Girl (7 months ago)
She had test the next day so she was studying.
David Vasquez (7 months ago)
She was out for pizza.
Paul Tysinger (7 months ago)
Paul Tysinger (7 months ago)
HawksGamer (7 months ago)
Now we got trump 😭
Doug Miller (7 months ago)
i dont get it, is it supposed to hurt when called a racist. its a human nature response from the beginning of time. Everyone is racist. its not and never will be illegal. but supporting and funding terrorism and the Terrorist one on one is. its called treason, and its punishment to this day is hanging by the neck until dead. so members of the Terrorist party. hang. you sure in hell cant stop whats going on now. lol you do not have enough votes to ask to go to the bathroom. your fucked by your own hand.
jujumediazone (7 months ago)
Goodbye and glad to see this terrible moment of history fade away.
jujumediazone (7 months ago)
+Michael Green How ya like me now?
jujumediazone (7 months ago)
+Michael Green The only thing you held is your inconsistent babbling. No one cares. Obama is gone and you will be all alone.
jujumediazone (7 months ago)
+Michael Green I already backed it up. It's your refusal to accept what I told you. We've seen that sort of show before. Not a big deal. Just accept that your president was no good. Obama is the worst President ever. A total disaster, both foreign AND domestic. Obama started several "wars". Libya, Yemen, Syria to name 3. Obama kept Gitmo open and we may never know of any secret programs he had running overseas like Bush had. Obama was running guns out of Libya to Syrian rebels (terrorists). That's what Benghazi was about. He also gave weapons to the Libyan terrorists to fight Khadafi. He dropped arms into Syria outright to further arm terrorists there. The list goes on and on. Obama backed The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He helped create ISIS. You seem to ignore a lot of what Obama has done to create such a foreign policy disaster. Wars are no longer declared... and Congress gave all Presidents a green light with their War on Terror... a never ending war with no defined nation as an enemy... it can be morphed into anything they want and moved to anywhere on the globe they want. A war against a tactic can never be won and will never end on it's own. Libya was a US created disaster. Obama and Clinton were arming terrorists there to fight against Kadafi. After he was dead, they tried getting those arms back so they could ship them to Syria out of Benghazi. That's what the whole Benghazi mess was about .. gun running. And there were US forces on the ground there.. they were photographed. There are US forces on the ground in Yemen and Syria as well. Your "Peace Prize" President is every bit the war monger Bush43 was. He has caused even more problems over there. He's gotten more than twice as many US troops killed in Afghanistan as were killed under Bush there. Obama ran on a promise to close Gitmo and had complete control of Congress for 2 years and never bothered to even try closing it. So again, your President is a hypocrite and a liar. Need more?
jujumediazone (7 months ago)
+Michael Green Dude, you're lost. Get over it. Obamas will go down as the worst president for most but worshipped by you leftist afrocentric goons. But he did leave us a legacy that we can be proud of. From WSJ The real Obama legacy he leaves behind is: 1. A Republican President 2. Republican Vice President 3. Republican control of the Senate 4. Republican control of the House 5. Republican control of 31 state houses (62%) 6. A majority of Republican governors (36 of 50) (73%) 7. Republican control of a majority of county governments 8. Republican control of a majority of city governments Now we can focus on fixing all of the damage that he did. I doubt if Trump will look into Obummer's many crimes. He will say something like...it's time to heal the nation and move on. Obama might be the first president who was not qualified by birth...which means he lied under oath. Why wasn't he vetted? All presidential candidates should have a thorough background check by the FBI, because they will handle the nations highest secrets. You're telling me the FBI didn't know where Obama was born? Why are his records sealed? Why does he have a phony social security number? The American people have a right to know why our highest office can be compromised so easily. This is the biggest scandal of our history. Obama should be charge with treason for not enforcing U.S. law concerning illegal immigrants, using the IRS as a political weapon and using the DOJ to enforced unlawful mandates. You want more? I got more... Lol
Ken Reck (7 months ago)
Obama's speech wasn't a speech it was a lecture. Funny how he indirectly blames Trump for racial tension, and other BS but he wasn't the president you were dumb ass! How could you sit here and talk bad about the next president and set him up for failure. A true leader would of called for peace and unity. Not talk about what we should be doing, another controlling aspect to his dictatorship. Trump wants to be focused on making America great but the demons distract that everyday with false allegations and try to throw all the dirt they really create on a man that will succeed no matter what is thrown at him. Nothing will stop Gods plan, they could try whatever they like. I was actually a big fan of Obama back in 2008, I really wanted to believe in his vision. That vision was destroyed when I found out all the hidden lies and deception he was really made of. He's just another NWO puppet selected be the globalists not elected be the people. But God stepped in and just like what the Illuminati card with Trump's face on it He is saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We the good people of this world will see God and His Angels go to work on these evil people hidden in sheep's clothing. For those that don't believe in God and Don't have the Holy Spirit in their life then now is the time. Time is extremely limited may God bless the blind and lost may the Holy Spirit guide you to the righteous path. Accept Jesus into your heart, the time is near!
Lei Reed (7 months ago)
Ken Reck did you fuckin listen to his speech I'm sure if you did you wouldn't be saying this dumb idiotic shit. Did he ever mention Trumps' name? So if you thought so you already know what our President-elect is all about. go back and LISTEN to OUR PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA speak but listen without prejudice
Valerie Peralta De La Cruz (7 months ago)
estanilau.marinu mucica,, critiana
Nasir Carter (7 months ago)
Trump is getting into bullshit already!! I hate these fucking crackers!!!!
Nasir Carter (7 months ago)
Well we going keep it like that.. Because most of the world already hate y'all caucasians... Yall do the most destruction and try to make other races look bad when it's really white folks that's fucking up everything.
elena Vanityy (7 months ago)
Dale Malone good for you!
Dale Malone (7 months ago)
Nasir Carter yeah we don't like niggers either
alex contreras (7 months ago)
I know right.
George Fisher (7 months ago)
Her rental was up!
Oh Alright! (7 months ago)
She was already back on the mothership
Jim Jones (7 months ago)
LOL ! ! !
Casper307 Gaming (7 months ago)
Fuck Obama Sasha was probably eating Trumps dick because he owns that little slut now
Casper307 Gaming (7 months ago)
+Joshua Smothers What's wrong? You know Sasha loves old guys with orange cock
Casper307 Gaming (7 months ago)
+Nasir Carter It's not "cracker" Nasir. It's "Cracka" okay You gotta be like "fuck that Cracka ass CRACKA" You sound like a white fool using the "er" on the end of your racial slurs
Nasir Carter (7 months ago)
I'm not surprised by his comment crackers have these type of sick thoughts. Because they're sick they fuck their parents and siblings. what you expect from a cracker?
Valerie Peralta De La Cruz (7 months ago)
estanilau.marinu de las, musica,cristianamente
Joshua Smothers (7 months ago)
Casper307 Gaming dude... what the fuck?
Doug Miller (7 months ago)
she was out doing meth, killing crackers, and shouting BLM
Tbone V (7 months ago)
sorros fake news
Valerie Love (7 months ago)
didn't watch glad I don't have to listen to his lies anymore.
Daniel Delgado (7 months ago)
Michael1313 michael Come on respond to my post and let's see what you have to say stupid idiot because I can do this all day and night
Daniel Delgado (7 months ago)
Michael1313 michael you are the most ignorant person I have ever seen so let me get this straight you feel the need to make fun of a homosexual just because their different. Come on bro we are all in the 21century I don't know in what century you're in but you are wrong as hell fucker. You see love my friend has no barriers, it spreads hope all throughout the world. That is why you need to go back to school and learn your shit because apparently your racist conservative roots are brainwashing you
Michael1313 michael (7 months ago)
+soccer _ life​​ no marriage is between a husband and wife,the shit ur calling "marriage" is not marriage,you weird fuckers change meanings of words and shit,go to ur safe space you fuckin clown,,i hope the muslims you goffy fucks think are your friends throw u weird fuckers off the buildings.i dont like homos and never will,GOFFY fucker.
soccer _ life (7 months ago)
Michael1313 michael Gay marriage is the most amazing this to pass! your just a homophobic bitch
Michael1313 michael (7 months ago)
+Daniel Delgado sorry "gay marriage" is not good and not marriage,fuckin weirdos like you are why trump was voted in.fuckin gay marriage,lol.
Valerie Love (7 months ago)
didn't watch glad I don't have to listen to his lies anymore.
Tbone V (7 months ago)
fake news ,
Jon Riley (7 months ago)
Tbone V Your mother
alex contreras (7 months ago)
trump I hate you!
alex contreras (7 months ago)
and my real name is Alex the reason why I use Fernando because my dad used his email on my phone beside my parents are going to get there paper's so shut up!
alex contreras (7 months ago)
I was born in the United States so that mean they can't deport me!
alex contreras (7 months ago)
I'm not a Mexican I'm a decend from Mexico!
fKuTooB ok (7 months ago)
Sasha was probably with her real parents
Christine Cuneo (7 months ago)
She was playing ping pong down the road with Alefantis.
Doug Miller (7 months ago)
fKuTooB ok roflmao thumds up to you my friend. i have not had a good tearing laughter in a long time. thanks