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How Hong Kong Changed Countries

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Text Comments (6048)
Wendover Productions (2 months ago)
Hey all, in case you don't know already, the numbers in the bottom, left corner of the video correspond to the sources of information at the bottom of the description. Many of those are good further reading on the topic. Also, I just want to acknowledge one small narration slip-up. At 7:14 I say, "What was known was that the event would be centered around midnight on the night of July 30th, 1997." That should be *June* 30th, 1997.
Amidat (1 month ago)
+UFCMania155 Yes - but my point was they didn't even put up much of a fight to defend them because they didn't really care that much.
Chillypuwn (1 month ago)
This video just earned you my follow ;)
Axei mash (1 month ago)
Please get better at making your videos and writing scripts for them. Im not saying there was anything wrong with this video but just in general you need to get better. I really do enjoy watching your videos and learning from them but i just can watch them because of that.
Karthik Sarode (1 month ago)
What happend to the wikipedia list
vhtriyok (10 minutes ago)
Fun Fact: Thatcher tried to persuade allies for a military take over in case China did not want to "extend" the lease. They collectively said to her: Give up already.
BoraCM 39 (9 hours ago)
Back then, the qing government was in charge. It's a different China now, so maybe we don't have to give it back. We could give it toTaiwan, which is technically a china. The treaty never said which China to give the territory back to, because Taiwan and the mainland were ruled by the same dynasty. We could have given it to Taiwan.
sheeple (1 day ago)
What if the 99 year term was longer, maybe forever? Hong Kong couldve then maybe have gotten independence and be like Singapore (while probably staying in the Commonwealth) But thats just theorizing and alternate history, we dont know what wouldve happened if that 99 year term was longer/forever...
Hoops And loops (2 days ago)
Ohhh that’s why there’s so many asians in Brisbane 🤔
Sarina Freeman (3 days ago)
the commie used terrorists to occupied our land
f u google no real name (4 days ago)
Go over Britain!
騎士say黑 (4 days ago)
Hahaha, Army
Severn Severn (5 days ago)
7:20 - 30 June 1997
Xin Jin (8 days ago)
The handover is just the minor dignity Britain has left. Thatcher was trying to keep Hong Kong, all give the sovereignty to PRC, but keep the power of administration over HK. But Deng threatened her with a war. Thatcher knew the UK cannot won a war at the doorstep of China, if they were kicked out, there would be a humiliation for the UK. Thatcher even fell down when she got back to London. She had to keep the last piece of dignity of the empire. For Chinese people, this event also means a lot to China, they are slowly taking back what was lost in hundred years humiliation, and heading to the rejuvenation.
shingshongshamalama (9 days ago)
China's problem is that human beings seem to simply be naturally inclined to lean more socially progressive and liberal the more information they have about how reality really works. It's almost like social conservatism is counter-reality.
Cheddwardo (10 days ago)
9:19 should have shot it down when we had the chance
Stone IP (12 days ago)
One mistake. The BNO is in Red.
Totally Acauntis (12 days ago)
How come you and Half As Interesting have the same voices?
Bowden Nthani (11 days ago)
It's the same person; he has two channels
Garry Chen (12 days ago)
By the agreement in the beginning then HK should be returned to nobody since empire of China ceased to exists. Or give it to ROC since they have the original copy of the treaty.
beavertown2006 (13 days ago)
Sad day.
Benjamin Lau (14 days ago)
I love how you use the satellite image from 1997 in order to accurately reflect what had happened
Fros ty (14 days ago)
“All of Britain was gone forever.” What about the boat? It’s still there
Barsat Karki (14 days ago)
Top ten anime endings
Al Patus (14 days ago)
The U.K. government should remember this when they handle the brexit stuff.
Ethan Cooper (14 days ago)
I honestly can not tell what is a HAI or a Wendover video
Yan Li (14 days ago)
We win, and we will keep winning
Chimney (14 days ago)
That’s why Hong Kong people hate to be called Chinese. They are just different.
A. Hakan Ozcan (14 days ago)
Make Bahrein British territory and look similar like Hong Kong in the region and never give to Bahreini citizens back by governing as baptist British territory for eternity.
Ben D. Hu (15 days ago)
For whatever reason I feel truly said to watch this. The clip itself was well made though.
Kazu DV (15 days ago)
Damn i love the 90's
Just4Kixs (15 days ago)
五毛來了 I miss HK.
Kinson Studio (15 days ago)
Thank you for your detailed information on the history of Hong Kong! I am from Hong Kong and I really like and enjoy watching your informative videos!
Orbit (15 days ago)
Hong Kong: I changed countries! Me: Weird flex but okay
Travis Jai (15 days ago)
Dear Queen Elizabeth II, Please take us back. Yours sincerely, Hong-Kongers
The Silent Mumble (15 days ago)
I think it is out of order the way we gave away Hong Kong like a piece of cake. Us British died defending Hong Kong in WW2. The Chinese can't even run Hong Kong. The amount of riots is mind blowing.
sockfreak (15 days ago)
Pity the brit8sh flags in your animation at 7:32 are upside down- great video however.
Nail Chan (16 days ago)
I think I finally get to understand the people of Hong Kong. They don't like to be treated as Chinese. They think they are white or westerners even though they speak Cantonese they don't see themselves as Cantonese. For them to be ruled by the Chinese the yellow is an insult. Like white nationalists and supremacists as they really are as the people of Hong Kong, a former British crown colony. They think they are British or upper class. The Chinese are not good enough to govern the white people as they think they really are. Their whole beliefs system and identity are false. They are self important and like to lay down rules for you to follow. They are white worshipping. They think they are equals of the Americans or British. They don't or most of them don't identify themselves as Chinese. They are like Chinese hating. Their self worth will be less half if they are called Chinese. They are in fact Cantonese if not Chinese.
Moss (17 days ago)
chrome has a password manager built into it
jappie jappo (17 days ago)
Now it's about the time China to colonize Britain then enslave all those arrogant pink brits, put a warning sign at the gate of a park noticing "no brits or dogs allowed".
Amar (18 days ago)
Floydimations (19 days ago)
wait so do u make the same type of vids on here and HAI?
Dylan Cheng (19 days ago)
Why is this so sad... I'm not even part of the UK or Hong Kong
TheSmithersy (5 hours ago)
Because it was handing British subjects over to a communist dictatorship. It was the end of a free Hong Kong.
HoHo Eric (6 days ago)
+jappie jappo shut the fuck up noob
Dylan Cheng (17 days ago)
+jappie jappo I'm not even part of China...
jappie jappo (17 days ago)
You are dishonourable 漢奸, shame on you!
Lyle Adrian (19 days ago)
I laughed when you said "Hong Kong get to keep its Democratic way of life." Under British rule, Hong Kong was a colony ruled by an London assigned Governor. No democratic elections were held, and local Chinese were treated as second class citizens in comparison to a small group of ruling whites. If that's democratic, you might as well called North Korea a democracy. Contrary to the public illusion, elections of mayor and city parliament only started after Hong Kong was returned to China
Lyle Adrian (18 days ago)
+Danny You missed the point. The point is Hong Kong was never democratic under British rule, so to say that Hong Kong get to keep its "democratic way of life" is simply moronic.
Danny (19 days ago)
No democratic elections were held, because not only was British Hong Kong a colony, but the people of Hong Kong didn't long for any elections. Democracy can only exist if and only if the people have a will for it, Hong Kong did not. You also have to consider that China did not want a democratic Hong Kong as they knew that they would soon be taking ownership of the state, and establishing a representative democracy in the eyes of China would of been considered as illegitimate, resulting in China forcefully retaking Hong Kong. Also keep in mind that even though Hong Kong couldn't elect those that governed them, the British could, and it meant that the Governors of Hong Kong weren't ferocious dictators or anything along those lines, but instead representatives of the crown to Hong Kong. So in short Hong Kong couldn't be a democratic state under British rule because 1. China would not allow for it, as their plan for an authoritarian, communist take over would be disrupted, and 2. the people did not will for it. You can however rest assured that "democracy" in the hands of communist China is never going to be legitimate, because China will only ever provide an illusion of democracy instead of the real deal.
Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez (19 days ago)
great video. it makes me wonder how a handover of the malvinas / falkland island would have could happend if usa' cia wouldn't set up so many proxy wars and proxy gobernments.
Miles (20 days ago)
A general opinion for us britons on the matter. We knew that Hong Kong deserved autonomy from Britain. We just didn’t want to hand that autonomy over to communist China who we were sure would not respect that autonomy. In general I would have preferred it if Hong Kong were made an independent state like Singapore. Maybe with close ties to both China and Britain.
Reese Hendricksen (4 days ago)
+Horinius That was their ancestors, not Miles. Also, you do understand how the CCP has been violating Hong Kong right? Say what you will about the British Empire in the Raj, the CCP has treated Hong Kong worse than the Empire ever did.
Horinius (6 days ago)
Really? That's so "honorable"! Exactly like what you did to India, splitting it into "India" and Pakistan and so they keep on killing each other for centuries to come?
chungonion20 (11 days ago)
<3 from Hongkonger :)
Sir Wobblefish (20 days ago)
Couldn’t they have just claimed that they made the arrangement with the Chinese Empire, and thus it was no longer valid?
phantomtq (20 days ago)
yeah as qing no longer exist and its different country but chinese as greedy as they are would have invaded and britain wouldnt want third ww2 so it was decided to handover
Korean Peninsula (20 days ago)
Last time when I visited Hong Kong was when Hong Kong was part of the British Empire. It was my Middle School year I last visited Hong Kong.  I Love Korea much more than Hong Kong.
Bob Camerban (20 days ago)
As a HongKonger, I would feel so sad to be ruled by the communist party of China. I wish Hong Kong was independent forever.
JK Huang (18 days ago)
Lol keep your dreaming
Nigel Marvin (20 days ago)
Some of my family moved from Guangzhou, China to Hong Kong because of more freedom and what the Chinese government done to my family. I have been to Hong Kong so many times and I love it there.
Ayush Das (21 days ago)
Very interesting. I'm binge watching all your videos
Fals3Agent (21 days ago)
Collosal fuckup by the British (as usual). Hong Kong deserves to be independent.
Joseph Goings (21 days ago)
Doctor Core (22 days ago)
2:29 capitalist economy yes, but democratic government? I was thinking hey he said opium war maybe it's not the standard Anglophile revisionism... pleh.
Kevin Norris (22 days ago)
Proof that Westernization leads to prosperity. Countries in the eastern hemisphere should take note.
ABC English (22 days ago)
We are Hong Kong we are China we are Chinese but we speak English. Lol.
Total 2017 (23 days ago)
Hong Kong in British rule. People have freedom but no democracy.
Samuel Chan (23 days ago)
Now we're losing both when the government started disqualifying members of the Legislative Council who were elected by us and banning the more radical democratic candidates from elections because of their opposition against the government of Hong Kong and China. It's clearly an act of the government being disrespectful to our freedom and damaging the democracy of Hong Kong
Oscar Thiele (25 days ago)
Excellent Video! Very Informative!
errrrrrrrrrwhat (27 days ago)
Video: mentions Hong Kong Comment section: "CCP TIME!"
MrHungry (27 days ago)
2047 will be a sad time
Miguel Wang (27 days ago)
I live in Hong Kong!
Ryaneg6freak (28 days ago)
Whenever a British citizen tries to poke fun at America, I remind them that in less than 100 years, they went from controlling 2/3rds of the world, to living on an island the size of Michigan. Giving up Hong Kong was the last nail in their coffin, and quite possibly the dumbest thing they could have ever done.
PegenGaming4K (ohne 4K) (28 days ago)
2:27 Can you tell my how the capitalist system would be change, if hong kong would be chinese?
PegenGaming4K (ohne 4K) (28 days ago)
+AndrewDoesContent It was a rhetorical question. In fact, I had only the motivation to lure another person who claims that china is communist. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I need fun. sry. I still respect the attempt to explain it to me. Even if it is based on wrong ideas/assumptions.
AndrewDoesContent (28 days ago)
China is communist and britian is capitalist. When Hong Kong was transferred to China from britian, it was chinese, but autonomous, which means it's sort of Chinese but not really. But it will become fully chinese and communist in 2047.
You Know Who (28 days ago)
Hong Kong not so special administrative region
You Know Who (28 days ago)
We belong to the British, not Communist China!!!
JK Huang (18 days ago)
Go away, refugee
Tony's Booth (28 days ago)
You Know Who easy, just cancel your Chinese citizenship and apply for a UK passport.
You Know Who (28 days ago)
+Tony's Booth I was born after the handover, how do I go 'back'?
Tony's Booth (28 days ago)
Then you should go back to britain as hong kong is China now
MARCO PO (29 days ago)
As a Hongkonger , I think Hong Kong‘s future is hopeless . The Chinese government tried to eliminate Hong Kong’s unique culture , especially Cantonese . They send 150 mainlanders to Hong Kong everyday who only speak mandarin , and schools are encouraged to speak mandarin in Chinese lesson ( supposed to be Cantonese), so fewer people speak Cantonese in the future , and the day with no Cantonese speaker is coming .
Minecraft Creeper (29 days ago)
2:37 It is Special Administrative Region... BTW... you are silly calling China communist, we don’t give our money to the government, excluding taxes
Minecraft Creeper (20 days ago)
comrade goblin Get education pls
comrade goblin (20 days ago)
that's not what communism is.
commander31able (1 month ago)
see you in 2047, I guess.
Julwiez de Ghorz (1 month ago)
For good.... Such a sad histotic event.
ErrantChordier (1 month ago)
It's "Bay-JING", Wendover, like "Jingle Bells". Keep that "J" nice and snappy. It's NOT "Bay-ZHING" Say it with me: Bay-JING.
Shahnewaz (1 month ago)
So.. Brexit for Hong Kong.
Darklife66 (1 month ago)
How About letting hong kongers decide themselves for their own fate ?
Mainland Chinese (1 month ago)
Hong Kong is white worshipping and Chinese hating for the most part.
孟晉為 (1 month ago)
Lewis Skinner (1 month ago)
6:54. Painted green, but still with the crown and "ER" (no, not 'Er in the Palace, but Elizabeth Regina)
BlazingFire_07 (1 month ago)
Who thought that 99 years is “as good as forever”? Could’ve bought the whole territory for good
Noitan ATon Nawiat (1 month ago)
Once a noble leader said something in Hong Kong. 'Do you think China will make Hong Kong different with other provinces by the year of 2047?' I would like to say 'Not too long, Hong Kong will become similar to the other provinces in China.' Agree or not, the truth is you can't change it, this is why the western countries always underestimate determination of China.
Gautham Thampy (1 month ago)
misleading title.
中山Tony (1 month ago)
Interestingly, according to some official Chinese deciphering content, the Chinese government did not know the lease time of Hong Kong. Instead, before the reunification, the British government’s diplomatic visit to China made the Chinese government know the lease term of Hong Kong.
Omar Delawar (1 month ago)
People in Hong Kong, hows life now for you guys? Better or worse under Chinese rule?
储睿 (1 month ago)
from controlled by London pre1997 to the same level of London in world city ranking 2018
邹凯 (1 month ago)
ThePsychicFish (1 month ago)
Haha yeah (I have no idea what any of that means)
Jay Koz (1 month ago)
I thought Hong Kong was still British. I think I’m dumb
Karman Bassi (1 month ago)
should have never given that capitalist diamond to those dirty communists
储睿 (1 month ago)
Karman Bassi lol. Why british need hongkong? they want to build a city for Chinese person in hongkong? they are so mercy? British rob tons of money which is tax should belong to Chinese from hongkong in this 99 years. If hongkong still belong to uk, its still a clony area, but in China, its a world top class financial center which is same as London, you said Chinese did nothing? Hongkong people hate China? maybe. If UK give North Ireland vote rights, then China may consider give hongkong vote rights. But besides, If hongkong cant get zero tax from mainland China, you still think hongkong will be a top class financial center? In hongkong financial structure nowadays, more than half are mainland products duty free out sellings, if hongkong is out of China, shenzhen next to hongkong will do this job
Karman Bassi (1 month ago)
+储睿 Hong Kong was NOTHING until the British came and built into one of the most successful cities on earth, China didn't do anything yet they are inheriting it, they don't deserve it, Honk Kong people hate China. The British should have demolished it and gave it back the way it came.
储睿 (1 month ago)
Karman Bassi demolish? hongkong pre 1997 was controlled by London and in 2018 world city ranking is the same level of London on level S. You call this demolish? If give back, just prove that caplism is unlegal, cuz legally hongkong should belong to China after 99 years.
Karman Bassi (1 month ago)
+储睿 should have given it back after demolishing everything
储睿 (1 month ago)
you got a choice. Be legal to give back to China or be an unlegal thief
jwm0z (1 month ago)
I would hate to see this happen to Taiwan.
reeser (1 month ago)
Thank you Mr. Wendover
Inconspicuous Jerry (1 month ago)
Losses: -Rights Gains: +China Numba 1
Happy Grower (1 month ago)
My mom was a domestic worker in Hong Kong and was there to witness the handover. She brought home pictures of the parade and festivities from the streets of Kawloon. As a child I never really understood how significant how significant the event is but I'm glad I we got to keep a little piece of history in those pictures.
Aaron Chow (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video! My family was part of that immigration wave from Hong Kong to Australia in the early 80s. The year I moved Madonna’s like a Virgin LP came out :)
Melinda Junata (1 month ago)
this is so sad..
Nomad Girl (1 month ago)
Historical moment! Re-claim the land that is supposed to be a part of China! Well done, CP
Pyrs (1 month ago)
It should of been handed to the Republic of China (Taiwan) as that is the legitimate government of China and the territory that indefinitely belonged to Britain should've stayed British. The UK created Hong Kong as it is today, it was a barren island before them. The PRC certainly didnt deserve to get this city back.
Edward Yu (1 month ago)
We're awakened by the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from her majesty to the Chinese. We used to enjoy the freedom of speech, rule of law and so forth under her majesty. However, things changed enormously since the transfer. That's the first time we've got a glimpse of the suppression and oppression under a dictatorship and notably despair of being utterly colonised. To be honest, we trusted the Chinese more than once, but they betrayed us nevertheless; Hong Kong has been being eroded in every aspect. Our society has been in dismay and agony; Different means of invasion such as consistently hampering the functioning of the separation of powers and as a result, the reputation was torn down subsequently so does the trust from Hong Kongers. It is not hard to forecast what will befall Hong Kong by 2047. Notwithstanding, a lot of Hong Kongers plucked up the courage to strive for a better tomorrow by safeguarding our language, preserving our legacies, protesting against boondoggles and corruption of the colonial government(HK) even though it could incur prison sentences to them. WHY? Because of our love for our home Hong Kong. It took us approximately 20 years to realise the so-called 'One country, two systems' was merely a fatuous idea. We cannot have democracy, we cannot have universal suffrage, we cannot relieve the poor condition of accommodation and the abuse of our public welfare system by the Chinese colonisers, etc. not until the liberation of Hong Kong from the Chinese rule and the establishment of a true Hong Kong government that acts in our interests.
Apollo Channel (1 month ago)
BNO passport also in Red cover , just without "EU" wordings...
Leo Z (1 month ago)
Hong Kong is better British? Lmao. Open your eyes and take a look at UK, the whole country is falling. Its glorious time has gone! Hong Kong should have been worst if it is still British. Shanghai is the new center in east Asia now. Hong Kong is dead, but not because of Chinese government, it’s all by its own people.
Alex Kwan (1 month ago)
Qing Empire is different from China.
clrd4t0 (1 month ago)
As a Hong Konger, I feel like crying while watching this video. I know some say that the UK was not a lot better than China in terms of ruling Hong Kong, but at least our rights were protected, we had the freedom to speak up, without having to fear that we will be silenced by the government. This video is straight up depressing to a Hong Konger.
kang brave24 (1 month ago)
you can go to the UK.........
IRavendon (1 month ago)
Hongkong is better controlled by Britain. Hong Kong cannot be chinese
kang brave24 (1 month ago)
but they really chinese...
Chaz Baz (1 month ago)
Hong Kong should become a city state like Singapore, another former British colony.
Rai Sakar (1 month ago)
this must be reversed or i call bruce lee's relative chin to massacre the 1.4 billion red communists
SD78 (1 month ago)
"99 years? We'll be dead by then anyway, LOL!"
4315 Btdfh (1 month ago)
I hope you can make a video about what happens to Hong Kong after the handover, from the economy to the politics, to let more people outside of Hong Kong know about its situation. Hong Kong is falling apart already and over 90% of the people aren't happy with the government. Politics are entirely controlled by Beijing as most of the legislative councilors support the Communist Party and will vote for anything the Government proposed even when the plans are poor. However citizens don't get to have a say on who to become legislative councilors or the chief executive. Every policy in Hong Kong is now implemented in favour of China and completely disregard the opinions of the people. Economy is terrible as well as Hong Kong has the most expensive housing market in the world and property market are dominated by large companies. Level of happiness is seriously low and the government have done literally nothing to fix that.
Lo C (1 month ago)
90%? Where'd you pull that number from? Joshua Wong's blog? Why don't you describe what life was like under the British?
Morphing Reality (1 month ago)
Rex Longfellow (1 month ago)
Some of these countries make kids seem mature😓😂
Sister C (1 month ago)
As an 8th generation Hong Konger, I'm grateful for your efforts in making this video.
Legendary Rebel (1 month ago)
The British influence should have never been there. The English didn't need some Asian 3rd world island because of the monarchy and the wanting to rule over the world part. Most of all, the majority of countries heavily occupied under the empire during the many years were 3rd world countries that were used for resources and colonial slaves.
Legendary Rebel (23 days ago)
+kenlau135 Whether that's true or not, your 3rd would country (at least back in the prime of the Empire days) were slaves of the royals and were solely used for the expansion and resources your place had to offer. Hong Kong now, as a vibrant republic isn't doing too bad. Just need to watch out for another occupier, the Chinese.
kenlau135 (23 days ago)
u fool. hong kong got a higher gdp per capita than the uk
Valentin Islas (1 month ago)
Didn't this happen years ago, why are you making videos with OLD OLD OLD info? who DIDN"T know this?
Will 'n Co (1 month ago)
fucking anyone not from hongkong you moron