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How Hong Kong Changed Countries

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Text Comments (6682)
Wendover Productions (5 months ago)
Hey all, in case you don't know already, the numbers in the bottom, left corner of the video correspond to the sources of information at the bottom of the description. Many of those are good further reading on the topic. Also, I just want to acknowledge one small narration slip-up. At 7:14 I say, "What was known was that the event would be centered around midnight on the night of July 30th, 1997." That should be *June* 30th, 1997.
Dinar AndFriends (3 days ago)
Please get the countries right next time: "Great Britain" is not a country, it's part of the United Kingdom.
Amidat (4 months ago)
@UFCMania155 Yes - but my point was they didn't even put up much of a fight to defend them because they didn't really care that much.
Chillypuwn (4 months ago)
This video just earned you my follow ;)
Axei mash (4 months ago)
Please get better at making your videos and writing scripts for them. Im not saying there was anything wrong with this video but just in general you need to get better. I really do enjoy watching your videos and learning from them but i just can watch them because of that.
Karthik Sarode (4 months ago)
What happend to the wikipedia list
zhuoli xie (1 hour ago)
The British passport that they give to HKers don't eve allow residency in UK like that of Myanmar's. Those who rallied brithsh colonial flags should let that sink in.
vian aztraguzt (6 hours ago)
Hong Kong should be left alone without British or China. They are cantonese, they want to stand by themselves.
zhuoli xie (1 hour ago)
Yun Long villagers: press x to doubt
Hhfjjyf Jjjhggf (21 hours ago)
UK handed over HK on the promise ( and a written legal treaty to enforce it) that china would be respectful to the democratic laws, but against the will of people living in Hong Kong the UK handed it over to honour the agreement made 99 years prior, one of the worse decisions the UK has done, as china is now showing dishonor to the treaty that was made, wired behaviour from a country that has vowed to never start a war again and yet continues to try claim what isn't theirs (borders at sea near Japan) and what isn't all theirs HK (until 2047) by force...
mojamil khan (1 day ago)
What about macau ?
Pruler (1 day ago)
Hail King Devin (2 days ago)
Shame China
Naveen Tiku (2 days ago)
Tony Blair came to look for WMDs. He was very sure.
2007NICK2007nick (2 days ago)
If you think HK is at the risk of losing her democracy at 1997, please tell me, was HK really democratic before 1997? Universal suffrage was never there!
inventionless spain pretendin 2b white (3 days ago)
hongkong is what happens when asians and whites unite, if but for a small time, until parasite spanese jesuits start instigating wars.
Andrew Wade (3 days ago)
Pretty much the last significant territory of the British Empire when you think about it - though it didn't really mean fuck all to us, tbh.
Rizar Adri (4 days ago)
Hong Kong: The Last Crown Jewel of The Empire
John Burns (4 days ago)
Britain has not 100% gone. The passport proves that.
What Ever (5 days ago)
The greatest day for HK
Real deal (5 days ago)
Back then its cool af to be a hongkonger or call urself a hongkonger.
mysteriousDSF (5 days ago)
British: let's sign a treaty for 99 years because that's like perpetuity Also the Brits: we could keep the main island with downtown central business district forever, but why bother? No wonder why these looney Brits all drive in the wrong lane
jimmy choo (5 days ago)
HongKong is better off given to India. Opium comes from here.
Adam Peck (5 days ago)
Opium war who is selling the OPIUM ? British annex Hong Kong from China !
What was the "Democratic System" that existed in HK before 1997? Throughout UK rule HK was governed by a Governor appointed by Westminster. What did HKers vote for? Street sweeper?
mharris1270 (2 hours ago)
@SISYPHUS VASILIAS If the UK has taken prisoners and tortured them since 1970 the people definitely did something very significant. Also, the Chinese populace cannot change shit, the military has the guns, the bombs and the government is willing to go to any lengths to suppress opposition -- remember Tienanmen Square? Also, speeding in the UK or the US gets you a ticket or on the extreme end booking and release (Alabama and North Carolina have a law allowing those driving more than 30 mph over limit and over 90 mph to be taken to the jail for booking and release but the only time I have actually heard of it being used was with Al Gore's snotty, nasty attitude carrying son -- no area of the UK has anything similar).
@mharris1270 That's anecdotal and exaggerated even if it is based in reality. But SO WHAT? The Justice System of China is only for the people of China to Judge. They are more than capable of changing the government if they are really unhappy with it. The REAL point is that China doesn't invade, bomb, devastate countries and then imprison, torture and kill people for NO CRIME AT ALL. UK does.
mharris1270 (6 hours ago)
At least the British usually don't torture people that go against their official line to death -- slowly and painfully. In China (including Hong Kong and Macau) you can be executed for something as minor as a speeding violation or spitting your tobacco juice on the sidewalk. In practice for those minor crimes you only get torture and prison but legally they can and occasionally do execute for something considered extremely minor in the Western world.
Paul Horwood2 (5 days ago)
its shameful how little the british are supporting the people of hong kong currently, I understand that the colonial history is awful and Britain practically can do very little except help asylum seekers to a greater extent (which is unlikely considering the torries) but at least public statements condemning the loss of freedom and sinicization is required
looes74 looes74 (7 days ago)
Why its impractical to keep kowloon and hong kong island when british gives middle finger to spain over gibraltar? How big gibraltar? Why dont the british admitting its cowardice in defending the remaining territories? Brits collapsed on the face of onslaught by 3 1/2 dicky japs during the ww2...... Bull
yong gary (8 days ago)
If HKers do not want to be Chinese and still want to live under UK rule.I suggest the UK accept all of them as citizen since British says it has responsible to HK. i think that is a win win /happy ending to both sides,but as i know, the Hkers' requirement was rejected by the UK. 中国政府应该主动出击,和英国政府交涉,既然香港垃圾不愿做中国人,希望做作英国狗。而英国也表示对香港富有责任,那么就让英国接受全部不愿做人希望做狗的香港人定居英国。这样一来,3方皆大欢喜,香港也消停了,香港的垃圾也清除了。
Crusader Boy 9000 (8 days ago)
Britain should have fought over it, hahahha im a warmonger
Crusader Boy 9000 (7 days ago)
@Milkchocolatte1 yeah i didnt mean it for real
Milkchocolatte1 (7 days ago)
Crusader Boy 9000 That would be suicide for the UK. China would simply win purely on man power which is how the soviets won the eastern front against the Nazis. During the time of Hong Kong’s hand over the UK had a population of 55million and China had a population of 1.05billion people. Presuming that over half of the population are fit for service then there would be 1 British soldier for every 21 Chinese soldier. That is an impossible war to win.
jack Fisher (9 days ago)
So.... when will Vancouver go back to canadians?
Mark Leo (9 days ago)
democratic system to remain? are you kidding me? when did the brits give hong kong people the rights vote?
LOBO NEGRO (7 days ago)
Exactly...150 years ruling the Chinese and taking the resources back to Britain🇬🇧 Just ask Africans how they were treated in Rhodesia.
Milkchocolatte1 (7 days ago)
Mark Leo The British empire did a lot of bad things but also did alot of good things which is why it impossible to say if the British empire where good or if they were bad because the advantages and disadvantages balance each other out. Hong Kong is an example of what the the British empire did well. During the time Hong Kong was a crown colony it become an economic power of Asia. Hong Kong will now soon disappear to China. There is a massive movement in Hong Kong right now with most citizens wanting to become British again. But unfortunately the Chinese citizens outnumber native Hong Kong citizens in Hong Kong 50 to 1 so if there was ever a referendum the native Hong Kong people would never win. I feel sad for Hong Kong’s natives.
Bryce Jowett (8 days ago)
Luís Caroço (9 days ago)
Top 10 Biggest Anime Mistakes
Payne 2510 (10 days ago)
Union Jack is upside down in thumbnail
Maka Albarn (9 days ago)
S Gill (10 days ago)
And the UK can't even leave the EU.
james yang (11 days ago)
Stupid British The word biggest drug pusher drug lord!
Yi Zhang (11 days ago)
From the comments, I started to realize how great effects the Stockholm syndrome could be. Maybe I'm a bit exaggerating, but the logic behind should be the same.
Yi Zhang (11 days ago)
I feel sorry for the girl too. She was princess of HK. But after the last minute, she's not any more.
Yi Zhang (11 days ago)
Many comments mentioned capitalism and communism. The 2 are not the only governing systems. IMO, the Chinese government is not either capitalism or communism. Or you can think it's both capitalism and communism.
ZEN 33 (11 days ago)
The UK Royal Family are bunch of child murders and rapist pedophiles Satanist / Luciferian .
Crazy Rich Wu Mao (11 days ago)
Hong Kong is FUCKED. Let me be clear. Hong Kong is FUCKED!!!
Todd T (12 days ago)
Who cares? Actually, Communism will destroy Hong Kong. Just watch and see the total changes that will come to pass.
王安东 (12 days ago)
fuck British, eat my shit
Dev deal (12 days ago)
It’s ironic that this made me sad. Maybe it’s because the supposed freedom from British rule wasn’t actually freedom..sighs
carefulcliffdriver (12 days ago)
It's been downhill from there for the UK. within 20 years they'd withdrawn from europe, in the next 10 years Scotland will be checking out too.
Yurii Cherkasov (13 days ago)
Hong Kong now have a real chance to show the rest of Chinese that Communist pigs rule is not unbreakable. With great respect to all free Hong Kongers from Russia
John Chow (13 days ago)
Such a nice way to memorise British colonisation
Double Repo (13 days ago)
It did not "changed countries" it was taken by Brits which is suppose to belong to R.O.C.中華民國 Learn history, peasant.
Justin Yim (13 days ago)
7:15 u mean june
Amerlad mad (13 days ago)
wow the flag bit. didnt know countries could be so petty.
chingshun yung (13 days ago)
CCP often say it's a "return", but it's a lie. HK was in Qing Empire's territory, it has never been owned by the CCP, the treaty they signed in Opium war is kept in Taiwan. Imagine if HK is a person. He would be kidnapped from Qing by Britain when he was born. HK went on to became a rich man. When he was like 155 years old, he was adopted by a 48 years old vicious armed stepmom who just want all his money lol
twenlil (13 days ago)
How the drug pushers left Hong Kong !
Jack & Jill (3 days ago)
WOWCruiser (13 days ago)
I was born and raised in Hong Kong and white people always see themselves more *SUPERIOR* than local Chinese!!! I'm glad we're full Chinese again!!! 🇨🇳😭
Devin Crum (14 days ago)
This is one of my favourite videos of yours. Your channel rocks!
王安东 (12 days ago)
yeah,cheerful for Chinese
MississippiRebel (14 days ago)
When are the British going to finally grow a pair of balls and stand up for themselves? They are the ones that made Hong Kong great and spent their money and sweat making it what it is today. They should have told China to fuck off!
Nightcor EDM (15 days ago)
Hong kongers are now refered to as the opium Chinese. If you support the opium war something is wrong with you.
AceRabbiit (15 days ago)
The original brexit?
qule yang (15 days ago)
How Western Aggressors Ivided Country In 21st Century
AKN Born (15 days ago)
Gotta love a happy ending when a colonial occupation ends without the spilling of blood. 👍🇨🇳
Liberator Mike (14 days ago)
Fuck you. Hong Kong is now under Chinese colonial occupation, which is far worse than the British one.
Trevor (15 days ago)
[Plz take your time and read this, I hope my words make sense cuz I'm kinda tired now]First of all, cant thx UK enough becuz they're literally the reason why I can watch utube and comment w/out fear of my freedom or life being taken away,like how people would hv in China. Everyone who didn't get brainwashed by China (most of us,younger gen in Hong Kong ) still hate the fact that we are back to China. And as time goes by ,its pretty safe 2say that the 50 years promise,is nothing. W/ a little more research, our government is basically working for China. Passing whatever laws China wants, denying every laws that China dislike. Long story short Hong Kong is just not the way it used to be. China doesn't like capitalism ,so they cant wait to totally take us back. Let be honest we all know how China is. No freedom of speech, everyone who dares say a word about the Chinese party will get "disappeared ".press get beaten up for filming. Etc. Now Hong Kong police is more and more like the Chinese police. Cuz they r basically government's ,and the government works for china. If u do a little research. U can see a lot of videos of police beating protesters up, shooting them on the face w/ bean bags. Or even Pepper spraying and shooting tear gas at journalists. But no one get blamed for that. Cuz those "special operations police " that beats people up dun hv patches or numbers on them so no where to report. Doesn't it sound like Chinese police ? Plz make a video about Hong Kong now and then ,or do a video about "china extradition in Hong Kong ".I know this made it to some of the newspapers around the world. Cant tell u everything here. But I promise u, it would be a long video. Just how China is slowing "eating us up" do some research. Maybe ask some of the Hong Kong citizen. Plz make a video about it. It's a news that every one should know. Afterall Hong Kong is still kinda a well known place. And I hope more people could know about what we're suffering from. Just kinda raise a little awareness. Although it probably cant help us anyways cuz as we all know, Chinese government do whatever the fuck they want, even if it seems unreasonable. No one can stop them. God bless me won't get "disappear (a term we use to represent people getting sent to China secretly)"for writing this. If the cup is half empty, I hate that I'm a Hong Kong citizen, and technically a Chinese(although I swear we're nothing like them in the inside. ),I'd like to leave this place for good. It would sooner or later be nothing else but just another normal Chinese city. But the cup is half full, I'm glad although im a Chinese, at least im not in other Chinese cities, where we get brainwashed China 001, and how terrible and evil western culture are. Where China give their citizens every citizen any freedom. And here I am, hv the freedom to watch news,and information from the world. And see the bigger picture of the world. And at least, we don't have "China 001"or" The China Communist 001"etc bender banner in our school ,or the China leaders(see, leader, not president )face on the wall of our school and church, that we hv to worship every day.
張德鵬 (16 days ago)
Colonialism failed, get used to it
BLACK CAT (17 days ago)
you people forget that Hongkong originally belonged to china and its heading back to where it originally belonged to. People living there are Chinese or of chinese origin. It should have never been part of british empire.
Jedi solo (18 days ago)
Never trust mainland China. The world supports HongKongese because China is the biggest liar in the world. The CCP expect the population to be brainless and obedient sheeps. No way civil disobedience is a duty to free yourself from dictatorship and slavery.
Gannon (18 days ago)
Hong Kong should have gone to Taiwan or granted independence
Hanya Lu (17 days ago)
@GannonThe fact is, Ireland doesnt deserve Northern Ireland as well as China doesnt deserve hongkong
Gannon (17 days ago)
@Hanya Lu or given back to Ireland ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Hanya Lu (17 days ago)
Northern Ireland should ve been given to Iceland or granted Independence
Kni (18 days ago)
the people writing the agreement should of put "9999" years not 99
Ed Zehoo (17 days ago)
Aliens in year 11,897 : the people writing this agreement shoulda put 9999999 years.
Nba Boi (18 days ago)
Vancouver is basically Hong kong
Lar M (18 days ago)
Hong Kong is now a colony of Dictatorship China from Democratic Britain.
TobyRecorded (19 days ago)
So there is a clear division between the HKers. Young people who havent been under the British rule think it might be better under British rule. Older generation who have been under the British rule think it is better now. The problem? It is not political. It is just the fact that housing in HK is so expensive. Young people can’t accord it. So they want a scrape goat. It is just the nature of HK. The best way for HK to lower cost of living is to learn from Singapore. More public housing.
Ryan (18 days ago)
It is better off under British rule. China is a fucking awful nation.
Doublescoop BS (19 days ago)
Hong Kong China
Jay Saenz (19 days ago)
If you support HK Independence...what about Catalonia, The Basque Country, Puerto Rico or Scotland?
Ryan (18 days ago)
@The Soviet Nazi Yeah Spain is a dictatorship. And HK won't be allowed independence since China is worse than the Nazis.
The Soviet Nazi (18 days ago)
We support all of those.. but if they don't want it or support themselves, then why do it? Like Puerto Rico, who has been in debt for ever so they do good being part of the USA. Scotland voted and said no to leave. Catalonia voted but unlike Scotland's vote that the UK let them do, Spain didn't let them do it. It's illegal.
DΔRIO MΔRCHESI (19 days ago)
Jason Shen (4 days ago)
Thats explained how western democracy happened in Hong Kong means violence
Hail King Devin (20 days ago)
Red flag bad guys / blue flag good guys
OGAquaranus (2 days ago)
HOO WOO (21 days ago)
I feel sad about HKnese never learned Chinese history and being brainwashed in hundread years by british textbooks! no wonder HK people protest sometimes for Stereotype.
HOO WOO (18 days ago)
@Ryan oh really? so why still 1.2 billions people are still ok with Gov, Why there are large numbers overseas students keep flushing back to mailand for work rather than stying in Europe/USA. I feel sad for your steretype mind.
Ryan (18 days ago)
Oh they learned how the People's Republic of China is basically a dictatorship that slaughters people for fun.
Alex Daniel (21 days ago)
Don't sound so sad. Hong Kong is in much better hands now.
Ryan (18 days ago)
AHAHAHA that's cute. China the nation ruled by the Triads.
Lucian X (21 days ago)
Fuck China, boycott China internationally together before it's too late. You have been warned. Remember this comment. July 2019.
miehack hd (22 days ago)
Today is June 30th, The day handover happened and youtube recommended me this video.
Eugene Tan Gong Chuen (23 days ago)
the 'for good' at the end is unnecessary and untrue
Lei Robbie Zhang (25 days ago)
Tell me more about opium war.
Ryan (18 days ago)
@alex Lo No, because all drug users should be executed.
alex Lo (18 days ago)
@Ryan So would you sell heroine in your country?
Ryan (18 days ago)
@alex Lo Nobody FORCED anyone to take the Opium, though.
alex Lo (20 days ago)
UK merchants Jardine wanted to sell Opium in China which it's illegal in selling drug there. They smuggled it in Canton warehouse do black lucrative business until Chinese authority there catched it red hand and burn out opium there. UK were in furious and start Opium war against Ching dynasty then.
Bilbo Baggins (25 days ago)
Should not have said 99 years. Should have said 99 years ad infinitum 🇬🇧
Vörös Gellért (25 days ago)
Handover productions Edit: Nooo shit someone wrote this already :(
Fang Lei (26 days ago)
haha yeah ?? England is a Islamic shit hole, enjoy your multi culture and soon to come SHARIA LAW!! but hey Hong Kong People must miss there Opium real bad ;-)
Ryan (18 days ago)
Yawn another CNN watcher. Muslims make up 2-3% of the population. Enjoy your Triad law.
Secret123890 (27 days ago)
Thumb down from me for saying "for good". NOW PLEASE EXPLAIN, why would u say "for good"?
HighRoad UK (27 days ago)
Very sad..
Tesuya kinko (29 days ago)
Like the British ever treated Hongkongers nicely, there was never a democracy in HK prior to the The British government hand picked the leader is HK.
Ryan (18 days ago)
They did treat them nicely. You wouldn't know, Nazi.
Heysus Christo (29 days ago)
Had WW2 never happened and decimated the British rule of the world, it is likely they would not have given up HK without a fight. One of the great ironies of history. By the 1980's, Britain was in no shape to fight the Chinese for HK like they did during the Opium wars.
Mr. HeavyDebater (29 days ago)
It grew to become one of the most developed countries in the world? You know that HK citizens didn't have the same rights as British citizens, and weren't granted democracy. You know that before the handover, Britain increased the value of the property market even further, creating an even greater social and economic divide between the very rich and the very poor. They basically handed HK a socioeconomic problem. You know that HK couldn't get rich relying on its own resources, what made them very rich was because China produced all the goods and HK middle men exported them. That is how only the few can become very rich, and because they don't care for anyone other themselves, nobody puts money back in the country but invest elsewhere. This isn't the first time Wendover misled their viewers with poor information.
ian port (1 month ago)
The debate over The Empire will never go away. But, as someone born in the 60s & living through the effects of our withdrawal from empire, it's been tough. At the end it was dignified and sad for us: the end of a complex experiment full of faults, learning and opportunity. Today, its effects continue - Parliamentary democracy works in many parts of The Commonwealth, the English language prevails, but it also led to Brexit and a confusion of identity and a worry for the future. Hopefully the sun will come up, but very differently from the one that set, finally & forever in 1997.
Justin A. Lee (1 month ago)
2:37 Its SPECIAL ADMINISTRATIVE REGION, not semi-autonomous
Justin A. Lee (27 days ago)
@David Oropeza https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Kong read it yourself. Hong Kong does not want to be semi-autonomous or we will be worse off!
David Oropeza (27 days ago)
Justin A. Lee Shut up
Dennis Hui (1 month ago)
22 years later since 1997, Hong Kong is completely messed up by Chinese government
Ryan (18 days ago)
@zhuoli xie They can't rule themselves so no, clearly the Chinese government. They rule all, there is no independent rule.
zhuoli xie (26 days ago)
More like messed up by themselves.
life_unicorn152 (28 days ago)
Antichrist (1 month ago)
Wonder if a referendum had been held whether Britain would still control Hong Kong
Ryan (18 days ago)
Doubt it. China's never respected anyone's opinions.
Amit Singh (1 month ago)
British have also ruled india, but we have to fought very hard to make them leave.
Ryan (18 days ago)
@s9 ka9 Britain also rebuilt India. It had 22 languages when Britain came - then 2-3 when it left. Indians are just mad their filthy Pedophile empire (Mughals) collapsed.
Amit Singh (1 month ago)
@s9 ka9 Yes, You're right
s9 ka9 (1 month ago)
British destroyed India ; British built Hong Kong .. That is the difference ...
Speedy Speedy (1 month ago)
Free Hongkong 🇭🇰
1728 Games (1 month ago)
Mongols, Manchus, Brits, Japanese, Commies, all nope! And taiwan is going full libtard,... Hong Kong shall reestablish the Great Ming! 反X復明!
Ryan (18 days ago)
Ming exploded. I'VE PLAYED EU4 SIR!
Yi Liang (1 month ago)
more about Hongkong pls!!
Tommy Hill (1 month ago)
And thankfully, no problems have come up since that turn over....
MetaDragon (1 month ago)
Moral: Forever is not forever.
Arvind G (1 month ago)
Really well made video!
mcg160270 (1 month ago)
Glory to Chairman Mao Tse Dong! Long live China! Long live Chinese Communist Party!
Sefgrt (1 month ago)
Found this after seeing Hong Kong protests on the news...
Kemi Kime (1 month ago)
When a Bounty ad starts playing all of a sudden st 10:48 with a kid saying no.
Zinthe Zweihander (1 month ago)
Any plans to address the anti-extradition bill protests as a follow up video?
Jianyu SHEN (1 month ago)
After seeing so much sadness in the comments, it makes me really sad about how people justify colonialism just because China has been portrayed as THE enemy for various reasons after the fall of the USSR. People need to face a rising China psychologically better instead of believing in some demonized imagery far from reality. HK would not have been the glorious HK without the backing from the mainland. And I'm sorry to say that a great number of the former British colonies/territories are still left with severe and long-lasting political issues (intentionally or unintentionally) while the UK could enjoy (ridiculously) great nostalgia from people. HK is really not in a bad situation even without being compared to that of Israel/Palestine, India/Pakistan, etc. After all, if we have become "tolerant" enough to look at colonialism with a somewhat "whitewashing" attitude today, there are much more ways to look at the politics of a rising China other than demonization. (plus, don't forget that economically China has been doing wonderful in the recent decades) p.s. the video is well made. kudos!
zhuoli xie (18 days ago)
Ryan imperialism means “a policy of *extending* a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.” I don’t see how the particular Tank Man example shows a policy of extending Chinese influence abroad. It only shows constraint practiced by PLA.
Ryan (18 days ago)
@zhuoli xie You do so as well. The PRC is Imperialistic.
zhuoli xie (18 days ago)
Ryan read the definition of imperialism.
zhuoli xie (18 days ago)
jonathan kelly so your sole purpose is to put Chinese government in a position where nothing necessary can be done? If you will, search for “Beijing-shenyang HSR” in Wikipedia, ideally looking for related information about it in local forums or BBS in Chengde(in particular). You can see how a government overtly limited prompt a major issue. Spoiler alert: the HSR’s construction was delayed for several years; it’s suppose to have fully opened by 2014, yet some house owners in Beijing screwed the project for years and even now, HSRs go no further southwest than Chengde. Should the government use powerful measures to buy residents away fast, HSR would have been fully operational. Draw your own conclusions here.
mr moomooface (1 month ago)
This was a very good video, you should do one on Macau next!
comechocolate (1 month ago)
Petition for a 2nd British Empire
Ryan (18 days ago)
@Blood Fire Drake Due to the British you have electricity and the internet you lying fuck. You cunts wanted an Empire and Britain did it better. Morally, NOBODY else can disagree with Britain - they ALL tried what we did.
geography nowfan (20 days ago)
sounds like Hong Kong should have had the choice to vote on their future instead of becoming part of China again. Sounds like Hong Kong Would prefer to be an independent nation rather than going back to China.
comechocolate (1 month ago)
Blood Fire Drake jesus fucking christ, it was a joke. Calm the fuck down.
Blood Fire Drake (1 month ago)
Do ya want nukes at london,Cu'z thats how you get nukes at london.The British were a cancer on the territories they ravaged.
Avia Historia (1 month ago)
burnt f1ames (1 month ago)
7:21 nice forehead
KiOEWN (1 month ago)
Hong Kong is over 😢