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CRAZY ROAD RAGE GONE WRONG!!! (Pepper Spray Edition)

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Text Comments (961)
Bocaj Xab (10 hours ago)
assholes everyone of them.
KING Rawr (11 hours ago)
Only girls use pepper spray, men should use their hands
àngel estafanell solà (14 hours ago)
Hahahahaha, visca sprai de pebre
Scott Nyob (14 hours ago)
I have pepper spray with a hot pink dye. A "bad ass" crying in the middle of the road with a pink face is SOOOO satisfying!! Lol
Deranged Chicken (15 hours ago)
awesome spicyboi vid. i fucking love pepper spray...
Нурбакыт Шамшидин (1 day ago)
Уууууууффф 1х вет надаел
Mick M (1 day ago)
The russian ones are always funny because they are all so unskilled no matter who loses we all win at their expense lol. The only reason they dont crash the soyuz is because there is only one at a time up there.
purge98 (1 day ago)
10:54 Why did the hag have cable ties and tape on her? Very suspicious.
Денис Питкин (1 day ago)
быдло-страна.с 90-ми появилась особая каста "быдло"
Byron Cardinal (1 day ago)
hahahaha stupid ruskis getting pepper sprayed
Юрий Никакосов (1 day ago)
Один лезет второй не пропускает в итоге два долбоёба
Screw You (1 day ago)
oh dear hillary ive watched this several times,and its still funny watching somebody get squirted with pepper spray
42treg (2 days ago)
They make good mace in Russia!
Cheepchipsable (2 days ago)
A lot of those were just straight out assaults with the pepper spray.
Иван Слобода (2 days ago)
Черный пидар на белом Тахо
ser gromikful (2 days ago)
Рецепт прост: разрешить огнестрел на неделю без разрешения. Богатые купят, бедным раздать. Через неделю количество придурков сократится в десятки раз. Правда и нормальные пострадают, но это жертва во имя блага. Кароч как у пиндосов()))))))
Steven Parker (3 days ago)
Ah, pepper spray, the great equalizer! Sure beats having to shoot an a-hole...
Ya Si (3 days ago)
Владимир Шемелин (4 days ago)
Еще бы ключи от машины их выкидывать.
Peter Pirich (4 days ago)
2:48 Can someone remove pepper spray from the interior of the car, or is it totaled?
Michi Pieps (4 days ago)
russian idiots needs to learn... but... with no brain ???? forget it
Redwolves23 (4 days ago)
1:05 to 1:12 is my favorite part 😂😂😂 he gets out of the truck and the song starts playing then the song stops and he gets in 😂😂😂😂😂
Trildin (5 days ago)
Lol they look like dogs with shock collars after getting a nice spray
Mundane44 (5 days ago)
I can't understand why pepperspray is illegal in my country. Seems to solve a lot of road rage in a lot safer way.
MosquitouM (5 days ago)
What the music of 02:20 ??
MosquitouM (5 days ago)
Music ? 02:20 ????????????????
GiGixx621625 (5 days ago)
Does everyone have a dash cam in russia?
Shachar Shilat (5 days ago)
must get me one of thes bad boys
Kathy Duke (6 days ago)
Better than any club. Too the belly fire right out of them.
Тренболон Тренболонович (6 days ago)
Создатели Перцовых Баллончиков должны попадать в рай без очереди
Little Mouse (6 days ago)
I'm thinking of storing pepper spray in my car now! had a road rage incidence few years back and I felt like a sitting duck. this would have came in handy! 😊
Павел Павленко (7 days ago)
Только одно видео не с Русскими но ни одного русскоязычного комментария под видео ))).
Ariel Richey (7 days ago)
Bad drivers thought process "hey, I was a douche and cut you off and now I'm mad at you..." like seriously?! WTF is wrong with these people? I wouldn't stop with the mace, I'd punch them in the face too. Assholes!!!
Vladimirr0n (7 days ago)
Сколько ебанутых в России на дорогах(
Jo Ann S (7 days ago)
Stay in your cars dumbasses !
Иван Пупкин (7 days ago)
Молодец, молодец, хорошо, молодец, молодец))))))))))
Matt Grennon (7 days ago)
0650 fat fuck in a lil car lolol
Joe Momma (8 days ago)
Gets into a small confrontation ( pepper spray finger intensifies)
gramerpolise (8 days ago)
I hate those retards trying to merge who have such a big ego they HAVE to get in front of you
T Orrent (8 days ago)
You can't tell who's at fault at 5:20 and 8:20, but the rest all got what they deserved. The old codger (8:00) had a weapon, he has no business whining. If you don't like how someone drives, call a cop. Stay in your car.
T Orrent (8 days ago)
0:30 - NEVER pull up to the bumper. ALWAYS leave enough room to evade or to accelerate and run over the asshole. 7:05 is why. 1:12 - That's the point where you grab the bar and get payback. And spray him again. He should have stayed in his car and called the cops.
bob shagit (8 days ago)
i hope you kill yourself soon. not one person in this world will miss you at all. i know a number of people that cant wait to dance on your grave
Carola White (8 days ago)
your supposed to pepper spray them than beat em with a base ball bat
ChasesBasement (8 days ago)
Дмитрий Д (9 days ago)
what evil freaks!
Anon Wibble (9 days ago)
Pepper spray rocks.
Miss Noname (9 days ago)
What language is this in?
Tracks from Wasco (9 days ago)
The fat guy on the highway made me laugh when he ran out of the way when the driver started driving towards him
MPC Touchh (9 days ago)
wtf this shit is for girl lets fight
MrHamtaq (10 days ago)
Theses people are intentionally looking for spraying people .look closely you get it
MrHamtaq (10 days ago)
Peace guys. Let them pass they might be some sort of hurry
Derek Gill (10 days ago)
what cock suckers these people are.
Hcghh Hgggh (10 days ago)
Fuck this
Вася Вася (10 days ago)
Кто пиризгует провилна делал нада учити на дарожный движеня птом садитес рул
Андрей Георгиевич (11 days ago)
Ну второй эпизод вообще спорный. То что не пропустил это его право. Но при этом я так понял он ещё показал средний палец. А водитель подошёл выяснить причины, вполне нормальная реакция. Жду когда легализуют короткоствольный огнестрел. Чтобы когда такая трусливая крыса насмотревшись роликов начнёт брызгать балончиком, без угрозы со стороны оппонента для жизни и здоровью. Ему в ответ прилетела бы пуля в ебло.
7Sin0City2 (11 days ago)
11:24 that Tahoe clean as fuck, too bad a fagg was driving it like a dickhead.
Andrew Nguyen (11 days ago)
Can we get a 9mm edition?
Ivan Ivanov (11 days ago)
6:00 два петуха, один по полосе шпарит, второй с маленьким членом и говном вместо машины ускоряется спецом
#Adminisztrátor (12 days ago)
Handom1 (12 days ago)
Amazing how many monkeys can drive cars in Russia. Stupid primitive Shitheads.
アフロ田中 (12 days ago)
Lisa Claasen (12 days ago)
These retards deserve to get pepper sprayed for driving dangerously. Don't know where they learn to drive...
Ak Jay (12 days ago)
Change the title to funny road rage lol
Rustam Mansurov (12 days ago)
Mihail Veksharev (12 days ago)
Так надо с быдло пиздить таких только руки марать , а так норм
Robert Vermeer (13 days ago)
It's good to see all these aggressive douchebags get passified. Yet my country decided to make pepperspray illegal and created some silly paint spray as an alternative. They rather you get beaten into the hospital by a blue faced person apparently. Idiotic politicians!
Владимир Б (13 days ago)
и ещё бы с двух стволов солью в жопу что б неделю, ссука, лежал и не шевелился!!!
Bors Martynov (13 days ago)
These are a lot stupid Russian guys.
Kyle Herrera (13 days ago)
Why is every Russian so God damn big??
Dee Dee (13 days ago)
Watching again 😂😂
hossmonkey1 (14 days ago)
Russian Cop: "License, Registration, Proof of insurance and Pepper Spray." Is pepper spray mandatory to drive in Russia along with Car Cams!?
Jon Smit (14 days ago)
ставки на жопу. автор казел рекламирует фуфло
Stand Alone (14 days ago)
I hate fucking RUSSIANS!
ÁbDû RaKhi (14 days ago)
Pleaze Can U Abonné in mY Channel anD i Will Return it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
chatldi (14 days ago)
жирные свинки нажрали жопы и животы и решили что они не чуть не хуже Саши Емельяненко дерутся)))
Mike Fu (14 days ago)
I always carry a gun or OC when riding a motorcycle.....fuuuckk that shit, not taking a chance.
kostik globalelite (14 days ago)
c комарами борятся фумитоксом !Ухаа
Mustangkev918 (15 days ago)
Gun edition pls
Laura Gadille (15 days ago)
MJ song says it nicely, just beat it
Laura Gadille (15 days ago)
If you don't have pepper spray, hair spray works too
Andrey Batyaev (15 days ago)
Да хорошая штука, баллончик. У меня один раз была ситуация, когда чувак прилип, мол давай выходи, я такой демонстративно потянулся к бордачку и говорю , сейчас секундочку, он как увидел и в глазах испуг неизвестности, махнул рукой и отошел, хотя ничего не было, сработал на психику. А так бы пришлось видать драться. Агрессивные стали мы через чур. Вроде на машинах, при деньгах, а нет удовлетворенности в жизни, слишком тесно становиться.
Pipito Paerata (16 days ago)
CS spayed in training. It hurts like fuck. Nothing u can do. Rubbing makes it worse same with water. Standing in the wind let nature take its course. Effects can last hours So fuck dat
MatéoX (16 days ago)
1:07 "Be happy" XD
jdb114 (16 days ago)
If you stop your car in the middle of a busy highway and get out to confront another driver, a little eye irritation is getting off easy.
Павлик Морозов (16 days ago)
О роберт кийосаки
Tempest Xmen7 (16 days ago)
Love it, well deserved
NyajeSVR (17 days ago)
I think a Moscow was completed very bad ugly people from all of Russia
NyajeSVR (17 days ago)
I'm always using a pepper spray against a "dogs" and a road goat.
Ivan Drago (17 days ago)
Кому-то боженька дал тяжёлые кулаки, а кому-то продавец в магазине продал баллончик. Как по мне - всё по-честному, у каждого свои преимущества.
Jonathan 916 (17 days ago)
Love the way the song "Don't worry be happy" comes on briefly at 1:08, lol!
Big C (18 days ago)
Thats that Punk European stuff to use Pepper Spray lol
joe coquerre (18 days ago)
Spray is the top shit,the dude is fucked for hours,I heard a guy got sprayed inside his car,it took month to get the smell of it,best non lethal tool ever,you could be 250 pounds,you're done,but you must have it handy,not buried in a purse(women)or glove compartment ......Dude stops in front of you lower your window, reach way out above your review mirror and spray the fucker...DONE.
Мартин Лютер (19 days ago)
На первом видео не понял зачем он дал достать палку,в догонку треснул бы еще
Roman Fort (19 days ago)
В первом видео если это была "Шпага" то пизда рулю и седлу!
Каир Казбаев (19 days ago)
8:59 чистка форсунки
Владимир Войтович (19 days ago)
Одни дибилы пропустить друг друга не могут!!!!!
S/V Harley Quinn (19 days ago)
Bloody idiots spraying it wildly into cars. Their might be baby seats inside their with babies in, make them feel really good knowing they've sprayed it into kids eyes!!
Виталий Ладыгин (19 days ago)
Ебаная быдло-рашка. Одни пидарасы кругом
Альберт (20 days ago)
Наша раша
Карл Шездюпель (20 days ago)
Все допускают одну ошибку. Брызнул-добей ногами!