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CRAZY ROAD RAGE GONE WRONG!!! (Pepper Spray Edition)

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Text Comments (554)
noo_bas (1 hour ago)
А если быдло обзаведется баллончиками?
Zoomzoom 7777 (2 hours ago)
good idea b4 somebodys better spray em
mike long (4 hours ago)
Alexa, remind me to pick up pepper spray tomorrow 😂
Brett Herring (4 hours ago)
Love how the titles in English bit subtitles and every explanation is Russian
Jerry Smith (6 hours ago)
Lol 😂 crazy ass Europeans
beth98362 R (9 hours ago)
Yep.... dumber than a rock is universal!
DHH (9 hours ago)
When you think you've seen it all about Russian drivers, something even crazier happens.
kevin lockhart (10 hours ago)
come at me with a weapon i will take you to your knees bwahahahahahahha
Rafael Merida Caballero (10 hours ago)
Aesta basura de gente hay que regale bien los ojos para que aprendan a comportarse como seres humanos
wakcedout (12 hours ago)
ok some of these people need to learn its meant as get a blast of spray into an attackers face...not try and saturate them like the motorcycle guy was doing. if they run youve hit them and can drive or ride off. or call the police in safety
braveheartbob (13 hours ago)
Yeah, if ur road raging cause some upstanding citizen never allowed u to circumvent to laws to suit ur own selfish needs, u deserve all this and more, maybe a few broken bones so u can rue ur shitty decisions for a long time.
Bad drivers of St. John's, NL (14 hours ago)
IMO all these queue-jumpers can co suffocate on that pepper spray. To think ur better or smarter than everyone else who has a conscience makes u a scumbag and all scumbags can go die somewhere. the world's fucked enough without these pieces of shit.
VMeGaMRedZV (14 hours ago)
If I've ever encountered any road bullies like these, after I sprayed them with the pepper spray. I go to their car, grab their car key and throw it far away. That should teach them a lesson or two.
Chevy (14 hours ago)
The best pepper spray is MK4
Silentknight (17 hours ago)
I thought it was really bad here in America but those drivers over in other countries are some real hot heads.
Elizabeth Mendoza (17 hours ago)
I need to get into the pepper spray business !
김학윤 (19 hours ago)
총에서나가는것은 최루액인가요???
zloi52 (20 hours ago)
а потом этих ссыкливых пидарков находят по номеру их авто)) ахаха
Matthew Harvey (23 hours ago)
Russians are dicks.. all of them... i mean.. some of them clearly should have given way tot eh car in front merging in.. but nooo.. they wont let them in.. and they SPRAYED them too.. absolute dicks
ecobra169 (1 day ago)
That shit is so funny.
Marvin Carey (1 day ago)
And these are the people Trump wants to associate us with? Impeach!!!!!
Shumaila Khan (1 day ago)
Pffft and the rage is gone
Игорь ГИГ (1 day ago)
мадам там такая вышла :)
dylan rap (1 day ago)
Thumbs down for editing a commercial into the beginning of the video. You're better than that @cctube
Игорь Владимирович М- ов (1 day ago)
😂 Fucking Skunks!!! 😂
Серёга Митяй (1 day ago)
А если потом выйти и ещё добавить?
Janez Novak (1 day ago)
very good. I love spray
VivaLaSicilia (1 day ago)
These people are just dumb, mind your own business and go on your way. I got no time to waste explaining a retard what he can and should not do. I’m not a cop after all, besides, I’d rather get to my destination rather than spend an evening in a police station explaining why i did what i did!
china thailand (1 day ago)
too many arrogant ignorant males think that they have the right to inflict whatever they like on someone that didn't drive according to who knows. Glad that there is spray around to take care of these assholes quickly and quietly. it is sickening that some of these losers have their children in the cars and they get to see how much of a loser their fathers are.
H00DW1NKのー (1 day ago)
Is every Russian guy fucking ugly?
Lego Man (1 day ago)
pepper spray works a treat
geoh7777 (2 days ago)
All maddening drivers in Russia carry pepper spray.
Mike R (2 days ago)
Pepper spray seems to work , now we call that a mace but my mace would leave them a bloody blob on the ground I play fir keeps
Kensei (2 days ago)
crazy ppl all of them including the ones driving so badly they need pepperspray as defense
Xeno Jupiter (2 days ago)
after watch this vid I go buy pepper sprays!
Jake Alamo (2 days ago)
Would this be legal? If someone stopped you with their car and walked up to your door in a threatening manner?
Bear Bones (2 days ago)
Funny how a little oc spray to the face takes all the fight away from them
Juan Flores (2 days ago)
Bueno estuvo hijos de pu.a
lorenzo52877 (2 days ago)
russians are the lowest scum shit on earth,everyone of them is inbread
X (2 days ago)
fucking baiters
ARKANSAS Trey (2 days ago)
What pepperspray edition?! Must watch .......
Yuri Gagarin (2 days ago)
russians love using chemicals
Dan Gleason (2 days ago)
So I guess people DO have the right to defend themselves. Replace this pepper spray with a gun and people don't get out of their cars...
Allan Hegyes (2 days ago)
Same scene over and over: car door opens, idiot (probably in the wrong) tromps back to car; exchanges words, tries to find car again staggering around holding face.. No matter how many times it's still HILARIOUS.
RomanRage (2 days ago)
I like how these egotistical dweebs have to try and hit/kick the car just to get the last word in because they're pissed they went from all bravado to crying little girl in a couple seconds. Pathetic.
cbeltway (2 days ago)
I just ordered pepper spray hoping for a chance to make this comp series!
ten ring (2 days ago)
Get u a dose mother fuckers luckily your asses wasnt shot
Dutil41 (2 days ago)
Well deserved pepper sprayings.
Joker (2 days ago)
9:26 Song?
Tom Bell (2 days ago)
Pepper spray, ends the road rage instantly. Non-lethal but effective deterrent against A$$holes who think they own the road.
jan fabian (2 days ago)
Gone wrong ? No, my friends. Gone well as possible. Nobody was killed, nobody was seriously harmed, bad guys get what they deserved. As I told before on an another channel: think twice before You will jump out from Your car. Have a nice day.
Ruth Gross (2 days ago)
Mac Giolla Mhartain (2 days ago)
Never get out of the car. Damn right. Unless you're going all the way.
Владимир К (2 days ago)
И когда уроды глаза трут выйти и яйца в смятку размазать! Или почки в трусы опустить !
Cristian Gutierrez (3 days ago)
People not letting others merge are just as brain dead stupid as the ones raging about it.
crispyspa (3 days ago)
Translations would be awesome.
Robert Braun (3 days ago)
This was satisfying. I needed to see these motherfuckers get pepper sprayed!
Matt Collins (3 days ago)
Shouldn’t the title be, “crazy Russians getting pepper sprayed”?
Malakie Usn (3 days ago)
If pepper spray is used OFFENSIVELY as a weapon here, lethal force can be used to defend yourself against it.
A JAAY (3 days ago)
I've never thought to use pepper spray. I just might pick some up. Even though I rarely get into road rage serious enough where people approach me (well there was this one time), it'll still be good to have just in case that one time actually does happen (again).
svtfast (3 days ago)
Best use for pepper spray EVER!
goPlay (3 days ago)
All these assholes stop in the middle of the road, messing up traffic and putting the other car at risk of being rear-ended. They deserved every bit of pepper spray and more. They're are also stupid. Skip to 6:30 for the best clip.
bthestig man (3 days ago)
Always use the 18% strength spray for best results
Sandy Sutherland (3 days ago)
There ya prick, get a face full of this, this’ll stop yer farting in church ya germ!
coliXion (3 days ago)
Better use some bear mace cause there are tough mofos that still wanna fight after being sprayed.
AmericanRelic2hear (3 days ago)
Good idea to use pepper spray or bear repellent.
Kelly Diggs (3 days ago)
I need to store pepper spray in the vehicle as well. Excellent video. 😎
Peter F. (2 days ago)
Im thinking I might buy some. I dont get into road rage stuff very often, but I have had dumb fucks do that kinda shit to me cause they thought I was driving too fast or some shit.
BedsitBob (3 days ago)
Proves what I've always said. If you go looking for trouble, somebody will oblige you.
Freefall One (3 days ago)
More thick Russian pricks
Nerys (3 days ago)
I think this is my all-time favorite road rage video seeing all those douche nozzles get sprayed with so satisfying
Peter F. (2 days ago)
almost all the time the cammer car didnt really do anything that bad either , like the idiots go twhat they deserved. the best one they had two videos of.. haha
Good Dad (3 days ago)
Why beat around the bush and pepper spray em.? Just shoot them in the face
MrChristoffervik (3 days ago)
I am a sinner. I was lost. I am sorry i belived in all the lies. I can now understand why. Allmost everyone is of the path. I wish we all could make a change. Be dead for enternity or live? i choose to live. I love ALL my sisters and brothers.
КРУТОЙ ПАБЛИК (3 days ago)
Очередной хуесос на мерсе который правила не знает, пусть пиздует правила поучит, уебок!!!
Piotowsky (3 days ago)
Ohh god. So sorry for those bears on the road. They can’t be human.
Patrick Jones (3 days ago)
I prefer the “bear spray in the face then lock their car door with the engine running and keys locked inside while they run around in traffic crying” method. Gives them something to discuss with the police.
David Sturgeon (3 days ago)
Fuckin pussies
nighthawknina86 (3 days ago)
this is surprisingly satisfying
nighthawknina86 (3 days ago)
of course it's in russia
Nishaat Junior (3 days ago)
pussies stop to fight in the middle of the road without any consideration to other drivers...
AntiKor-TV (3 days ago)
5:46 Регистратор нарушил ПДД, но при этом всё перевернул в комментариях. Пусть и не обязан был пропускать, но своими действиями (необоснованным ускорением) намеренно не давал автомобилю перестроиться, чем чуть было не вызвал аварийную ситуацию (столкновение с газелью).
Traugott Müller (3 days ago)
Why is it always the same kind of guy angrily getting out of the car? Seriously, is there a clone factory somewhere where these kind of douchebags get mass produced?
Fernando Silva (3 days ago)
I love it! Everyone think is like Rambo! Fucking idiots. Next time someone open the boot for to take the wheels tool the people should stuck the bastard inside the boot and closed.
matthew corbett (3 days ago)
Are all Russians this up tight? 😝
HondaCivicMasterYT (4 days ago)
Pepper spray is a great idea in a road rage
amar zack lure casting (4 days ago)
wowww......I need pepper sprays to
Peter Mcevoy (4 days ago)
I can't help but say hahahahahaa
Living The Humboldt Life (4 days ago)
its all fun till you get shot for spraying someone
Scotty tomcat (4 days ago)
Pepper spray is a wonderful thing, the Russians are so fucking smart
Dkiehn (4 days ago)
That last one that was the most stereotypical russian wife ive ever seen lmao
Griff Mustard (4 days ago)
I love this. This is how to handle road bullies.
hairtoo1 (4 days ago)
I will be buying a can of pepper spray now. I'll call it bug repellant 😂
Security Guy (4 days ago)
Idiot russians
myphonyaccount (4 days ago)
SHHHHHHHHH like dexter
myphonyaccount (4 days ago)
Craig Sadler (4 days ago)
I like 7:03, get outta my way!!
WonderWhatHappened (4 days ago)
Never underestimate the power of pepper spray.
Donkeyz On Parole (4 days ago)
Better with a pepperspray than gunshots
Skante Warrior (4 days ago)
I fucking love this episode...
Skante Warrior (4 days ago)
I need me some pepper spray👍
Женя Ярославцев (4 days ago)
Сегодня на жену напали написали заявление и купил баллончик смотрю всех остужает