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Obama responds to hecklers at speech

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President Barack Obama addresses hecklers during his immigration reform speech in San Francisco.
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Herr Derr (1 hour ago)
Yeah, this wasnt set up at all. LMAO
Simon Kat (1 hour ago)
Is interrupted repeatedly by crowd Secret service is about to intervene Obama says nah they can stay and proceeds to verbally and politely annihilate them
Charlie_33 (2 hours ago)
I don't care what anybody says... Clearly what happened at the last election was a humongous orange downgrade to the presidental office/image.
Stanzin Wangchuk (5 hours ago)
Trump would've kicked that dumbass out
Pam122799 Pam122799 (7 hours ago)
Fuck Obama
Steve Mwiti (7 hours ago)
Congrats Mr Obama
Ishan Sharma (7 hours ago)
the current president would have just made fun of the guy
lothean (16 hours ago)
This is a real president, who is a leader. Unlike the one in office today... too afraid to show his taxes or let the American people see that report. You only fight so hard when you have something to hide. And if that person represents you..that says much about your character..then his.
Will Pacheco (17 hours ago)
Trump is king ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Eddie Sutter (18 hours ago)
Don’t agree with the man, but that was great. Salute
Jack Houlihan (18 hours ago)
Not an Obama fan, but well done president Obama.
Nero Jdm (19 hours ago)
I loved Obama because he was center-right as president. His drone program was ruthless. Trump would never come close.
Nikhil (19 hours ago)
he was one cool potus
SuperAtlantis1 (19 hours ago)
Very cool
Kevin Doan (20 hours ago)
Alex Bahern (21 hours ago)
Let me see the face of that idiot!
Wray (23 hours ago)
that’s my president.
AF - TitanTips (1 day ago)
Reagan: Ahhhhh SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! What a legend he was 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
o iGaMeRZz x (1 day ago)
Wish we saw that guys face in the crowd after that
Eatchabeans (1 day ago)
Obama didn't threaten the heckler with physical violence?
Kristel Carbajal (1 day ago)
can i fucking retweet this
noah delp (1 day ago)
Obama sucks
LoveThe PdMods50 (1 day ago)
He never loses his cool or gets pissed....well....if he does we never saw it....this was was unreal
Mark Barrett (1 day ago)
1.7k people don’t want a Democratic process, and would rather violate the law.
Isaac Walker (1 day ago)
I love what Obama said. Not all immigrants are drug dealers or terrorist, some families just want to be able to make a living, but because of their past or some occurrences that happened we portray them as monsters and a danger to the nation. Some people may argue that immigrants are taking “our” jobs, but that is false. Those Americans that don’t have a job are probably just sitting on their bum doing nothing and blaming their laziness on immigrants. I think I may have gotten a little carried away, sorry.
DSU Beats (1 day ago)
Is it just me or do I visualize Obama just turning around and saying “can you shut your goddamn mouth I’m speaking sir” in his Obama voice😂🙏
Enzo (1 day ago)
Eddie Sutter (18 hours ago)
Enzo u r so right
Starzin (1 day ago)
And he did nothing
Wafi 31 (1 day ago)
Jawad Ahmad (2 days ago)
Compare and contrast this intellectual to the monkey currently in power
Lay Austin TV (2 days ago)
Lolllll I would feel so dumb if I was that heckler 😂 Obama handled him so eloquently.
dick Dickinson The third (2 days ago)
Adx 087 (2 days ago)
My favourite president
Aaryyy (2 days ago)
He didn't even let the guy get kicked out. Cool dude.
turkpaynter (2 days ago)
Biggest bullshitter EVER seen
Mark Breen (2 days ago)
Hell of a man, hell of a president
FastLN LLC (2 days ago)
all this hard effort to stop deportation 😢😢😢Donald Trump step in the office everyone gets deported 😢😢 shame on you MR. TRUMP
ThatPurpThoo (2 days ago)
Bring this man back to 🇺🇸😭
Julian Johnstone (2 days ago)
President obama showed what it is and takes to be the leader of the free world in this 3 minute clip more than what trump has demonstrated these past 2 years
Andre Gio (2 days ago)
Fuck Obama
Brandon Brada (2 days ago)
For no reason I have this
Vance Peiffer (2 days ago)
Obama did nothing on the border and trump is doing way more
ObamaisnextLincoln (3 days ago)
Who else agrees that Obama is the GOAT 🐐 ???
James Honore (3 days ago)
Now this is what a SMART president looks like. Mannnnnn I miss this man
veneno 266 (3 days ago)
I love how he just said “no these guys don’t need to go”
iamdahulk (3 days ago)
My president..what composure,what a response! Love you Barack Obama!
The Chosen One (3 days ago)
Obama separating families? Deporting Illegals? No not Obama right?
Black guy Eminem (3 days ago)
I see how Obama said all of these things he wanted to do but he didn’t do any of those things #horriblepresident #worstpresident
H. Mood (3 days ago)
fak that puppet, all are puppet's, fak them all
x Rhenum x (3 days ago)
This seems so staged its ridiculous.
Aizat Tuddin (4 days ago)
Anyone else really want to see the face of that person?
Free Mind (5 days ago)
Mr. Me (5 days ago)
Fuck Obamas administration
Irfaan (5 days ago)
Red Vanderbilt (5 days ago)
Great turnaround
abdu aziz abdu rahman (5 days ago)
Trump would "whereeee is the police?"
Hallam Foster (5 days ago)
fuck i miss him
I win every arguement Do not challenge (5 days ago)
Never been a huge fan of Obama, but this is truth...
Peter Vasilak (5 days ago)
Obama ruined this country, I am so happy Trump is President now!
Peter Vasilak (5 days ago)
+Morsa Viejo uuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm yeah
Morsa Viejo (5 days ago)
Lol no
xiao (5 days ago)
Donald trump would of been like "deported "
Morsa Viejo (5 days ago)
TrackpadProductions (5 days ago)
Say whatever the hell you want about his, beliefs, his policies, his political history, whatever they fuck you want. But you can't deny - he was one hell of an orator. He knew exactly what to say and how to say it to keep the peace and unite the divided.
paddy paddy (5 days ago)
md irfan (5 days ago)
Suppose that time there trump and he say "you are rude person"😂
Robbie Zimmerman (5 days ago)
Trump is the best president ever
thejakeakar (5 days ago)
what he says is fucking pure right (to see America the same we do) i am a kurd and i live in kurdistan and its my wish to be in America to live in America to feel the air that is in America iam in love with America with Americans with whatever made in / by Americans ..but the other countries us kurds or arabs to be exact go to America to just fuck for free and spread fucking islam i so wished they SEND THOSE FUCKERS HOME for good when you to a place that is not your place you need to live by their rules not to go and try to spread fucking praying in streets as you fucking do in the arab religion countries . OBAMA the king
pubgamers #bosss (6 days ago)
Why audience in the back 😂
Hussain Al-Janaby (5 days ago)
pubgamers #bosss where’s the joke?? fucken weirdo
bravo1oh1 (6 days ago)
They need to go home to mommy. Bye bye 👋
ShiiShani (7 days ago)
2:58 No, that has not always been the case in that country or in any other country and it certainly won't be with that tyranny through majority known as democracy.
HISHAM Almansour (7 days ago)
Man of moral
Imon Kabir (8 days ago)
Mr.obama was the best president.
Zachary Petty (3 days ago)
Then sir, you need to study history. While Obama may have been a good president, he didn't do half the stuff some did. Sir, the best president we ever had was Mr. Abraham Lincoln.
fairuz fudzi (8 days ago)
He nailed it!
Crazy Lance (8 days ago)
Bla bla bla... a good talker
omide ashley (8 days ago)
Thank you, Obama. Omid from Iran.
City Spy (9 days ago)
No One can talk like this creature called Obama! legend
Daniel Saenz (10 days ago)
Obama said secure our borders.He let everyone in and put them welfare.Thats his legacy.
Now Present (10 days ago)
The Man in Black is the stuff Real Presidents are made of.
kien trung (10 days ago)
I kinda feel like American like speech but not action ˆˆ
markus lehto (11 days ago)
he was the best president in usa
D H (11 days ago)
Fuck CNN and fuck Obama!
Ananthu ks (11 days ago)
He simply said it wont work in our generation
Manash jyoti Talukdar (11 days ago)
Amazing 👌🙌
N8DOG_27 (11 days ago)
Ooh.. Reminds me of the bad old days.. Glad Obama is no longer President!
zahedul hamid (11 days ago)
Deborah Tulloch (11 days ago)
I like that Obama actually respected the laws and not just used his executive orders
Brennen Johnson (12 days ago)
Obama gay
Rahul Prajapati (12 days ago)
Did someone notice Anand Mahindra into thumbnail???
I Am Chedda (12 days ago)
Obama is one intelligent individual.
ftchico1 (12 days ago)
I really miss Obama.
Mathias Pedersen Explained (12 days ago)
I miss Obama 😥
VXT (12 days ago)
He basically said shut up in the nicest and intellectual way possible
UUU U (12 days ago)
The legend says the guy who was yelling is far gone from America now.......
J (12 days ago)
Me in Hardcore Domination when I get shot by my teammate
Mr Sandler the Great (13 days ago)
As a british conservative who deeply disagreed with his views I can still recognise that this man was a fantastic and honourable president and person he was.
Benjamin Campbell (4 days ago)
same i disagreeded with his big immigration policys but i respect the man so much. this is coming from a australian :)
ravi m (13 days ago)
this man is great!!!
Ashok kumar (13 days ago)
Man, leader, passion, care for people, patriotic, simplicity, lawful, intellect, Awesome... ONE AMONG CENTURIES POTENTIAL LEADER IN HISTORY BOOKS....!! I Salute Mr.Barrack Obama....
Justin Lee (13 days ago)
Saikou Colley (13 days ago)
Greatest president in the history of America
matt #sun (13 days ago)
If someone disrupts like this while Narendra Modi is speaking what would happen🤣
Andrei-George Kuji (14 days ago)
This was the most amazing thing that I have seen today!
Melika Moshiri (14 days ago)
I wish we had such great president in our country.