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Lifting CPR Locomotive 8625 off its trucks in the Ogden Shops at Calgary

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This video shows the process of lifting a GE AC4400 loco off its trucks at the Canadian Pacific Railway Ogden shops in Calgary, and placing it down on dummy trucks, using the 250 ton overhead crane. Within a year of this video the railway closed the shops in which locomotive maintenance had been performed for a century. The video was taken during a tour of the shops on October 31, 2011. A time lapse version was requested by a viewer and will follow.
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Text Comments (14)
DetroitLove4U (2 months ago)
That pair of trucks is for freight cars??
Frank Mosch (6 months ago)
WOW Boy O Boy!!! Lifting a whole full-size locomotive Body and frame assembley!! Off it,s wheels then rolling the wheel sets right out from under it, no room for error here pretty intense heavy duty work.😐🤨😬😬..FWM...
j mcfarland (11 months ago)
Good video.
Tri State Railfan (1 year ago)
Wow everything at CP is red. Even the lighting xD
speed150mph (2 years ago)
So that's what the shop used to look like. After the mechanical department moved out, we took it over for MOW work equipment repair.
el perico (2 years ago)
12:15 now what CP!!!!, you aint so tough now , without your wheels...LOL
Dwight Harper (2 years ago)
Worked there from 1993-2008 did that job many times.
Trains (3 years ago)
When your bridge crane has A) its own cab B) its own overhead lighting, & C) its own 2 separate bridge cranes built into the bridge crane... I noticed that when the crane operator engaged the electric drive motors the lights in the shop went noticeably dimmer. Cool video, thanks!
Gareth Jones (3 years ago)
You call bogies 'trucks' and accommodation bogies 'dummy trucks' you wacky people! The railway is run by HR departments, accountants and politicians, no longer by engineers
David Harlow Junior (5 years ago)
This video sucks
Railroader70 (5 years ago)
Not surprised this and Alyth Diesel Shops will be shut down. Alyth's locomotive depot shut down, after 60 years of operations, was because of 2 very stupid reasons: the CTA (Canadian Transport Agency) which came up with a stupid "ruling" to shut down load testing and maintenance between 23:00 - 07:00. Obviously these bearocratic idiots don't know their elbows from their rear ends with that one. Trains make NOISE. It's a 24 HOUR OPERATION. So they had no brains with that ruling. The second reason for the shut down was due to absurd yuppy residents who had too much time on their hands and who didn't know how to use ear plugs. If you move by a railroad yard, you WILL GET NOISE. DEAL WITH IT. If NOT, move ELSEWHERE. I think the CP president Hunter Harrison shut down the shops for 2 reasons as well - to give the CTA the finger and to have another excuse for cost cutting measures. We live in an age of over sensitive childish IDIOTS. IDiOTS who are over sensitive about smell, sight and sound. The age of yuppy 'not in my back yard' wussies.. Nuff said..
robert shaw (1 year ago)
Railroader70+ No truer words could be spoken. Unfortunately we live in an era of Political Incorrectness. Now, the minority rules. Things must comply with wishes of the individual not the majority. America and by association, Canada - Are no longer great. - 4th rate nations while China and others steal our technology and anything else they can, including lant and businesses.
Wizard Gaming (3 years ago)
Railroader70 Too many bitches in the Forest Lawn or Ogden areas moved in then cried about the noises afterwards.
9751asd (4 years ago)
+Railroader70 RAILROAD NAZIS