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B-17 "Memphis Belle" Flying Fortress

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This is a video of one of the Liberty Foundation flights with their latest B-17 "The Movie Memphis Belle". It is not the original Memphis Belle. It is though the B-17 that was used in the movie with the same title.
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Andy Jamison-LeGere (5 years ago)
I had the opportunity to fly on "the Movie Memphis Belle" this past weekend.  Absolutely one of the most exciting things I have ever done.  Amazing piece of history.  The guys of the Liberty Foundation were incredibly knowledgeable, friendly,  and obviously huge fans of the B17 themselves.  Join the Liberty Foundation and help this great organization keep the Belle flying!
jonesy97 (7 years ago)
Well said! The very definition of a MAN. Heros, all.
awolb69 (7 years ago)
God bless you sir, and on behalf of a very grateful nation; Thank You!