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The Insane Logistics of Formula 1

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Text Comments (2330)
Marco Aurelio (17 hours ago)
That should be Brasil, not Mexico I guess.
Kashmira Brahmane (1 day ago)
Do they have a set of basic items in the respective locations - eg. chairs, kitchen items, etc - the inexpensive stuff can be stationed at the respective venues all year round ?
Kashmira Brahmane (1 day ago)
In the interest of saving resources, money and tim, why don't they have venues as per season. Eg - 2017 in Europe, 2018 in US, 2019 in UAE ?
Kurt W (1 day ago)
Yet it's so fucking boring
Sean Cauffiel (2 days ago)
Please dont RealLifeLore all your video titles with "insane" from now on. Its insanely simplistic.
F Maintzer (2 days ago)
Diese Form der Suppe gehört zu den ältesten Suppen der europäischen und speziell auch deutschen Esskultur und findet sich in zahlreichen Schriften seit dem 16. Jahrhundert. In einer Tragödie von Hans Sachs aus dem Jahr 1578 spricht die Kellnerin über Eulenspiegel: „Ey, er hat fleißig beten mich, ich solt im ein Biersuppen machen. Das Neuw Kreuterbuch aus dem Jahr 1588 beschreibt die Zubereitung einer „gemeinen Biersuppe vor die gesunden Menschen und das Hausgesindt“ und für die Kranken ,eyn sehr gut Biersuppen“ mit „zerklopften Eyerdotter, Zucker, Zimmat und Saffran. Eine besondere Stellung kam den Biersuppen bei Leichenbegängnissen oder Kindstaufen zu, dann wurde der Trauergemeinde eine sogenannte Zarmsuppe aufgetischt, bzw. der Schmaus ('potationes') nach der Taufe, und nach dem ersten Kirchgang der Wöchnerin, das sogenannte Kindelbier.
Gerald Brülls (2 days ago)
2hich team is out of america
Ra-ees Daniels (3 days ago)
Why not create n circut on Africa
Chris B (5 days ago)
That information at minute 2:50 is wrong. The French and Austrian GPs were held in consecutive weekends but Silverstone was two weeks after Austria. There weren't at any point three races held back to back.
Dannick Thibault (4 days ago)
2018 season there were those 3 races back to back.
Garet Itz (5 days ago)
elroy? really?
Don James (5 days ago)
I'm now all of a sudden interested in Formula 1
ArmAnKhan 42 (1 hour ago)
You are lucky it's a raceweek in Germany Starting with Free practice 1 and 2 on Friday, FP3 and qualifying on Saturday and the Race on Sunday and many more events between and before these events Hope you enjoy
Cowboy Animal (7 days ago)
Where do they get the time to build Bottas' cuck shed?
antimech (8 days ago)
The greatness is overwhelming
dageek1000 (9 days ago)
" ok , lets do some stupid hybrid engines now"
Matthew C (10 days ago)
Also Americans can not pronounce uk towns correctly. Not everything sounds how it is spelt. Silverstone is pronounced silver-stun
Matthew C (10 days ago)
I think you will find nearly all of the teams are in Milton Keynes in the UK
Robert Smith (9 days ago)
That's true. I've delivered to a couple. Also Santa Pod is near Milton Keynes too.
James Dawkins Jr. (11 days ago)
I thought the logistics for NASCAR was hard, I now have a greater appreciation for Formula 1.
barry fowles (6 days ago)
NASCAR only operate in one country, F1 the whole world.
Space Enthusiast (11 days ago)
1:52 still they racing eachother xd
nella teea (14 days ago)
never heard those companies
Patrick (14 days ago)
Does this include Mercedes making money drop-offs at FIA on the daily? Nah, that's primitive.. they use PayPal lol
Firestarter (15 days ago)
1000 miles requires 3 drivers so they can sleep and take turns? Wtf. I’ve driven 1000 miles in a day by myself. You can easily spread that over a day and a half with a nap at half way with one driver, or have them switch halfway. 3 drivers. Wtf.
Firestarter (14 days ago)
Grimgore Ironhide are you implying that a 787 Dreamliner full of passengers is somehow in danger because having two pilots isn’t as safe as 3? F1 is a drop in the bucket compared to the billions of dollars of equipment and the lives of passengers trusted to one and two man teams.
Grimgore Ironhide (14 days ago)
When your dealing with multi million dollar equipment then it's better to be safe than sorry.
kingofcastlechaos (15 days ago)
I nearly died laughing when I saw the tiny town of Elroy listed along all the other greats on the map. That town literally is just a few people, and at one time had a cafe and a two pump gas station.I loved it so much I took a picture for all my friends who pass through there on their daily commute. Go Elroy!! lol
Therealcurrymaster (13 days ago)
According to the 2010 Census, Elroy has a population of 125 people
T 25 (15 days ago)
More exciting than the...
Vlql Vlql (16 days ago)
Montréal Québec
adrianchristoffer10 (17 days ago)
And no Trains are used how sad
jsquire5pa (17 days ago)
Ban this rubbish
tacobill70 (18 days ago)
No wonder tickets are so expensive.
Just Smashing (22 days ago)
Perfect cover for a MI6, CIA network
Pheebs (25 days ago)
What a massive carbon footprint the whole F1 circus has :O
mahlstadt (25 days ago)
On my next camping trip I'm going to pack a restaurant and bar
José da Cunha Filho (26 days ago)
Working for a F1 team seems so glamorous, but only the drivers and the most senior members of each team don't work like mad. The sport became so complex, it is on the verge of being overwhelming, the irony is, back 30 years ago (and before), when things were much simpler, the show was infinitely more exciting. Something is wrong.
TriplePlay (26 days ago)
Crappy Video. "Complex Logistics Exist". Seriously? I thought this video would actually contain substance and delve into HOW the complex logistics are managed. FAIL.
Shawn S (27 days ago)
Great production. Really enjoyed this
Crystal Yeow Ching Ching (28 days ago)
Damien Oleary (29 days ago)
Global warming what global warming .
Din Zaf (29 days ago)
Ferrari is not the most valuable it’s mercedes
James Neilson Graham (29 days ago)
If I were a driver, all that crossing time zones would floor me. You wake up and think, where am I? How do they hold it together?
Nadir AMMI SAID (1 month ago)
All this for the pleasure of the human being forgetting the unnecessary CO2 and pollution emission in the whole world which we surely don’t need!!! Racing + Traveling with plane + driving thousands of miles= massive pollution !!!
Haise (1 month ago)
USA has a F1 team wquat!!! I never knew.
legal pitbull (1 month ago)
F1 isn't F1 anymore thanks to Bernie.
Robert Kamminga (1 month ago)
Dont tell me I need to play TC2, I just drove the same straith line 150 times for grinding drag
Abhijeet Singh (1 month ago)
There is a Racing Track in India also. Buddha International Circuit. You forgot to add this in your circuit's map!
Dennis (1 month ago)
Abhijeet Singh but it’s Not in the calender anymore sadly. That‘s why he didn‘t added it
clivepereira123 (1 month ago)
wouldn't it be easier to do Abu Dhabi after Bahrain?
GRD PROJEKT (1 month ago)
Except Williams in 2019 winter testing
Vive La Baguette (1 month ago)
Oh shit i forgot this video about one of my favorite sport (and game series) was sponsored by one of my favorite games
clinton LeFort (1 month ago)
Thanks for the info about formula one logistics planning and execution. I now have a greater appreciation of what each of the f1 teams do to prepare for each race. I'm subscribing to this channel.
z Bandolero (1 month ago)
What an incredible waste of money and resources. Granted I’m not a F1 fan or any racing for that matter. Can’t even begin to imagine the environmental impact all this travel and moving of materials has on our planet.
John M (23 days ago)
This is literally nothing compared to actual resources i.e coal plants
JamesGamin H10 (1 month ago)
Scuderia Ferrari has a net worth of 1.3 billion but cant make a winning car
Zulfburht (1 month ago)
Now that I think about it, it’s no wonder why Canada doesn’t even get the opportunity to host as much races as there really could be. I mean I believe rallying especially would be extremely popular in Canada if we were on the international rallying league. We have so much in diversity of terrain it would add the the excitement of rallying. But it would be too expensive for Europeans to ship cars over, and likewise the other way.
Len Mark (1 month ago)
Imagine If jeff bought ferrari
Bill Jones (1 month ago)
So,now imagine, you have Verizon or xnfinity. Each company has two NASCAR race trucks, two NASCAR race cars, Two Indy race cars, and now two FORMULA ONE race cars. AND.......they never win. Our bill keeps climbing higher and higher for a loosing car racing team, so the executives can sit a watch a loosing car team on your money. We are getting screwed. You just watched the video. You saw how much it costs. Where are they getting the money? The money comes from the customers and the laws the politicians pass to allow the expenses to be written off as advertising. It’s the tax law. Each company has lousy customer service. Comcast/xfinity customer service is in the Philippines. Verizon is in the cloud someplace. Those four teams cost 14 billion dollars alone. So, how much exactly are these two companies making to afford these kind of toys? Red Bull is not a public utility, we don’t have to by red bull. But we have to have Comcast or Verizon, sometimes both. I no longer watch any auto racing in protest. I go fishing instead.
Guodlca (1 month ago)
It's a good thing that we have smaller V6 engines now, so that F1 isn't wasteful anymore.
LGS (1 month ago)
Man , wonder what he would've said about the new Red Bull Station
Andy Thompson (1 month ago)
Thanks, always wondered how the F1 teams did these operations. I am very familiar with certain pieces when the US military does massive deployments overseas.
Dazza 2412 (1 month ago)
By the way the Indian team are now the Canadian team
Aleksandar Bozinovski (1 month ago)
1.3 billion ??? and still can't beat mercedes hahaha
Vapor Ferox (1 month ago)
The US GP is held in Austin, Texas at COTA.
Gareth Gusto (1 month ago)
1:06 would really like to see Africa in future
Gareth Gusto (1 month ago)
yeah spectacular someone must look into that @Abigail Leblanc
Abigail Leblanc (1 month ago)
Imagine a Cape Town GP 😍
Rory Snow (1 month ago)
People watch Motorsport?
33kalam (1 month ago)
I want to know what happens if a team suffers 2 significant crash damage cars in a fly away race weekend(s). How will spare cars be sent?
ikill fh (1 month ago)
what indian team you dildo? racing point? its more or less canadian now
Planarian 17 (1 month ago)
This was made in 2018.
Fasih Ahmad (1 month ago)
Only reason Wendover Productions has done this video because it contain planes
John Smith (1 month ago)
Sadly tho, as someone who didn't miss a single race for 10 yrs (and been watching it since a little kid before that) F1 is now as boring as shit. No overtaking, all this strategy bullshit. The cringeworthy bullshit with Mercedes singing a Mercedes song when they won it. Smug, arrogant, taxdodging "won't let the pilot take a piss over the Atlantic" wankers like Lewis Hamilton. F1 you commited suicide. This is now the Zombie Race. Or rather, Zombie technology endurance event.
iRacing Rookie (1 month ago)
Watching every F1 session including Practice 1,2 & 3 there's small stories you hear like Ferrari sending a private to jet to pick up a gear box to send back to Italy to be inspected then Sent back ready to qualify the next day
Kusal Perera (1 month ago)
Great video to explain how logistics are done in tight schedules of F1
Fedemarley (2 months ago)
Comparing Ferrari to "Discord"... LOL Great video BTW
Toro Loco (1 month ago)
appropriate. a lot of discord in that team. just turning into a joke. a very expensive joke
D woodkamp (2 months ago)
The thing i don't understand is why they start in Monaco then to Canada and then back to France again?? And Austria to the UK and then back to Germany? Austria is south of Germany. Isn't that "Non logistical"?
Toro Loco (1 month ago)
weather challenges. they cant hold it during the north/south america leg because its too cold up in canada
pett pette (2 months ago)
Formular 1: the race for mathematicians
21whichiswhich (2 months ago)
Wow! Thanks!
Putin The Great (2 months ago)
WRC logistics is much bigger
Callum Parsley (2 months ago)
The cars get sent to paint after every race as well
Esteban Suárez Henao (2 months ago)
5 continents ? Mmm...nope, not according to that map.
Sven (2 months ago)
All this to combat boredom for part of the masses...for a short while.
YetiOnCocaine (2 months ago)
Thanks for highlighting this incredible waste of money.
Toro Loco (1 month ago)
waste? they make billions
Adam Kwiatkowski (2 months ago)
How is this a waste of money? It provides jobs for thousands of people across continents...
Opi FiD (2 months ago)
The only way a vehicle can be considered an athlete is if the driver self-identifies as a car. :12
Timo Lutencu (2 months ago)
Great info!!
AAron Thom (2 months ago)
Wendover is my curiosity cure! I have always thought of the logistics of F1 and look Wendover answers it again for me with this video.
Mythic Pie (2 months ago)
The Crew:Poo more like am i right? :)
Anand (2 months ago)
I just love these logistics videos.
Cynthia Roman (2 months ago)
its no longer an indian team but now a Canadian team based in the UK
Tyk TiLioN (2 months ago)
Gewdvibes (2 months ago)
Niggas are crazy bro
Gust I (2 months ago)
Danke, dass Ihr Formel 1 Fans den Klimawandel fördert
The Antholzabui (2 months ago)
Wir Fans?? Ach so... Natürlich... Wir transportieren alles und sind dafür verantwortlich... Was ein sinnloser Kommentar
The Antholzabui (2 months ago)
Wir Fans?? Ach so ja... Natürlich transportieren wir alles ... Was ein sinnloser Kommentar
Glenn Johan (2 months ago)
This is how its done and how its suppose to be, not like that tard thing they have in america, nas car or w/e its called.
David Hernandez (2 months ago)
LOL Austin listed as Elroy
Jungle Brother (2 months ago)
Great video, I love Wendover Productions as much as I love F1
Jaxon Ancona (2 months ago)
8:30 that race track was featured in mighty machines!
Sankeel Chavan (2 months ago)
F1 deserves many more fans than it actually has
Filip Olofsson (2 months ago)
Sankeel Chavan yeah, but it has a lot already
Gabriel_ (2 months ago)
It has been 25 years since Ayrton Senna's death. Long live legend
Darth Awar (2 months ago)
Some teams actually leave the kits (tents/buildings, cooking gear, beds so on!) in most or all of the country's and only transport the cars, spare parts and extra tools as well as team this cuts down the gear they need to transport by 1/2 to 2/3's also some teams now employ people to arrive in (or even locals that live in the areas!) to build and pull apart their sites ahead of time!!!
Çhïčkēń Kèbáb ãñd Ćhîpš (2 months ago)
Çhïčkēń Kèbáb ãñd Ćhîpš (2 months ago)
Calum Caldwell well the same would go for F1
Filip Olofsson (2 months ago)
Calum Caldwell (2 months ago)
Çhïčkēń Kèbáb ãñd Ćhîpš ‘Football’ is not a competition it is a sport
SydneyPhotography2019 (2 months ago)
Pedro Oltramari (2 months ago)
i always wonder how this logistics are done, thank you very much for this video!
Brising Conan (2 months ago)
C'esgt magnifique ! Bravo
Juan Paredes (3 months ago)
Wow awesome work, out of this planet planning and marvelous execution.
Jeff W (3 months ago)
haha and I thought grocery day was a logistical nightmare
goodfilmful (3 months ago)
I can't believe Steven Spielberg had a city named after him
barry fowles (6 days ago)
I've never heard of a city called Steven.
Doubtful Guest (3 months ago)
We live in a world where making a vroom-vroom go fast is economically valued more than saving lives.
Doubtful Guest (3 months ago)
@goodfilmful But it _is_ broken and I'm torn as to whether your comment is accidentally dumb or cunningly smart. I'll bite either way though. All of those families will still be fed if Lewis Hamilton doesn't earn £32 million. There are more options available here than _pay drivers tens of millions of pounds_ and _abolish F1, forever blacklisting anybody associated with it from their industry of expertise._ For example, perhaps Lewis Hamilton only earns £5m for making the vroom-vroom go fast. Do you have reason to suspect that Big Clive - who unloads and sets up the mobile offices - will be unable to feed his family, if Lewis Hamilton doesn't earn an extra £27m?
goodfilmful (3 months ago)
But why save someone's life if there's nothing fun for them to watch/do like F1. Also imagine how many families are fed because they have members working for the industry. Dont fix what isnt broken
The_ Joker (3 months ago)
What happens after Fuxit ?
Normal Norman (3 months ago)
This is the craziest behind the scenes
Max Aggropop (3 months ago)
i think f1 is stupid, but i get it. it is the space travel of the automotive industry. so many innovations of those cars go into the you-and-me-production-line...it's not ralley when it comes to skill and sophistication, but hey at least it is no indy 500.