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Day in the Life of a Delivery Driver

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The day of a Delivery Driver! Facebook: Cody Gaither Instagram: Cody Gaither Snapchat: cgaither
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Text Comments (36)
Ethan Jones (8 days ago)
Get me my packages faster, and not at 5-6pm
Cody Gaither (8 days ago)
Yes sir!!
n310ea (28 days ago)
I wonder how UPS drivers delivered packages back in the 1980's since they didn't have bar code scanner devices.
Cody Gaither (28 days ago)
They had it rough haha
Darkknight (1 month ago)
Good Video dude! Positive Attitude.
MJ (1 month ago)
Im guessing you work for fedex ground? I dont think fedex express drivers load their van. I could be wrong tho? I almost had a job with fedex ground, but didnt like how it was salary based. I wanted to be an emplyee with all the benefits and teamsters union. I was also a broker for 15 years running my own van ect. Wasnt paying off and no time off EVER!!! unless you had someone to drive your van and cover you which i didnt. I now work for UPS and things have been much better that i don't have to bring my work home with me anymore, and i get vacation time now =) UPS also pays the best out of all the major couriers in my area Ottawa, Canada.
Cody Gaither (1 month ago)
Yeah I work for ground I’m not sure if express loads their vans or not. But I agree I wish we could get benefits and all of that as well. I’m glad you doing good and everything! Thanks for the info
Raymond Fields (2 months ago)
Nice to see you enjoy your job. Keep up the great work!
Cody Gaither (2 months ago)
Thanks I appreciate the support!
morcuilo (3 months ago)
I'm a UPS driver. Today I delivered 250 stops, 485 packages. Started at 9 a.m., clocked out 11 p.m.
lyodbraun (2 months ago)
morcuilo that's a long day, I had (UPS) 170 stops and close to 300 packages one day ran scratch and was done by 6pm didn't get out the hub till almost 10am that day...I.m sure glad we don't have to sort or load our trucks... although some days it feels that way with as much crap they pile in my truck..
Cody Gaither (3 months ago)
Idk how y’all do it!
Ginio Lamy (3 months ago)
HELL NO just looking at all those boxes will freak me out
Cody Gaither (3 months ago)
Haha you would get used to it
Shinryu101 (5 months ago)
Do you use road worrier app too? If so do you plug in all the addresses on the manifest sheet to the app and adjust the boxes on the truck according to that?
Scott D (5 months ago)
Shinryu101 writing sequence numbers can help but over time I got tired of writing sequence numbers on boxes for the most part. Usually I roll old-school now. The reason is I get packages reassigned or pipped to me from other routes because I am my bosses damage control so I try to focus more on the actual Shipping label to make sure I grabbed the right box for the right stop. It’s happened before where’s sequence number changed at close out because of packages being moved to my route during sort.... then I discovered I dropped a box off at a previous stop and have to backtrack.
Scott D (5 months ago)
Your first day sounds about what mine was box-wise. Now I do double that on an average day. Time flies. My body sure is bulletproof from all of those dang chewys too
Scott D (5 months ago)
Shinryu101 you’ll get used to it all. I’ve had to force myself to slow down over the years. I had some lady once call in a complaint I left her apt too fast after I buzzed her. Apparently I could write a service cross, door tag, and code it in under 30 seconds. Haha so these days I focus on being smooth all day no rush no big mistakes no backtracking. Just stayin in the flow and those stops just fall right off magically for the most part... till FURNITURE FOR A 3rd FLOOR APT AGAIN!? Haha not really, but...
Cody Gaither (5 months ago)
+Shinryu101 congrats man. Good luck to you. Yeah HD you can put the sequence number on the box it helps. In about a week or two you’ll be fine especially when you learn the route!
Shinryu101 (5 months ago)
And writing the sequence number on the box was a big help.
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
Good video dude
Cody Gaither (5 months ago)
+Scott D haha for sure man. Might have a video together around Christmas as well
Scott D (5 months ago)
Whoa it’s now officially public you’re watching each other’s vids. How awesome.
Cody Gaither (5 months ago)
+CThompsonTv thanks man! You too!
Scott D (5 months ago)
Frozen scanner ARGH the worst 😤
Cody Gaither (5 months ago)
+Scott D I couldn’t agree more
Scott D (5 months ago)
:40 Tugboat sound?
Shinryu101 (5 months ago)
That's what I thought too! Lol
Scott D (5 months ago)
Cody Gaither Haha I though you were Parked by some boats
Cody Gaither (5 months ago)
+Scott D haha I had to I accidentally said who I worked for
Scott D (5 months ago)
You know it’s a big deal if I take the time to comment while out on route still grinding 😎👍📦 Keep up the good work
Scott D (5 months ago)
Made it home in one piece so a successful day for sure.
Cody Gaither (5 months ago)
+Scott D thanks I really appreciate that! Be safe brother