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Kimi Raikkonen "The Ice Man" - From 1 To 38 Years Old - Then And Now

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Kimi Räikkönen, Transformation, tribute, birthday, Ferrari, Ice Man, Formula one, Finnish, Driver, F1, Career, Then And Now, history, evolution, #7, Sebastian Vettel, h I do not own any of the rights to the photos. All the rights belongs to WWE.com I do not own any of the rights to the photos. All the rights belongs to WWE.com
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Text Comments (108)
TembangKartoffel (3 days ago)
1:24 Kimi rocking the Jacques Villeneuve look
kaisei2000rb26 (17 days ago)
Jojo Batin (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing this vid, Kimi is the best F1 driver in my time. See you soon in Sauber.
panther fan (1 month ago)
By ferrari
panther fan (1 month ago)
I will miss kimi räikönen
D R (1 month ago)
why?? where he go???
Ericleiton Araújo leite (1 month ago)
Charalambos Georgiadis (1 month ago)
Kimi you are the most important F1 driver ever. When you are no longer with Ferrari I lose all feath in the team. Love Ferrari for more than 25 years. Work for Shell. There can not be one normal person at Ferrari to let go a driver like you are. You are the ICEMAN our favorite
Darchan Darchan (1 month ago)
delbroox (1 month ago)
1:53 reminds me of Michael J Fox
johnj (1 month ago)
Time flies.. I remember Kimi's Sauber test drive in 2000 like yesterday.
Alex Yiu (2 months ago)
Looking at Kimi's pics reminds me of how a loser I am, all these years his success in F1 has made him a famous driver while I am still the same. Pathetic.
Jedi Knight (2 months ago)
Very emotional.
Venom (2 months ago)
Franz Bichler (2 months ago)
Einer der besten Rennfahrer, leider darf er bei Ferrari nicht gewinnen.
COOL NAUFAL 15 (2 months ago)
Pls make mika
cannyfocus (3 months ago)
In 2018 from season's beginning on he even looks a bit younger, fitter ('more' training maybe and else) as in for eg. 2017. ;) Just a small note.
lolo lolo (3 months ago)
Agrover112 (3 months ago)
When Kimi retires I will cry :( . I am crying right now
jose cornejo pastor (3 months ago)
The prodigy child, it's the real king of the f1, the real best driver but the most lazy...
Agrover112 (3 months ago)
jose cornejo pastor Yeah this race he was soon good!! Sure he is lazy
Thomas John Solidum (4 months ago)
His first baby word was probably “Bwoah”
Mohamed Mehdi Ghezal (4 months ago)
Kimi 😍
Kev Dev96 (5 months ago)
Felipe Massa and Jenson Button? :-)
Daniel-Constantin leulescu (5 months ago)
What's that beautiful music?
Kev Dev96 (5 months ago)
House Music no 9 Royalty free music
Beba Ramadanoska (5 months ago)
Schumacher years old
AARRextremz 2000 (5 months ago)
Kimi and Alonso are favourite drivers without no doubt,though they less championships,but do I even care
Sports Tourer (3 months ago)
AARRextremz 2000 if the results and number of championships alone decided on a driver's talent gilles Villeneuve will be absolute slow... And we all know how b.s that is...
Wole Oyeyele (6 months ago)
What music is used?
Kimi Niittyniemi (6 months ago)
1:01 he looks poor but in 1:07
Rocky712 - Let´s Plays (7 months ago)
Mario y Mariajo (8 months ago)
Can you make Fernando Alonso??
Martijn Langeveld (8 months ago)
Kimi, a hero. You're the best! Martijn from the Netherlands.
VideoShow App (9 months ago)
Does he race in nascar???
Atemi321 (9 months ago)
VideoShow App he raced in 2 races in 2011
Philippe Suter (9 months ago)
The go kart with the nummber 7 is fernado alonso and not kimi
romano giangrosso (9 months ago)
0:28 not kimi, his brother
R4pt0r64 (9 months ago)
Kimi used to smile... interesting.
Hox Fox (2 months ago)
R4pt0r64 lol the only two right now who could make him smile in camera is ricciardo's joke and vettel
Jerry Keränen (9 months ago)
You forgot Kimis army pictures :D
Keysal Julianda (10 months ago)
THE TITTLE MUST BE "☆The Bwoah Man☆"
Filippo 'xPippo' Caneo (10 months ago)
Song name?😍
Arcadic Dream (10 months ago)
Skrattar du förlorar du? Oops wrong language.
PowerGlove (10 months ago)
2:44 wrong. When Kimi sit on pit lane wall in Lotus suit. It was first winter tests with Lotus F1 Team. Age of 27 not correct. He was 32 years old back in the end of year 2011 when he joined Lotus F1 Team.
Kimi Räikkönen (10 months ago)
what a smashing lad
Ops 512 (10 months ago)
so anyone know what is the BGM...?
PowerGlove (10 months ago)
BGM = Bell Globemedia it's the old name of Bell Media I believe... TV and publishing company.
Rogério Aparecido (10 months ago)
Ray Klein (10 months ago)
Oooooh, Kimi and Vettel look like they are meant to be together <3 <3 <3
kalyansapsd1 (10 months ago)
I have read a auto magazine back in 2003 and its cover story was about Kimi. I am a fan of him since then. He is one of the best F1 drivers out there.
Melania Trump (11 months ago)
had to finish my school lunch now.had diplomatic,corporate english translations to finish.my part-time job courtesy of my French/Russian language teacher ^_^ Mr.Raikkonen's will defo be of great help,my brother and his friends sez so.when Kimi retires,they suggest Kimi become an enlish teacher
Melania Trump (11 months ago)
i don't stand a chance...he married a very beautiful woman whth all the curves and bumps.i'm all straight and flat girl T_T
Bardelloni Stefano (1 month ago)
L uomo di ghiaccio😍
Bardelloni Stefano (1 month ago)
Ti scrivo in italiano grande kimi Raikkonen anche tu
Melania Trump (11 months ago)
he should've stopped growing @1:21 bcause i'll do everything seduce him ^_^
Keiran George (11 months ago)
He's not as smiley now as he used to
TENIENTE 983 (1 month ago)
Something happened...
. (1 month ago)
Nowadays he's the smiliest he's ever been, it's great.
Dennis Vladimir Villaflor (5 months ago)
He just hates the press, he is completely opposite when the press isnt there.
Hox Fox (6 months ago)
he still does,look at a couple of his recent instagram videos..mostly smiled when he's far away from annoying press tho' LOL
Vladimir Pomorisat (11 months ago)
1:27 is that alonso at right
Noob Gaming (1 month ago)
Vladimir Pomorisat iiiii
Mentlegen (11 months ago)
raikkonen, montoya and alonso
Gabriel Henrique (11 months ago)
He didn't age at all bwoah
呆呆秀Daiyoushow (2 months ago)
From 32 Grosjean make him Bwoah
MW Productions (5 months ago)
I think he looks his age though kinda weird
Cat Philomel (11 months ago)
at 24-25 Kimi was really handsome))
Anton Astikainen (11 months ago)
I think he looked the best at age 29 to 33.
Maris Pica (11 months ago)
he still is... look at 5:25 or 5:38 ;) nice
Mycrazyworld Yt (11 months ago)
Good but with few mistakes,on the bike is Kimis brother and he is behind making this face 😛... also at 27 it is wrong,that is pic from Barcelona winter testing from his comeback with Lotus... But great to see somebody making this video 🤜 Thanks
Seb vettel (11 months ago)
Aleksi Jani Jumppanen (11 months ago)
0:28 its not kimi its her brother
alessio giroso (11 months ago)
0:43 is that Fernando Alonso?!
Anton Astikainen (11 months ago)
With Antonio Garcia. Not Kimi.
GregCars (11 months ago)
alessio giroso yes
Ops 512 (11 months ago)
and the BGM is...?
CYL (11 months ago)
He needs to cut weight
Klaus Kinski (8 months ago)
Me & ipoh I share this opinion. He went heavier during the last three years. 3-4 kilos less would help him a great deal...
Aline SAlves. (11 months ago)
Vids Produc (11 months ago)
ok, now i feel old
8geartodown (11 months ago)
White hair like J. Villeneuve
Aki Nevanoja (9 months ago)
Was looking the same thing. Kimi should be won the Title in McLaren? Sorry about my english. Im Finnish.
The Legend 30 (1 year ago)
Anyone else notice that at 0:44 the guy on the right is Fernando Alonso? 😲 they've known eachother since they were kids
. (1 month ago)
Sports Tourer Like every other 20 year old in the world.
kimiraikkonenpato (3 months ago)
Kimi and Fernando,my two favorite drivers :) big drivers
Sports Tourer (5 months ago)
worfoz but he's mentally a teenager still
worfoz (11 months ago)
Kimi (38 ) raced against Jos Verstappen (45). Little Maxie was raised on the track. Time flies....
shamson Arun Kumar (11 months ago)
The Legend 28 yes I did
Marcelo Cariman (1 year ago)
Feliz cumple Kimi raikkonen desde Argentina 😉
Daisuke (1 year ago)
ขอ Sasha Banks & Bayley ด้วยอยากเห็นภาพตอนเด็กของทั้ง2คน😐😐
Hurjastelia ! (1 year ago)
Okkonä suomalainen ?
Samuel Nasser Heikkila (11 months ago)
Venom (11 months ago)
Hurjastelia ! olen
kim raikk (1 year ago)
Il pilota più in gamba e più simpatico che ci sia al momento!! Buon compleanno!!
Logo REKT (1 year ago)
Oh yeah, a legend
Apple Juice (1 year ago)
Finland Power! Suomi
Dellmar Fritz (1 month ago)
Yeah Hyvää Kimi
Nico Hiltunen (5 months ago)
The Bik3r 03 (1 year ago)
Do Dybala Please Next
nổi buồn trông anh nổi buồn trông anh (1 year ago)
Sup r 1 ok