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History of the UPS truck

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Hobby Collection of model UPS trucks
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callofdutyguy9 (1 year ago)
Anyone know what engine is in the newer gas model p800s?
Jerimyah Johnson (2 years ago)
Can I buy one
Mr. Poopybutthole (20 days ago)
No. You can't have one!
lie baker (2 years ago)
what was the original audio? because it's been taken down for some reason.
Joel Stuart (3 years ago)
hey man I have recently purchased a 1951 UPS Truck looking for so history on it please call me 863 393 6331
ACLTony (4 years ago)
Guys, a question. What type of delivery truck (manufacturer, model, and engine type) did UPS use during the late 1960s-early 70s? I searched online and couldn't find any info.
Steve Carras (1 year ago)
Capt. Beak they might have had 6-71 Detroit Diesel and five speed Spicer or Fuller manual transmissions
Capt. Beak (2 years ago)
Many of them were of a proprietary design UPS owned I'm not sure if they actually built them or farmed that out but some of the larger hubs had jigs & molds to fab their own repair parts. As for the chassis they bid them out and would change suppliers when they got better pricing or had service issues. The first one my Dad drove was on a Ford chassis, they had some with AMC engines, not sure who supplied the chassis. For a while they were partial to Chevrolet Chassis with the 292 straight 6 until GM screwed them on a block purchase (fitted them with "expermental" transmissions that didn't last and had no parts availability) and they didn't buy Chevies for a while. Same for some of their feeder (semi) trucks, for a while they had their own cab design and had Diamond Reo, Mack and White trucks that all looked alike.
monchin canales (6 years ago)
shuttt up ups are pussys union guys lazys fedex all the way baby
2035jim (6 years ago)
I was always partial to the 668's and the diesel 138's. Most of the diesel P7's in my ceneter were sent out and refitted with unleaded engines.
1225Forrest (7 years ago)
people who appreciate the nations history.
AwesomeMusic4Life (8 years ago)
ups pilots where a hat close to that last hat that was shown
nolongerjips (8 years ago)
I have over seven years at UPS from 2000-2007. I've driven Ford P600, P500, P800, Grumman P700, Freightliner P800 (Mercedes diesel), P1000 gas, P1300 diesel, sprinter cargo conversions and so many more. I am a FedEx Ground driver now looking to buy my own route. I am looking for a truck. 90%of what we use is international diesels which are crap. The best delivery vehicle of all time is the Grumman P700 w manual trans and cummins carb diesel! Everything came together perfectly: the twin doors in