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Best of the year (imho) Road rage and Bad drivers videos from North America. 00:00 Story from cammer: "I was in the wrong for going around on the left. I thought he was going to go right and when I seen his blinker I tried to stop but it was an ice road and I slid so I powered around him. He followed me then you can see what happened. He was punching me in the face ripped my shirt and ripped off my window visor and was hitting my car with it. I took off when he tried to open my door and started throwing punches again." ______________________________________________________________ Videos are made according to the YouTube Partner Program policies, have Educational value, are intended for Criticism, Educational & Journalistic purposes. All videos are licensed and used with authorization of the rights holders. ______________________________________________________________ SUPPORT "FURYROAD" channel: https://www.patreon.com/FuryRoad
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Text Comments (18727)
Booty Eater (2 hours ago)
Can’t feel bad for the bikers they were passing people on a double line
Booty Eater (2 hours ago)
God Damn it Jake
Ronnie Cool (4 hours ago)
Did he say trump for president? Glad she threw coffee all over his car! Hehe!
msN fraser (4 hours ago)
did he show the pizza damage???..... the last one was interesting, could have went differently
natert ulisses (6 hours ago)
5:35 "Trump for president" ah so he deserved it
Matt Verville (10 hours ago)
Sounded like Jackie jr from sopranos at the end lol
Matt Verville (10 hours ago)
Damn destiny is hot as hell
Raymond Caylor (11 hours ago)
7:11 2 against 1....they should of brought 3 more boys if they wanted a fair fight. Pussies
i'm so fuc*ing pretty (16 hours ago)
5:18 i love that bitch. That's my gurl
Daymian Ricca (23 hours ago)
Some people listen to really shitty music 😂
corona Bery (1 day ago)
We need end results. Like mr I don’t care, prison? Thugs, prison? Please!
Surago (1 day ago)
How come in all the fights that break out no one goes for the legs? Throw that fucker to the ground and pound.
Tyler Coupe (1 day ago)
At 5:12 I would have maced her ass she got out the car lol
Landyn Lyerla (1 day ago)
Anyone else craving pizza?
iiEnchanted (1 day ago)
iiEnchanted (1 day ago)
iiEnchanted (1 day ago)
omg the third one, he kept jamming and driving off. don't speed kids.
Calvin dees nuts Banks (1 day ago)
3:20 if you can’t dodge it ram it lol
Calvin dees nuts Banks (1 day ago)
1:49 who else starting jamming to it
Matthew Navarro (1 day ago)
Weird phenomenon of when people cut u off and u honk they get pissed and break check u
Nick Thornton (1 day ago)
People who intentionally hit motorcyclists belong in hell. It’s one thing to be a dumb motherfucker in a car but hit someone on a bike?
Tristan Sampson (2 days ago)
5:16 I want that gurls number 😂
melonlord58 (2 days ago)
5:25 rosita from the walking dead throwing a fit
jerrold mcdowell (2 days ago)
Flip flip flip 😂🤣😂
Ken G (2 days ago)
What even started this @ 7:11? That dude got a mean left!!! Although he had a gun he went easy on them. Taking a punch is better than getting shot any day.
Ken G (2 days ago)
I had this crazy chick do me just like that car did at @2:06. She wasn't speeding like them but kept cutting me off and stopping in front of me and in mid traffic. She got mad because I waited a extra second for a car to drive by at a light before I turned right. She had really lost her mind. Was hard for me to keep my cool. If my mom wasn't with me I might have amped out on her lol.
dave sniw (2 days ago)
Murica fuck yeah 😂😂😂
Winter time (2 days ago)
Rednecks at 8:52! Lol
Winter time (2 days ago)
What a waste of pizza
chase mitchell (2 days ago)
Holley Babineaux (2 days ago)
HOLY SH*T DID HE REALLY RUN THAT DUDE OVER????!!!!???!!!!!??????!!!!!
AdikMusic OfficialTM (2 days ago)
NFS most wanted in real life 17:53
Renee Greer (2 days ago)
The dde lmfao really.
Constitution_89 (3 days ago)
I like the Douchebag who thought he was Tough getting Zapped Stupid at 7:23 and wound up All Dazed and Confuzed and All Shook Up. 4:14, the Scumbag in the car on the right intentionally swerved out to the left to cause the Biker some harm and I hope the Scumbag was charged with Attempted Murder for that. Just a Miserable Old man. Guy in the end did Well for himself as far as can be seen anyway.
Shannon Kilpatrick (3 days ago)
3 minutes in and I would have already shot like 4 people
Kraenkii ElLoco (3 days ago)
13:06 what a cofunsion ...
Kraenkii ElLoco (3 days ago)
aaahh the one women seems to have joined the action later and thinks the pick up was the bad guy ??!?!?! lol XD
DOGDAIRY (3 days ago)
at 3:31 that's a perfect song that's playing lol
SKIP Davis (3 days ago)
5:30 Destiny Garcia?
Faceplant1235 (3 days ago)
"He threw pizza" .. where can I contact this man, I want free pizza too
Poop Scooper (3 days ago)
Ngl I would not mind Destiny throwing coffee into my car
mem0924mm (3 days ago)
How do people explain dumb shit like this to the insurance company
BX0207 (3 days ago)
7:34 Ya fix your hat.. it'll scare him.. what a fn douche bag.. You needed one more tattoo to get tougher.
Ezequiel Rubina (4 days ago)
3:08 oh shit he heard you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kratos Ghost (4 days ago)
the last one, why the fuck is the po po asking what's the man is drinking, none of your fucking business lmao
Levi Stokes (4 days ago)
2:56 I’ve actually had someone do this to me before. I drive a Prius and the guys ego was so high we wasn’t going to let a Prius pass his F350 in the fast lane. I was just driving minding my own business. It was like a big middle finger to me. Yes I care about the planet but I also have to commute an hour every day for college so I save on gas.
AL Can (4 days ago)
Cops hate technology (video recording devices)!
PACE 426HEMI (4 days ago)
He’s a stupid shrimp hahahahaha?
clay bomb (4 days ago)
Americans are such trash
MrsEmz133 (4 days ago)
that girl that tried to get the pick up in trouble at 13:30 instead of the actual bad guy
jnie swartz (5 days ago)
Man I felt for dude who got hit by the truck. The dude rear ending the other guy had kids in the backseat
coffee, dogs and service dog laws (5 days ago)
This video just shows how many children we have masquerading as adults. Nothing in this video warrants the reactions given. Big babies. Confrontation takes 2!
Tyler Fulgham (5 days ago)
YOOO thats daily driven exotics running from the cops... looks like choi car though woahhh @dailydrivenexotics 17:50
InnerZen (5 days ago)
7:12....Yeah that's the kind of punch that makes you shit, piss and quit that cycle your on.
JEFF JACK (5 days ago)
Common theme. The person who is in the wrong is usually the one jumping out.
Mike Becket (5 days ago)
Ahh super Genious
Jon Keil (5 days ago)
Just carry a gun like you’re supposed to and when somebody gets out of the car put it to their four head
Peter Sully (5 days ago)
Dave Driscoll (5 days ago)
Don't blame the guy at the 13 min mark. He is in California and probably has insurance, while the other guy certainly does not. I have been hit three separate times in Cali, all by uninsured, and there is absolutely no recompense for uninsured here. They drive pos cars and do whatever the hell they want. All three ran on me as well. Next one I will do this.
EMYHR (5 days ago)
And it was clear the guy in pick up truck was trying to prevent the SUV from fleeing the scene
daan (5 days ago)
horrific scenes! pizza aftermath at 06:02
Jason Huffer (5 days ago)
Nobody is worth wasting a perfectly good piece of pizza on.
Jason Huffer (5 days ago)
This is why I am an animal person. People suck!
drschplatt (5 days ago)
Again, that first clip is one reason why you should be allowed to carry to defend yourself. If you try and pull me out of my car, assuming I haven't run over you already at this point, I'm going to shoot you. Simple as that.
Bill CosbyDidIt (5 days ago)
3:16 everybody's a gangsta till a gangsta shows up.
Comy LARE (5 days ago)
God watching these you realise how fucking shit people are at fighting. Nice wild arm flailing my dude 16:50 😂😂😂
Leon Noir (5 days ago)
Yo Be Humble is the PERFECT song for 7:11 all those muscles for them to get bitched
Rorie Marie (5 days ago)
This look like gta in life
Aaron Smith (5 days ago)
3:20, *r/whoosh*
Gregg Fridline (6 days ago)
the people that drive slow as fuck in the fast lane do this to me also
Gregg Fridline (6 days ago)
what a pussy, pulls a gun then throws punches. That is not a man, if you want to square up , you square up like a man not a giant pussy
Xan Watson (6 days ago)
Hawker75 (6 days ago)
Stand your ground. Carry legally.
locafly (6 days ago)
So many people in these videos need their asses whooped!
Anke Lambrechts (6 days ago)
What's the song at 3:33
EMYHR (6 days ago)
The first video was classic Oh I’m not gonna let you over into my lane ya know the tough guy behind the wheel but when the dude hopped out on him, he turned into a straight bitch
Lord EA (6 days ago)
what in the actual fuck was dude @3:20 thinking charging a truck like that 😂😂😂
Sacred Sun (6 days ago)
17:20 Reminds me of kids. Lots of running away, tossing items. The fight was worse than drunk girls.
Gesunde Wotan (6 days ago)
5:30. If that lady has a man, he needs to discipline her.
Death Realm (6 days ago)
5:20 isn’t that the walking dead bitch
California Condor (6 days ago)
Remember in 99% of the cases, it takes two to tango!
Sven J (6 days ago)
14.10 = attempted murder
Berzerk DZ (7 days ago)
13:11 Pepega 📣 "ITS THE TRUCK"
Ugly Stik (7 days ago)
Wait a minute.... 3 NYPD officers in the same police patrol vehicle? One is obviously a rookie. He identified himself immediately when asked by a citizen. The question I have is, where are the other clowns in that little clown car? I know you can hear the famous Barnum and Bailey tune in your head right about now...... For you young pups out there that don't know what that is, here's the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXxztZs82yE
lion heart (7 days ago)
Astro Kid X3 (7 days ago)
3:30 oof skillet purrfect for the road to rage XD
Old Man Boxing (7 days ago)
I have 2 favorites 17:44 😂 sorry guys but if your a thrill seeker lets see you top that, BUT 18:14 takes the cake and why because me being a native New Yorker I know dude was dead ass serious when he told them cops will y'all GTF away from me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ✌ TO MY HOME CITY
Peter Sciacchitano (7 days ago)
People do this shit and most are fine ten minutes later and the one that are not are either in trouble with the law or in an argument or accident but is it worth it did it prove anything no just how dumb you are when pissed off so it dumb to do thing like this and i will teach my kids not to get catch up in th moments
RandomRoulette (7 days ago)
Humans are psychotic
Daris Hamilton (7 days ago)
That's why you should never fight in flip flops 7:20
Daris Hamilton (7 days ago)
I don't understand what his plan was @ 3:20. To fight the truck maybe?? Not sure....
Joseph Izzo (8 days ago)
Damn, if you’re in the fast lane and people are passing you, pull the fuck over!
Joseph Izzo (8 days ago)
The dude that swerved and hit the cyclist went to prison for, I think, several years. While the bike shouldn’t have passed in a double yellow, without a doubt the dude should not have tried to kill them.
Joseph Izzo (8 days ago)
Waste of perfectly good pizza.
Joseph Izzo (8 days ago)
3:22 ~ G Gordon Liddy did that same thing. Except he only broke 3 ribs. This guy got tossed!
Bonnie Dicostanzo (8 days ago)
These ppl are straight up Cray Cray 😂😂😂
Connor McKechney (8 days ago)
I'm just saying but in the first video that truck is losing his door as I drive around him if it were me
Tony Mahony (8 days ago)
Imagine American had to use manuell shifting....the anger level would rise even more
Ric Bakar (8 days ago)
This is really boring..looks like kiddies fight and nobody even died...👎
Rabb!t (8 days ago)
No respect for pizza. That guy doesn’t deserve life.
Raiyus13 (8 days ago)
I'll gladly have it ,if someone threw free pizza at me.