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Best of the year (imho) Road rage and Bad drivers videos from North America. Want to support the channel? Share my vids! Turn off AdBlock! Become a Patron - https://www.patreon.com/FuryRoad Videos featured in the following compilation are intended for criticism, educational and journalistic purposes. Take this video as a learning tool, watch and do NOT repeat!
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Text Comments (16540)
Sasha Wah (3 hours ago)
2:16 yep that person was deliberately trying to start an accident. That whole thing was unnecessary.
dennis nilsson (4 hours ago)
13:10 if you're just getting to the scen and have no fucking clue what's gone on before you got there. then don't take run your inbred mouth. 20 year old litle bitch runs up to the police and gives the wrong info that not only point's out one of the vitcims as the wrong doer but altso tells the police that the first victim is wrong. if the police didn't understand that this dumbass shittalker had no idea what she was talking about. then the poor truck driver that risked his own car getting even more damaged to keep the suv at the accident would be hunted instead of the lowlife that made the hit and runs
dennis nilsson (4 hours ago)
if you're one of these self proclaimed ''victims'' that post a video of what the other guy/girl did as revenge toward you. but left out the part you did before to desurve said revenge. then you should as quick as possible take your own life. there is nothing in this world that pieces of shit like that will contribute with.
George Shepherd (4 hours ago)
Jessicab 18 (4 hours ago)
17:57 was basically asking to go to jail by not listening to the cop.
Jessicab 18 (4 hours ago)
The dumb girl at 13:11 saying "it's the truck." No it wasn't sis the truck was trying to stop the other car from leaving until the cops came. Why else would he go the same direction as the cop went. Next time don't blame someone without getting your facts straight. Don't blame innocent people that was trying to help.
David Schnelker (6 hours ago)
Great stuff
pubisboy (6 hours ago)
06:52 so cute when they helped each other to carry the bat.
hot lasagna (6 hours ago)
Steven Meyers (7 hours ago)
all new york or florida
Minty (8 hours ago)
1:42 song name please
Kari Solomon (8 hours ago)
Bruh, don't throw food. Wtf?
William A (8 hours ago)
08:22 ... Pigeon forge ! the traffic is always horrible there lol
Josh Allee (8 hours ago)
Leave it to the dumb fucking blonde cunt to point the finger at the person trying to stop the criminal from getting away
Josh Allee (9 hours ago)
You're on social media skank and every wishes you'd die lol
Kayla Williams Avery (9 hours ago)
i love that the cop immediately speeds off to catch him....i love when cops jump into action like that
Danielle Helland (10 hours ago)
I feel bad for the 1st guy... just trying to get around the crazy
George Smith (11 hours ago)
That wigger got knocked the fuck out.
Pressley Harrison (11 hours ago)
the scariest part about 14:00 is that they hadn't previously interacted. there was no fight or reason for the driver to do that other than just thinking "i don't wanna let you pass." In an interview he said he wasn't sorry because they deserved it because they crossed the double yellow line. wtf
Brian Holihan (11 hours ago)
The music everyone's listing to sure sucks. Only hang with people who listen to good music.
Jim Dandy (11 hours ago)
Mook cops. Geez what stupidity.
autisticMemeMaster69 :v____:v (12 hours ago)
11:11 two wild cars in their mating season XD
minorking1121 (13 hours ago)
The worst thing isn't how trashy these people are, it's how proud they are of how trashy they are.
Klyhz. (14 hours ago)
17:55 #DDESquad!
linop412 (14 hours ago)
I’m sorry but that lambo video was gangster haha.
nicholas deem (15 hours ago)
funny this guy actually stopped after he was either jealous you had a toy, I hdue to a holes like this.ad a guy just keep going after I layed it down, this is why I do not ride anymore
Rebecca Coldiron (15 hours ago)
Gotta love ol dude who got a close up on that pizza assault like we don’t know how well that sauce hits... get it? 😏
Dunk (17 hours ago)
"ITS THE TRUCK!!!!" It should be against the law to give a police officer false information obstructing his pursuit. Literally everybody was saying it was the van but the idiot who didn't even see what happened just starts screaming that it's the other guy. She needs a good slap across the face.
Minty (7 hours ago)
"I believe women should be assaulted for being stupid and obnoxious."
The EuroDiver (12 hours ago)
Thanks christ I wasn't the only one thinking that.... My face was hot with anger when that bitch wouldn't shut the fuck up. Like somebody please slap her ass lol
Steven's Channel -StevenVGS- (17 hours ago)
That first guy was not in any position to to that to the driver even though the driver passed on the left while the other guy was making a left turn. Its felony assault. It all could have been avoided if the angry guy just decided to just let it go and move on.
10,000 subs with no videos? (17 hours ago)
I’d just always stay strapped and if someone tries shit I would kill them
Phyrric Spirit (18 hours ago)
dumb ass bitches like the one telling the cop "NO ITS THE TRUCK!!!!" are who get ppl killed
Jim Simon (18 hours ago)
nig cant fight fair, need to pullout a gun to scare and distract than punch.
Aiden Epley (19 hours ago)
What are you drinking.... WTF? Wym why does it matter😂
mike long (19 hours ago)
Never have two men held onto a baseball bat so persistently in the history of man lol
rubbel stilzchen (19 hours ago)
He threw pizza? Monster.
starr cooper (19 hours ago)
why the fuck cant i get this shit off my you tube this road rage bull shit has a virus it wont stop replaying
Ashley Valdez (19 hours ago)
If you’re a witness why don’t you stop and check if the people are okay...😭
Charles Greer (19 hours ago)
3:18 learned the hard way what that hiway bad ass bs gets u. And depending on the part of the video we didnt see the guy in the pickup can claim he was in fear of his life bc the guy jumped out with a ass whipping tool in hand not just fist.
Matt chang (20 hours ago)
7:15 friend forever =)) when your buddy be hit you just run run run run like a bitch
Julio Pena (20 hours ago)
Cops face at 13:24 was like “shiiiiiiiiit”
Madisen (20 hours ago)
those cops were so fucking dumb asking what was in his drink and thn jus left like wtf go do ur fucking job and catch some of these idiots operating motorized vehicles
Mar D (21 hours ago)
so much crappy music is listened to sigh
Seb B (22 hours ago)
13:30 the cop ... “ fuck that” I’ll chase the one who runaway lol
Seb B (22 hours ago)
At 10:00 , you assulted me BITCH 😂😂😂😂
MɎSŦƗȻ ĐɆŦɆɌǤɆNŦ (22 hours ago)
4:30 lmfao
john hart (1 day ago)
I wonder how much the repair costs were when that guy threw the pizza at the truck.
Sean Pierre (1 day ago)
6:40 _> Welcome to Miami everybody
Yuqi (1 day ago)
Why would you waste a perfectly good pizza 😔
Quique (1 day ago)
The last video is classic as there is no way they'd be in the Upper West Side or on Wall St. asking what ppl are drinking so respect to that man for standing up for all out rights.
Quique (1 day ago)
The best thing you can do is not engage w/ these people especially these days when anyone regardless of who they are has access to a gun.
Bird77_D (1 day ago)
14:40 riding like an asshole. Passing illegally with a rider on the back. Mmm mm mmm
E Jax (1 day ago)
At 3:15 what the hell was that guy thinking? *I'll beat this fucking dude's aaaa....* Aaaand that's how he met Jesus.
Tabbi Mogleski (1 day ago)
This is the main reason I carry a hand gun on me while driving because this world is full of stupid cunts that think they are everything.
Generic Youtuber (1 day ago)
These women standing there @13:00 are fucking retarded..
Generic Youtuber (1 day ago)
Instead of waiting like 30 seconds for the guy to go away, the driver @3:20 is probably dead of mauled for life.
Generic Youtuber (1 day ago)
dude @3:20 has gotta be dead
AlliKat (1 day ago)
4:14 monster (Skillet) lol
Father AxeKeeper (1 day ago)
i bet that girl at 5:25 does porn. shes got a bangin body.
Raffy V (1 day ago)
i hope i meet one of you dumb fucks on the road
Steve Clements (1 day ago)
Seems to me at least a third of those doing the videoing were at least partially if not mostly at fault.
Decoded69 (1 day ago)
that was pretty funny at 5:50 Like seriously, WTF is wrong with some people....
eatZeppelin (1 day ago)
This first dickhead.....
Cardinal (1 day ago)
"Hi I'm Destiny." *Hi, your license plate is recorded and you are now legally capable of being reported for harassment and damage to property.*
METALBOY0011 (1 day ago)
Destiny kinda cute but crazy as hell😂
How am I supposed to know? (1 day ago)
All you need is full coverage insurance and a dash cam. Then you are immune to jackasses.
Kelsie Haptonstall (1 day ago)
Ps. I am never driving again.
Kelsie Haptonstall (1 day ago)
Kelsie Haptonstall (1 day ago)
1st guy. NOW HE HIT YOU😂😂
Slappers2k (1 day ago)
Imagine the other guys face at 53 seconds
Stick Man31415 (1 day ago)
Pizza op pls nerf
baseballdad7 (1 day ago)
Don’t even feel sorry for the dumbass charging a moving pick up truck.
Jeffrey Fox (1 day ago)
That psycho chick was actually really hot lol
B Baker (1 day ago)
I would’ve slapped destiny
Kevin Walker (1 day ago)
So if you own a Dodge your an asshole. I'm a Dodge owner. Lol
Celly 34 (1 day ago)
11:10 listening to a song about not backing down but drives off like a bitch😂😂😂😂 white Americans are punks
Sun_ Doll_ (1 day ago)
How do any of these people get drivers licenses
Celly 34 (1 day ago)
Someone drop destinys @😂😂😂
Sun_ Doll_ (1 day ago)
11:11 (lol) he had the great idea to think “ I would LOVEEE to damage my car more. That. Would. Just. Make. My. Day.”
Blacktravelers Boi (1 day ago)
3:16 Gta 5?😂😂😂
skbuoy (1 day ago)
I just back off when people wanna act stupid on the road. No point in it
james bailey (1 day ago)
America is fucking ugly as hell .. fat ass people live there and stupid ass holes live in that screwed up freeking usa
J Raw (1 day ago)
i hate to say this but half the videos on this are caused by the guys taping themselves...come on road rage dont combat road rage hence the cameras...dummy
That Mead With Juniper Berries (1 day ago)
That first guy was roid raging or something
jerzeyDevil jerzeyDevil (1 day ago)
The first vedio the guy that was recording was wrong he was turning down that road but the guy in the truck didnt have to get out and do that to him even tho he was wrong the guy recording was wrong for cutting him off
Sam Jirschele (1 day ago)
oh i thought Canadians were so nice
ITALIAN GUY (1 day ago)
That girl was super hot
captain janko3 (1 day ago)
Someone hold me back cuz im gonna kiLL THIS NIGGA HE TROWEN *PIZZA* YOU HEAR ME *PIZZA*
Cody Brown (1 day ago)
HorribleHarry (1 day ago)
Does everyone in north america listen to hip hop & rap? when did this happen? how did 12.7% of the population take over the entire music industry? (and if someone pulls a gun on me i'm running them over ... twice)
CJ Wooten (1 day ago)
nypd's finest
ITALIAN GUY (1 day ago)
First video was instant karma
Coloursaur • (1 day ago)
Ill never understand why people get so angry honestly. I dont see the point in it at all
myles lopes (1 day ago)
Bro this is nothing, drive in Florida and in Brooklyn
Brian Elling (1 day ago)
@ 3:20 Example why YOU NEVER get your self in front of a fucker you are having issues with.
EvilQueEvil (1 day ago)
12:43 that white girl need to shut up.
Charisma O (1 day ago)
And these jackasses are on the road...they need to stop giving licenses to unsafe drivers like all these people. Calm down! The road is forever there! Calm yourselves down, it ain’t the end of the world to be nice and give way!
TeddyJonesHD (1 day ago)
7:15 1000 IQ left hook!
Bruce SA (1 day ago)
men don't fight like men no more...punches aren't even connecting
Jay Bee (1 day ago)
About the guy who swerved into motorcyclist at 14:05. Yeah he got charged and was arrested, went to prison. Complete dick move, since you don't do that to someone on a motorcycle. But the guy on the bike, while less of a dick, was a dick none the less. Crossing over double yellow lines just to get ahead of traffic is a dick move.
Bryant Anderson (1 day ago)
The biker who tried racing past the car deserved what he got.
Jay Bee (1 day ago)
What a dumbass. Jumping out of truck in the beginning and the only result was having his door bent in half. Good luck making a claim on that because the video evidence clearly shows the person with the dashcam acting in his own self defense to get away. Plus, the insurance company is going to completely drop said moron and he'll likely be suspended too. So being mad resulted in him losing his insurance + losing his license + assault and battery + his vehicle door being trashed. All for 15 seconds of "tough guy mode".