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Best of the year (imho) Road rage and Bad drivers videos from North America. Want to support the channel? Share my vids! Turn off AdBlock! Become a Patron - https://www.patreon.com/FuryRoad Videos featured in the following compilation are intended for criticism, educational and journalistic purposes. Take this video as a learning tool, watch and do NOT repeat!
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Text Comments (11165)
Redneck repair 233 (39 minutes ago)
The chick who said the silver Chevy was the problem instead of white suv is dumb
Junokaii (1 hour ago)
Why are people needlessly rude and stupid on the road??
Todd Christopher (1 hour ago)
On the very first one if he wants to say I hit his truck and then it came and attacked me I would have spun my car around and floored it right into the front of his shity ass truck and if I had a weapon if you came up to my car and said I hit you when I didn't trying to rip me out of my car you would have got shot in the face and I would just leave you there I wouldn't call anybody for you there's no call and being like that when nobody does nothing to you
Karen Rollins (1 hour ago)
Driving is a privilege not a right these ppl should not be allowed to drive ppl are just insane
xRONINx6 (1 hour ago)
14 min. Kinda both in the wrong but no need to try and kill someone cause they passed you
Titan (1 hour ago)
"thats what i thought bitch run" "instant regret"
Cristopher Alexander (2 hours ago)
3:38 I remember this song from 2012 or 2013
Dee Jarvis (2 hours ago)
It's like watching the natural history channel...
Alexander Lindquist (2 hours ago)
people that is aggesive in traffic, should not have driving license
abronxtale111 (3 hours ago)
Nypd black pigs are pussies
abronxtale111 (3 hours ago)
3:20 black in a pick up truck. Smfh
JayDeath (4 hours ago)
He threw pizza. Ha!
Tyler Lichty (4 hours ago)
Lambo giving those cops some donuts. What a generous person.
steph (4 hours ago)
Why when they speak, Americans have to put a fucking every two words? Do they have a lack of it?
steph (4 hours ago)
Woah they are nervous in US and A. And bit of cowards too as many of them can't go out without a bloody gun!
steph (4 hours ago)
@5:30 This fucking bitch is fucking bonkable!
TheMitchbassman (4 hours ago)
I dont " get" people. On the 1st one. Why the fuck do you sit there while a guy charges your car. LEAVE Idiot! you did but dont stop in the 1st place
Frans Breukel (6 hours ago)
Jim H (6 hours ago)
This is how Americans have fun.
Nana Berry (6 hours ago)
Oh my GAWD!!!!! Did I just see one idiot jump out of his truck and run up to a truck and the other idiot in the truck mowed him down?????? What the HELLLLLLL??????
Murch2013 (8 hours ago)
What flavour was the pizza?
Scott Atbb (8 hours ago)
Love the donuts at 17:57
Macktastic7 (9 hours ago)
Lol at 5:16 my horny ass wouldn't even be mad anymore. Even if I was bitching about the coffee as soon as she approached me like that I'd say some shit like oh damn girl you got a cute smile, what was I complaining about again? 😂
Daniel Bonner (9 hours ago)
American rage there’s nowhere on earth as angry as these people...this must be the true american dream...Rage !
Drew Lovelyhell (10 hours ago)
You should play the 'King Of The Hill' theme over these clips. What a bunch of rednecks!
j0n m0r (11 hours ago)
I was expecting machete vs trash can to be highly disturbing, but instead It's pure slapstick.
Brent Waits (11 hours ago)
so fucking hot she is
Janette Coleman (11 hours ago)
CastAway_Dave (11 hours ago)
Southern trash.
Dayo Olufade (12 hours ago)
the truck driver had to inspect the damage the slice of pizza did to his 18 wheeler... ?
Big White Locomotive (12 hours ago)
Anyone else just watch these and think people just look stupid when they fight in the street? I mean come on if you’re gonna run at someone that pissed you should probably be ready to be shot or at least laid out, you never know who that person is or what they have, just sayin
Brent Waits (13 hours ago)
5:33 omfg.. Got a boner just watching her bitch.. Too sexy
Dwreck Baker (13 hours ago)
Wasted some pizza, fool
Nameless (13 hours ago)
Silver Silverado did nothing wrong and this bitch he keeps hitting him he’s psycho
Taylor Cusimano (14 hours ago)
In the first one that guys truck wouldn’t have even gotten damaged if we wasn’t actin a fool
Diego Spaish (14 hours ago)
16:00 almost looked like a scene from GTA
Aber nicht im ernst? (14 hours ago)
Well...muricunts are retarded af...and the whole world knows it...
jesuswouldkilhimself (15 hours ago)
The last guy WINS!! " YOU ARE INCOMPETENT AND DUMB...." lol
Diego Spaish (15 hours ago)
3:20 - played out a much differently in the dude's head than the results
Tj1950ted (15 hours ago)
3:21 R.I.P.... Is He Okay?
Albert Lilly (16 hours ago)
Destiny might be psycho, but she's hot!
Вадик de Bill (16 hours ago)
I love you,Destiny!!!
Paul Brown (16 hours ago)
I like the last dude !
Hurlanator (17 hours ago)
America looks like it's full of psychos.
michelhouelpdesque (17 hours ago)
heck Murica on some flouruoridated woadurr or wHUT
Joe Hartman (18 hours ago)
My brother was an idiot that confronted someone once (just once) and got his ass kicked during a road rage incident. Let the idiots go on their marry way and let some other person deal with them
JACK Malcolm (18 hours ago)
Good some ppl are cunts when it comes to driving 😂😂
bigegg7170 (18 hours ago)
americans are the dumbest fucks in the world
Cedric Harper (19 hours ago)
Is it me or that most of the people with dash cams are looking for some trouble
Yaya Living (21 hours ago)
NYC in the summer, 🤦‍♀️
Dave R (21 hours ago)
Destiny was a bitch, but damn she was fine as fuck.
JohnnieRhodes (21 hours ago)
This is precisely why I have a dual dash cam camera in my car. It’s not only good for me, but for others who get in accidents or involved with road rage in front of me. I got you on video !!!
RadiantMeteor (21 hours ago)
Great Pizza shot while driving!!
Julian Contreras (22 hours ago)
just saying, carry a paintball gun at all times
cora lackey (22 hours ago)
They both need to stop, I think it's a laugh, mostly people need to mind there own business.
Veziley Kerzoyayev (22 hours ago)
Oh crikey!!! :o at 3:22
K- Mac (23 hours ago)
@3:20 WTF does this dude thinks charging a speeding truck is going to do? 😂😂☠️☠️😭😭
Limp Salamander (23 hours ago)
It's always niggas in base model dodge rams
Bugz Murphy (1 day ago)
NONE of these people even deserve to be allowed to use a TRICYCLE!
MARINE CORPS (1 day ago)
Why were they trynna fight the equalizer at 9:02
Mark S (1 day ago)
Its funny to see some of these guys get into a fight and then realize, crap, i dont know how to fight. With the exception of the black gentlemen that cold cocked the white midget.
Robert Boulay (1 day ago)
I've never fully understood road rage...in my 30 years driving if someone acts like a jerk, I just let them pass me, let them go in front or first...it's served me well, not one traffic ticket or accident in 30 years.
David Buschhorn (1 day ago)
14:45 if I recall, that old dude did something like 6-10 years in prison for deliberately swerving into the biker. At his age, that's just about a death sentence. I think he didn't want an attorney and represented himself so he never had a chance :-) the girl on the back of the bike had some pretty serious injuries (broken pelvis? I can't remember).
Wood Cutter (1 day ago)
The irony at 11:00. Radio playing hick hop. "I wont back down, I stand my ground" Haha
GrandpaCl (1 day ago)
@8:40 trumptard country
Ryan Scherbluk (1 day ago)
3:20 wtf
Ninjas Be Like (1 day ago)
3:21 bold strategy cotton let’s see if it pays off!
Chris Brown (1 day ago)
I never thought most Americans were brain dead wankers, apparently they are.
Lily Hughes (1 day ago)
stupid cops
Lily Hughes (1 day ago)
must be on crack
Lily Hughes (1 day ago)
what an idiot in the honda
Lily Hughes (1 day ago)
oh settel down. vegie
Lily Hughes (1 day ago)
are all Americans mad , ?.?? or just on certain days ??? ha,!
Damien Richards (1 day ago)
Believe it or not... there's a cure! http://cureyourroadrage.com/
keith silva (1 day ago)
The sweetie @ 5:06 can toss a coffee my way, as long as her # is written on the cup.. LoL { YA MISSED that one dude ! } And BTW, wonder what the mouth-piece did to earn a coffee toss.....
bpar73 (1 day ago)
Just a couple of minutes in and I've come to realize that people have terrible taste in music.
Josh Shaw (1 day ago)
peices of spark plug in the console for dicks that throw shit at your car.
Denis Eremin (1 day ago)
i thought only in Russia we have crazy people . thats sweet))
ethan frager (1 day ago)
11:00 Driving through the wildlife park.
Dr Bob Hardie (1 day ago)
And I just love the way many Americans speak. Such impressive control of the language.
dejected mass (7 hours ago)
13:20 when you gotta make that tuff decision on the walking dead
Mike 0355 (1 day ago)
The female cop look nice
Mike 0355 (1 day ago)
I'm glad I got a bus pass
Amber Yazzie (1 day ago)
1:18 lol I hear Micheal Jackson's thriller song bumping in the car haha...
Landon Stott (1 day ago)
lol that dumb ass biker trying to illegally pass. You drive on the wrong side of the road with a "Do not pass" lane you deserve to get hit.
i_notold (1 day ago)
3:21 Starfished!
Ricardo B (1 day ago)
Fark, there's some nutters in your country!!.
theRealRindberg (1 day ago)
"The land of the free" is pretty hostile
Chris Gayler (1 day ago)
I bet he is saying now i wish i had cared after getting 15 years what a f---- lame
No mountain Is to high (1 day ago)
Legend has it he was still throwing pizza till this day
Block Obsessed (1 day ago)
Cooperal (1 day ago)
5:05 To all the parents who call their children 'Destiny': How did you know your daughter was going to be shaped into a basic bitch by social media?
Curtis C (1 day ago)
And kids this is why i carry a gun at all times.
Gabriel Benoit (1 day ago)
I wonder if the first one was in Canada or the USA but if it was then the guy could’ve gotten shot if he kept assaulting the driver
CrispyBacon (1 day ago)
Meathead got hit so hard by the black dude, it knocked him outta his shoes. lol
Lebron Traveled (2 days ago)
13:25 I bet everything I’ve got that she’s part of the far left and hates trump. Only logical conclusion given her incorrect perception when presented with facts
MrThedwp (2 days ago)
That Destiny chick is an utter fucking bitch but damn if she ain't hot AF tho
Matti Ace (1 day ago)
I agree 100%
FlaShVidsHD (2 days ago)
People who drive stupid on bridges just want to die
Sheba Cat (2 days ago)
PETTINESS level over 9000 smh
Juan Contreras (2 days ago)
wtf happend to the cops in the last video? that piece of shit was insulting them and they did NOTHING? WTF?