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Best of the Week | Wave Goodbye!

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They're here! The very best videos of the week! From heartwarming moments to hilarious fails and cute pets, we have it all in Jukin Video's Best of the Week compilation! SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: http://bit.ly/JukinVideo Submit your video here: http://bit.ly/3-submit-here LIKE us on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoFB FOLLOW us on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoTwitter Short vids on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoInstagram Shorter vids on VINE: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoVine JukinVideo is the leading viral video community channel dedicated to showcasing the hottest UGC videos from across the web. We love videos and find the best ones to share with you here, from fail videos to ice bucket challenges, and soccer tricks to a baby reacting to Katy Perry's Dark Horse. The JukinVideo team scours the web 24/7 to find the latest trends and hottest videos. Subscribe to see them first! To license any of the videos shown on JukinVideo, visit Jukin Media at http://jukinmedia.com/licensing
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Text Comments (223)
Marcel Kovacs (2 days ago)
8:54 not funny you dickhead
Robert Mclaren (3 days ago)
Is the elephant real
Marcio Junior (5 days ago)
The freak Next door (8 days ago)
1:44 greatest cuphead soundtrack
heinz heinz (9 days ago)
does anyone know the song at 2:26 ? sounds a little like eminem but couldnt put a finger on it
Brody Leicester (11 days ago)
It's really funny at the same time
Fabio labati (12 days ago)
Remove the strikes from eGuinorante's channel!!!
Babita Singh (12 days ago)
baby elephant was cutest
Babita Singh (12 days ago)
baby el
Titusz Frikussz (13 days ago)
What is the intro song
Ghost Riley (15 days ago)
Remove the strikes from eGuinorante's channel
Aylen1298 (16 days ago)
4:13 the great escape...
Charlotte 0709 (20 days ago)
8:18 original mein Hund oh mein Gott😂😂❤️
Technophiles MC (28 days ago)
0:52 original video?
Andrew Falduto (29 days ago)
Who els cringes on the phone ones
CutiesAdore (29 days ago)
8:11 my favorite part
Acoustic guy (1 month ago)
1:27 I guess that is how pugs get a flat face 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Virginia best (1 month ago)
5:58 the cutestpne
NatalieKorous Vlogs (1 month ago)
I need that skateboard please.
ELIZABETH HILL (1 month ago)
The bubble unicorn thoooooo... I’m shook XD That was awesome!!!!
Danai Lbr (1 month ago)
8:32 the bride would be like “who invited her🤦‍♀️”
Mad Banans (1 month ago)
5:30 ⚫️_⚫️
koffee911 (1 month ago)
9:30 ... and the fight began!
koffee911 (1 month ago)
9:22 ingenious dude
Danai Lbr (1 month ago)
8:55 why wouldn’t you just help it 🤨
bjorndegeweldige (1 month ago)
Wife gets electrocuted..... baby you’re scaring the horses 😂
Renata _s.b (1 month ago)
8:22 dis should be a Fortnite dance 😂😂
Terri Stoeckner (1 month ago)
I love the one with the horse playing soccer/so cute😱
patfenlon15 (1 month ago)
Are you making a joke about a cat having a prosthetic leg?
Jaddah Young (1 month ago)
This guy is nuts and chain reaction
SugaKookies546 Rei (1 month ago)
8:23 is that just me or is that me every time I go to a party dancing alone?...
Jon Cabana (1 month ago)
8:22 anyone know the song / background music? Please & Thanks!
Jon Cabana (23 days ago)
J M Thank you! 😊
robertgamersk8tr84 (23 days ago)
Jon Cabana 6 know by bgyhbyubhuijh. Iuh
J M (1 month ago)
DJ Fopp - In Love https://youtu.be/NfG5CJt20RI?t=119
Jack Hale (1 month ago)
Oh I sea what you did ther when you said wave for it I sea
rogger55 (1 month ago)
"baby you're scaring the horses"
Sacha B (1 month ago)
4:50 My favorite! XD
Star Stable hullu (1 month ago)
A budgie LOL
Yebane Brod (1 month ago)
first magpie wanting to become an Angel. good shit
Bryan Worthington (1 month ago)
3:11 looks like q from impractical jokers
Araujot our stories (1 month ago)
Kid at 7:27 is just like me. Once my mom asked to go ask the neighbour for some sugar. Went to OUR front door, knocked 2 times and came back since nobody was home...
Oliver Smith (1 month ago)
The one with the horse playing with the ball should have been "Horsin around" not "horsing around" because bojack horseman references
Gordilox 19 (1 month ago)
4:05 Finding Nemo deleted scene
joaquin villacis (1 month ago)
the guys on the bicicle. they never see te simpsons? jeje
Wąpierz (1 month ago)
"babe you scaring horses- what a fucking retard.
Under Cover Cop (1 month ago)
Ellipsism (1 month ago)
2:27 SESH
chill bro (1 month ago)
Lexington Duncan (1 month ago)
2:10 mind-blown 🤯
Dagville De La Vigo (1 month ago)
8:52 - "Pawsthetic" - is that a pun on "pathetic" or "prosthetic?" I'd say it's more pawsome than anything else.
Traxx Rc (1 month ago)
2:53 straya
Skye Rymill (1 month ago)
2:47 there's australia for yo uh mate!😂
Nailed It! (1 month ago)
2:55 yes even the birds attack in straya
Hardeep Kaur (1 month ago)
7.12 is amazing
drewid78 (1 month ago)
You shouldn't use videos that exploit a child's innocence and trust in their parent or care giver. The idiots that treat kids in this way should be reported for child abuse and your Youtube channel should be more responsible for what you publish. You are rewarding fucked up behaviour by posting this.
Lady Weapon (1 month ago)
eckbertaka5mox (1 month ago)
4:50 :DDD
MRDH33.0 (1 month ago)
Shaun of the dead 7:10 Dogs can look up!
Flugrübe (1 month ago)
Does anybody know the song at 9:04?
Fam Van weenen (1 month ago)
Nederlands 😍
Arigatu Kozaimasu (1 month ago)
No one's gonna talk about the 5:13? RIP phone
furz kolio (1 month ago)
4.50 hes a hero
Naaman Lundy (1 month ago)
Jukin has gotten significantly bad. Old videos being used half the time. Unsubscribing.
PerkythePro (1 month ago)
Lmao- what is with that bird trying to land on that motorcyclists helmet? And the clip of the guy almost getting smashed by a motorcycle- serves them right for that policeman goes after them it looked like. Wish I could have police near me when people act like complete retards...
Matty (1 month ago)
5:25 Doesn't hit the jump like everyone else is, takes his sweet fucking time leaving the landing zone, sounds like he tries to blame the girl.. Da fuq.
SOFTAIL X (1 month ago)
9:23. Dudes a genius. Except git ya a better chair. F that bucket
Amanda da Silva (1 month ago)
less fails & cruel jokes on kids being hurt please. But love your vids ususally
Caio Dizaro (1 month ago)
Brasil 2:35 :D kkkkkkkkkkk Eta porra molequeeeee
Adrian (1 month ago)
Damn so this is jukinvideo? I remember when you guys actually put in a little thing called effort. At some point you guys have to respond to the criticism. Because a lot of your fans like me hate to see how low you’ve fallen. You used to have such a thriving community.
Adrian (1 month ago)
Teamsesh has the best work out music
Matthew Porter-mendez (1 month ago)
3:29 people don't realize how easily someone can die like that
Fynni_ boy (1 month ago)
Thats a sport ...
Brian (1 month ago)
some people don't like fail videos and you should be upfront about it in your title.
daSpooky1 (1 month ago)
2:08 hahahahahaha it's a giraffe
Mordi Reches (1 month ago)
Amazing, best one yet, ty
Camilo Giraldo (1 month ago)
1:57 😂😂
TIMVIX (1 month ago)
3:15 Heyyy...aren't you the horse from Horsing Around?
Tchello (1 month ago)
3:33 Zangbetos???
For3st Spirit (1 month ago)
Those weren't bubbles. _You just witnessed a unicorn birth._
9aguirre (1 month ago)
Less pets please!
I A (1 month ago)
at least she covered her nose lol
SomeFortniteGuy (1 month ago)
2:23 was anyone else watching the railing like "no no no NO NO!" then instantly relieved he didn't spear himself...?
JL Ribeiro (1 month ago)
4:40 Would be much easier just to use his foot.
Zachary Ramirez (1 month ago)
Does anybody know the song at 3:33?
Milburn Madness 2.0 (1 month ago)
4:53 owwww😬
RacingTIR0 (1 month ago)
3:33 - this is ingenious
Zachary Ramirez (1 month ago)
+Bagarn Hopefully someone will know!
Bagarn (1 month ago)
+Zachary Ramirez I want to know as well!
Zachary Ramirez (1 month ago)
What's the song?
Robot simulator (1 month ago)
乁( ◕ Ѡ ◕ )ㄏ
Oleg Petrushov (1 month ago)
What is keyboard on 6:00?
Keak Diu (1 month ago)
4:38 Not all heroes wear capes
Kmasterz Sanchez (1 month ago)
So many old videos..
Benito the Bunny (1 month ago)
FaceI3ss (1 month ago)
Most of this shit is old
warefairsoda (1 month ago)
4:38 You're doing it wrong, that is not how a bidet works.
laurin2407 (1 month ago)
At least half of them were from 2015...👎
mafakka2 (1 month ago)
2:00 it's the electricity, stupid bitch
Cesar Figueroa (1 month ago)
i'm concerned about the guy in the kayak 3:31
Keith D (1 month ago)
When you have to use old videos to get past the 10 minute mark for more ads 😂😂 dead channel lmao
HecTech FPV (1 month ago)
4:53 is how i did a hyperextension of the neck, still kills me years later at times!
Mylie Bartlett lol (1 month ago)
8:10 so cute like if u agree
Firebourn94 (1 month ago)
I hope that lady didn't eat that pizza after her cat put her mouth on it
V-BuccScammer (1 month ago)
At 2:32 he probs could have gotten impaled by the fence if he was in the wrong place
Michał Walenczak (1 month ago)
3:20 this owl is high af
Niru Lingayat (1 month ago)
0:01 Music?