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How Much Will You Get Paid Being a Delivery Driver?!

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This video is a pay chart or scale on what you can make being a delivery driver. Facebook: Cody Gaither Instagram: Cody Gaither Snapchat: cgaither
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MILITARY EDITS (1 day ago)
If you're former military your DD214 can open up alot of doors in Military contracting.
Cody Gaither (1 day ago)
That’s true!
Kenpachi Zaraki (13 days ago)
I'm a ups driver full time top pay. $36.41 per hr $1200 per week.
Cody Gaither (10 days ago)
That’s great money. I just wouldn’t want to do pursue it the stress is too much for me
Cody Gaither (10 days ago)
That’s great money. I just wouldn’t want to do pursue it the stress is too much for me
Ron For_Ever (24 days ago)
i wouldnt do ur route unless i get payed 900 week.
Cody Gaither (24 days ago)
Haha whys that?
C Tripps (28 days ago)
Does Fed Ex expect you to know how to drive Manual shift??
Cody Gaither (25 days ago)
Oh wow thanks for the tip
C Tripps (25 days ago)
Cody Gaither UPS requires you know how to drive manual, and driving a 1960s truck in standard shift ain't even close to standard shift car. Same principal, but completely different feel from a car.
Cody Gaither (27 days ago)
No most trucks are automatic. No CDL required or anything
Conservative Thought (1 month ago)
You guys could unionize. I'm not a big fan of unions but they will get you more money especially with Fedex
Conservative Thought (1 month ago)
No problem brother
Cody Gaither (1 month ago)
Thank you man god bless
Conservative Thought (1 month ago)
No problem you seem like a good guy. I hope things work out may God bless you.
Conservative Thought (1 month ago)
Or get some experience and try to get in with UPS or the Post Office and you'll make a lot more per hour.
Cody Gaither (1 month ago)
Good idea thanks man
MJ (1 month ago)
I was a broker for years working for myself The hardest part of the job was chasing the company i was working for for the money they were always shorting me. My overhead with all my van /gas expenses were pretty high. The last 2 years i worked for myself sub contracting off of Dicom express was brutal, but i had no choice as it was all i had. i was grossing anywhere from 1150-1350 Canadian a week. Driving 120-135kms a day in the city. My run was suppose to pay $1205 plus gas a week minus admin fee of 5% and obviously taxes. How can anyone live off that? Thankfully i did most of my own work on my van or i would of been screwed paying garage rates. I actually had an interview and pretty much had the job at fedex ground, but something happened and the broker i was suppose to work for didn't get the route. Fedex Ground started at 35k a year and you move up to 40k after a little time. I think you can even make commission per stop within the city if your doing 150+ or whatver it was. I can;t remember as it was awhile ago. I now work for UPS and so happy. I was hired off the street FT driver. I friended a UPS driver in the circle of honor who is very well respected in my hub. I must of made an impression, because he really said lots of good stuff about me which got me the job, as they don't normally hire off the street. They start the lowest, but pay the highest in the end. So i'm a member of teamsters union and will be able to make 80k plus within the next 4 years or so, as i climb the latter. The lowest rate here in Canada Ottawa for FT driver was 14/h anything over 8h a day was time&half. 2018 min wage went up to 14/hr here and got a raise to 16/hr . After 4 years i will be at top rate which is over 30/hr. Full benefits after a year, plus 2 weeks paid vacation and 5 optional days aka sick days or 1 day off here and there paid.
mix mix (1 month ago)
Ups is number 1
Cody Gaither (1 month ago)
lol I don’t disagree
Tim Manzanares (1 month ago)
When i was at fedex i got paid 120 a day not bad,, but the boss didn't give raises so i left
Cody Gaither (1 month ago)
Right, yeah without raises I wouldn’t have stayed either!
Johnny Moncivais (2 months ago)
Ground is a joke
Cody Gaither (2 months ago)
I agree lol
Rusty S (2 months ago)
Fedex Ground drivers are not Fedex employees they’re contractors, Fedex express workers are employees so they get benefits alone with there pay
Cody Gaither (2 months ago)
Cody Gaither (2 months ago)
Rusty S yeah
Qua p (2 months ago)
So this is why my 4pm package arrived at 7 lol. nah jp, great work !
Cody Gaither (1 month ago)
I thought about it but it’s a lot of stress and a lot I don’t want to deal with it anymore. I’m starting my own business next year or the year after. Plus you have to buy three routes you can’t just buy one anymore where I’m at. But people do and make real good money
hyperVG (1 month ago)
Cody Gaither not bad. Would you consider purchasing your own FedEx route? Oneday?
Cody Gaither (1 month ago)
Still a rookie
Cody Gaither (1 month ago)
Almost a year
hyperVG (1 month ago)
Cody Gaither how long you've worked for fedex?.
TYLER CULLARS (3 months ago)
I’m from Alabama I was wondering how to become a fed ex driver or ups
Matt Gage (10 days ago)
I would definitely go the UPS route. You don't have to have any experience they will put you through school 1 week course. And then a supervisor will ride with you for the first three four days you have 30 days to qualify. After that then you will start your progression towards your 3 to 4 years to top out at full rate. After that you'll be making anywhere between $70,000 and 90000. Plus benefits and pension with a grand total of around $138,000 a year where else can you go and make that kind of money and have a union to protect you from unsafe labor which FedEx does not have.
Kenpachi Zaraki (13 days ago)
Upsjobs.com apply around October for the Christmas rush. You'll geton for sure
Cody Gaither (2 months ago)
TheDay Cometh (2 months ago)
UPS. Better pay, full benefits.
Cody Gaither (3 months ago)
Wouldn’t recommend ups especially with no delivery driving experience if that’s the case. What part of Alabama and you would need to find a local terminal go down and tell them you want to put in an application to become a delivery driver and they’ll get you with a contractor and then you’ll do the drug test and all of that
nexus 424 (4 months ago)
I work for FedEx Express and I was told couriers get paid $27-30 an hour. I live in California
Cody Gaither (2 months ago)
I work 60 Hours a week. I’m done with my deliveries by one super easy job man. Congrats you’ll like it
Jossy Alvarez (2 months ago)
jason lubliner How many hours are you putting up everyweek? Im in the hiring process , did accept the job offer.
Cody Gaither (3 months ago)
I will look into it for sure thanks!
Neven Mijatovic (3 months ago)
Ive been working at Express for 2 years i went up almost $4 dollars in raises, you should look into Express 70% of packages are letters or small boxes easy on your back. Also you get a pension and good benefits!
Cody Gaither (3 months ago)
Nice question I want to have a couple of businesses I’m working on that now. And just do whatever I can to better myself and to provide for my family. I was 11bravo which is infantry