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UPS Whiteboard - Reliability

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The most reliable color on earth.
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Text Comments (7)
Amr Al-Faqee (9 years ago)
The song is Such great Heights by Postal service :)
Shane Krolikowski (9 years ago)
@krystian1333 it's from an Saturday Night Live skit where they pointed out that the guy in this commercial looked like he was wearing a lady wig.
krystian1333 (9 years ago)
@skrolikowski Whats a Lady Wig?
David Ciulla (10 years ago)
it is not reliality, it is UPS reliablity!
Shane Krolikowski (10 years ago)
Lady Wig can draw well
Alex (10 years ago)
@chucklesjgao quit spamming ups commercials. Get over your deal with UPS
chucklesjgao (10 years ago)
what can Brown do for me? Let someone else ship my package for me