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RadBurro Commercial Ebike Review - $5.5k Light Electric Truck Mover, Food, Electric Pedicab)

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https://electricbikereview.com/rad-power-bikes/radburro/ Rad Power Bikes is launching a new light electric vehicle weighing ~250 lbs that can haul up to 700 lbs of cargo in a truck bed configuration, flat bed, pedicab, or food box (which heats or cools) designed to be sold to commercial companies or in fleets. RPB is actually selling all of their bikes commercially (B2B) at discounts and has standardized most of their batteries to make them easier to service and swap out. The main battery in the RadBurro is a 48 volt 52 amp hour but it is swappable for continued use. Compared to their updated RadWagon, the Burro is a tricycle style electric bike that still offers pedal assist and throttle on demand, but the brakes are much stronger and the 750 watt motor is overbuilt and run through a reduction gear for high torque applications. I met with Brian Rinkenburger for this review because he’s leading the commercial division of Rad Power Bikes and shared the vision and mission of this part of the company. He explained that they have a minimum quantity of two for the Burro. We jumped into the technical specs and I learned about the color display, locking battery on/off switch for security, and tilt-up bed. The charger for the RadBurrow is 25 Amps compared to just 2 Amps on a lot of smaller e-bikes. The battery pack itself is ~31 lbs. 10 to 1 gear reduction and temperature sensor, trans-axle. Can adjust the top speed. It’s sized to fit a Euro pallet.
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Gabriel Cordova (3 days ago)
Wow...I am very impressed..trying to figure out how I could use one..but I would like one very much..great job Rad Bikes
sa.ajlee (6 days ago)
I would love one also! I will never own one because they only sell in pairs:( You would think a sale is a sale, but not so much.
Bambob MotoRodaTiga (6 days ago)
5 thousand dollars for a bike ???
CR spring17 (13 days ago)
I’m sorry, but 5 grand for a box with wheels?
Feyo Lopez (22 days ago)
💞👍 How about like a Mexican Style vendors' electic tricycle. With the cargo in the front.
Ruksana Khan (1 month ago)
Good Rickshaw
The Bearded Grower (1 month ago)
Why is this a commercial product? Any ideas? I'm legally I'm a legally blind farmer and one day I'm going to need an electric bike that is a good replacement for a truck. At the moment as far as I know this is the best option but I would have to buy two? That's total crap, what's the logic behind the policy?
Sam Pak (1 month ago)
Buy a. Fiat used car 5k With decent miles Rad bikes are very expesive. You can buy FIAT 40K MILES UNDER 6K$ THIS BIKES VERY EXPENSIVE!!!!
jason sherman (1 month ago)
How about the RadCamper?
MortimerEsq (1 month ago)
I'm sold when at 4:18 the owner demoed the tilting truck bed. I want to fasten a lawn chair on to the platform so to give my mother-in-law a free rickshaw ride. Later I "accidentally" tilt the bed on an edge of the Grand Canyon. "Hey Ma, where did you go . . . Ma, where are you?"
Guss ferretti (1 month ago)
The price is ridiculous I could build this same bike out of metal scrap a 4 cycle powered engine for less than 500 bucks
Tammie Heazlit (2 months ago)
I want one of these. Is there someone else who wants the 2nd, since he said you had to buy two.
C8 Cheese (2 months ago)
I like it... kinda... ima build a rv thing on a cargo trike.
C8 Cheese (2 months ago)
Convert it to a rv
frank (3 months ago)
Great product!
Diana Mother of Cats (3 months ago)
Rad Power , Pretty good cargo trike , really good especially for commercial use Remember me please is all Im asking Diana Mother of Cats and perhaps a little discount with a E bike or trike one day. pack up your trikes New York City is where you want to sell this trike The biggest richest city in the United States of America a world class city with 5 boroughs and 8.3 million people Grid locked traffic a mayor and police chief who will make it more and more difficult for cars and delivery trucks everyday But this same mayor and police chief are proud of there bike lane network People in NYC love to take there phone order pizza chicken wings Chinese Japanese Mexican Hindi or any other food Also wine beer pharmacy groceries They want Department store clothes designer shoes all before they end the call they want it delivered I'm quite sure the stores shops merchants major business delivery services of NYC will put your new trikes to work right as soon as they can get them All so consider makeing a smaller version of this trike for personal use, groceries, household errands ,taking the cat to the vet or just leaving the car in its parking spot and avoiding tolls and additional parking spaces.
Adrian (3 months ago)
Now thats a car replacement!
pittnyc1 (3 months ago)
just simle pedicab 1k usd :)
Juan Guillermo Sáenz (3 months ago)
Cuanto cuesta un triciclo de carga puesto en Colombia?
Frank Huber (3 months ago)
30 cases of soft drinks is very close to 300 pounds. Not bad, handled it like nuthin...
Daniel Jones (4 months ago)
I like very much and it is almost within my price range...but shoot! I have to buy two. Hmmm. Maybe I can get someone else to partner up with me on this deal? We'll see. I really like the cargo box, but I think the Pedacab accessory is more practical for me. but, I will have to find a way to increase its weather resistance, because the Winter weather here in Nevada can get very cold. How much does the pedicab attachment seal up against the weather? It was mostly open in this demo. Anyway, "Rad Power Bikes", congratulations on a well designed item of green transport and utility.
SHREE PRAJAKT (4 months ago)
nice product looks practical
Guy Cruls (4 months ago)
a challenge would be fitting a lid, such that, together with the walls, the 'trunk' would be robust enough to withstand an attempt to get access by a thief using a hammer or a crowbar. I know. tall ask.
Rick jobling (4 months ago)
A thing of beauty..😍😁
Jeremy Kitto (5 months ago)
I so love all things bicycle, this is way cool, I would 👍🏼 love to have one. But unfortunately like most of these electrical contraptions I cannot afford any of them. I would so love to have an E bike, I have seen many that I lust for🙀. But I am poor, fixed income and there's no way I could ever buy anything like this, but we may dream😸
Daniel Jones (4 months ago)
Yeah, Jeremy. I feel you. I'm in the same boat. But, where there is a will there is a way.
Antony Mercer (5 months ago)
I like this ...Really great...So is going to be any Solar help on these...coming soon...for the pedicab
Cycle Trucks (5 months ago)
I got to ride one the other day and it's quite a machine... feels like a tank compared to most other trikes I've ridden. IMO more usable cargo space would be nice...
Korodullin Werks (6 months ago)
if you wanted to use this inside and avoid smudging floors, there are red tires made of anti skid rubber, i've seen it for 26 inch wheels, and forklifts before.
One Two (6 months ago)
It's a nice bike and all, but you can buy similar quality bikes for around 1000-1500 usd from China LOL...
Snowbird (6 months ago)
How much is the rickshaw going to cost?
anita Dalton (6 months ago)
Excellent video! I love the fact, the explanation of these Trike/bicycle is clear and concise. The Engineers/ Designers are Awesome! Thank you 😊
ACE ONE (7 months ago)
Ya i want a job and im willing to rea locat
ACE ONE (7 months ago)
I have the best designs in the world
ACE ONE (7 months ago)
Wete is your place i want a job
Dindo Nuffin (7 months ago)
DRIVE- has it a differential for two-wheel drive DISK BRAKES on each wheel *CRANK MOTOR is needed for commercial e-bikes* anything else is a waste of time Thumbs Down for a hub motor You Yanks need to learn Crank motors are the way to go they are more efficient and no stress on the front forks (it's actually cheaper to order it directly from China)
L W (7 months ago)
Can you disable the speed limiter and get that thing to go faster than 20 mph?
Vietboy Gamer (7 months ago)
im waiting for someone to convert this into a camping ebike.
Jason Jennings (7 months ago)
Everyone talking about the price being on the cheaper side for a bike like this but I've not been able to find many to compare it to. What I have found have been cheaper bun not as good quality. Now that being said... 2 unit minimum!? If I'm understanding that correctly you have to spend 12k plus that sucks! I would like to buy one but can't use 2 of them. :-( if I'm taking this the wrong way please explain.
TheNightwalker247 (7 months ago)
I love this idea So great and versatile. Also Rad means Bicycle in German:)
Mary Hutt (8 months ago)
Anybody know the price??
Das Kai-ser (8 months ago)
this looks like the "heavy" version, what about a "lite" touring/ camping/ bikepacking version that can cross countries, and is ready to accept various upgrades and addons like solar panels, more batteries, engine upgrades, even rohloff and pinion systems, belt-drive (anything and everything super durable and super low maintenance), and a massive amt of storage for eqpt and clothes and food supplies? something like a radwagon, but with capable mtb-level suspensions. make 2 versions - one a single track, and another is a three-wheeler (tilting is bloody rad, but expensive tho, optional upgrade?). cuz i'd totally buy. :)
martin romero (8 months ago)
Capacity on weight capacity on batery what caind of battery and power time by charge...price...web we can find it....make a list of this csind of detaiks...how much delivery???more specific please
Mark Graybeal (9 months ago)
i seriusly look at now. marfa bike co.
ronald martel (9 months ago)
this is very nice,good way to go in many places with different ppl that cannot pedal much ,1 question is how many hrs you can go or how far you can possibly do and if we can solar to go more far?
Francois Pienaar (9 months ago)
Uberize this in key west florida. Golf courses could use this too! Definatly a money saver compared to strictly electric rickshaws. I would lease these to a golf course since theyr loaded for 5 months free and hope the buy or lease after that. NYU might also use some for moving day since cars cant enter buildings but bikes can. Definatly lease these out to colleges they have moola to spend.
TroutFink (9 months ago)
$10k to get started?...good luck with that
Guss ferretti (1 month ago)
YouMan Chew (10 months ago)
Great video review man! You really ask so many awesome questions for the consumer. I launched up a startup here in NYC called Pottyallthetime and I’ve been having battery issues with the setup I have. Looking forward to getting in touch with these gentlemen for further units in the future. Thx again!
Jenifer Hale (10 months ago)
Do you have camper plans?
Kevin Warburton (10 months ago)
They need to build a camper cabin module/towable trailer unit to add cargo space/home on wheels.
Aziz Inamdar (11 months ago)
sir where manufacturing what price send detail 91- 9850786041
bru Bna (11 months ago)
Can this bike move a car?
MrCarlRobinson (11 months ago)
I need this! You have a European dealer? 😀
Keith Archibald (1 year ago)
That's really cool guys
Keith Archibald (1 year ago)
Hey could I please get 1 here in Florida because those are the only kind I can ride
jr hdz (1 year ago)
Wtf this guy cant control his hands lol.
Rosemsrie Wheeler (1 year ago)
Your bike is so amazing. Like how it would fit through a door. I wouldn't mind having one!!!
Pat Mark (1 year ago)
I buillt a hybrid trike for 500$ w a 1000w emotor & a 79cc gas.
Grey Beard (1 year ago)
$5,500 for the bike? If this is true, he should sell plenty of them. I've seen plenty of e bikes that you can just ride and nothing else for more.
MegaDhz (1 year ago)
For $5,500 it would be better to get the ZEV Electric T3-1, which is 3,000 watts, fully enclosed with heater and with windshield wipers, seats three, can carry. 700 lbs, range out to 100 miles. The T3-5D with the hatchback and 5 doors is more cool.
Rodrigo San (1 year ago)
you can buy a brand new suzuki 4 door hatchback with aircon 7800 american dollars great little car in asia this bike is a rip off
Ulquiorra cifer (1 year ago)
It's to overpriced. No one will buy that sh!t. Ordinary design fvck. Most people in every country who loves bike can convert that and buy the parts in cheap dumb price. Someone will get fired after this :3
Total Control 871 (1 year ago)
How much does the rickshaw weigh? Can it be installed with only one man?
Total Control 871 (1 year ago)
That trike-truck is fucking incredible!
Muhammad Syamim Bin Azahari (1 year ago)
I'm from malaysia..where can i buy this ? How much it cost?can i get it cheaper? And How i can reach you through the phone?
Derek H (1 year ago)
I would love to see some taco trikes using something like this. Fantastic.
Jerry Roper (1 year ago)
I want one but I can't afford 500 bucks
Tenzack YOGI (1 year ago)
There you go Uberpool rides!!!
Moyette Morgan (1 year ago)
I love this very, very much! Great guys!💜
Mishawaka Post (1 year ago)
Fist bumps 👊👊👊👊👊, high fives/pats on the back ✋✋✋✋✋
TheHifzmaster (1 year ago)
The chain needs some protection.
Calys Agora (1 year ago)
Utility bike, not "utilitarian". (philosophy pun)
nehv78 Sm (1 year ago)
Mike is hot, love the bike
Franki Hauser (1 year ago)
Love this!
Nooo... (1 year ago)
Govicarious (1 year ago)
So Fk' BAD ASS!!....I want one
Hill's Workbench (1 year ago)
Nice. Needs brighter taillights closer to the back end so they can both be seen. If I was driving that in traffic, I'd want to be impossible NOT to be seen.
SUN Of'God (1 year ago)
I know you all got this illegal patent from Amazon snooping
SUN Of'God (1 year ago)
This world will never be at peace as long as big Sharks patent thieves exist
Hi! How are You? (1 year ago)
Impressive e cargo bike but price is way too expensive I would rather buy a decent car for that price.
Laura Downs (1 year ago)
could build a camper on that box
Laura Downs (1 year ago)
can put bendable solar panels all around the outside of the box for charging the batteries, they would be never ending.
David Macdonald (1 year ago)
Just love this .
Calander 2008 (1 year ago)
This thing is Bad Ass! It's about time companies stop using bicycle parts on what is essentially  an electric motorcycle.
Billy Gundum (1 year ago)
Should put that horn on all the bikes
SESSIONS (1 year ago)
COOL! Now for a scale retro ServiCar. I'd LOVE a "sport" model ElekTrike ;-)
SESSIONS (1 year ago)
Will regen become available?
Adrian Glenn Bionat (1 year ago)
5.5k? You can get a decent car with that.
Uni Amni (1 year ago)
bring the price down to 3,23$ and I buy it today.
Pinocchio Cozad (1 year ago)
Excellent product. A real alternative for a business vehicle. Love the video content. All that is needed is to dial down the nerd factor of the presenter so as to not frighten off people who actually go outside regularly.
Peaces (1 year ago)
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Henry Moya (1 year ago)
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Henry Moya (1 year ago)
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Sai K (1 year ago)
Too costly For $5.5K how can a butcher would buy it ? ofcourse it had multiple uses but i feel like cost is too high to get one
JP Stone (1 year ago)
Used Prius might be a better way to go...
Paul V. Cassidy (1 year ago)
1: American (North-Latina-South) ($): 2: BSR (British Ireland/Scandinavia/Russia) (£): 3: AF-EU (AFRICA EUROPE) (€): 4: AI-OP (Arab India Oceania Pacific) (¢)::: Bicycle: Bicycle-Bicycle-Bicycle!!!!!
Gustavo Prinz (1 year ago)
joshua smith (1 year ago)
I live in a town that is twelve square miles, this pedal assist electric trike would be awesome here. I already have an electric scooter, but I could see myself getting one of these.
grabitz (1 year ago)
I like it . Nice job.
Jon Rothenbusch (1 year ago)
One topic that wasn't addressed is that being a commercial type vehicle it will be used daily and charged nightly...now here's the problem, the best battery made is by Panasonic and they claim to allow 320-340 charging cycles for the life of the battery, if it's used daily that equates to slightly more than a years worth of battery life at the cost of $880 per unit! Just something to consider, myself, I'll stick with an enclosed cargo van with heat and ac , locking doors and airbags...at the cost of $5500 and $880 annual battery replacement costs along with the afore mentioned amenities a cargo van is superior and more cost effective... and also insurable!
meagain2222 (1 year ago)