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UPS Guy Delivering The Blues at The Airport

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UPS Guy flimed plays the piano at the airport.
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Harvey Sanchez (6 days ago)
Truly shows that UPS really hires talented workers
Ash Blaxland (6 days ago)
definitely not you, not at all...
DDG (9 days ago)
Sorry i'm late, i have to play piano🙌 realy love to see!! Looks zo easy
Refreshing Moments (11 days ago)
Why he was recorded from beginning ?? Not a delivery boy
Luke mc (12 days ago)
Some amazing playing! God I love the blues ..
Saoirse Stark (24 days ago)
I love how he just dances along. 💙💙💙
Eduardo Gutierrez (1 month ago)
Мой друг лучше всех играет блюз!
Florya Katili (1 month ago)
A P P L E (1 month ago)
As a 12 year old, blues sounds cool to me honestly
Matthew Graybill (1 month ago)
This man is not a ups driver..
Jay Winters (1 month ago)
“Is it nothing to you all ye that pass by”?
Piano Masher (1 month ago)
Im decent but none of my rifs are this clean
Pratz (1 month ago)
jazzy cat go yeH
Tbob Mann (1 month ago)
marinecorp411 (2 months ago)
Me: Sorry honey missed my flight Wife: Was it the.... Me: Yes it was the piano guy again, UPS this time
dametalgear (2 months ago)
Damn no wonder my packages are always delayed
Alex Bernal (2 months ago)
What song is that???
Happy Texan (2 months ago)
Poser. Not a UPS MAN.
Landon Williams (2 months ago)
UPS = great piano man AMAZON = ok piano man TOYS R US = bad piano man cause its dead
David Leaver (2 months ago)
Worth missing your flight !!
Jelly-Filled Donuts (2 months ago)
I know I’m late, but what song is this?
djcrazy!! !! (2 months ago)
its funny how the person said why are these ppl "just" walking by, nobody goes to the airport with intentions of watching someone play the piano!!
djcrazy!! !! (2 months ago)
exactly where do they put these pianos at!!
mike henry (2 months ago)
the woman in red
mike henry (2 months ago)
jim&deb Wright (3 months ago)
Do you know BOOgie WOOgie?
Kaisar (3 months ago)
what is this song called?
Rodrigo Diego (3 months ago)
It is boggie woggie?!
michael ramby (3 months ago)
ANDROID LOL (3 months ago)
So this is why my shit is always late
Seravia Cardosa (3 months ago)
It makes me sad to see he's got a passion underneath all that brown & isn't where he wants to be in life
Seravia Cardosa (3 months ago)
@Gari Hernandez possible, but I also find it hard to believe you give him the option of trading in his career for composing music in some shape way or form he wouldn't leap at the opportunity.
Gari Hernandez (3 months ago)
but you never know some people like living modest simple lives surrounded by the things/ people they love
Philip Kälin (3 months ago)
The Moment he realised he does the wrong Job.
Rob Tierney (3 months ago)
Think the lady in red...Wanted to know what Brown could do for her... (2:47)
Vasco Maria Bello van Zeller (3 months ago)
Brendan,you naughty boy !!!Seen your hands so many times and your musical deliveries ,u can´t fool me !!!!!
hgadug kjhah (3 months ago)
GREAT talent...but I do not believe this was 'random'....this was planned.....awesome, none the less....but please don't BS! :-).
Chad Sanborn (3 months ago)
Dude at 1:37... "Yo thats dope but don't film me cause I am a fugitive"
Grandmaster Helbrecht The Sol (4 months ago)
What’s this song
Gerry Gowen (4 months ago)
He plays not for money but for the sheer joy of it THANK YOU SIR
michele piatto (4 months ago)
E il pacco può ben aspettare! 😉
Jazzy king Jack (4 months ago)
Good to see some music has soul still. I have a saxophone myself but my mom says I need to practice some more but I think I have plenty of soul to give like this UPS guy just looking at him play makes me more motivated to play in public without a care of who notices or not. Any other instrument players out there agree.
wayniac917 (4 months ago)
2:47 Woman in red 😍
McBain (4 months ago)
My favorite boogie, tied with johan's blohm one.
FaTal_Havoc (4 months ago)
It’s the hawk dude from Spider-Man homecoming
Sander Lansberg (4 months ago)
Kui mõnele eestlasele märkamatuks jäi siis klaveri vasakul küljel on kirjas midagi eesti keeles
Sander Lansberg (4 months ago)
Hey Brendan I was wondering is that piano sitting there organised by yourself and who sticked the letters on that thing Thx
Beck 1905 (5 months ago)
charles britt (5 months ago)
I'd miss my plane to watch that guy play
Wendy Mathews (5 months ago)
Notice how the only ones who were visibly effected by the music were the older couple walking by! Dang buddy, you can rock it! UPS guy brings it home!
diane mcgee (5 months ago)
Haha! Love it!!!💖
Mark Lest (5 months ago)
is this boogie woogie?
Philip Kälin (1 month ago)
Mark Lest Yes it is, in his best way!
Puro (5 months ago)
That idiot thinking he can cover his face from cameras in an airport.
Michael steffen (5 months ago)
Dr. K does so many great versions of the b00gie w00gie that I am amazed at every one! Can`t stop watching....
Jim Scott (5 months ago)
Why you dont get that early AM delivery but who cares
DTXGaming (5 months ago)
Tough love from the crowd. Such a shame...
HCsonicknx (5 months ago)
xozze ••• (5 months ago)
Уметь бы так играть )
Dino Contigiani (5 months ago)
Danny Hagerty (5 months ago)
Where the fuck is my package
Panda boy (5 months ago)
The elderly couple loved that
seeker143 (5 months ago)
Camera person on this didnt wait. just focused straight on them and scared them away i think
mrsamzero1 (5 months ago)
He's good, but he's not UPS! LOL
Nate.z. FB (6 months ago)
Dat face do
Najiyah's Sky (6 months ago)
shane dawson under cover?????
skopox (6 months ago)
If I were there, I should have miss my flight.
rais (6 months ago)
Now i know why my parcels always came late
Eunice Nazario (6 months ago)
Steven Randall (6 months ago)
Anyone else find it weird the cameraman "just so happened" to be there ready to film?
Mojo Holmes (6 months ago)
He put some boogie woogie in there!
Mr Bradshaw (6 months ago)
If you don’t randomly bop ya head to this you’re weird
Ma KShop (6 months ago)
That's why my deliveries are late! LOL!
PV Alvarez (6 months ago)
This why my packages also arive late
Mr. SMITH (6 months ago)
Boogie woogie level god❤️
señor mapache (6 months ago)
Que onda? Es el tiparraco
Caprice123 (7 months ago)
Why do people hurry past? Blow the train, blow work, blow everything else, I’m stopping to listen to this fabulous music played by the oh so talented delivery man.
AMX 40 (7 months ago)
It's sad that there isn't an applause at the end...
MChrissi (7 months ago)
What is the name of the song?
Harry Pritchard Jr. (7 months ago)
What a joy to watch someone with so much talent bringing so much happiness to everybody this is what the world needs thank you!!!
Kim Bishop (7 months ago)
It must be a boring part of town/city that doesn't appreciate music if noone even stops for a minute to listen. Feel good music. Awesome!
Lucy Murray (7 months ago)
The man waving made my day
Ryan (7 months ago)
Public pianos are something you dont see very often. We like to vandalize everything. Damn shame.
Tony Milinne MUSIC (7 months ago)
Why do they always sit down, and start playing real slow like it's the first time they've seen a piano in years, but then start going to town. You ain't fooling nobody. Edit: I ain't hatin, just curious
ts_ carspotting (7 months ago)
So fucking awesome man!!!!
Артем Маракулин (7 months ago)
Нет слуха вообще
Mttrips (7 months ago)
Paul McCartney’s double. Awesomeness sir.
Charlie Wright (7 months ago)
So, that why my parcel delivery took too long.
Creative Tips (7 months ago)
Wow! Love it
Lloyd Dalton (8 months ago)
I watch and listen .... and then I go outside and split wood for the winter. And then I return inside and watch more. I hope I get enough winter's wood for thew coming winter.
Joshua - ЭВИК (8 months ago)
This is why my package is hella late
busy boy (8 months ago)
he did deliver something good , like a gift WELCOME 24/7.
prowannab (8 months ago)
1 The man is a very talented pianist,2 he isn't a UPS employee. Notice there are no monikers on his uniform.
ehfos (8 months ago)
well his skill escalated quickly lol
Scott Carlon (8 months ago)
What do you mean you only delivered one package all day?
simmo292 (8 months ago)
How could you walk by that and not stop to listen!!!???
darkflames1284 (8 months ago)
People need to stop rushing and enjoy the moment
Carlos The Gamer (8 months ago)
M e n t a l A b u s e T o H u m a n s M A T H
Thankful Life (8 months ago)
What a gift to get lost if just for a moment. That’s the gift of music
Gary_Holt (8 months ago)
All the thumbs down are waiting for their packages
B. B.G (8 months ago)
Name of the piece he played??
Scott Benowitz (8 months ago)
With this level of skill, this pianist really could quit his day job and become a full time professional pianist.
Scott Benowitz (8 months ago)
Does anybody recognize which airport this is?
Nordmenn 0 (8 months ago)
I bet it took those old people back to when they was 20
Nicole Daniel (8 months ago)
Is it just me or does the guy at 0:43 look alot like bob dylan