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Rise of the Rothschilds: The World's Richest Family

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Business Casual (2 months ago)
Hope you enjoyed the video folks! If you missed it, here's a link to my stock market class, make sure to watch it if you're keen on learning about stocks: http://skl.sh/investing101
Saad Usman (15 days ago)
Jews are probably the king of the world economic but they have to declined one day.....
Dichtsau (17 days ago)
hello, you made a *horribly BIG mistake.* mayer amschel rothschild had a big thing in his testament: the money owned by the family shall never be publicated. THAT is why they appear so far away from top of your list. up until today, they also follow another note of his last will: marry inside the family to keep the money. about half of all rothschilds are married to their cousins of first or second grade. if you coun't all the living rothschild's money up together, they are the richest family on earth, topping every other family - and don't forget, they have more then they publicate, so they are even alot lot richer then the official counter says.
Dichtsau (17 days ago)
hello, you made another mistake. the country napoleon invaded is named "hessen", not "hess". the entitled guy was named "hesse", declaring him as "a hess' ", a person from "hessen".
Dichtsau (17 days ago)
hello, you made a mistake. "judengasse" means "jew alley", not "jewish" (if it meant jewish, the german would be "jüdische gasse" and u may notice that it becomes 2 words then, instead of 1).
Sedonascape (19 days ago)
Julberry Juan Rothschild replaced the monarchy of RussiaTsar by killing the whole family too, they financed the Bolshevik revolution, turn the whole Russia into communism. so the US can start wars every where to fulfill The Protocol of Zionist world domination, read protocol of Zurich.
Reda Rebbaa (1 hour ago)
lol this is such bs their family is worth over 500 billion$$ they own almost every central banks in the world they are basically ruling the world. They own all the influencial governements up to this day everyone is at their knees but you gotta give them credit for building this empire from coin collection lmao oh and I forgot to mention that the freemasons are Created by the House of the Rothchilds who have been founding every war from both sides since Napoleon (Every time a gov. collapses the Rothschild who were first in line to provide loans) ya I bet any idiot would understand how it works at that point which is war is good for buisness we don't give a fuck about who wins as long as you keep fighting we are going to make money. Their plan is simply amazing but they are trading this short life we have on earth for what...Money, Fame, Bitches, Luxury etc etc Most of people think that way because this is what they are showing us on a daily basis with music movies and all that shit you see on TV (i'm not saying everything is bad but at least open you're eyes a little bit if you look close enough and search a little bit you would see the reality of this world) and if yall think like this yall need God in you're lives men. If you don't believe what I just said then at least try to get you're selves cultivated a little bit :)
Tavoi Aiono (2 hours ago)
u are a rothchilds
Malachi Linton (2 hours ago)
No they hide it in other businesses because they learned from all them losses such as hitler
D. H. (9 hours ago)
They can own the world but they don't own me
Raymond Diaz (9 hours ago)
At the end, you say that the French and British sides of the business were merged, and that shell companies were created to hide Rothschild wealth. Then you purport, that the Rothschild's aren't that wealthy. I ask, how would you know? Their wealth is hidden, you admit this. Nice history though.
Hadi Akmal (20 hours ago)
This video maker has been drinking the cool aid. Probably listens only to CNN, msnbc , ABC. Etc. He even mentions the phrase "conspiracy theories" at the very end lol!! He makes a video about the Rothschilds. And never says the words " central Bankers" "federal Reserve" "international bank of settlements" etc. He never mentions they own Reuters and the Associated Press, The source of most of our news. This guy's either a complete chicken shit or he is just not very knowledgeable on the subject, either way I'm not subscribing.
-bab- bab (1 day ago)
you just stated that the Rothschild covered up their fortune by using shell companies and after you say they are a mere shadow of their former glory 2 conflicting statements
taner seh (1 day ago)
The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World He Didn’t Exist
Rusty Shackleford (1 day ago)
Ahhh, the comment section.
fattahul fahim (1 day ago)
They are not on that forb list because they are not holder of all money but they are the creator of money.
Kristian Gameplay (1 day ago)
Criminals and mass murderers, ony profit cares and people are only collateral damage, this monsters are above the law, they own all Europe, England and much more, nice for Rothschilds ancestors
Big Mike Johnson (2 days ago)
Wow---this was written by the Rothschilds--rather self serving isn't it? Absolute unadulterated BS.
jephthah thomas (2 days ago)
Full of shit
bbeniyo (2 days ago)
I don’t think the Rothschild’s want the media to know how much money they have, I think they learned their lesson.
Nelson Swanberg (2 days ago)
KKKontarded idiots just love subversive conspiracy theories.
Mohamed Abdullahi (3 days ago)
They are the second house of suad is the richest family they worth 4-3 trillion dollars
hassanain Al attar (3 days ago)
So Rothchilds have lost their fortune suddenly even though they win in ww1 and ww2 Plus Napilion Wars Even though one of them create the Zionist which create Israel you should know they are clearly hide their fortune and exchange their wealth in to power to a huge influence in the whole world economy
Rishbam Iwhuruohna (4 days ago)
The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World He Didn't Exist.
Blake Belladonna (5 days ago)
"Ah, the Jews and their banking fortunes..." The Rothschilds were major players but they don't control the world IMHO.
St Clair Rothschild (5 days ago)
They are the most powerful family in the world don’t let this guy tell you shit
Craigs List (5 days ago)
The Rothschilds were originally Bauers
Jesús Ledesma (5 days ago)
In spanish please 😉👍
Bhavya Joshi (6 days ago)
Rothschild still runs this world including Each and every country on this planet. There biggest player is the US, and the story of this video is just a cover up. U haven't and never ever will hear anything about this Trillionare Dollar Family, not news, not sites, no place else where. This Family runs planet Earth. Hard to believe, Truth is a tough pill to digest.
Mr T (6 days ago)
The Jews still live in Ghettos, don’t let that go over your head
Anthony Orduno (6 days ago)
anti-semites are the scum of the world. white trash and arabs sitting behind computer. makes me laugh.
ydog haber (6 days ago)
I'm pretty sure according to this video the rothchilds partial demise is 100 percent linked to the bloodthirsty Nazis capturing the barons and taking their money by force . Not "3rd generation syndrome " . This guy clealy has something against Jews , jelly much?
Aurel (6 days ago)
nice Anime on 4:20 :)))
Khairuddin Che Othman (6 days ago)
Nice video. Thank you
Klement Cuka (7 days ago)
Mr Bandirito (7 days ago)
--cLAsic-- (7 days ago)
You left so much out , im beginning to wonder if you were paid by the Rothschild's.
Coni Edward's (7 days ago)
shane mcleod brennan (8 days ago)
So the Rothschild's simply disappeared into obscurity ? I don't think so freind.. Rothschild's are above being compared to Forbes.. Rothschild's wealth is an undisclosed $3,000,000,000,000 ...
jwang604 (8 days ago)
Hitler was part of the resistance against the globalist Jews, but it proved to be futile.
Adrian (8 days ago)
Propaganda that leaves out their dirt and trickeries
Michael Kenis (9 days ago)
wouldn't the 5 million and 0.5 billion be a LOT more in today's money? ever heard of inflation?
Allen Marlin (9 days ago)
They arent the worlds richest family , Plenty richer still exist and pre-existed them for thousands of years.
Maximec j (9 days ago)
A family funding a government
Steve Rants (9 days ago)
In order for the entire world to pay off the world debt we need to exterminate the Rothschild family every man woman and child and then we would have world peace.
ekofisk24j (9 days ago)
You want to exterminate people? Wait until they come for YOU - because once you go down this road, it doesn't end when the people YOU want rid of are gone... you'll find there are those that want rid of YOU too. And if you think "world peace" would follow your hate-crime, you are much mistaken. You'll find a few Chinese, Spanish and various middle-eastern interests in the banking world - the wealthy elite is not a homogenous group. You should be ashamed of inciting hatred and violence... but that would be beyond your understanding, I know. Don't bother to respond to this - I'm not revisiting your comment because I know in advance what you will say and, apart from anything else, it's pointless attempting a rational discussion with a person whose answer to a problem is extermination.
A Mianaby (9 days ago)
That's recorded wealth. They own Fed Reserve they OWN the printing money biz why they arent on record because they are the record. U dont know the Joke? Fed Reserve isnt Fed and has no Reserve.
CartelPresent (10 days ago)
They want you to believe they lost power to Hitler
Sazzad Hossain (11 days ago)
Interests are the most evil thing. The banking system changed because the Christians adapted to this. And also Capitalism is also an invention by Jews. You guys might say I am being Anti-Semitic but the truth that they wanted to get rid of Jews became only because they screwed up Workers in many countries. Even to this date rich people are getting richer because they dont care about morals and are following Jewish traditions.
June Mays (11 days ago)
Mr. Rothschild needs to take his money and get a face lift. He looks very old. And need a male unit. He want be able to take his money and Gold with him when he leave this world. Stop being a scrouge and help the poor people.
G. Reilly (11 days ago)
Jews killed Jesus for 30 silver sheckels.
Dean (12 days ago)
i still haven't figured out how that $7,000 fgsl i took out for graduate school ended up costing me $46,000 to pay it back???
lj john (9 days ago)
+bingola45 lol
bingola45 (10 days ago)
You might not have worked it out, but the Jews certainly have!
Alejandro Perales (13 days ago)
Your alien work for me, they don't respect you because you evil the human kind species is above all now. But your not me until you have honor word you just take that is why you kill me you burn savvy I master creation I am creator of creation I am born again but older then life it self in time nature elements hmm
J Malluf (13 days ago)
I think i will stay smart by disregarding this video. The Rothchild's suddenly went broke? Really? what happened to their money?
bingola45 (10 days ago)
It went on holiday to where the taxman can't see it!
J Malluf (13 days ago)
When Trump recently told the evil Saudi kingdom that "we" have given them enough money and that now its time for Saudi to pay up Trump was not talking about "We" America, America is in deep debt to the bankers. Trump was talking about the Rothchild's... Have you noticed this paid for shill in this video has not told us what happened to the Rothchild's fortune . They went suddenly broke??
J Malluf (13 days ago)
This is why America is in such tremendous debt today because of their "Successful Moves"
Shane Nelson (13 days ago)
Disinformation video. You should delete this garbage.
ラルフralph (13 days ago)
Jews are also forbidden to lend money with interest according to the Torah. "If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury" (Exodus 22:25 )
Blah Blah (14 days ago)
What's the background music?
krsna 786 (15 days ago)
Key things to success them in power... they Divided the people by religion and rules the world
Melvorgazh (15 days ago)
Time to stop those monsters
Sriram N (15 days ago)
What about Jacob Rothschild 🤔
Nicole Davis (16 days ago)
Thanks for the kind donation of knowledge for generational Sustainable with out the ball and chain or horse and buggy
Rishabh Nair (16 days ago)
the most wealthiest family in any country wont appear on your billionaore list good sir. 100 billion usd is a joke if you think thats what the richest man is worth.
Nick S (17 days ago)
Why would you hate someone for being successful? Oh right, jealousy.
Muthuvel india (17 days ago)
Robbie Shipley (17 days ago)
I think the fear of the Rothschilds stems from antisemitic ideologies. This documentary casts a view not often presented. Thank You, BC!
NARKOHAMPON TV (17 days ago)
Can People come Together to end this family HOLDIUTHE WORLD HOSTAGE
James Morrison (17 days ago)
The jews always cover their power with their victim story.
James Morrison (17 days ago)
Jews WANTED to live in ghettos because they didn't want to mix with the dirty goys(non-Jews).
Aman Shah (17 days ago)
The world economy is destroyed only because of jews because they built an economy based on interest. The rich is getting richer and poor getting poorer. Christianity and Islam forbids it.
Porcelain Throne (17 days ago)
Wow what deceptive bs video. Rothchilds are no Innocent bunch. Their wealth is built on the suffering of the masses and continues to be today.
Rian Johnson Sux (18 days ago)
So conspiracy or not, these parasites practiced usury, which is basically debt slavery.
Guillermo Wijdemans (18 days ago)
You know whats the most fascinating part? I truly believe there's someone else controlling the Rotschilds. There are darker forces at work. And we never have heard his name and never will. This goes way deeper than we think.
morning glory (18 days ago)
sociopaths !
Rex Scipio (18 days ago)
They are hiding their wealth. You are a fool if you believe that they are not still incredibly wealthy.
lightronv (18 days ago)
Nothing about Sunny Rothschild? You know, the guy who owns the freaking SUN?
SuperSatan666devil 1st (18 days ago)
I only collect souls!
j3fron (18 days ago)
Whole family full of conman
Dr m (18 days ago)
This is garbage, they still own the world and it’s media that’s why they don’t appear on Forbes lists ect
Jacqueline Keijzer (19 days ago)
Tuppoo94 (19 days ago)
So basically they did everything that hedge funds do today, investing in raw resources and infrastructure which have a steadily increasing demand.
Heath Anderson (19 days ago)
7:23 why is Yul Brinner the actor hanging out with the Rothschilds?
tennessee hunter (19 days ago)
what a crock....dude you are either massively uninformed or trying to blow smoke...the Rothschild grubby sinister hand is in every plan from the council of foreign relations, the world bank, the FED...YEAH our fed, in America, the international banking systems including world bank, they have been pushing for 1 world government power from the United Nations since they bankrolled the start up of the illuminati .....back in the 1840's , 1860's ( can't remember )...watch---rare 1967 recording rothschild dynasty and three world wars....
Alex Gillmor (19 days ago)
Perpetual spongers
disgustedvet (20 days ago)
Ve haf nothink i tell you , nothink .oy vey.
Octavius (20 days ago)
Attentäterin für die Gerechtigkeit ! (20 days ago)
Could you please check if the Rothschild family is doing well? not that they are being blackmailed too.
Coke (20 days ago)
Haha, looking at forbes to determine real wealth of individuals? You've lost your credibility. You know we live in a tax evasion and offshore age, right?
RandomFinn (20 days ago)
It's pretty naive to put the Forbes list in the end as proof of their wealth. Just a few seconds earlier you were saying that God only knows where their wealth ends and listing their current and former heads of the family. Still in the Forbes list none of the important Rothschilds were mentioned and just a random guy from their family is holding a very low place. Pretty disappointing that you completely missed the mark with your conclusion.
Paul Ailincai (20 days ago)
I think you were wrong about one thing, namely people born in rich families actually have a higher chance of preserving wealth. Leaving everything else aside, even within your video, these guys made it form the 16th century to ... today. There was no mention about the how they got ultra rich over night on the back on Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo. I think there are some modified truths here and there and a general lack of valuable information like for instance their implication in federal reserve, the end of the independence war their relationship with the other super rich families, their connection with the City of London. Not sure I liked it ...
George Rady (20 days ago)
“The Rothschilds” is still one of my favorite Musicals - the opposite story of “Fiddler on a Roof” - all the great sons and Family Values... but it was probably the fact that it was about “rich” people so it’s not done by “liberal” (communist) Actors and Producers
Dieter Hoffmann (21 days ago)
They own the Forbes list
Cat (21 days ago)
Yer delusional they have it all
Deonkey Wilder (21 days ago)
God is money and the Rothschild's are its prophets
Swapnil O (21 days ago)
great story and awesome presentation can you pls share how to make this videos ?
Luis Toral (22 days ago)
Rockefeller. First was working ! For family Rothschild.
ednan9 (22 days ago)
Forbes list is a joke
Sara Bushra (22 days ago)
The lannisters in Europe.
Gillahteen Supreme (22 days ago)
They also funded the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade but let's not talk about that. Helping enslave the real Jews so they could pretend to be the jews but in fact they are the synagogue of satan.
John Lee (22 days ago)
Ridiculous. First I'll say that their money ends up "God knows where" and then I'll use a magazine as my sole evidence for a clearly predetermined conclusion. Stay smart.
Chris Wise (23 days ago)
Descendants of Cain
Jay Bidace (23 days ago)
Equinox Crew (23 days ago)
Why is there some anime shit at 4:20
Aldin Akmadzic (23 days ago)
Are we fools
Armando B. (23 days ago)
Shame that they lost most of their power in the end