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Rise of the Rothschilds: The World's Richest Family

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Business Casual (4 months ago)
Hope you enjoyed the video folks! If you missed it, here's a link to my stock market class, make sure to watch it if you're keen on learning about stocks: http://skl.sh/investing101
Brian Keller (2 days ago)
Rt crain's
Yusuf Seedat (1 month ago)
sam mou (1 month ago)
so half a billion in 1850 is 538 million in 2018, i think that's a typo. you guys should fix it. thanks
Tnn Dll (1 month ago)
+Business Casual When you look at the comments in this page, you see people who either love losers like Hitler; or are Muslim Nationalists. Once you notice that - they lose all credibility. I hear that the Rothschilds are a Jewish family who took care of Winston Churchill after his father died. He would later grow to become the legend who stood up to Adolf Loser.
lorraine pike (1 month ago)
+Robbi, most of this is just made -up, BY The Rotschild.
Pat Davo (12 minutes ago)
Hitler and the Nazis' were correct in trying to shut this extremely corrupt family down. The Rothschild's were as crooked as they come.
Drew Hendley (1 hour ago)
Nikki Hilton Rothschild will dilute the family genetically through their children
Albe Beltrami (3 hours ago)
Could someone please explain why a group of people that represent the 1% of the global population, own all the financial groups, companies, Hollywood, social networks, they lead indirectly or not, most of the freemasonry, and probably they are infiltrated also in the Vatican? Cause I don' t understand.... the accuse people of antisemitism but it is antiziosism is different, is not a matter of race. The historical information are not right. Christians and Popes in the past saved many Jews, also during the world War II. Despite a lot of them were used to sharkirng, frauds, creepy magical rites, taking advantage of prostitution and hate Christianity. They simply chased them away once in a while or make some arrests. Remember the first Christians in Palestine?
bruce lee (11 hours ago)
Marcelle Bourraux (13 hours ago)
Marcelle Bourraux (13 hours ago)
On peut mieu comprendre pourquoi HITLER a voulu ELIMINER les juifs qui collaboraient dans l univers economique du monde pour les banques de la famille Rodchilde.
Conorscorner (21 hours ago)
This videos are not anything if substance.. literally just reading the first paragraph of a Wikipedia article will give you more information.
Debbie R (22 hours ago)
Jesus is the way to become rich........... He said ,"Trust me and all of your needs shall be met." Mathew 16 …25 For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. 26 What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? 27 For the Son of Man will come in His Father’s glory with His angels, and then He will repay each one according to what he has done.…
vashisth sharma (23 hours ago)
I am not a conspiracy nut idot with low IQ and no common sense like most of the commenters here but I will tell u one thing which baffles me till today....some years ago I met a Rothschild family member personally,he invited me to his house through a secret message and told to come alone....I went and visited,then we talked for some time over a glass of red wine...then I asked him Do u guys really own the world,then he flew to the sky and told me they own the universe..they told me they are demigods and I couldn't believe..then he asked me to shot him with a nuclear bomb just so I would believe then he flew away like Superman to the Moon then his servant who was 100 feet tall gave me a nuclear bomb launcher ,so I aimed at the moon and shot him the nuclear bomb but unsurprisingly he survived without a scratch but the impact destroyed the moon...then he flew away to Pluto and and drag Pluto with his bare hands and made it our new moon...then he jumped down to earth from moon and told me he was older than the universe after that he gave me a job as his new servant now m happy and I get I trillion dollars every second.,..True story bro....
Kyle Wankin (23 hours ago)
steven stotler (1 day ago)
Remove them: and confiscate all their wealth by force, which will be needed. DAS Rothschilds ist niche so gut. Use a surgical and covert strategy to eliminate their wealth and influence. This would be not to difficult to do.
aydin.s (1 day ago)
Using the Forbes list as your metric for wealth takes away all your credibility. The Forbes list is a joke. It's basically based on known public assets and government financial reportings. You even mention shell companies yourself. As a very simple and effective example, take Vladimir Putin, he's nowhere on the list, so I guess he doesn't have $1B?
YouCan'tAlwaysGet WhatYouWant (1 day ago)
Holy Roman Empire is not Holy and not Roman
Henry Lorenz (2 days ago)
for your pronunciation, in german the "h" is silent and you could also call them "rotschild". i think the better way for you pronunciation is roatschild with a bit faster "o", but not so fast like without the "a"
Jeris Bradley (2 days ago)
They have there true net worth hidden in different assets. In other words they only want you to see what they want you to see.
John 14:6 KJV (2 days ago)
Revelation 3:9 King James Version (KJV) 9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.
Money Mitch (2 days ago)
This video was pure trash and very deceiving.....blessings
Uchiha Shisui (2 days ago)
like Hitler's said..FUXKING JUDAS
Chad Stone (2 days ago)
Bitcoin will destroy these demonic parasites
Chad Stone (2 days ago)
The synagogue of satan
Champa Sama (2 days ago)
The iron bank
alex smith (2 days ago)
Rothchilds own America they are worth trillions not billions
King Kinga (2 days ago)
Rothschild Family
0Guiltyone0 (2 days ago)
the biggest group of parasites to ever exist. we all know they own practically every bank in America
Frank Snapp (3 days ago)
The Rothschilds are, as a family, worth TRILLIONS. Impossible? This you-tube bit is extraordinary minimizing misdirection.There were Mughals of Northern India (subcontinent) worth more than $40 trillion in today's dollars. The Rothschilds, as all billionaires, particularly old money ones, know that there will be a Robespierre Redux when the masses wake up collectively to the crimes of billionaires, which include committing omnicide on purpose for short-term profits. Ecocide is high crime enough to justify their removal and the prevention of any future greed-driven family or individual from ever arising again. Stop romanticizing the wealthy. They are mass murderers, all of them, currently destroying the planet by preventing any reasonable action against these largest of the present problems: nuclear fallout, abrupt climate change and mass extinctions. I don't even bother bringing up the fact that billionaires, as a class and alone, in addition, are the most responsible for the socioeconomic or cultural suffering of every single person among the 7.6 billion currently living humans. That used to be enough to cause the masses to rise up and pull a Ciaocescu on a faulty, greedy, hyper-criminal leadership. Ah, but supposedly and billionaires and the wealthy-enough-to-understand-history wish, that we are really living in the so-called "post-truth" era. We'll see.
Adi Sas (3 days ago)
for a free world: kill the jews.
Ardians Faqih (3 days ago)
if 10/20/30 years ago, I bought gold for $ 10,000 and you saved money in the bank worth $ 10,000, who experienced the benefits?
Adi Sas (3 days ago)
0:20 say again but slowley...jewish family
Sameer BS (3 days ago)
Rothschilds family is founder of all banks in America... Correct?
Yummy Shop (3 days ago)
plz make a documentary on how Rothschild Own Federal Reserve system.
Moe Moe (3 days ago)
holy shit it was jews that first live in ghettos.
Сергей П. (3 days ago)
what about their sponsorship 2 world war?
drounds6774 (3 days ago)
You explain it well up until 8.00 after that you started in with the BULLSHIT. By design the Rothschilds of importance are not on the Forbes list because nobody has any idea how much they’re really worth. They control the Fed Res, therefore they control currency and the world. How much gold do they own? Who owns the majority of the world’s gold?
Jona Cosyns (3 days ago)
4.55 1830 french revolution?
36 Zips (3 days ago)
Jews are the only people in history to be expelled from over 100 nations over time FACT! MAYBE ITS THEM NOT US???
Alfarisy (3 days ago)
Smooth ads tho
nah ko ra tan (3 days ago)
They are smart so what about it? This anti-Semitic people here are just jealous of how smart they are in terms of strategy and finance.
MastaMonkey (3 days ago)
This "Jewish" family signed their lives to Satan long ago. That's how they got their money
Chad Stone (2 days ago)
Synagogue of satan in revelations
Y2kSd4 (3 days ago)
Bull$hit, this is a shady cover UPPP!! 🤑💰💹👺
Sunshine7 sunshine7 (4 days ago)
A friendly PSA brought to you by the Rothchild Family and Deep State affiliates.
L- Beazt (4 days ago)
NOTHING about The Federal Reserve in America????
Murtaza Ahmad (4 days ago)
I call ballshit
Dr Rohit Sherawat (4 days ago)
The wealth of roschild is in the form of trusts, not in the form of personal wealth. Thats why they are not on forbes list. Secondly roschild companies are not publicly traded thats why their evaluation is not possible.
Max Barrett (4 days ago)
Blood money from the wars that were financed by the Rothschilds who’s greed killed millions of Americans is the root of all evil…On Jan 1/ 2019 DJTrump will expose these facts to the American people ..there won’t be a hiding place on the planet for them to hide..as the days of secret loans from fake money only bought and paid for politicians traders being corrupted by greed will join there ranks @ GETMO with the rest of the swamp rats ..the big event is coming and the shift of this country will feel like heaven ..God Bless DJTrump for taking on these bankers and his fight to restore America to its rich roots ..Peace
Igs (4 days ago)
Not on Forbes list therefore not wealthy, hahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahaahahaahahahahahhahahahahahah oh man, those 2 on the list are like the peasants of the family. Who holds Federal reserve and all reserve banks, who creates all the paper money, who collects all the interest that has shackled the humanity? Get real
247raven (4 days ago)
if the power is hidden it should have no opposition
2a (5 days ago)
May I ask from where you take the music ? :) Is is epidemic?
IA Videos (5 days ago)
Hahhah you think that they would publish there fortune hahahaha
Reinhardt Miller (5 days ago)
Daniel Alonzo Carranza (5 days ago)
Yo BC... Shut it. We know why it wad unearth.
TauronB2G (5 days ago)
Sounds like propaganda
TauronB2G (5 days ago)
Sounds like propaganda
Dalina Price (5 days ago)
RappelKarton (5 days ago)
Dont even bother looking at the comment section it is exactly as bad as you would expect.
quasii7 (3 days ago)
It was even worst than I expected.
Dalina Price (5 days ago)
Renould P (5 days ago)
very Informative and, Intellectual Sound. 🔥🔥🔥Thank you for Sharing.
Julz Doug (5 days ago)
You forgot to mention that who holds the IWF holds all the debts of all country. So you dont have to show wealth when everything that exist owe you money. Dont get ou of the frame.......
Daniel Alonzo Carranza (5 days ago)
White Horse! Ohgawd so strong
Navin Rajkumar (5 days ago)
So Hitler stopped Rothschild But Rothschild was helped by in the name of Allies Understand
Van Vu (5 days ago)
Hitler was the rebel a.k.a good guy. The Rothschild family learnt the lesson and never show their fortune to the public ever again
Dalina Price (5 days ago)
That's why they keep it hidden by dividing it amongst the family keeping their numbers low on the Forbes listing.
Maximus141 (5 days ago)
Sooooo the Rothschilds basically lost it all and are a shell of their former selves hhahahahaaa.....(((genius)))
BC Stud (5 days ago)
They control most of the big banks in the Free World assets of $500 - 700 trillion >
Syed Ahmed (6 days ago)
Truly amazing people. I am very happy for them.
Arcaryon Xavier (6 days ago)
Not the video I expected but I am quite happy with what I found. The comment section however is exactly what I expected. Conspiracy loving crazies everywhere ... Still great job.
Karl Angelo Zamoranos (6 days ago)
Thats a true illuminate
Anthony Martinez (6 days ago)
Rothschild's hide behind the Jewish banner to gain sympathy.
Neil Goloy (7 days ago)
Interesting. If this means that the Rothschilds are not as wealthy or powerful as they once were, then it is wrong to link them to all those conspiracy theories and other wicked things that people accuse them of. It was wise business practices and hard work that propelled them to power in the first place. The bad reputation and blame laid upon this great family by conspiracy theorists is a grave injustice and is based solely on hearsay and jealousy of the have-nots.
Dwayn Miller (7 days ago)
So sugar coated garbage video!!!
Unico Hijo (7 days ago)
The richest? I think there is a man in the philippines named Ferdinand marcos the late president if im not mistaken. They are the worlds richest. Read their story its not about paper money its about golds this rothschilds are nothing. Greeting from españa.
Muhammad Qasim (8 days ago)
Nice work...... but Really Are you kidding me?? The End of video is full of lies...... Present worth of the Family is Estimated to be more than $300 Trillion including All US etc reserves!!!
The Resurrection (8 days ago)
I think It's Not Rothschild But the Subject of Mathematics that Controls The Humans.
Double D (8 days ago)
Rothchilds are not the richest. Look up the Jesuit church and people
Geoff Evans (8 days ago)
Rothchild propaganda legalised theft
Yoda Man (8 days ago)
not trying to start anything but i can see why there are so many conspiracies about jews simply because of this one family.
Xavierjr Mirasol (8 days ago)
What a fool presentations
lee Caraher (8 days ago)
Devil Worshippers.
Justin M (9 days ago)
all you have to do is look at the BOOK published by the rockefellers, where they ADMIT to being PART of a conspiracy to bring about a global government. and they say they are proud of it... so NOT CONSPIRACY, yes i said rockefellers, but they are pals with the Rothschilds so its pretty bloody obvious. HANG all of them.
Jerry Taylor (9 days ago)
Never let Your right hand know what your left hand is doing, usury. The Rothschild mafia is worth 300 to 600 trillion dollars 2018. Half the world's wealth!
St Nk (9 days ago)
what about the medici tho?
Benjamin Akira (9 days ago)
And still people believe more in conspiracy theories
Yan Martel (9 days ago)
leaving out the most important aspect of how the Rothschild became the richest family in the world. On June 18th, 74,000 French troops led by Napoleon, sizing up to meet 67,000 British and other European Troops 200 miles NE of Paris. Nathan Rothschild knowing that information is power stationed his trusted agent named Rothworth near the battlefield. As soon as the battle was over Rothworth quickly returned to London, delivering the news to Rothschild 24 hours ahead of Wellington's courier. A victory by Napoleon would have devastated Britain's financial system. Nathan stationed himself in his usual place next to an ancient pillar in the stock market. Knowing he would be observed he hung his head and began openly to sell huge numbers of British Government Bonds. Believing this to mean that Napoleon must have won, everyone started to sell their British Bonds as well. The bottom fell out of the market. Rothschild had his agents buying up all the hugely devalued bonds. When news arrived that Napoleon had being defeated, Nathan Rotschild became the richest and most powerful man of Europe.
TheAstrius (10 days ago)
Its true about the third generation, I worked for a rich family who due to infighting sold the entire company and I guarantee that short term gain will evaporate in a few years. My own family were wealthy lumber industry barons during the 1840s lumber boom a few generations later company got split up and sold large chunks if not most of the land we owned which was thousands of acres of lands in Texas all the way the large swathes in North Carolina, part of the family still owns a modest lumber company.
Tory Lanez (10 days ago)
Not every wealthy person is on the Forbes List....keep that in mind other than that this video is great. Probably like the 10th time watching it
obey conform today (10 days ago)
This video lies its ass off.. everyone knows the rothschilds are just vatican bankers to the orsini and aldobrandini familes that control the church. And hide behind it
Sidney Harris (11 days ago)
The Rothchild's a finger in every pie. They helped to kill Cock Robin. They lent the sparrow money at usurious rates so he could buy the bow and arrow. They also lent money to a fellow called Goldberg who hired a tug and towed an Iceberg into the Atlantic and sank the Titanic. The list of their Dastardly deeds is endless. Talk to any decent Antisemite and they will enlighten you.
Black Mania Beats (11 days ago)
Any books that may help or relate to investing 101 or anything of that sort ?
supK (11 days ago)
Why does it seem like you have been paid to make the Rothschild look gentle.
KoolieB (11 days ago)
Death to the Rothschild clan
David Fowler (12 days ago)
there money is hiden in trusts. they are as powerful as ever.
FREEtheBASE Iliesse (12 days ago)
This Documentary is about the RUDESHIT FAMILLY
Yildirim Karayel (12 days ago)
Most of them look so ugly as most of royal families around the world. Multi-Trillion worth of wealth is not enough to cover their ugliness, the evils of their inside is reflected on their faces...
itoo tahir (13 days ago)
this video is brought you by skull share 👿👿👿
Basketball Players (14 days ago)
So even hitler and the nazis could barely effect the Roth child’s after all they did and they’ve still got much richer their net worth is into the trillions they keep it hidden and a secret
The Invisible man (14 days ago)
Ppl are paying respects to hitler over Rothschilds?? Now that’s a big statement in regards to how evil they are...!
Chloe Rose (14 days ago)
No Name (15 days ago)
And now what So their the wealthiest family So Money talks bullshit walks always and for ever Money is king 👑
Max Heidcase (15 days ago)
There was a reason why Jesus was dead set against usury. Eventually the money lenders made slaves of us all.
Herlina Lina (16 days ago)
Wonderful family a great leader great personality good ruler honorable in world 👑💎❤💛💜👍✊
Israelite Reign (16 days ago)
Adolf Hitler knew WHO the actual real JEWS were and was also aware that they fell from power bigtime!!!!! There is old black and white leaked film video regarding Adolf Hitler were he says that the real JEWS are the NEGRO'S and says they are the Most High God's "Chosen people" the (Hebrew Israelites!!!!!!!)
Israelite Reign (16 days ago)
The Rothschild's are not real JEWS!!!!!!! How can you be the real JEWS when the real JEWS fell from all their power and Currenly pack the prisons, live in ghettos, get targeted by a racist system that was built against them??!!!! Here are some scripures for y'all to consider...... Deuteronomy 28:15-68/this would happen to a specific race of people generationally and systematically!!!!! Jeramiah 14:2 tells you the real JEWS are in mourning not in owning everything!!!! Revelation 2:9 speaks about a race claiming to be the real JEWS but are truly the Synagogue of Satan!!!!