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Rise of the Rothschilds: The World's Richest Family

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The first 500 people to use this link will get a 2-month free trial of Skillshare: http://skl.sh/businesscasual8 Use it to watch my new class on how the stock market works: http://skl.sh/investing101 Support me on Patreon to get early access to my future videos: https://www.patreon.com/business_casual Join me at BC's subreddit and on social media: Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/businesscasual Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/business.casual.yt Twitter: https://twitter.com/BusinessCasual0 49th video of the Behind the Business Series. #rothschild The Rothschild banking family was at one point the richest family on Earth and, unsurprisingly, today it is one of the most popular subjects of conspiracy theories. But just how much of what you might read online is true? The Rothschild family came from Frankfurt, where the house they had lived in for generations was marked with the sign of the Red Shield (Roth + Schild). Like many Jewish families at the time, the Rothschilds were involved in finance, specifically currency exchange and collectible coins. That was the business of the Rothschild patriarch: Mayer Rothschild. His success in this business attracted many wealthy customers, including Wilhelm, the future ruler of Hesse. Mayer managed Wilhelm's fortune and successfully protected it from Napoleon's invasion, for which he was greatly rewarded. Mayer had 5 sons, which he spread throughout Europe. Each established his own family and banking business in the five great European capitals at the time: London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna and Naples. Throughout the 19th century the five brothers and (eventually) their heirs cooperated in numerous financing projects, lending money to governments and the nobility. By the end of the 19th century the wealth of just the French branch was the equivalent of $500 million today. The 20th century, however, wasn't kind to the Rothschilds. The Naples and Frankfurt branches became effectively extinct when their last patriarchs produced no male heirs. A more sinister fate befell the branches in Vienna and Paris, who had the vast majority of their wealth confiscated in the course of the Second World War. Only the branch in London survived intact, and today it is still a powerful force in Britain. At present the wealth of the Rothschilds is hidden in a series of shell companies originating in Switzerland. It is unclear exactly how rich they are, but by all visible measures they appear to have lost the majority of their richest during the 20th century. Thus, ironically, one of the most popular subjects of conspiracy theories today has instead been on the decline for well over a century. Under the kind patronage of Nagabhushanam Peddi, Dan Supernault, Samuel Patterson, James Gallagher & Brett Gmoser.
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Business Casual (6 months ago)
Hope you enjoyed the video folks! If you missed it, here's a link to my stock market class, make sure to watch it if you're keen on learning about stocks: http://skl.sh/investing101
VERBALMILITIA (6 days ago)
Now it Actually and really completely shows. -marc27, In Contracts? i reality
VERBALMILITIA (6 days ago)
I did not enjoy your pure Vatican debt slave mind control regurgitation of The Post 911 Fed Psy Op, because I made it a point to be completely informed and clearly, you haven't and it completely shows in both cases.
Младен Буквић (17 days ago)
Howard Koolman (23 days ago)
This video is a Joke. The Rothschild's own majority stake in most the Central Banks around the World, including the US FED. That's where their wealth went. It did not, as you put it, evaporate; these guys aren't stupid.
Jwell Jrock (1 month ago)
+Business Casual but who owns the controlling shares ?
Sam Wu (3 hours ago)
and yet the title still contains "The World's Richest Family".
Oscar N. Hernandez (5 hours ago)
You forgot that the rothchild came to the usa without us knowing and they also funded hitler to take Austria so that they have a reason 2 merge with each other and know there all just one big bank and they dont want us finding out they basically own the world and there the reason our economy is shit
Padrone (2 days ago)
How man shekels did you get for this one?
FLAT RACING GURU UK (2 days ago)
Heads of the Judea Christian Society. They have a Beatiful palace in Buckinghamshire. I drive past it visiting my Trainers. Not a Bad people as the Internet makes out. Some one has to do it. you have to marvel at a small number of people who have Owned the planet Defacto. Maybe its really the greed of others working in this system and not actually this family itself as they do a lot for Many Charities.
AX XA (2 days ago)
ZIONIST CABAL SCUMBAGS. Hunt them down and TAKE all their $$$ and pay off national DEBT
Brandon Swartz (2 days ago)
keep the info coming on these heartless reptiles
VERBALMILITIA (3 days ago)
Contractual Liberty is The Scam and The Rothschild's are total scapegoats of, by and for The Scam.
doberman921 (3 days ago)
😂😂..they are not disappeared, they are in every one of us....It was one of the main trigger for ww2. Hitler understood all their tricks, saw millions of young lives in ww1 gonne for no reasons for war, while those few families established their political and economical power for decades to come, and most probably centuries. We are still living in modern slavery societies whatever you call it.... There is a lots to say...😉
Tamara Magdalene (5 days ago)
You expect us to believe this tripe? They are more wealthy than ever AND evil.
Davin Hansen (5 days ago)
Nothing is said about their ownership of the Federal Reserve Bank in the USA? Is that not kinda a lot of money?
Basher Coldogs (6 days ago)
They hide behind the smear tag ANTISEMITE which is deployed against anyone who discovers their conspiracy. In fact Arabs are SEMITES but the term is used only to refer to Jews. That way the debate is killed.
Deena Gotti (7 days ago)
That's a fake video, and I believe it's untrue.
joseph chan (7 days ago)
True to your words, they are very clever people with tact to "monopolize" everything imaginable.
XshootmedownX III (7 days ago)
2pac God bless the dead sums up what's really going on.
Transilvania in my mind (7 days ago)
Bruh nice sponsorship
サイレントボイス (7 days ago)
My my Rothschild is a secretive fam
Jacob Guenther (8 days ago)
What about Jacob Rothschild? He is worth $5 billion!!! Oh you forgot about that one hu?
Objective Quest (8 days ago)
(((Business Casual)))
Ran Dom (8 days ago)
wait did you just say conspiracy theory? Uhm, it's not a conspiracy, every bank in the world, except in russia, is backed / bailed out by bank of rothschild. What are you even talking about. That's not a conspiracy, thats bloody hard facts. If you google bank of rothschild, why does every bank in the world pop up? lol That sheer amount of money defines corruption. They have enough to end world hunger, and still fund their next 250 generations. But they will never do that. You know why? Why would you prevent what you've created? lol founded 1738, Yes 280 years ago, the bank of rothschild. The queen of spain, warned the world in 1499 about the banking jews taking over the world, and she barred all jews from entering spain, even killed them. It was called the expulsion of jews. You think she did that for no reason? No she realized these corrupt people were buying her nation. ????????? It's no longer a conspiracy, these people are rotten to the core, and the place where you store your money is owned by a rich jew, with the last name of rothschild. ????????? conspiracy such a fanatics word, conspiracy = a conclusion which differs from what was told, Meaning it's not a conspiracy, it's merely people thinking FOR THEMSELVES. Get your garbage video's off of my feed
drofheim (8 days ago)
I'd say they are not technically wealthy, but power they have a lot of through debt.
edgar gonzalez (8 days ago)
Awww always about the poor jews. This vid must be rothschild approved...
DrewPicklesTheDark (9 days ago)
I like how in less then one minute it paints the Jews as victims.
Mani Matter (10 days ago)
Trump is in reality a Rotschild
lil pervert (10 days ago)
If Rothschilds are desperate to see the Antichrist why are they taking forever to start WW3 (Armageddon)?? I mean the red cow has been born so what's taking forever to build the 3rd temple and destroying the Dome of Rock Al Aqsa??
Wade Cahill (10 days ago)
If this family has been lending money to governments and funding wars around the world for centuries just imagine how much money they are worth !!! my guess would be hundreds or thousands of trillion dollars,
VERBALMILITIA (11 days ago)
The Contracted Vatican Debt Slave Constitutor Artificial Person Rothschild's cannot own things of, by and for The Scam, since owning things is impossible and if you only 'believe' that Owner-ship means you get to own things that cannot be owned you're not only completely brainwashed, you're totally fucking stupid by design.
Fabian Morrison (13 days ago)
We taken back what they took from us for over 80 decades Now let the people of America stand up..
Fabian Morrison (13 days ago)
They can not do anything to us. we Can't be touched we own the world we own them. Now let the people of America stand up.
EOSHAY Fullwood (14 days ago)
Really? Smh
abdul hakeem (14 days ago)
Fake video to manipulate People
Michael Jaganyi (15 days ago)
I have feeling this video was sponsored by the Rothschild's.
Mike Scott (15 days ago)
This video is propaganda. Do enough research and you'll see how evil the rothschilds really are and how much control they actually hold over us.
Vanshik Datta (15 days ago)
Father of jacob rothschild was the 3rd baron who worked for the Soviet KGB ..
Младен Буквић (17 days ago)
Daniel Osullivan (17 days ago)
They price gold you wanker who made the video
Ham head (18 days ago)
I totally respect them you can easily copy their model genius. Don’t get mad get equal.
Ezekiel Jarek (18 days ago)
Forbes 🤣
Terry Tibbs (19 days ago)
The Rothschild converted to Islam during the late 1900’s . It remained a secret. The only document that proves this betrayal remains in the Vatican Vault.
foremount (19 days ago)
Talk about playing the long game
Ray Safaie (20 days ago)
why would anyone give this video a thumbs down? brilliant...
Jacky Chen (20 days ago)
Ok seriously no one saw the trap cat girl at 4:20? Disappointed.
Ahmed Ali (20 days ago)
You are a jew the ROTHCHILDS are the richest family in the world
Ahmed Ali (20 days ago)
The Palestinians are now in ghettos KICKED out of their lands
Paul Henry (20 days ago)
If they're really all that; if they control all banks , all matters of finance,, if we're really under their control what exactly are we (you, me- all peo) going to do?What next? What do you propose? What's the plan?
Jithin K V (20 days ago)
A myth
Shakdi Dagalimal (20 days ago)
Yes, of course, the King's banker with all the coins of the world was in a crushed together ghetto outside the city walls - just like we put the FED and Citybank and Wells Fargo in the southside ghettoes of the big cities...
Tim Curtet (20 days ago)
Hum, French Revolution of 1830? The French Revolution was in 1789...
Harrison Lipton (21 days ago)
also some anti-semitic shit
ELEMENTAL DELTA (21 days ago)
Rockefeller is richer
Puppy Cuteness (21 days ago)
It’s all planned out.
Brad Childress (21 days ago)
How did the acquire it? Through theft, murder and trickery. Against everybody. Oh and inbreeding of course
Daniel Lokteff (22 days ago)
Rothschild are a bunch of lying Snakes and Devil worshipers “Reptilians”. Only a matter of time until they will be exposed then dealt with accordingly.
K Mcgordon (23 days ago)
I dont Believe it
Howard Koolman (23 days ago)
The idea, in this video, that the Rothschild's would be stupid enough to allow their wealth to be depleted by only having daughters or by being stolen by Hitler is ridiculous. What the writers of this ridiculous video miss, is that the Rothschild's Wealth was used to buy majority stakes in shares, either directly or indirectly, in all the Central Banks around the World, including the US Federal Reserve. The only reason the Rothschild's don't appear in the top rich list, is because the share holders of Central Banks is kept secret, so its impossible to calculate their wealth exactly, so they have left it out! And I'm sure the Rothschild's prefer it that way. However estimates of their true wealth is estimated to be in the order of $1.4 Trillion.
OvaldoBrown1212 (23 days ago)
I wanna become a rothschild?
Anthony Pink (24 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks what they did is amazing. I must be different to most people because the Rothschilds out smarted everyone and I really admire that . It’s a cut throat world in big business and you have to be smart to say ahead of the game . Governments are terrible and use people. But everyone stands by while that happens. We as the people could make huge changes but we can’t unite. So we deserve what we get. Don’t complain about it .
Gillman Askin (24 days ago)
48 laws of power..
Jim Li (24 days ago)
They were unlucky that the nazis interfered, or they could have been successful even in the 3rd generation... Also unlucky with girls (no offense)
Toni Kemppainen (24 days ago)
Ooooooh. Now the Rothchilds are in transmutation.
mustard roshi (25 days ago)
I don't see how thay are evil
Licho Tropical (25 days ago)
Min 7:54, David Rene de Rothschild merged the French and the English Houses then hide their true wealth. So how can you say the House of Rothschild today is no more than a blip on global wealth? Maybe the stocks of the last finance institution in France has little value but what about the hidden shell companies good ol' David is managing from Switzerland to god knows where?
Trentbob ZEPHlazar (25 days ago)
False .... Those guys sort of own the world ...u got ur facts wrong.... N they got a lot of things ...u would never know ... alien tech n stuff
Cojultad (25 days ago)
Satan incarnate
Vamp Lover (26 days ago)
@ 1561 that aerial battle over Nuremberg Germany.... Guess what family walked off the craft alive & well? Long live the Bauer's coming N>W>O>! This family is the Rot-shield protectionism of this planet and U'r all about to get U'r ear-wax cleansed, LOL....
Joe Icon art (26 days ago)
You have planted the seed of evil, one day you will reap the destruction of your business cartel and your family with permission and power from God.
Ki Ng (27 days ago)
Scanlan Bloodline (28 days ago)
Try the krupp family, if you were really the most wealthiest family in the world, the masters, the pharoah's of this planet, would you really be flaunting your name all over media, internet, etc, they didn't start charging IOUs till yhe late 1800s?? The Rothschilds are just minions, front men for The krupp family ......the krupps have been selling weapons on bothsides since the 1600s .... these guys are the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, arms dealers, metallurgists, alchemists ....everything in your house, in the sky, in your kitchen, your workplace, these guys are everywhere, they're so wealthy that money is nothing more than just a tool to keep playing their little chess game.. try finding info on them, its hard, bcoz they dont want you to know.. they're well hidden.. pulling the strings behind the scenes..be vigilante ppl, they control the conspiracy movement...
Shedding The Light (28 days ago)
Believe, repent, baptize in Jesus Name and be saved from everlasting hell fire.
Wilhelm Hesse (28 days ago)
My name is Wilhelm Hesse and I'm a direct descendant of Wilhelm of Hesse, any Rothchilds out there? You guys owe me big time!
les zinzins (29 days ago)
french revolution of 1830 ? we did this revolution in 1789 mate
smilebackifyourugly (29 days ago)
I read online Jacob Rothschild was worth £5 billion (on display) surely he must be richest Rothschild.
John Maverick (29 days ago)
first family to be burn in hell as well...rest in pieces
Sidd (30 days ago)
The parallax display of images of cities is why I subscribed! Your animations are awesome!
daff roof (30 days ago)
What can i say more than they own the Federal Reserve to make this video talking abt em being a normal rich ppl look fishy..
4k tester (1 month ago)
They're Jewish saviour at that time.
Tazmore (1 month ago)
they gave loan and mortgage, then seize properties when people unable to pay
Douglas Fox (1 month ago)
FAKE News !! CNN must be putting this Propaganda BS out there...Rothchilds are the Invisible Devils of All Time !!
Osiris Lopez (1 month ago)
this video was stupid smh... this guys was paid to spread lies !
Bhargab Deka (1 month ago)
Liked the last part 💯
Thameem Abdullah (1 month ago)
the thing here is to realise that they were funding different ideology kings and making profit out of it... an d they were not in limelight ... hmmmm what a coincidence it is still happening on current era
Arthur Garcia (1 month ago)
Falsified info. Rothschilds are still the wealthiest they own Federal Reserve and almost every bank in the world.
Shane Brock (1 month ago)
4.19 there is a cat girl in the left corner. Bruh?
dan spliff (1 month ago)
Mate the rothshields are the Richest alive over 400 trillion
David Roe (1 month ago)
I AM the Universe and I AM taking the evil Rothschild family down. The stench of your sins have reached heaven. Death and destruction await you. MOUNTAIN (ROTHSCHILDS ) MOVE AWAY - NOW!
Eric M (1 month ago)
Alt Clips (1 month ago)
Forced out of more than 100 countires. Nah can't be them.
Carol Danvers (1 month ago)
Lol at the paranoid conspiracy morons (all very anti semitic as usual) ignoring all these FACTS and pretending they have first hand information. Yeah sure invent a family as a boogeyman and they “own the world” and the system is against you and you are a complete victim. This is easy for poor jealous people.
Vue U (1 month ago)
"BC" Bull Crap. ALL of THIS!
D 1 (1 month ago)
Lies! they are still rich and have all the power.
alberto7443 (1 month ago)
The Italian family of Agnelli, FCA-Chrysler owners, are related with Rothschild.....now you know!!
old vegas (1 month ago)
(I'm Black)...Jews and Black people had a similar past. The Jews were killed for who they also were blacks. Yes, we were slaves for hundreds of years but let's not compare killings...Jews lived in Ghettos first before Black peopleHow did Jews overcome their past but Blacks still live in the past, it's almost like we want to in a sense. We blame other races for things we clearly can fix ourselves. Sadly I can't say this publicly because then I'm a "coon" Lol
Imran Chowdhury (1 month ago)
And nothing about Jacob Rothchild, his mansion, his painting collection? You pulled up Forbes???? Ha ha ha, I have no doubt now that this is paid video.
Aaron Blake (1 month ago)
This is all wrong my friend... they own and run everything ... basic research , just open some books ... the book you read will probably be owned by them too
raceanul (1 month ago)
This video lacks consistence and information. You jump from an idea to another and you end up having a conclusion of your own, but cannot back it. I mean, seriously, the Forbes is not enough evidence of how and why they lost their power. Also, black market money don't appear in Forbes. For example there are few Russian $ billionaires no one has ever heard of, who don't appear in Forbes and who control much of Russia. Sorry, Business Casual, but this video is very poor.
Jacob shapiro (1 month ago)
So let me get this straight, the royalty at the time were dumb enough to basically force Jews to master dealing with money..and instead of recognizing how stupid that is.. Your blaming the Rothschild for becoming that smart? That’s like blaming a pit bull for being the fighting dog you trained him to be.. What a joke!
Paul Hothmer (1 month ago)
Greetings from Frankfurt in Germany! Its Roth like red. Modern rot=red. So no "th" ;)
Sa Ra (1 month ago)
this channel is amazing ! keep up the great work .
Raldston Ngirengkoi (1 month ago)
Oh please!! They still control the worlds economy and some major events, believe me!!! True story!!
Charles Mettle (1 month ago)
Fake, fake news, only the gullible ones will swallow this