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Why You Wouldn't Survive Life In Ancient Greece

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Compared to other ancient civilizations, life was simpler back in Greece, right? Wrong! While we'd like to imagine it as a cultured and sophisticated society, there’s absolutely no way you’d survive life in ancient Greece for long. Here's why. Feeling unwell? Prior to the 5th century BCE, the human body was basically left to the mercy of the gods. Patients often participated in a healing ritual called temple sleep, or incubation. It's exactly what it sounds like patients would literally just go to sleep in a temple. And then, in the morning, they'd tell a priest about their dreams from the night before. Based on that dream, the priest would prescribe a remedy, usually in the form of incantation or a charm of some sort or they'd simply declare the patient healed. There were technically doctors back then… but there weren't any specific requirements for people who advertised themselves as such. And as for surgery, these are the kinds of tools that were used… the stuff of nightmares. Meanwhile, anyone who happened to live in Athens in 430 BC had roughly a 25 percent chance of dying in a horrible way. That's because a mysterious plague broke out that lasted for about five years, and the death toll was catastrophic. This plague ended up killing somewhere between 75,000 to 100,000 people. Watch the video for more about Why You Wouldn't Survive Life In Ancient Greece! #Greece #History Faith-based medicine | 0:15 Sick? Get pregnant! | 1:24 Life in Sparta would break you | 2:18 Cosmetics were often deadly | 3:20 Rampaging sea pirates | 4:01 The injustice of it all | 5:06 Read Full Article: https://www.grunge.com/161313/why-you-wouldnt-survive-life-in-ancient-greece/
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Text Comments (146)
Grunge (8 days ago)
If you had a time machine, when would you go?
Sebastian Ranch (2 days ago)
One month back to give myself the lottery numbers.
Boxingbear (2 days ago)
@Henrik Hafthor That's a stupid comment. I bet an illiterate brute in Ancient Greece would fare better than you on the battlefield or growing crops. Proper punctuation has nothing to do with real survival and using that is a really piss poor way to try and shoot down another person's comment.
RAYSANTANA (2 days ago)
And human sacrifice
RAYSANTANA (2 days ago)
None of gentile nations that's for sure yuck...
Boxingbear (2 days ago)
I would go back and become a cavalry officer in Alexander The Great's army. Might as well be a part of something significant to human history. Homeric values appeal to me.
Jackie Heinrich (1 hour ago)
"According to Wired..." Haha. You know, the Ph.D's in Ancient Greek History employed by Wired.
Veronica Veil (21 hours ago)
I thought these people were innovators of medicine? YIKES.
Mr Kapari (3 days ago)
Λαϊκ αν είσαι Ελληναρας που επιβιώνει με τα σουβλάκια του
Αφροδιτη Σοφοκλεου (3 days ago)
Im from Greece and i am surviving just fine!😂🧿👍
christina karydi (4 days ago)
Faith based?? Where did you get that kind of info? Apparently they don't teach you ancient Greek history and philosophy in high school, huh? Θα μας τρελάνεις, ρε φίλε!
Christian Sekumade (5 days ago)
Berkley Pearl (5 days ago)
Here I was thinking they would talk about food production, gender roles, manual labor, religion, and other such facets of daily life. I’m utterly disappointed in myself for having been fooled by the title and hoping that the algorithm would provide me with the kind of content I actually like
Berkley Pearl (5 days ago)
I think I must watch this kind of content as a form of masochism. *weeps in classics studies*
Mel Ilian (5 days ago)
Dude...have you ever heard of Hippocrates?
Mel Ilian (5 days ago)
Wtf dude where did you hear that? We didn't kill our children. That's just a myth. That mothers would throw their children to Keada a big whole in the mountains if they had any kind of disability; archeologists investigated it and there were no bones. We're not that cruel geez.
Giannis Zelianaios (5 days ago)
Where did you get that from??? Without us you would not have MEDICARE AND MEDICINE!! do some research please
rvr rvr (6 days ago)
The average lifespan was 60 a lot of people lived until their 80s its not true
Κώστας Λιακούλης (6 days ago)
Hahaha lies lies and more LIES
eZ K (6 days ago)
Nonsense read some history, they had surgical operations.
Silly Goose (6 days ago)
Dude,this is cool 🙂
ccityplanner12 : (6 days ago)
You wouldn't survive life today. Valar morghulis.
Eleni Perentes (7 days ago)
Totally misinformed video, with half truths and making false impressions.
TheAntManChannel (7 days ago)
3:51 "This is what you left me for?!"
FVR Renting (7 days ago)
4:26 one of the stupidest movie mistakes ever, who the hell came up with the idea to bring llamas to the set of the movie troy Llamas are native to America so it is impossible that llamas were in Greece back then
Wonderlandian (7 days ago)
So many inaccuracies in this video...
TJT Acosta (7 days ago)
Seriously, who writes this bs?! Talk about all over the map yet it's supposed to be about ancient Greece. Btw, the never referred to themselves as Greek, just an fyi...try doing some research Grunge.
Henrik Hafthor (7 days ago)
This is why YOU wouldn't survive in ancient Greece. Gym rats, athletes, contractors, combat vets, singers/musicians, artists, math/science nerds, and medical practitioners would all find their place and do fine if they go back in a time machine. It's everyone else without any talents or skills that's surviving by the grace of modern businesses and technologies that would be screwed 😆
Mark Jarrett (7 days ago)
Really interesting video. I would not have survived for long. Something to bear in mind is that Greece is a modern concept. It did not become a country until the 1820's.
John Gurlides (4 days ago)
In your way of thinking, there was no Germany prior to 1871 nor an Italy prior to 1870!
ask the Etruscans (7 days ago)
I bet people were more civil. Knowing that it could end with a spear or sword jammed into one's guts, would tend to discourage being argumentative and petty just for sport.
Anna Agiantritis (7 days ago)
What a load of Bull Shit!! FFS Why are you allowed to post all these fake information! Without Ancient Greece, you Wouldn't be so advanced as you are now! 🤬
NexisFilms (7 days ago)
Short Answer : Because You're a piece of sh!t Millennial who will go insane without the Internet after 10 minutes .
Leon Xydias (7 days ago)
The thing about throwing the disabled was a myth it's not true proven by archaeologists....
GamaouaT (2 days ago)
well duh not every spartan was a warrior
Aoki Aoki (7 days ago)
Ancient Greeks had quite advanced medicine for its time
Blaise 2067 (7 days ago)
In the future, people are going to laugh at how people today ate refined cane sugar.
Giwrgos Dram (7 days ago)
Luckily I am in modern Greece, despite the poverty, and the economic decline, and the poverty, and the social conflicts, and the unstable government Yeah so lucky to be now 😢
Δήμιος (7 days ago)
Μην κλαίτε δημόσια Η Ελλάδα έχει πολύ καλύτερη ζωή από αρκετά μέρη δεν χρειάζεται να δεις μακριά
Art Ellingsen (8 days ago)
This is the least authoritative source of information on the Internet.
lotus lux (6 days ago)
I watch 'proper' documentaries on this era all the time, and everything here was pretty spot on.
Robert Folkner (8 days ago)
Draco was looked upon with great favor. His laws were ruthless, but the people viewed him as having taken the crime problem in hand.
Andrew Cliffe (8 days ago)
Next year, to pick up the financial lottery and sports results for the year
kevinkegan1 (8 days ago)
This video has so many mistakes it and a fair amount of it is complete misinformation. A lot of things here are wrongly presented or shown by one side to serve the video's purpose.
D'Luz (4 days ago)
When he said according to wired.... 😂
Eleni Perentes (7 days ago)
Exactly but sheeps are still sleeping. Let them sleep on. Idiots.
dieselrotor (8 days ago)
So in other words, modern Democrats have subscribed to Roman law practices.
imir8atu (8 days ago)
And now woman can kill the unborn. Less than wonderful.
The Casual Front (8 days ago)
“According to NBC news”. Okay I’m unsubscribing to this trash.
Darkzz Lord (2 days ago)
@David Zuniga Dude you don't need to be even into politics to realize the actual scum mainstream media is.I believe people that unironically "follow" it and believe it should be sent to death camps.
Spooker Red Menace (8 days ago)
@David Zunigajajaja so bad! :P
David Zuniga (8 days ago)
@Spooker Red Menace orange gun man bad
Spooker Red Menace (8 days ago)
@David Zuniga or socialist :P
kam rom (8 days ago)
I want to know what Mohammed was doing at that time. I mean his religion, how it came to Egypt.
Frank Bishop (8 days ago)
Ancient Greece was roughly 500 BC or so. Mohammed did not come along until around 700 AD. So there is more that a millennium separating the two.
QueenStylin (8 days ago)
Nope. Because I'd starve to death or be put to death immediately for mentioning I am vegan. Lol.
Wild Men (4 days ago)
Considering that there were mystics that took vegetarian diets from time to time, no, you wouldn't be put to death for being vegan. Actually, you'd be fine for the most part since meats were only consumed on special occasions like after a sacrifice. Most people ate grains, fish, cheeses, olives, and fruits for their day to day meals.
SMDoktorPepper (8 days ago)
Minoans were not Greek..they were Phonecian and WERE the "Sea People".
kevinkegan1 (2 days ago)
Please my friend, give me an answer on the topic. I asked whether you could give me a source of you beliefs. I am indeed and purely interested in seeing your opinion and mostly where it originated from.
Αφροδιτη Σοφοκλεου (3 days ago)
they were Greek NOT phonecian lol wtf?
greek phoenix (6 days ago)
@SMDoktorPepper https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/08/greeks-really-do-have-near-mythical-origins-ancient-dna-reveals&ved=2ahUKEwiH-fKz49bnAhX6VBUIHToIDPoQFjACegQIDxAJ&usg=AOvVaw1ELVW3M5R0u_eHkHWNo5Qo Read it and open your mind
kevinkegan1 (6 days ago)
@SMDoktorPepper OK give me a link then so I can read it myself.
SMDoktorPepper (7 days ago)
@kevinkegan1 no, they were not Greek at all. Never were. All of what you claim has been changed by new evidence. Even their architecture and language is completely different from the Greeks. Its like saying Egypt was Greek because they were conquered by Alexander. The Minoans were part of the Phoenician empire until thier settlements on Crete were destroyed by volcanic eruption, leaving the island open to conquest. You claim you research this, but its been known for decades.
Dylan J (8 days ago)
Sounds like the behavior of the average college leftist.
Ric Persaud (8 days ago)
Kratos after killing Hermès released the plague towards mankind so it’s no so mysterious.. shit I would have done the same thing .. silly mortals .
Fintan (8 days ago)
So their solution for womens pain symptoms was to tell them to get Fu*ked
Mel Ilian (5 days ago)
daisx beohfox (8 days ago)
Man I'd shit on ancient Greece. All 300 of them
Julia Naylor (8 days ago)
The Minoan Empire was destroyed by a volcanic eruption.🌋
Julia Naylor (8 days ago)
Their idea about wombs, sound like Roger the alien's organs from American Dad.😂
Faylum1 (8 days ago)
Wish i was a Spartan, to be raised to defend your country and respect your traditions and to die for the survival of your nation would be amazing. Nowadays i would literally hit the reset button without a moment's hesitation for this burning mess we call the modern world, where all honour and decency has been hijacked by racist, sexist, bigots who want nothing more than to degrade our ancestors and influence our children into being degenerative delinquents. But being a Spartan soldier, being praised for being a man, what a beautiful world that would have been.
The Verbally Abusive Clown (8 days ago)
Listen A-hole, I've been deathly ill for the past couple of weeks and only changed my underpants ONCE during that time so don't tell me that I wouldn't have survived life in Ancient Greece o.k.???
Daniel Saravia (8 days ago)
And these are the people that “invented” western philosophy? Please. Stolen History.
kevinkegan1 (7 days ago)
However though I expressed my opinion above. I would like you @Daniel Saravia to tell me why it is stolen history and from whom
Δήμιος (7 days ago)
There's a lot delusionals that think our history is stolen but in reality they steal our history as our Fakedonian neighbors
kevinkegan1 (8 days ago)
Yes they did, and a lot of things in this video are utterly wrong
EP114587 (8 days ago)
They were. "Stolen history" lmao
Slinkasoarus (8 days ago)
This pretends that there aren’t genocides, plagues, dictators, and poison make up now.
Mel Ilian (5 days ago)
Sure but they're softer
Jerrol Hale (7 days ago)
@Slinkasoarus Good. The earth needs an enema
Elin Winblad (8 days ago)
Slinkasoarus all it takes is one pandemic to shut down international trade and everything collapses. USA depends on China to export 80% of our medicine to us. All our antibiotics I think come from China.
Slinkasoarus (8 days ago)
healingv1sion You may have that, but not everyone does, and we are in the midst of a pandemic.
healingv1sion (8 days ago)
Yeah but the internet, hot running water and Neosporin exist now. We good
John Z (8 days ago)
Video from Spartacus but this piece is on ancient Greece.
John Z (7 days ago)
1960 not 2960
John Z (7 days ago)
@EP114587 At 3:05 Im confident that's Batiatus (Peter Ustinov) from the 2960 movie, Spartacus (ancient Rome).
John Z (8 days ago)
@EP114587 no not all of it. It's another clip on there from Spartacus. I think im right but need to study it further. thanks
EP114587 (8 days ago)
300 and Alexander
Heidi Kersey (8 days ago)
I don't feel so bad now with my chronic pain in my back and legs
by Daniel Chiotis (8 days ago)
Show us a civilization that has survived. What will they say about us. Who is next on the block to be the smartest or dumbest? Jamaica? Israel? Hawaiians? The Atlantians? Lol
Hector Lamar (8 days ago)
We won't survive these times either.
Stephen Powdexter (8 days ago)
The bit about the 1177 is sort of out of place, referring to a much earlier period. It’s interesting though.
Tuber Life daily (8 days ago)
Love history
Swaggio DiMaggio (8 days ago)
Says you
Slammy555 (8 days ago)
I imagine I'd die pretty quickly if you took me and put me in ancient Greece, but considering all my immunities and diseases I'd likely take some people with me. The average life expectancy was 35 years old from what I read, after which your hand gem flashes red and you hope to survive the rite of carousel.
Slammy555 (6 days ago)
@Alexandra Di Cicco It's true, I saw it in a documentary once on cable.
Alexandra Di Cicco (6 days ago)
I don't think you understand how ''life expectancy'' works.
Slammy555 (7 days ago)
@Jerrol Hale That sounds like something a runner would say.
Jerrol Hale (7 days ago)
Ok, settle down sandman
girlstorm09 (8 days ago)
you know as a child growing up I was always told many times how we have it so easy now. many kids were told that.....but yet recently you have those super cynical weirdos who say how life back in the olden days was sooooo much better than now! hell i even seen a few say living during the Great Depression was a lot of easier life than now!! not kidding! i mean come on people we all know we have it easier than ever before! its because so many movies and TV shows glorify all these past time periods and so many people apparently seem to think fictional stories are reality for some odd reason!! i guess the TV use to be called the "boob tube" for a reason......
girlstorm09 (3 hours ago)
@kukuri007 no thanks im fine the way I'm living now...
kukuri007 (5 hours ago)
Your kept like sheep today. You had more freedom then. I can remember people smoking in grocery stores and nobody having a damn herd of cows over it. No seat belts, gas in the 5-9 cent range for a gallon, etc. People didn’t tell you how to raise your kids. You could raise them as you saw fit and yet people survived. Wow! Imagine that. You are the one not living in reality. Go live with a hog ring in your nose if you wish. All you have to do now is basically what you’re told.
Marvin Soliz (8 days ago)
I'm glad I was born after this
Pawl (8 days ago)
Hector Lamar Their is a difference, you live longer nowadays.
Hector Lamar (8 days ago)
There is no difference really. Still, we all die.
DJ COLDCUT (8 days ago)
They didn't really kill deformed babies
88Gibson LesPaul (8 days ago)
Must every video now have repetitive video game music in the background?
88Gibson LesPaul (8 days ago)
@Zelda Williams Not THE guitar man. Just one guitar man. You a player too?
Zelda Williams (8 days ago)
Hey, baby it's the guitar man!🎸🎵
William mcdonald (8 days ago)
The Coronavirus..Do we have to wait for it to get bad..Can we not rely on our animal brains and head for the hills!
Robot Hunter (8 days ago)
An even greater number of people met their grisly ends by a group of raiders known only as the "Arsenic Suppository People." The lead and mercury makeup was a birthday cake by comparison.
William mcdonald (8 days ago)
But the dream thing..That's good because a couple seconds after you wake up you end up forgetting your dreams, usually..Unless you write it down right away! So a doctor their asking what you dreamed could make a difference!
Baby Girl (8 days ago)
William mcdonald (8 days ago)
I've thought about this before hearing about this..Well at least the being more close to the temples and the cold stones used and all that Jazz! Probably not to out their since theirs a lot of illustrations kind of like this
Náfikos (8 days ago)
Maybe first idk
Gothic Dragon warrior Queen (8 days ago)
That's right ! You won't survive Medieval Times either !!!
Scott Cox (8 days ago)
Prescribing pregnancy for an illness? Sounds like the US healthcare system. They tell you to “get f#%*ed” too.
Scott Cox (2 hours ago)
kukuri007 Its so great. I love paying $1675.00/month (almost twice my rent) so I can have a giant deductible I still couldn’t afford incase I get sick or injured. Actually, as much as I would love to make an insurance company wildly wealthy I just don’t have that. So, when I get sick or injured I literally have to stay home and hope it heals on its own. That’s my only choice other than filing bankruptcy. What a great system ...If you’re an insurance company!! Way better than every other country has figured out.
kukuri007 (6 hours ago)
With a socialist state health care is cheap or free, and you get what you pay for too. Your always free to go live in whatever paradise suits you.
kukuri007 (6 hours ago)
That’s why so many want to come here.
Scott Cox (2 days ago)
Mel Ilian Fair. Even Ancient Greece had a better set up.
Mel Ilian (5 days ago)
Yeah please don't compare Greece to Us
extreme Lube (8 days ago)
Once the contrvirus takes off when not going to survive the now times.
Ileen Randle (8 days ago)
Ileen Randle (8 days ago)
EP114587 Yes my Ancestors we’re there, the Israelites...KANNNNNNNNNN
EP114587 (8 days ago)
No you weren't there, there is no we. Sit down
extreme Lube (8 days ago)
Once the Contravirus Takes off when not going to survive now.