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Matrix - I Know Kung Fu

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Andrew Rossi (1 day ago)
I know the five point palm exploding heart technique from Kill Bill. Show me
LoganLP (12 days ago)
When you need to poop in the middle in the night at 2: am
Antonius Xson (25 days ago)
"I know crap fu." -Neo
Joe Masters (2 months ago)
I need to watch this again :)
canadian bacon (2 months ago)
is that dr dre?
TrueLink Miner (2 months ago)
Russian Federation (3 months ago)
I know Tongue-Fu Show me.
Gumball Watterson (18 days ago)
Maybe you should CHECK YOUR PRIVELGE!
Jewllion (4 months ago)
How I feel when I manage to cross a busy street.
Krispynachos 99 (4 months ago)
I know a whole semester's content for my exam
Tsunami Barrier (4 months ago)
Great! Now try to pick up acting!
Kreeper427 (5 months ago)
I was first here for studying the matrix. Now I am here to find out what that watch dogs refrence was.
barleyarrish (7 months ago)
Kung Fu is hard work, during hard training the body undergoes change. years of hard training. knowing how to move is not knowing anything but an ineffectual dance. there is no magic pill!
Joe Schmoe (2 days ago)
Yeah but they cheat in the matrix so it's cool.
Prince Maverick (7 months ago)
*Uploads the entire contents of pornhub into his head*
Sean Armstrong (10 months ago)
0:02 => Drunken boxing. So Neo is learning from Jar Jar?
Korhan Safa Eser (10 months ago)
not wireless. old.
thetruthrover (11 months ago)
Izz Arts (11 months ago)
I do have those dreams sometimes, in which I practice something very hard, and then after I wake up and start practicing again, I notice I have improved for real. It's pretty awesome. Happened again just the other night. I woke up and whispered to myself "I know how to draw feet."
Burg Bass (11 months ago)
best talent 10/10
Admiral General N.N. (1 year ago)
of somebody would make this work on real life I would like to be the first test subject
Taz Martin (1 year ago)
Me when I watched my first Bruce Lee movie haha
M. O.G. (1 year ago)
20 people dont know kung fu :-D
Caged (3 months ago)
Mehmet BOZKURT (7 months ago)
Click Noice (11 months ago)
UrSoMeanBoss (1 year ago)
When you spend 3 hours reading ISO/IEC 14882:2011
Rithrius (1 year ago)
NEO wants to learn KUNG FU. But NEO can only learn 4 moves. Would you like to delete a move?
Stormiest Player (1 year ago)
Goshujin-sama (1 year ago)
Me after watching all 'Human Weapon' videos
bigchunk1 (1 year ago)
If only learning were this easy.
MUDSWAT (1 year ago)
How do you turn your head with a 5 inch titanium rod in your head ?
Jim Lahey (1 year ago)
You only need 30 degrees of freedom to move your head 3 inches which IIRC its a jack with a cable in a leather chair... its somewhat plausible.
MUDSWAT (1 year ago)
Matías Pierdoménico (1 year ago)
He knows kung fu.
UltraVillan 215 (1 year ago)
Brian Merritt (1 year ago)
It took him 5 seconds to download Ju Jitsu. Times 10 hours straight...that's about 7,200 forms of physical training. These guys are literally warrior gods.
Brian Merritt (1 year ago)
+Noah Levine Right. Agents are a step up since they have computer brains. Like, imagine taking the best Super Smash Bros. player on earth, and then hooking the player 2 controller up to a computer. No matter how good a player the person was, they'd still be disadvantaged since the computer can hit the controls and process the info at the speed of electricity.
Noah Levine (1 year ago)
+Brian Merritt He may have learned *a little* Ju Jitsu in five seconds---he may have gotten "A taste" ---hence the cereal line ;) However, your assessments sure are interesting. May be why they are able to fight agents and keep alive against them when agents can dodge bullets.
Radam53142 (1 year ago)
Such bad acting its hilarious
Mv Three (1 year ago)
melediv (1 year ago)
My reaction when I come up with Salsa moves of my own
Kazuto Kirigaya (1 year ago)
Studying for a final the night before like...
Barb Rogers (7 months ago)
thegalaxy2012 (9 months ago)
Leveling up in a game and being able to use new abilities as well...
Chris F (1 year ago)
Woah. I know freaky sex positions.
Stormiest Player (1 year ago)
Bill Shan Gladly.
Bill Shan (1 year ago)
+Chris F Show me.
omar nasir (2 years ago)
me every time i watch Hong Kong movies
Antonio Chacar (2 years ago)
Sit down, relax and download all knowledge about any subject, straight to your brain. I need this so badly!
Hashim Aziz (4 months ago)
Soon... by which I mean like 30-50 years.
MsKDChurchill (2 years ago)
I want to do this soooooo bad, I'd love to have so much information in such a short period of time and have it be permeant
Yuwen T (2 years ago)
Morpheus: And i know whoop your arse.
turdferguson2 (2 years ago)
...and with one sentence the world was forever changed
Nick vd Veerdonk (2 years ago)
actorben (2 years ago)
That's EXACTLY what I say after playing, "One Finger Death Punch," on the PC for several hours!
Ephraim225 (2 years ago)
For the last time, NO YOU DON'T
nakedspaniard (2 years ago)
+Ephraim225 maybe yogi and some Chinese are argument invalid
Spent Lizard (3 years ago)
Am I the only one who DOESN'T think Keanu Reeves is a bad actor?
tanakattack (7 months ago)
Spent Lizard (7 months ago)
Hello. After having matured a couple of years and seeing Hacksaw Ridge myself, I can say that Garfield has found his niche. He was astounding in that role.
tanakattack (7 months ago)
it really depends on the role. And i know the next comment is 2 years old, but i think hacksaw ridge has proven that Andrew Garfield is actually an excellent actor.
Brian Merritt (1 year ago)
+Spent Lizard He fit this role very well. that's all I care about.
Tei Cherry (2 years ago)
+Spent Lizard You can say he's excellent
CaptainJackSpparrow (3 years ago)
Keenu : i know Blowjob Morpheus : Show me
FARES GAMING (4 months ago)
CaptainJackSpparrow Dumbass :D
EdgyFuckwad (3 years ago)
>that accessing of the akashic records
Imma kill you. (3 years ago)
And I know Whop-Yo-Arse!
Fussleiste (3 years ago)
i'm still not understanding why neo says "jiu jitsu" instead of "kung fu" in the german translation >.<
Brian Merritt (1 year ago)
+Fussleiste It may be a mistake in translating. Before the training he looks at the computer and sees Jiu Jitsu and says "I'm gonna learn jiu jitsu?" And then he does, and then they continue to load every other form of physical training into his brain, including Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and at the very end he utters "I know kung fu." I think the translators may have made the mistake of thinking jiu jitsu was the only form of martial arts he learned, when he in fact learned them all.
Lennie Hakola (3 years ago)
This is exactly what I felt like when I tried Spritz reading app...
Anything2bCool (3 years ago)
I know Kung Fu! Show me. *SMACK* Ok *sob* that was pretty good... ;-(
Xylon beta (3 years ago)
But do you know... Cyber Kung Fu?
huong ngoc chau nguyen (4 years ago)
<3 Awesome Neo  Kufu, <3 <3  Them they choose You <3 <3   You so deep great actor great movies idea. thank you 
a 16 second clip of me browsing the internet each day
dog6363 (4 years ago)
Jesse Pinkman: "I can cook...." Walter White: "Show me...."
valar (4 years ago)
I, for one, welcome our new cyborg overlords.
valar (4 years ago)
I know kung - uh...line?
Tofu Waffle (4 years ago)
We watched this in my advance math class while we doing matrices lol
SnowMortalKombat (4 years ago)
Anthony A (4 years ago)
"Zen Buddhism teaches that enlightenment is achieved through the profound realization that one is already an enlightened being." O_O...I know kung fu.
RutherfordvsEinstein (4 years ago)
Chuck: Guys... I know kung fu.
CheckMa7eyGB (4 years ago)
which would distabilize the entire planet and probably kill us all due to the fact people can just inject any knowledge into their heads, anyone can make a bomb/weapons/etc.
Richard Morales (4 years ago)
Before "Apps" Existed... Sadly when this is possible in reality you're going to have to pay a monthly fee to keep Kung Fu live on your mind. lol.
Vinny (4 years ago)
JCrawn51 (4 years ago)
Drew C (4 years ago)
I woke up and knew karate!!!!
jaysarf (4 years ago)
Its called Zui Quan :)
nja122890 (4 years ago)
Yeah. That's actually a style of Kungfu. Jackie Chan did a few movies around it the "Drunken Master" series.
nja122890 (4 years ago)
One of the styles it shows on screen is Tae Kwon Do, which is not Kungfu.
Curtis WiesHausenlicktensteinski (4 years ago)
I know Kung Pow Chicken
Jacob Langsam (4 years ago)
did anyone else notice "drunken boxing" as one of the fighting styles?
xmintyninjax (4 years ago)
I want to see a new matrix movie!
Scourge (4 years ago)
I know kung fu fo realz
EvaParley (4 years ago)
they should have a reference to that on Assassin's Creed... likeDesmond wakes up and goes "I know parkour" xD
yuryeong (4 years ago)
now me too :D (however it took a bit longer than for Neo :( )
DtF (4 years ago)
Brilliant idea, man! xD
DtF (4 years ago)
I know Photoshop Show me
mobspeak (4 years ago)
I know Tofu..
Stiven Melo (4 years ago)
ahahhahaahahhaha fatality
Oce (5 years ago)
What if I told you.. there is no 15th second.
pawel1818 (5 years ago)
Neo I know Justin Bibber Morpheus Show me his autograph :)
Evaldas Raisutis (5 years ago)
I know JavaScript
mat hogaboom (5 years ago)
if you think it you can become it.. there fore i am kung fu!!!
Daniel Bartolini (5 years ago)
Wowwwww, you guys are immature
GravityGrave (5 years ago)
hah! this made me giggle
toobboob79 (5 years ago)
A Walk in the Clouds... It's towards the end of the film though. You have to sit through a largely unimportant love story plot. Eventually though it starts to interesting.
physXroyale (5 years ago)
i do this everytime when someone wakes me up
Huddiethegreat (5 years ago)
KarlBaath (5 years ago)
Engadget sent me!
zarith4fiddy (5 years ago)
Andrew Gladman (5 years ago)
omg... He just downloaded the Intersect 2.0!
jhlbjaaa (5 years ago)
Me too.
Dynoids (5 years ago)
willrobd (5 years ago)
This is how I feel after I end up on a Wikipedia tangent stoned at 3 am.
thelinedrive (5 years ago)
If that line isn't in the new Bill and Ted it will ruin the movie
caremell (5 years ago)
i agree instead banking theory and monetary theory course and economic growth while just adding these stuff i can have rest of my courses
caremell (5 years ago)
ahahaha xD well on morpheus defence he is the chosen one
Jackson Treanor (5 years ago)
haha anyone else notice drunken boxing?
Dan The Enigma (5 years ago)
"I know Kung Fu... woah"
advocatingAvian (5 years ago)
Kenpo Tae kwon do Drunken boxing?
TheHorus471 (5 years ago)
So morpheus was watching him whole time,Really creepy man.
Xam271 (5 years ago)
knock knock.
theevilmachines (5 years ago)
i wish this could happen to me, but with quantum field theory instead of kung fu
Rob Nixon (5 years ago)
I know Kung Fu... Panda.