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Most SHOCKING Taylor Swift Reputation Track List Fan Theories

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More Celebrity News ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews That’s right – it’s time to put our best Detective Olivia Benson skills to the test because Taylor Swift dropped her entire Reputation track list just two days before the album’s release, triggering theory upon theory in a matter of minutes. Fans were ecstatic to find out that the 15-song track list features a collaboration with not one but TWO artists – a song called “End Game” featuring Ed Sheeran and Future. The theory, now proven true, that Ed would be collaborating with Taylor, began when Chinese symbols were spotted on the walls during Taylor’s music video for “…Ready For It?” that translated to Taylor, Ed, and Future. But one theory diehard Swifties have since circled back on following the track list’s release was the idea that the album would be split into two parts – a media’s representation of Taylor vs. her own written narrative. One crucial piece of evidence that supports this theory is the ellipsis, or three dots, that are found on both tracks 1 and 7. An overly-excited Twitter user might’ve just cracked the case on the split album, writing QUOTE, “GUYS REMEMBER THE THEORY OF REP BEING SPLIT IN 2 PARTS?? RFI TITLE BEGINS WITH A “...” AND SO IT GOES ENDS WITH A “... “ TO SIGNIFY THE 7 SONGS ABOUT HER REPUTATION AND THE 8 SONGS AFTER ARE ABOUT HER REAL SELF.” This theory makes perfect sense considering the darker vibes of the first seven song titles and the much more lighthearted titles of the last half of the album. Naturally, similar tweets came flooding in with almost identical theories based on the split album, so it looks like we’ll be getting a perfect mix of the new cold hard media Taylor and the old (self-described “dead”) Taylor we knew all too well. And just to be clear, fans have even cleared up any future rumors about the last half of Tay’s album, where you can find her already-released love songs “Gorgeous” and “Call It What You Want”, saying that any romantic ballad of hers from here on out is only about her boyfriend of a year, Joe Alwyn. One fan who attended Taylor’s Secret Sessions confirmed the news delivered by Taylor herself, saying, “I’m here to drop some tea listen up and listen good!! Any love song Taylor writes now is about Joe and only Joe. She is so happy and this is about them. And only them. This is confirmed. It’s a rule. Joe love songs from here on out, this goes for all of Reputation. No speculating if it is about Taylor’s ex from a million years ago because I promise you it’s not. Joe and Taylor. Happy. The tea has been served.” Well that’s one way to clear a rumor up! But we’ve only got two more days until I disappear for weeks memorizing Reputation, but right now I gotta know if you think this whole split album theory is true, so get to talking down here in the comments, and after that, click right over here to get all the details on the legal action Taylor’s fans are threatening to take if the album is leaked. Talk about dedication! Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Erin Robinson and I’ll see you next time. For More Clevver Visit: There are 2 types of people: those who follow us on Facebook and those who are missing out http://facebook.com/clevver Keep up with us on Instagram: http://instagr.am/Clevver Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ClevverTV Website: http://www.clevver.com Add us to your circles on Google+: http://google.com/+ClevverNews Tweet Me: http://www.twitter.com/heyerinRobinson
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Text Comments (278)
Imbored (7 months ago)
Kinda. Feel like she's a clone:/ *scary*
Pop (11 months ago)
Where can i find this album
iamstich blackkuroneko (11 months ago)
I dont caaaaaareeeeee
Kimberly White (11 months ago)
I like everything about her and her music!!!
Emma Meyer (11 months ago)
"Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Erin Robinson and I’ll see you next time" guys her name is really Erin not whatever her other name was
Tweedledum Tweedledee (11 months ago)
Does So It Goes... ...Ready For It? Are they connected?? So it goes, ready for it? Just a theory cause the one 3 dots on the front and the one has 3 dots on the back
Esther T (11 months ago)
I sub to Spotify but now cannot hear :/ now changing back to iTunes...
Krystal Rowan (11 months ago)
Many Kanye references, guess somebody really isn't control of her own narrative, if she was she would have took her own advice, ("Shake it off") and write songs with substance. What she did the entire album is what the "old Taylor" did, the self victimisation/character assassination card is really really overdone and not even cute anymore. She's not a teenager with a settle to score anymore, let shit go Taylor and become a woman of almost 28 years old already!!. She's pretty much telling Kanye and Kim she needs their feud to succeed, would love an entire album without dramatic high-school shit. The rapping attempts was too try hard for me, she should leave it to Kanye and other rappers. Taylor acting like a grown woman = (I'm) ready for it.
Theviral Videos (11 months ago)
Reputation by Taylor Swift!! Watch this https://youtu.be/s6I8MxCF3HU
dragon upenrico (11 months ago)
For me, Getaway Car is the best song on the album. If I can give my opinion on what song I find is the best on the album, you'll probably know what that means y'all. *wink*
T R (11 months ago)
I hope she's going start performing songs from this album I've waited for so long so excited for this album!!!
Nikki Hamilton (11 months ago)
Coolest idea ever, 2 part album thing is true...
Secret Zexyula Teloiv (11 months ago)
I'm writing a song about tom plumey
Jordan M Crazy (11 months ago)
I find it funny she's using the whole style of Blank Space with this album
sonia a (11 months ago)
Tori Walthers (11 months ago)
To the chick giving the news your outfit is super cute 🙂
SuperChiko4000 (11 months ago)
She's a legend
Mark Vozelj (11 months ago)
Thats why we cant have Nice things is about katy perry
Luciana Brito (11 months ago)
I love taylor swift forever.
SforSwiftie (11 months ago)
Predicted first week sales: 1.5 to 2 million, legends only
itsjustkashii (11 months ago)
LWR (11 months ago)
how many vids do u make about one topic? 300?
HayesInTheHole (11 months ago)
Time to grow up
sayounara1232 (11 months ago)
It'd be pretty sad if she and Joe broke up considering she's writing so many songs abt him and stuff lol let's hope she doesn't
Suicidal Freak (11 months ago)
So, I made a simple poem out of Taylor's song titles in the album 😂 Last year was "Gorgeous" You were the "King of my heart", and "So it goes". Honey, "Call it what you want" but "I did something bad" while wearing the "Dress" you got me after our "Get away car". "Don't blame me" for "End Game"s, though things are melting and turning "Delicate", "This is why we can't have nice things", but "Look what you made me do", we're "Dancing with our hands tied" like we should. Last "New Year's day" was the day things broke apart, But this Year, are you "Ready for it?" Honey, Let's take our crown back. Okay bye.
Rizman Panggabean (11 months ago)
i think Detective Olivia Benson should be on Wikipedia
Clockwork Nobody (11 months ago)
The theories aren’t really “shocking” but I do agree with them.
Ethan (11 months ago)
Anyone else who can read Chinese and would have realized the collab if they had paid attention to the characters
Vanderwaal Force (11 months ago)
I got Lily's Pantene ad 😍😍😍
Aditi Singh (11 months ago)
Fuck yeah !!!!!!!! I'm so happy and excited and pumped up for reputation ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Ashman Grande (11 months ago)
and who always relating her song with her ex... yeah clevver news.
Thamizh Vani (11 months ago)
Is like "I am. Sasha Fierce."
Nasheet Ahmed (11 months ago)
What the media doesn't realize that this album is also about them.
Nasheet Ahmed (11 months ago)
Nisa Chan yeah maybe
Lisa Khan (11 months ago)
Nasheet Ahmed they dont really want to admit is about them. Heck, LWYMMD is about them!
3B15 KWOK LAI CHUN (11 months ago)
So sad no kesha collabration
simply complicated (11 months ago)
everything hasn't changed😊
rayn09 (11 months ago)
*TRACK 16 ...i was expecting a Tswift feat. Selena Gomez & Nicki Minaj...*
Gryphon Ng (11 months ago)
The sound of the guy in CIWYW could it be joe's cameo ?
Lisa Khan (11 months ago)
Gryphon Ng No it's Jack Antonoff her friend and producer
Ally Jane (11 months ago)
Omg I can’t wait! 😱💕
Ally Jane (11 months ago)
I am so EXCITED ! I have become such a fan 💕🙌🏻
Andrea Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Sad to see no Drake collaboration 😭
ᴅᴀᴠɪᴅ !!! (11 months ago)
*the people who leaked the fucking album literally puts the word “PUTA” in rePUTAtion smfh*
timidsore (11 months ago)
And when she breaks up with Joe, she's gonna make a whole another album on him.
Lisa Khan (11 months ago)
timidsore she even say right now she being rational in relationship. Like "if this going be forever I'm happy, if this relationship is not working. That's okay." and she writes song when they break-up? Well Taylor ex wrotes songs about her but if she did the same thing, she getting blame?
Mahendra singh (11 months ago)
Fine, since no one is streaming reputation till 7 days it's release , go and stream kiwi music video.....
End Game (11 months ago)
Syahirah Prime :)
Eli Prime (11 months ago)
Juan Limon I love the song
End Game (11 months ago)
Syahirah Prime Wolves by Selena Gomez? :)
Mahendra singh (11 months ago)
Syahirah Prime I was saying for all you had to do was stay from 1989. It's Taylor's song. I like that song .
Eli Prime (11 months ago)
Mahendra singh I don't like Harry music
Marvin Bustamante (11 months ago)
Sooo..... Get ready for he deluxe version after the release of REPUTATION ! (wishing 3-5 more songs in the deluxeeeeee)
Γιώργος Λακαρδής (11 months ago)
Im just glad the Ed is getting the 2018 album of the year grammy because 2019 will be reputation
Miahil Ali (11 months ago)
love taylor swift ♡♥♡♡♥♡♡♡
Ash D (11 months ago)
I think the song dress is about the meuler case an how he put is hand up her dress. And i think that it is the really sad song that mama swift couldn't listen to and got really upset at (bear in mind she was crying in the court). Just a theory.
Cha Cha (11 months ago)
Ash D lol no it's not. It talks about sex, girl. Read the lyrics, there's a part where it says she bought a dress just for him to take it off and something along with that. And making his mark on her when they do the deed, adding his name to her bedpost. Basically, her sex life with Joe.
Clay Brice (11 months ago)
Can't wait to jam out to this album.
VICKY V (11 months ago)
Sad I didn’t see a Selena X Taylor collab on the tracklist but the tweet was for the Target exclusive album/magazine, so fingers crossed it’s on there!!
Michael Lioe (11 months ago)
Kinda disappointed she didn't do collab with Selena
sushisoon (11 months ago)
punam kumari (11 months ago)
1 more day
Jonna Jänkälä (11 months ago)
witch joe ...
Fawn Whisperer (11 months ago)
Hahahahaha okay SHE SAID all her lovesongs from hereon out are about Joe only, it must be true! I think anyone who writes or makes art knows we would all say that if we were in a committed relationship... but Saint Tay said it was true so LOL
rheythepremed (11 months ago)
So excited to listen to the album!!!
Xander's Universe (11 months ago)
Do people still buy CD's at stores??... I'm doing it anyway.
Swiftie_ 567 (11 months ago)
*if because it auto correct sorry
Swiftie_ 567 (11 months ago)
You can buy it on iTunes of you want .
Angana Boruah (11 months ago)
i'm doing it too..can't wait 7 more days for the album..so i'm buying the CD
Meme God (11 months ago)
The media (cough Clevver) still hasn’t realized this album is about them
Ali Nourmohamadi (3 months ago)
Fire Ass (11 months ago)
im dead
Emma Meyer (11 months ago)
yasss too true
Alice Potatoes :3 (11 months ago)
MK C this video was uploaded a while before this comment? .-.
that swift fangirl (11 months ago)
lmao true
Priya Dikshit (11 months ago)
where is selena haah?
Blue ' (11 months ago)
Priya Dikshit who knows?, Tay could release a song in the future with her and add it to the new album
jimena Sanchez-Arjona (11 months ago)
No name L (11 months ago)
Woah is this about ed sheeran? In one of ed Sheerans song it talked about how I saw you in that dress and dancing in the moonlight and look it’s dancing with our hands tied and dress, mind blown, but nah I think I’m going crazy
ONCE FOR LIFE (11 months ago)
Taylor is such a queen
Nonso Kelvin (11 months ago)
Lets hope Taylor and his current boyfriend don't break up. I'm tired of all the drama.
London Brigid (9 months ago)
Nonso Kelvin yea, same. She's had like 8 boyfriends, so I'd like her to finally have a romantic relationship that lasts.
Lisa Khan (11 months ago)
Nonso Kelvin if they break-up you never know until months maybe? Because she not even saying anything or post about her relationship in social media. Their relationship it's like K-Pop Idols right now. But if you dont want drama, just say that to the media.
Fans are werid sometimes
cns (11 months ago)
Armondo Arroyo (11 months ago)
ButeraBoy (11 months ago)
crazy that taylor posts her whole discography to streaming services on the Witness release date. YET she doesn’t upload her album when katy’s not active right now hmmm
ButeraBoy (11 months ago)
Sushi Lavaa TEA
ButeraBoy (11 months ago)
Shantell Lord i do :P.
Sushi Lavaa (11 months ago)
Martin Garcia Don't really know why she would be jealous of someone flopping
Martin Garcia (11 months ago)
ButeraBoy Oh shut UP!!! Taylors jealous of katy
S.A. Whitney (11 months ago)
ButeraBoy remember us asking for yours? if you can dish it out, also take it, or shhusshhh.
Diana Vickers UK (11 months ago)
subwaysurfer (11 months ago)
Sa5m Christie (11 months ago)
It's probably for deaf people.... not everyone wants to use the subtitles
A T (11 months ago)
It is soo obvious that TS' new album "Reputation" is waaay behind comparing to "1989" which was a piece of art. The stupid theories, the media attention and her brief "disappearance" wont help this album come any close to the last one ( sorry T but the mysterious disappearance from social media only works perfectly with Selena) Sad to say this year is a flop to Tay Tay. But apparently she's taking the safe smart track : put loads of money on music videos to cover for the whacked music like the case in "Look what you made me do." Enjoy to try to convince me otherwise but don't hate on me just because I have an opinion that will only make you look like a stupid child.
Cha Cha (11 months ago)
A T I agree with you in this, in my opinion the only decent song i liked from it are getaway car, new years day and call it what you want the rest were so...idk can't explain it I just don't feel anything about it. Red and 1989 were still her best for me. Red came off as personal and raw with emotion, 1989 was jumpy and exciting song. This one talks more about love triangle, possible cheating affairs, sex, hatred and revenge.
A T (11 months ago)
abby not surprising. Swifties are a strong fanbase they have her back. But I was talking about quality. And she's obviously making so much effort to promote it 'cause she knows the music won't help her out. Like I said, she is smart.
abby (11 months ago)
rep has 400k preorders, way more than 1989
Shell Angel (11 months ago)
The Psychic Twins have a new Taylor Swift video up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn7PRHjQloo
Bunny God (11 months ago)
I don’t even like Taylor but I’m ready for this album lol
Gemma Loves Taylor Swift (11 months ago)
OMG 1 DAY!!!
Pokemon Rules (11 months ago)
Funny how everyone cares about Taylor ..... And I am still thinking about her saying Olivia Benson love her
Natasha Tacken (11 months ago)
Pokemon Rules Olivia 'Liv' Moore is better.
Leo Barrales (11 months ago)
So the concept of the album is basically like I Am... Sasha Fierce
M V (11 months ago)
Fuck yeah! Knew she wouldn't release a song about Clavin. He was such a cunt after their break up, he's not even worth it 😂
getawaycar (11 months ago)
cookie müller what are you even talking about? You're the one making excuses for everything. 😂 I already pointed out that everything you said is not credible or has nothing to do with someone hating her but ok. The only ones that did say something relevant is laughable. And Diplo is absolutely disgusting for that comment, demi won't shut her hypocritical mouth and still seems mad about selena moving on, and the rest I already explained. And even if people didnt like her what's your point? She's the biggest pop star at the moment, not everyone is gonna like her obviously. Every pop star has haters in the industry. Its when they actually have relevance and good reasons to that I'll start paying attention. And every song of hers is like that huh? Lmfao. You're really showing every ounce of ignorance you have here.
Han H (11 months ago)
spacedaydreams woow you swifties have like an excuse for everything. If people talk bad about her they obviously don’t like her. You don’t talk shit about anyone you like, do you? You taylor fans are too blind to see how she seems really extra and how she can’t get over any argument. Every song of her is about another ex or another person who she had an argument with.
getawaycar (11 months ago)
cookie müller link me this interview. You really cannot believe it unless its a verbal statement, so I'll repeat myself. Don't believe everything you READ. Her and nicki did make up, did you not see their performance? John mayer is an ex who got called out for his actions. Demi has better things to do? Clearly not because she is constantly talking about taylor 😂 Diplo bodyshames her so that means he hates her? I'm quite confused as to where you get this idea that all of these people "hate her" for the most ridiculous things you're stating. You're reaching sooo bad. If there was a list of people who actually knew her who came out and said legitimate reasons why she's not a good person or whatever then I'd understand, but you're kind of all over the place with false info and weird irrelevant statements that has nothing to do with what you're talking about.
Han H (11 months ago)
spacedaydreams Adele said that in an interview and Miley said that after Taylor called her performance grotesque. Nicki and her didn’t really made up and Demi has better things to do than think about Taylor. John Mayer honestly hates her and Diplo tweeted that „someone should make a kickstarter to get Taylor Swift a booty“ He also said that her fans are like the korean army or something like that. Oh and i forgot about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who roasted her at the Golden Globes.
getawaycar (11 months ago)
cookie müller you seem very misinformed. Half of those people are on good terms with her. She and harry are cool, her and zayn did a song together, nicki and her made up...Where are you getting these names from? Kanye and kim we already know that story as well as katy, demi seems obsessed with taylor and everything she does and its very hypocritical. Very bad examples here. Taylor doesnt use her "misfortunes" more than any other writer and artist. Adele and Miley never said that either. Stop believing everything you read off the internet and maybe you'll have a better idea of how a person is.
Ice Princess (11 months ago)
@edsheeran again👏
Wesley Au-Yeung (11 months ago)
I think Clevver needs to learn the definition of “shocking”
Ferdhaus Ismael (11 months ago)
they also need to learn how to actually write clever...
Blue ' (11 months ago)
I bet they do know it, but they’re using it for click bait
No name L (11 months ago)
Wesley Au-Yeung they need to get a dictionary overall
Taylor Swift (11 months ago)
people who say there's no taylena collab...Maybe it'll be her new album ... i bet
Taylor Swift (11 months ago)
Selena Selena me too so excited ...
Selena Selena (11 months ago)
SwiftiForIt hope so.....seriously cant wait for it
Greg The Slim Jim Genie (11 months ago)
History will be made Friday
LadyGaga And Taylor Swift are Queens (11 months ago)
Greg The Slim Jim Genie it already did and it didn’t even come out shows how much of a queen Taylor is
Mish mish (11 months ago)
I LOVE this new Taylor. Cant get enough. Let the haters hate. You go and slay em all!
Aashima Singh (8 months ago)
Mish mish the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate shake it off Taylor shake it off
Hufflepuff Mixer Swifty (10 months ago)
Mish mish me too!! And I love when sometimes she mixes both. Like New Year’s Day.
Queen Beyonce (11 months ago)
Beyonce is better 😒
Hime Uzumaki (11 months ago)
Queen Beyonce i dont even care if Taylor knows me or not actually 😏 and what you're doing is not "opinion"
Queen Beyonce (11 months ago)
Hime Uzumaki Taylor doesn't even know and care about you biatch. 😒 I could give my opinion if I fucking want to. As if 😒
Hime Uzumaki (11 months ago)
Queen Beyonce Beyonce doesn't even know and care about you. Go do this on a Beyonce video
Queen Beyonce (11 months ago)
LadyGaga And Taylor Swift are Queens Go fuck yourself puta. Fucking triggered weak bitch 😒
Taylor Swiftie (11 months ago)
Ano connect?😂
Confetti Content (11 months ago)
Yeah .......
Emoni.Memez (11 months ago)
The era theory is true look at the tracklist and line up all the songs with the 15 eras.
abner365 (11 months ago)
JessWest118 omg thank you so much I can see it now.
Lord Elephant (11 months ago)
and i think she liked this theory on tumblr a couple months ago
JessWest118 (11 months ago)
On the Music video for Look what you made me do, at the end of the video there are 15 Taylor's standing in a line from different eras... 15 Taylor's 15 Reputation tracks... The first Taylor is bike Taylor which represents Ready For It, Gorgeous is GLA Taylor where she met Joe. Another examples: I did something bad is the tower Taylor with the Rep Jumper and the 15 Taylor standing in the back on the reputation plane is the 'real Taylor' represents New Years Day.
Dana K (11 months ago)
Emoni.Memez What is the era theory
Unknown Secret (11 months ago)
J R (11 months ago)
Haters are gonna hate... This time she hates back it them. SHADE THEM ALL, TAYLOR
dai suke (11 months ago)
reputations still her worst album till date. and i'm saying this as a fan, she overdid herself this time around
J R (11 months ago)
Night Sultana kkk gets their come upance
Night Sultana (11 months ago)
J R "Shake it off"
Reuben Rangel (11 months ago)
the markings on her body in the music video are Celtic for I Love Reuben... try to be more subtle next time Taylor
Sweetener (11 months ago)
I can't wait
panda jamma (11 months ago)
Early squad unite ahhhhhhhhhhh nuts I'm late again
a guy (11 months ago)
Wow, one is called don't blame me. What a surprise.
abby (11 months ago)
yeah the first half of the album represents the person the media writes about. it reflects the album cover, with half of her face being concealed by writing and the other half being the real her
Eden Gallagher (11 months ago)
And it's on the half of the album that's being satirical about her reputation lol
Isaiah Carbone (11 months ago)
damn i can't fucking wait for ed to sing with her AGAIN!
Daniel Daniel (7 months ago)
watch this video Taylor swift for her birthday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRnyBD5sqtM
Khalifa ID (11 months ago)
Yeahh, it's all about Ed, and the Ed 'perfect' song, its about tay tay
ashton houran (11 months ago)
Isaiah Jacob Sings like the time when everything has changed came out, still a beloved collaboration tho
Sameeha mariam (11 months ago)
guys there are other dectectives other than olivia benson.
Ally Reilly (11 months ago)
Sameeha mariam I think they say that bc Taylor like Olivia benson
Erika Can (11 months ago)
Taylor is the Best <3. I'm in love with her, She is soooooooo sexy <3
Erika Can (11 months ago)
why you said that? not because She does not be voluminous it means She it's no sexy, She got an amazing body, and that's all I said... #Teamtaylor #reputation
rima gupta (11 months ago)
Erika Can not sexy but cute and kind-hearted
music is my therapy 101 (11 months ago)
So early
Çiğdem Onur (11 months ago)
who even cares
ImNotCuteImPunkRock (11 months ago)
Çiğdem Onur lmao I'm talking to u. Not to myself This is exactly wat ppl say after they look like an idiot. Lmao. You'll realize when ur older. 😂😂😂. IF ur so mature, why don't u let this go now? All ur points have been proven wrong.😂 y r u still fighting? Still wanna look right? 😂
Çiğdem Onur (11 months ago)
you'll understand when you grow up
Çiğdem Onur (11 months ago)
well, i didn't say anything bad you just keep argueing with yourself and it's fun watching you
ImNotCuteImPunkRock (11 months ago)
Çiğdem Onur aww thanks. That's wat everyone says when they have messed up and got nothing better to say. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 GOOD TRY THO
Çiğdem Onur (11 months ago)
lol ur so fun to mess with. i love top. their fanbase is cancerous. just like ts fanbase
Cutiee Pie (11 months ago)
Who else is over this singer
Dazzy S (11 months ago)
Cutiee Pie me because the old taylor is dead
L R (11 months ago)
Cutiee Pie Probably no one here, because this video is _about Taylor Swift._
ActressInYourBadDreams (11 months ago)
Apparently not you since you decided to watch this video and comment on it.
ImNotCuteImPunkRock (11 months ago)
Çiğdem Onur when did u say that?, lol. And im sure u don't like her either. And yeah better get the hell out of here before u get cancer too. 😂
Çiğdem Onur (11 months ago)
dude i just said i don't hate her lol. cancerous fanbase
lauren butt (11 months ago)
these kids cant clear up shit when they obessive over taylor snake the snakiest compared to her despreate fans even if the date i can steal all her man and yous in a brunch
abby (11 months ago)
queen of snakes actually. try again
ActressInYourBadDreams (11 months ago)
Can’t roast when you can’t even speak basic English.
Observer Jr. (11 months ago)
lauren butt btw snake ref doesn't hurt anymore bitch try something new 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
Observer Jr. (11 months ago)
Ok Rat! 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀
ImNotCuteImPunkRock (11 months ago)
U have been found dead! Try again bitch
Gino Aldeguer (11 months ago)
Clevver, please let Naz host Taylor's News not Renee... please!!!
Thomas Caputo (11 months ago)
I’m still sad there’s no Selena Gomez collab
Alif Hussainy (5 months ago)
Thomas Caputo the song I did something bad has Selena's vocals
Emma Cornwall (11 months ago)
+gabe ford aww really?
gabe ford (11 months ago)
I'm still sad because it won't be available on spotify 'till next week
Night Sultana (11 months ago)
Selena Gomez is just a puppet friend of taylor
Mildred Daradal (11 months ago)
Thomas Caputo selena cant sing
Kelly Moon (11 months ago)
squad where ya at (like early squad where ya at but I like to say aquad😄)
Awesomeboy131 (11 months ago)
Jane Doe rude
star 57369 (11 months ago)
Romaisa Inam (11 months ago)
I am the first one to watch this.