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Taylor Swift - UPS commercial (2017)

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Taylor Swift, look what you made me do, ups, commercial, new single, 2017, vma, ts6, album, reputation
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Text Comments (9)
Samar Bandodkar (1 month ago)
I was half dead because of her scary smile
Jon Stewart (2 months ago)
That look when she's like "Its Taylor Bitch!"
acsial (2 months ago)
Absolutely sexy smile. <3 <3
Robert Sutphen (4 months ago)
She is gorgeous!
Major Swifti (4 months ago)
people keep saying the smile is so creepy but im like "ITS ADORABLE!!!"
VinnytotheK (4 months ago)
Dang, she's mailing bombs to fans. That's insane.
Robert Sutphen (5 months ago)
Wow.......she automatically made me start laughing. Provocative......entertaining.......brilliant!
JudyGarlandRulez152 (5 months ago)
That look says, "You don't even know what I got in store for you."
BertVegas (5 months ago)
Uni bomber vibes