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Good People - Random Acts of Kindness 2018

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Good People - Random Acts of Kindness 2018 - Enjoy watching, be careful on the road! Submit your videos: evgeniyas2007@gmail.com Subscribe! http://goo.gl/YjCTrJ Offer your subtitles and translations! https://goo.gl/NvkuAl The best collection of car video caught on Dash Cam from around the world. On this channel you will find a large selection of videos on various topics of car: idiot drivers, road rage, driving fails, close calls, instant karma, and many other collections. All pleasant viewing! Recent compilations every day!. Dear viewers, if you own the copyright to any video posted on the channel, and you are against placing your videos on the list, and if you want to see your video in the compilation please write us: evgeniyas2007@gmail.com Featured Playlists car theme !!! Ultimate Driving Fails Compilation - https://goo.gl/SjS8bs CRAZY ROAD RAGE - https://goo.gl/Q3RvpW INSTANT KARMA, INSTANT JUSTICE - https://goo.gl/b9LjvX Incredible luck // CLOSE CALLS - https://goo.gl/sSQpKh Driving Fails Compilation - https://goo.gl/XawRNA Random acts of kindness || Humanity restored! - https://goo.gl/DyG3wW USA ROAD RAGE - https://goo.gl/NnJE3K **************************************************************** DISCLAIMER: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing."
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Text Comments (84)
Dschiiim - BB Team (10 days ago)
9:40 how cute
velvetulipe (14 days ago)
That last one is cute 😉
Majin VegetaSixThreeTwo (15 days ago)
Name of song at ending?
Romain Picard (15 days ago)
Headquarters professional cable category middle wing interested music global after.
nadeem Yousaf (15 days ago)
So many people stopoing to help is really awesome at 1:20..
Dutil41 (16 days ago)
We definitely need more of these on Youtube!
Mohamed Tahiri (16 days ago)
name of song 3:18
Tat2Dragons (10 days ago)
Mohamed Tahiri El Barbero by Al Raqqa
acalthu (16 days ago)
the guy who rescued the handbag surely got some thank you sex.
idrees khan (16 days ago)
I always find it very emotional and ya m still having tears in my eyes.....
Central Illinois Dashcam (17 days ago)
23 heartless dickheads (so far) gave this video a thumbs down.
A Buff (17 days ago)
Всех с Новым годом! Автора тоже! Последнее видео очень забавное
Filip Wojas (17 days ago)
God bless all good people on the world. Love and respect each other. You have only one life.
0217ldp (17 days ago)
Another random act of kindness, a police car with lights flashing, stopped traffic at a busy intersection to let a family of ducks cross the road.
gixxer4646 (17 days ago)
That last cat was like "Dude where they go?" :))
Roberto Blanco (17 days ago)
me gusto mucho tu video yo se que aun hay bondad en la gente mas cuando ayudan a los animales muchas bendiciones a todos por ayudar saludos des El Salvador
EG 0611 (17 days ago)
There is still hope.
Get Schwifty (17 days ago)
It's sad that people film someone helping because it's unusual 😞
Vignar Agnostiak (18 days ago)
At 5:30 that is not Taxi, that is UBER and similar companys steal ride from Taxi and bag from passenger! Only regular Taxi is reliable maximum, as much man can be.
关东唐 (18 days ago)
Aristeo Juarez III (18 days ago)
I just honk at old people and laugh.
Tat2Dragons (10 days ago)
Minecraftmaster Player Well that’s because you’re an asshole.
Brate Brate (18 days ago)
Good job putin
Chaos Zombie999 (18 days ago)
BigBear BangGang (18 days ago)
Wat was the last clip? Did let the cats out? Nice video boss!
Nick is Insane (18 days ago)
It's way too easy to only think of the bad in the world. What suh a great reminder of how much good there is as well~Gotta shine the light on the good doers too~Thank you so much! Helped me sleep~👌❤
azxy 1234 (18 days ago)
مامدانا نتهنا بسنه الجديده 😂
Justin Soles (18 days ago)
This video shows more people who wasn't kind if u think about it
Вита Мин (18 days ago)
Всем Добра!
Mandy L. (19 days ago)
It was SO NICE to see people doing GOOD & Helping others.... Instead of being Jerks & morons! That was a Good way to start the New Year out!
Jeremy Weikel (19 days ago)
Thank you!
Deette Kearns (19 days ago)
lladylobo1 (19 days ago)
Thanks. I needed that.
Lesleyt58 (19 days ago)
What a great collection of vids. Really feel good.
Dan Koning (19 days ago)
Its sad that we need to record acts like this to reassure ourselves theres still hope for humanity. This was a common act for "The Greatest Generation" - (born 1901-1924). Their morals/life lessons shine as lights for us today...sadly their values are deemed "odd & old-fashioned” like: Jesus, Bible, church, responsibility, work ethic, commitment to marriage/traditional family &  right/wrong. Things were still clear back then....unlike today.  The ppl of "The Greatest Generation" were called that b/c of their values/virtue/morals. Its sad & ironic that today the things that our generation embraces & celebrates & even fights for, are the very things that the ppl of "The Greatest Generation" fought against. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, it produced its share of criminals & societal misfits, but NOTHING like we have in the U.S. today.    In the 1950's (USA), people used to help each other all the time just like in this video. Ppl won't see we're slowly imploding b/c we banned God purposefully from all areas of society where He was once honored and in turn, embraced & even celebrate what "Thou Shalt Not"- gay lifestyle, abortion, non-traditional family, transsexual deviance & drug use. What will this generation be called?   Seek Christ while He may be found.
mrt57rn (19 days ago)
This video brought tears to my eyes. In a world of so much hate & violence, to see a simple act of kindness renewed me. Thanks for posting.
Jonny F (17 days ago)
So true so much hate and little love to the world we need more love to the world
simeric2 (18 days ago)
Me too, 7:38 <3
ron valic (19 days ago)
especially saving the dog...
Phyde4ux (19 days ago)
More of this please!
RDC Tarantula (19 days ago)
dogs have to cross the streets, too!!!!
Stormy (19 days ago)
This is what 2018 needs to be about.
Michael Bøttger (19 days ago)
Nice finally to see some good traffic behaviour i Russia. It is almost only bad driving we see. Thanks - more of that Hyppy new year everyone
Lukos CZ (19 days ago)
Very nice video ☺️
Benoît (19 days ago)
you need to make a series out of this!
FRED ROGERS (19 days ago)
FRED ROGERS (19 days ago)
Backo (19 days ago)
Is what we need. Compassion rather than judgment.
SmokeDogNY420 (19 days ago)
I think stealing a purse is just behind child abduction on the list of lowest things to do.
ron valic (19 days ago)
sure is.
Charlie M. (19 days ago)
i like how russians handle these situations. If you're doing something illegal in russia you have to expect some pretty angry and heavy russian fists
Тимофей Баженофф (19 days ago)
Да ничего таксист не намеревался похищать. Дверью задней хлопнули, он и поехал, подумав, что пассажирка села в машину. А она не могла догнать и постучать по машине, дурочка.
KTOTAMHAX (17 days ago)
реально - он и не думал сваливать. просто укуренный в гавно, раз не заметил пассажирку на заднем сидении))) курица тоже не в себе - кинула сумку, закрыла дверь и пошла садиться с другой стороны... карочи то видео - фейковое ни о чём)
William Bill Claussen (19 days ago)
Nice to see a "Feel Good" video!!! Happy New Year and thanks for sharing!!!
joe Schlotthauer (19 days ago)
They went thataway.
IICLUII (19 days ago)
joe Schlotthauer Lol. I'm picturing you pointing in both directions at the same time while you say that. Lmao
CountryLifeTales (19 days ago)
Love these 'feel good' vids. Keep them coming. ❤
RoyalKingA73 (19 days ago)
I wish people in America was this kind and caring instead of being racist and selfish.
Lori Fletcher (2 days ago)
People watching videos of other people being kind and yet post nasty comments. Didn’t learn much huh?
Korkskrew (17 days ago)
RoyalKingA73 I don't think that's true, I think the thing is that the racist and selfish people get more exposure then the people that do good deeds.
Charles Pruitt (17 days ago)
RoyalKingA73 lol your stupid and selfish..ignorant..and should of been shot to the left..or spit out by your mother 😁👍
La Talmus (17 days ago)
Good and bad people exists together in every country.
darlin one (18 days ago)
RDC Tarantula no need for your dirty mouth pollution
Νίκος Τσιμερέκης (19 days ago)
Επιτέλους! Και ένα ευχάριστο βίντεο με αγαθοεργίες! Μπράβο στους οδηγούς που βοηθούν τους συνανθρώπους τους που έχουν ανάγκη!
Konstantin (19 days ago)
At this point of my life, i realised nothing will ever restore faith in humanity in me.
protocole zulu (19 days ago)
Konstantin the peace in the world begins with making peace with yourself ...
Bacek 108 (19 days ago)
на 5:25 это надо всегда предвидеть. Держать вещи при себе и не закидывать их без себя в чужую машину)))
Hichem Naami (19 days ago)
lol the last one ..
Aiman A (11 days ago)
lol poor cat.
Val M (17 days ago)
ты просто юмор не понял-трое пробежали и скрылись и бежит последний и остановившись у охранника как бы спросил-куда они убежали.а охранник ему рукой показал-туда.
protocole zulu (19 days ago)
Hichem Naami lmaaaooo unreal
Steph Mongrain (17 days ago)
If just half of the people on earth would act like this, all would be much better! Peace & Love & thx again for all these great video! :-)
Steph Mongrain (17 days ago)
Thank you very much professor sam, when english is not your first language you try to do the best you can! Look i will change the Word just for you .. And the important thing is that people understand what I meant. Alors la dessus je te laisse et te souhaite une bonne journée Man. Peace & Love dude
Sam (17 days ago)
Steph Mongrain you’re more than welcome, just try a bit harder next time, we all know you can do it.
Derpity Derp (18 days ago)
Steph Mongrain (18 days ago)
A court of history, thank you to you sam these very appreciated I will try not to make mistakes next time LOl!
Sam (18 days ago)
I can’t believe you’ve got 35 thumbs up and 1 ‘yup’ and no1’s mentioned the fact it should be half the people not half of the world!!
Derpity Derp (19 days ago)
These are the people you would want to meet.
na se (19 days ago)
good (هؤلاء الاشخاص الذين نود ان نقابلهم فى حياتنا اليوميه)