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How Not to Make Mobile Games

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Some of the tricks used by the most lucrative mobile games to manipulate and exploit their players. ### Credits ### Music is first: Dog Park by Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zzm4A3xYUp8&index=15&list=PLzCxunOM5WFKdhkL2L__Kjafqa-qzQGeY and then Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven
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Text Comments (1998)
PolyMatter (1 year ago)
Hope you guys find this topic interesting? Feel free to give feedback. I've got another political theory video in the pipeline which should be really neat (not unlike the North Korea one). Probably the video after next, but I think it's going to be good!
In-game Event (3 days ago)
These tricks are real but it's became old now. In Asian Mobile game market at least.
Dmitrii Kharlamov (2 months ago)
very interesting! it’ll help me make more money!
The Curiositas (4 months ago)
...i see you there PloyMatter...using the same music as CGPs rules for rulers....i see what you did there
Mo Mobile Games by Al Cox (6 months ago)
Very cool stuff. As a solo mobile Game Dev I def wanna see your take on how to make mobile games!
CrezZ (52 minutes ago)
Im late but people thinking that playing shit on your phone is gaming.. God its not!
musa Koçak (2 hours ago)
First:don't put fucking adds everywhere!!
splash a sploosh (2 hours ago)
Oh, now i know what to avoid. I dont want to exploit people, even though i wanted to make my own currency.
CreeperBot 793 (4 hours ago)
“If you score over 50, you’re legally skilled”
Zennec Fox (4 hours ago)
just make a shitty free-to-play RTS with ridiculously expensive microtransactions that do barely anything to justify their cost, *_ARMY MEN STRIKE._*
Senpai Desu (5 hours ago)
This... Was not a joke?
Level 100Yeet (5 hours ago)
A Part of a Mountain (5 hours ago)
Let's not forget about putting currency that can be gained via ad watching
Lt. ShootYou (7 hours ago)
And yet they still do.
Vakk (7 hours ago)
Sarcastic? Once I get my hands on game development I will make some easy million thanks to you.
DesGreySkry (7 hours ago)
Ford mobile Candy Rush Mania City
looy_looy GG (11 hours ago)
The music is scary me
killerblood (12 hours ago)
gemas gemas profanadas gemas😔
my dick is small, but (15 hours ago)
I felt like i just skimmed through the necronomicon
i want to die lol (15 hours ago)
Clash of clans has an end tho. Once you max all your buildings and troops the game is over until they release a new town hall level.
Just Some Heavy Main (16 hours ago)
EA's marketing strategies in a nutshell
THE DEVIL'S FEAR (16 hours ago)
Already knew that, the thing is, if a game is really really good it does not need that garbage, people is not playing to level up, unlock anything or finish the game (impossible) , they play because the game is really fun, a game is good when you search it on internet, share it with friends and most important, when you cant stop playing, not because you need to complete something, because you dont want to leave that world. For me that is the way games should follow.
Waluigi Is the best (17 hours ago)
But 99% of them are this
kule kid 69 (21 hours ago)
ea took this seriously
The_Admiral (22 hours ago)
When i saw the title, i instantly thought of those Mafia City ads.
Robloxian Chan (22 hours ago)
Well $7.99 and $26 are a small price for an entire childhood
2013 Excellence (23 hours ago)
Mobile games are pretty fun, depending on what it is though ofc.
A Demon (1 day ago)
Don’t even start on the mobile *ads*
zachashl (13 hours ago)
*W O A H*
Dugtrio Ramen (1 day ago)
Oh this was sarcastic?
Robotic Egg (1 day ago)
0:23 is that Minecraft at the right?
219ms (1 day ago)
Pixel gun 3d in a nutshell Makes game Adds microtransactions Adds more microtransactions Rips off desgins from Fortnite Bans 80% of players Adds more microtransactions Tells the banned players to restart and buy their way up again
100 subs without vids (1 day ago)
Naaaah fortnite is a rip off of pubg and pubg is a rip off of H1Z1 and pixel gun copied H1Z1
Anders Termansen (1 day ago)
shoutout to cookiecats blast. The game is more about microtransactions than a game.
X Waser (1 day ago)
Hey that looks like a good way to pay for college
Lukas hallo (1 day ago)
Fuck me this is hard to decide
Rocskatu (1 day ago)
Except Minecraft PE does none of this, making it the best game on the app store ever
Marsh Scarf (1 day ago)
no i have to pay money just to play special minecraft mods and levels using Minecoins which i have to buy with money and the fact i payed 10$ for this game and i am not even close with access to most but rather only its vanilla mode
Max Lucadou-Wells (1 day ago)
This is why I only play .io games now
Rockracer1288 (1 day ago)
well so far my favourite mobile game got all steps wrong but dependence and even then these mad lads did it without having a routine
Unholy Devourer Of All Worlds (1 day ago)
A good example of a good mobile game is one called Soul Knight made by Chillyroom on Android and iOS. The game has microtransactions but there is no premium currency (i.e. "you need 10 more diamonds to unlock this useless cosmetic"). The in-game currency in Soul Knight are called gems which you can get easily if you do good enough in the dungeon (basically where you'll explore like the entire game). But you can also buy them, the cheapest price you can pay for 35,000 gems is only 3.99. You can also buy skins and some characters but there's a password letting you use a character you don't have yet for no price at all, even the ones locked behind paywalls. Sure the game isn't completely free from microtransactions but I still recommend checking it out.
Tom Deacon (1 day ago)
make game sell gems profit
Prateek Gaur (2 days ago)
Thanks for this video polymatter I started learning app development to make games but now after all I am making softwares for companies and startup I will start my original plan of making games today will be realising series of games in this June thanks again for making me realise this
Scroob (2 days ago)
3:30 I think you switched Duolingo and mobile games
TheRandomizer44 (12 hours ago)
That's true
DogerZ (2 days ago)
Ctrl Z
da bezt goku (2 days ago)
Just cheat the game
Qwerty Gaming (2 days ago)
Mobile games SUCK. They're boring AF and i hardly see a point in playing them, and the good mobile games i find have barely any people playing it.
XxCactoos_ManxX (2 days ago)
I got a idle heroes ad beafore this.....
Scat Man (2 days ago)
You forgot 393&372847 ads in a minute
Rupel padhy (2 days ago)
This video is dark, but real. Nice video
T - Gay (2 days ago)
The Shpee (2 days ago)
EA why you do this to us? (I feel very stupid when I buy in-game stuff in the Google Play Store)
Ausar0 (3 days ago)
The only ways to return it to how it used to be, would be: 1. Everyone becomes aware of these manipulative tricks and decides to stop giving out their money 2. Corporations suddenly stop caring about profit. You'd think the second one is the most unlikely, but in reality both of them are just as unlikely. There's no more going back.
K 9 Poodle (1 day ago)
#1 is also very unlikely. People STILL buy BF, FIFA, COD, GTA online, RDR online, etc etc
Nick Bender (3 days ago)
Time to become a millionaire with minimal effort!
Sir Spaghetti (3 days ago)
3:47 what EA do
Iftee Khar Ul Islam (3 days ago)
That was way *too dark* but way *too honest* to spil the truth of today's Mobile Game industry...
amesdepartmentstore 2002 (3 days ago)
I literally got an ad for a mobile game
Paul Põldeots (3 days ago)
Boyz Clan (3 days ago)
Back in the days don’t make a game that isn’t a rip off of fortnite
Spokwak Incorporated (3 days ago)
Just download Mods
(3 days ago)
All new mobile games are shit. There a few perfect games which you pay for, or ones that arent paytowin and you cam easily earn the money by just playing. These games are all singleplayer. But is google play recommending these? Do i see ANY ads for GOOD games? NO. Just game of war copies clash of clans copies, word stories. None of which have actual game footage in the ad. Why cant ads just serve their purpose and stop showing the same fucking thing every time?
scp boi 999 (3 days ago)
Isn't this just EA
Bonus Meme (3 days ago)
Microtrasactions are Adam and Eve of gaming
die peasant (4 days ago)
Candy crush just stolen bejeweled's mechanics and gets all the fame cause they just add something a person would want
splash a sploosh (2 hours ago)
Yes1 bejeweled is more of quality, i never have even seen any pay to win things on it.
Soviet SH4D0W (4 days ago)
I play everyday without paying
Kris (4 days ago)
I also hate the type of games that are *FREE* but when you get into the app, You have to pay to play or *sUbScRIBe f0R fuLl VErSi0n*
Pruxcon (4 days ago)
I expected a computer engeniring video disappointed
LolzJordan (4 days ago)
He says this is satire, but is it really?
P H A T (5 days ago)
EA intensifies
DanPROsak (5 days ago)
For me, it feels weird&cool that i would stop playing games that got all this shit. They are just copied homeworks.
DanPROsak (5 days ago)
Fruit ninja
Power to All except haters (5 days ago)
Too bad I’m too young to have a credit card ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ rly helps w being a free to play player Edit: I don’t have notifs either :) (I thank lovelive for that)
Commetor 10 (1 day ago)
use lucky patcher
TheTechnocrat (3 days ago)
I'm 15 and I have access to credit card. I spend around $50-$100 every month on pc/mobile games. I'm happy and not sad as he said
Fazen107 (5 days ago)
EA would know the trick.
moutain du (5 days ago)
How to EA
FJGaming 80 (5 days ago)
You forgot about adds and paying to remove them
TheKacper42PL (6 days ago)
Thats why Mobile gaming is not existing and never will be
Noel Jasik (6 days ago)
More like how to make bad but profitable mobile game
Nick Frutos (6 days ago)
3:33 Lure them back with a notification, or two, or thirty. *Duolingo bird wants to know your location*
Kro (1 day ago)
He isn’t is here is she?
Saincx 0m9 (6 days ago)
honestly.. this makes me not rest well.. Mobile is a cashgarb and you can RARELY good games its the sad truth to everyone
Jeffrey Gorne (4 days ago)
That's true
Luthier the cat boy (7 days ago)
Just do what Intelligent Systems does in Fire Emblem Heroes: - make people pay for exclusive skills and characters - give players an absurdly low chance to get the characters we want - give way too much attention to people who pay for the game with excessive amounts of money (whales) - represent the same content over and over again (looking at YOU, Fire Emblem Fates!) - treat players who don't pay for the game like they're dirt - not do anything to let specific characters be more easily accessible to F2P players
The Block Hell (8 days ago)
I play all my games f2p, and still destroy everyone else lol. Welp guess I ain't getting trapped
Jagor (8 days ago)
This feels like CGP greys “rules for a ruler” or whatever it was called
Derek W (8 days ago)
This is a great look at the tactics that bad mobile games use. In the future, I would use a more obviously sarcastic voice tone. But nice work!
EnderCrow (8 days ago)
_bAcK iN mY dAy,_ there were no in-app purchases OR ads. You just bought the game right then and there and had fun with it.
William Davis (2 days ago)
EnderCrow I wish that’s how it was now
Jesse Doescher (9 days ago)
Gmod in a nutshell... Seriously, you have to play for one year counted in hours to get a simple achievement. Oh also btw Sandboxes have more replayablility, so more people will play for longer
Kratos The God of War (10 days ago)
The only thing more bullshit than people that pay to win is people that buy "skins" for their character It changes absolutely nothing in the game, just visual aestetics crap that i dont even know why someone would buy it (it has a lot in mobile games, but the most commom example is league of legends)
NixNix22 (10 days ago)
The moment they added micro transactions to MC:PE it was clear to me that there was no going back
hamed alzarooni (11 days ago)
Now they do the same tactic on 60$ AAA console games. How embarrassing. :(
XCompany Games (11 days ago)
Omg, I was thinking this is a serious tutorial and I was shocked on how bold and evil it is. I hope developers will stop following instructions like in this tutorial
Wolfie Walfimations (11 days ago)
So just make a clicker game
Greninja_Master 221 (11 days ago)
this is asmr
Mehdi Ouabas (11 days ago)
I never pay money for games and if I have to then I will hate that game and I will move on to a better game .
Mika Tamika (12 days ago)
Love Nikki.
BEEP The Robot (12 days ago)
Games lost thier only purpose, to be fun... and game devs have done this countless times
Moonlight sonata is real!!
AudiGamerGD (13 days ago)
*But what if you're a kid and your parents dont allow you to spend money on a game?*
Julian Luk (13 days ago)
How about no mobile games.
Terence Co (14 days ago)
I forgot there was a "not" in the title of this video
Phoenix Shadower ツ (15 days ago)
*cough* Fortnite
Daniel CJ Todd (16 days ago)
what an amazing video. well thought out, scripted, animated, presented. instant sub.
steve crawford (21 days ago)
Eternal tasks with fake accomplishments... this is what all of our lives really are...
Hanung Gerry (27 days ago)
Assistant to the regional manager.
La Porta D (1 month ago)
I'm waiting for the follow up video on this. When will you be releasing that?
ncon (1 month ago)
Mobile game, *shows up Netflix, Youtube and Facebook*
Microprod (1 month ago)
iPhone is shit and breaks on the first week you buy it.
ThunderBlastvideo (1 month ago)
Ive been playing clash of clans for6+ years, and have not spent a single CENT on gems.
SriFoo (1 month ago)