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How Airlines Price Flights

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Text Comments (2136)
resQjack (2 days ago)
don’t worry with aoc green new deal you will not need to check prices anymore
Mike (3 days ago)
how airlines price flights: TRUTH: "backroom price fixing" between all airlines to keep prices artificially high.
Mike (2 hours ago)
+C Lopezlol, I'm a PILOT Mr. Snarky. That's how I know for a fact. like every insurance agency on the market, airlines Co.'s are in cahoots w/ one another and violating antitrust laws behind closed doors. Check the major airlines average CEO salary before opening your fat mouth and making personally targetted remarks on the fly. (pun intended) Facts speak.
C Lopez (3 hours ago)
Except.... all the budget airlines offering flights at prices that barely keep them in business. They guy actually explains how they do it, they charge business fliers a fortune because either they are rich or their company is paying for it, so they can afford it. Airline prices are pretty cheap overall so you are talking crap and you are a cheapskate.
Zone6TV (3 days ago)
8:18 Price discrimination... aka quasi socialism. Don't you just it!!
Chico Ferraz (3 days ago)
3:40 USD or CAD?
Jeffrey Deeds (6 days ago)
Outstanding explanation of one of the most complicated pricing systems in existence! New sub.
Flights Bird (7 days ago)
Airline tickets is very low price if you book air tickets on Flightsbird.com and also get upto $150 OFF.
Brian Coelho (11 days ago)
If possible pls make video of Delhi to Mumbai route total operational cost of budget carrier flight eg: fuel cost in ltr, crew cost airport charges etc
Brian Coelho (11 days ago)
Nic video
Mr. Boomguy (12 days ago)
Oh boy, I see some big desruption potential with those pricy routs. Just proofs, that the market needs competition...
jamie 123 (13 days ago)
Ireland is a lot better with Ryan air
abadiqaisy123 (15 days ago)
there are many things u didn't say in this video, I was a ticketing officer and you forgot staff tickets and 7 day or 3 month or 12 month validies ex. if you book a return more than 7 days the price will be cheaper. and the validity of the ticket can be 3 months or 6 month or12 months. and you forgot to mention ZED fares and 50% with seats and 90% tickets without seats. and last minute flights, for example zed fares uses miles instead of daily price changes. with zed fares and 90% fares u fly exact same price anytime during the year. you also forgot surcharge if buying from the ticketing office. that's why online prices are cheaper and not refundable and you also forgot re issue fees and airport taxes additional payments . u missed a lot in this video. but good job
The Automaticist (16 days ago)
Part of the official training course for airport staff?
Joey Joue (16 days ago)
*Reads title* Who the FUCK cares about this shit *Uploaded by Wendover Productions* Sign me the FUCK up
Jason S (16 days ago)
Excellent video, but I feel that you're missing one important point about the cost of flying international, which are taxes and international tax etc.
Ashutoshshahane 9 (16 days ago)
You forgot the i between n&g
E1craZ4life (13 days ago)
Ashutoshshahane 9 Where?
Cacilia Why (17 days ago)
It also depends on where you buy your ticket at. on Norwegian they have three options for English: American English, British English, and all other English. You can save up to $40 to $50 a ticket if you go to other English, but you're still buying from the same airport to the same airport.
Константин Георгиев (17 days ago)
Meanwhile in Europe a flight of similar distance (Sofia - London Liton) USUALLY costs about $60 thanks to Wizz Air and Ryan Air.
Andy Madden (18 days ago)
01:44 Monday is the first day of the week.
The Dominus (19 days ago)
My family is planning to go home to the philippines from Edmonton, Canads on december 10, 2019, and the prices are Really Expensive, so the cheapest was $1377 Cad (Roundtrip with 2 stops) . Or $1,031 Usd. Per person, and there are 4 of us..
The Dominus (18 days ago)
+Wild Men Of Borneo we found a flight from edmontom to seattle, and seattle to tokyo, and tokyo manila, and the price is so cheap for it's month
Wild Men Of Borneo (18 days ago)
The Dominus here some suggestions for your family trip👌if u can fly from Canada returns to japan or Korea n buy a low cost airlines (AirAsia Airlines do fly to to this country)🙏👌🙏n u might get a very cheap flight to Philippines via Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur 👌u have to do few stop over👌hope this might help🙏
BlackWickedChopper (19 days ago)
What about Taxes? Airport charges? Oil prices? They cost in some countries up to 70% of the ticket price. It's not about competition only.
Damon Ferrara (21 days ago)
"People spend there whole lives figuring out what to charge you to fly." Feels a bit personal, really.
It’s fissy (21 days ago)
if theres one thing i learned living in canada is EVERYTHING IS SUPER INFLATED IN CANADA
Mike Miller (21 days ago)
Yup, not only are smaller cities/airports more expensive because there is less airline competition, but plane seats to those cities are also scarce, due to far less flights coming in and out of them. Supply and demand baby. I just flew into a regional airport in Illinois on a regional jet from Chicago, and it was FAR more expensive than if I were to fly to St. Louis, which is further from Chicago. Hell, even flying to Dallas or D.C. would have been around the same price or less. Another factor that makes these regional airport flights pricier is the fact that the planes are smaller, and overall that's better than being on a giant plane packed with more people (especially when it comes to boarding and de-boarding).
Cha Gaming (21 days ago)
One like one hope
Cha Gaming (21 days ago)
Hi im. Malaysian when im older i want to be a pilot maybe in the future i can help
Joe M (23 days ago)
He sounds like an airport announcer when he says “American Airlines”
Ethan Billey (24 days ago)
Who on earth said I wanna be on air Canada I know I would chose anything other such as, WestJet, Air Transat and Sun Wing they are al great from first hand experience
Patrick McDonald (27 days ago)
3:14 "Fly from *Central Canada* to Newfoundland." *shows Montreal*
Benzene (23 hours ago)
Pronounces it "Montre Al"
buggyracer 1 (29 days ago)
Ok, the airplane is like the rotary telephone. It should no longer cost alot to fly anywhere. You can travel from Des Moines Iowa to Phoenix Arizona for $39.
Nigel Marvin (1 month ago)
787 dislikes. I don’t know whether i should be happy or not.
firebolt (1 month ago)
thanks for the great video. another puzzling thing for me is every time i use Kayak or Momondo to search flight prices, i hardly ever get prices directly from the main airline itself, rather so many online travel agents are on the list who are way cheaper than airline itself. How does that work?
Cash Hoarder Finkle Dink (1 month ago)
2:30 is this not illegal? Explicitly agreeing to fix prices so they don’t have to compete
Penderdrill (1 month ago)
You pronounced Newfoundland incorrectly. For future reference, it's pronounced new-fund-land
Dhananjay Thakur (1 month ago)
Perfect explanation... .simplest
Flights Bird (1 month ago)
Airline tickets always be cheap if you book air tickets with Flightsbird.com
Jawad Arif (1 month ago)
I don't understand one thing and this is just one 1example a fligth from manchester to dar es salaam via Istanbul (Turkish airline ). Is cheaper then me catching a plane from Istanbul to dar es salaam m, same fligth same time and day, I even notice with eithad for example it cheaper for me to fly in to dubia them Abu dubia it self, that mean landing in Abu dubia, them transfering to dubia
MikeyGQOTA (1 month ago)
I like the regional and contemporary ease of smaller airports, it is easier for parking and getting in and out of the airport. If you have every flown into TUS, you'd understand what I mean, it is a big and small airport at the same time. When I first saw ORD it was like, wow this is a big and confusing airport! One way I think that smaller airports can survive is to sell an affordable contemporary atmosphere with friendly competitive airlines. The less rivalry the more safety focused and customer are much more likely to want to cooperate as friendly flyers :)
aditya thakur (2 months ago)
More like Bendover productions!
Flights Bird (2 months ago)
Only Flightsbird.com is the best platform.
Michael (2 months ago)
price fixing i think you mean
Mekronid (2 months ago)
So, day of departure I needed to fly to Florida from Connecticut with a one-way ticket. On a Friday. Southwest was offering a single ticket(!!!) for $109. How does _that_ work?
One Lazy Boi (2 months ago)
I got a Qatar airways ad before this video!?
Karthikeyan Jayachandran (2 months ago)
That's really messed up. Purposely to cheat the maximum out of innocent people.
Paolo Ariedo (28 days ago)
To be fair, basically half of ALL airlines will seize to exist if they implement a "fairer", Uber-type pricing structure. That's just not profitable enough.
Rodney San Agustin (2 months ago)
I enjoy ALL your videos. This one in particular because I try to make it a point travel back home to Guam, to visit family but the cost for air fare is so expensive it it ought to be considered in some manner illegal. For years, I've wondered what processes were involved in the pricing for flights in and out of Guam, and this video (as with all of them) has provided a lot the answers to many of them. It is unfortunate however, that one Airline can for the most, part engage in monopolistic behavior. But I suspect this plays a small role in the grand scheme. Much of it, will likely lay with the local or federal govt's regulations on air travel for this region and how those policies directly or indirectly affect the air carrier's revenues and the consumer's pocket book. 👍
Konnos Vatamidis (2 months ago)
$129 one way, rock bottom price? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Edoardo396 (2 months ago)
Meanwhile I booked a flight Milan to Copenhagen round-trip for four people for 80€. I guess I got a great deal
Vaporjams (2 months ago)
So Bankrupt each other? Neat
IndiafanFromGermany (2 months ago)
Very interesting to understand. thanks!
Sam Plautz (2 months ago)
Bro flying round trip to the Philippines from Chicago is 550 dollars. How the heck is it over 2000 dollars to go one way to London?
E1craZ4life (2 months ago)
That was explained in the video.
Rhymes With Carbon (2 months ago)
This is reasonably accurate but - as always - not entirely. I have flown last-minute to Las Vegas (from a large hub) for significantly less than it was advertised only weeks before. It's never 100%.
Dias Amreé (2 months ago)
11:00 "prices reflect what people will pay and so people will pay what flights are priced" that is so deep lol
Arief Rakhman (3 months ago)
Wait, no passenger ship from NY to London?
E1craZ4life (2 months ago)
It would take several days on a passenger ship rather than half a day or less by airplane.
Minuka Mak (3 months ago)
Thank You!!
Flights Bird (3 months ago)
It's totally different according airlines so you should try Flightsbird.com.
Brandon (3 months ago)
Delta has a very big hub in Detroit. This has been a good thing for the airport but awful for the people who don’t use the airport to connect. (O&D) There is a massive Delta terminal that northwest built in the 1999-2002’s that is still considered world class by todays standards and a tiny terminal that serves the other airlines that mostly only fly domestically because Delta/Northwest and primarily the airport wont let them. We even have one of the larger/more concentrated middle eastern populations in the suburbs of Detroit, in the us, however Delta doesn’t like the Middle eastern airline competition, so they have their own “low” fare.
Seros Rosales (3 months ago)
Why I hear food panda
Seros Rosales (3 months ago)
Why I hear food panda
MrCheddahcheese (3 months ago)
You should look at smaller regional flights even more, they have an insane price point. For example, Kenora, Ontario Canada runs Bearskin Airlines. They fly to Winnipeg and Thunder Bay for $1,200 easy. There is no competition but at the same time, this limits the number of passengers they regularly take. Most people will drive to Winnipeg which is two and a half hours away (into a different province) just to take a flight. Many reasons are down to this. Reliability, competition, volume of people/ sq km and catchment area. I could go on but shorter the flight = the more expensive.
Emerald Wolf (3 months ago)
0:51 GTA V
Flights Bird (3 months ago)
Different price of each airlines but if you book your ticket with Flightsbird.com then you will get a huge discount. Try now..
SpaceOrca (3 months ago)
If only you had this much enthusiasm and interest during your “Greece’s Geography Problem” video to do proper research. Oh well.
Thomas (3 months ago)
When you want a cheap airfare. It's best to book your flight between 12am-8am est! I found some of my best prices between 12am-6am est for flights in USA.
Harry Perry (3 months ago)
How do budget airlines price their flights?
Johanne E. (3 months ago)
Why is LA to NY routinely higher than these prices? Do you know why airlines oversell flights?
bachelors of trolling degree, 2013 (3 months ago)
Airline ticket pricing has a TON of economics behind it
Zuhang Gong (3 months ago)
Most of time, I spend 800 dollars over SF to NY Because I travel like business man
American 350 (3 months ago)
В первые 25 секунд: аэрофлот, россия, s7 (глобус), трансаэро
Paul Harding (3 months ago)
Imagine if we all decided to not fly on i.e. Tuesdays...…... It would bring the corporate price gouging bastards to their knees and force them to reduce fares to affordable levels.
Tianhao Xu (4 months ago)
Great video. And you didn't even mention the price of connecting flights and the so-called 'hidden city' (I think you mentioned that on another video...?)
Steveofthejungle8 (4 months ago)
Lol that’s definitely not where South Bend is
Flights Bird (4 months ago)
There are different price but if you search on Flightsbird.com for airline price, you have to see very cheap with discount.
E1craZ4life (4 months ago)
What's the song at 4:30?
Robert_6- _ (4 months ago)
I paid 400 for basic economy i got ripped 😂😂 should of done my reasearch
susanta malik (4 months ago)
Very cheap price if you book with Flightsbird may be one way or round trip.
Jerry Yawning (4 months ago)
It's basically a mafia.
OktoPhlo (4 months ago)
Isn't Price Matching illegal? Or is it not in the US?
tourtravels (4 months ago)
Go guys, book your air ticket of Norwegian airline on this number 1-888-324-1990, they have great discounts on the air tickets.
Small Moustache Man (5 months ago)
2:30 How is that not illegal in America??
Mary Baptista (5 months ago)
Woooow Very Nice😌👌👌👌👌
Necko Agic (5 months ago)
Did anyone else hear "base cock-onomy" instead "basic economy"?
Jaden Sanchez (5 months ago)
Blue apron doesn’t ship to anchorage,
2002Checker (5 months ago)
How can it fly ?
Fred Stiening (5 months ago)
This explanation completely missed the concept of "code sharing". The airlines that have identical fares at the same time are merely offering tickets flown by other airlines. The name on the plane will be different than your carrier.
Tim Thompson (5 months ago)
Majority of airlines like Ryanair /Easy jet & BRU=TISH airways are ripping off travellers! They have group / tier fare categories.. Its a known fact in the airline industry !! All about "Bums" on seats at extortionate prices!! Gone are those days of free baggage / meal provision service...Their policies are fraudulent!!
TURBO DIESEL (5 months ago)
Xan Melton (5 months ago)
+Wendover Productions you should look into the fare wars of the 80s after deregulation of the industry. Very intresting. Also I would suggest the book Hard Landing
RS 7 (5 months ago)
How come loads of budget airlines one way tickets are half the price of return tickets???
hu1a121 (5 months ago)
Abolish ICAO. Fly Emirates between LAX and JFK.
CJ (5 months ago)
Isn't price matching another word for price fixing? Illegal in US?
surya rout (5 months ago)
thanks....So Informative...Wendover Productions)
hermantanderson (5 months ago)
WTF! I'm still confused. 🤔
Jeffrey D (5 months ago)
Why do cruises lower their prices as the departure date approaches, but airlines increase it?
Rohit Sahu (6 months ago)
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Alpha Redeye (6 months ago)
That happens with trains as well a service from Leeds to Manchester cost £17.20 one way but a return cost £18.40 only 1 quid more
Moisture Boi (6 months ago)
1000 IQ: Eat blue apron instead of airline food
noah marcus (6 months ago)
lol me and my dad was just talking about south bean airport
Pongtorm Nakornsri (6 months ago)
Is it possible that airlines subsidies their prices in order to keep away competition? That’s my feeling with Qatar Airways Berlin to Bangkok via Doha which is operated by Qatar Airways over ten years now. The only known competitor came from the now defunct AirBerlin on its Direct connection Berlin - Bangkok (2008 to 2012) and later on AirBerlin with it’s partner Etihad Berlin - Abu Dhabi - Bangkok Route. (2012! - 2017). Since than no other airline tried to connect directly or through their hubs again. Except Lufthansa through their major hubs at a much higher price.
Lewd is best bait (6 months ago)
fell asleep
Cosmocat01 (6 months ago)
Yeah, Frontier Airlines! 2 hour flight for $95 a pop, roundtrip from Denver to Dallas and back! Same price as American Airlines and exactly the same time! But you can do it three minutes faster on United Airlines from Denver to Dallas roundtrip for $143! What the hell, United Airlines?
Mr Peco (6 months ago)
Wendover University