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How Airlines Price Flights

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Aleksander Razny (1 day ago)
Yh.Vh. Airlines belongs to me🌐〰. Aleksander Razny WF1 2QP Wakefield Bond Street 24/3 England UK.
graham212red (19 days ago)
what is a rout lol
D N (25 days ago)
Or the art of ripping people off......
Google, I dont want to share my name (29 days ago)
Are you including the influence of taxes and fees in your pricing analysis? Airport taxes for international flights are typically higher than the ones for domestic flights. Could this explain part of the difference of prices between flights with the same distance (ie NYC to LA vs NYC to Dublin)?
Brian Glassman (30 days ago)
Do a video on airline food
Norita Carranco (30 days ago)
L R G (1 month ago)
Honestly, why doesn't this guy have his own airline yet?
Kay Man (1 month ago)
2:19 I call price fixing, not price matching.
truffles (23 days ago)
"in their best interests" ;)
ET Colson (1 month ago)
the one i find most perplexing is flights from houston to manila on singapore air - i fly the first leg to singapore, layover and change planes onward to manila - however if i want to stay in singapore, round trip tickets to singapore, which theoretically saves SIA the total second 4 hour flight will cost me anywhere from 100-300 dollars more - first rule of sales - don't leave a nickel on the table and charge as much as the market will bare
Germán Moreno (1 month ago)
This was great, I have been researching "when to search for cheap flights" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Beyarper Peyameron Process - (search on google ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my colleague got excellent success with it.
Float Circuit (1 month ago)
The pricing buckets are also smart because they help to manage risk. If you're price sensitive, you book a flight in advance because it's the cheapest, and you won't cancel because of a) fees, and b) a new booking closer to the day is more expensive. Thus, lower classes people pay less but they're quite dependable as customers. Meanwhile, you never know when a rich person going on a trip will decide to use your services, so the risk is higher. This is reflected in the price. As Wendover said, it's quite a genius pricing mechanism 🙌🏽🎊
Ben Beauvais (1 month ago)
Okay, the only difference between Pellston and South Bend isn't the number of airlines flying to each destination. A quick check of real estate prices will help explain why flying to a northern Michigan resort town costs more than flying from one crumbling former industrial town to another.
Dickie D (1 month ago)
Why does it matter to them how long i stay somwehrre
mj23 chicago (1 month ago)
How much you pay if mis flight no show.how much rebooking
LAMP MOTH (1 month ago)
nice fort myers pic
Grover (1 month ago)
And reason #3467356 why people love low-cost carriers. Take your stupid contrived complexity and shove it, legacies.
Hao Huang (1 month ago)
Wait, I have question regarding the minimum stay. Why there's restriction on that? So if I buy one way ticket, I pay higher but there is no restriction on minimum stay?
Roman Soiko (1 month ago)
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Peter Schmaus (1 month ago)
But why its so important for the airline to know how long people want to stay on a destination? Thats in regular not their business. 9:00
CharadeTV (1 month ago)
I had a blog talk radio show once. And I heard our background music by Kevin macloud in this video! All hail royalty free music!
SKODABAS (1 month ago)
Eindhoven to Sofia in February 2020...…...Eight Euros  one way. How on earth is this possible? Thank you Ryanair. They use a new(ish) 737 NG with 189 economy seats.
James MacKenzie (1 month ago)
Nice shot of Lincoln Park Airport (N07) in New Jersey!
groovepad Just Dance Electronic Music (1 month ago)
I dont understand why flight from Charleston sc to Rio de Janeiro brazil with a stop in atlanta is cheaper than straight from Atlanta to Rio.
King Saul (2 months ago)
I would jus book a round trip ticket to Europe and then not show up to my return flight
Ali Sej (2 months ago)
Please tell me how I know what is the rate of plane from Karachi to Turkey
Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness (2 months ago)
February 6 is my birthday! Airlines have been charging "fuel surcharges" ever since oil was over $100 a barrel in the mid 2000's but now that oil is dirt cheap again and has been for a while, why are they still allowed to charge a fuel surcharge?
Brillemeister (2 months ago)
So, essentially, airlines will price tickets as high as market forces allow on a given route and day. Interesting. God bless
dutchman063 (2 months ago)
Doesnt take a rocket scientist to charge more when the demand to fly is high and lower when they demand to fly is lower
Karen Russell (2 months ago)
Retarded pricing. It is so labor intensive and ridiculous. There should be a common formula for miles plus fuel prices. Ridiculous.
Shamrock (1 day ago)
That completely neglects operating costs and the basics of business theory: supply and demand
Noah Palmieri (2 months ago)
He missed the chance to say that the price to Dublin was doublin' compared to LA
Mike Appleby (2 months ago)
lol, Montreal is "central" Canada? The 2,00 miles of Canada west of Montreal would like a word
MofongoGringo (2 months ago)
Can you do a video on apartment rent prices in the larger apartment communities. All of these types of communities throughout the country now use a special software that adjusts the rental prices every single day. I have 25 years in the industry and can certainly help you out. It would be interesting for people to see.
Marcel Oenning (3 months ago)
Buy 2 roundtrip tickets that fulfill the minium stay requirement instead of 1 roundtrip ticket :D
Thelostclock (3 months ago)
Holy.. I left one of the Wendover video playing and went to sleep... I had this non stop airline pricing lecture in my dream...
R. M. Tosh (1 month ago)
XD, underrated comment
AirSoftMaverick3232 (3 months ago)
minimum stay requirements sound like a huge load of shit. man-made rules that jack up the price
Ye (3 months ago)
AA: changes price to $143 Other Airlines: *Confused screaming*
Dylan Shramko (3 months ago)
I want to know why on my flight between Chicago O'Hare and Las Vegas American somehow sent my bag to Tokyo-Narita rather than Las Vegas
Coach (3 months ago)
The constant beeping in the background audio reminds me of being in a hospital and I can't stand it. Come on man!
Jawad Arif (3 months ago)
Can you explain for example if I'm want to go say Abu dubia from Manchester (England) using eithtad, it sometime cheaper for me to put down Manchester to dubia them mancheter to Abu dubia ,
Abraham Aguilar (3 months ago)
i worked for Volaris and they teach you that it's all based on demand.
Raphael Edralin (4 months ago)
Wait but i just looked it up it costs about 430 dollars roundtrip from jfk to lhr???? In february
paulgilpin (4 months ago)
is this a "B" bucket video? or maybe "N"? plenty of valuable information, but no sarcasm. there were ample opportunities for sarcasm, but only information. sad face. have to go to a competitor's video. will have to wait until tuesday.
Clyde Foofoofnik (4 months ago)
4:30 "loosing" money? How "loose" is it?
Razzmatazz (3 months ago)
Clyde Foofoofnik he said it right
Mohanad el nokali (4 months ago)
You call it genius, i call it greed!
Brian Lin (4 months ago)
Christopher Rod (4 months ago)
What are you talking about? JFK to most of Europe is cheap af. Like $250
Si4mon (4 months ago)
Do you have any links to resources? I need it urgently for my studies...
Jefferson Domingo (4 months ago)
In Canada, it cost $300 from Edmonton to Toronto one way. And if your flying from US to europe, it only cost $380 Round trip.
RandomGuineaPig Aviation (4 months ago)
that concept about one way being more expensive than return is just dumb. if u were a passenger, you would pay for a return flight to london and come back the next day with a different return ticket so less than half of the one way.
Papa Tango (5 months ago)
Why didn’t you also compare first class because fair pockets restrictions may be different.
JustSomeAnimatorPerson (5 months ago)
That's not what Michigan looks like.
zeyuan liu (5 months ago)
AC is truly shit. just milk canadians
Ryan (5 months ago)
Thomas Cooke couldn’t hack the pricing 😂😂
kdgkh xx (5 months ago)
Well its 2019 and i’m going to new york from athens. Just 200$. 😂 good times
Ryan Smith (5 months ago)
I broke into a cold sweat with the New York to LA flight. Words problems are for monsters.
MrBannnnnny (5 months ago)
11:46 2 C Dix lmaooooo
tijmen2106 (5 months ago)
So if I’d fly from JFK to LHR I could better just buy a round trip ticket and don’t show up at the LHR-JFK flight...?
Roger James Richards (4 months ago)
Yes, and it's an increasing trend.
88 _Garnet (5 months ago)
Blue Apron? how much do they pay, to be sent organic food? i hope its organic; if its suppose to be healthy. organic can mean an extra trip, but its not that hard to obtain anymore. You have to be absurdly busy, to have your meals shipped half way around the world for you; what a luxury. I mean, meals are everyday. And, you pay for each one, I guess; even if sent in bulk.
Baron von Limbourgh (5 months ago)
Thats a cartel. Illegal in most of the world.
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (5 months ago)
click the number 3 multiple times thank me later
coco bloco (5 months ago)
Is it like this is Europe too ?
Baron von Limbourgh (5 months ago)
Europe has more regulation preventing cartels and predatory pricing so generally is cheaper. The main mechanisms are broadly just as shitty though.
betty boop (5 months ago)
I really, really love your videos. Thank you for these. 😀
Kaegi Alexander (5 months ago)
The explanation of why a one way ticket is more expensive based on the minimum stay requirements does not make sense. He says "because the airline does not know how long the pax is going to stay at the destination, it falls into the highest price category". The whole point is to price cheaper for leisure travelers. But flying one-way does not identify you neither as business nor as leisure traveler. Business and leisure tend to book return tickets, so this criteria is not discriminating. So there must be another cause for the high price of one-way tickets.
The AK (6 months ago)
Ahhhh yes of course enslaved planes in motion
Aria (6 months ago)
When you are actually interested in a product placement for once but it's country restricted.
Papa Tango (6 months ago)
You should have also done first and business class.
Pe goe (6 months ago)
Who in their right mind would chose United over any other Airline?
In Full Bloom (6 months ago)
You forgot to mention, the tracking cookies that we must accept. They track us and if we search a certain route multiple times the price will not decrease but the opposite.
Vasisht Vasudevan (3 days ago)
Search in incognito
Juane9 (1 month ago)
that's why i use tor to search for some flights, however, some websites like expedia are blocked on tor for that exact reason
ET Colson (1 month ago)
lot of sites wont let you use their service if you block cookies - but - if you use chrome, their is a neat little extension that lets you view, edit or delete a specific website's cookies - i used this a lot when trying over a few month span to book tickets to manila, malaysia and taiwan - also found that not only the day of the week your willing to fly, but also the day of the week you search prices makes a difference - even hour of the day (sunday morning was best time to search back then, until some newspaper like NYT had to write an article to that effect, then everyone was trying to do the same)
Thy Beanus (1 month ago)
Do not track. Block cookies.
jbam (6 months ago)
A flight to London is 400
C Poyais (6 months ago)
Aer lingus fly dublin to New york from 180€ one way and it isn’t a budget airline
C Poyais (6 months ago)
TheSushiraw I said that is wasn’t in the comment
TheSushiraw (6 months ago)
Is AER LINGUS low cost airline?
Ajdin Kahric (6 months ago)
Hmmm this is interesting. If all airlines chose to charge $144.00 for the same flight wouldn't that be illegal price fixing. It gives the customer no option but to buy. There is a clause that states that its legal if they didn't agree with their competitors on this but its clearly very obvious that they did.
Elijah Ford (6 months ago)
United sucks. Don’t fly United.
Vicky Alex29 (6 months ago)
So if i want to move from New York to London i would get the 600$ round trip ticket and never return because its cheaper to pay 600$ for a round trip than 5000++$ for a one way trip
Jeff (6 months ago)
I live in Canada and air canada is the worst airline ever. Always delayed, usually overbooked and loses your luggage. Fly westjet people
Abhi Desai (6 months ago)
I love these plane videos
George Tinsley (6 months ago)
ryanair doesn’t apply to this🤣
G Rosa (6 months ago)
I was happy to see Lincoln Park Airport in there.
Rabia Khan (6 months ago)
flash rox (6 months ago)
U know when u pay $318 u get the L
I Love Japan (6 months ago)
Instead of the expensive ticket from New York to Dublin you could travel from New York to London and then from London to Dublin
freeinko (6 months ago)
I work for a far large company operating in most countries in the world :D We book the lowest price tickets for us and for our employees to keep frugal :D It is far cheaper to give someone 2-3 more days paid without work in destination then pay a 3000 ticket :D
Kristi Ivanenco (6 months ago)
Where the hell did you find that price for the New York London flight?
Soyinka Seguin (6 months ago)
Dude why can't you appreciate Canada can't you say the city name unsubscribing me disliking
alex burnette (6 months ago)
2:08 thanks for using my birthday
GHustle4 (6 months ago)
When they start charging kids as kids instead of a full adult ticket! I'll fly again..until then if I'll rather drive
GHustle4 (6 months ago)
Vladimir Burmistrovich are you stupid? A kid shouldn’t be charged as an adult! Smfh
Vladimir Burmistrovich (6 months ago)
GHustle4 do kids take up less than a seat? The companies are selling seats, they don’t care who sits in them
De Banks Judo (7 months ago)
What does wendover productions says I like planes
Alan Robb (7 months ago)
Forget about the fares for flights being the purest form of capitalism (buyer beware) the American sales model of charge as much as the market can stand (for market see people) no one minds price differences however the OBVIOUSE gouging done by air travel, train travel even bus travel are great in the short term. But.. people are seeing the pricing and some journeys you have no choice if you NEED to travel on a Monday well you pay the price however the much vaunted "competition" should in a free market balance at least a bit. But that would work were it not for agreements by airlines, and simple monopolies on certain routes.a perfect example was after the last crash, several very large travel companies in Europe merged they immediately found due to these mergers the had a monopoly on flights to certain destinations and what happened GREED within a month or two these routs "doubled" holiday and flight prices doubled?   Personally that mindset is ultimately self destructive as these Hugh companies are normally harder to react when things change (especially after making money over several years, why worry we have done great..)
MEGIDIOT (7 months ago)
There are so many errors in this video I am shook
Liam Foss (7 months ago)
Like what?
snusk monster (7 months ago)
Tuesday is the cheapest day? Now it makes sense why i went on vacation on a tuesday or not any othet day..
Mark Schultz (7 months ago)
3:22 That's not how Montreal. You pronounce it «Mun-tree-all», «mun» like monday.
Papa Tango (7 months ago)
He should have also included first/ business class.
widgon (7 months ago)
10:03 Welcome to Penis International Airport!
Solis Outdoors (7 months ago)
*7:39**.. To the clever passenger. Forget the one-way tickets. Even if you dont need the return ticket, get the round trip tickets instead of oneways. Thus you save money. I have done that several times. I just dont show up on the return flight.... :-D*
smurfyday (8 months ago)
Kayak is showing a flight from NY to Sacramento in Feb. when school is out, has two seats left. Is that always real? Or do airlines hold some fare buckets? The flights are almost $500 right now. I thought the best time to buy domestic is usually a month in advance. How can that be if all the fares for lower buckets go first?
Jay Shah (8 months ago)
These videos are amazing! More plane videos!
Nathan Bryan (8 months ago)
I want A Round Trip Ticket, FROM Indianapolis AIRPORT Indiana, TO Albuquerque International airport, The Date, June 14th TO June 30th. Starting Biting...
Joseph Magarelli (8 months ago)
wait-- but if a one way ticket is more than double a round way ticket why wouldn't you just get the round trip and just not go on it????
Volodymyr Sinievych (8 months ago)
it means that a one-way trip is, say, $50. Round trip is 80$
Michael Davenport (8 months ago)
Fly Norwegian and you will not regret it. They have the most attractive prices - just bring your own food.
Unser_Rommel 1942 (8 months ago)
How much $$ would it cost from Seattle to Berlin round trip?
VineFynn (9 months ago)
Price discrimination is a bad thing, not a good one.