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How Airlines Price Flights

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Text Comments (1915)
Sami Maghrabi (2 days ago)
5:41 miss you dropped ur papers.
The Original ONION (7 days ago)
I’ve been looking for reason to use this emoji 🤯
ReyJusuf (8 days ago)
Why are A to B to C tickets cheaper than A to B tickets?
Lu Doan (8 days ago)
Do you have a video explaining how flight booking websites like Expedia price tickets? Looking to better understand why tickets for the same flights differ on flight booking websites..
RenTin (11 days ago)
Booking . yeah
Kottonkandy09 (14 days ago)
"This way, travelers make their decision based on the reputation of the airline, rather than the price" Well, we all know United Airlines isn't gonna be everyones first pick...
Teddy 97 (14 days ago)
So if I want to stay just a day or two, I should just buy two round-trip tickets for $1200 and take just one flight of every round-trip ticket. It won't make a difference for anyone, cause Airlines would have calculated that someone would probably do that and overbooked the flights accordingly.
Henry Latimer (18 days ago)
The. 1 dollar flight Toronto to Boston per person
William Lobb (19 days ago)
Did you look into the price of Norwegian fly out of Stewart from New York to Dublin
tsuchan1 (27 days ago)
Minimum stay requirements: - Do airlines prevent passengers booking 2 return tickets A->B->A and B->A->B? Then they could avoid the minimum stay rules, huh? I wonder how they'd prevent that, when passports uniquely identifying a passenger are not required till check-in? - Even if they somehow prevent that inside their own airline, surely they couldn't prevent passengers buying the two return tickets with a competitor airline?
Nina B Lil (27 days ago)
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Martinit0 (28 days ago)
"genius concept that allows people to buy tickets at the prices they can afford". This concept is actually very old. You can still experience it at the bazaar. It starts with "Where are you coming from, my friend?"
Sir Bob Lightbulb MCDLIX (1 month ago)
lol that ending ad for blue apron tho. i thot u wer gonna start talking about plane food, and then you said blue apron i wuz like :"genius"
Philip Baker (1 month ago)
These videos are good - but why the awful background 'music'? It is a real distraction and irritation, and for people like me whose hearing is not 100% good, the background actually makes it more difficult to hear all of the speech clearly. What purpose does the background noise actually serve? I can't think of anything. When the background music/whatever is being added, what is the rational behind it? What reason do you give yourself for doing it? What are you thinking about when you add it? It doesn't just apply to your videos of course, but to so much broadcast material, unfortunately. Maybe you could be the pioneer in demonstrating that you can make superb videos without needing anything else behind the speech (except the pictures of course).
Adonis Segundo (1 month ago)
Choose Delta. You're still entitled 1 carry on bag though you purchase a basic economy tkt. Haha
Lancer (1 month ago)
10:55 No there's a second choice. I remember how a few years ago Google Maps told me to use a Jetski to cross the Atlantic.
No Name (1 month ago)
7:45 that Phoenix Sky Harbor airport that’s where I live. Slogan for the airport is, America’s friendliest airport.
gocelinedion (1 month ago)
Competition works!!
Gordon Gaming (1 month ago)
canjet Ceased operations: September 1, 2015
Angelchildxx (1 month ago)
Nowadays new-york Dublin is 80$ with wow air
Kiwi NZL (1 month ago)
"You get what you paid for"
Pavel Drumev (1 month ago)
Seriously you can fly from NY to LA for $159? Its just WOW
oliver jack (1 month ago)
My god that beeping in the background made me wanna jump off a bridge
joshleongstudios (1 month ago)
Aaaand that's how I can get a $20 airplane ticket. It's real. I've got a review of it too, check it out :)
Seán Kirk (18 days ago)
joshleongstudios That's almost expensive here in Europe
Sammy Hamawi (1 month ago)
greetings from aruba
Jedimonk (1 month ago)
My new favorite channel.
Earid (1 month ago)
low sound :(
James Vlogs (1 month ago)
Thanks as an aviation enthusiast this helps for when I plan travel
RAquallo (2 months ago)
I would honestly fly a budget airline for $300 extra than fly air canada
Mike G (2 months ago)
So then, what's to stop a business traveler from buying a round trip ticket and then skipping the return flight? Seems unfair to have the price difference be that massive.
World Situations And Cultures (2 months ago)
There is an even cheaper price than 119$ There’s the 10£ flight from scotland to scotland! It lasts for 30mins or something
Kasper Steen (2 months ago)
great content and great research, but damn what a boring way to deliver...
Zachary Mason (2 months ago)
Why doesn’t someone just make an airline with set prices based only on distance and fuel costs. That seems like a better way of doing things
Frankey Crawford (2 months ago)
How do are airlines receive their plane
William Sledge (2 months ago)
Who thinks he should make Wendover more funny just like HAI. The videos are good but he sometimes sounds very monotone
Thomas (2 months ago)
10:56 Well... They could take a boat...
ngc4594 (2 months ago)
How can the following scenario be explained: Frankfurt (Germany) -> Paris -> Indiannapolis = 600$ Paris -> Indiannapolis = 1200$ Both times the flight Paris -> Indy is the same exact flight (same departure, flight number, etc...)
Allon Vorlete (2 months ago)
The beeping in the background is driving me insane I can't even finish this
Averragge At Fortnite (2 months ago)
8:17 "business travellers should pay more because they can pay more" words of a communist
VitoonJ (2 months ago)
JFK-BKK at the cheapest point was $480 ish round trip and the trip lasted at least 22 hours. I have no clue how airline survive with that price said.
SHANKER LAL RAM DAS (2 months ago)
Make a video in Hindi language
nathan anand (2 months ago)
nice narrative voice
Suistamo Karjalainen (2 months ago)
New Finland mainittu.
JimboRustles (2 months ago)
I thought price matching was illegal.
caronte (2 months ago)
yeah im not spending 40+ minutes cooking meals for just myself. lifes too short
Craig Ropi (2 months ago)
Why doesn't the domestic NYC to LA flight have a minimum stay requirement like the NYC to London flight? Don't both routes have business travellers to exploit?
Rfian Mthhalib (3 months ago)
very clear explanation of fares thank you very much for you
Paula Zemeckis (3 months ago)
What does "farm fresh" mean?
I know I'm very stupid, but (3 months ago)
Montreal is not in Central Canada, you idiot. Didn't you see the map?
Maric (3 months ago)
isnt price matching illegal?
The Student Official (3 months ago)
Thanks, im going to Austria in a couple months and this video really helps.
Shawna Eubanks (3 months ago)
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YGO World 2018 Champ (3 months ago)
Yeah Fuck Air Canada
First Name Last Name (3 months ago)
GeT 3 FrEe mEaLS fROM BlUe aProN
QuarioQuario54321 (3 months ago)
10:59 They could take a boat as swimming would only be practical if you had a powerful engine attached to you or if your car could turn into a boat
JoMiMi The Lion / Antarctic Republic Mapping (3 months ago)
COMMUNISM 0:19 0:12 6:15
atom608 (3 months ago)
how the hell do you know this sort of stuff man?
carultch (4 months ago)
How common is it, that it is cheaper to buy a round trip ticket and not use the return flight, than to buy a one-way ticket?
Josh Hudson (4 months ago)
planes spotter and railfanner (4 months ago)
2:35, match theyre prices so ppl based on airline!? then how is united now bankrupt that crap!
Toon Geukens (4 months ago)
Again, the content of this video is excellent but what the amount of money u recieve from blue apron may be.... how does this even correlate with the content of this video. If u need a sponsor, be a smart sell of.
Ryan Toomey (4 months ago)
It the think the one way tickets are also more expensive because they want you to fly back on the same airline. If the one way fares were more competitive there is a chance that you will fly back on a different airline because it is cheaper. They want to keep you as a customer.
Ford Guy - Stephen (4 months ago)
FYI Every Canadian knows Westjet is a way better airline then Air Canada. Westjet has amazing customer service.
waqar younas (4 months ago)
Ryanair never charge you like American airlines you can buy Glasgow to London in £10 and back in same day in £10
Mr Rayquaza boi (4 months ago)
BBNGVLMK Airline language
Atul Agarwal (4 months ago)
i would have bought the round trip ticket for london......let the return ticket got into dustbin....2272 vs 603...way more saving
Larry Steve (4 months ago)
why is flying in Canada so expensive?
etothepi (4 months ago)
Angelo Busato (4 months ago)
Cole Parsons (4 months ago)
I wonder how that all goes into play when you have a layover and are technically flying on two separate bookings in a one-way flight. This is probably similar to the overnight shipping video because it then goes into what is cheapest for the airline and if they can charge more for a direct routing, they will, making them more dollars/seat-mile.
Joshua G (4 months ago)
When your planning a trip and you are like I wonder if this flight could be cheaper then be like I know a guy.
Daniel Moolman (4 months ago)
Wait it’s a cycle. More competition means cheaper fares which mean more demand which means more competition.
Gilly (5 months ago)
tobiassssssssssss (5 months ago)
sounds like a cartel, that detail at 3:05
gop1386 (5 months ago)
Incredible... such a great video. I'm addicted to youtube. Why pay for cable when YouTube is free.
circusboy90210 (5 months ago)
4:05 that should be a companies right to underprice , if they can. , even if it's lower than cost. nothing wrong with that in a free society. it's called competition.
Roman Baranovichi (5 months ago)
NYC to LHR on 3/16 costs 340 one way and 807 RT
Levi Halperin (5 months ago)
So is it legal to book two two way tickets, one from NY to London (with the return trip a week later) and one from London to NY with the first flight the next day and the return flight a week later. Then you just miss both return flights and you've got yourself a business flight trip for 1,200$ rather than 5,000$.
The good Tony (5 months ago)
Bro, this video was SO HELPFUL!
Hilmo (5 months ago)
What about how Ryanair fly to small airports for€ 25
Murray Mclellan (5 months ago)
Whenever I go on holidays i always book midweek the plane is least full and the cheapest and also take the midnite horror flight cheapest and most comfortable.
NolePtr (5 months ago)
Is there any legal reason you cannot book 2 round trip tickets then return when you want? Like with 2 different airlines?
NolePtr (5 months ago)
Never do Basic Economy unless you've got a direct flight. Also, long haul flights are uncomfortable af.
Megnezzuk Kiprobaljuk (5 months ago)
A bit incorrect about the one way intercontinental ticket thing. Y is full fare Economy. Full fare economy has a IATA set price, based on miles and whatnot. One way intercontinental fares has usually no deep governing rules to achieve discounts though, that is why it is booked to Y, as this is the only bucket, a one way reservation matches. Except when not, for example some sort of traditional legacy carriers, like TP or even SU inserts fare restrictions matches a one way travel itineary, giving effective discount from the full fare eco (Y) bucket, and opening up other buckets for such travel needs.
Mirza Ahmed (5 months ago)
Spirit Airlines now has $59 one-way ($118 round trip) flights from New York (EWR or LGA) to LAX, with one or two stops in DTW and LAS. Absolutely none of the big four are trying to price-match, because it just wouldn't work given their cost structures.
nycameleon (5 months ago)
if you plan to skip the return flight, you can multi-city instead of simple round trip... So if you want a flight to London from NYC, buy the return trip from Madrid or Belfast to JFK... look around, you can save a few hundred more dollars for that flight you won't take. and DON'T USE YOUR FREQUENT FLYER NUMBER
nycameleon (5 months ago)
also NY to Vegas through LA is cheaper than the flight to LA... hidden city fare...
TheUnknownGamer (5 months ago)
If you didn’t know, WestJet is REALLY good considering it’s a budget, like, I’ve seen in some budget planes, but WestJet is probably the best budget airline, but, yeah, it’s small, and noisy, but, it’s good
Meldit Cota (5 months ago)
great content !!
RJ_HERE (5 months ago)
I would like to know the meaning behind the calendar weekdays name. and calendar months names. please do a video on it if like if you agree.
AviaTicket.ORG (6 months ago)
How to find cheap airline tickets ? *https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1349225122*
Fanzindel (6 months ago)
Was hoping on a breakdown of ticket prices into fare, taxes, surcharges etc. my $600 round trip to Europe is actually a $220 fare plus all the rest in add-ons. Is there a video explaining that yet? Thanks!
Marjolaine Martinez (6 months ago)
Interesting ! But I wonder how airlines price their flights in Europe though ? As I sometimes noticed fares dropping closer to the departure date on certain routes and at certain times ...
Jacob Byers (6 months ago)
Unnnngh I can feel the consumer surplus being appropriated through my screen.
fairlyagile (6 months ago)
I love these videos!!!
MichaelStrick9 (6 months ago)
Why don't airlines run bigger planes more often between high demand routes like these? I just looked up all of the flights from New York area airports to LA area airports. Expedia shows 67 flights total. Of those 67, only 5 are on wide body. How does it make more sense to fly a 321 or 757 more often than a 777 less often? The 777 seats nearly twice as many passengers as the 321. If an airline ran one 777 flight in place of two 321 flights, they'd save on pilot costs, landing fees, computer entry stuff, ground crew prep, gate service crew, gate space for X amount of time to turn around, and doing this more often would lead to a less congested sky. Why don't airlines do it that way? Is it because it's easier and more flexible to send a 757 to Seattle or Dallas instead of keeping it on a high demand route?
Sawyertuide (6 months ago)
Drinking Game: Take A Shot Everytime Wendy Says “Airline”. Take 2 Shots If You’re From Utah Like Me.
Sawyertuide (6 months ago)
Airline. HAIRLINE!
Sawyertuide (6 months ago)
A Live Look At The Pyongyang Boys: (Launches Nuclear Bomb) BOOM! (Blows Up In Midair)
Random Stuff (6 months ago)
Sneaky Bastards