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4 Levels of Spaghetti & Meatballs: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of spaghetti & meatballs. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which one was the best? Still haven’t subscribed to Epicurious on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/epiyoutubesub ABOUT EPICURIOUS Browse thousands of recipes and videos from Bon Appétit, Gourmet, and more. Find inventive cooking ideas, ingredients, and restaurant menus from the world’s largest food archive. 4 Levels of Spaghetti & Meatballs: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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Text Comments (12470)
Jehan amd (1 hour ago)
LORENZO NEEDS HIS OWN CHANNEL. What is his instagram come on lorenzo we want more of uuuuuuuuu
Hon Jun Tan (1 hour ago)
And here I am enduring 3 levels of hunger
iPsiiKo Olivier (1 hour ago)
nr1 looks the best ! I hate those who put carrots and now even oranges in a tomato sauce ! Comon cooks u destroy the original receipe of ur own grandmas from back in the days Spaghetti Bolognese or Lasagna or Spagh and Meatballs can never be better made by a cook then by granma ! so LVL 1 win typical traditional granma styles as she said she was told like that so from her mum who surely got that from her mom too ! Real Love makes that taste better ! thats why u can even eat this at christmas ! Family dish ! Cooks just keep ur Argentinian steaks plz !
Lostfinding333 (2 hours ago)
I loved how charming and happy they are :)
Island Life (2 hours ago)
The video frequency is all over the place I disliked the video
Fudz fanz 2007 (3 hours ago)
Level 10000 puts small amount of spaghetti and uses fancy stuff on it’
ΛRMY x OИCE x BLIИK x REVELUV (3 hours ago)
*Elina: *adds olive oil** **next cut** *Lorenzo: YOU NEVER ADD OIL TO YOUR PASTA*
周赫然 (3 hours ago)
Each level decreases in size. Level 10, empty plate.
Sherry Zhuo (4 hours ago)
why not put Gordon Ramsay as level celebrity chef
Bork PomPom (4 hours ago)
The level two guy would be an excellent tv cooking show host
Dat Nguyen (5 hours ago)
level 5, eat.
Beige (5 hours ago)
Ok Youtube I watched it, now GTFO my feed
Timika Harris (5 hours ago)
Bottle sauce taste just as good as homemade sauce
BrandonJ TheBJ (6 hours ago)
2:05 click until tired
Mr MegaTruong (7 hours ago)
I stopped watching after the 2nd commercial
Bennett Perry (8 hours ago)
This comment was made by slow-cooked (6hr+) pasta sauce gang
Jacob Taualupe (9 hours ago)
For Elina's or Alina name in this video they spelt it with and E but in the cookie video they spelt it with a A
Koko Dodo (9 hours ago)
zooms in intensively “now we scoop”
Bοlτ (9 hours ago)
School is level 0
Phil Swift (9 hours ago)
The level one looked the best, while level 3 looked the worst
The dark lord (10 hours ago)
Am I the only one who wanted the food scientist to shut up?
DiamondBack662 (11 hours ago)
Most parents looking at this going... "I'm making the one the family will actually eat if I make it."
DELASOULXXX (11 hours ago)
this was just mind blowing on so many levels.
Николай Смирнов (11 hours ago)
0:58 Level 3 Chef already made a mistake.
lucaghd92 (12 hours ago)
stop saying that this is an Italian dish. we don't have this tradition, purely 'muricans thought.
Random Banter Vids (12 hours ago)
lorenzo is the true MVP
Gene Keenan (13 hours ago)
The egg white makes for a spongier/denser meatball. For something more tender use the yoke only. It adds additional richness to the meatball while also acting as a gentle binder. Level 10 fail on all of them
anders damin (13 hours ago)
Of course there are two men and 1 woman (and both men are higher level.) Cooking shows/competitions are notoriously sexist.
Kristian Upper (13 hours ago)
#2 looks the best to me
Antonio Podio (13 hours ago)
I’m Italian and to all you American chefs and “spaghetti and meatball” lovers sorry to break it to ya but it’s not an actual Italian dish yet they say it’s a traditional dish. Go to Italy, order spaghetti and meatballs, and you will get shanked bc it is a disgrace in our country. It is an 100% American remade dish, in italy meat balls and pasta are 2 totally different dishes that Americans felt like mixing together and say it’s Italian.
PAIGE PALMENTA (13 hours ago)
moreee of these vids!!
Xavier Thomas (14 hours ago)
A chef that cracks the pasta in half in not level 1 but level -1
FB Joe (14 hours ago)
Level 4 should have made another dish but used all the information given to make it.
Xelthos (14 hours ago)
Looks good, but basic science already proves that salted water actually takes longer to boil, It raises the boiling point. Another myth just like the oil in the water.
John Salvatore Fontanelli (14 hours ago)
Everyone's happy, so it's great!
Chuck-U Farly (15 hours ago)
All 3 mixed the meat wrong. You re suppose to use one hand so you have the other clean and free to do something else with just in case. In level 1 she broke the pasta in half, my mother did that and she always got clumps. You don't have to break it. Just put it in the pot, fanning out along the top edge and is must a few seconds it will start to bend. You can then press the bend to get the rest into the water and no clumps. Level 2 - the chef there bought home made pasta which I like but I prefer the andante that you get with box pasta. The home made pasta I prefer to use in other dishes where the pasta is mixed into the dish rather than it being the main part of the dish. Level 3 - I never made my own. For me it adds more things to clean up. I'd rather spend my time on something else.Perhaps if I have a bigger kitchen... maybe.
EIixir (15 hours ago)
Love the knowledge displayed in these videos.
Todd Alexander (15 hours ago)
Great Video! WANT to be Healthier and Wealthier? http://www.HempWorxBizOp.com/CBDwholesaler
Emily McDonald (15 hours ago)
I’ll never forget a book I read years and years ago about processed and commercially produced foods. It specifically said there was a (legal) number of dead flies allowed per volume of jarred spaghetti sauce.
Pick N' POP (15 hours ago)
I love the Asian chef. SPAGHET!
Tyra Shae (15 hours ago)
I only came to comment that when she split the spaghetti in half I screamed “disgrace”
Heath Massery (16 hours ago)
a professional chef legit just said salt makes water get hot faster... thats not how that works 5:27
Follow_dreams (16 hours ago)
I also expected that the level 4 chef was going to taste the food. I'm disappointed!!
Megan Slonksnis (16 hours ago)
They can't just eat their own pastas that's bias lol. They need to taste the others or have judges.
Megan Slonksnis (16 hours ago)
Well, they sorta gave us the recipe.
qhbiyf,kagilb (16 hours ago)
I'm surprised you guys didn't have the chef's taste each others dishes
Minna Altobel (17 hours ago)
Did this woman really say spaghetti and meatballs is a traditional dish???? Bruh I wanna see where in Italy they will serve you pasta like that
Frederick Koons (15 hours ago)
Its an American traditional dish, there's an lot of Italian pretentiousness going on in these comments,
Minna Altobel (17 hours ago)
My Italian heart broke with the spaghetti at 4:46
Orthodox Mapping (18 hours ago)
I bet the other levels are unlockable DLCs.
Kirstyn Ashlee (18 hours ago)
I was waiting for her to try the food. Super disappointed.
Frederick Koons (15 hours ago)
The science lady was in the same venue as the cooks.
Tume (19 hours ago)
level 5 is *G O R D O N R A M S A Y* omg someone did that already ;-;
munki66 (19 hours ago)
I use alot of tinned tomatoes in my sauces and never knew about the sweetness levels. Next time I'm going to try adding a grated carrot!
Alfredo Duende (19 hours ago)
Gordon Ramsay puts oil in the pasta pan. But i guess you know better... :)
average kid #1 (20 hours ago)
“The longer you cook it, the *T H I C C E R* the sauce is.”
Flo Reisinger (21 hours ago)
when she broke the pasta she also broke my heart
uomo ago (21 hours ago)
Guardando questo video è vedendo che lo chef di 3 livello ha messo l'Arancia nel sugo quasi quasi la pasta col ketchup non mi sembra più tanto schifosa
Cynthia Clarke (23 hours ago)
i love a mixture of lamb and beef for my meatballs
jenny01317 (23 hours ago)
who the fck is this ugly hag
Tias (1 day ago)
so what's the difference between spaghetti & meatballs vs spaghetti with bolognese? Like is it just that the meat is shaped as balls and that's it?
UsuallyMOLLY11 Randoms (1 day ago)
5:10 ;--; Oh sh-
Hasib Rosa (1 day ago)
4:45 Lo schiaffo in bocca che le darei...
Kuro Wanwan (1 day ago)
The enzymes in tomatoes that break down when they're cooked make me horrendously ill, I'm really glad even the pro chef used canned tomatoes. If I eat anything that's even touched a raw or undercooked tomato I'll die lmao
TONY MOON (1 day ago)
This was very entretaining to watch
Jason Alegria (1 day ago)
I don’t know about traditional
Christopher Hémond (1 day ago)
Never add salt to your pots when the water is still cold.
DaveOnDeck (1 day ago)
Where can I watch more Lorenzo
Bill Joel (1 day ago)
I am level 5 after watching this. I make my own noodles. We grow all our own tomatoes, make our own tomato paste, and tomato sauce. We grown our own basil, oregano, onions, and garlic. We use only farm raised animals from local farmers. We use Beef, Pork, Lamb. Veal is just a young calf cow, so that is beef already.
ThaiDuiTx (1 day ago)
Level 500 is Flint Lockwood, he made spaghetti and meatballs come out of the sky.
True (1 day ago)
yeah but taste test it already ya jerks
王鹏 (1 day ago)
PartingtonUnited (1 day ago)
I felt like there was a huge difference between the level 1 and 2 chefs. Level 2 chef knew his stuff!
白飯 (1 day ago)
Justin Y. (1 day ago)
Gato Gruñon (1 day ago)
His palms are sweaty. Knees weak, arms are heavy ...
Russell Grier (1 day ago)
never ever put oil in your water when your cooking pasta noodles
Jimtastic Beast (1 day ago)
ToasTyBoii (1 day ago)
hate guy level 2
Will Terry (1 day ago)
Nooo, don't snap the dried pasta, twist it in your hands as you drop it right down into the pot, it then spirals out so that it starts to heat up quickly and it all falls into the water faster. Aaaaaaand you don't end up with short pasta.
kdin (1 day ago)
Omfg can we just make this more simple eggs add structure to the meat balls which keeps it together eggs have protein so it sticks to stuff ...
Cristian Balestrieri (1 day ago)
what the hell are you doing? the meatball is done with bread and beaf!!!
Jesus Montemayor (1 day ago)
Dude she cut the pasta in haft parts savageeee!
Zach D. (1 day ago)
Don't food scientists typically look at food safety or production as opposed to quality of prepared food?
amora (1 day ago)
Why should the water be sea salty?
MegaPierzak (1 day ago)
I browned my meatballs recently. They are really nice now.
Meganana Squad (1 day ago)
Level one
Fred Brillante (1 day ago)
It Italy of course there is no such think as meat balls and spaghetti! This was an American invention. The Italians have meatballs but they dont put it over a dish of pasta. This is wrong you facchino!
Sammi (1 day ago)
damn lorenzo where the youtube channel at
Infector (1 day ago)
spaghetti with meatballs is the most mercian garbage ever this not cooking but disrespecting tradition
Brother Coduss (1 day ago)
I really wanna see frank and Lorenzo's actual recipes.....
Andre Red5 (1 day ago)
4 levels? there were only 3
zzzut (1 day ago)
If you want to see what NOT to do, watch the amateur.
Kelly Tran (1 day ago)
The level to chef talks a little too much
Kelly Tran (1 day ago)
Michael Gerrish (1 day ago)
"Spaghetti & Meatballs is a traditional dish" thats not traditionally from Italy ;)
KroqueJa (1 day ago)
ಠ_ಠ All the Swedes when they put cheese in the meatballs ಠ_ಠ
aggressivli (1 day ago)
7:13 sorry but thats bs, it makes absolutely no difference at what time you add the salt
Mo Farazian (1 day ago)
Damn you irresistible thumbnails!!!
fazeli matrix (1 day ago)
Monday is my pasta night
Dianna Schnabel (1 day ago)
I feel like the only difference between the two guys is that the third one used more expensive ingredients. 🍝
Rafcon (1 day ago)
No red wine, no milk, no sugar, no spicy....no nothing. You americans don't know how to make a propper sauce......I don't like beeing pretencious, but this chefs are boring when cooking. pd: meatballs aren't italian.
Henry Sng (1 day ago)
does anyone have Chef Frank Proto's meatball and sauce recipe (in a list with all the quantities per ingredient)? I can't seem to find it anywhere online..