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Best Fails of the Week: Bad Drivers #736 (March 2018 | CCTube

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Best Fails of the Week: Bad Drivers #736 (March 2018 | CCTube - Enjoy watching, be careful on the road! Submit your videos: evgeniyas2007@gmail.com Subscribe! http://goo.gl/YjCTrJ Offer your subtitles and translations! https://goo.gl/NvkuAl The best collection of car video caught on Dash Cam from around the world. On this channel you will find a large selection of videos on various topics of car: idiot drivers, road rage, driving fails, close calls, instant karma, and many other collections. All pleasant viewing! Recent compilations every day!. Dear viewers, if you own the copyright to any video posted on the channel, and you are against placing your videos on the list, and if you want to see your video in the compilation please write us: evgeniyas2007@gmail.com Featured Playlists car theme !!! Ultimate Driving Fails Compilation - https://goo.gl/SjS8bs CRAZY ROAD RAGE - https://goo.gl/Q3RvpW INSTANT KARMA, INSTANT JUSTICE - https://goo.gl/b9LjvX Incredible luck // CLOSE CALLS - https://goo.gl/sSQpKh Driving Fails Compilation - https://goo.gl/XawRNA Random acts of kindness || Humanity restored! - https://goo.gl/DyG3wW USA ROAD RAGE - https://goo.gl/NnJE3K **************************************************************** DISCLAIMER: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing." #cctube #car #roadrage #drive
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Text Comments (101)
LoRainard (7 days ago)
To start a discussion:7:15 Whose fault is this? The black car was already in the lane when the white car switches. BUT the black car is not allowed to switch (lane markers) while the White car was allowed to.
Doug Kaboom (7 days ago)
Bro, it looks like you need to hit the gym and shit :DDD
(10 days ago)
4:30 very impressive acceleration
airwolf28 (10 days ago)
I have a question. Here in NJ USA. By law, we are supposed to scrape off the ice off from our cars and trucks drivers too or else you will get fined. While I was watching the video, I noticed that some of the trucks drivers didn't clear the ice off from them. Is there is a such law in Russia that is similar to my home state?
Grumpys cats Best Friend (12 days ago)
The last clip was awesome!
ICECREAMK1NG1 (13 days ago)
RUSSIA 55 DEATHS per 100.000 vehicles UK 5 DEATHS per 100.000 vehicles And these people have nuclear weapons ?
Darth Jeenia (13 days ago)
Got to give props to the Doggies who know who to cross the street. Such good puppies!!!
Johanne Boucher (14 days ago)
What is the music @1:54?
Lyle Waller (14 days ago)
My my! Those Oriental things sure have a hard time with Occidental things, don't they? Bless their hearts.
Дед Северный (14 days ago)
в последнем такой мешок с говном.
Дмитрий Иванов (14 days ago)
Поменьше азиатов бы
Mahesh Odedra (14 days ago)
Always good
Serega Yaltinec (14 days ago)
1:56 сука!!! даже псы идут по переходу, а дебила кусок посреди кольца! как ты туда попало, чучело?
Steven Lester (14 days ago)
Do the Russians know that snow and ice are slippery? Somebody should tell them!
DoctorBohr (14 days ago)
3:38 we have a backseat driver
Lance Volkenant (14 days ago)
I love it, at the 1:55 minute mark, Dogs knowing how and using a Cross Walk better than most humans with human assist.😎
sam Anderson (14 days ago)
Lmfao! Dude at the end
JUKIN VIDEO-Fail Army (14 days ago)
good vidoe
Jo Ann S (14 days ago)
Omg last guy !
taewachien (14 days ago)
That was one lard ass chimp..... with titties like a biotch.
Bruce Banner (14 days ago)
1:55 - PUPPERS!!!!!!! Don’t hit the puppers, Russian bastards! Fuck all the humans.
Bruce Banner (14 days ago)
1:16 - 100 points!
Aristeo Juarez III (3 hours ago)
I bet every person driving on icee roads is thinking “i won’t slide off this road because I’m invincible “
UNdashcamNRW (14 days ago)
*_VERY COOL VIDMIX CCT_* ... ^^ LIKE #328 :) the last guy has probably found no suitable car with which he can brag ;)
Tamerlane (Timur) (14 days ago)
Vicki Paczesny (12 days ago)
It seems like some people in other country's have no idea how to drive!!!! Lol
DoctorBohr (12 days ago)
Righto then :)
Vicki Paczesny (12 days ago)
DoctorBohr The point is, all of these videos are from other countries, other then mine, and the people obviously don't know how to drive. MAYBE you do, I don't know, but the people in these video sure do not. That is MY point! Lol
DoctorBohr (13 days ago)
you could ask the same question of any of the drivers in these clips. Or even of the OP. What's your point?
bashir shaar (13 days ago)
DoctorBohr so you are the whole country?!
DoctorBohr (14 days ago)
I drive perfectly well, thank you
satisfiction (14 days ago)
Those Russian crosswalks are simply a shame.
NokturnalM1488 (11 days ago)
To be fair at least most Russians try to respect them. I live in Quebec, Canada, and there's places where so few people respect pedestrian crossings that if you try to actually stop and let a pedestrian cross at a crosswalk, you're almost guaranteed to get hit by cars behind you.
Android Man (14 days ago)
I'm glad that you added videos from other countries than Russia!😍😘😎
MrDorn123 (14 days ago)
What does that fork symbol on many russian cars mean?
PHILMKD1995 (14 days ago)
MrDorn123 The fork symbol is actually a Cyrillic Russian letter and is pronounced as "sh" i believe is how it's said.
MrDorn123 (14 days ago)
TheUglyGnome thanks :)
TheUglyGnome (14 days ago)
Car is equipped with studded tires. I have no idea why their law require this sign, though.
Servus Bratans und Sestras (14 days ago)
Tututututu tutututuuuu Tutututuuutuu tutututuuuuuu 😆
stickloaf (14 days ago)
a film producer, well sure! everybody knows Biggy Fats the well know millionaire film producer...he just happens to look just like Biggy Fats the drug dealer...yeah yeah he made that film about stuff and that other one about something. and star wars, im sure everyons heard of that movie
Johanne Boucher (14 days ago)
Well adult movie producer maybe!!! :)
FRED ROGERS (14 days ago)
Celia Gorsch (11 days ago)
ICECREAMK1NG1 5 per 100000 in Australia
Celia Gorsch (11 days ago)
FRED ROGERS My thoughts exactly! They used a crosswalk, waited for the car to pass, then on their way. They are smarter than the average pedestrian!
demOOn K (13 days ago)
In Russia many crosswalks, many peds and low vehicles.
ICECREAMK1NG1 (13 days ago)
Canada is only 9 per 100.000 and that country is made of snow. ;-)
ICECREAMK1NG1 (13 days ago)
RUSSIA 55 DEATHS per 100.000 vehicles. UK 5 DEATHS per 100.000 vehicles. USA 13 per 100.000 vehicles . As I said stats don't lie. Your record is appalling comrade. Maybe less vodka and better tyres would be a start.
Renzo Karol (14 days ago)
Guy on 05:00 😂😂😂
Heartless Alchemyst (14 days ago)
I feel like a lot of these clips come from countries where it seems people are expected to sort of govern themselves on the road. Stop signs are not suggestions
TheUglyGnome (14 days ago)
+Heartless Alchemyst Why does disarming populace work in other countries? Is 'Murica some kind of special case? Is 'Murica so horrible country that it drives it's citizens to kill others? But yes. I admit that 'Murica has a morality problem. Majority of it's citizens base their morals on horribly immoral bronze age fairy tale book.
Heartless Alchemyst (14 days ago)
Um...America doesn't have a gun problem. It has morality problem. We're the in top 5 countries for murder. But if you take out Detroit, Chicago and some other city(I think it was somewhere in Pennsylvania) we drop to 4th from LAST. Those cities I mentioned have some of the strictest gun laws in America but the highest gun deaths. Disarming the populace doesn't save lives.
stickloaf (14 days ago)
not to many cops in russia, they dont have the gun problem we have here
DasKaenguru 1 (14 days ago)
The pipe on 2:08 😂😂😂✌️
Mikey Anglin (14 days ago)
5:35 sir u forgot ur trailer!
Bacek 108 (14 days ago)
Судя по китайским авариям, у них права продаются как у нас, печальное зрелище.
Bacek 108 (14 days ago)
demOOn K в штатах живёт 340 млн. человек, погибло 35.092 человека. В РФ живёт 145 млн. человек и погибло 27000. Так где погибло больше? Ещё надо учесть приезжих, нелегалов и граждан других стран. Да и количество транспорта на душу населения в штатах другое. Ровнять тут даже нехер.
demOOn K (14 days ago)
Что интересно по количеству смертей на дорогах на 100 000 населения в 2017 году в РФ меньше чем в США. При том что Дорожные условия и климат просто несопоставимы.
Александр Валерьевич Гольцов (14 days ago)
Ну поляки я смотрю не лучше
Bacek 108 (14 days ago)
что есть, то есть...
BiG MiG (14 days ago)
Mihaylov Alexey Нас мало,но мы в тельняшках!
Jen X (15 days ago)
Why do people insist on driving the same speed on snowy, ice covered roads, that they drive on dry roads? Why would you drive 60 mph on a snowy, icy road? That is just ignorant!
Barbara Ann (14 days ago)
Jennifer Compton you’re one of the good drivers. I think part of the problem is that no one is really taught defensive driving anymore & most people are only out for themselves, with a who cares about anyone else attitude. I see that a lot with the pedestrians who walk out in front of traffic (listening to music & focusing on their phones. I have no problem with either, but pay attention when you’re walking). I’d told someone else that when we were kids, we were warned to watch out for traffic: to remember these vehicles are bigger than we are & it’s easier to see them than for the driver to see us. That’s what I taught my kids; hopefully they’ll eventually pass that on when they have kids.
Jen X (14 days ago)
Barbara Ann You are absolutely right! I always drive defensively. I drive with the assumption that the other drivers out there aren't going to be paying attention, that they won't do the things they are supposed to do. I am always on alert when I drive. That way, if a driver does do something wrong, I am already prepared to react in the right, safe way. If all drivers drove defensively, there would be a lot less accidents!
Barbara Ann (14 days ago)
Jennifer Compton partly the distracted driving and partly people relying on their abs for stopping (like they’ll be able to stop on a dime), not realizing that even abs can fail and that all drivers need to be paying attention!
Jen X (14 days ago)
Barbara Ann I think that all states here in the US have that...the states that have snow and ice every winter! I live in West Virginia, and we have people who drive 30 miles over the speed limit, that don't give a crap about others on the road. I work in Charleston, our capitol, and there are 4 or more wrecks every work day, going to AND from work. I checked the website for Kanawha County Metro 911, and looked at all of the live calls that come in, and on that day, from 5am that morning, to 8pm that night, I counted 57 car wrecks! Just in our county alone! These were not duplicate calls, they were all just minutes apart, in different areas of the county. It seems that there are way more wrecks now than there were when I was younger...or even in college! But, we didnt have cell phone back then, when i was in high school. There were some who had cell phones and car phones in their car when I was in college, but not a lot (I graduated from college in 1996). Cell phones, and speeding, are probably the #1 factors in these wrecks!!
Barbara Ann (14 days ago)
Jennifer Compton I’m from Minnesota and EVERY stinking year, you have those who just forget how to drive in winter! How? It’s not like our winters can’t be nine months long and summers three! Gees. Or, we have those who have 4X4s and assume (incorrectly) that their vehicles can handle anything, even ice...argh!!!
Red 13 (15 days ago)
That last guy needs his ass kicked. What's it to him what kind of car that guy drives? "I'm just saying...." Yeah, but you don't HAVE to, asshole. It's none of YOUR business what kind of car he drives. What kind of car do YOU drive, BTW? Nothing like he's got, I'll bet. That guy knew what he was doing when he bought that car. If that's what he wants to drive, so be it.
doomstand doom (13 days ago)
obese guy defend his kind lol please don't, go into gym
ICECREAMK1NG1 (13 days ago)
I think Red might be a chubster. lol
Richburg Doblo Deskobar (14 days ago)
I doubt that fat fuck will be kicking any asses
Bertie Wooster (14 days ago)
I thought it was funny! A lard mountain fell out of the Lambo!
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia (14 days ago)
Yeah. Plus, vertical filming.
Last Guys Nick name was Bomberghini because he was in Lamborghini with Fat body! Again the super clips Tysm for your channel to Laugh
CAR GUY (13 days ago)
It was not a Lamborghini
Aaron W (13 days ago)
That wasn't a Lambo....
Servus Bratans und Sestras (14 days ago)
Gorky Maxim (14 days ago)
hahahah :D
Gordon Carmichael (15 days ago)
"Look, Natasha, how slick and dangerous the road is!" "Oh! Ivan, we can drive faster now than ever before! Let's go!"
Jen X (14 days ago)
Gordon Carmichael That sounds silly, but the sad part is, it is actually true!
Red 13 (15 days ago)
9:46 Good thing they blew the horn! That guy might've run out.........oh. Never mind.
SmokeDogNY420 (15 days ago)
4:30 considering she didn't kill anyone, I'd say she did pretty good for a woman
Armando Vera (15 days ago)
That last guy had me rollin haha!
a man of many parts (6 days ago)
The perfect example of "more money than sense".
Tyler Passannante (12 days ago)
The truth hurts! LMFAO
9613enrico (13 days ago)
that clip is pure gold
shot forshot (15 days ago)
4:26. Why is the gear shift towards the left (exterior side) of vehicle???
EmeraldsHD (15 days ago)
3:27 Oh no ... not this beautifull BMW ! :'c
Bill Martin (14 days ago)
It never ceases to amaze me how many stupid drivers think turning left from the right lane is not only a legal maneuver, but a smart one.
Barbara Ann (14 days ago)
Bill Martin makes one wonder whatever happened to being taught defensive driving and all...
Bill Martin (14 days ago)
Yup..and the fact that they just keep on rolling down the road without a care of whom they have impacted or cutoff is infuriating.
Barbara Ann (14 days ago)
Bill Martin or my other favorite: turning from the left or the right onto a four-lane? Oh, just pull in the one farthest from you and totally ignore the ones coming from the other way. I mean who cares if you cut them off, right?
Rezwan Khan (15 days ago)
nice video
Moona1966 (15 days ago)
Great video, but the last guy filming deserves to be slapped with a bag of dicks. Who cares if the dude is fat? He can afford the car, and you can't. Deal with it.
chascas2006 (15 days ago)
Vince Davi (15 days ago)
Super clips again luf your channel
jerome7327 (15 days ago)
good video