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Aisha Hall Served A Year In Prison For Every Million She Made | American Gangster: Trap Queen

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Aisha Hall made millions by falsifying documents for her clients. Watch her full story only on BET+ SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ►► http://bit.ly/1U0v9xG #AmericanGangster #AishaHall Download the BET NOW app for full episodes of your favorite BET shows and exclusive content! Connect with BET Web: http://www.BET.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BET Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BET Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/BET Google+: http://www.bet.us/gplusBET
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Text Comments (399)
nolimit slim Angel (12 hours ago)
My whole name tho
Fanta Graham (1 day ago)
Let's petition president trump to pardon her
Fanta Graham (1 day ago)
They R doing what she was imprisoned for every day.
Fanta Graham (1 day ago)
She needs 2 school us
Dee Swint (1 day ago)
Proof of income and assets documentation...same thing they was doing during the Mortgage/Real Estate boom 2001-2009.
Michael (1 day ago)
Shouldve put that 10 million in crypto goddess. Feds couldnt get it, and it wouldve been worth more when you got out.
Irwin Brathwaite (2 days ago)
Wow so sad
Chase P (2 days ago)
Sharing is caring; if you shared your wealth and ideas with what should have been a strong circle giving the obvious intelligence on show you wouldn’t have worked for 10 millions during have nothing left. Lesson learned people there are ways to stack and live learn them form listening to the wise and sharing with the ones who deserve a chance
gary pearson (2 days ago)
So she falsified documents How many times do the police do it No one was hurt and everybody Got paid their money But they call this a Crime But if you investigate real hard you'll find a lot of None minorities who do this
eys292 (3 days ago)
Lol that idiot said "gold chains"😂😂😂 BM are ridiculously stupid, get some education ding dong😂So these Neanderthals steal our gold from Africa and our resources and when we take it back that’s when they want to incorporate legalities on it. I hope she continues to scheme and scam on those troglodytes and get away with it. My hero😍 next time she needs to store her money in offshore accounts
Candace Thibodeaux (5 days ago)
She was smart!
William Wright (5 days ago)
I ❤ Aisha Hall 🤗
Kriss (5 days ago)
The amount of people intrigued by this story shows how far behind most black folks are in terms of financial knowledge. In other cultures, they start teaching their kids about $ and business from childhood.
spiceboxify (9 days ago)
dont know why..but i like her...edgy...has a very expressive face for tv..she should become an actress..do some female ganster movie
steppinit up (9 days ago)
This reminds me of a news report on the policy makers in Chicago. The lottery took their blue print, made it illegal and created the multi state lotteries and eventually the Mega millions and powerball games. The only difference, policy kings and queens invested in local black businesses. Some are still open today. She made some genius moves.
Nunaing Sister (9 days ago)
We need a film
Nunaing Sister (9 days ago)
She needs to move to the African continent she'd even richer she could teach young women a thing or two
Verbal Assassin (10 days ago)
*Another dumbass...Yall cant Win against the system...you always gonna get caught*
Diddy Bop (10 days ago)
Damn I love her
Tony Reid (11 days ago)
Chauncey Perkins (13 days ago)
Has she learned anything?
Clive Nyathi (14 days ago)
I don't think it's a ten year crime though . The US government just wants people to stay poor
Taste of Takeisha (16 days ago)
Smart woman. Bad decisions.
No Name (18 days ago)
Bricks of gold? LOL she means gold bullion.
No Name (15 days ago)
@Aisha Hall ok. LOL thanks for letting me know 😶
Aisha Hall (15 days ago)
No Name No I mean bricks of gold. I would get gold dust via alluvial gold mining. Then I would have it bricked at a refinery
Chauncey Hardrick (20 days ago)
She broke into the white leagues with this 1. Girl your name should be Jackie Robinson
T Harris (20 days ago)
She didn't do anything that Trump and other rich white guys do everyday. If she was a white man she would have got 6 months to a year probabation, majority of time would have been on house arrest.
Raymond Dez (21 days ago)
The only mistake she made was getting caught...
Kriss (5 days ago)
Raymond Dez because she let that money sit there , the white boys don’t get caught because they move their $$ overseas to avoid having the feds look into them. She should have also opened up legit businesses to hide that 10 million instead of letting it sit in that bank. Most black folks know how to make $$ , they just don’t know how to move $$$.
90s bb (21 days ago)
1:37 sitting in the bank 🙄 WHY?
Aisha Hall (14 days ago)
90s Because when millions get transferred from overseas there is no way to take it out of the bank easily.
harleiux12 (21 days ago)
Should be ten years for every Million
Callipygian_isis (21 days ago)
Shes no dman mastermind...shes just a scammer lmao 🤷🏿‍♀️
Day and Night (22 days ago)
She a neighborhood hero
Andrew Law (22 days ago)
😳😳😳 are you kidding me!!! This lady is a genius!!!!!!!
Jada Tommy (22 days ago)
The timbs, the hoop earring, the snake print pants. I love her!
User Truck (22 days ago)
They dont want us to succeed!
8deuce1tv (22 days ago)
She kapping but whatever
Aisha Hall (14 days ago)
8deuce1tv Kapping about what? My time? My money? My business? What part. Ain’t nothin to lie about when you sit for 10 years. My paperwork official
DJ Snickatnight (22 days ago)
she didnt do anything these white people out here doin. Cold game she went to jail and they don't.
Young Grump (22 days ago)
I didn’t know Remy Ma was a genius
KidRich Live (22 days ago)
SC: aladdinalsaad
Matthew Mclean (23 days ago)
Them NY girls grew up scamming do your thing queen that's our gold anyway
trawberrysay10 (9 days ago)
TELL EM!! That is OUR stuff anyway! They forget to mention how they go steal the gold from Africa for little to nothing and come flip it to their own and make millions! Then have the audacity to set ridiculous requirements (like they do for everything these days) to make it almost inaccessible to US! Smh..
Y Geezy (23 days ago)
She should have been a stockbroker on Wall Street and it would have been nothing.
Nicole Massey (23 days ago)
wait on the paperwork its not worth it....
Denize Palmer (23 days ago)
They made it so we can’t get in
Tyshara Matthews (23 days ago)
Why not take the money and hide it 🙄🙄🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Aisha Hall (4 days ago)
Tyshara Matthews I wish it was that easy. How do you hide $10 million? This money comes from overseas. If you’ve never had that kind of money it’s hard to understand how to move that kind of money. Almost impossible.
SSS 334 (23 days ago)
Reka The Lioness (23 days ago)
But why is she being label a trap queen???? Why?
No Name (18 days ago)
Taylor Nicole (23 days ago)
Have y’all not noticed that they hate smart black people who can out smart the system lol 😂 they will break us down anyway they can and throw the book at us when we figure out a system to get over and make money fast 🤦🏾‍♀️😌
John Khaos (23 days ago)
White collar crime for nerds that got a slap on the wrist but this queen got 10 yrs smh
Snap Shawwty (23 days ago)
The brother man 🤦🏾‍♂️always gets more time than the other man 👨🏼
daddybuck (23 days ago)
She didn’t put some of that money in the right hands!
Udoro Gatewood (23 days ago)
Wow! So, she goes to prison for doing what this country was founded upon? Really? But these OTHER FOLKS sit nice and pretty in their million dollar homes and get to skip past the system. Not even through it, past it. Okay. Just saying.
Trulli Tavi (23 days ago)
Anyone has access to the entire internet?
Lanesha Patton (23 days ago)
This real ? I thought this was going to be a made up series.
Rae Lei (24 days ago)
I can tell she was smart because she saved the money she made. I just wish she would’ve invested it and not had it sitting in a bank
Rae Lei (21 hours ago)
Dee Swint okay denn drop that knowledge!
Dee Swint (7 hours ago)
Her Attorney may have taken it for legal fees, but MOST likely in FED cases, the FEDS confiscate assets. So even if she had invested it, the investment will be confiscated: if they can find it. hence why you deposit monies in off shore accounts.
eys292 (3 days ago)
Or at least have them sitting In offshores
Midwest Kandi (21 days ago)
That's why our grandparents hid it in the walls.
gerry Jones christie (24 days ago)
Locked up for being black
msdlevel1 (24 days ago)
Now this deserves a nod. It’s refreshing to see people find other ways to make money other than drugs❤️ wishing this women much success in her bright future.
Rochelle El (24 days ago)
but white boys can do the exact same thing and a get a slap on the wrist and not eve serve any time.....she did not deserve 10 years
Kriss (5 days ago)
Rochelle El because she got caught with the money. White boys move the $$$ out as soon as they get it. They don’t let sit in one place so damn feds can find it. She went down due to her lack of experience in this field
Anre Dickerson (24 days ago)
Lol how did you get your hands on the material.
Aisha Hall (15 days ago)
Anre Dickerson I didn’t get my hands on the material doing the initial trades. It wasn’t until later when I actually sent a team to Africa to get gold
Angie Wuging (24 days ago)
She’s very smart and will do well again, but next time it will be better. 💯❤️
Michael Gray (24 days ago)
She put it in the bank 😂
Lovely Rayy (24 days ago)
The fact that she never spent the money and still had to do all that time is just stupid. Why do all that and risk 10 years of your life and don’t have nothing to show for it. Nothing smart about it.
Alissa Butler (24 days ago)
But white men do it everyday...and they don’t get jail time
OG Theicecream Man (24 days ago)
Wow it all makes sense. have you ever been on vacation an a white couple befriends you an I swear it’s always the woman who ask “So what do you do” lmao when she showed she can produce 10 million them ppl told the police I got a black lady in hear doing what we do an I need to know who she is
Acqua Di (24 days ago)
So she’s about to tell everyone how to do it. Smh
Aisha Hall (4 days ago)
Acqua Di Never. Sorry
Duece Momm (24 days ago)
Elizabeth Wambui (24 days ago)
So what did they do with the millions they took from her...? Donate to charity....? 😕
Aisha Hall (21 days ago)
Elizabeth Wambui Yooo they stole it
kdouglasbk1981 (24 days ago)
She gotta Remy Ma type vibe
Keith Rouse (24 days ago)
She is Absolutely Beautiful and very intelligent
BlackDivine (24 days ago)
I'm glad all the Black folks on this thread see thru the BS. These were bogus charges.
BlackDivine (22 days ago)
Wow, so she was jailed for participating in capitalism. Like white loan officers do this on a daily basis for thei clients.
Esteemed Queen & Mentality (24 days ago)
fraud , basically in a nutshell
Unpopular Opinion (24 days ago)
I can't believe the nerve of this woman she had the unmitigated gall to help people who are and were legally legislated from building wealth. So you can't invest in solid gold bars but you can invest in volatile stock market unless you are already wealthy?
Melissa Owens (23 days ago)
Stfu u whites get away with it daily
Khyrie (24 days ago)
This woman is a hero & a very highly intelligent individual I respect her greatly.
Fel (25 days ago)
25 years is not very young when you engaged in criminal activity
Lor Davon (25 days ago)
She made millions helping people spend and make money. Somebody better had held her down and looked out upon her release
Fatal Bee (25 days ago)
*Genius. She was protected on the inside. Her mind is Gold.*
Ndiscreet76 (25 days ago)
Aisha Hall is a beautiful and highly intelligent black woman. Girl, don't allow this setback to hold you back. You will rise again!!! Show up Phoenix!!! I don't agree with the sentence length but BLACKS are always severely penalized for being brilliant at what we do(right or wrong)!!!
B.B Heyy (25 days ago)
I bet you other people wouldn't go to jail for that. Y'all know what I mean. Just another way to try and break a black man or woman. Meanwhile fools like Donald Trump get to do whatever the hell he wants but again if it was the other way around hum. What a shame Ms. Hall wonderful woman with brains
Garcel (25 days ago)
So she got rich and what was illegal was she forged documents because uppity upper class didn't want to do business with people (minorities more than likely) that they felt worth beneath them and they didn't want to see come up.... Sounds like one of many forms of modern day oppression to me but I'll let u decide for yourselves
Trey Nelson (25 days ago)
Now, see. This is what I want to hear about. Not no damn, jugging & flipping, robbing and stealing.
Pink Chocolate (25 days ago)
She's solid af! I follow her on the gram. She's very bright and making it legally now! I don't doubt she made it legally before her bid!!!!
MegaJesusisGod (25 days ago)
She sound a little like a man
Bayoubelle83 (25 days ago)
She sounds like a real life Robin Hood! Wow! I’m glad to see her out sharing her story.
Angie N (25 days ago)
I would have had all my funds in my mama name house and cars to
JETLAG CHOC (25 days ago)
*She's a baddie..what's her IG*
J-Lynn (25 days ago)
There should definitely be a movie about her. Kinda like “Molly’s game”. That would be dope to see
Theoneand Only (23 days ago)
Melissa Reynolds (23 days ago)
Ya KnoW .☝
Charles Thompson (25 days ago)
She was smart trust me she will bounce back
Michael Johnson (25 days ago)
This country was built on the backs of people of color she found a way around their bullshit.
Amia Kay (25 days ago)
10 years
therealsongstress (25 days ago)
She cooked the books
Precious Owusu (25 days ago)
Derrick Wells (25 days ago)
Y’all snitching on y’all self stfu 🤫
Dana Patillo (24 days ago)
The punishment is greater when you think and move like them.
ThaTruth Trill (22 days ago)
Facts 👊👊👊
Carlos Colossal (26 days ago)
She so smart just doing cpn work with millionaire accounts
Aisha Hall (15 days ago)
Carlos Colossal Close!!!
Nicknack blove (26 days ago)
Fraud!!!!!! So basically she put people name on other people's account that was worth millions of $$$ smh sad I hope she dont make a dime in life
mynameis (26 days ago)
Well, the people had the money. Just didn’t meet the requirements to be a part of the club 😩.
Alicia Holmes (26 days ago)
If they got their mi way back than to me she shouldn’t have gotten that much time
ALFRED Robinson (26 days ago)
Sexy too👀👀
Rick Nappier (26 days ago)
why was she walking in the snow with an umbrella? what did this have to with the video?
321 Biz Development (24 days ago)
Scorpio Love okay. You win. I was being petty. I’m from the South but live in California. I’ve never seen anyone walk in the snow with an umbrella.
Scorpio Love (24 days ago)
@321 Biz Development I didn't hear anything about cocaine. I'm sure she's walking with an umbrella while it's snowing because she didn't want her hair to get wet, just the same if it was raining. It was an outdoor shot.
321 Biz Development (24 days ago)
Scorpio Love her story was about financial crimes. Was she selling cocaine too?
Scorpio Love (24 days ago)
Use your imagination while it's still legal.
ryan tabb (26 days ago)
She resembles Remy Ma
Cornell Waters (26 days ago)
💴 Thank You!