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36 Examples of Dangerous Overtaking - Really Stupid Drivers !!!

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Text Comments (259)
Wan E (3 hours ago)
Is it the way they drive a bus in indonesia????
Isaiah Deshazier (1 day ago)
every single one of these idiots should have there license taken and never be able to drive again ever!
crazyincars (1 day ago)
This is how everyone drives in India 🙄🙄🤦🏻‍♂️
noel pogs (2 days ago)
The Music Moto (3 days ago)
Hey south India theriyuma??
nak (3 days ago)
Overtake bus video came from country we call indogsianjing. Why indogsianjing because that produce to many dogs begging in my country and claim all culture in my country belongs indogsianjing..stupid suharto teach that lessons to indogsianjings
Tlemcen Tlemcanni (3 days ago)
Driving is a skill and lot of respect
Flugel Zell (3 days ago)
Pengemudi indo rata-rata emng goblok
Satya Surya (3 days ago)
2:37 Indonesian only
Michael Dove (3 days ago)
Impatient assholes!! Wait until it's safe!!
CTeves97 (3 days ago)
Why do people use their horns?? Its pointless it just takes your hand off the wheel
Tantra Perdana Sani (4 days ago)
Tolong yg mengerti bahasa saya jgn sebut nama negara kita ya haha
Gokul 0001 (4 days ago)
here in India people do it all day lol 😂
Alif Daffa (4 days ago)
Bus als from indonesia ?
Paul Mauer (5 days ago)
Nur Verrückte
Jim B (5 days ago)
Seriously, if I'm ever in a bus and the driver starts doing shit like the shithead at 6:30....I will cave his fucking skull in.
Thendra Siregar (5 days ago)
Indonesian bus 😅
zaki bislover (5 days ago)
1:15 welcome to Indonesia.
josh hodge (5 days ago)
And you got nigga driving reckless in a yugo
josh hodge (5 days ago)
Yo they was racing busses
atul khess (5 days ago)
You have no fucking idea what's going on in india 😂
Cm Rider (5 days ago)
Last video from Indonesia
John S (5 days ago)
Scary stuff People have a right go when they see powerful cars overtaking but these normal cars are far more dangerous when they try to overtake at stupid places and it takes them ages Those bus drivers don’t care who they kill 😳
gold member007 (6 days ago)
What can i say? Still theres alot of stupid drivers out there.
Len- Zeplin (6 days ago)
It's Great Having A Dash Cam. When they Mess up like that, You get to hand The investigating officer the SD card & have them as the "Dumbass" how many copies they want to order! (After they Lie & Place Blame).
Made in Palerme (6 days ago)
Made in Palerme (6 days ago)
ce genre de video irrite les yeux et chauffe les globules rouge pour mon cas . je suis français , et pilote confirmer , je peux affirmer avec certitude que ce genre daccident narrive jamais a celui qui fait attention . il ce peut encore une fois que les pays de lest conduise legalement bouree mais bon... meme les Français bouree ne provoque pas daussi grand accident.en pleine journee . rare sont ceux qui en ont deja vu dans ce pays . quoi quil en soit , la France devrais sestimer heureuse detre si bien discipliner comparer a ses pays voisins ... quelle pagaille . quelle honte.. honte aux politiciens Français qui ce cesse dinsulter la circulation français alors que les crs les bloque pour eux . Pays daucun droit et pretent etre le seul au monde a obtenir ces fameux droit , pour ceux qui ont les moyens de ce les acheter .. droit français , justice française , cest comme un jean a 400 euro , faut avoir les moyens de ce payer le luxe dun avocat .. etc .. cest juste une blague la France . les services de polices sont vraiment inutile et travaille que pour mettre une pression collective au alentour de leur poste . ce sont des kebab .. et nous sommes bienqur , consommateurs
Deepak rover (6 days ago)
Meh.... what ever.... come to india once we drive everyday this way most of our road does not have lane marking & street lights... we drive in 100km/h in a road that has speed limit of 40km/h... you nobz wont last a day here... 😂
Rogue Sorcerer (6 days ago)
There people should be taken off the road and charged for attempted manslaughter!!!!!!
Samanway Basak (6 days ago)
Bus driver mother sex
Samanway Basak (6 days ago)
Police drink
shruti jain (6 days ago)
Many times I have hard scolding from my dad that I drive to slow on highways ... That's why I only get chance when every one is tired... But my rule is safety first I always drive only at the speed that I can manage if something suddenly happen... I usually don't try to overtake on single lane road if place is their then only I dare... What's the use of so much rush when you ended up in hospital... If we died no problem but what if any part of body get seriously get damaged and disability of that part come ... For 5 mins of rush entire life we have to regret of thay one moment...For simple daily work we have to depend on others ...
Big Rock (6 days ago)
Every day in India :S
Anthony Fellows (6 days ago)
1:45 is definitely dead. .
Nilawati Arsyad (6 days ago)
Stupid people
Alex Colon (6 days ago)
I’ve never been so triggered by a video ... who the fuck passes in a snow storm ?.. fuck you, I hope you died bitch!
Firasse Bougoussa (6 days ago)
First guys a snitch
appel flap (6 days ago)
0.37 abs gives zero fucks
Ario Yt_1234 (7 days ago)
Al Faruq bus that's my father bus. i'am inside the bus
Adhi Rizaldy (7 days ago)
Bus Indonesia luar biasa mantap
audi fikri (7 days ago)
ALS wkwk
justyoureverday greykid (7 days ago)
0:36 oh so what now. Lemme guess..... The drivers fault?😫
Annas Muslimin (7 days ago)
Most of them come from indonesia country
Annas Muslimin (6 days ago)
That bus i mean
Michael Kennedy (6 days ago)
Annas Muslimin most are Russia and UK?
Bakhtiar Khan (7 days ago)
At least give intro animation credits to Rababa Games you ass
René Kawasaki (7 days ago)
Oh well, it is a russian version
René Kawasaki (7 days ago)
I hope it’s not a russian version
Izky Tama (7 days ago)
For the crazy bus driver most of them are from my country, they driving so reckless and dangering other lifes including the bus passenger..they also had idiot fan base called "bus mania" and support this reckless action..
Alpine Womble (7 days ago)
I would say these drivers need to be lobotomized, but they clearly already have been.
Yahya Alifar150 (7 days ago)
Indo bus
Murnindya Priasto (7 days ago)
1:14 - 1:20 its happen in indonesia
Iqbal Alian Nugraha (7 days ago)
Indonesian intercity-bus drivers are the worst of all. Check it out
F Google (7 days ago)
Dio Gunafi (7 days ago)
Njayy indonesia paling edan :v
F Google (7 days ago)
Colpa di pio Cit
Ipetrov Bookin (7 days ago)
Потенциальные убийцы! Всё делают осознанно и не жалеют никого вокруг !
Denny Prasetyo (7 days ago)
Yg terakhir indonesia bangedddd
Alvin (7 days ago)
indonesian busses are the worst
Rionald Lawrance (7 days ago)
Every bus videos were from Indonesia. What makes me even angrier they were laughing and thought it was ‘cool’. I just hope karma pay them back in funny way like they did
Hakkersson (7 days ago)
36 examples of driving in russia 😂😂
Haw Chee Sin (7 days ago)
Look this subaru
Mikey Boy (7 days ago)
Most of these are either from Russia or England
Haw Chee Sin (7 days ago)
Look this bus look 😂😂😂
Haw Chee Sin (7 days ago)
Bad drives
Сергей Шкляев (7 days ago)
с 2.16 по 2.26 г. Воткинск ул. Азина и ул.Освобождения всем вотякам привет
triple nine (7 days ago)
You guys have bit seen India yet all the overtaking and driving in this video is "NORMAL DRIVING" in India
Greg McKee (7 days ago)
The worst ones in this vid are the coaches! Are they from India or something? So f'ing dangerous!
Adrian Salamunovic (7 days ago)
Stop using thumbnails that don’t show up in the video you moron.
Ebe #10 (7 days ago)
In that last bus video I think the bus driver is trying to say 'No No' for overtake 🤣😂
Yudha Bakhtiar (7 days ago)
almost all of moron overtaking buses video happen in indonesia... 😥😥
Darrion Mickles (7 days ago)
And they say American driver are bad
TheJohno25 (7 days ago)
There really are some stupid pricks on the road these days!
KD Nguyen (7 days ago)
Wtf with the same busses pulling that bs
ohio mcdonald (7 days ago)
As always.. bus reckless driving.. it must be my beloved country Indonesia-_-
Frank Van Den Dool (7 days ago)
ohio mcdonald are you liking your own comments? Then say you are smarter? Opinions about that differ. I was just being an ass. Don't take it to hard. If I offended you, sorry about that. I saw your first comment and felt like being a d*ck.
ohio mcdonald (7 days ago)
Frank Van Den Dool hmmm i think i'm smarter than you tho🤣 i feel sad for you're parents it must be embarrassing have a kid like you🤣
Frank Van Den Dool (7 days ago)
An idiot from indonesia who calls me a dumb fuck ... whahaha
ohio mcdonald (7 days ago)
Frank Van Den Dool who said am proud tho-_- i love my country but i hate that behaviour.. dumb fuck
Frank Van Den Dool (7 days ago)
Yeah, you go and be proud of that breeding place for morons.
Infiniti09 (8 days ago)
I don’t see why this is shocking. This is fucken normal driving in these dumps. Disgusting dumps. This is normal for these nasty fuckers!!!
ilham railfans bus mania (8 days ago)
Remember,safety first at your driving a car or bike
What Comes Around™ (8 days ago)
The last guy needs to be shot
Dwi Ernanda (8 days ago)
Bus only in indonesia 🤣
Haris Syafiq MTA (7 days ago)
Dwi Ernanda Ye fucking brainless bus from indonesia
Meg Marshall (8 days ago)
3.40 😂
sasa sasa (8 days ago)
Какой смысл сигналить машине, которая летит в лоб?
edo habibillah (8 days ago)
Indonesian bus wkwk 1.16
Fookin hhell😅
Eamon Conners (8 days ago)
Russians just shouldn’t drive tbh
Luwii Maher (8 days ago)
What’s the name of the track in 4:30?? Anyone knows ?
OfficialHoneZtAbe (9 days ago)
How impatient must you be to drive on the wrong side of the road with little visibility of oncoming traffic. If you do that, fuck you
OfficialHoneZtAbe (9 days ago)
Why is it ok in Europe to drive on the wrong side of the road to pass people?
OfficialHoneZtAbe (6 days ago)
aPaincake exactly, thank you.
aPaincake (6 days ago)
It's only legal to pass a dotted line if its clear visibility and you can do it safely.
OfficialHoneZtAbe (7 days ago)
theravedaddy the same way we do in America... In another lane or when the road lines tell you you can after checking to make sure it's not a blind spot or anything
theravedaddy (7 days ago)
OfficialHoneZtAbe because its illegal to drive right over the top of them.....how else are they gonna pass?
Andres Toro Marquez (9 days ago)
Vienvenidos al planeta tierra donde nacen los enfermos de weones y puta que abundan.
alphons bretagne (10 days ago)
I'm sorry, but I go crazy seeing this idiots! Mots of them deserves to get imprisioned for years!
Ford explorer (10 days ago)
Over takers only know how to overtaking
jake Ritchie (10 days ago)
Frenk Vortice (10 days ago)
999 like number....
Tormentor Of Souls (11 days ago)
I beleive Indians or where the fucm those buses come from are worse and more careless drivers than Russians.
Tirto Atmojo (11 days ago)
2:29 3:32 4:24 6:11 crazy Indonesian bus driver's
Harazaki Ananta Hondro (11 days ago)
The green bus in Indonesia,Sumatran Highway
Jesus Gonzalez (11 days ago)
This happens in india
PANKI_7 (11 days ago)
LOL, in every video, in the end, horror from Gipsy land!
The Juli Salaz (11 days ago)
FUCKING BUS DRIVERS I HATE THEM ! They put other people in real fucking danger
Bang Baron (11 days ago)
Those bus clips are from Indonesia. Yes, they are driving that way. And yes, I've ride one of those, it is scary.
dzoni D3 Biturbo (11 days ago)
British people are so retarded
HD (11 days ago)
36 and millions more out there .life is luck, without luck I'm not here today